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Chapter 149

In Edward Shen’s view, even if Dustin Zhou was great, he would be nothing in front of the Su family.

At that time, as long as Su Che appears, Dustin Zhou will definitely be scared!

“If you offend Young Master Su, don’t say that you are just one of my sister’s subordinates. Even if you are a shareholder of a well-known company, you are nothing in front of Young Master Su!” Edward Shen sneered. At this time, he was confident again. !

He now seemed to see Dustin Zhou begging for mercy in front of him.

“In my opinion, Dustin Zhou, you probably don’t know what kind of existence the Su family is, right? Yes, you just suddenly became rich and don’t have any background, how could you know the Su family.” Charlie Chen also helped.

Looking at the entire Donghai City, the economy is developed, and it is not uncommon for people to be rich and wealthy. Even an inconspicuous person on the street may have a wealth of millions in their homes.

But these people are just ordinary riches.

In the eyes of Edward Shen and the others, their family can be regarded as famous, but it is not the top one.

The Biru Su family, the Sun family, is the top family in Donghai City.

Such a family is not accessible to ordinary people at all, and both parties are not on the same level.

Edward Shen and Charlie Chen thought so at this moment. They looked at Dustin Zhou coldly and wanted to see Dustin Zhou’s face.

Surprised and panicked.

In that case, they could just make use of the reputation of the Su family to suppress the whole week.

However, to their disappointment, Dustin Zhou heard the name of the Su family, without a trace of expression on his face.

“Dustin Zhou, if you beg me for mercy now, I can say something nice to you when Young Master Su Zhe comes, otherwise, you may not be able to go out here today!” Edward Shen said coldly, suddenly feeling The heart was so refreshing that Dustin Zhou’s anger that had been refuted by Dustin Zhou several times before was almost wiped out.

“Sorry, I won’t apologize.” Dustin Zhou said lightly, walked straight to Mira Xie, pulled her into his arms, patted her on the shoulder, and soothed.

“You! Don’t regret it!” Edward Shen was furious. He didn’t expect that Dustin Zhou was not even afraid of Su Che, and immediately sneered again and again.

“Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you one thing, I am afraid that Young Master Su Che in your mouth will not be able to come!” Dustin Zhou said with a chuckle as if he had remembered something.

“What nonsense are you talking about!” At first, Edward Shen thought Dustin Zhou was not ashamed and was talking nonsense.

After all, Su Che was the existence he had to look up to, and it was impossible for Dustin Zhou to reach the opponent.

“Mr. Zhou!” “Boss, Master, are you all right!” But at this moment, Uncle Gong and Su Wei rushed here with a dozen people from the Su family.

When Su Wei saw that Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan were all right, his heart suddenly relaxed.

At the same time, he also saw Mira Xie in Dustin Zhou’s arms. Seeing her seemed to be all right, he took a long breath.

He was afraid that he would be late and let Su Che’s minions do something bad to Mira Xie.

At that time, Su Wei did not dare to imagine how angry Dustin Zhou would be.

“Who are you guys!” Seeing that Dustin Zhou was okay, Su Wei’s eyes fell on Edward Shen and Charlie Chen. Seeing the appearance of the two of them, they knew that they were also Su Che’s people, and he snapped.

“Huh! Don’t pretend to be here! The surname Zhou, don’t think that you can scare me by finding a few people. This is the site of Lord Su Che. Believe me or not, you have to get out of it!” Edward Shen sneered With a sound, he didn’t put Su Wei in his eyes at all. It was true that Su Wei was sweating profusely at the moment and looked weak, not at all like the demeanor of the Su family.

“Okay! I want to see, how did you let us go! You call now!” Su Wei was also angry with Edward Shen, and immediately said angrily.

“Brother Wang, this is Edward Shen. We met a few people who didn’t have long eyes. Yes, yes, they were in Su Shao’s private room…” Edward Shen sneered, then picked up the phone and made a call.

And his tone on the phone is very respectful.

“Don’t leave if you have seeds! I want to see, you

We will kneel on the ground begging for mercy!

