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Chapter 683

“You also know that Li Mingfeng is from the Donghai Li family. To tell you the truth, such a person has an extraordinary identity and background. If they want to retaliate against someone, it is easy and simple, especially you. This has no background.” Dustin Zhou looked solemn, but tried to relax his tone a little bit.

After all, as Liu Xue, it is very likely that he would never come into contact with a big family like the Li family in his lifetime.

And Liu Xue, it is very likely that some of the big families like the Li family

The strength is not very understanding.

It is true that Dustin Zhou is not worried about revenge from the Li family or even the Cai family.

Because Dustin Zhou is not alone, in addition to having a community of interests, he also has a real martial master like Niu Chuan by his side.

So even if the Cai family really had a master of martial arts, in the face of Niu Chuan, they wouldn’t really be in trouble with Dustin Zhou.

After all, unless the Cai family is sure to take Niu Chuan, it would be very unwise to offend a martial artist as young as Niu Chuan.

Dustin Zhou’s words are very simple and simple, but the meaning is very straightforward.

The Li family is not something that Liu Xue can contend with.

“Mr. Zhou, what should I do then.” Liu Xue faintly guessed what Dustin Zhou was going to say, but after all she was unwilling.

After finally graduating from Tunghai University, and then entering the dream of many people to work in Lvjingwan City, worked hard for half a year before becoming a business manager.

If you have to make a choice, it seems that you can only choose to leave the East China Sea.

But in this case, all Liu Xue’s previous efforts will be wasted.

“It seems that you should have guessed what I am going to say next. That’s right.” “The Li family is now a giant in the East China Sea, and most people don’t dare to take it lightly. What’s more, there is a Cai family. If two people’s families are enmity with, there are only a few people and families in the East China Sea that can contend, but Liu Xue, you must know that such a huge energy is definitely not something you can contend.” “That’s why I was looking for it. Li Mingfeng asked for so much money as compensation for you. Your best choice is to seize the time to leave the East China Sea.” Dustin Zhou said quietly while watching Liu Xue’s reaction.

For Liu Xue, Dustin Zhou really didn’t want her to be hurt.

Otherwise, when Dustin Zhou was in the Mountain Mist Clubhouse before, he would not come forward easily, and now he would not say such things with heartfelt words.

What’s more, the fifty million is completely enough for Liu Xue, and it is enough to live a very moisturized life wherever she goes.

“What? Leaving the East China Sea? Why do you want to leave the East China Sea? Does the Li family and the Cai family dare to continue to do nothing against Xiaoxue? Is there any king law?” At this moment, Zhou Mu exclaimed. Holding Liu Xue’s hand, his face was full of solemnity of protecting the calf.

At the same time, Zhou Mu stared at Dustin Zhou directly, as if he had done something irritating to Liu Xue.

“Let’s not go, Xiaoxue, you are here, I see who dares to treat you, the big deal, let Xiaoxue live here.” This time, Zhou Mu seemed determined not to let Liu Xue leave the East China Sea, but she didn’t. Think about it, just say this.

The voice fell off

, Not only Dustin Zhou, but even Liu Xue looked at Zhou Mu with astonishment.

Zhou Mu’s words have never been told to anyone before, but now that they are suddenly said, how can they not be surprised.

You know, this house currently only lives in Zhou Mu alone.

Occasionally, Dustin Zhou would come to stay for a few days.

So far, Mira Xie’s real wife has never been here.

But now, Zhou Mu actually said that Liu Xue should live here directly.

what is this?

So what do you think of Mira Xie’s genuine wife?

“Auntie, no, this can’t be done. Mr. Zhou is also for my own good. If it weren’t for Mr. Zhou today, I would probably not be able to come back. I can’t add trouble to Mr. Zhou anymore.” Liu Xue’s face flushed and kept flushing. At the back of the ears, even the snow-white neck is blush.

Hearing what Zhou Mu said, Liu Xue’s face was full of shock and inconceivability, her face blushing, and a trace of longing faintly.

However, Liu Xue knew that this was nothing but Zhou Mu’s casual remarks for a while, and it couldn’t count at all.

