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Chapter 152

Edward Shen, how did you do this?

After seeing the person, Su Che recognized Edward Shen. But when he saw Edward Shen’s appearance at the moment, he couldn’t help but frowned and said coldly. In fact, Su Che didn’t put Edward Shen in his eyes very much. In the past, Edward Shen didn’t even have the qualifications to talk to Su Che. But now the fighting within the Su family is getting fiercer, and the pressure Su Shiqin feels is increasing. As a woman, she is inherently disadvantaged. So Su Shiqin has always Looking for foreign aid. As her son, Su Che has also been helping Su Shiqin on the run, and constantly seeking foreign aid in Donghai City. Although the Shen family is nothing in front of the Su family, it still has billions of assets, which helps Su Shiqin. There is still a little bit. However, even so, Su Che still looks disgusted when he sees what Edward Shen looks like now! “Master Su, we were thrown out by Wang Shigui!

“Speaking of Wang Shigui, Edward Shen is full of fire. I have seen it a few times before, and Edward Shen has also given Wang Shigui a lot of gifts, nearly one million. But this time, Wang Shigui, regardless of the reason, directly threw him out. This made Edward Shen feel resentful. “Wang Shigui?

Who else is there?

Su Che frowned when he heard Wang Shigui.

, Immediately asked.

“It seems that there is another Young Master Su…” Edward Shen hesitated.

“Huh! I really don’t know what’s good or bad! I dare to find something on my site. You will lead the way. This time, I must make him look good!” Su Che snorted coldly and greeted Edward Shen and Charlie Chen to lead the way. People, all following him, strode towards the clubhouse.

For a while, everyone backed back again and again for fear of getting into trouble.

“It’s over now, and I don’t know that it’s the unlucky ghost who is going to suffer!” “What’s the matter? Who are these people? It seems that the people are not good!” “Yes, this exclusive club is the property of the Su family.” , The desperate person dare to look for trouble here?” “You don’t even know this person? He is from the Su family, and Su Che is the capital of Su Che!” … When they heard Su Che’s name, everyone was shocked. , I don’t know, if you ask someone else, you are immediately shocked.

Su Che was very upset at the moment!

He was beaten!

Moreover, it was still in the Su family, and the party was beaten in the face of Su Shiming and his son.

Su Che couldn’t help getting angry when he thought of this, but when he was angry, it involved the scars on his face… At this time, Dustin Zhou was comforting Mira Xie.

Although he came in time and didn’t let Edward Shen and Charlie Chen do anything, he was unavoidably afraid.

If he came late, or if Edward Shen and Charlie Chen didn’t talk so much nonsense, then the consequences would be hard to imagine.

Wang Shigui asked Edward Shen and Charlie Chen to be dragged out and still outside the door, and he also wanted to please Dustin Zhou.

After all, how can someone who even Su Wei respect is an ordinary person!

Wang Shigui couldn’t grasp Dustin Zhou’s origin, but it was still necessary to pretend to be in front of Su Wei.

“You mean, you and your employees were kidnapped on the road?” Dustin Zhou asked in a deep voice.

Just now Mira Xie had told Dustin Zhou everything that had happened.

Mira Xie knew that this matter would definitely not be that simple, and looking at it this way, it seemed to have something to do with the Su family.

Although Mira Xie didn’t know what the Su Family really looked like, she could guess something in today’s scene.

And Mira Xie also knew that he was just a bait used, and the other party just wanted to use her to trap Dustin Zhou, the big fish.

“Well, I was brought here directly, and I don’t know where it is.” Mira Xie’s mood gradually calmed down, and he was not as scared as before.

In fact, Mira Xie is a very strong woman.

In the past, in work and life, no matter what difficulties she encountered, she was able to calmly face it.

Even when Yueji Beauty was in trouble, she still did not give up and stick to it for a long time.

But just

Before Dustin Zhou appeared, she did panic.

Mira Xie has always cherished fame, even if he had been married to Dustin Zhou for three years, nothing had been done between the two parties.

So facing Edward Shen’s shamelessness, Mira Xie felt flustered for the first time.

At that time, the person she was thinking of was Dustin Zhou.

