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Chapter 290


Since force cannot be deterred, then we have to use the background.

This is Changsha, and all of them are well-known brothers in Changsha. Their families are all well-known families in Changsha, and each family industry is no less than ten digits.

It can be said that all their families are united and the whole Changsha will be shaken.

And Chen Shao, as the absolute core of this group of people, his family is one of the four major families in Changsha.

Chen Shao himself is also one of the four princes in Changsha.

Even Chen Shao and Jiangbei, one of the four eldest sons, are relatives.

The Chen family and the Jiang family also cooperate a lot, and they have a brother-in-law relationship.

Of course, the Chen family can’t compare to the Jiang family, but the Chen family in Changsha is also one of the top three, not just anyone can provoke it.

In particular, Chen Shao is the head of the Chen family alone, and has been doted since childhood.

Based on this, in Changsha, there hasn’t been any daring thing to deny Chen Shao face.

But today, such things not only happened, but also several times in a row.

Even now, the other party stood in front of Chen Shao, saying that this was the confidence.

At this moment, all the sons were angry.

They didn’t dare to do anything with Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan, but they were also the elder brother on the sidelines. Now they are being asked so much, how can they bear it.

“Presumptuous! Do you know who you are talking to? Don’t think that you will be invincible with one move and a half. In this world, there are many stronger people than you!” “Yes, I don’t know where the soil buns come from. You dare to talk to Shao Chen like this, you know, as long as Shao Chen says a word, you won’t be able to leave Changsha.” “Shao Chen, don’t talk nonsense with them anymore, I’ve already found someone, and today, he’ll take these things. All the beauties are sent out, and you have to kneel and kowtow to admit your mistakes.” “Huh, Chen Shao and Jiang Shao are brothers. If this matter reaches Jiang Shao’s ears, I am afraid that you will no longer have a qualified world.” … Young Master The buddies sneered again and again, looking at Dustin Zhou and his group as if they were looking at prey.

“Brother Yang, what should I do?” Su Xiaomeng was naturally a little panicked when they said this.

Although he trusts Dustin Zhou very much, but the other party must have the confidence to say this.

Moreover, their Rocket Girl concert was hosted by the Chen family.

So Su Xiaomeng knows the power and energy of the Chen family in Changsha.

And Dustin Zhou is now only surrounded by Niu Chuan, and Mira Xie, Enderia Shen, and Chen Xin. Even with the three of them, there is no way to fight each other.

“Mengmeng, don’t worry, Brother Yang must have a way.” “Yeah, when did I see Brother Yang panic? I’m looking forward to seeing Brother Yang give them a lesson, and even dare to hit our idea.” Zhao Wanrong and Zhang Tiantian smiled lightly

, It seems that he didn’t regard the other party as the same thing, but looked at Dustin Zhou.

After all, Dustin Zhou’s impression of them when he was in the East China Sea before was too deep, and seemed to be omnipotent.

“Don’t worry, Dustin Zhou is here, and you won’t be troubled.” Enderia Shen also relieved Su Xiaomeng.

Then her eyes fell on Dustin Zhou.

She actually wanted to know how Dustin Zhou would solve the current situation.

After all, after they came to Hunan, they separated from some people.

“Young Master Jiang?” Dustin Zhou whispered when he heard what the other party said, as if thinking of something.

“Young Master Jiang in your mouth, wouldn’t it be Jiangbei?” Dustin Zhou raised his head and looked at each other, smiling.

“Hey, it seems that your kid also knows Jiang Shao’s name, yes, it is Jiangbei.” “What? I’m afraid now? If you kneel down and admit your mistakes now, we can consider interceding for you in front of Jiang Shao.” Haha, boy, I’m afraid you still don’t know Shao Jiang’s energy?” When everyone heard Dustin Zhou knew Jiang Bei, they suddenly sneered and felt very proud.

After all, Jiang Beiguang is a name, and it can calm the other side.

“Hehe, I know, I have also met a person named Jiangbei, but I am afraid I will disappoint you.” Dustin Zhou shook his head and chuckled, feeling a little bored in his heart.

These so-called elder brothers, really gather in kind, and people are divided into groups.

What kind of person is mixed with what kind of person.

