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Table of Contents

Chapter 137

(2) “Mr. Sun, listen to me…” Song Mingming wanted to explain, but Sun Yue would not give him the opportunity to explain.

“Don’t tell me that this is the first time the association has exercised an order, and I also notified your respective companies to recall reporters very early.” “And now, there is a reporter from your company in front of me.” Sun Yue’s face was overwhelming. Gloomy, irritated in my heart.

As one of the three directors of the association, Sun Yue has always taken the operation of the association as his duty.

But right now, there is a problem with the first order of the association, which is self-evident.

After all, it is the association’s insufficient binding force on these companies and these reporters.

It was his Sun Yue’s lack of prestige!

“Zhao Zhengdao? What’s the matter with you? Why are you still here?” Seeing that Sun Yue didn’t give himself a chance to explain, Song Mingming quickly reacted.

He knew that Sun Yue was angry because his company’s reporters still stayed here after receiving orders from the association.

“Editor Song, I’m doing an interview. When I get the interview, it must be an explosion of news.” “Also, what are you guys?” Zhao Zhengdao said triumphantly, not caring about Sun Yue’s reaction.

He knows Sun Yue, as a media person in the East China Sea and the editor-in-chief of “Fantastic World”, Zhao Zhengdao naturally knows such a person.

But he was not afraid.

After all, Sun Yue is the editor-in-chief of “Fantastic World”, and he can’t control his “Donghai Evening News” reporter.

Besides, he, Zhao Zhengdao, is also a senior reporter at the East China Sea Evening News. As long as he performs well during this period, he can be promoted to the editor-in-chief level.

At that time, Zhao Zhengdao and Song Mingming were at the same level.

“News! News! Didn’t you receive the notice from the company? This time it was an order from the association. Do you want to do it?” Song Mingming was simply blown up by Zhao Zheng.

Is there a problem with this person’s brain? With so many people here, can he not see a clue?

“Association? What association?” Zhao Zhengdao was taken aback for a moment, and asked with confusion on his face.

He was away on a business trip some time ago, and he didn’t know what happened in the media industry in Donghai City, nor did he know that in a short period of time, the media industry in Donghai had almost reshuffled.

“Uh, that, Brother Zhao, I forgot to tell you. You were on a business trip some time ago. All the media companies in the East China Sea established an industry association. Sun is always the director of the association.” At this moment, a young man behind Zhao Zhengdao The reporter whispered with difficulty, and kept peeking at Sun Yue, wanting to see his reaction.

They had also received notice from their respective companies, asking them to leave here immediately.

But the two people who were dazzled by their interests depended on Zhao Zhengdao being here, and the association would not be like them.

But they never expected that the council director Sun Yue would come in person.

In an instant, Zhao Zhengdao was shocked!

If Sun Yue is really a council member of the association, he will greet Dustin Zhou as soon as he comes over, appearing very close.

Does that mean that Dustin Zhou is also a member of the association.

Moreover, the level is at least the same as Sun Yue!

“Editor-in-Chief Song, you also know that I was on a business trip some time ago, and I didn’t know there was an association…” Knowing that he might have caused a catastrophe, Zhao Zhengdao quickly looked at Song Mingming, wanting to explain, and shirk his responsibility.

“Enough, Zhao Zhengdao, these words are no longer useful for you to explain to me now. When you return to the company, you can talk to the editor-in-chief!” Song Mingming categorically interrupted Zhao Zhengdao’s words and snapped.

Zhao Zhengdao’s face darkened, knowing that he had made a big mistake, even if he had not been dismissed, at least his impression in the eyes of the editor-in-chief would be greatly reduced.

However, when he thinks of his relationship with Chen Zhen, he might help

Speaking by himself, the punishment will be smaller, and even a cutscene, Zhao Zhengdao feels much more relaxed.

“Today is the first order of the association. This problem has arisen. I don’t know if it is the media company’s dissatisfaction with the association, violation of the law, or other reasons.” “But there is one thing. Anyone or company who violates the authority of the association will Must be severely punished!” “Editor Song, I think this person is no longer suitable for your company!” However, when Zhao Zhengdao secretly rejoiced, Dustin Zhou’s words directly made him tremble.