Unexpectedly, how Dustin Zhou appeared. God knows how excited Mira Xie saw Dustin Zhou’s appearance, and could not speak at all.

“It’s so Yaxing! Dustin Zhou, you are in a disaster, and you dare to kiss me and me here!” At this moment, a scolding voice sounded.

Dustin Zhou turned to look, and saw that Edward Shen and Charlie Chen had just been thrown in, looking at him with disdain.

“Why are you here? It seems that you are not satisfied with the punishment just now?!” Dustin Zhou sneered.

He didn’t really deal with Edward Shen and Charlie. In addition to not wanting to get into trouble afterwards, he was more concerned about Enderia Shen’s face.

But if these two people really came to die, Dustin Zhou wouldn’t mind fulfilling them.

“Huh! What a big tone, Dustin Zhou, in my place, you still dare to speak wild words!” With a cold cry, Su Che walked out slowly and came to Dustin Zhou.

“Is it you?” Seeing Su Che, Dustin Zhou’s heart suddenly became clear.

It’s no wonder that Edward Shen and Charlie Chen dared to turn back because Su Che was backing them.

“Su Che, what do you want to do?” Seeing Su Che, Su Wei also snapped.

Although Su Che is Su Wei’s cousin, Su Wei’s position in the Su family is undoubtedly noble.

After all, he is the son of Su Shiming in the Su family.

“Hehe, my good brother, your friend is really amazing, even my mother dared to beat me, I tell you, today I am here to show you good looks!” Su Che said coldly, he brought it over Dozens of people have surrounded the entire private room, even if a fly can’t fly out.

Suddenly, the atmosphere between the two sides was extremely tense, and it seemed to feel like a sword.

“Su Che, don’t be too mad! This is not where you came from!” Su Wei snapped.

This time, there were not many people on their side, plus the twelve people he brought from the Su family, and there were no more than twenty people.

But Su Che, at a glance, knew that there were no fewer than fifty.

Once a conflict broke out between the two parties, if they wanted to do something, then he was definitely not Su Che’s opponent.

“Tingling!” Dustin Zhou’s cell phone rang suddenly when he was so nervous.

Dustin Zhou was expressionless and directly connected to the phone.

Dustin Zhou didn’t say a word, but after hanging up the phone, he chuckled strangely, looking at Su Che’s eyes, full of cold light!

Mira Xiehui

Being kidnapped suddenly was Su Han’s hand in finding someone to do it.

If it hadn’t come on time by himself, the consequences would not have been borne by Dustin Zhou at all.

Originally, if Su Che couldn’t come out, he would shrink into Su’s house, Dustin Zhou might still have nothing to do with him.

But right now, Su Che was still thinking about finding Dustin Zhou’s revenge, and he took the initiative to come to Dustin Zhou, so Dustin Zhou would never miss such an excellent opportunity.

“Shao Shao, it’s not OK, another group of people have come out!”

Chapter 153

“What’s the panic? What’s the situation outside, speak slowly!” Su Che stared at his men coldly, and said in a deep voice.

“Shao Shao, I don’t know what’s going on outside. A group of people have come. Now our clubhouse has been blocked. Our people want to go out and ask questions, but they are all stopped by them!” As soon as the little brother said something, everyone in the room They all looked different.

Su Che’s expression changed, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.

As for Edward Shen and Charlie Chen, a look of surprise flashed across their faces, but they immediately calmed down when they saw Su Zhe there.

Instead, it was Dustin Zhou, who was very calm from beginning to end, with a smile on his face.

“You didn’t tell them, is this the place of my Su family?” Su Che said coldly.

In Donghai City, as long as you reach a certain level, you will definitely have heard of the name of the Su family. In that case, most people don’t dare to make a mistake.

If the other party hasn’t heard of the Su Family, it means that the other party’s level is not enough, and then Su Che starts his men, and there is no need to keep his hands.

“Shao Shao, we said, but the place doesn’t care at all, and we have already rushed into the clubhouse, we can’t stop it at all!” The little brother wanted to say something, and a noise was heard.

And listening to the movement, definitely no less than a hundred people came!

