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Chapter 140

Is your face valuable?

Dustin Zhou and the three of them were walking down the path, and as they were about to reach the end, a cold voice suddenly sounded.

Hearing this voice, Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan didn’t feel much, but Su Wei’s expression changed and he quickly looked to the front of the trail.

A young man approached slowly, wearing a suit and gold-rimmed glasses, just like a successful person.

It’s just that he looked at Su Wei’s expression, very playful, even disdainful!

“Su Che! Why are you here?” Su Wei’s face was hard to look, and he asked in a cold voice, while faintly shielding Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan behind him.

“Hehe, this is also my home, why can’t I be here?” “It’s your cousin, you brought the guests in, but didn’t tell me. If you neglect the guests, wouldn’t you lose the face of the Su family? Su Che slowly approached with a smile on his face.

Dustin Zhou looked at Su Che who came over with some confusion, and then at Su Wei, a little confused.

According to the dialogue between them, both of them should be the children of the Su family.

And Su Che is the cousin, Su Wei is the cousin.

So it means that Su Che’s mother is also a member of the Su family.

But why should he be here at this time, suddenly appearing, blocking their way?

“Su Che, this is the guest I invited. It has nothing to do with you, and they don’t want to know you, so don’t ask yourself boring!” Su Wei said coldly, turning his head to explain in a low voice to Dustin Zhou.

At this time, Dustin Zhou came to understand.

Su Che and Su Wei are indeed cousins, brothers and sisters of their parents.

Originally, a big family like this must have very strict control over blood relationship.

Although Su Che’s mother was married, she was also from the Su family.

It’s just that Su Che’s mother coveted the Su family’s property, tried to get involved in the Su family’s property, and also united with outsiders to persecute!

In this way, under the attack of both sides, the Su family had been struggling to support it for a long time.

Su Wei also admitted that his father invited Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan to dinner in order to win over Dustin Zhou.

After all, Dustin Zhou’s previous series of actions naturally couldn’t hide the eyes and ears of the Su family.

Hearing this, Dustin Zhou was silent.

He wasn’t very disgusted with Su’s practice.

After all, only a certain degree of identity can be used.

The Su family wanted to win him over, so it must have recognized his value.

What Dustin Zhou wanted to know more was what kind of power Su Che’s mother had united, which could make the Su family unbearable.

After all, for a big family like the Su family, there is no such family in Donghai City as sure of victory!

Dustin Zhou’s silence made Su Wei’s heart tense, fearing that he would get angry and left directly.

“Boss, I am definitely not trying to lie to you, it is

The situation is a bit complicated, and this time, my father invited you to come, indeed for what you asked me to investigate before!

Su Wei quickly explained. He didn’t want Dustin Zhou to misunderstand and left. In that case, the situation would be very unfavorable for him, his father, and the entire Su family! “Don’t worry, I never thought about leaving.

Dustin Zhou smiled faintly and soothed Su Wei. “These two friends, in Xia Su Che, want to make friends with the two. Since cousin Su Wei invited you over, then you are welcome and treat this as your own home.

Su Che looked at Su Wei coldly, then his complexion changed and became very gentle, and he looked at Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan. If it was an ordinary person, Su Che would not be able to resist it at all, and he might be directly said by Su Che. But Dustin Zhou is different. Not to mention, he doesn’t need Su Che to treat him as a friend. His true identity is much higher than Su Che’s unknown. Naturally, he dismisses Su Che’s so-called politeness. This time, he was not just as simple as coming for dinner. The online rumors against Su Xiaomeng, as well as some information about the Sun’s “East Sea Wind”, need to be learned from the Su family. Dustin Zhou ignored Su Zhe. Instead, he went straight past him and walked inside. As long as you pass the end of the path, you can really come into the Su Family Manor. “Friend, I talked to you so kindly, but you didn’t react at all. Don’t you save face?

