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Chapter 155

Dustin Zhou’s patience was limited, and there was not much conflict between him and Su Che.

Even if there are more disputes within their Su family, it is also within their own family.

Dustin Zhou, an outsider, didn’t have much interest in participating.

However, Su Shiqin and Su Che thought self-righteously that Dustin Zhou was Su Shiming’s helper, so they made things difficult.

Even Su Che directly sent someone to hijack Mira Xie, trying to threaten Dustin Zhou with this. This undoubtedly touched Dustin Zhou’s negative scale!

Even if Dustin Zhou had a good temper, he would not tolerate Su Che.

“Why, can’t it be that the young Su family can’t even get 100 million?” Dustin Zhou sneered.

He didn’t want Su Che to give out 100 million, but just wanted to refute his face and make him unable to hold his head up in front of everyone and Su’s family.

In this way, it will make him more painful than physically punishing him.

“The surname Zhou, don’t be overwhelmed, don’t you be afraid that our Su family will be held accountable afterwards!” “Do you think that a small well-known company can keep you?” Su Che’s face was pale, but when he thought of being caught today Dustin Zhou was so insulted that he was immediately angry.

I think he is dignified, Young Master Su, when has he suffered this kind of grievance before, and when did everyone treat him with respect.

But today, everything was originally under his control, but because of Dustin Zhou’s appearance, everything

It’s all messed up.

Not only did he fail to teach Dustin Zhou a good lesson and earn a face for his mother Su Shiqin in the Su family, on the contrary, it was here that Dustin Zhou ridiculed him so much.

You know, there are many people in this private club who know Su Che, and at the same time they can speak in front of the Su family.

Once what happened today is spread to the ears of the Su family, the tension between the two sides of the Su family for such a long time is likely to tilt instantly!

“Hehe, still dare to threaten me! Chuanzi!” Dustin Zhou sneered, then called Niu Chuan in a deep voice.

When I saw Niu Chuan didn’t say much, he just walked forward quickly and kicked Su Zhe again before everyone else could react.

Immediately, Su Che’s originally injured body could not bear Niu Chuan’s foot at all, and was kicked out by the huge impact, hitting several people in a row before he could stop.

This was too sudden, and everyone did not react.

When everyone reacted.

, Su Che was already lying limp on the ground, his breath wilted.

Suddenly, everyone was shocked. They didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to be so cruel, and they seemed to want to kill Su Che.

However, Edward Shen and Charlie Chen both trembled. They trembled all over, and leaned their heads to the ground. They didn’t dare to look at Dustin Zhou at all, for fear that Dustin Zhou would trouble them.

“Don’t worry, you can’t die.” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly.

His previous personal settings were basically softer, and generally did not conflict with others.

So even if he had been on a blind date with Niu Chuan before, and was jumped by the little Huang Mao Zhang Chu, he didn’t beat him.

But this time is different, Su Zhe moved Mira Xie’s thoughts.

Since he dared to move such an idea, Dustin Zhou would also be ruthless.

All of Su Che’s subordinates looked at each other and were at a loss for a moment. They just looked at me and I looked at you. They stayed in place, not knowing what to do.

Dustin Zhou even dared to make such a cruel hand by Su Che, indicating that he was not afraid of the Su family at all.

That being the case, let alone people like their little brothers.

Brother Pao had a smile on his face, and he was slightly awe-inspiring, but he didn’t show anything, but he decided to go back and tell Lord Tiger exactly what happened here.

Su Wei and Uncle Gong were silent and did not try to dissuade Dustin Zhou, which surprised those who recognized Su Wei’s identity.

“Master Su, there was originally no grievance between me and you, but you shouldn’t, you shouldn’t, have moved the idea of ​​kidnapping my wife.” “Only this one, you are doing it yourself today!” Dustin Zhou sneered forward. Two steps.

When Su Che’s subordinates saw this, they all took two steps back automatically, keeping a certain distance from Dustin Zhou.


It’s just Su Che’s little brother, who usually relies on Su Che for his food, but that doesn’t mean he has to work for Su Che.

