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Chapter 143

Su Shiqin only saw that his son was beaten by Dustin Zhou and he was bleeding. She was very angry. She couldn’t help but wanted to fight back without thinking.

But she never thought that Dustin Zhou would not be soft-hearted at all.

Although Dustin Zhou doesn’t know much effort, his physical fitness is much better than ordinary people.

Faced with Su Shiqin, Dustin Zhou could naturally solve it easily.

“Slap!” A loud slap!

Dustin Zhou slapped Su Shiqin’s face, staring at her coldly.

If Su Shiqin had no idea what was good or bad at this time, and had to step forward, Dustin Zhou wouldn’t just slap it.

Su Shiqin was thrown back several steps by Dustin Zhou, covering his face, looking at Dustin Zhou with an incredible expression.

She is a direct child of the Su family. She has always had no worries about food and clothing and is respected.

No one has ever dared to be rough in front of her, let alone straight

Take a slap on her.

But just now, Dustin Zhou slapped him, Su Shiqin didn’t expect it at all, but even if she did, she couldn’t react.

“You bastard, dare to hit me? I want you to die!” Su Shiqin’s face instantly became savage, barring his teeth and claws, wanting to continue rushing to teach Dustin Zhou.

However, this time, without Dustin Zhou’s hands, Niu Chuan had already moved ahead.

When Niu Chuan strode open and closed, he didn’t care whether Su Shiqin was a woman or a daughter of the Su family, so he kicked it out.

So, in the shocked eyes of Su Shiming and Su Wei, Su Shiqin flew out like a ball, directly hit the door before stopping, and collapsed to the ground.

“It won’t break, right?” Dustin Zhou raised his brow and asked softly.

Although he didn’t like Su Shiqin and hated the mother and son, he didn’t want Niu Chuan to really beat people.

If life was lost, Dustin Zhou would have nothing to do.

“Brother Yang, don’t worry, I have a sense of measure. This kick will only let her lie in bed for a few months, nothing will happen!” Niu Chuan smiled lightly, very confident.

Hearing Niu Chuan say this, Dustin Zhou was relieved.

“Su Shiming, you have the ability to let them hit me. I will definitely not let you go!” Su Shiqin collapsed on the ground with a painful expression on his face.

But she struggled to look at Su Shiming, furious.

And this time, it even affected her internal injuries, and the whole person suddenly fainted and passed out.

Dustin Zhou’s eyes were calm, he ignored Su Shiqin, and he didn’t care about Su Shiming’s expression at the moment, instead he cast his eyes on Su Che.

“What are you going to do? I warn you, if you dare to mess around, I will definitely not let you go!” “Your wife is still in my hands, I want your wife to be fine, you now kneel and kowtow to me to admit your mistakes Su Zhe saw Dustin Zhou’s gaze, and he was frightened. He backed away again and again without forgetting to threaten Dustin Zhou.

Originally, Dustin Zhou didn’t take Su Cheqian’s words in his heart. He just wanted to know where Su Che took Mira Xie.

As long as he handed over Mira Xie, Dustin Zhou might not have the same knowledge as him.

But as soon as Su Che said his second sentence, Dustin Zhou’s face instantly became gloomy, his whole body was like a piece of ice for thousands of years, and his whole body exuded endless chill!

“What are you going to do? Don’t mess around!” Su Che felt the chill on Dustin Zhou’s body.

He does not understand!

Mira Xie is clearly in his hands, why Dustin Zhou is not willing to give in to himself.

Does he really care about Mira Xie?

Right, right!

For a moment, Su Che seemed to figure it out.

Dustin Zhou is just a son-in-law, and in the past three years in Zuixie’s family, he

Life is not satisfactory.

Not only was the whole Xie family dissatisfied with him, but also all kinds of ridicules, even Mira Xie was lukewarm towards Dustin Zhou, like a stranger he knew.

It must be Dustin Zhou who held a grudge against Mira Xie, and even hoped to solve Mira Xie with Su Che’s hand.

After guessing this in his mind, Su Che consciously felt that his whole person was not well, and his heart trembled.

