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Chapter 131

“What exactly do you want to do that week?” Chen Zhen asked.

“Okay, Chen Zhen, you are enough. Since you haven’t received an invitation, then leave as soon as possible and don’t mess around here.

“Chen Zhen just finished speaking, and Dustin Zhou hadn’t answered the call, so Chen Tong said. “Also, you should go back first and cancel your report that discredited Mr. Zhou. Only then will it be possible to sit down and discuss this matter!”

“Chen Tong spoke, and Chen Zhen naturally didn’t dare to hold on. “If this is the case, then I will go back and deal with it now!”

“Leaving a sentence, Chen Zhen and the group of people immediately turned and left. “A small episode, I hope not to disturb everyone’s Yaxing!”

“After Chen Zhen and others had finished walking, Dustin Zhou greeted everyone again, and stopped mentioning what was just now, as if nothing happened. At this time, everyone suddenly realized that Dustin Zhou made two suggestions. Importance. One is an industry association, and the other is an industry fund. It has not been established yet, and just a piece of news can make Chen Zhen and the others panic, even breaking into Avaria, wanting to ask Dustin Zhou to forgive him. The force can be imagined. “It seems that the entire East China Sea

In the media industry, Dustin Zhou has the final say.

“I don’t see it all. You know, Mingyang Media is a new media company after all. In terms of influence and market share, it is far inferior to “Donghai Morning Post” and “Fengxing Media”, or even to us. Some companies.

“Then what do you mean?”

“In the future, it may be a three-legged relationship, but this is also a good thing. It can be the essence of the industry.

Everyone talked a lot, whispered, and looked forward to the association and fund proposed by Dustin Zhou. At this moment, Chen Zhen and others who had left Avaria were all angry. However, they were the object of anger at this moment. It’s not someone else, but Chen Zhen. “Chen Zhen, you must give us an explanation. You are planning this matter from beginning to end. If it weren’t for your foolproof words, how could we discredit Dustin Zhou and his fame with you? Young company!

“Yes, now that something like this has happened, Dustin Zhou obviously wants to exclude us, and then our influence will drop drastically!”

“Yes, Chen Zhen, you must give us an explanation!”

Otherwise, we will definitely not let you go!

“… Everyone pointed the finger at Chen Zhen. Only a few editors of the “Donghai Evening News” did not say anything at this time, but they were silent, waiting for Chen Zhen to come up with a specific plan to respond. “Enough!

What’s the use of these now?

“Chen Zhen roared, looking a bit sullenly at the protesters in front of him. Before that, they had listened to Chen Zhen’s words, and they were very supportive of Chen Zhen in the incident that discredited Dustin Zhou and the company. In a short period of time, they all dived. Chen Zhen knew that they were worried about being retaliated by Dustin Zhou afterwards. After all, once the media industry association was established, they would have no way to resist against them in the future. “Chen Zhen, you say now What should I do?

In my opinion, we immediately went back to remove the previous report that discredited Dustin Zhou.

“Not only that, we must also issue an apology immediately and take all the responsibility on ourselves.

“Yes, only in this way can we show sincerity, and maybe Dustin Zhou will not pursue it!”

Several people immediately expressed their views. Now, only Chen Zhen is left. As the initiator and main responsible person of the entire incident, Chen Zhen and the “Donghai Evening News” attitude are extremely important. If only other media apologize, Chen Zhenhe ” If the Donghai Evening News did not apologize, the effect would certainly be bad, and Dustin Zhou would not even forgive. Under this circumstance, Chen Zhen had no choice but to agree with everyone. So the next day, the news media reports of the entire Donghai City showed A strange phenomenon. Before, Dustin Zhou and the famous public were still wantonly discredited.

The company’s media all made clarifications in their respective news, and also issued a notice of apology.

The media that were not involved in this matter before also all supported Dustin Zhou and Mingyang Company, and criticized those media that wantonly smeared others.

People watched these media reports and talked about them happily.

After all, Mingyang is still very famous in the East China Sea, and many people have used whitening factor facial masks.

“Zhou, this is the fax from Chen Tong, editor-in-chief of the East China Sea Morning News, and Sun Yue, editor-in-chief of The World of Popularity.” Early in the morning, Sara Ye pushed open the door of Dustin Zhou’s office and just received it. When he arrived, two faxes were placed on his desk.

“By the way, here are our statistics, which media have made clarifications and issued apologies.” Then, as if remembering something, Sara Ye quickly handed a document to Dustin Zhou.

“Well, not bad.” Dustin Zhou took the file directly and looked at it carefully.

