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Chapter 293


Dustin Zhou looked at Jiang’s family not talking, but his eyesight was not good. He seemed very angry and couldn’t help but smile softly.

When Jiang Bei faced him before, he took the lead to molest Enderia Shen, Mira Xie and others, without even putting him in Dustin Zhou’s eyes.

In the end, Dustin Zhou abolished Jiangbei and let him keep his memory long.

Then, the Jiang family found here, and at first they were aggressive and powerful, and directly asked Liu Feng to subdue them, and then brought them back to the Jiang family.

But Liu Feng was defeated by Niu Chuan.

Just now, Jiang Xingping wanted to threaten Dustin Zhou, but he was threatened by Dustin Zhou.

This scene fell in the eyes of everyone, which made people extremely surprised.

Someone threatened Jiang’s family.

The most important thing is that the Jiang family did not dare to move because of a threat from one person.

This is simply subverting everyone’s perception.

In their eyes, the Jiang family is omnipotent in Changsha, covering the sky with only one hand.

No one or organization dared to confront Jiang’s family.

Someone had conflicts with Jiang’s family before, and then Gong Jianglong disappeared.

There are also some companies that have conflicts of interest with Jiang’s company, and they also overturned overnight.

In the cognition of everyone, the Jiang family is an unshakable existence.

As one of the five major families in Hunan Province, it firmly occupies Changsha.

But just now, they heard a young man in front of Jiang Jiajiang Xingping.

To put it bluntly, the people of the Jiang family are municipal waste, no matter small or old, they are all waste!

Moreover, he threatened Jiang Xingping with the abolition of Jiangbei.

In the eyes of everyone, this is incredible, it is a challenge to power, and it is unwise.

“Hmph, this person is too presumptuous, I don’t know how high the sky is!” “I’m afraid he thinks that his bodyguard can defeat Liu Feng, and he can fight against the Jiang family. In that case, he also takes the Jiang family too lightly!” The Jiang family has been standing in Changsha for nearly a hundred years and has never been shaken. Whether it is a local snake or a Jianglong, they will not provoke the Jiang family at will. Now someone challenges the Jiang family. This is an eye-opener for us!” “Just, this person is afraid They will disappear soon, but it’s a pity that these beauties around him.” Everyone talked and looked different.

Some ridiculed that Dustin Zhou was too arrogant and wanted to confront the huge Jiang family alone.

Someone sneered and looked at Dustin Zhou and Jiang’s family coldly. Everything between them had nothing to do with everyone.

There are also some regrets. Dustin Zhou has powerful bodyguards, accompanied by three beauties, and the Rocket Girl seems to have a very good relationship with him. Such an existence is definitely not an unknown person, it is very likely that he is a dragon.

But it is a pity that he offended the Jiang family, and even abolished Jiangbei, the youngest of the Jiang family. This hatred can’t be solved easily.

“You abolished Jiangbei, don’t you think that you can’t stop it?” Jiang Xingping took a deep breath, he

Knowing that I cannot be impulsive now.

Liu Feng, the strongest combat power he had brought, was defeated, and the use of force was no longer advisable.

He can only use the Jiang family to threaten Dustin Zhou to let them know what kind of existence he offended.

“Huh! That Jiangbei is not a good thing at first sight. He speaks badly for no reason, disrespects others, and is full of filth. Teaching him a lesson is a punishment for him, but he even wants to destroy us. Shall we catch it?” Enderia Shen raised his brows and sneered.

She was born in the Shen family in Donghai and lived in the Shen family since she was a child, so her experience is different.

Later, he left Shen’s family and started a career outside to create a famous company.

Now Mingyang has developed into a huge company, even compared to the Shen Group.

Enderia Shen itself has the aura of a superior.

What’s more, she helped Dustin Zhou with a fatal blow before. It can be said that she died once, and naturally there was a hint of indifference in her eyes and words.

When Enderia Shen spoke, he immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

And the aura that showed off her body naturally surprised many people.

They always thought that Enderia Shen, Mira Xie and Chen Xin were all beauties attached to Dustin Zhou, just a vase.

But now it seems that it is not like that.

Many people moved their eyes slightly and looked at Enderia Shen in surprise. They didn’t expect that from Enderia Shen, they could actually feel this kind of aura.

Jiang Xingping’s eyes moved slightly, and when he looked at Enderia Shen, his heart was not calm.