Right now, he only has Mira Xie’s trump card.

In addition, he has no chance to ask for help.

After all, this is Su Shiming’s room. Apart from Su Shiming and his son, there are only Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan.

“Su Shiming, don’t you care about it? If he dares to mess around, I will definitely sue you. Then, see how you explain it in front of the family!” Su Che’s eyes were red, and he yelled at Su Shiming hysterically.

Right now, he can only hope that Su Shiming will be jealous, so as to persuade Dustin Zhou.

And his wishful thinking is also very good, as long as Su Shiming persuaded Dustin Zhou, let him retreat safely.

Then after he returns, he will definitely struggle with all the power on his side and retaliate endlessly against Su Shiming’s house.

And Dustin Zhou is also the first target he needs to suppress!

But Su Che had counted a lot, but he still missed a little.

Not to mention whether Su Shiming had any plans to persuade Dustin Zhou, even if he had this idea and persuaded him, Dustin Zhou might not listen to his persuasion.

“It’s all this time, and I’m still struggling!” “I only asked you once, where did you take Mira Xie?” Dustin Zhou asked in a cold voice, moving forward little by little, slowly moving towards Su Che. Slowly approach.

“I…” Su Che didn’t dare to look at Dustin Zhou, taking a step back subconsciously.

But after that, Su Che seemed to be mad, and he rushed towards Dustin Zhou regardless.

This scene happened so suddenly that no one expected it.

Su Zhe, who was previously suppressed by Dustin Zhou’s aura, would suddenly run away at this moment.

At the moment, except for Niu Chuan, the nearest to Dustin Zhou, Su Shiming and Su Wei can do nothing. They can only shout “Caution”, but they can’t do much.

“Brother Yang, be careful!” Niu Chuan swiftly saw Su Che’s movement, and immediately rushed over.

But after all, he was unintentionally being mentally calculated, and he was still a step late.

At this moment, Su Che’s fist had already arrived in front of Dustin Zhou.

In the next second, he will hit Dustin Zhou’s face.

However, in the next second, everyone’s eyes widened and looked at Dustin Zhou incredulously.

I saw Su Che, who had been successful in revenge, looked panicked at this moment, and he flew out directly, just like his mother Su Shiqin, and stopped directly after hitting the door.

“Bang!” Su Che fell solidly!

“Do you really think I will treat you?

Dustin Zhou put away his right leg, gently brushed the trousers around the leg, and said lightly. As if what happened just now is not worth mentioning. “You!”

Su Che looked at Dustin Zhou angrily and wanted to scold him, but he only said one word, but he was powerless to say other things. The whole person seemed to have only one breath left and was extremely weak. “Brother Yang, are you okay?”

“And Niu Chuan also breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly stepped forward to check Dustin Zhou’s situation. “Don’t worry, I’m fine, it’s because of you. I trained with you before and improved a lot.

Chapter 144

(1) Dustin Zhou has nothing to do, which made Su Shiming and Su Wei both breathe a sigh of relief. Su Shiming is a big rock hanging in his heart, finally Falling down. The reason why he invited Dustin Zhou over was to take advantage of the forces behind Dustin Zhou to deal with Su Shiqin. If Dustin Zhou suffers any injury in Su’s house or something happens, he will be the first to be the target of all. Dustin Zhou The real family power behind it may not react quickly, but some individuals and companies related to him will definitely respond immediately. I think of Mr. Chen from the famous company, the media industry association, and the Mountain Mist Club. Da Dui has a great relationship with Dustin Zhou, and Su Shiming’s heart trembled. As the head of the Su family, Su Shiming originally didn’t care about these companies and organizations. Not to mention that the media association is just a newly formed Organization, there is no substantive power. Asher Chen of Mountain Mist Club, in terms of background and methods, Su Shiming is not bad. Even if it is a famous company that earns nearly one billion in half a month, it will not be placed by Su Shiming. In my eyes. But today is different. Right now, the internal fighting of the Su family is on the rise, and the two brothers and sisters Su Shiming and Su Shiqin are fighting for the control of the Su family. The family benefits are declining every year, and the influence continues. In this way, when Su Shiming considers these factors, it is inevitable to be cautious. Once there is a problem, these companies and organizations will unite, and the Su family may not be able to parry. “Mr. Zhou, you are all right. Okay, blame me.