“It’s just that Dustin Zhou just passed Su Che, he turned around and blocked Dustin Zhou’s path, and said with a gloomy expression. As a relative of the Su family, although his mother was married, he still had a lot of influence in the Su family. Until now, no one dared to treat him like this. Not only did he ignore him, but he was indifferent even to his kind words! This made Su Che feel a deep humiliation! “Face?

Is your face valuable?

Dustin Zhou stopped, looked at Su Che, and said word by word, his face was not waved, and there was no emotional change. Don’t say that Su Che and the Su Patriarch were in a state of being at odds with each other, just relying on his superiority. Dustin Zhou’s posture made Dustin Zhou feel uncomfortable. Don’t talk about being friends with him, even if you say a word, you feel uncomfortable. “You!

Su Che was taken aback by Dustin Zhou’s words, and his expression instantly turned cold! “Boy, don’t be ignorant of praise!”

Do you think that if Su Wei is there, you can be safe in Su’s house?

I tell you, people must recognize their position!

Su Zhe threatened in a cold voice. Dustin Zhou’s disdain completely angered him. He originally thought that He Yan Yuese would be close to Dustin Zhou, to find out his identity and the reason for coming to Su’s house this time. But he didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to be like this.

Not on the road, not only ignores his kindness, but even ridiculed him so much!

This made Su Che, who was used to being aloof, couldn’t stand it at all!

“Su Che! What do you want to do! They are the guests my father invited. If you continue to mess around here, I will tell my father! Then, I will see how you explain it to everyone!” Su Wei pointed to Su Che’s nose snapped.

Although Su Wei looked angry, Dustin Zhou still keenly sensed something wrong.

That is, Su Wei’s confidence is a little lacking.

His father, the Su Family Patriarch may make Su Che jealous and dare not act rashly, but if he speaks so bluntly, he is likely to suffer Su Che’s back pressure!

“Huh! Su Wei, don’t think that you can just find two people and you will be safe, this Su family, you have to let it out sooner or later!” Su Che seemed to be very jealous of the Su Family Patriarch, and said coldly. Then just walk away!

Seeing Su Che leaving, Su Wei was obviously relieved, and then glanced at Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan with a grimace.

“Sorry, boss, Master, I didn’t tell you clearly in advance.” Su Wei’s face was full of guilt, and he lowered his head, afraid to look at Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t think there was anything, on the contrary, he found it more interesting.

It is usually difficult to see such internal struggles among large families.

The TV shows are a bit too hypothetical and not very real.

Dustin Zhou knew that once he returned to the Zhou family, he would definitely encounter a lot of resistance, and there were even some people who prevented him from recognizing his ancestors.

And if you want to smoothly solve those who are in the way, Dustin Zhou must be alert in advance.

This time, the change of the Su family is likely to be a learning opportunity for Dustin Zhou!

Chapter 141

“It’s not to blame you, besides, I really want to know why your father invited me to come, is it just for the things of the Sun family?” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly, not angry.

He probably understands Su Wei’s father’s intentions.

Moreover, this time, Dustin Zhou asked Su Wei to investigate some information about the Sun family and “East Sea Wind”, and it was indeed owed to the Su family.

“That’s good, boss, Master, my father is already waiting inside, let’s go in together.” Su Wei breathed a sigh of relief, and his face looked pretty good.

He was really worried that Dustin Zhou was angry and left directly.

Dustin Zhou nodded, and walked into the manor with Su Wei.

In order to invite Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan, the Su family took a lot of thought this time.

As the head of the Su family, Su Shiming is also very interested in Dustin Zhou.

He didn’t care about the name Dustin Zhou for the first time from Su Wei.

But then Su Wei often chanted the names of Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan

, And also called them big brother and master.

In this way, Su Shiming turned his attention slightly and arranged for someone to investigate the identities of Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan.

And this investigation immediately surprised Su Shiming!

Niu Chuan was nothing, he was just a security guard before following Dustin Zhou.

However, there is a gap in his resume before serving as a security guard.