He felt from Enderia Shen the aura that the second generation young master of the Jiang family had.

And each of the second generation young masters of the Jiang family is now in charge of almost a part of the Jiang family’s industry and a huge company.

Could it be that this woman is also in charge of a big company?

“Jiangbei is my Jiang family eldest master. He represents my Jiang family. You abolished Jiang Shao privately and you are provoking my Jiang family. If you don’t take the initiative to come to the Jiang family to make amends, I am afraid that you will not be able to leave Changsha.” Jiang Xingping gritted his teeth and said coldly.

To be honest, he already felt a lot of pressure now.

The other party and the group looked young, and the leader was young and calm, and calmed down when things happened.

And he also has a bodyguard, even Liu Feng is not an opponent.

As for the beauties around him, except for the three strange beauties, even Rocket Girls have a good relationship with him.

As long as it is a normal person, it is definitely not easy to know the identity of their group.

Jiang Xingping is a normal person, so he naturally knows.

But now he is here on behalf of the Jiang family and brought back the murderer who abolished Jiangbei, so no matter who the other party is, he must make the Jiang family’s attitude clear.

Otherwise, others thought he was afraid of the Jiang family, and anyone could move the Jiang family.


“It just so happens that I have to visit my friends in Changsha during this period. There are still ten days left. I want to see how your Jiang family keeps me from getting out of Changsha.” Dustin Zhou chuckled lightly. Thoughtful.

Can’t get out of Changsha?

With Niu Chuan here, it is impossible for one of them to be able to move him. As for the official power, Dustin Zhou believes that the other party will not be so stupid. What’s more, nowadays, official power can’t be used by anyone who wants to use it.

As soon as this remark came out, everyone was stunned.

Not only was Dustin Zhou not in a hurry to figure out a way to leave Changsha, but on the contrary he still had to stay in Changsha for ten days, and he also wanted to see how the Jiang family prevented them from leaving Changsha.

Everyone was shocked. This was no longer arrogance, but disdain for the Jiang family, and even a challenge to the power of the Jiang family!

Jiang Xingping’s eyes were cold. He didn’t expect the other party to be so confident. Isn’t he afraid that the Jiang family will deal with him seriously?

“Okay! Very good! You are so courageous that you dare to say something like this. I don’t care who you are. For three days, if you don’t take the initiative to come to Jiang’s house to make a plea within three days, then you are ready to accept Jiang. The family is really angry!” Jiang Xingping sneered, already planning in his heart.

Defeating Liu Feng by the side of the other party meant that they could no longer take the other party away this time.

Then only wait for the next time, the Jiang family will send absolute power, or use other power.

And Jiang Xingping said this, undoubtedly to give himself a step down, but also to give the other party the last chance.

“There is a lot of nonsense, if you don’t want to continue doing it, just get out.”

Chapter 294

Chen Shao’s decision!

Jiang Xingping left, took the Jiang family and the injured Liu Feng, and left Double Happiness to the hotel.

But Dustin Zhou still sat in the chair safely.

There were many onlookers outside the VIP room. At this time, everyone looked at Dustin Zhou sitting in the VIP room in a daze. The emotions in their hearts couldn’t calm down for a long time.

Those who can come to Double Happiness to spend, especially in VIP rooms, are all powerful.

Those of the older generation looked at Dustin Zhou, only feeling excited.

The Jiang family is in Changsha and the power in Hunan province overwhelms the sky, making all Changsha people and companies feel very depressed.

Over the years, they have almost always lived in the shadow of the Jiang family, never daring to disobey.

But this time, someone unexpectedly defeated the people brought by the Jiang family in front of the public, refuted Jiang Xingping, cursed that the Jiang family was all rubbish, and even more boldly, wanted to see how the Jiang family prevented him from leaving Changsha.

This kind of existence hasn’t appeared before, but the final result is that it makes people dim.

But even so, every time such a person appeared, many people saw a glimmer of hope, breaking the hope of Jiang’s dominance.

And those young people are mostly the younger brothers. They look at Dustin Zhou at this time, only feeling fear in their hearts.

Since childhood, members of the family have been admonishing them not to provoke the Jiang family, they cannot afford to provoke them.

Therefore, until they grew up, they did not dare to provoke the Jiang family, and even when they saw the younger generation of the Jiang family outside, they even bowed to their knees.

But now, when they see Dustin Zhou, they only feel energetic.