Su Shiming saw that Dustin Zhou was fine, and immediately blamed himself. And Dustin Zhou had no direct reason to blame him. After all, Dustin Zhou agreed to go to the appointment. And Chee Su Shiqin and Su Che did not deal with Su Shiming. Their behavior like this can only represent themselves and cannot be linked to Su Shiming. “I’m fine, but Su Che asked me to take my wife away. I don’t know where to go now. I hope you can help me.

Dustin Zhou said lightly, and didn’t have much affection for Su Shiming. But now Xie Ling

Yu’s whereabouts are unknown. Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan alone are difficult to find quickly, so Su Shiming needs to use the Su family to help find it.

Besides, as Su Che, as the Su family, he asked Mira Xie to be taken away, and the Su family naturally couldn’t get rid of it.

“This is natural, this is natural, Su Wei, you immediately inform Uncle Gong and ask him to send someone to find Miss Xie, and be sure to bring the person back safely!” Su Shiming replied repeatedly, and then solemnly ordered Su Wei to arrange .

“By the way, Mr. Zhou, I am very sorry to disturb you this time. This is the information you need from the Sun family and “East Sea Wind”.” When Su Wei left, Su Shiming gradually calmed down and took out a stack of documents. Pass it to Dustin Zhou.

Originally came today, Dustin Zhou’s purpose was this document.

Dustin Zhou should also be very happy to get the documents, thank you all.

But when something like this happened, Dustin Zhou didn’t feel much in the mood either. He lightly accepted the file and didn’t check it immediately, so he directly gave it to Niu Chuan.

Seeing this scene, Su Shiming couldn’t help but smile.

He originally wanted to use this document to make friends with Dustin Zhou, and he cited it for help, but he didn’t expect that Su Shiqin and his mother would suddenly come out to make trouble.

At this time, both Su Shiqin and Su Che fainted in the room, Su Shiming only felt a mess in front of them, and looked very upset.

“Come here, take the two of them down and clean up the room.” Su Shiming ordered immediately.

Soon, a few servants walked over and saw Su Shiqin and Su Che fainting in the room. The expressions on their faces did not change, nor did they say a word, each sitting on their own affairs.

Although Dustin Zhou was upset, he couldn’t help nodding his head again and again when he saw this detail.

As an ordinary person, I can’t help but ask if someone with very powerful authority in the family faints like this. At the very least, there is an expression of shock and fear on his face.

But these few people are not at all.

This shows that either the Su family’s tutor is very strict and the rules for subordinates are also very harsh, and they have cultivated such a calm attitude.

Or, these people are not ordinary people, and they are used to such things.

Dustin Zhou didn’t think much about it. Right now, finding Mira Xie was the most important thing.

Not long after, Su Wei ran back out of breath, his face full of joy.

“Found it, found it!” Su Wei said breathlessly.

“Boss, Master, Dad, I found it. Uncle Gong has found Miss Xie’s position.” “Where?” Dustin Zhou rushed to Su Wei, frightened Su Wei, and after seeing the person. Just relax.

“In a private club in the west of the city, Su Che often hangs out with friends there!”

Su Wei said.

Dustin Zhou nodded, did not say much, and immediately walked out.

“Mr. Zhou, wait a minute, I will let Uncle Gong take someone with you to take care of you!” Su Shiming hurriedly chased out and said sincerely.

Dustin Zhou didn’t refuse this time, but nodded as a promise.

After all, right now, he and Niu Chuan are the only people on his side.

And the other party doesn’t know how many people there are, but at least, seven or eight people are indispensable to be able to take Mira Xie away.

Besides, the other party is now with Mira Xie in the private club in the west of the city. Dustin Zhou doesn’t know if there is any accomplice in it.