Before, he had asked Asher Chen to investigate what media companies had discredited him and the famous company.

According to the list provided by Asher Chen, compare the list collected by Sara Ye.

Dustin Zhou was very happy.

Because the two lists completely overlap.

This shows that all the media that previously discredited Dustin Zhou and the famous company have all made clarifications and apologized this time.

All this is due to the industry associations and funds he proposed to establish.

“I see, this matter will come to an end for the time being, so that the people in the company don’t pay attention to them, and do their job well. After a while, the whitening factor mask will leave Donghai City and go to other cities. At this juncture, Everyone can’t relax.” Dustin Zhou smiled, with a calm expression.

“Okay, Mr. Zhou.” Sara Ye did not ask much what happened, why all the media’s tone seemed to change overnight.

But seeing Dustin Zhou so confident, Sara Ye was also relieved.

Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

When Dustin Zhou arrived, Chen Tong and Sun Yue had already arrived, and they were chatting with Asher Chen.

“Haha, Mr. Zhou, it seems that your influence is still not small. Chen Zhen and the group are finally subdued.” “Who said no, I heard that Chen Zhen was severely criticized by the leadership of the East China Sea Evening News. After a meal, he said that if this matter is not handled properly, let him go. I think he has a very difficult life this time.” Chen Tong and Sun Yue immediately smiled when they saw Dustin Zhou, and told some inside information. Came out.

And this is also the first time Dustin Zhou heard of inside stories in the media industry.

In the past, although there were some related so-called inside stories on the Internet, most of them were guessed by netizens. What is the basis for Emi?

But now it’s different. Both Chen Tong and Sun Yue are in the media industry.

Boss, what they said is definitely not wrong.

“That’s best. If you don’t teach them a little lesson, they don’t know how to converge.” “But for now, let’s put it aside. Let’s finalize the association and fund.”

Chapter 132

“According to the agreement we reached before, I have no opinion on the overall framework.” Chen Tong took the lead in expressing his position.

“It’s the same on my side, but there is one thing I want to ask. After the association is established, what are you going to do?” Sun Yue also nodded, but he asked a question.

And this problem is obviously a problem that needs to be understood now.

After the successful establishment of the media industry association, how does Dustin Zhou plan to operate.

At the very least, such an association will not simply be established and pretend to be, at least it must play a leading role in the industry.

Otherwise, if things go on forever, the association will cease to exist.

“That’s what I think. The first action taken after the association was established was to set up a media blacklist.” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

“Media blacklist?” At this time, not only Chen Tong and Sun Yue, but even Asher Chen was confused, not knowing what Dustin Zhou meant.

“Yes, it’s the media blacklist!” “We will collect all the news reports published by Donghai Media Corporation in the industry and society, and sort them out.” “Then we will include those media companies that publish more than a certain number of fake news into the blacklist. In the list, if this is the case, the association will also put such

Media companies are turned away and blocked the entire industry!

Dustin Zhou explained. In fact, media blacklists are nothing unusual. In many other industries, there are such blacklists. And its meaning is to help everyone identify those harmful to the entire industry. Existence. “It turns out that, in this way, any media company that wants to report false news in the future will need to be cautious. Once the bottom line is exceeded, it will be blocked. I agree with this.

“Chen Tong quickly figured out the value of the blacklist, and immediately agreed. Sun Yue also agreed. “The media blacklist can’t be established in a short time. It will take some time to check and plan. The so-called after the establishment of our association The first thing is to establish a media blacklist.

Dustin Zhou quickly set the task. Immediately afterwards, the four people discussed the rest of the association and the fund. When everything was discussed, more than a long time had passed. “Everyone, it’s noon. Today I will be the host. Let’s have a meal here.

Seeing noon, Asher Chen also issued an invitation, but several people did not refuse. … Soon, the establishment of media industry associations and funds spread throughout the East China Sea. The companies in the media industry naturally paid great attention to this and tried their best. Inquire about relevant specific information. And those outsiders, there are many people who keep paying attention. After all, if the mixed media industry can form an association, then other industries can also follow the same. Up.

After parting in the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, Dustin Zhou returned to Mingyang Company. Just after sitting down in the office, a clear voice suddenly sounded. Enderia Shen put his hands on his chest and walked in with a smile, watching Dustin Zhou’s eyes full of bright colors. “What did you hear again?

Dustin Zhou helplessly, after asking Enderia Shen to sit down, he couldn’t help but smile. He was busy with the media company for these two days, and was a little slack in the affairs of Mingyang. This originally made him owe something, and now Enderia Shen says so, he I thought I was beating myself. “What?