Finally someone stepped forward to provoke the Jiang family and challenge the Jiang family?

At this time, the brothers behind Dustin Zhou were all dumbfounded.

They thought that someone from the Jiang family could bring Dustin Zhou to the Jiang family for punishment.

But they never expected that the Jiang family not only did not bring Dustin Zhou back to the Jiang family, but instead left a threatening word and left.

Couldn’t even the Jiang family get rid of Dustin Zhou?

In the crowd, Chen Shao looked at the calm Dustin Zhou, his eyes flickered, and he seemed to be thinking about something.

In fact, although he is a cousin with Jiangbei, Jiangbei has never respected his cousin, and even treated his cousin as a follower.

Chen Shao had long been upset with Jiangbei.

But the Chen family relied on the Jiang family.

If he doesn’t please Jiangbei and offend Jiangbei, as long as Jiangbei casually mentions Jiangbei, it will be enough for Chen’s family to drink a pot.

Even if the Chen family and Jiang family are actually married.

It’s just that the Jiang family’s influence is too great, and naturally their appetite is also very big.

Nearly half of the profits created by the Chen family every year will fall into the hands of the Jiang family.

Not only was Chen Shao dissatisfied with this point, even his father was not very satisfied.

But helplessly, relying on the Jiang family requires a price.

If possible, the Chen family had long wanted to break away from the Jiang family’s control.

Chen Shao moved slightly, looking at Dustin Zhou, he felt that this seemed to be an opportunity.

According to Dustin Zhou’s current situation, it is almost difficult for him to leave Changsha in comparison with the Jiang family’s forces.

If the Chen family can help secretly, perhaps Dustin Zhou can be used to break the power of the Jiang family.

Thinking of this, Chen Shao smiled, and all the unhappiness before it seemed to disappear.

Compared with the interests of the Chen family, the grievances between him and Dustin Zhou are not worth mentioning.

“Shao Zhou, good talent, just a word of it will make the Jiang family retreat!” Chen Shao laughed and walked out of the crowd slowly. Looking at Dustin Zhou, his face did not have the arrogance before, but he appeared sincere.

Seeing this scene, everyone was stunned.

They knew that there was a contradiction between Chen Shao and Dustin Zhou before.

The reason why Dustin Zhou is here is because of Chen Shao’s intention.

How it looks now, Chen Shao seems to be very kind to Dustin Zhou.

Is it just because Dustin Zhou is not afraid of the Jiang family and refutes the Jiang family?

However, everyone in Changsha knows the relationship between the Chen family and the Jiang family.

At this time, shouldn’t Chen Shao target Dustin Zhou and even help the Jiang family besie Dustin Zhou?

Many people are puzzled, and feel that Chen Shao’s attitude is a bit inexplicable.

But there are also some people whose eyes flicker and their hearts are like mirrors.

In this world, interests always come first.

There is indeed a cooperative relationship between the Jiang family and the Chen family, and they are still married.

But the price the Chen family pays every year is absolutely beyond the imagination of ordinary people, and it makes the Chen family feel distressed.

When this effort reaches a certain level, the Chen family will inevitably fight back.

Many people smiled slightly, and they had a scrutiny in their hearts. It seemed that the Chen family wanted to fight back.

This means that there will be a good show in Changsha next.

Dustin Zhou looked at Chen Shao who was walking towards him, smiled slightly, his expression did not change much, but he was wary in his heart.

He knew a little about the relationship between the Chen family and the Jiang family. It was because Chen Shao suppressed Dustin Zhou to reveal his identity just now and asked the younger brother to reveal it.

Chen Shao is Jiangbei’s cousin, which means that the Chen family and Jiang family are brother-in-law.

And Dustin Zhou had just ended his confrontation with the Jiang family, and the Jiang family had just left.

At this time, Chen Shao had this attitude, and he had to make people think.

“Haha, Chen Shao laughed. I’m not a Zhou Shao. I’m just an ordinary person. Anyone can threaten me and I can’t afford Chen Shao’s praise.” Dustin Zhou waved his hand and chuckled, as if he was genuine It’s just an ordinary person, anyone with a little identity can threaten him.

As soon as the voice fell, everyone suddenly rolled their eyes.

in case

Whoever wants to believe this will have a brain-dead insight.

If Dustin Zhou had no identity, anyone could threaten him.