The Su family’s ability to send someone to go with him is also considered to have some protection.

Soon, Uncle Gong brought eleven or two people to Dustin Zhou, and everything was subject to Dustin Zhou’s arrangements.

And Dustin Zhou was not polite, and went straight to the club with someone directly.

“I’ll go together too!” Su Wei said quickly, and went with him.

“Niu Chuan, call Zhao Bing and the others, and ask them to come and make peace with us right away.” “By the way, Lord Tiger, call him to borrow someone!” … At the same time, Chengxi enjoys a noble private Clubhouse.

This is a private club comparable to the Mountain Mist Club and enjoys a high reputation in Donghai City.

However, there is a mixture of fish and dragons, and many of the industries involved are in the gray area, so most of the people who come here are the children of wealthy people.

Unlike the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, which has a good positive image, it is mostly a place where business people gather.

At this time, Mira Xie was being locked up in a box with four strong men guarding the door, and she could not escape at all.

Recalling the previous scene, Mira Xie was also undecided.

She originally visited the company’s stores, and recently the sales of whitening factor masks have declined. She wants to know why.

But during the inspection, he was suddenly hijacked.

Mira Xie hadn’t reacted yet. Several of the company employees who patrolled with her were knocked unconscious, and she was also kidnapped to get into the car.

However, the other party always blindfolded her. When he reached the place, he took off his blindfold, and Mira Xie was in the private room, unable to leave.

Chapter 145

(2) Mira Xie didn’t know where he was taken.

But observing the decoration in the private room, she vaguely guessed that it was probably a place like a club.

She had also been to the Mountain Mist Club at the time, and she knew something about the decoration of this private club.

The decoration of the private rooms of the private clubs does not require much quietness, but must be comfortable and luxurious, giving people a sense of superiority.

Otherwise, why should those customers come to a place with high consumption like a private club?

“How is it? People are still inside, right?” Just as Mira Xie was panicked, a voice suddenly came from outside the door.

Mira Xie walked gently behind the door, attached her ears to the door, and wanted to hear what the people outside were saying.

Although the voice was a little noisy, Mira Xie still heard clearly.

“In it, there are four of us guarding, and I’m afraid that she won’t be able to escape?” “Just to be safe, after all, this time Su’s company has given a lot of money.” “That’s natural. By the way, you said, Su Why did the son want us to bring this woman over? Did you fall in love with her? But I heard that this woman was married!” “Who knows, but in case son Su likes this, you say, At that time, can we tell Young Master Su that we will play again when he is finished enjoying it?” “Haha, I think we can have it!” … It’s just that when I heard the content of the people outside the door, Mira Xie was like Falling into the ice cave, the whole body is cold, and a cold air rushes into his forehead.

Mira Xie had only watched this kind of bridge in the past on TV, and he sneered at that time.

After all, as the president of Yueji Beauty, Mira Xie does not say that the entire Donghai City is famous, but she is also a celebrity in a large area.

Even if there are rich young masters who have such thoughts, they have to think twice about the consequences and impact.

But right now, he was kidnapped in such a grand manner.

Moreover, the other party was still in the crowd. You must know that at the time Mira Xie was still patrolling the company’s store, and the pedestrians and vehicles on the road could be seen clearly.

Besides, Mira Xie didn’t even know the Su Gongzi in the other party’s mouth.

Mira Xie searched his memory, but there was no rich young master named Su.

Not only that, among the people she knew, there was no one with the surname Su at all!

So, who is this Su Gongzi?

At this moment, there seemed to be movement outside the door.

“Master Shen, Master Chen, why are you here?” “I heard that Brother Su brought a beautiful woman over, so I thought about coming over to see if it was a big beautiful woman. At least we have to taste it.” Mira Xie listened outside. The voice is different from the previous one, knowing that it is a newcomer.

But listening to the other party’s tone, he clearly knew that Young Master Su.

This made Mira Xie nervous.

However, Mira Xie felt that the voice was a bit familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere, but the voice outside was too noisy, she couldn’t hear it very clearly and couldn’t tell it.