Do you still pretend in front of me?

Now it has spread all over the world, saying that you, Dustin Zhou, want to set up a media company to unify the entire media industry in Donghai City.

“Enderia Shen said with a chuckle, staring at Dustin Zhou, not letting go of any changes in his face. “What?

“Now it was Dustin Zhou’s turn to be surprised. He really didn’t expect these rumors outside. But he was even more surprised that Enderia Shen would pay attention to these rumors. You know, in the past, Enderia Shen always ignored the rumors outside. “President Shen, you have changed. Before you

I would never listen to such rumors.

Dustin Zhou smiled bitterly. “Who said I didn’t pay attention to it before?”

It’s just that there are no rumors worthy of my attention before, why?

Are the rumors out there true?

“Enderia Shen pursed his mouth slightly and said with a chuckle. “Well, it is true. I am planning to establish a media company together with others, and I am also preparing to form a trade association with several other media companies.”

Dustin Zhou didn’t conceal it, and told everything about it. Originally, this matter was not considered to be a major matter, nor was it a secret or incomprehensible matter. Besides, the person who asked was still Enderia Shen, and Dustin Zhou would not conceal it. “what?

It really is!

Why would you think of doing this?

“When Enderia Shen heard this, she was suddenly surprised. She thought that those outside were just pure rumors, and she just wanted to come over to tease Dustin Zhou. But she didn’t expect all of this to be true! For a moment, Enderia Shen had mixed feelings. Dustin Zhou was famous. In the past three years of Yang’s company, the previous scenes have appeared in her mind. In the impression, Enderia Shen’s impression of Dustin Zhou is not too much, but it is definitely not a small one. At the beginning, Dustin Zhou was just an ordinary employee, no matter how serious the work is, For Enderia Shen, it is also the lowest level of existence. But by chance, when he took out the whitening and anti-aging factor patent, Dustin Zhou began to gradually enter Enderia Shen’s vision. … All things and scenes appeared in Enderia Shen’s mind. It seems that for such a long time, in reality it was only a moment later. “Why are you laughing?

Enderia Shen recalled there, but Dustin Zhou found it strange. From his perspective, Enderia Shen suddenly did not speak. Instead, he put his hands on the table, resting his chin, and looked at himself smiling. Moreover, this smile was a little weird. “what?

Am i smiling?

I just think that you now have a new identity, not just the shareholder of the famous company and the person in charge of the whitening factor project.

Enderia Shen came back to his senses, smiled lightly, stood up, walked to Dustin Zhou’s side, stretched out his hand, and carefully arranged Dustin Zhou’s collar.

Chapter 133

things fermented, secretly black hands! Dustin Zhou did not expect Enderia Shen Will do this suddenly, a little unprepared, wanting to step back, but Enderia Shen directly grabbed the collar. “Why?

Am I not a tiger?

Enderia Shen smiled and pulled Dustin Zhou back. “No, it’s just that you suddenly be like this. I feel weird.”

“Dustin Zhou said with a dry smile, always feeling that Enderia Shen today is a bit strange, and he seems to be two people with Enderia Shen in his impression. “What’s so strange?”

“You have been so wronged, but I can’t do anything. Now you can solve it by yourself.

It’s decided, I want to make up for it, can it not work?

Enderia Shen gave Dustin Zhou a white look and looked at his collar. Then he nodded in satisfaction and took two steps back gently. The discrediting of Dustin Zhou and Mingyang Company by the Donghai City media had already been known to Enderia Shen early in the morning. The president of the company, she knows everything about the famous company. However, in this matter, Enderia Shen is also powerless and unable to do anything. Mingyang is a cosmetics company and has no influence in the media industry. And because of her and She could not use any of the resources of the Shen Group for the rigid relationship of the Shen family. Therefore, she could only bear it silently, and try her best to reach out to people from some media companies, trying to minimize the impact of this kind of smearing. But she did not. Thinking of it, Dustin Zhou would solve it first. After some inquiries, Enderia Shen knew what Dustin Zhou had done. While feeling sour, he also felt a sense of sorrow. Before he knew it, Dustin Zhou seemed to be going farther and farther and his ability was getting better and better. Big. There are many things that even Enderia Shen can’t solve, Dustin Zhou can easily solve them, and the methods always give people a bright impression. Just like the industry associations and funds this time. Enderia Shen has consulted several media industry leaders, I’ve asked about this. The responses I got are surprisingly consistent. That is Dustin Zhou’s hand, very clever. Not only solves the smearing of him and Mingyang, but also cleans up the entire media industry. For Dustin Zhou, For the entire media industry, it is very beneficial. “Of course not, but I haven’t had time to tell you, it’s not too late to say it now.

