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Chapter 146

(3) “If this is the case, I really feel sorry for you, but Mira, don’t worry, I will treat you well.” At this moment, Charlie Chen’s nose is getting heavier, and his eyes on Mira Xie have become more and more hot.

And Charlie Chen’s eyes also made Mira Xie get goose bumps all over her body, and a nausea and chill instantly rose in her heart.

“What do you want? You made me kidnapped?” Mira Xie frowned and looked at Charlie Chen coldly.

Two times before, Mira Xie almost fell into Charlie Chen’s trap.

If Dustin Zhou hadn’t appeared in time to save her, Mira Xie wouldn’t dare to imagine what would happen.

It’s just that right now, even she herself doesn’t know where she was kidnapped.

How would Dustin Zhou know!

In an instant, Mira Xie’s heart sank.

When Charlie Chen saw Mira Xie’s appearance, his heart suddenly became clear.

Charlie Chen knew that this time it was Su Che who invited Chen Edward Shen to come with him, saying that he had found a beautiful woman and showed it to two people.

Charlie Chen didn’t know who this so-called beauty was before.

Right now, seeing Mira Xie, Charlie Chen wouldn’t know.

However, Mira Xie thought he was kidnapped by Charlie Chen, but he misunderstood.

“It seems that Mira, you still don’t know your current situation. I have a deep affection for you, do you think I will hijack you?” Charlie Chen smiled lightly, his heart already alive.

Su Che invited him and Edward Shen over for a simple purpose, just to taste beautiful women.

As guests, Charlie Chen and Edward Shen just need to be happy and have fun. Su Che will solve the rest.

In this case, even if he Charlie Chen here puts Mira Xie

What happened? Afterwards, Mira Xie wanted to pursue the blame, but he could only find Su Che, but Charlie Chen could not find him.

When Charlie Chen thought, Edward Shen on the side looked very bad.

Dustin Zhou had lost his Edward Shen’s face several times and didn’t put him in the slightest.

Not only united with Enderia Shen against him, against the Shen family.

Even the whitening factor mask defeated the whitening storm mask, causing Edward Shen to suffer a heavy loss.

Edward Shen already hated Dustin Zhou in his heart, and was looking for opportunities to get back.

However, Edward Shen did not expect that Dustin Zhou’s wife would suddenly appear in front of him, and still appear in this situation.

“Dustin Zhou’s wife is really good. It doesn’t take much effort.” Edward Shen sneered, pushing Charlie Chen away, and squeezing Mira Xie’s hands.

“Let go!” Mira Xie didn’t know Edward Shen, but felt a bit familiar.

But Rao was like this, being caught by Edward Shen’s hands also made Mira Xie annoyed, and immediately struggled.

“Let go? When you get here, there is still room for you to resist? Since you are Dustin Zhou’s wife, I will settle the account with you today!” Edward Shen said involuntarily, pulling Mira Xie directly and returning to the private room. Pushing Mira Xie onto the sofa, looked at her condescendingly.

While Charlie Chen was pushed away by Edward Shen, his heart was extremely angry, but there was no change on the surface, just a pair of eyes staring at Edward Shen’s back, very deep.

“I don’t understand what you are talking about?” Mira Xie’s heart was shaken, and he remembered Edward Shen talking about Dustin Zhou.

Isn’t the person in front of him Edward Shen?

Enderia Shen’s younger brother, Shen’s company, the boss behind the whitening storm mask!

Mira Xie only thought Edward Shen was familiar, but he didn’t remember him.

Right now, Mira Xie already remembered everything.

Also think of the entanglement between Dustin Zhou and Edward Shen.

However, just like this, Mira Xie’s heart became more worried.

Hearing Dustin Zhou said that Edward Shen was a sinister villain, and he did not use any means to achieve his goal, even his sister Enderia Shen could harm him.

Mira Xie guessed what such a person would do next.

But Mira Xie was not a fateful person either.

The Xie family’s Yueji Beauty Company was on the verge of bankruptcy. Charlie Chen brought investors to the door. She did not give in, and wanted to save the company.

Right now, she was in a deep predicament, and Mira Xie was unwilling to catch it with her hands.