What’s more, Liu Xue knew that the relationship between herself and Dustin Zhou was at best an ordinary friendship, and this relationship was probably only a friendship like a ride.

In this case, it is impossible for Liu Xue to live here directly.

“Mom, don’t talk nonsense. What is it like Liu Xue lives here? If Mira finds out, how can I explain it?” Dustin Zhou frowned, glanced at his mother, and there was also a hint of dissatisfaction on his face.

He also knew that Zhou’s mother was just a nonsense spoken out in a moment of urgency, but if this was said, it meant that Zhou’s mother had such thoughts once.

Dustin Zhou knew that such an idea was very dangerous.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know when his mother’s perception of Mira Xie became worse and worse. He even mentioned Mira Xie more than a dozen times in front of him a day before, but now he hasn’t mentioned it once or even once a day.


The change of attitude naturally cannot escape Dustin Zhou’s attention.

Dustin Zhou also knew that his mother might have an opinion on Mira Xie.

After all, no matter what, Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie have been married for three years, and the relationship between the two is so bad. Almost everyone in the Xie family has a very bad attitude towards Zhou Mu and Dustin Zhou.

More importantly, Zhou Mu seemed to see no hope for her future grandson from Mira Xie.

Dustin Zhou wiped his forehead lightly. He didn’t hold back for a while, thinking about a lot of things.

However, it is precisely because of a lot of thoughts that Dustin Zhou now feels that even if he is absent this time, Zhou Mu has been worrying about his affairs.

Dustin Zhou lowered his head slightly, his face was full of guilt.

“Oh, I’m confused, but, Dustin Zhou, you can’t just leave the East China Sea like Xiaoxue. She has finally worked hard to gain a foothold in the East China Sea. At this time, when she leaves, everything before that, isn’t it all empty of a bamboo basket? Zhou Mu obviously realized that she had overstepped what she said, and quickly got serious, but in words, she did not hide her worries about Liu Xue at all.

“By the way, Dustin Zhou, aren’t you working at Mingyang Company now? Think about how to transfer Xiaoxue to your company to work. In this way, you can take care of a little while on the way to and from get off work. , What about the Li family, the Cai family dare to come to the door to make trouble?” Suddenly, Zhou’s mother showed a smile on her face and said brightly in front of her eyes.

The more I talked, the more Zhou Mu felt that this was a very good way.

As long as you are in Donghai, where do you work, not work?

What’s more, if Liu Xue went to work at Mingyang, Dustin Zhou would be able to take care of it a little bit.

In this case, Zhou’s mother herself can feel a little relieved.

Not in vain, when Dustin Zhou was away before, Liu Xue often came to chat with her, talk about family affairs, and ease the lonely and empty mood.

Chapter 684

When she heard Zhou’s mother say this, Liu Xue’s eyes lit up and she was obviously moved.

Indeed, according to Zhou’s mother, there seems to be no problem.

However, it was impossible for Liu Xue to bring it up on her own initiative, so she couldn’t help but turn her gaze to Dustin Zhou, wanting to wait for Dustin Zhou’s reply.

“Uh…” Dustin Zhou lowered his head slightly and began to think.

Indeed, what Zhou Mu said is a very good suggestion.

However, there is one thing that Zhou Mu could not think of.

That is, in Mingyang Company, apart from Mira Xie who often comes here, there is also a woman like Enderia Shen who is almost here.

If he recruited Liu Xue again at this time, he would undoubtedly become a target of public criticism.

At that time, not only Mira Xie will pay attention, but Enderia Shen will always stare at Liu Xue, even

He will keep inquiring and investigating until Liu Xue’s details are thoroughly investigated.

However, in the future, when a few people in the company bow their heads without raising their heads, it is inevitable that there will be conflicts. At that time, who would Dustin Zhou help, speak for, and support?

However, seeing his mother’s expectant gaze, Dustin Zhou couldn’t say anything to refuse.

“Well, I will arrange this, but, Liu Xue, you have to move out of the place where you used to live as soon as possible, and I will find you a place to live near the company.” In desperation, Dustin Zhou had to agree Up.