Su Che’s face changed slightly, and his eyes gloomily looked at the side of the corridor.

Although he is from the Su family, he has a certain degree of shock.

But if the other party rushes over because they don’t know the strength of the Su Family, there are more than 50 people on Su Che’s side, it is impossible to be the opponent’s opponent.

In fact, it is true.

On the side of the promenade, a figure slowly appeared.

Su Che glanced at it, and he couldn’t see the end at all, as if people were connected to people, endlessly.

Suddenly, his heart sank.

Look at this, let alone a hundred people, I’m afraid there are two or three hundred people!

“Who are you? The leader will come out for me!” Su Che took a step forward and said coldly.

At this time, he actually didn’t have much confidence.

Fifty people against a hundred people, as long as they are not fools, they know that there is no chance of winning.

Although as the young master of his Su family, more people can be found.

But time is too late.

Wait until the rescuer he found comes

, The other party had already flattened him and left.

After Su Che finished speaking, Edward Shen and Charlie Chen, as well as his more than fifty subordinates, looked at each other nervously.

“Hehe, I am, you are Su Che?” I saw a young man walking out of the crowd of the other party, not looking big at any time, less than thirty years old, and came over with a chuckle.

“I am, who are you?” Su Che asked calmly.

“Haha.” “Slap!” The man chuckled and slapped Su Che’s face with a slap before everyone could react.

Moreover, this slap was very strong, directly slamming Su Che to the ground, nosebleeds flowing, and soon a pool of blood was left on the ground.

“Shao Su!” “Shao Su! Who are you guys who dare to do something with Su Shao and don’t want to live anymore?” “Hurry up and apologize, otherwise, none of you will want to leave here today!” … Su Che’s Seeing that he was beaten, everyone was immediately angry, and quickly stepped forward to check Su Che’s injuries, and at the same time sternly threatened the man.

The words of these little brothers have no effect on young men at all.

I saw the young man chuckled and shook his head, then slowly walked towards Dustin Zhou.

“Mr. Zhou, we are late!” After the man said, he saluted Dustin Zhou.

Suddenly, everyone in the audience was shocked.

“It’s impossible! Who are you?” “He is just a son-in-law, Dustin Zhou, don’t pretend to be here!” Edward Shenhao Charlie Chen’s eyes widened, and he couldn’t believe what he saw before him.

More than a hundred people from the other party came up and knocked down Su Che without saying anything. They didn’t put the Su family in their eyes at all, but they respected Dustin Zhou so much.

All this is illogical at all!

Su Che, who was supported by his younger brother, was even more shocked when he saw this scene.

He had obviously investigated Dustin Zhou before and knew that Dustin Zhou was just a shareholder of the famous company, the son-in-law of the Xie family. There was no information at all that Dustin Zhou would know such a person.

Hundreds of people were dispatched at every turn, and there were very few people in Donghai City who were not afraid of the Su family.

But it has nothing to do with Dustin Zhou at all.

Not only them, Su Wei was also surprised when he looked at the man standing in front of Dustin Zhou.

He also thought about letting Uncle Gong take action if his dozen or so people couldn’t handle Su Che’s people.

But he didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to still have this kind of energy.

Su Wei was inexplicably excited when he thought of his father Su Shiming’s solicitation of Dustin Zhou, and that he wanted to approve of Niu Chuan.

Mira Xie stared at Dustin Zhou’s

The side face, under the brilliant light, exudes a soft white light.

In an instant, Mira Xie seemed to be back three years ago, when he and Dustin Zhou were married.

However, three years have passed in a flash, and now Dustin Zhou has become more and more incomprehensible to her.

“You are here. After you go back, thank you Master Tiger for me.” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly when he looked at the person in front of him.

“Mr. Zhou is polite, Lord Tiger has ordered, let us all listen to Mr. Zhou!” The man said with a smile.

And this man is Brother Pao!

When rushing to the clubhouse from the Su family before, Dustin Zhou asked Niu Chuan to call Lord Tiger and borrow from him, the more the better.

Dustin Zhou thought that borrowing dozens of people should not be a big problem based on his relationship with Lord Tiger.