“This…yes, President Zhou, I will definitely report to the editor-in-chief after I go back!” Song Mingming wanted to say something and wanted to intercede, but when he met Dustin Zhou’s eyes, he didn’t dare to intercede.

“What power do you have?” “Editor-in-Chief Song, why did he say what?” But Zhao Zhengdao stopped doing it, and yelled at Dustin Zhou angrily.

You must know that he will soon be promoted to editor-in-chief, and his status in the media industry will also rise.

But right now, Dustin Zhou wanted to say a word, so that his future was cut off!

This is unbearable in any eyes!

“Why? It’s because you don’t deserve to be a reporter! Even a reporter doesn’t have the minimum professional ethics. For the so-called news, listening to the wind is rain. Such a person does not deserve to be a media person at all!” Dustin Zhou said coldly.

Zhao Zhengdao thought of himself and stopped Su Xiaomeng at the hotel, which already angered Dustin Zhou.

After he resisted the association’s order, Dustin Zhou had already decided that as the association’s first shot in the East China Sea, he would try this Zhao Zhengdao!

“Well said! Mr. Zhou, don’t worry. When our association was formed, it was to eliminate industry pests. Right now, the association is taking advantage of this opportunity to express our attitude to all the media and show our determination!” Sun Yue applauded and said with a smile .

The other editors are also consistent.

“There are also these two people, check which company they belong to, and send a warning letter to their company!” Of course, Dustin Zhou will not just deal with Zhao Zhengdao. The two reporters who stay here will also be punished!

… Soon, all media companies in Donghai City were notified.

Zhao Zhengdao of the “Donghai Evening News”, Yang Yong of the “East Sea Bagua”, and Wu Fei of the “Hourly News” were directly dismissed by their respective companies for violating the regulations of the association and the professional ethics of journalists.

Moreover, the industry association issued a notice to media companies throughout Donghai City that no media company may employ these three people.

In other words, the association unilaterally blocked these three people!

If they want to find another job, they can only change to another industry!

As soon as the notice was issued, the entire Donghai media industry was shocked!

Industry Association

The association was formed in just a few days, and no one thought that the association’s actions would come so quickly.

Everyone is still watching, waiting for the first move of the association.

But I didn’t expect that the association’s first shot would be so cruel!

Three people were directly blocked!

For a time, everyone in the media was in danger.

And those media companies are stepping up the restraint and training of their employees!

“Damn it! That Dustin Zhou was too rampant!” But at this moment, in the office of the editor-in-chief of the “Donghai Evening News”, several people were sitting together,

Looking sad.

Chen Haonan punched the table with a fist, and roared with resentment!

Chapter 138

At this moment, the entire office was filled with smoke.

Everyone else in the “Donghai Evening News” has gone home from get off work, but Chen Zhen’s office is full of seven or eight people.

All of them are Chen Zhen’s confidants, and there are even two of them from other companies!

If Dustin Zhou were here, he would definitely recognize it.

In addition to Chen Zhen, there are Chen Haonan, Zhao Zhengdao, and the other two people who were blocked, Yang Yong and Wu Fei!

“Uncle, can we only be limited to him Dustin Zhou?” “I have already found out. He Dustin Zhou is just a shareholder of Mingyang Company, and Mingyang Company is just a cosmetics seller. Now he wants to Reach out into the media industry, is this bullying us no one?” Chen Haonan whispered.

And his words were also supported by others in the office.

“Yes, Mr. Chen, you see, we have already had a gap with him because of the smearing of him before. Even in the establishment of this association, our “Donghai Evening News” does not have any position at all. This is obviously rejection. We!” “That is, since his surname Zhou is so repulsive to us, why do we have to go with it?” “Also, what he did today is too arrogant and arrogant! Right way, they are just going to interview, regardless of the surname Zhou. In spite of this, they are going to be blocked directly. Do we still need to get his Dustin Zhou’s consent for future interviews?” … Several people were filled with indignation and kept expressing their attitudes.