Su Che is backed by the Su family, and under normal circumstances nothing will happen, but they are all ordinary people and will not put themselves in a dangerous situation.

But right now, they think it’s extremely dangerous. Once the situation is wrong, Dustin Zhou may act on them at any time!

Dustin Zhoudi didn’t know the thoughts of these people at all, nor did they want to know.

Right now, he just wanted to get out of his breath.

I have never offended Mira Xie at all. What kind of green onion he is Su Che, dare to treat Mira Xie like this.

In addition, there are Edward Shen and Charlie Chen, these two people are unwilling to die, thinking that they can sit back and relax and deal with Dustin Zhou, which is really whimsical.

“I’ll give it! Don’t do it anymore!” “I don’t have that much money, I want to notify the people of the Su family to send it.” Su Che’s breath was weak, and he whispered with difficulty.

But it was so, everyone present could hear it clearly.

Suddenly, everyone was shocked.

That’s a billion!

Among all the people present, those with a net worth of tens of millions can be counted, let alone a net worth of hundreds of millions.

Dustin Zhou was taken aback for a moment. He didn’t expect that Su Che would actually agree at this time. After being shocked in his heart, he was relieved.

One hundred million is also one hundred million, which can also play a significant role in the development of one’s future career.

“It’s easy to say, since Master Su is willing to compensate, then I’m relieved, but since Master Su agreed, why didn’t he say it earlier and have to suffer the pain?” “Let Master Su call someone from the Su family?” , My time is limited, only one hour!” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly, and cast a look at Niu Chuan.

Niu Chuan immediately stepped forward, took out his mobile phone, and asked Su Che to call Su’s family.

…… Although one hundred million is not a small amount of money, Su Zhe is the young master of the Su family anyway, and right now, his mother Su Shiqin and Su Shiming are evenly matched, and there are great signs of controlling the Su family.

So Su’s movements are very fast.

In less than an hour, just over forty minutes, the Su family sent a hundred million yuan.

“Quick! I didn’t expect Master Su to be such a cheerful person. If so, I won’t embarrass you, but if there is such a good thing in the future, please don’t forget me! Haha.” Dustin Zhou received one hundred million and was in a good mood. , Inevitably ridiculed Su Che.

Su Zhe glared at Dustin Zhou when he heard the words, his breath tightened, and he passed out directly.

His little brother, as well as the people from the Su family who had just come here, panicked and carried Su Che to go out.

And this scene was clearly seen by the guests in the clubhouse.

At first they were surprised at who actually made Su Che like this.

After hearing some wind, confirm the ins and outs of the matter

, Dustin Zhou’s name began to circulate among the people.

Chapter 156

In fact, Dustin Zhou has always been a sincere and indifferent temperament.

No matter what, as long as it doesn’t involve his bottom line, he will never go to the bottom.

But this time, Su Che angered Dustin Zhou’s Ni Lin, so Dustin Zhou didn’t need to be polite to Su Che at all.

After Su Che was carried away by the younger brother, the scene suddenly became relaxed.

“I didn’t expect Mr. Zhou to have such a method, but I was impressed.” Brother Pao stepped forward, smiling and arching his hands.

He followed the Tiger Lord. Although Tiger Lord and Dustin Zhou were sitting on an equal footing, Brother Pao held his own identity and walked on a different path from Dustin Zhou. Therefore, he has always made friends with ordinary hearts.

But this time, Brother Pao discovered that almost all of his previous knowledge of Dustin Zhou was wrong.

Just like it happened.

In Brother Pao’s impression, Dustin Zhou has never been a cruel person.

But this time, facing the young master of the Su family, Dustin Zhou’s shot was fierce, fast and cruel.

Not only did Su Che suffer a big loss, but he also struck him hard.

You know, even if it is Brother Pao, his net worth is not hundreds of millions.

But when he watched Dustin Zhou’s understatement, he got 100 million from Su Che, saying that he didn’t envy it, that was impossible.

But Brother Pao knows the severity and knows that such things are not always there.

“Hehe, let Brother Pao read the joke, this time I still have to thank Brother Pao for bringing so many brothers to help. This is a little bit of a trivial matter, just as I invited brothers to drink.” Dustin Zhou smiled and took out a bank card. Pass it directly to Brother Pao.