“Not long after, a noisy sound came from outside the private room. Dustin Zhou listened to the sound of the footsteps, and he knew who was coming here.

No less than twenty.

But right now, on his own side, plus the twelve members of the Su family, there are still not twenty.

“Boss, don’t worry, I will definitely give you an explanation!” Su Wei’s heart trembled when he met Dustin Zhou’s gaze, and immediately promised.

Soon, the other party came to the private room.

“Who dares to make trouble here? You think your life is too long, right?” A vicious voice suddenly sounded.

Dustin Zhou turned around and looked over and saw a man in a suit and tie, but with a sullen look appeared in front of him.

And on his neck, there was a terrifying tattoo that looked hideous.

“Brother Wang! These are these people who are going to make trouble here. I mention Su Shao’s name, and they dare to speak up!” Seeing the person coming, Edward Shen was overjoyed on his face, and he hurriedly walked over and pointed at Dustin Zhou and others. Said.

At this moment, Dustin Zhou sneered.

Right now, Edward Shen has only one pair of underwear on top of his body. Although it is covered by a sofa, it is not completely covered.

And the way he bowed in front of this so-called brother Wang was even more funny.

“Dustin Zhou, the catastrophe is approaching, you can still laugh? Don’t cry later!” Edward Shen became angry and sternly reprimanded.

With Brother Wang, Edward Shen felt a lot of peace in his heart.

This Wang brother is Su Che’s subordinate and the manager of this private club. He has always been cruel, and he is merciless towards the enemy!

Originally, Edward Shen didn’t plan to find Brother Wang, because once Brother Wang made a move, he would not only cost a lot of money, but also treated the enemy without death or disability.

Edward Shen hated Dustin Zhou, but he still didn’t want to kill him directly.

“Really?” Dustin Zhou didn’t speak this time, but Su Wei said abruptly.

“Who are you? I’m talking here, and I have your voice? Go aside!” Edward Shen was upset, and he slapped Su Wei.

“Pop!” However, before Edward Shen’s words fell, a loud applause spread across the entire private room.

Edward Shen held his right cheek and looked at Brother Wang with an incredible expression.

Just now, Brother Wang slapped him on the face, and Edward Shen couldn’t react at all.

“Brother Wang, you, I…” Edward Shen hesitated, his head was blank.

And Charlie Chen also looked at Edward Shen with horror.

Edward Shen bowed his knees to Brother Wang, and he was worse than Edward Shen.

Now Brother Wang casually slaps Edward Shen’s face, let alone him?

“I’m sorry, master, I didn’t know it was you who came.” Throw out

Chapter 150

Brother Wang’s face was pale, and after slapped Edward Shen’s face, he immediately faced Su Wei and said respectfully.

Even Su Wei didn’t speak, and Brother Wang kept bending over.

, Did not dare to move.

This scene shocked Edward Shen and Charlie Chen, both of them looked at Brother Wang with a dull expression.

At this time, Mira Xie, who was next to Dustin Zhou, was shocked that she knew something about Charlie Chen and Edward Shen, which was not comparable to her own beauty makeup.

Even if it is a well-known company that can earn one billion yuan this month, it is at best matched by the Shen family and the Chen family.

But Rao is so, Edward Shen is still very humble to this Wang brother.

But right now, Brother Wang slapped Edward Shen on the face, but he was terrified at the young man in front of him.

When the young man came in just now, facing Dustin Zhou’s sincere and fearful look, Mira Xie’s heart was astonished as a stormy sea.

Who is Dustin Zhou?

Why should even such a powerful person be afraid of him?

Mira Xie raised his face slightly, looking at Dustin Zhou’s profile beside him, his thoughts were flying, and he was lost for a moment.

But at this moment, Brother Wang bends down facing Edward Shen, and dare not make any other movements at all, and big beads of sweat are constantly pouring out of his forehead.

“Wang Shigui, you are so majestic!” Su Wei looked at Brother Wang and sneered.

This Wang Shigui, in fact, a member of the Su family, had taken refuge in the Su family back then. Su Shiming thought he was pretty good and asked him to run this private club.