Those people in Jiangbei have misbehaviors, their exports are disgusting, and they are extremely arrogant and domineering.

The same is true for these people now.

“What do you mean?” Chen Shao’s expression was cold, and he stared at Dustin Zhou and said coldly.

He has been chasing after Jiangbei, after all, he is still Jiangbei’s cousin.

Just because of the strength of the two families, Chen Shao respected Jiangbei outside, and Jiangbei took the lead in everything.

“It doesn’t mean anything. It’s just that Jiang Shao in your mouth may not be able to come. Before the concert, I ran into him at the entrance of the gymnasium and accidentally dismissed him.” Dustin Zhou said lightly and chuckled.

But this sentence stunned everyone.

“Haha, what a shame! Abolished Jiang Shao? Boy, it seems that you really don’t want this mouth!” “Joke, you can get rid of Jiang Shao, you know, there are many bodyguards around Jiang Shao, even Zeng Gong Du is here, it’s up to you?” “If you only take advantage of your tongue, I’m afraid you won’t be able to get out today!” Chen Shao said coldly, and then everyone stepped forward in unison, faintly turning Dustin Zhou and the others. The meaning of enclosure.

“Shao Chen…” At this moment, a trembling voice came from the crowd.

“what’s up?”

Shao Chen looked over for an instant, and saw a young man holding a cell phone, shaking constantly, even his face pale.

“What he said seems to be true.” The man said tremblingly, and his gaze at Dustin Zhou instantly became frightened.

“Huh?” At this moment, not only Chen Shao, but other Young Masters were also dissatisfied.

Everyone is now putting pressure on Dustin Zhou, how could anyone say this.

“I just wanted to find someone to clean them up, but when I called, the other party said that Jiang Shao was scrapped by a group of people, and the Jiang family is now looking for someone in the city!” The person finished speaking and handed the phone directly to him. Chen Shao.

Chen Shao took the phone and listened to the other party in silence.

Soon, Shao Chen’s complexion changed, turning pale.

“You really dare to dispose of Jiang Shao!” Chen Shao stood up abruptly and gave a cold sigh.

Just now, the other party said that Jiangbei was abolished, and the Jiang family is looking for someone who abolished Jiangbei!


At this moment, all the elder brothers felt humming in their ears, and couldn’t believe what Chen Shao said.

Young Master Jiang, he was really abandoned!


In an instant, all eyes were on Dustin Zhou.

Just now, Dustin Zhou said that he accidentally abolished Jiangbei.

This is not a lie, it is true!

But how dare he?

Isn’t he afraid of Jiang’s revenge?

Chapter 291

Come from the Jiang family!

All sons and brothers looked pale at this moment.

Jiangbei was actually abolished.

Moreover, the people who abolished Jiangbei are now in front of them.

“Do you know what you did?” “You absolutely can’t get out of Changsha!” “Crazy! How dare he, can’t Zeng Gong stop him?” “Since the Jiang family is looking for him, why not let them? Send it to Jiang’s house!” “How to send it? Even Zeng Gong is not an opponent, who can deal with them?” … Everyone had different opinions, and some even wanted to leave directly.

However, Shao Chen had a dark complexion and looked at Dustin Zhou with fierce eyes.

This person dared to really destroy Jiangbei!

Since he dared to abolish Jiangbei, he must not care about abandoning Chen Shao.

“Call the Jiang family and notify them to come.” Chen Shao whispered.

Then a young man behind him flashed his eyes and quietly retreated.

Dustin Zhou looked at all this lightly, as if he didn’t care at all.

At this time, Dustin Zhou was very calm.

With Niu Chuan here, almost no one can do anything to them. What’s more, this time he comes to Hunan Province, the Jiang family will become his opponent.

Therefore, he didn’t care about giving the Jiang family a hand first.

In this way, when confronting behind, maybe the Jiang family will blind their eyes because of hatred, lose their reason, and do impulsive things.

“Why, do you want to inform the Jiang family to catch me?” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly.

Everyone had a pause, their eyes dodged, and their expressions were very ugly.

“Since the notice, just do it, I won’t do anything to you. As for the Jiang family, I want to see what they can do to me.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, and then just sat back.

Mira Xie, Enderia Shen, Chen Xin and San Xiaozhi also moved their chairs and sat next to Dustin Zhou.

