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Chapter 134

(1) Fengyue Hotel.

As one of the five-star hotels in Donghai City, it has always echoed the Glory Hotel from east to west. It is a famous landmark in Donghai City.

And this time the Rocket Girl came to Donghae City to hold a concert and stayed here.

When Dustin Zhou drove to Fengyue Hotel, he was immediately angered by the scene before him.

At this moment, dozens of reporters outside Fengyue Hotel clamored for the Rocket Girl to come out and give an explanation.

If it weren’t for Fengyue Hotel to be very tough, the security guards blocked the reporters outside by besieging the city wall, the consequences would be disastrous.

Dustin Zhou originally had a hint of fantasy.

That is, Su Xiaomeng did not see the news reports on the Internet, and the phone was turned off because of no electricity.

But now, with so many reporters surrounding the hotel, the movement is so loud that it is impossible to hide it. Su Xiaomeng can easily know what happened.

At this time, Dustin Zhou only hoped to be able to rush to Su Xiaomeng as soon as possible to comfort her.

“Let me go in!” Dustin Zhou looked at the reporters in front of him, frowning, he could only keep pushing and squeezing in.

Finally squeezed to the front, but was stopped by security.

“Don’t try hard, otherwise we will be rude!” “As for you, go back quickly!” Dustin Zhou’s sudden appearance made the security guards look like an enemy.

They thought Dustin Zhou was a reporter and wanted to pretend to break into the hotel, so they immediately pushed Dustin Zhou away.

“I’m a guest, I want to move in now!” Dustin Zhou’s face was pale, and his heart was very angry.

But he also knew that at this time, it was precisely because of the existence of these security guards that these reporters could not directly disturb Su Xiaomeng.

“Guests? Our Fengyue Hotel is a five-star hotel. The cost of a day’s accommodation is as high as several thousand yuan. Can you afford it?” A young security guard glanced at Dustin Zhou up and down and said with disdain.

Dustin Zhou was stunned. He didn’t expect that he would be regarded as a poor ghost.

Not to mention that he is the son of the Zhou family, but the only heir.

He is now a shareholder of Mingyang Company, and his shares in the company are worth hundreds of millions.

Not to mention staying at Fengyue Hotel for one night, even if it is to buy this Fengyue Hotel, it is not difficult.

“Be polite to me!” Dustin Zhou frowned lightly and said coldly.

Originally, he felt grateful that these security guards tried their best to maintain order and prevent these reporters from breaking into the hotel.

But at this moment, the young security guard’s attitude made him very upset.

Maintaining order and preventing reporters from breaking in is originally your accusation, but it is a bit of non-compliance to prevent customers from entering for no reason.

“Why? Be polite? It doesn’t look like you are here at all. Don’t think I don’t know. You just want to get in. You are so close to the Rocket Girl. I am here and there is no door!” A stare, the arrogance is even more arrogant.

“Zhou? Why are you here?” At this moment, a surprised voice suddenly sounded.

Dustin Zhou looked up and saw a middle-aged man just walking out of the hotel.

“It turned out to be Mr. Zhang, I didn’t expect you to be here too!” Dustin Zhou recognized the man, Zhang Wei.

The president of Meizi Beauty Company has cooperated with Mingyang Company on whitening factor projects before.

Since meeting him once at Jade Pavilion, Dustin Zhou hasn’t met him again during this period of time, and even Zhang Wei hasn’t appeared at the meeting held by Mingyang Company with all its partner companies, but instead sent others.

Dustin Zhou did not expect to meet him at Fengyue Hotel.

“Haha, Mr. Zhang, do you know this person?” As soon as he saw Zhang Wei coming out and he seemed to know Dustin Zhou, the young security guard suddenly became stiff and asked with a smile.

As a security guard, you naturally have some understanding of the identified customers in the hotel.

Zhang Wei is a distinguished guest of Fengyue Hotel and even has friendship with the president of the hotel. This is no secret in the eyes of the security guards.

After all, when Zhang Wei first entered the hotel, he was accompanied by the hotel president.

Right now, seeing that Zhang Wei seemed to know Dustin Zhou, and he also took a mouthful of “General Zhou”, which inevitably made the young security guard a little flustered.

“Yes, this is Mr. Zhou from the famous company. Why, what are you doing?” Zhang Wei also saw that something was wrong at this time.

Dustin Zhou wanted to come in, but seemed to be stopped by security.