“Open the door, let’s go in and take a look.” “Well, we don’t dare to do without Master Su’s orders. If there is any accident, we can’t afford it.” “What the hell? What is our relationship with Su Che. , Don’t you know? Isn’t it just money? Here you are, is enough?” “Enough, enough, Master Shen, Master Chen, please let us

A few people are here to look out for you, hehe,” Hearing this, Mira Xie couldn’t calm down anymore, and quickly got up and backed up to the dark corner of the private room, watching the direction of the door with a guard. At this moment, Mira Xie has only one plan. Rather than just sitting here and waiting to die, it is better to fight. When the other party opened the door, she suddenly rushed out of the corner and rushed directly out of the door. The chance runs away. “Squeak.

“Soon, the door of the private room rang, and Mira Xie’s heart was raised in his throat. Seeing a glimmer of light outside, Mira Xie knew it was now. “Run!”

“With a silent cry from the bottom of my heart, Mira Xie rushed out the moment the door was opened, trying to force her out. But when she had just ran through the door, she was directly stopped by a pair of powerful arms and took her back! For a moment, Mira Xie’s heart was ashamed, knowing that he had lost his last chance. “Haha, beauty, you want to see me so impatiently?

Then, my brother should take good care of you.

A light voice sounded from the top of Mira Xie’s head. Mira Xie felt that the voice was very familiar again, and immediately looked up. “It’s you!”

“Mira Xie saw the visitor clearly, her face was shocked. She never expected that the person who stopped in front of her and prevented her from escaping turned out to be Charlie Chen. After Charlie Chen returned to China, she pursued Mira Xie. Even after learning about Mira Xie Although he and Dustin Zhou were already married, Charlie Chen still pursued the pursuit, and even opened up the road between Xie’s mother and Xie family relatives. Later, Charlie Chen was defeated in several battles with Dustin Zhou. , Charlie Chen wanted to plot wrongdoing twice, and Mira Xie stopped contacting him. It was just that she never expected that she would meet Charlie Chen here. “Huh?


“Mira Xie was shocked, and Charlie Chen was equally surprised. However, after confirming that it was Mira Xie, Charlie Chen’s face was suddenly ecstatic. “What?

Charlie, do you know each other?

“And beside Charlie Chen, it was Edward Shen. Seeing that Charlie Chen seemed to know this beauty, Edward Shen immediately became unhappy and couldn’t help asking. “Hehe, of course I knew him. I had pursued her at the beginning.”

“Charlie Chen chuckled lightly. “So that’s the case, but I don’t know if I have caught up.”

“Edward Shen suddenly became interested. “No, it’s a pity that she was married at that time, Shao Shen, do you know who her husband is?”

“Charlie Chen shook his head with regret, pretending to be profound. “Who is it?”

“Dustin Zhou.”

Charlie Chen finished speaking softly, then looked at Edward Shen quietly. He knew that the relationship between Edward Shen and Dustin Zhou

No, Dustin Zhou defeated Edward Shen’s whitening storm mask on the whitening factor mask. Right now, the whitening storm mask is almost out of production, and Edward Shen also suffered heavy losses.

“It’s him!” Sure enough, at the sound of Dustin Zhou, Edward Shen’s face suddenly became gloomy, and even the look at Mira Xie was very unkind.

“Yes. But I’m curious, why are you here Mira? Could it be that Dustin Zhou can’t support you anymore and needs you to betray yourself?” Charlie Chen looked at Mira Xie, his eyes full of greed.

But at the thought of Mira Xie’s attitude towards him before, Charlie Chen became very angry.

He is not only a returnee, he is knowledgeable, and his family manages the business of medicinal materials and equipment. He is also an emerging force in the East China Sea.

And he himself, running on his own, also had a big company.

At that time, Dustin Zhou was just a son-in-law, an ordinary employee of Mingyang.

In what point does Charlie Chen compare to Dustin Zhou?

The anger that has always been accumulated in his chest, this time Charlie Chen couldn’t help venting all of Mira Xie.

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