Then the Jiang family just now wouldn’t leave like that.

“Haha, Zhou Shao, I was wrong before, I apologize to you, if you are still unsatisfied, you can raise it, if you can do it, I will do it. But I want to talk to Zhou Shao alone Let’s talk.” Chen Shao laughed in a low voice, staring at Dustin Zhou, wanting to see any expression on his face.

After listening to Chen Shao’s words, Dustin Zhou’s heart moved. It seems that Chen Shao has something to ask for himself now.

“What can really be done?” Dustin Zhou smiled faintly.

Since the other party wanted him, he naturally couldn’t accept it so easily.

Regardless, Chen Shao had shown his coveting for Mira Xie, Enderia Shen and others.

Even if he has the meaning of reconciliation now, once this coveting occurs, no matter what he does, Dustin Zhou can’t regard it as not happening.

“That’s natural.” Chen Shao certainly said, his eyes flashing, looking at Dustin Zhou with confidence.

He believed that Dustin Zhou was definitely not an ordinary person, otherwise it would be impossible to face him with so much confidence, and at the same time abolished Jiangbei, and dare to threaten the Jiang family.

Even if the other party is a family similar in power to the Jiang family, it can’t be done in Changsha.

Then, there is only one possibility.

Dustin Zhou’s origin is bigger than the Jiang family.

However, even so, Dustin Zhou and others have only so few people, and they are still in Changsha.

Even if Dustin Zhou’s family is stronger than the Jiang family, it is not better than the Jiang family in Changsha.

Therefore, Jiang’s remarks made Dustin Zhou unable to leave Changsha.

Dustin Zhou wanted to leave and could only cooperate with the Chen family.

Chapter 295


Chen Shao looked at Dustin Zhou with a smile, confident.

In his opinion, Dustin Zhou must use some forces to get away.

At present, it seems that there is only one Chen family who can cooperate with him and is willing to cooperate with him.

Chen Shao didn’t worry about Dustin Zhou’s rejection, but was waiting for Dustin Zhou to make conditions.

Others could only see what Chen Shao and Dustin Zhou were saying in a low voice, but they couldn’t hear what they were saying.

However, from Chen Shao’s all smiles, everyone speculated that they might have reached some agreement.

“It seems that Shao Chen really wants to reconcile.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, his eyes calm, but the corners of his mouth were slightly raised.

He didn’t know what Chen Shao’s idea was, but he knew that behind this was definitely not easy, and even the Chen family might want to use himself.

“In this case, then Chen Shao kneel down and apologize to us!” Dustin Zhou raised the corner of his mouth and said lightly, his eyes falling on Chen Shao’s face.

For an instant, Chen Shao’s face flushed, and his eyes were full of anger.

“Surname Zhou, you are presumptuous!” Suddenly, Shao Chen shouted, stepped back again and again, stared at Dustin Zhou, and yelled.

And this one shocked everyone else.

They just watched Chen Shao talk to Dustin Zhou and said it well, and even both of them had smiles on their faces.

But suddenly, Chen Shao became furious and pointed the finger at Dustin Zhou.

Everyone was immediately stunned, not knowing what happened.

At this moment, Chen Shao was really angry!

He wanted to reconcile with Dustin Zhou and cooperate.

The Chen family helped Dustin Zhou leave Changsha, and Dustin Zhou used his family’s energy to help the Chen family escape from the Jiang family’s control.

This was originally a good thing for a win-win situation, but Dustin Zhou was so innocent.

He actually wanted him to kneel down in front of so many people and admit his mistakes!

Chen Shao was angry inside, pointed at Dustin Zhou, and couldn’t help but tremble.

This is an insult!

Dustin Zhou is insulting him Shao Chen!

Even Dustin Zhou didn’t pay attention to him Chen Shao at all.

“Is it presumptuous? Didn’t Chen Shao still say that no matter what request I made, can you do it? Why, you are so angry now with such a small request, it shows that you are not sincere.” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly. He just glanced at Shao Chen lightly without getting angry.

He knew that he would say that, and he would be angry if he changed to be anybody.

After all, kneeling down and confessing to others is an insult in itself.

However, Chen Shao released his goodwill at this time, and what is the purpose of it is something Dustin Zhou needs to think about.

So he was also a test, a test of Chen Shao’s bottom line, and his determination.

But now it seems that Shao Chen is more or less standing on a high place and looking at them, with a feeling of being above.