“It turned out to be President Zhou of the famous company, please come in, please come in!” The security guard heard Zhang Wei’s words, and his heart was shocked. He quickly opened an entrance and let Dustin Zhou in.

Dustin Zhou cared about Su Xiaomeng in his heart, and didn’t do anything to the security guards. Besides, he didn’t plan to pursue them when he thought that these security guards were performing his duties.

“Mr. Zhang, I have something to do today, so I won’t tell you more. We will contact you again when I have time.” Entering the hotel, Dustin Zhou quickly apologized to Zhang Wei, and then ran directly to the room where the Rocket Girl was.

Seeing Dustin Zhou’s hurried back, Zhang Wei muttered in his heart, but he didn’t have too much suspicion.

At present, the well-known company is in full swing, and the sales of whitening factor projects in Donghai City are excellent.

As a cooperative relationship, Meizi Beauty also made a lot of money in this project.

To be honest, Mingyang is even the God of Wealth of Meizi Beauty, and no one will interfere with the actions of God of Wealth.

“Mr. Zhang, I thought Zhou always faked reporters, so I stopped him. He wouldn’t blame me?” The young security guard looked at Zhang Wei with an ugly look and asked softly.

To be honest, at this moment, he is also playing drums in his heart.

After all, he didn’t know Dustin Zhou at all, and he didn’t know what kind of character Dustin Zhou was, and whether he would be brooding about today’s affairs.

If Dustin Zhou told the hotel president what happened today, then he would be finished.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Zhou is not that kind of person, you just need to do your own thing!” Zhang Wei dropped his shoes and left the hotel with a comforting word.

The fifth floor of Fengyue Hotel.

After Rocket Girl came to the East China Sea, she stayed here all the time.

When Dustin Zhou came to the fifth floor, the whole floor was quiet.

It seems that the people on this floor don’t even know that there are a lot of reporters downstairs clamoring to come in.

Room 502.

Su Xiaomeng sat at the foot of the bed with a dull expression, hugged her knees with her hands, and her chin was also on her knees.

The eyes are godless, and the whole person has no spirit.

In the room, except for Su Xiaomeng, Zhang Tiantian, Zhao Wanrong and Sister Yang were all there.

But they looked at Su Xiaomeng, but their faces were distressed, but they had nothing to do.

They had seen the news on the Internet early in the morning, and originally planned to hide it so that Su Xiaomeng would not know it.

Unexpectedly, Su Xiaomeng turned on his mobile phone and saw the news that popped up.

“Sister Yang, what should I do? I can’t go on like this.” “Yeah, I am worried that what if Mengmeng can’t bear it.” “Sister Yang, otherwise we call Dustin Zhou, Su Xiaomeng likes Dustin Zhou so much. With him, you will definitely be able to persuade Mengmeng.” Zhang Tiantian’s eyes lit up, and immediately thought of Dustin Zhou.

“Boom boom boom.” At this moment, the door of the room was knocked suddenly.

In an instant, Zhang Tiantian, Zhao Wanrong, and Sister Yang shocked their bodies, looking ugly in the direction of the door.

Chapter 135

(2) Fengyue Hotel is a famous five-star hotel in the East China Sea, and the Rock Girl staying here is not a secret at all.

Besides, Sister Yang

In the beginning, he did not intend to hide his whereabouts.

However, as soon as the news on the Internet came out, the reporters seemed crazy and flocked to the hotel to interview Su Xiaomeng.

However, Sister Yang knew the president of the hotel, so she asked her to let the hotel security stop the reporters.

In this way, no one has bothered them until now.

But now, someone knocked on the door.

The thought of reporters outside the door, holding up the flashlight, made a few people chill.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just a reporter interview, but now something like Su Xiaomeng has happened, and it’s in a critical and sensitive period.

The arrival of these reporters is very likely to become a fuse to detonate Su Xiaomeng.

“What should I do? Sister Yang, is the reporter here?” “But the hotel security has stopped the reporter? Why would someone break in.” Zhang Tiantian and Zhao Wanrong turned pale.

Once the reporter broke in, they had no room for parry.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go take a look, the knock on the door is very light, it shouldn’t be a reporter!” Sister Yang calmed down and comforted the two softly.

At this moment, there is only one hope in her heart, that is, the one outside the door is not a reporter.

After all, the knock on the door is so soft, it doesn’t look like a reporter.

“Is it you?” Sister Yang opened the door anxiously. When she saw Dustin Zhou outside, she looked surprised and couldn’t help but shout out.