Only Niu Chuan still stood beside Dustin Zhou.

Although Dustin Zhou said so, in order to prevent these people from doing impulsive things, Niu Chuan still had to protect Dustin Zhou.

What happened in the VIP room also attracted the attention of the adjacent VIP room.

Everyone is from Changsha, and they can all come to the VIP room of the Double Happiness Hotel, so it shows that there is not much difference in the status of the two parties.

So soon someone came to check the situation.

After all, the previous fighting was not small.

However, after everyone inquired about the news, everyone was shocked.

Young Master Jiang, Jiangbei, the Fourth Young Master of Changsha, was abandoned!

When everyone was shocked, they called and contacted others to confirm whether the news was true or false.

However, before they got a reply, the Jiang family arrived.

Three Bentley cars suddenly appeared at the entrance of Double Happiness Hotel, and a middle-aged man walked out of the middle car with a gloomy expression.

Quite a few know this person

The people all exclaimed.

“It’s a member of the Jiang family!” “Jiang Xingping!” “It turned out to be Jiang Xingping. He is an offshoot of the Jiang family, but he has always been in charge of the Jiang family’s protection tasks. I didn’t expect that this time he would appear here.” “He appeared here. , It means that Young Master Jiang is really abolished!” … Everyone looked different, excited, excited, and shocked.

Jiangbei’s reputation is naturally not good in Changsha City. If it weren’t for the Jiang family’s backing behind him, many people would take care of him.

Many people have suffered from Jiangbei.

Now they heard that Jiangbei was abolished, so they were naturally excited.

Jiang Xingping got out of the car and went directly to the Double Happiness VIP Lounge.

After receiving Chen Shao’s notice, the Jiang family immediately sent him over to bring back to Jiang’s family those who had been abolished by Dustin Zhou in Jiangbei.

And Jiangbei was protected by Zeng Gong, but he was still abandoned, so Jiang Xingping brought a strong man this time!

Zeng Gong was still vulnerable to this strong man.

Presumably, to capture the murderer is to capture it with his hands.

“Where is the person?” Jiang Xingfang stepped directly into the VIP room, his eyes swept, and he instantly fixed himself on Dustin Zhou.

At this moment, in the entire VIP room, only Dustin Zhou and his party were still sitting, and the young men stood up one after another, looking at Jiang Xingping, their expressions moved slightly.

They did not expect that the Jiang family would let Jiang Xingping come.

It seemed that Jiangbei was really abolished, and the Jiang family was really angry.

Dustin Zhou naturally heard such a big movement, he was not deaf, so he could know it naturally.

“Are you from the Jiang family?” Dustin Zhou turned around, still sitting on the chair, his eyes raised slightly, and said lightly, as if the Jiang family was nothing in front of him.

“Presumptuous! Since you know we are here, you can catch it without holding your hands!” Someone from the Jiang family came out and shouted coldly at Dustin Zhou.

“I’m here, just don’t know how you are going to take us away.” Dustin Zhou didn’t care about the other party’s scolding, but said with a chuckle.

Jiang Xingping’s eyes wandered, and quickly fell on Niu Chuan, who was on the side.

According to the news, it was a bodyguard who destroyed Zeng Gong at the time, and now it seems that he should be this person.

“You abolished Jiangbei?” Jiang Xingping said coldly.

Although Jiangbei’s reputation in Changsha is not good, he is from the Jiang family after all, so how can he tolerate others taking action against Jiangbei.

However, since Jiangbei was abolished, the Jiang family always had to make a statement.

Otherwise, wouldn’t everyone in the future be able to bully the Jiang family?

“That waste, don’t waste it, why keep it? Waste food!” Niu Chuan grinned and sneered.

“Liu Feng, abolish him!” Jiang Xingping nodded, and then said to a middle-aged man beside him.

Liu Feng nodded when he heard the words and walked out slowly with an invisible breath

The momentum filled the VIP room instantly.

Those princes and buddies were stunned at once, and their expressions instantly became tense.

They have been indulging in wine for a long time, and they are all frightened wherever they can bear such a momentum.

However, Dustin Zhou and his party felt nothing.