After all, once again before, Dustin Zhou borrowed someone from Lord Tiger, and it was Brother Pao who brought a dozen people to support the venue.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t expect that Master Tiger would let Brother Pao bring so many people this time.

Dustin Zhou chuckled in his heart, but he still didn’t explain clearly in his heart, otherwise it would be almost enough if only a few dozen people were needed.

“Mr. Zhou, how do you deal with these people?” Brother Pao pointed at Su Che, Edward Shen and Charlie Chen, and asked in a deep voice.

In the eyes of Brother Pao, these people are nothing at all. As long as he wants, he can directly interrupt their legs, and afterwards, the other party’s family dare not pursue it.

However, Lord Tiger had ordered before he came, everything was subject to Dustin Zhou, so Brother Pao wouldn’t make his own claim, and everything was just subject to Dustin Zhou’s orders.

“I’m Su Che from the Su Family. If you dare to mess around, the Su Family will not let you go!” Su Che was shocked when he heard this.

He knew that he had sent someone to kidnap Dustin Zhou’s wife, and he had already made Dustin Zhou angry, and he wanted to kill himself.

But with the Su family, Su Che measured Dustin Zhou and did not dare to act rashly.

But right now, if this person who doesn’t know what force helps Dustin Zhou, then Dustin Zhou is likely to retaliate directly.

So Su Che wanted to use the name of the Su family for the final argument.

If Brother Pao is afraid of the Su family, Su Che can leave safely.

Otherwise, Su Che would be chilled and dare not think about the consequences.

Chapter 154


As soon as Su Che’s voice fell, the audience was silent.

Su Che, Edward Shen, Charlie Chen, and the younger brother Su Che brought over were surrounded by Brother Pao’s people. The situation was unknown, and they dared not speak at all.

On Dustin Zhou’s side, Su Che’s threat was not taken seriously.

Not to mention that the Su family is now in constant internal disputes, whether it is a question of whether to get out for Su Che.

Even if the Su family would make an appearance for Su Che, Dustin Zhou was not afraid.

When the time comes, let Asher Chen deal with it.

“Huh! Su Family? Su Family is something.” It’s just that Brother Pao didn’t care about Su Che’s threat.

Generally, people at a certain level, when they hear the name of the Su family, are sincere and frightened, for fear of offending the Su family and inviting revenge.

But Brother Pao didn’t seem to be afraid at all.

Dustin Zhou looked at Brother Pao, thinking about it.

Brother Pao himself should not have so much energy to deal with the Su family.

Then, Brother Pao should take advantage of the power of Lord Tiger behind him.

Thinking of Lord Tiger, Dustin Zhou narrowed his eyes slightly and became more and more interested in Lord Tiger’s identity.

It’s just that for now, the cooperation between Dustin Zhou and Tiger Lord is still smooth and harmonious, and Dustin Zhou doesn’t want to be able to trace the identity of Tiger Lord, otherwise, there will be a gap between the two sides.

And this gap, once created, is difficult to erase.

So Dustin Zhou now only hopes that his cooperation with Lord Tiger will go smoothly. As for his true identity, he will know his true identity to a certain extent.

“You! If you have a kind, please report your name. You can insult our Su family?” Su Che was anxious and gritted his teeth when he saw Brother Pao so disdainful.

After all these years, if outsiders know that he is the young master of the Su family, who is not respectful and pleased in every way?

Even so, Su Che would pick and choose, not to be amiable to everyone.

But now, Brother Pao says what the Su family is?

This is undoubtedly provoking the name and majesty of the Su family.

“Just you, do you deserve to know who I am?” Brother Pao glanced at Su Che with a squint, and suddenly sneered.

Dustin Zhou watched the dialogue between the two people behind, and suddenly felt speechless.

Brother Pao’s pretense is too real, and I don’t know if he used to pretend like this in front of Lord Tiger.

“What do you want?” Seeing that the other party’s oil and salt couldn’t get in, Su Che couldn’t help it.

Right now they are showing weakness. Once they really fight, the more than fifty people on their side are not opponents of the other party at all, and they may be wiped out in a moment.