In contrast, Zhou

Yang them as if they are demanding.

This kind of relationship is unequal. If we cooperate, the contributions and rewards of the two parties are also extremely unequal.

“My surname Zhou, I want to reconcile with you because I want to cooperate with you, but you insult me ​​so much, is this your way of cooperation?” Chen Shao said in a deep voice, looking badly.

“Don’t Chen Shao despise us so much before? Even, want us to accompany you?” Dustin Zhou sneered.

At this time, Chen Shao took the initiative to seek reconciliation, and he must be the one in need.

And Dustin Zhou, besides being threatened by the Jiang family, he couldn’t do without Changsha. He had no other needs.

And Chen Shao is seeking reconciliation at this time and wants to cooperate, so there must be more important demands.

If he didn’t even have any sincerity like Chen Shao, Dustin Zhou would really suspect that the Chen family might want to be a cannon fodder or a stepping stone.

And his understanding of the Chen family is extremely limited.

In this case, he has been calculated and may not know.

“This is my fault, I apologize to you, but kneeling is absolutely impossible! The people of the Chen family have never had a precedent for kneeling to others.” Chen Shao said coldly, and then directly took out a business card. , Handed it to Dustin Zhou.

“This is my business card. The Jiang family will give you three days and I will give you two days. If you think about it, you can find me. Today, you won’t be with you!” Chen Shao said, and left directly.

The brothers who followed him before, looked left and right, and left.

This scene surprised the onlookers outside.

Why are they all gone?

It’s just that Shao Chen has also left, and now only Dustin Zhou and his party are left in the VIP room. Everyone loses interest when they look at them, and they separate.

At this moment, the VIP room is also extremely quiet.

“Brother Yang, that Shao Chen must not be at ease, even without them, as long as I am here, he will definitely be able to leave Changsha.” Niu Chuan said confidently, patting his chest.

Dustin Zhou nodded, then glanced at the others.

The others are a group of people, only he and Niu Chuan are men, and the others are women.

Moreover, Rocket Girl still has a mission in Changsha, it is impossible to leave Changsha with him alone.

Dustin Zhou hesitated. He didn’t know the Jiang family’s specific behavior style. If he left Changsha, would Jiang family vent their anger on Rocket Girl.

In that case, Dustin Zhou was definitely not what Dustin Zhou wanted to see.

“Brother Yang, we all listen to you.” Su Xiaomeng was the first to express her position, and she now puts her whole heart on Dustin Zhou.

From the moment he saw Dustin Zhou at the concert, Su Xiaomeng only had Dustin Zhou in his heart.

Therefore, no matter what decision she is making, she will support her without hesitation.

Anyway, they are rocket girls, even if the Jiang family wants to deal with them, they still have to consider the impact.

After all, the fans of Rocket Girls are not only Changsha, but the whole country.

No matter how powerful the Jiang family is, it is impossible to force the attention of the whole country.

Zhang Tiantian and Zhao Wanrong looked at each other, sighed helplessly, and expressed their opinions one after another, letting Dustin Zhou make the decision for themselves, they didn’t care.

That said, but Dustin Zhou couldn’t really not consider Rocket Girl at all.

“Well, let’s go back first. Anyway, there are still a few days, I’m thinking about it.” Dustin Zhou smiled, got up, and left.

The group left Double Happiness and came to the hotel. Dustin Zhou first sent the Rocket Girl back, and then took the others back to the hotel.

During this period, he also knew that Rocket Girls still had three concerts in Hunan province, and in Changsha, they also had a commercial performance.

In this case, they won’t be in any danger for the time being, Dustin Zhou asked them to perform well, and waited until their performance was over, then invited them to dinner.

“Brother Yang, someone has been following us all the time.” Niu Chuan whispered as he approached the hotel, his tone was cold, he was obviously cruel to the person following him.

As long as Dustin Zhou said a word, he would immediately bring the person who was following him.

“Don’t panic, this must be from the Jiang family. Since they have given us three days, they will definitely not let us act arbitrarily. They will definitely follow us all the time and grasp our whereabouts.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile. , Does not care about being followed by others.

Anyway, the Jiang family had already let them go to the Jiang family to be punished within three days, so within these three days, the Jiang family would not take concrete actions.

“Chuanzi, take a hard time and collect specific information about the Jiang family and the Chen family. I’m useful.”

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