Dustin Zhou smiled and shrugged helplessly. He felt that the atmosphere between himself and Enderia Shen was a little charming, and there seemed to be some invisible factors that connected the two people closely. “How?

When are you going to announce this in the company?

Enderia Shen asked softly. “I’m not going to announce it, and I won’t even come forward with this matter, and let my partners deal with it all.”

Dustin Zhou explained. In fact, Dustin Zhou did this with his own considerations, as well as elements suggested by Asher Chen. Dustin Zhou’s life tricks for more than two decades were very common and there was nothing to cover up. As long as someone with the intention to investigate, It is possible to make a clear investigation of Dustin Zhou’s life in the past twenty years. In that way, Dustin Zhou’s life in the past two decades is ordinary, even mediocre. But just recently, it has suddenly erupted, like extremely If you talk about life’s abnormalities, you will definitely be aware of it. In this way, you will undoubtedly be suspected by many people. Even some people with energy will associate Dustin Zhou with the Zhou family.


In that case, it would be very detrimental to Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou also adopted Asher Chen’s suggestion, and after deciding that he would not show up in matters related to the media industry association and fund, and let Asher Chen act as his agent.

In this way, Dustin Zhou can also hide himself well.

After listening to Dustin Zhou’s explanation, Enderia Shen also suddenly realized that he couldn’t help but look at Dustin Zhou differently.

Next, everything went smoothly.

Mingyang Media, jointly established by Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen, was registered, and jointly established a media industry association and fund with “Donghai Morning News” and “Fengxingtianxia”.

The two things have been carried out together, and they are going smoothly.

At the Avaria banquet before, the media companies that said they wanted to participate in the association participated in it almost without hesitation.

Even those media companies that have smeared Dustin Zhou because of reports have actively contacted and wanted to participate.

“Don’t give them a positive answer for the time being. We must first join all the media companies that are not involved, and then we will unite and review those media companies.” “Moreover, I think the media blacklist should also be carried out at the same time. “After all, they participated in this time. It is hard to guarantee that they did not often make false reports before.” This is Dustin Zhou’s opinion to Asher Chen, Chen Tong and Sun Yue.

The three people all agreed, and these opinions were immediately carried out in the association.

“Mr. Zhou, look at this news.” As Dustin Zhou was thinking about how to tell Mira Xie all about this, Sara Ye walked into the office with a mobile phone with an ugly look.

“What’s the matter?” Dustin Zhou frowned, took the phone and looked at it.

But in an instant, Dustin Zhou’s brows wrinkled, and his eyes also filled with anger.

What is displayed on the phone is a news website page, and the news headline on it is obvious.

“Rocket Girl’s concert was assassinated every time, Su Xiaomeng became the target, suspected to involve other people’s feelings!” “Shocked! Rocket Girl member Su Xiaomeng turned out to be someone else’s junior…” “Take you into Su Xiaomeng’s world! “… A few shining news headlines, like a sharp blade, pierced into Dustin Zhou’s heart mercilessly.

In his mind, Su Xiaomeng is like his own sister.

And now, there are even media blatantly spreading rumors to discredit her and claim that she is a junior.

I am afraid that such a thing cannot be accepted by anyone.

“Zhou, this is what the bottom employees just discovered today. They are fans of Rocket Girls. The assassination happened before. They kept paying attention. This was the first time they discovered these reports!” Sara Ye said coldly.

Although she didn’t know Rocket Girl, she knew Dustin Zhou’s relationship with them.

Some people are spreading such rumors right now, for Zhou

For Young, it is equally unacceptable!

Dustin Zhou quickly called Su Xiaomeng.

It’s just that the phone hasn’t been connected, which made him feel gloomy instantly.

There are only two possibilities for Su Xiaomeng not answering the phone.

One is that she still doesn’t know the news. The mobile phone was turned off because of no power. After all, the previous assassination had a great impact on her and it would take some time to calm her mood.

There is another possibility that she has seen the news, and because she can’t stand it, she chooses to shut down and cut off contact with the outside world.

“I’ll go out, sister Ye, help me collect news reports on the Internet, and write down all the media involved in reporting this incident!” After leaving a sentence, Dustin Zhou left Mingyang and went straight to Rocket Girl The hotel where you stayed during the Donghai trip.

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