Although she didn’t know where it was, she was certain that it was a clubhouse.

And since it is a clubhouse, there must be guests.

Regardless of whether the guest is capable of saving her, Mira Xie must cause movement, so as to make Edward Shen feel jealous.

After making up his mind, the panic on Mira Xie’s face was a bit less.

The gaze at Edward Shen became fearless.

“What are you doing? Let me out!” Suddenly, Mira Xie stood up abruptly, wanted to rush out of the private room again, and screamed loudly.

This is completely different from the image she used to maintain, but now is a critical moment, Mira Xie has no other choice but to do so.

The woman’s voice was always sharp and thorough, and the door of the private room was not closed, Mira Xie’s scream quickly spread out.

To be honest, places like private clubs have always been mixed.

Many people who come here know everything that happens in the clubhouse.

Always don’t be nosy.

But perhaps Mira Xie was lucky, and several young men who had just come out of the toilet heard her screams and frowned suddenly.

“What’s the matter? Is anyone screaming?” “It seems to be so, how about it, go and see? Maybe the hero saves the beauty and can hold the beauties back!” Several people exuded a strong smell of alcohol. I knew that I must have drunk a lot of alcohol, and I was very excited.

Immediately, several people walked towards the private room where Mira Xie was.

“What’s the matter? Who are you guys!” “What do you want to do? In broad daylight, still want to rob people and women?” “Hurry up and hand them over, we will not pursue them, otherwise, you will be beautiful!” …… A few young people approached swayingly, and seeing the four big men at the door of the private room, they suddenly made up a big scene in which a bully robbed the girl.

So for a moment, a few people’s inner sense of justice burst out.

However, these people are nothing at all in the eyes of the four big men.

“Where’s the bastard, get out of here!” “Do you know whose site this is? After drinking a little bit of wine, you can’t recognize who you are.” “What the hell, just do it, and teach these guys well. No one in the province knows the prestige of Young Master Su!” … The four brawny men were not long-winded, seeing a few young men still cursing there, and immediately rushed up and put them on the ground in a few strokes.

“It’s really useless, bother uncle Yaxing!” A strong man in the lead patted his palm lightly and said with disdain.

Then the four big men hurriedly returned to the door of the private room and leaned close.

Although they couldn’t taste the beauty of the beauty inside, they were able to listen to the sound outside, which was a sip of soup.

“Excuse me, did you bring a beautiful woman here.” Several people were listening happily. There was a wicked smile in the private room, but they were suddenly patted from behind.

Chapter 147

(1) “Who?” The big man was startled and turned around to take precautions.

At this time, only two people appeared in front of them.

These two people are not like the young drunk people just now

People, on the contrary, these two people seem very ordinary.

But the people who can be invited by Su Che are naturally not ordinary people.

The ability of these two people to touch them behind them silently shows that they are not simple.

And these two people are Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan.

After leaving the Su family, Dustin Zhou, Niu Chuan, and a dozen people led by Uncle Su Jia Gong rushed here. They didn’t dare to be negligent on the road, for fear that they would be a step late and something unexpected would happen.

It’s just that Uncle Gong only found out that Mira Xie was brought here, but he didn’t know which box he was locked in.

Dustin Zhou made a decisive decision, and the soldiers split into two groups to search for them.

Uncle Gong, Su Wei brought their Su family members into the door and looked left.

Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan looked to the right.

In fact, Dustin Zhou was very anxious.

Looking to the right, I found more than a dozen private rooms, but there was still no clue.

And just as he and Niu Chuan were about to turn the corner, they heard a scream.

At that moment, Dustin Zhou’s heart moved!

Dustin Zhou was familiar with this scream.

This is clearly Mira Xie’s voice.

Dustin Zhou didn’t dare to delay, and quickly followed the voice to find him.

But he saw the scene of a few drunk youths just now.

And Dustin Zhou felt a little loose in his heart.

Because here, he can still hear Mira Xie’s voice.

Although a little panicked, there was still no despair, indicating that Mira Xie had not fallen into despair.

Seeing a few drunk youths being put on the ground, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but came directly behind a few big men.

“Boy, I advise you not to be nosy, otherwise, these people will be your fate!” The big guy saw Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan not afraid of them at all, and couldn’t hold back the identity of each other.