“Sister Yang, where’s Xiaomeng? Is she inside? How is she?” But now Dustin Zhou can’t take care of Sister Yang’s surprised reaction. Seeing Sister Yang is there, he will immediately go inside.

“Mengmeng is inside, but her mood is a bit wrong now, come and take a look.” Sister Yang suppressed the surprise in her heart, invited Dustin Zhou in, and closed the door tightly at the same time.

“Brother Dustin Zhou!” “Brother Dustin Zhou, you are here, hurry up and see Mengmeng!” Zhang Tiantian and Zhao Wanrong saw that the person coming in was Dustin Zhou, and they were overjoyed and hurried forward to say hello.

In the eyes of both of them, Dustin Zhou’s appearance was a surprise.

I just said that Dustin Zhou would come over to see Su Xiaomeng, maybe it would be better for Su Xiaomeng.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the voice fell, Dustin Zhou had already appeared.

There is providence in the dark!

At this moment, the two had only one thought in their hearts.

Dustin Zhou nodded, his gaze fell straight on Su Xiaomeng at the corner of the bed.

Seeing Su Xiaomeng’s sluggish face and completely lack of energy, Dustin Zhou felt a pain in his heart.

The former Su Xiaomeng and the current Su Xiaomeng are completely like two people.

Dustin Zhou’s heart suddenly showed the scene when he saw Su Xiaomeng for the first time.

At that time, Su Xiaomeng dressed fancy, Dustin Zhou thought she was not a serious girl, and even disliked her very much.

But the next one

The series of events changed Dustin Zhou’s views on this strange little girl.

Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but feel the pain in his heart when he thought of the strange and lively little girl before, turning into this sluggish appearance in front of him.

All this is caused by those unscrupulous media.

They are all reporting false news, maliciously spreading rumors and slandering!

“Xiaomeng? How are you? Are you okay? I’m Dustin Zhou.” Dustin Zhou walked quickly to Su Xiaomeng’s bed and said softly.

However, Dustin Zhou said a few words in a row, Su Xiaomeng did not respond, and his eyes were still hollow.

This made Dustin Zhou’s heart sink suddenly.

Right now, Su Xiaomeng is simply closing herself in her inner world.

Faced with the malice from the outside world, she has closed her heart, and most people can’t persuade her, nor can she open her heart!

“How could this happen? Didn’t you look at her carefully and not let her read the news reports?” Dustin Zhou turned around and asked, his tone inevitably a little hard.

Several people are also ashamed, but this is not what they want to see.

“We have tried very hard to conceal it, but the news pops up on Mengmeng’s mobile phone. Even if we want to stop it, there is no way!” Zhao Wanrong looked aggrieved.

“Mr. Zhou, the problem now is not how to deal with the news, but how to pull Mengmeng out of this state. If she is allowed to do this, I am worried that something bad will happen.” Sister Yang also stood up at this time. Speaking very seriously.

Dustin Zhou was silent, he naturally knew.

If Su Xiaomeng is not pulled out of this sluggish state as soon as possible, she is likely to suffer from depression.

As for the disease of depression, as long as a normal person does not want to be recruited.

“You go back to your room first, I will find a way, just wait for my news.” After thinking about it, Dustin Zhou decided to give it a try.

Sister Yang nodded and did not ask much.

After all, Dustin Zhou is someone Su Xiaomeng trusts very much, and they themselves have no way to help Su Xiaomeng.

Right now, the only way is for Dustin Zhou to wake up Su Xiaomeng.

After Sister Yang and the three of them all left the room, Dustin Zhou took a deep breath and walked to Su Xiaomeng again.

Seeing Su Xiaomeng’s sluggish expression, Dustin Zhou felt a pain in his heart and gently hugged her in his arms.

At this time, Dustin Zhou didn’t have any distracting thoughts in his heart, but simply hugged Su Xiaomeng.

Dustin Zhou has always treated Su Xiaomeng as his sister.

Dustin Zhou is the only child. In his more than 20 years of life, apart from his mother, he has never felt the feeling of having other relatives.

He once yearned for a brother and sister, but he was powerless.

The appearance of Su Xiaomeng made Dustin Zhou feel a little bit.

At this moment, sister

When the younger sister became like this, Dustin Zhou naturally felt heartache.