In the past, Wang Shigui was still respectful to Su Shiming and did not dare to neglect a bit.

However, since problems occurred within the Su family, the connection between Wang Shigui and Su Shiming has become less and less.

Su Shiming didn’t pay attention at the beginning. After all, this club is not the main profitable industry of the Su family, it is just a place to entertain guests and communicate in the play.

Wang Shigui did not report to Su Shiming frequently, and it was not a big deal.

But when the internal disputes within the Su family became more and more intense, when Su Shiming wanted Wang Shigui to do things, he realized that he had lost control of Wang Shigui.

However, for so long, Su Shiming has not broken this layer of window paper, and both sides still maintain a relationship between top and bottom.

If it were not for Mira Xie’s affairs, Su Wei would not have been here, and would not know that Wang Shigui had been recruited by Su Che.

“Master Su, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were here.” Wang Shigui lowered his head, so he didn’t dare to look at Su Wei at all.

He naturally recognized Su Wei.

But if Su Wei were alone, he would not be so scared, but at this moment, beside Su Wei, there is Uncle Gong.

This is the true veteran of the Su family. In the Su family for decades, he has not only been deeply trusted by Su Shiming, but also has a great influence on many decisions of the Su family.

Not because of anything else, but because the rumored Uncle Gong is a warrior.

“Brother Wang, what Master Su, what are you talking about, this is just a jerk

Son, you hit me for him, I gave you so much money before…” Edward Shen was so dull as to watch the scene in front of him, his heart was so angry that he couldn’t tell what happened. He only knew, Wang Shigui beat himself up in front of so many faces, especially Dustin Zhou. Although Edward Shen needs to fawn on Suzhe, facing Wang Shigui, the two sides have no relationship. On the contrary, Edward Shen’s family does not know how much better than Wang Shigui. Just picking up Wang Shigui’s money would not be worth a million. “Shut up!

This is Young Master Su, if you talk nonsense, I will break your leg!

“Wang Shigui was furious when he was so troubled by Edward Shen. If he stunned Su Wei because of Edward Shen, Wang Shigui would definitely not let Edward Shen go. “What?”

Young Master Su?

“When Wang Shigui said this, both Edward Shen and Charlie Chen were shocked! Young Master Su! They naturally know what the weight of these four words is. Su Zhe is from the Su family, but not a direct line. Even Su Zhe is the same. It’s extremely flattering, not to mention the real Su family. For a time, Edward Shen and Charlie Chen were both shocked and frightened. Once they offended the Su family, once the other party investigated them, they couldn’t afford it with the energy of their family! “Boss, what should be done with these two people, I will listen to your instructions.

Su Wei was still angry, but he also knew why he was here. So he immediately turned to look at Dustin Zhou, and said carefully. And seeing this scene, Wang Shigui was shocked. In addition to fear, Edward Shen and Charlie Chen felt more frightened. There is so much jealousy! Why? Why do you Dustin Zhou even know the Su family? And the other party is so respectful to you? “Brother Yang, these two dare to take advantage of others and want to be disadvantageous to the sister-in-law. In my opinion, it is better Interrupting their legs directly, of course, is the third leg, giving them a lesson they will never forget.

Niu Chuan suggested, looking at Edward Shen and Charlie Chen with stern eyes. When they heard Niu Chuan say this, Edward Shen and Charlie Chen suddenly felt cold in their lower body and extremely annoyed in their hearts. When Wang Shigui heard it, he immediately greeted his subordinates and he was about to be right. The two did it. Although he didn’t know who Dustin Zhou was, but seeing that Su Wei was so respectful to Dustin Zhou, and Uncle Gong was the default attitude, he knew that Dustin Zhou was not an ordinary person. Right now, he must express his opinion. Since Su Wei knows that he is talking to him There is a connection between Su and Che, so at this moment, either act on Su Wei to eradicate the troubles, or immediately express his position! In front of Uncle Gong, Wang Shigui has no intention to do anything, naturally he wants to express his position! “Dustin Zhou!