But he wouldn’t show his timidity easily, but pointed at a few drunk youths who had collapsed on the ground, threatening harshly.

If it’s just ordinary people, seeing those few people fall to the ground, and their bodies are in a mess, they will naturally feel afraid and leave directly.

But Dustin Zhou is no ordinary person.

Besides, the person in this private room is his wife.

His wife is in danger, and Dustin Zhou will naturally not ignore it.

“Haha, don’t you, Chuanzi, take care of your subordinates, I have to ask them something!” Dustin Zhou smiled, his face turned cold instantly, and after a cold snort, he took two steps back.

And at this moment, Niu Chuan moved!

Before at the Brilliant Hotel, Enderia Shen’s father, Shen Weiyan, brought a dozen bodyguards to Dustin Zhou’s trouble.

Niu Chuan and Zhao Bing easily eliminated a dozen bodyguards.

Although Niu Chuan is alone now, Dustin Zhou has confidence in him.

Several big guys saw Dustin Zhou being so arrogant, they were immediately furious, and wanted to show Dustin Zhou a little bit of color.

Come here.

Niu Chuan blocked the four with one person, which seemed extremely relaxed.

The four brawny men wanted to bypass Niu Chuan and go straight to Dustin Zhou.

However, the corridor of this clubhouse is relatively long and narrow, and being blocked by Niu Chuan, it is difficult for four people to pass Niu Chuan and meet Dustin Zhou.

“Bang!” In just ten seconds, the four brawny men were put to the ground by Niu Chuan, moaning continuously.

Dustin Zhou didn’t take care of these four people. Right now they couldn’t escape. Uncle Gong and Su Wei also took a dozen of them to search in the clubhouse. Dustin Zhou sent them a message, and believed that they would come to meet soon.

At this moment, inside the private room, Edward Shen and Charlie Chen had no idea what was outside the private room.

Mira Xie’s sudden scream just now made Edward Shen very upset.

Although he was not afraid that Mira Xie would attract others’ attention, he was unwilling to cause trouble right now.

The failure of the whitening storm mask and the huge financial loss made him a little bit unable to look up in front of Shen Weiyan. He has been reprimanded several times.

Had it not been for his mother to protect him, Shen Weiyan would have cleaned up Edward Shen already.

Therefore, Edward Shen did not want any bad news to reach Shen Weiyan.

After closing the door tightly, the sound of the entire private room was instantly isolated.

I can’t hear the movement inside, nor can I hear the outside.


Mira Xie’s face changed smoothly, with one hand resting on the wall and constantly moving towards the corner.

And Edward Shen just looked at Mira Xie indifferently, like a frightened little rabbit, and suddenly felt happy in his heart.

What if your Dustin Zhou is good?

What is the use of the whitening factor mask no matter how good it sells?

Dustin Zhou’s wife was in front of him, like a frightened rabbit, and Edward Shen could enjoy this rabbit at any time.

“Charlie, I know that you and Dustin Zhou are also unhappy, but don’t worry, when I’m done, I’ll give you this woman cool!” Edward Shen sneered, and reached out to untie his underwear.

Charlie Chen saw this scene, although he was very angry, but he had nothing to do, he could only let Edward Shen act.

“Bang!” However, just as Edward Shen took off his pants, and only one underwear remained, the door of the private room was smashed open from the outside.

At this moment, Edward Shen, Charlie Chen, and Mira Xie were shocked!

Edward Shen and Charlie Chen were angry, who was so courageous and dared to disturb their good deeds.

And Mira Xie was excited. Although she is not sure how good people are outside, she at least has a little more chance for you to escape.

“Hehe, it seems that I’m not late yet!” Dustin Zhou walked in with a light smile, and his eyes fell on Mira Xie in the corner for the first time.

Seeing Mira Xie intact, Dustin Zhou’s heart suddenly loosened, then he squinted and looked at the other two people in the private room.

“It’s you! Dustin Zhou!” Edward Shen and Charlie Chen saw the visitor clearly, they were shocked and couldn’t help exclaiming.

They never thought that their side was ready to humiliate Mira Xie in order to repay the losses they had suffered in Dustin Zhou’s hands.