However, to be on the safe side, Dustin Zhou decided to stay near the company and find a place for Liu Xue to live.

Hearing Dustin Zhou’s consent, the smile on Liu Xue’s face was even more obvious, and there was a glimmer of joy and luck in her eyes.

If it weren’t for Zhou’s mother, Liu Xue might have heard Dustin Zhou’s words and left the East China Sea directly.

“Okay, Dustin Zhou, this should be done. You know, those days when you were away…” Zhou Mu also looked very happy, took Liu Xue’s hand, and began to tell Dustin Zhou that it was Liu Xue when he was away. Some things to accompany her.

And these words, Dustin Zhou had almost heard them yesterday, and now hearing his mother want to say it again, I suddenly felt a little unbearable in my ears.

There was nothing in the first place. Liu Xue might have done it out of goodwill.

But when it came to Zhou’s mother, it became as if Liu Xue had a great kindness to her. Dustin Zhou could not hold back Zhou’s mother to keep talking.

Now that Liu Xue came home, Zhou Mu naturally wouldn’t let her leave so early.

Zhou’s mother started cooking, and Liu Xue volunteered to help. The two of them worked together to make a large table of food.

Dustin Zhou had a very enjoyable meal.

At the very least, in the hotel during the day, the anger of being thanked by my mother and those relatives, this time, it has almost disappeared.

However, what Zhang Yong and Dustin Zhou think about the son of Uncle Mira Xie’s family, they also feel that the anger in their hearts cannot be dissipated.

I heard that Zhang Yong used to help with Mira Xie’s Yueji Beauty Company, but now he starts his own company and he frequently walks with some senior executives of the famous company.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know the inside story, but he knew one thing.

In terms of performance, the procedures and methods used to start a company on his own may not be clean.

At the very least, there is a basic threshold for reaching cooperation with Mingyang, which cannot be reached by ordinary people.

… The next day.

Dustin Zhou got up early. He was going to Mingyang Company today. In addition to handling Liu Xue’s entry procedures, he helped her find a place to live so that Liu Xuenian could directly join the company.

Dustin Zhou also needs to ask Sara Ye to look at some of Zhang Yong’s company.

Of course, some things in Qingfeng District of the East China Sea are also within Dustin Zhou’s vision. Once there is a disturbance, Dustin Zhou will take action immediately.

“How was the class reunion yesterday?” On the way to the company, Dustin Zhou drove, while Liu Xue was sitting in the co-pilot.

Yesterday, because of the rush of time, Dustin Zhou did not ask Liu Xue about the gathering of classmates.

And Dustin Zhou smelled now, in fact, he wanted to see if Liu Xue encountered any difficulties in the Mountain Mist Club afterwards.

“It’s okay, it’s just that everyone has graduated for half a year, and they don’t know each other.” When it comes to this, Liu Xue’s mood is obviously depressed.

And such an obvious low tone is naturally impossible to escape Dustin Zhou’s ears.

Who is Dustin Zhou and what kind of formation he has never seen.

He just heard it and knew that yesterday’s class reunion of Liu Xue must not be particularly smooth.

Otherwise, everyone has only graduated for half a year, and there will be very big changes, and Liu Xue’s tone is obviously with a touch of cold feeling.

This is definitely not the emotion that should exist after a lively classmate gathering.

“Just look at the beginning. This society is like this. The university is just an ivory tower for the students. It’s a little experience before entering the society.” Dustin Zhou didn’t know what happened, so he had to give a slight comfort.

And Liu Xue obviously didn’t want to continue talking about this topic.

The two were silent all the way and headed towards the headquarters of the famous company together.

After half an hour.

Dustin Zhou stopped the car at the gate of Mingyang Company and asked Liu Xue to get out of the car first. He was going to park the car.

Originally, there were security guards at the headquarters of Mingyang, and naturally someone would come to help Dustin Zhou stop.

However, on the one hand, because it is about to celebrate the Chinese New Year, most of the security guards went home for the New Year holiday, leaving those on duty, and they were also patrolling.