Su Shiming guessed that during this period, Niu Chuan might be training in a special force.

But Dustin Zhou is different!

The career of the first two decades has been lacklustre, there is no special place at all, the ordinary can no longer be ordinary.

But just a few months ago, he seemed to have undergone earth-shaking changes!

Moreover, he is still a shareholder of the famous company and the person in charge of the whitening factor project!

For the famous company and the whitening factor mask, Su Shiming will naturally not know.

In just half a month, a gust of wind was set off in Donghai City.

Its whitening factor facial masks are extremely popular. According to third-party statistics, the sales of whitening factor facial masks have reached nearly 5 billion in just half a month!

Not to mention the cost, it will at least make a net profit of billions!

You know, their Su family is already a big family in the East China Sea, but their annual income is only billions!

The income of Mingyang in just half a month is worth the income of Su’s one year!

Needless to say, the development prospects of Su Shiming can be seen.

Moreover, he also heard that someone has taken a fancy to the famous company and wants to pick peaches!

But that is not something he needs to pay attention to.

Right now, the interior of the Su family is very unstable. His sister, Su Shiqin, is uniting with outsiders and wants to enter the Su family.

And this time, when Dustin Zhou was invited over, Su Shiming’s plan was very clear.

That is a gamble, the forces behind Dustin Zhou!

People who can unknowingly do such a big business are definitely not ordinary people!

In addition, in recent days, Dustin Zhou has united people from the Donghai media industry to form an industry association.

This made Su Shiming even more afraid to despise Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou followed Su Wei through a long corridor and entered the interior of the Su Family Manor.

Suddenly, the eyes suddenly open up!

At this moment, what appeared in front of Dustin Zhou was not just an intricate courtyard, but the decoration layout was full of family style!

Dustin Zhou unconsciously compared the scene before him with the interior decorations of those big families that he had seen on TV in the past.

It turns out that those on TV are all deceptive!

It’s just the personal imagination of those directors!

I don’t know how much difference it is with the actual big family!

Along the way, I also met many people.

And these people are respectful to Su Wei.

Dustin Zhou knew that they belonged to the Su family

Lay down.

Although it is now a modern society, there is no such thing as the old maidservants.

But servants like this kind of steward have always existed.

Soon, Dustin Zhou met Su Shiming.

This is a middle-aged man with a majestic complexion and a square figure, with a pair of sword eyebrows in front of him, and the whole person feels full of vigor!

Dustin Zhou was secretly surprised.

Before coming, he guessed what Su Shiming looked like, but he didn’t expect to be so majestic.

“Uncle Su, hello, I’m Dustin Zhou!” Although Su Wei is called Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou knows that he is not much different from Su Wei in age, and naturally he cannot be arrogant in the face of Su Shiming.

Moreover, Su Shiming is old enough to be Dustin Zhou’s uncle.

“Are you Dustin Zhou?” Su Shiming looked at Dustin Zhou and nodded gently.

Su Jiagui is a first-class family in Donghai City, so he doesn’t say his style, but his name alone makes countless people feel in awe.

But Dustin Zhou was neither humble nor overbearing, and took it calmly.

This is enough to show that he is an extremely stable person.

Such people cannot be cultivated by ordinary families.

It is precisely because of this that Su Shiming believes that Dustin Zhou comes from a big family.

Just looking at the big family in Donghai City, but without Zhou’s surname, this made Su Shiming guess Dustin Zhou’s true identity.

“Dad, don’t you guys be so serious, OK? I finally invited the boss and the master over, can you just be a little bit more!” Seeing that the two people seemed to be looking at each other, Su Wei suddenly became a little impatient.

He was afraid that Dustin Zhou would be angry and left directly. In that case, his wish to worship Niu Chuan as a teacher would be frustrated.

“Look at you in a hurry.” Su Shiming chuckled lightly, then called Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan to sit down.

He also didn’t know who he was, and directly told some information about investigating the Sun family and “East Sea Wind”.