Therefore, Su Che wants to negotiate terms with Brother Pao!

Since there are not as many people on my side as you and can’t beat you, then we can sit down and negotiate terms. It is always possible!

What do you want, I give it, and then you let me go!

This is what Su Che is thinking at the moment.

But after leaving,

Whether or not to take revenge is not something that needs to be expressed right now.

“Mr. Zhou, look.” Brother Pao looked at Dustin Zhou and asked softly.

“Listen to what he said.” Dustin Zhou was silent for a moment, then readily agreed.

But since it’s a negotiation, it depends on the sincerity of the other party.

Dustin Zhou wanted to see first what kind of conditions Su Che could offer.

If you are satisfied, you can spare his life.

But if you are not satisfied, I am afraid the result will not be very good.

“Five million! As long as you let us go, five million will be delivered immediately!” Su Che said proudly.

Five million, it’s not very expensive for people like themselves to retreat.

With such a small amount of money, the Su family would have it in his pocket.

He checked Dustin Zhou’s details and knew that he was a son-in-law.

Although Dustin Zhou is a shareholder of Mingyang, Su Zhe doesn’t feel that a son-in-law can have many shares.

Five million, for them, should be a sky-high price.

Su Che thought of it.

“Fight!” Su Che hadn’t seen Brother Pao’s reaction, but Dustin Zhou coldly hummed a word behind him.

And this sentence has only one word.


Just kidding, five million?

When I Dustin Zhou was a beggar?

Master’s shares in the famous company go up and down tens of millions every minute. Will Master value you five million?

Dustin Zhou sneered in his heart. This Su Che was too unsuccessful. He gave him a chance, but he wanted to play tricks.

Brother Pao didn’t say anything, he went straight up, put his foot on Su Che’s back, and knocked Su Che to the ground, groaning and moaning constantly.

But this time was too fast, Su Che’s men, Edward Shen, and Charlie Chen wanted to stop them, but they were too late and could only watch Su Che being kicked to the ground.

“Why are you still beating people? Didn’t Su Dasha tell you five million?” Charlie Chen snapped.

Right now he and Edward Shen have nowhere to go, they can only make a desperate bet.

However, Edward Shen now has no masters, and has no independent opinions at all. Charlie Chen can only protest by himself.

“Five million? This is your sincerity?” Dustin Zhou said lightly, not looking at Su Che’s group at all.

Dustin Zhou also learned a lot about the Su family today.

Such a big family, and the existence of a young master, only took out five million, which is purely disgusting.

Dustin Zhou naturally cannot tolerate such a situation.

“Ten million! I can only take out ten million.” Su Che struggled to get up, and with the help of his younger brother, he took a few deep breaths, and finally healed.

Although Brother Cannon hit him twice, he kept his hands and didn’t cause much harm to him.

Seeing Su Che still dwindling, Dustin Zhou’s patience is slowly eroding.

“One hundred million!” Dustin Zhou said astonishing, not only

The people on Su Che couldn’t believe it, even Brother Pao, Su Wei, and Mira Xie were surprised.

A billion?

This is too loud!

Even Mira Xie felt so!

Feeling Mira Xie’s surprised gaze, Dustin Zhou smiled slightly.

“Since they dare to move you, it means that they have made such preparations. One hundred million is not too much.” “How about? Will it work, one sentence!” Su Che took a long time to react, and Dustin Zhou actually said something. Billion!

“Why don’t you grab it?” Su Che really wanted to yell at him, but the jealous Brother Pao was not far in front of him.

If you feel unhappy, let Brother Pao come up and beat yourself, that would not be a big disadvantage!

Su Che’s face was tense, and his face was full of anger.

The ten million he said before is already his personal limit.

Although he is the young master of the Su family, he is not a direct line after all, and the resources on his hand are inherently limited.

If it weren’t for this time, because of his mother, he might not even have five million.

But now, Dustin Zhou said one hundred million.

Su Che couldn’t get the money by himself anyway, so he could only ask for help from the Su family.

But once the Su family members know, especially Su Shiming, the situation of Su Che and Su Shiqin will be very dangerous.

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