“Mengmeng, ignore the rumors outside. In my heart, you have always been the best girl.” “You are lively and lively. Although you look carefree, you never fake it. If you like it, you like it. If you don’t like it, you don’t like it.” In fact, at first, when I saw you, I didn’t like you a little bit. I thought you were a bad girl. Maybe it was because of your peculiar dressing at that time.” “But later, when I came into contact with you, I discovered that you are actually a kind-hearted girl. Girl, treat people sincerely.” “I know, you must have suffered a lot, but there are so many people with you!” “Not only your sister Yang, your partner, Zhang Tiantian, Zhao Wanrong, but also There is me, and your sister Mira, and even your family.”… Dustin Zhou said slowly, every single word, and said everything about himself and Su Xiaomeng until now.

“Mengmeng, I am here, don’t worry, I will surely let Naxi’s rumors spreaders be punished as they deserve!” “Really?” Dustin Zhou finished speaking, suddenly a weak voice came out.

“Mengmeng?” Dustin Zhou’s heart was shocked!

In the room right now, he and Su Xiaomeng are the only people, so there is no doubt that this voice is from Su Xiaomeng.

Dustin Zhou looked down and saw that Su Xiaomeng’s face was pale and his eyes were a little red and swollen. Looking at himself, it was pitiful.

For an instant, Dustin Zhou’s heart was sour.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to laugh in front of Su Xiaomeng, but feels distressed.

Feeling sorry for such a kind girl, there will be people hurting.

And, more than once!

For the first time, I wanted to assassinate at a concert.

The second time was to use the Internet to spread her rumors!

These two injuries caused irreparable damage to Su Xiaomeng both physically and mentally!

“I believe you, Brother Yang.” Su Xiaomeng saw Dustin Zhou’s atmosphere with a smile on his face.

But this smile looked in Dustin Zhou’s eyes, but it was reluctant.

“Don’t think about it anymore. Leave everything to me. Your task now is to get a good night’s sleep. When you wake up, everything is over!” Dustin Zhou gently patted Su Xiaomeng’s back to comfort stand up.

“Well, I listen to Brother Yang!” Su Xiaomeng did not resist, letting Dustin Zhou pick her up and put her on the bed and change the cup.

Dustin Zhou did not leave immediately, but accompanied Su Xiaomeng to coax her to sleep.

Perhaps the mental stimulus was a little bit severe, Su Xiaomeng was very tired, and after a short time, he fell asleep.

Dustin Zhou waited for a few minutes, making sure that Su Xiaomeng was asleep, and left the room lightly.

“Mr. Zhou, how’s it going?” Sister Yang asked hurriedly when Dustin Zhou left the room.

Dustin Zhou did not expect,

Sister Yang and the three of them have been waiting outside the door.

“Don’t worry, Mengmeng is already asleep, just stay here, don’t rush out, I will solve the reporters outside!” Dustin Zhou finished speaking, and left.

As he walked downstairs, Dustin Zhou called Asher Chen.

“Mr. Chen, contact the people of the association and ask them to quickly deal with the reporters outside the Fengyue Hotel!”

Chapter 136

(1) Dustin Zhou does not yet know how the rumors and news on the Internet were released, and he will not be able to delete all the rumors on the Internet for a while.

But right now, the reporters in front of Fengyue Hotel, Dustin Zhou could let them leave.

The media industry association has just been formed. At this time, it’s time to review it.

Asher Chen moved very quickly. When Dustin Zhou walked downstairs, there were dozens of reporters, but now there are a dozen fewer.

“Hey, what, go back now? With such a big news, you let me go back? Well, listen to you!” “Don’t you know that Su Xiaomeng is in Fengyue Hotel now? Now let me go back!”… … Dustin Zhou heard several people yelling at the phone from a distance.

After all, Su Xiaomeng’s news is everywhere on the Internet, and she happens to be in Donghai now, at Fengyue Hotel, which is a good opportunity for interviews, and journalists are naturally reluctant to give up.

In the past, the reporters will definitely stay in front of the hotel until Su Xiaomeng comes out for an interview.

But now, Dustin Zhou has set up a media industry association, which has sufficient binding force on these reporters.

After several reporters received the call, although they were swearing in their mouths, they didn’t have a little hand movement. They neatly packed their things and prepared to leave.

Soon, dozens of reporters were almost gone, but three reporters remained here.

Dustin Zhou frowned. He clearly saw just now that the three reporters had also received the call and screamed at the phone.

He originally thought that the other party’s company would recall them, but it seemed that these reporters did not want to leave.

In an instant, Dustin Zhou’s expression turned gloomy.

The reason why he established the media industry association is to establish a basic public norm in the media industry in Donghai City.

At the moment, these three reporters have already violated the regulations of the association.