“Mr. Chen, you have to call the shots for me. Now the news about Su Xiaomeng is everywhere on the Internet, but it’s not just our Donghai. He Dustin Zhou caught me and held on, obviously targeting our company!” Zhao Zhengdao Said with aggrieved expression.

Being banned by the Association, he hasn’t been relieved yet, and his heart is full of hatred for Dustin Zhou!

If he had a choice, he even chose to die with Dustin Zhou!

“Uncle, everyone is here now. Whether we will be controlled by others everywhere in the future or do whatever we want, it’s all within your thoughts!” Chen Haonan saw Chen Zhen’s complexion loosen and immediately persuaded him.

As a leader, Chen Zhen also has a lot of power in this industry.

As long as they can persuade Chen Zhen to make up his mind and resist the Association, they will be able to use their power to re-pull a new camp.

“This thing is hard to handle! Now the entire Donghai media companies are biased towards them. If we object, it is likely to become the target of public criticism.” Chen Zhen looked hesitant, and he was also very angry about what happened today.

Zhao Zhengdao is his old classmate, under his operation

, The next time his title is rated, he will be able to be promoted to editor-in-chief.

In that way, Chen Zhen’s right to speak in the “Donghai Evening News” will be even greater!

However, Dustin Zhou happened to attack Zhao Zhengdao at this time!

Moreover, one shot is to block!

Now, unless a showdown with Dustin Zhou, Chen Zhen can’t do anything at all!

“Uncle, don’t think about it anymore. As long as you nod your head, we can do the rest. I just know the Sun family. As long as I ask him for help, I will be able to treat the surname Zhou well!” Chen Haonan said confidently.

“The Sun family?” This time, Chen Zhen finally loosened, and there was a glimmer of light in the eyes of Chen Haonan.

“Yes, because of interviews, I met Sun Tian from the Sun family. He is the young master of the Sun family and the first in line. As long as he is willing to help, it is not easy to clean up Dustin Zhou!” … Chen Zhen is there. Discussing how to deal with Dustin Zhou, and Dustin Zhou is using the power of the association to trace the behind-the-scenes rumors on the Internet!

If it weren’t for someone behind the scenes to promote the development of this matter, it would be impossible for so many rumors about Su Xiaomeng to appear suddenly on the Internet.

Dustin Zhou felt a pain at the thought of Su Xiaomeng’s sadness and near collapse.

“Dustin Zhou, this matter is not easy to investigate. The people who spread rumors on the Internet are all studio-type companies in Donghai. They are small in size and flexible in action, and they are not restricted by the association at all.” Not to mention, there are many media companies outside the East China Sea, and we can’t control others.” Sun Yue took some materials that the association had just found out and handed it to Dustin Zhou.

Sun Yue never doubted Dustin Zhou’s determination.

He didn’t even know how good the relationship between Dustin Zhou and Su Xiaomeng was.

Sun Yue simply thought that Dustin Zhou wanted to use this to deter the entire media companies in Donghai City!

Dustin Zhou knew in his heart that what Sun Yue said was right, but he was still full of anger.

Looking at the materials in hand, there is no substantive evidence at all.

Let alone those publishers in the East China Sea, most of them are individuals or even studios. The binding force of the association is very weak.

For companies outside the East China Sea, the association is even more powerless.

“Huh? This is!” However, Dustin Zhou’s sharp eyes still found a hint.

Among those companies outside the East China Sea, several have close ties with a media company in the East China Sea.

“East China Sea Wind”.

This is the Donghai company, and the company’s behind-the-scenes controller is Donghai Sun’s family!

Sun family!

As soon as he saw the information of the Sun family, Dustin Zhou instantly thought of the Sun Cheng who appeared in the previous concert.

It seems that he is from the Sun family!

Moreover, after the assassination,

Dustin Zhou also went to the police station to find out about the situation. Zhang Shufa’s sudden assassination was probably caused by someone else’s instruction.