“Liu Feng!” “It turned out to be Liu Feng! Isn’t he dead?” “Unexpectedly, Liu Feng was accepted by the Jiang family!” At this time, many people outside the VIP room were watching and seeing Liu Feng’s In an instant, many people were surprised and started talking.

Dustin Zhou’s expression moved slightly, but he didn’t expect that the person who walked towards them would be so famous, and even died once?

“Chuanzi, are you sure?” Dustin Zhou said softly.

“Don’t worry.” Niu Chuan sneered and walked straight out without much nonsense.

Liu Feng’s expression was also stunned, and he quickly avoided, and his backhand hit Niu Chuan’s chest with both palms.

As soon as the two met, before they even approached, they directly fought each other, causing all the onlookers to exclaim again and again.

The boys and buddies watched the two fight, their faces were extremely excited.

Only Chen Shao had an ugly face at this time. Of course he knew Liu Feng’s existence, and thought that since the Jiang family had brought Liu Feng, then Dustin Zhou and the others would definitely be taken away.

But he didn’t expect Dustin Zhou’s bodyguard to be able to match Liu Feng.

And the people outside also looked different.

It’s a rare thing that someone can match Liu Feng.


With a punch, Liu Feng and Niu Chuan both stepped back.

“If you only have so much patience, then you must go to Jiang’s house today.” Liu Feng stared at Niu Chuan and said coldly.

Although he thinks Niu Chuan is good at strength, but if that’s all, then he will definitely win.

“It’s not ashamed to say anything, play with you, I really think I am a green onion!”

Chapter 292


Niu Chuan looked at Liu Feng with a wide open mouth and sneered.

Just now he just played casually, wanting to see how capable Liu Feng is.

Although the result surprised him a little, he didn’t worry about losing.

This Liu Feng has some strength, at least stronger than everyone he met before, no wonder he can follow the Jiang family here to intercept them.

However, if only this is the case, the Jiang family is destined to be disappointed.

But Niu Chuan’s words fell in the ears of others, but it was surprising.

Onlookers outside, many people know Liu Feng and his strength, but now, some people say that they are just playing with Liu Feng and that Liu Feng is not ashamed.

“Is this person’s brain broken!” “Yeah, I am afraid he still doesn’t know who Liu Feng is?” “Humph! I am afraid that someone else is not ashamed. In my opinion, as long as Liu Feng takes it seriously, This fanatic can be solved within three strokes!” “This group of people are really brave and dare to destroy Jiangbei. Doesn’t he know how serious the consequences will be if the Jiang family gets angry?” …… Outsiders talked, But it did not affect Niu Chuan and Liu Feng at all.

Hearing Niu Chuan’s words, Liu Feng raised his brows and sneered in his heart.

The other party said that he was just playing, so who knew that Liu Feng was just trying.

“When you kneel in front of me, you’ll know if I’m not embarrassed!” Liu Feng let out a cold cry and rushed over again.

But this time, he took it seriously, and almost all his power was gathered in his fist.

Even now, let him hit the wall with a punch, I’m afraid it will leave a deep punch pit!

When everyone saw Liu Feng punching, they were immediately refreshed.

Many years ago, many people had seen Liu Feng compete with others and witnessed Liu Feng’s toughness.

It was in that test that Liu Feng made too heavy a shot, and even directly killed the person, which triggered crazy revenge from the opposing family.

Later, it was rumored that Liu Feng was dead, and that family let go of their hatred.

But when Liu Feng appeared here today, everyone knew that Liu Feng probably died of fraud.

However, even so, the people who had met Liu Feng’s strong back then looked forward to it.

They didn’t know if Liu Feng’s punch would directly kill the opposite person as he did in the past.

“Huh, this is a little bit of strength, but it’s not enough!” Niu Chuan saw Liu Feng’s fist, and his heart suddenly became clear.

This Liu Feng has some strength, and I am afraid that there are few rivals among ordinary people, but in front of him, Niu Chuan is still not enough.

Niu Chuan didn’t see any big moves, the moment Liu Feng’s fist arrived, Niu Chuan moved!


Niu Chuan’s expression remained unchanged, and he blasted out with a punch, unexpectedly going to confront Liu Feng.

Suddenly a noise

It was heard that everyone was determined to look at the two fighting each other.