“Why don’t you leave here?” Dustin Zhou didn’t want them to disturb Su Xiaomeng, so he took the initiative to scold him.

If he can persuade these three people to leave, then everyone is in peace, indicating that the association has gained the basic approval of the Donghai media.

But if these three people are ignorant and insist on staying here, then Dustin Zhou will let them know the consequences.


Dustin Zhou came out and questioned himself, the three reporters looked disdainful.

Just now they stood in the crowd of reporters and didn’t see Dustin Zhou being stopped by a security guard. Naturally, they didn’t know that Dustin Zhou was a distinguished guest, at least he couldn’t afford it.

Now Dustin Zhou looked like a nosy person in the eyes of the three of them.

“Boy, who are you? Nosy here? This hotel is yours? We can’t stand here anymore?” One of the middle-aged male reporters snorted.

The other two male reporters also looked at Dustin Zhou with the same disdain, but didn’t take him seriously.

This is also a normal thing. After all, they don’t know Dustin Zhou at all. Coupled with the identity of a self-confident reporter, most people are not regarded by them at all.

“Which reporter are you?” Dustin Zhou didn’t get angry on the spot. He knew that these three reporters weren’t leaving now. Even if their company called to ask them to leave, they would stay on their own terms. There must be something in it. the reason.

However, in the final analysis, these three people’s requirements for professionalism are definitely lower than those of news.

Even if this violates the company’s order, you must get first-hand interview reports. Such people have been blinded by their interests.

“Huh! Kid, what? Want to inquire about our old bottom?” “That’s right, Brother Zhao, a little bit with no hair, dare to take care of our affairs, kid, you’d better be more disciplined and don’t take care of me. Nosy, otherwise, tomorrow you will be famous throughout Donghai City!” A younger reporter said with disdain, and the other two sneered.

In their eyes, such threats seem to be very common and normal.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know how many people they had threatened in this way in the past, and how many benefits they had received.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know what happened in the past, and now it is difficult to investigate thoroughly, but it is not impossible.

“I am not afraid to tell you! I belong to the “Donghai Evening News”, and I am called Zhao Zhengdao, why? Want to report me? If you have the ability to report, you can report successfully, I think you have the ability!” The reporter stared at Dustin Zhou and sneered disdainfully.

This time, Dustin Zhou’s turn was surprised.

“Donghai Evening News”?

It seems to be the company where Chen Zhen works.

Previously, because of reports discrediting Dustin Zhou and the famous company, Chen Zhen brought dozens of people into Avaria, just to apologize to Dustin Zhou. This incident has spread throughout the media circles in the East China Sea. Does this person not know?

Or, Chen Zhen apologized on the surface, but in fact, he was dissatisfied. What conspiracy was brewing?

And this Zhao Zhengdao is just a scapegoat for Chen Zhen to find the way?

Dustin Zhou was thinking, a few cars appeared not far away with makeup

The picture shows the words of the media industry association, which is obvious.

“Mr. Zhou.” “Mr. Zhou.” “Mr. Zhou.” …… The car came to a halt, and a few people got off from above.

Headed by Sun Yue in “The World of Popularity”.

As one of the directors of the association, as soon as he heard Dustin Zhou’s news, he immediately assembled the strength of the association and sent notices to various media companies to cancel interviews and negative reports on Su Xiaomeng.

Sun Yue wanted to think a little bit more. He worried that some reporters would still be blocked at the hotel if they didn’t obey the orders above. So he took the initiative to rush over at the door.

There were three other people who came with him. They seemed to have a little extraordinary momentum, and they were definitely not ordinary reporters.

“These are the editor-in-chief of several media companies.” Sun Yue gave a brief introduction before turning his attention to the three reporters.

Dustin Zhou didn’t expect that Sun Yue would consider so comprehensively, and his heart was also a surprise at the moment.

Choosing Sun Yue to be a council member of the association is definitely a right choice.

Regardless of whether it is Chen Tong or himself, he is always inadequate for some things.

Chen Tong is not very convenient because he is in the system and has many restrictions.

Dustin Zhou was initially in contact with the media industry and was not very familiar with the specific operations of the entire media industry.

“Editor Song, why are you here?” At this moment, Zhao Zhengdao, who was originally arrogant, said with a surprised look. When he saw a person behind Sun Yue, his face was obviously panicked.

“Zhao Zhengdao? Didn’t I ask you to call and tell you to go back? Why are you still here?” “Editor Song, this is your company’s reporter?” Sun Yue’s face instantly sank, and he asked coldly.

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