And that person who instigated Sun Cheng was very suspicious!

In an instant, Dustin Zhou’s thinking diverged, integrating a series of clues, and a very clear clue appeared in front of him.

From the assassination to the rumors this time, all came from Sun Cheng!

With Sun Cheng’s strength, there is naturally no obstacle to using the media company under the Sun family!

“Mr. Sun, I need to know the connection between “East Sea Wind” and the companies outside the East China Sea, and whether they have any recent contacts!” After locking this clue, Dustin Zhou immediately asked Sun Yue to investigate!

He believes that with the strength of the entire association, as long as the investigation is conducted, a clue will be found.

For Dustin Zhou, this clue is enough!

After arranging for Sun Yue to investigate, Dustin Zhou thought for a while and made a phone call.

“Is it Su Wei? This is Dustin Zhou.” Dustin Zhou called Su Wei this time. The kid wanted to worship Niu Chuan as his teacher, and even directly recognized himself as a boss.

And Su Wei is a member of the Su family, although it is not comparable to the size and power of the Sun family, but it is not much different.

Since the Sun family is very suspicious now, it is better to let the Su family contain the Sun family and buy time for him and the association.

“Big guy! Big guy, you actually called me, did the master look for me?” When he heard Dustin Zhou’s words, Su Wei was immediately excited and shouted excitedly at the phone.

Chapter 139

During this time, Su Wei has always wanted Niu Chuan’s advice!

But Niu Chuan had life and needed to protect Dustin Zhou’s safety, so naturally he didn’t have time to pay attention to Su Wei.

Su Wei was digging his mind and wanted to worship Niu Chuan as his teacher, and there has been no direct and effective way.

He didn’t expect to be able to receive a call from Dustin Zhou today!

You know, Niu Chuan was polite to Dustin Zhou. Su Wei once thought that Dustin Zhou was such a noble person, at least the family behind him was a behemoth!

But then the Su family conducted a survey of Dustin Zhou and found that Dustin Zhou was just a shareholder of the famous company with a net worth of only tens of millions.

With such a background, there is nothing noble at all!

However, the Su family did not despise Dustin Zhou.

Because they found that Dustin Zhou’s entire life trajectory was very clear, and it might be easy to find out in the first two decades of his life.

Whether it is his life, his family relationship, or even his family.

However, just a while ago, Dustin Zhou seemed to have suddenly changed a person, not only changed his personality, but even suddenly had tens of millions of fortune!

Such a bizarre thing naturally attracted the attention of the Su family!

“Boss! Why did you call me?

What order?

“Su Wei said with a look of excitement, he has always wanted to worship Niu Chuan as a teacher, but there is no way. Now Dustin Zhou calls, Su Wei knows that his opportunity is coming. As long as Dustin Zhou’s task or request is completed, Dustin Zhou is satisfied. So when Su Wei mentioned apprenticeship, Dustin Zhou must agree. As long as Dustin Zhou speaks, Niu Chuan will agree! This is what Su Wei thought of in his mind, and the next second, Dustin Zhou’s words made Su Wei more convinced My own thoughts! “Su Wei, I want to ask you a favor!

“Dustin Zhou’s voice is very light, without emotion. But listening to Su Weier

In the middle, but like the sound of nature!

Sure enough!

The boss really came to me for help!

Haha, here comes my chance!

“No problem, boss, what do you have to say, just say it!” Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Su Wei calmed down his emotions and quickly responded.

“Do you know “East Sea Wind”? Dustin Zhou said lightly.

He didn’t have to use the Su family’s relationship to investigate the Sun family’s company.

In fact, Asher Chen can also investigate.

But right now, few people in Donghai City knew about his relationship with Asher Chen.

Dustin Zhou also didn’t want others to know his relationship with Asher Chen.

In addition, the Su family and the Sun family have always been hostile.

The person who knows you best is not necessarily your friends and family, but the enemy.

So the Su family must have a clear understanding of the Sun family!