“Is this guy even comparable to Liu Feng?” “From my point of view, he is probably bracing, Liu Feng, the three? One punch can kill someone. The guy on the opposite side is so thin that he can stand Liu. Feng punched?” “This is a lot, don’t you see that Liu Feng’s face is a bit wrong now?” … After hearing people say this, everyone realized that Liu Feng’s face was indeed somewhat Something is wrong.

For a time, everyone’s heartstrings were tense.

A thought slowly surfaced in everyone’s hearts.

Did Liu Feng lose?

At this time, Niu Chuan and Liu Feng were still confronting each other with fists. They looked at each other with a sense of indifference on their faces.

The corners of Niu Chuan’s mouth opened slightly, revealing white teeth, which looked a bit oozing.

“You can’t do it!” Niu Chuan said coldly, his words full of confidence, as if the person in front of him who fisted him really couldn’t.

But this sentence fell in the ears of other people, but it was like the thunder of the sky.

Niu Chuan even said, Liu Feng can’t?

“Puff.” Suddenly, there was a soft sound, and everyone looked at it, and their complexions changed suddenly.

Liu Feng actually vomited blood!

At this moment, Liu Feng’s mouth was bleeding, and he could no longer control himself, and he spouted a mouthful of blood. Then, his face wilted for an instant until it became pale.

And the fist that he had been banging against Niu Chuan was also weakly drooped, and it seemed that he didn’t have the strength to lift it up.

At this moment, everyone’s faces were pale.

How did Liu Feng lose!

The crowd onlookers were shocked when they saw this scene. They had seen Liu Feng’s toughness, but no one thought that Liu Feng would be defeated by someone he didn’t know, and it seemed that he had suffered a lot of injuries.

The Jiang family’s complexion changed slightly, Jiang Xingping frowned, his eyes seemed calm, but his heart was already surging.

After receiving the news, Jiang Xingping brought Liu Feng with him in order to bring the man who had abandoned Jiangbei to Jiang’s house.

But I didn’t expect that even Liu Feng was not the opponent of the opponent, not only failed to subdue the opponent, but was injured by the opponent’s punch.

This means that he may not be able to take these people this time.

This is not good news.

“Sure enough, I still look up to you!” Niu Chuan Leng said, closing his fists and standing back to Dustin Zhou’s side.

He has already seen it. This time, among the Jiang family, only Liu Summit threatened Dustin Zhou.

So he went straight out and defeated Liu Feng strongly.

In this case, the Jiang family would not pose any threat to Dustin Zhou.

“It seems that the people of your Jiang family are all rubbish, the small ones are rubbish, and the old ones are rubbish too.” Dustin Zhou said slowly, his eyes flat.


When everyone heard this, their hearts were stirred.

Jiang’s family in Changsha can be said to be a cover-all existence, occupying almost all of Changsha’s business, with amazing wealth.

More importantly, the Jiang family is not only a tyrant in Changsha, but even in the entire Hunan Province, the Jiang family is also one of the five major families with strong strength.

The people of Hunan Province are in awe of the Jiang family, even some outsiders, even if they are like Jianglong, will not easily settle their grudges with the Jiang family.

But now, in front of so many people, some people bluntly say that the Jiang family are waste, not only the small ones are waste, but even the old ones are waste.

What does this mean?

This is a provocation to the Jiang family!

At this moment, Jiang Xingping was really angry!

“Do you know what you’re talking about? Jiang family, it’s not that you, an unknown kid, can slander at will!” Jiang Xingping’s eyes were angry, and he looked directly at Dustin Zhou. There was a faint atmosphere around him, approaching Dustin Zhou, trying to shock Dustin Zhou.

However, Dustin Zhou still sat in the same place, unmoved, not even looking at Jiang Xingping.

“Does your Jiang family only know to say this? Jiang Bei said the same before, and then I abolished him.” Dustin Zhou raised his eyebrows and said lightly.

“Now, you say the same, do you want to follow in his footsteps?” At this moment, the audience was silent.

Not only the crowd onlookers, but also the younger brothers, all of them slowed their breathing, did not dare to breathe, and stared at Dustin Zhou.

The Jiang family’s complexion changed slightly.

Jiang Xingping was even more short of breath, his chest fluctuating.

This person dared to threaten him!

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