At the same time, Su Shiming also stated his purpose for inviting Dustin Zhou over, without any cover.

After speaking, Su Shiming drank tea in silence, waiting for Dustin Zhou to make his own decision.

At this time, Dustin Zhou was secretly thinking in his heart that his previous guess was indeed correct.

There are indeed problems within the Su family, and the root of the problem is that the Su family has benefited less and less in recent years. Compared with other large families, it has fallen far behind.

This is actually related to Su Shiming’s choice.

As long as illegal business, even if it is currently in a gray area, the Su family is not allowed to contact.

This caused the Su family to lose opportunities in many businesses compared to other families.

The declining benefits of the family also caused dissatisfaction among many people in the Su family.

And Su Che’s mother, Su Shiqin was the one who led the opposition.

“Brother, you invited a guest, why

Don’t tell me, I’m ready to prepare wine and food, otherwise people say that our Su family has no rules and can’t even entertain guests!

At this moment, a quiet female voice sounded outside the door. Dustin Zhou noticed that Su Shiming’s face suddenly pulled down. When he turned his head and looked, he also saw a middle-aged beautiful woman Shi Shiran stepping into the room. Appeared in front of him.

Chapter 142

Threat! Su Shiqin entered the room, and his eyes fell on Dustin Zhou for the first time. He learned from his son Su Che that Su Wei had brought two friends over. Reminiscent of recent times For some disputes within the Su family, Su Shiqin felt that things were not that simple. These two people must be the helpers that Su Shiming had found! Believing such an idea in his heart, Su Shiqin dared not delay for a moment, and rushed to Su Shiming’s residence. Dustin Zhou and Su Shiming obviously have not reached any agreement yet, and Su Shiqin can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Right now, the internal disputes in the Su family are at a critical juncture. At this time, whoever gets the first opportunity will take the initiative and win. Very wide! However, this worry only lasted for a short time. Su Shiqin looked up and down Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan, and suddenly showed disdain. The clothes worn by Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan are very ordinary, perhaps in the eyes of ordinary people, It’s pretty good in the past, it’s a famous brand. But in the eyes of Su Shiqin, such a so-called famous brand is nothing but a bad street goods. And the children of a big family like them wear all international famous brands, and they are all limited editions. People who can’t afford to wear it, what background and ability can they have? At this moment, Su Shiqin has determined that the two people in front of him have no possibility of interfering in Su family affairs! If they have to put garlic in their noses, Pretending to be an elephant, then Su Shiqin didn’t hesitate to teach them what is self-knowledge! “Brother, why didn’t you notify me when a guest came?

“But at the moment, Su Shiqin still decided to pretend not to know, and let Su Shiming take a good look. When the time comes, if these two people dare to come forward, she will definitely expose them in public. Not only must she ridicule them, but also let Su Shiming know her. Great! “This is the guest I invited. What is your business?

Su Shiming’s face was calm, and he said coldly. Right now, he and his own sister have reached the point where water and fire are incompatible. If it weren’t for the big differences within the Su family, neither of them would be able to achieve a complete victory. Now, where can I do some face-saving projects here. “Hehe, my good brother, what you said is wrong, isn’t the guest you invited is the guest of the Su family?

“Su Shiqin pretended not to listen

Knowing what Su Shiming meant, Shi Shiran walked in and walked in front of Dustin Zhou. After standing still, he smiled and looked at Dustin Zhou.

“This little brother looked at the face and didn’t know where he was from and what business he was in.” Su Shiqin chuckled.

She only thought that Dustin Zhou was a business person, perhaps because there was some relationship in the family, and she had a relationship with Su Shiming.

As long as Dustin Zhou’s background is discovered, Su Shiqin consciously has countless ways to make Dustin Zhou retreat.

“Who am I and what business does it have anything to do with you? Also, who are you? I don’t know you!” Dustin Zhou picked up the tea cup, took a sip, and said lightly.