Sitting in the car, Dustin Zhou could see a small team of security guards on the third floor of Mingyang Company Building.

Therefore, for things you can do well by yourself, naturally you don’t need to call people down.

Liu Xue got out of the car and looked up at the headquarters of the famous company in front of him.

Before the famous company has always been famous, but a whitening factor mask came out, and the famous company became the whole

The most popular brand in the East China Sea.

It was also at that time, when he was about to graduate, that Liu Xue started using the products of the famous company.

The effect was surprisingly good. Since then, Liu Xue has become a die-hard user of the famous company.

Before, Liu Xue only knew that Dustin Zhou was working in Mingyang, and he thought to herself that Dustin Zhou’s position might not be low.

It implies that after what happened in the Mountain Mist Clubhouse yesterday, Liu Xue didn’t know what Dustin Zhou did.

If Dustin Zhou is the boss of the famous company, it is not very similar.

Because it is known that the president of the company is a cold big beauty.

What’s more, the boss of a well-known company may not be enough to challenge the Li family and the Cai family.

While she was dumbfounded, Liu Xue suddenly heard someone saying hello to her.

Looking back, Liu Xue’s expression immediately changed.

“Hey, it’s not our Liu Daban. If we don’t be Li Shao’s lover, how come here, why? It was dumped by Li Shao?”

Chapter 685

Liu Xue didn’t expect that she broke up with those classmates yesterday and will meet again today.

Moreover, this time it was not someone else who met at the gate of Mingyang, but it was Tong Yan, who was with Tong Yan, and her boyfriend Zhang Yong.

After listening to Tong Yan’s words, Liu Xue’s face instantly became cold.

Liu Xue thinks that there is not much conflict between herself and Tong Yan, even in college, there is no intersection, let alone after graduation, the two have not met.

However, this time at the class gathering, when I met with Tong Yan, the two seemed to have insoluble hatred. Tong Yan was targeting Liu Xue almost anytime and anywhere.

“Tong Yan, don’t you brush your teeth?” Liu Xue retorted with cold eyebrows.

“Huh, I didn’t expect that Liu Dabanhua would also take advantage of her tongue.” Tong Yan sneered, looking at Liu Xue’s gaze, getting worse.

Tong Yan didn’t care about whether Liu Xue was a lover for that Young Master Li or not.

She only cares about the fifty million.

That’s 50 million. Even if Zhang Yong’s company is sold, it is not worth that much.

But yesterday Liu Xue left the Mountain Mist Clubhouse directly, and Tong Yan was still upset when she went home, and did not get any benefit from Liu Xue.

But Tong Yan never imagined that today was just to accompany her boyfriend Zhang Yong to the Mingyang company, and she would meet Liu Xue again.

This is simply a god-given opportunity, and if she can’t catch it, then it’s simply sorry that God gave her another chance.

“I don’t want to talk to you now.” Liu Xue said coldly, disgusting Tong Yan even more, and consciously stood aside.

She didn’t want to tell Tong Yan more here, after all, there was no

common language.

Besides, she has to wait for Dustin Zhou here, and the two of them will go through the entry formalities directly.

Liu Xue didn’t want to have a dispute with Tong Yan here, leaving a bad impression on Dustin Zhou.

However, the development of things is often not controlled by human will at all.

Liu Xue stood aside consciously, not wanting to talk to Tong Yan, but Tong Yan was determined to pay attention, she must find a way to tear some from Liu Xue’s fifty million before she would give up.

“Hey, I said Liu Xue, we are also classmates anyway, why? Now that we are rich, I will go to Shao Li and ignore us?” Tong Yan smiled and walked towards Liu Xue, her beautiful eyes in Liu Xue I look up and down, wanting to see what Liu Xue is worthy of a big family like Li Shao.


Why can she only go to people like Zhang Yong herself.

“Why? You came to Mingyang Company, didn’t you want to find a job? With Shao Li’s 50 million, it is not enough?” I glanced at the door of Mingyang Company and saw that there were only a few people inside, Tong Yan Said indifferently.