But Dustin Zhou hadn’t done anything yet on his side.

When Mira Xie saw Dustin Zhou, his heart suddenly warmed, and his eyes instantly covered with mist.

She had even thought about it. If she did not escape in the end, she would not let Edward Shen and Charlie Chen succeed.

At that time, she will inevitably choose a very short way.

But now seeing Dustin Zhou, Mira Xie seemed to have found a backing, which was extremely solid, and let her relax all at once. The whole body seemed to be completely out of breath, and she slumped on the sofa.

Seeing Mira Xie’s state, Dustin Zhou felt a pain in his heart, and then turned his anger on Edward Shen and Charlie Chen.

“I didn’t expect to see you two here, it’s been a long time since I saw you!” Dustin Zhou said coldly.

To be honest, Dustin Zhou has not seen Edward Shen and Charlie Chen for nearly a month.

Although there was a gap between the two sides before, Dustin Zhou always thought that it was just a struggle of will.

If the two sides want to compete, they can compete in the mall.

But he never expected that Edward Shen and Charlie Chen would appear

Here, and the two people are also preparing to plot against Mira Xie!

“Charlie Chen, this is the third time!”

Chapter 148

(2) Dustin Zhou’s eyes were cold, staring at Charlie Chen.

Fighting for the temperature of a private room, it seemed that it suddenly dropped to freezing point, and a chill came from Charlie Chen’s back.

Of course he knew what Dustin Zhou meant.

For the first time, Charlie Chen invited Mira Xie to meet with an investor at the Mountain Mist Club. He took the opportunity to prescribe Mira Xie’s wine and wanted to take the opportunity to violate Mira Xie.

But that time, Dustin Zhou arrived in time and not only cleaned up Charlie Chen, the Mountain Mist Club also cancelled the membership of Charlie Chen and those investors.

For the second time, Charlie Chen invited Mira Xie out late at night, trying to use Shun’s power to force her to submit!

However, in the same way, Dustin Zhou arrived in time and moved out of the great God Tiger. Charlie Chen still can’t forget the scenes of that night, but he was shocked whenever he thought of it.

And right now, it’s the third time!

Two times before, Charlie Chen wanted to be unfavorable to Mira Xie, but Dustin Zhou stopped him, and was also cleaned up.

For the third time now, Dustin Zhou’s meaning is self-evident.

As for Mira Xie in the corner, recalling the situation of the previous three times at this time, he couldn’t help feeling warm.

Two times before, she also disliked Dustin Zhou for getting in the way, not only couldn’t help Yueji beauty makeup, but also wanted to prevent her from saving Yueji beauty makeup.

But now I want to come, the previous two times, Dustin Zhou was to protect her!

“What the third time, what are you playing dumb? Dustin Zhou, let me tell you, you are late, and your wife tastes really good!” Among the people present, only Edward Shen didn’t know what Dustin Zhou meant by the third time. .

But this does not prevent Edward Shen from being disgusted.

Men are always more afraid of one color.

That is green.

Edward Shen thinks Dustin Zhou is the same, too green, not to mention that his wife is here right now.

Edward Shen is a bachelor, he originally thought not to reveal his identity, so as not to be taught by his father Shen Weiyan.

But now, Edward Shen doesn’t think so.

The reason why he was reprimanded by Shen Weiyan, in the final analysis, was that Shen Weiyan felt that Edward Shen was inferior to Dustin Zhou, which made him lose face.

But now it’s different. Edward Shen now has a pair of underpants all over his body, and in the entire private room, there are only three people: Edward Shen, Charlie Chen and Mira Xie.

And the door to the private room was still closed just now.

In such a scene, whoever changes you will think more unconsciously.

Edward Shen had even foreseen Dustin Zhou’s desperate appearance, and then he could go outside and promote Dustin Zhou’s power.

It’s just that Edward Shen’s surprise was that Dustin Zhou didn’t appear to be anxious and frustrated as he expected.

On the contrary, Dustin Zhou was very calm.

Upon reaching Dustin Zhou’s gaze, Edward Shen subconsciously felt like he had fallen into a ten thousand year ice cave, and his whole body was chilling.