Through the conversation just now, Dustin Zhou had actually guessed the identity of this woman.

But he still has some doubts about the Su Family, whether it is worthwhile to participate in it.

So he didn’t want to bother with either party.

“You!” “Good boy, there is such a thing, no one has dared to talk to me like this for a long time.” Su Shiqin’s eyes widened, and he stared at Dustin Zhou badly.

“Boy, I don’t care who you are, but this is the Su family. As long as you dare to intervene in the Su family’s affairs, I will definitely make you unable to eat!” Su Shiqin threatened coldly.

In her eyes, the Su family ranked at least in the top five of the big family in Donghai City.

Among those families that the Su family cannot easily offend, Su Shiqin thinks she has never seen Dustin Zhou, so she doesn’t worry that Dustin Zhou’s family will retaliate.

“Mom, what are you talking about with this kid!” At this moment, a soft voice suddenly sounded.

Su Che walked in with a proud face and stood in front of Dustin Zhou.

“I have already investigated. This person is called Dustin Zhou, but he is a shareholder of a small company. For such a small company, we clap our hands casually, and we don’t know how much we can kill!” “Moreover, this kid is still a son-in-law. !” Su Che smiled and looked at Dustin Zhou with a sarcasm on his face.

“A son-in-law who has joined other people’s family, dare to be rampant in our Su family? I simply don’t know how to write dead words!” Su Shi’s words made Su Shiqin’s expression happy, and the eyes of Dustin Zhou suddenly became even more disdainful.

But Su Shiming’s face changed slightly.

Dustin Zhou was the son-in-law’s matter, so he naturally investigated it.

But he only suspected Dustin Zhou’s sudden changes at the time, and didn’t think much about his son-in-law’s identity.

Now that Su Che mentioned it, Su Shiming suddenly felt that the situation was not good.

If Dustin Zhou is a child of a big family, it is absolutely impossible to join another family.

Being able to become a son-in-law shows that Dustin Zhou’s identity is actually quite ordinary!

Dustin Zhou with such an identity could hardly give Su Shiming any help.

In an instant, Su Shiming’s heart fell to the bottom!

Could it be that this time, he really is going to lose to his sister’s hands?

Did the family give up?

“You nonsense!” “The boss and the master are not as unbearable as you said, you don’t understand it at all!” At this time, Su Wei flushed and argued.

In his mind, Niu Chuan is a martial artist, with a kung fu, one punch to retreat to Sun Tian, ​​but also to hurt the two existences of the Sun family.

And even Niu Chuan must treat Dustin Zhou respectfully, how could Dustin Zhou be a son-in-law!

“Hehe, my good cousin, you are too kind, you have been cheated, and you still have to count the money for others.” “Don’t you believe it? Well, I will prove it to you.” “I have sent someone there. Take this kid’s wife over, and then everything will come to light!” Su Che sneered, as if he was holding the winning ticket.

After Dustin Zhou heard this sentence, he was shocked and looked at Su Che with a look of anger.

He actually sent someone to find Mira Xie?

Dustin Zhou couldn’t sit still at the thought of Mira Xie’s panic when he was forcibly taken away, and it was all because of himself.

“A**hole!” “Bang!” Dustin Zhou stood up abruptly and slammed Su Che with a punch, directly hitting his face.

What happened this time was so sudden that no one could react. Even Niu Chuan reacted at the moment Dustin Zhou shook his fist, and immediately stood up and guarded!

As for this punch, Dustin Zhou exhausted all his strength, and its natural lethality was also full.

Su Che’s face was suddenly covered with blood, his eyes quickly swelled up, and his nose was bleeding.

“Ah!” “You dare to beat me!” “I’m going to kill you!” Su Che screamed again and again, covering his face and backing away.

And Su Shiqin also looked angry. Seeing that his son was beaten so badly by Dustin Zhou, he immediately ignored him, waving his hands hysterically and rushing over, wanting to avenge Su Che!

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