Dustin Zhou!

For my sister’s sake, please spare me!

I will never dare to oppose you again.

Seeing that Wang Shigui really wanted to do something, Edward Shen finally

I couldn’t help it anymore, he knelt to the ground all of a sudden, crawling in front of Dustin Zhou in embarrassment, trying to pull Dustin Zhou’s trousers, but Niu Chuan kicked it away.

Rao was so, and Edward Shen didn’t give up, even more directly kowtow to beg for mercy, and even moved Enderia Shen out.

“Dustin Zhou, I used to have no eyes. If you offend you, just let me as a fart. I will definitely stay away from you and Mira in the future!” Edward Shen has done this, and Charlie Chen has no choice. , But also begged for mercy with regret.

“Dustin Zhou, if you really hurt them, would you be in trouble?” At this time, Mira Xie whispered, his face also hesitant, with a hint of intolerance.

Dustin Zhou felt warm in his heart, knowing that Mira Xie was caring for himself.

Although he can deal with Edward Shen and Charlie Chen at will right now, if he really mutilates them, it will definitely cause crazy revenge from the forces behind them.

Although Dustin Zhou is not afraid, it is inevitable that the other party will find the government and some official resources to target him.

After all, I dare not do anything. Disabling others is an illegal thing. Even Dustin Zhou cannot be exempted.

“Okay, I listen to you.” Dustin Zhou smiled softly.

“Since you admit your mistakes, then I will forgive you with great compassion.” “Su Wei, let people throw them out, so everyone can take a look.”

Chapter 151

No one is allowed to let go!

In front of the clubhouse gate.

At this moment, twilight descends, and it is time for people to find a place to have fun.

Although the specifications of the exclusive private club are comparable to the Mountain Mist club, the consumption alone is not affordable for ordinary people.

But because of this, most of the people who can come here for entertainment are the children of wealthy families, and at least people with a certain wealth.

But right now, in front of the gate of the clubhouse, the flow of people is surging, so it’s so lively.

“Let’s give way! Let’s give way!” A burst of noise caught everyone’s attention.

“What’s the matter? I didn’t see Master here, what are you squeezing? I rushed to reincarnate?” “Damn! You squeeze, Master gave you a face?” Who is it!” … A small group of people walked out of the clubhouse and walked towards the door of the clubhouse.

The person who was violently pushed away was still cursing at first, but when he saw the other person, he was shocked and shut up quickly.

Because the people they often come here to play, all know this small group of people, it is Wang Shigui’s people.

And what shocked them most was that this small team dragged two people.

The two men were embarrassed, their faces were full of tears, and their mouths kept begging for mercy.

But despite this, the people who dragged them were indifferent.

These two people are Edward Shen and Charlie Chen.

They never expected that Wang Shigui, who they were relying on, would actually be soft on a young man.

And that young man was respectful towards Dustin Zhou.

The most important thing is that that young man turned out to be Young Master Su!

With the name Su Family Young Master alone, Edward Shen and Charlie Chen were already heartbroken, and they knelt down and begged for mercy!

In the face of life and death, no one has the courage to face it.

Dustin Zhou was also rude to Edward Shen and Charlie Chen and directly asked Su Wei to find someone to throw them out.

Naturally, Wang Shigui did his part, so he immediately arranged for his men, dragged the two of them, and walked all the way to the door of the club.

“Bang!” Two dull voices suddenly sounded.

Edward Shen and Charlie Chen were still unceremoniously outside the gate of the clubhouse.

At this time, all the people who passed by turned their eyes.

It is true that Edward Shen and Charlie Chen are too noticeable.

Where is the exclusive private club, that is the property of the Su family.

Even if some people don’t know that this is the property of the Su family, they also know that this place is definitely not a simple place, so they have always acted extremely carefully, and they dare not cause trouble.

But right now, someone was thrown out by the people in the clubhouse.

This is the first time!