To be honest, Dustin Zhou has asked Lord Tiger for help several times.

And Hu Ye always find Brother Pao to do things.

Although he hadn’t said it before, this time Dustin Zhou got 100 million in front of so many people.

If there is still nothing to say, then Dustin Zhou would find it difficult to ask them for help in the future.

Brother Pao raised his brows, smiled and took the bank card, and didn’t feel anything wrong.

Just because it is a bank card, I don’t know how much money is in it, and Brother Pao can’t help but guess.

It stands to reason that there were nearly two hundred people on his side this time, and Dustin Zhou had just got one hundred million, not to mention a few hundred thousand, which seemed a bit stingy.

But Brother Pao wouldn’t ask in public, but he planned to check again after he went back, so he had a good idea.

“Since the matter here has been resolved, then we will leave, Lord Tiger said, as long as Mr. Zhou has any instructions, he can directly find me.” Brother Pao said a few polite words, and led everyone away.

There are nearly two hundred people in the mighty, so that everyone in the club is looking at them.

Don’t dare to move.

After leaving the club, Brother Pao took a deep breath, inevitably having some thoughts in his heart.

Although it is said that following Tiger Lord is not small and can make a lot of money, it is not the same thing after all.

When anyone mentions Brother Pao, it is inevitable that he is a subordinate of Lord Tiger.

It’s not that it’s so bad, it’s just that Brother Pao wants to have his own face, instead of relying on Tiger Master.

But if you leave Tiger Lord, with Pao’s own strength, he will not be ranked in the huge Donghai City.

“Check, how much money is in this card.” Brother Pao put away his thoughts, and handed the card that Dustin Zhou had just given to the younger brother to check the balance inside.

“Brother Pao, this…” The little brother inquired, and was suddenly speechless in surprise.

“What’s the matter?” Brother Pao raised his brows, took the POS machine in his hand, and suddenly saw the balance displayed on it, and couldn’t help taking a deep breath.

Ten million!

There are 10 million in this card!

You know, Dustin Zhou just received only 100 million from the Su family.

But he gave 10 million to Brother Pao.

For a moment, Brother Pao and his men were all stunned.

“Huh!” After a long while, Brother Pao took a long breath, struggling on his face, and gradually began to care about it.

“Go, let’s go back.” … At this time, Su Che’s people are gone, Pao Brothers’s people are gone, only Dustin Zhou and some people brought by Su Wei and Uncle Gong are left.

“Boss, Master, fortunately Su Zhe and the others did not do anything inferior to animals, otherwise, our Su family will be to blame!” Su Wei was a little frustrated.

Although Su Che represents the Su Shiqin line, which is different from his line, in the final analysis, they are all from the Su family.

Right now, Su Zhe offended Dustin Zhou and threatened Mira Xie, which already angered Dustin Zhou.

Su Wei was naturally very upset when he saw what happened just now.

Without this, maybe his father, Su Shiming, would have won Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan.

That way, in the battle for family authority, Su Shiming’s line of chance will be even greater.

“This matter has nothing to do with you, and you don’t need to blame yourself.” Dustin Zhou waved his hand and comforted softly.

In fact, Dustin Zhou not only didn’t mean to blame Su Wei, on the contrary, he would still thank him in his heart.

If it hadn’t been for him to invite himself to Su’s house, how could he encounter Su Che and conflict, so that Su Che would target Mira Xie.

Although there may be some unfairness to Mira Xie, he was frightened.

But for Dustin Zhou, it was a beautiful thing.

Seeing Mira Xie, who was nestled in his arms and looked exhausted, Dustin Zhou was very satisfied.

It has been more than three years since getting married, and Dustin Zhou has never been so close to Mira Xie.

This time,

The relationship between the two sides has improved a little, and Dustin Zhou is also very happy.

“Don’t worry, boss, Su Che will never appear in front of you again!” Although Dustin Zhou did not blame, Su Wei still blamed himself very much, and at the same time, he became more determined. After preparing to go back, he will unite with Su Shiming to deal with Su Shiqin’s line.