“How about? Dustin Zhou, are you extremely sad now and hate yourself for being late? Haha, I just want to make you heartbroken!” Edward Shen felt cruel, thinking that Dustin Zhou was scared by what he said just now. accept.

At this point, Edward Shen immediately took advantage of the victory and wanted to continue to put pressure on Dustin Zhou to make him collapse.

“You’re right, I’m really sad.” Dustin Zhou nodded slightly, and looked at Edward Shen with a chuckle.

Edward Shen was overjoyed. Hearing the soft words from Dustin Zhou’s mouth, this was the first time he could not help feeling that his decision just now was extremely correct.

In this way, as long as you go back and tell Shen Weiyan about today’s affairs, you will definitely get a lot of funds.

In that case, Edward Shen thought to himself that he almost had the funds for his comeback.

“However, I am not sorry for myself, but for Young Master Shen. I didn’t expect Young Master Shen to have such a quirk? No wonder Young Master Shen and Young Master Chen often get together and the relationship is so close.” Dustin Zhou’s conversation turned, his eyes were on. Edward Shen and Charlie Chen glanced back and forth between them, and then dropped a sentence lightly.

As soon as Dustin Zhou’s voice fell, Edward Shen was still thinking about what it meant, but Charlie Chen was furious.

“Dustin Zhou, don’t spit people! I, Charlie Chen, a man of indomitable spirit, are you from Longyang!” Charlie Chen quickly understood what Dustin Zhou meant, and immediately shouted angrily.

Originally, he had consciously dipped his head in front of Dustin Zhou, and now Dustin Zhou said so, Charlie Chen naturally couldn’t bear it.

“What! Zhou, you dare to slander me like this!” At this time, Edward Shen was able to react. It was Charlie Chen and Longyang that reminded him just now.

At the thought of Dustin Zhou saying that he was a good person with Long Yang, Edward Shen only felt goose bumps all over his body!

“Isn’t it? Then why are Young Master Shen and Young Master Chen in their own private room, the door is closed tightly, and Young Master Shen has only this piece of clothing all over his body?” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly, looking at the last piece of underwear on Edward Shen Stay on for a while, the meaning is self-evident.

Edward Shen was furious, and hurriedly found a pillow on the sofa to cover his body, and his face was staring at Dustin Zhou.

He never expected that he would be pressed and beaten by Dustin Zhou when he was holding a good deck of cards in his hand, and there was no way to fight back.

“Dustin Zhou, don’t spit people, it’s obviously your wife is here, why are you turning a blind eye?” Edward Shen furiously asked.

If Dustin Zhou reveals what he said just now, it doesn’t matter whether Edward Shen or Charlie

Whether or not Longyang is good between births will cause an uproar in the outside world.

Not to mention anything else, Shen Weiyan alone would not be able to pass this level!

The dignified son of the Shen family turned out to be a good person in Longyang. How could such a person inherit the family property of the Shen family!

Not only that, how those outsiders who are familiar with Edward Shen would think of Edward Shen and whether they believed Dustin Zhou’s words to be true, which made Edward Shen horrified and shuddered.

“The surname Zhou, don’t deceive people too much! Today, we are not the only ones here. This is the place of Su Che’s son of the Su family. You have to weigh and weigh!” Seeing that Dustin Zhou couldn’t be shocked, Edward Shen had to move out of Su Che’s. title.

As the first-class family in Donghai City, the Su family naturally needless to say.

The Shen family was in front of him, and it was not worth mentioning. When the clouds and hands were overturned, the Su family could make the Shen family fall into the bottomless abyss.

And for a long time, Edward Shen wanted to establish a relationship with the Su family and enter the circle of the children of the first-class family in the East China Sea.

Before that, Edward Shen had no way. Until not long ago, Su Jia Su Che came to the door personally to win Edward Shen.

This made Edward Shen flattered!

Although Su Che is not the son of the Su Family Patriarch, he is also the son of Su Shiqin.

Edward Shen also knows something about the recent events of the Su family.

He didn’t continue to greet him until Su Che might become the youngest of the Su family.

Right now, Edward Shenzhen couldn’t help Dustin Zhou, so he moved out of Su Che’s name and wanted to shock Dustin Zhou.

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