After all, this is the headquarters of the famous company. Under normal circumstances, very few people who are not the company come here.

And looking at Liu Xue’s appearance, carrying a briefcase, it was obvious that something had happened.

“It just so happened that I came with my boyfriend. He knows an executive here. As long as he greets you, he can help you solve everything immediately. Everyone, classmates, as long as you speak, I’ll help you right away, how about it?” Tong Yan said with a smile, looking like a good classmate who is considerate of others.

If you change to someone who doesn’t know Tong Yan, you will naturally think that Tong Yan is not only beautiful, but also kind-hearted.

However, in Liu Xue’s eyes, it was tantamount to a weasel giving a New Year greeting to a rooster, and he was not at ease at all.

Although I don’t know what Tong Yan’s plan is, there is always a voice in Liu Xue’s heart telling herself to stay away from Tong Yan.

“I don’t need it, I will solve my own affairs by myself, and besides, my affairs have been taken care of.” Liu Xue said lightly, not giving Tong Yan a chance to establish a relationship.

“Hehe, what is the problem with Big Beauty Liu Xue, you might as well just say, I can still help with a little thing.” At this moment, Zhang Yong also came over.

Zhang Yong’s eyes fell on Liu Xue’s face, greed and desire flashed through his eyes.

Zhang Yong saw too many women like Tong Yan, and he was even more eager for women like Liu Xue, and he couldn’t bear it.

And Liu Xue and Tong Yan are still classmates, which creates an innate condition for everyone to contact.

For Zhang Yong, this is simply a godsend opportunity.

“Ms. Liu, don’t say anything else. This is the headquarters of the famous company. It is not an ordinary person who can help you. Even if you know some ordinary leader, it is not easy to use.” “But, I am different. , I know a vice president in the headquarters of Mingyang, and I have a lot of power. With his help, my company has become one of the best partners of Mingyang.” Zhang Yong waved his hand, confident Said.

In fact, Zhang Yong’s words are somewhat exaggerated.

No matter how big the company is, billions are not enough.

For such a large-scale company, its partners are all large companies that can be named.

Not to mention other things, the company’s scale and assets must be at least one billion yuan in order to become one of the best partners.

And Zhang Yong’s company

, Now the overall scale and assets are just tens of millions.

He said this, just to save face, and act in front of Liu Xue, so that Liu Xue begged him.

“That’s your business, it has nothing to do with me, I don’t need it.” Liu Xue said lightly, looking in the direction of the parking lot, and found that Dustin Zhou still hadn’t come, feeling a little impatient.

The main thing is that Tong Yan and Zhang Yong would not leave if Dustin Zhou didn’t come, and they kept chatting in front of her, which made Liu Xue extremely irritable.

“Hehe, it seems that Miss Liu still doesn’t believe it.” Zhang Yong sighed in his heart when he saw that Liu Xue was unmoved. He knew that he would not be able to get into Liu Xue’s eyes unless he had any real strength.

After all, Liu Xue now has a huge sum of fifty million in his hands.

However, after all, these fifty million are just dead objects. When they are used up, there is nothing left. To be honest, in the East China Sea, fifty million is not a big deal. Buying a better house is almost enough.

Only relationships, contacts, and careers are true.

“Hey, Mr. Gu, I’m here, right at the door of the company. If you want to get down, that would be too much trouble. Okay, I’ll be right here, waiting for you.” Zhang Yong took out his mobile phone and gave him a well-known company deputy Always call.

Although it was troublesome, Zhang Yong didn’t have a trace of panic on his face, instead he looked calm.

It seems that Mr. Gu in his mouth is nothing more than that in Zhang Yong’s eyes.

In fact, Zhang Yong had enough confidence to do so.

Among other things, the well-known President Gu of the company has benefited from Zhang Yong before.

If Zhang Yong went to Mingyang to expose him, Mr. Gu would definitely not end well.

Correspondingly, Zhang Yong only asked Mr. Gu to give himself some convenience at an appropriate time.

This is very beneficial to everyone and both parties.

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