After all, he has been in charge of the Su family for more than ten years, and Su Shiming’s wrist and control power are always more than that of Su Shiqin.

Soon, a group of people left the club. Along the way, many people stopped and looked at a few people, but no one dared to step forward to stop them.

After all, even Su Che was carried out by the younger brother, they didn’t dare to step forward and offend others.

After Dustin Zhou returned to the company with Mira Xie, what happened in the club also spread like wildfire.

Many people who have been suppressed by Su Che laughed after hearing this, saying that this time they are very relieved, and the wicked will always have the wicked grind!

In their opinion, Su Che is already a villain, so the person who can subdue the villain must be someone worse than Su Che.

Some people who had a gap with Dustin Zhou were even more angry.

Sun family.

“What is Dustin Zhou coming from? Your investigation is completely incomplete? Even Su Che is not that kid’s opponent. It is impossible to say that the other party is just such a little background!” Sun Tian looked at his men with a gloomy expression. The files sorted out include some information about Dustin Zhou in the city.

All the information from Dustin Zhou to Donghai City to the present is sorted out.

It’s just that there is nothing surprising about the above, which makes Sun Tian very puzzled.

Chapter 157

“Donghai Evening News” newspaper editor’s office.

Chen Zhen and the group were sitting together at this time, and the expressions on everyone’s faces were very serious, as if they had encountered some unsolvable problem.

“Editor-in-chief, Dustin Zhou is making trouble everywhere! The Su family has already called me just now, let’s poke it out.” Zhao Zhengdao’s face was joyful, and his eyes were looking forward to Chen Zhen.

The last time he contradicted Dustin Zhou, he was refuted by Sun Yue on the spot.

Subsequently, the Media Association issued an order to remove Zhao Zhengdao from his position and ban Zhao Zhengdao from the entire media industry.

So until now, Zhao Zhengdao has not returned to work in the media industry.

And he can sit here because of his close relationship with Chen Zhen, and he has been listed in the “Donghai Evening News”.

For a long time, Zhao Zhengdao hated Dustin Zhou very much, and looked forward to tripping Dustin Zhou.

It’s just that there has been no chance, and this time, with the help of the Su family, Zhao Zhengdao saw hope.

“Yeah, uncle, think about it, if it weren’t for Dustin Zhou, you would have been promoted to editor-in-chief this time, how could you be preempted by that surname Yang?” Chen

Haonan also said with indignation.

Hearing this, Chen Zhen’s originally indifferent expression suddenly became gloomy.

Just last month, the original editor-in-chief of the “Donghai Evening News” was old and was about to retire.

The successor to the editor-in-chief is selected from several deputy editors.

Originally, Chen Zhen, as a senior deputy editor-in-chief, had led several big fire columns before, so there was a great chance of succession as the editor-in-chief.

But in the end, Yang Wen, another deputy editor-in-chief, became the editor-in-chief.

Compared with Chen Zhen, this Yang Wen has less seniority and prestige.

If it were normal, Yang Wen would never be selected as the editor-in-chief.

But because of the secret support of the media industry association, the boss behind the “Donghai Evening News” secretly instructed Yang Wen to be elected as the editor-in-chief.

Chen Zhen is not a fool, just a little thought, he knows where the problem is.

Dustin Zhou!

Chen Zhen had offended Dustin Zhou before, and the association was led by Dustin Zhou.

There is no need to think about what it means.

“But now the association has considerable power, and most of the media companies in Donghai City have joined the association. If we report this incident rashly, I am afraid it will offend the entire media industry.” An editor in chief said with a worried look.

In fact, he is not alone in worrying about this. Several other editors and editors are also very concerned.

You know, even though they belong to Chen Zhen’s family in the “Donghai Evening News”, they are just worshipping the mountain.

They can follow Chen Zhen’s arrangements for certain matters within the “Donghai Evening News”, and support Chen Zhen if necessary.

But now it involves confrontation with the association, they have to deal with it carefully.

You know, the lessons learned by the three Zhao Zhengdao have just happened, and they don’t want to be completely blocked by the Association in the entire Donghai City.