“”East Sea Wind”? I know! Isn’t that the company of the Sun family? Why, did they offend you, boss, don’t worry, I will vent your anger!” Su Wei thought it was from the Sun family After offending Dustin Zhou, he was furious, and yelled at the phone to vent his anger to Dustin Zhou.

Dare to offend the boss, undoubtedly beating him Su Wei’s face.

And if he hit Su Wei in the face, he hit the Su Family in the face.

This is unbearable anyway!

“That’s not the case. I just want to ask you to investigate some information about “East Sea Wind” and the company’s recent external contacts!” “I think, with the ability of the Su family, this should not be difficult. Dustin Zhou said softly.

Indeed, for the Su family, such an investigation could be done lightly.

“Okay! Brother, don’t worry! I will complete the task!” Su Wei promised.

After Dustin Zhou finished speaking some details, he hung up the phone.

Now, almost everything is ready, and only the results of the Su family’s investigation are left.

However, Dustin Zhou also learned from the association that “East Sea Wind” did not join the association.

Therefore, the association basically cannot control its head, no matter what news it releases, the association has no right to dispose of it!

And the Su family didn’t ask Dustin Zhou to wait. It only took half a day to investigate all the information he needed.

“Big brother, we have already investigated the information about “East Sea Wind”!” “It’s just…” Su Wei was hesitant to speak, and Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but frown.

“What’s wrong?” Dustin Zhou asked in a deep voice.

Given the current relationship between the Su family and the Sun family, the investigation should not be difficult, and it shouldn’t cost much.

“Big brother, my father wants to invite you and Master to come to eat at home, I don’t know if you are willing to come!” Su Wei hesitated for a long time before he said hesitantly. After speaking, he immediately held his breath and waited for Dustin Zhou.


Dustin Zhou was really taken aback!

He did not expect that Su Wei’s father would invite himself and Niu Chuan to dinner.

Su Wei is the young master of the Su family, so his father is the head of the Su family.

On the face of it, the Su Family Patriarch did not know how noble was compared to Dustin Zhou, and the two were not on the same level at all.

But in fact, Dustin Zhou’s identity is not worse than that of Su Family Patriarch, even to the point where you can overlook it.

But right now, Dustin Zhou’s identity is still in a secret stage, and he does not intend to reveal his identity.

“Okay, Niu Chuan and I will definitely go!” Dustin Zhou directly agreed.

He wanted to see what the Su Family Patriarch invited him for.

“Okay, boss, this weekend, I will come to pick you up and Master at that time!” Su Wei said happily. It was obvious that Dustin Zhou agreed, which made him very excited.

Dustin Zhou told Niu Chuan about the matter, but Niu Chuan did not refuse, but directly agreed.

After all, if Dustin Zhou wants to go, he can only follow along.

Time soon arrived at the weekend, and Su Wei arrived as scheduled and went directly to Mingyang to pick up Dustin Zhou.

“Boss, Master, I’m here!” Su Wei dressed up specially today, dressed in very serious casual clothes, and his hair was meticulously combed.

“Well, let’s go directly!” Dustin Zhou didn’t ask anything on the spot. In his opinion, since Patriarch Su invited him to dinner, he would definitely say something during dinner, and at that time, it was the time for both parties to test each other. .

As a well-known big family in Donghai City, the Su family has a manor covering nearly two acres in the west of the city.

You know, in Donghai City, where the land is rich in land, two mu of land is already an extremely exaggerated figure.

The value of land alone is not less than 100 million.

Su Wei drove his Maybach sports car, drove Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan all the way, and soon came to the Su Family Manor.

Dustin Zhou looked at the Su Family Manor in front of him, and his heart was shocked.

Covering an area of ​​two acres is not very intuitive, but the tall marble door wall in front of you is very prominent and looks very magnificent!

“Sujia Manor”.

Four gilt characters are engraved on the top of the door wall, which is very atmospheric.

Under Su Wei’s guidance, Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan stepped directly into the manor, and a long path directly into the manor.

“Tsk tusk, isn’t this my good cousin? How come you bring guests to the house without notifying me?”

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