“What’s the situation? Did these two people commit something? They were thrown out directly by Manager Wang’s people?” “I don’t know, looking at them like this, who should have offended someone?” “Oh,

I am really young and energetic, and I dare to offend others here. I really don’t know how to write dead words. I think I am a young man with a wealth of wealth, and I dare not cause trouble.

“… When everyone saw the appearance of Edward Shen and Charlie Chen, they immediately disdain. In their opinion, they can be kicked out, and in such a direct and indecent way, it shows that these two people have no background, otherwise it would be impossible in the club. Careless. “Damn it!

Dustin Zhou, I will definitely not let you go!

“Edward Shen listened to the people’s words, saw their disdainful eyes, and his heart was extremely angry, and only felt that a fire was burning in his heart. Thinking of him, the son of the Shen family was so insulted by Dustin Zhou, he couldn’t swallow this breath. Go down! “Shen Shao, Dustin Zhou is too much today. If we don’t fight back, then he will ride on our necks and sh*t in the future!

“Charlie Chen was also pale. He was originally pulled over by Edward Shen to meet Su Che. At first, Charlie Chen was still excited for a long time. After all, with his family background, it is still difficult to come into contact with a large family like the Su family, and Shen The introduction of Ze is undoubtedly a great opportunity. But he never expected that he would see Mira Xie here. What surprised him most was that when he and Edward Shen were preparing to do something, Dustin Zhou suddenly appeared, and Su Jiada Shao is still behind Dustin Zhou’s ass, like a small follower. When did Dustin Zhou have this kind of ability? Charlie Chen was frustrated and didn’t want to bear the discounted evil! “Fight back?

How to fight back?

Do you rely on your broken company?

“Edward Shen yelled. After the whitening storm mask was given to Charlie Chen as an agent, Edward Shenyuan hoped to make a lot of money, and by the way suppressed Enderia Shen and the famous company. But Mi thought that he had arranged so much publicity and even used the Shen family’s funds. After getting so many celebrity promotions, they still lost to the whitening factor mask. This incident is not only reduced to a laughing stock in Donghai City, but also spread throughout the country. Now all cosmetic companies in the country regard the whitening storm mask sales strategy as Negative textbook! “Shen Shao, the one inside is the Su Family Young Master, but isn’t Su Che also the Su Family Young Master?

And I also heard that Young Master Su Che has always been at odds with this Young Master Su. Do you think you should contact Young Master Su Che and tell him about the things here.

“Charlie Chen suggested. Right now, they have no way to compete with Su Wei. But Su Che is also the son of the Su family, so he will not be so passive when facing Su Wei! Edward Shen moved slightly in his heart and immediately called Su Che. Just a phone call. It has been several times, but no one has been connected. This makes the hearts of Edward Shen and Charlie Chen more and more sinking. “Does Lord Su Che know what’s going on here, regardless of us!”

“How can he


“Charlie Chen furiously said, feeling more and more resentful towards this Young Master Su Zhe who has not yet met! If he hadn’t come to see Su Zhe today, how could he meet Mira Xie here, and how could he be with Edward Shen? Let’s try something wrong with Mira Xie. In that way, he will not hit Dustin Zhou’s muzzle, so that he is embarrassed right now. “Just inside, you surround me here, and none of them are allowed to let go!

Dare to control the affairs of our Su family.

“However, at this moment, dozens of people rushed to the door of the clubhouse. The leader was even more angry and ordered his subordinates to surround the clubhouse. This action was really too big and shocked many people. When I saw this situation Something is wrong. Those who were still planning to enter the clubhouse have all pulled away. They don’t want to get involved in inexplicable battles. “Master Su Che!

“When Edward Shen saw the incoming person, he was shocked, and his face was instantly full of surprises. After an exclamation, he ran to Su Che. Naturally, Edward Shen recognized that the leading man was Su Che. It’s just that Su Che was also very embarrassed at the moment, the blood on his face was not dry, the kiss was purple, the scars were clearly visible, and the clothes on his body were also very messy. However, Edward Shen did not notice this. At this moment, he is all. Pay attention, there is only one point. When Young Master Su Che is here, he can get revenge on Dustin Zhou!

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