“How can you do this! As a layman, Dustin Zhou actually set foot in our media industry, and also joined other people to act arbitrarily, shouldn’t we resist?” Chen Haonan slammed the table and glared at the editor-in-chief who just spoke.

The editor-in-chief also turned gloomy in an instant.

To say that Chen Zhen said this, although he was unhappy in his heart, but he couldn’t say anything.

After all, Chen Zhen is the editor’s superior.

But what is your Chen Haonan?

If it weren’t for the reason that you are Chen Zhen’s nephew, no one of you here will kill you!

“Speaking lightly, you will be banned by the association at that time, can you solve it? Or, you are responsible for all the responsibilities?” the editor-in-chief said coldly.

“You!” Chen Haonan was furious and was about to stand up to refute.

“Shut up! Don’t say anything!” Chen Zhen snapped.

The atmosphere in the entire office suddenly fell into tension.

Right now, everyone is facing a dilemma.

Lean to the Association, and Dustin Zhou

Bury the hatchet.

Or to join the Su family, compete with the Association and Dustin Zhou, and win the right to speak in the media industry in Donghai City!

… Dustin Zhou didn’t know about the outside affairs, and he was not interested in knowing it for the time being.

After resolving Su Che and returning to the company, Mira Xie has been avoiding Dustin Zhou for several days.

This made Dustin Zhou extremely depressed.

You know, even if you sometimes met at Mingyang, Dustin Zhou took the initiative to greet him, but Mira Xie ignored him and treated Dustin Zhou as an air person.

“What? A conflict with Mira?” At this moment, in Enderia Shen’s office, Dustin Zhouzheng looked at the file helplessly.

This is the data that has just been summarized. It is all the sales data of the whitening factor mask in Donghai City in the past month.

It includes not only the total number of sales, how much sales in each region, but also some data comparison with other brand masks.

Dustin Zhou looked a little big, because there was something in his heart, so he couldn’t concentrate.

Now that Enderia Shen said so, Dustin Zhou suddenly turned his eyes and threw the file back on the desk, leaned back on the chair, and gave a wry smile.

“It doesn’t count.” “By the way, did your cheap brother go back and file a complaint in front of your father?” Dustin Zhou chuckled, but suddenly asked Edward Shen.

Last time in the clubhouse, Dustin Zhou not only cleaned up Su Zhe, but also Edward Shen and Charlie Chen.

According to Dustin Zhou’s understanding of Edward Shen, being so bullied by himself, he would definitely complain vigorously in front of Shen Weiyan, and then accuse Dustin Zhou of no good, wanting to fight back.

“Being bullied by you like that, he has a face to complain, and it is estimated that the Shen family has no face to listen!” “But I know a little bit about it, aren’t you worried? If the Su family retaliates, I can’t bear it!” Enderia Shen said As he spoke, his face became serious.

This is not her alarmist talk.

Although the well-known company has good prospects, the sales of whitening factor masks are also very smooth.

But in front of the Su family, it was still like a cloud and mud difference.

Not to mention the Su family’s contacts in the East China Sea, just a little bit of their industries in various industries can give a big impact to the famous company!

Even if Mingyang has sold billions of whitening factor masks, the net profit is only one billion due to cost reasons.

This is nothing in front of the Su family.

Dustin Zhou was silent for a long time, and he also knew that Enderia Shen was right, but things had happened, and it was too late to consider the consequences.

If the Su family is really ready to retaliate, Dustin Zhou is not incapable of responding.

However, when the time comes, he will worry about explaining to Mira Xie again.

“Boom, boom, boom!” “Mr. Shen, Mr. Zhou, watch these news!” At this moment, there was a sound

There was a knock on the door, and Sara Ye soon pushed the door and entered, with a solemn expression, holding the document and handing it to Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou.

“Now many reporters outside have said that they want to see Mr. Zhou and conduct interviews. I asked them to stop them, but it won’t be long.” Sara Ye’s tone was very solemn, and there was a trace of worry on his face.

While Dustin Zhou looked at the file in his hand, he was expressionless, only a trace of shadow flashed under his eyes.

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