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Chapter 1115

Enderia Shen sighed, and said quietly, “What should I say to you?”

“When I was brainwashing you, you were just a small warrior emperor, not even an immortal master. Logically speaking, the immortal king personally took the initiative, and the success rate of brainwashing you should be very high.

“But the obsession in your mind far surpassed all of our imaginations. He failed. What he lost was not your strength, but your obsession.

“Enderia Shen didn’t say a word. Your obsession with me. Dustin Zhou squinted his eyes. The words Enderia Shen said were so natural, and they didn’t seem to have a trace of emotion, but for Dustin Zhou, it was. A very scary thing. Who on earth is Enderia Shen? Why can she say the little warrior emperor? Shouldn’t she just be an ordinary woman? How did she become like this? , Was it the Enderia Shen he knew? Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but doubt. “There is no need to doubt anything,” Enderia Shen seemed to read Dustin Zhou’s mind, “I am indeed Enderia Shen, but this kind of thing doesn’t seem to be that important anymore. .

“Actually, you shouldn’t have come to me at all, right.

Dustin Zhou was silent for a moment. Actually, there is no need for Enderia Shen to explain, he can also feel the alienation from Enderia Shen.


It’s like she is completely unfamiliar with Dustin Zhou, and the two of them are completely business-like, without any feelings.

Is it true that you are wrong?

No, Dustin Zhou shook his head, he was not wrong.

As Mira Xie said, Enderia Shen occupies a very important position in his own mind. If you don’t understand why Enderia Shen became like this today, then Dustin Zhou will be in vain.

“Don’t try to drive me away,” Dustin Zhou simply sat down in the chair, watching Enderia Shen suddenly smile, revealing a mouth of white teeth, “Manager Shen, tell me what the hell is going on, what happened, you You should know what I’m asking.” “As long as you tell me the answer, I will decide for myself and choose to go or not.” Dustin Zhou deliberately called to Mr. Shen, just to see Enderia Shen’s reaction.

Does she really have no memory of her former identity?

The facts told Dustin Zhou that it was negative. After hearing Mr. Shen called by Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen’s face appeared astonished for an instant.

But it was only a moment.

Enderia Shen smiled and showed an indifferent expression again, “You want to hear it, yes, I’ll tell you.” “First of all, we have to discuss a word, what is genius.” “Genius?” Dustin Zhou was taken aback.

The genius thing… isn’t it a genius?

Does this matter still need discussion?

“Tell me, what is a genius?” Enderia Shen asked, looking straight into Dustin Zhou’s eyes.

“Genius, genius is… genius!” Dustin Zhou replied confused.

“You explain to me what a genius is.” Enderia Shen asked again.

“How to explain this? A genius is a genius!” Dustin Zhou was completely confused, what on earth was Enderia Shen asking?

“I’ll let you explain!” Enderia Shen said again.

“Explain!” Dustin Zhou bit his head and thought for a while, then said, “Genius is not the kind of talent that is different from ordinary people, whether it is learning or creative ability, it is far above ordinary people. Does the chosen person exist?” He said these words in a hurry, without thinking about it.

But what is said in this way is often the most truthful.

It means that the concept deep in his heart thinks so.

But Enderia Shen shook his head.

“A genius is good for having talent, but it cannot be said to be a man of choice.” “The so-called genius should be the creation of heaven and earth, the existence that relies on his talent to go against the sky.” Is there any difference between the two? ?

Dustin Zhou blinked, carefully savoring these two sentences, there seems to be a real difference.

The genius Dustin Zhou said is a natural gift.

It is the talent bestowed by God.

But the genius mentioned by Enderia Shen is the talent carried by the genius himself, and then the achievement achieved by forceful fortune.

But shouldn’t the talents carried by oneself be born with them?

Shouldn’t it be what God gave?

Dustin Zhou thought so.

Enderia Shen shook his head again, “As the emperor’s ultimate you, I thought you should be the person who knows the word genius best.” “But now, it doesn’t seem to be like this.” “What does it mean? ?” Dustin Zhou asked.

“Let’s change another question. Do you think that man and nature coexist? Are the two complementary?” Enderia Shen asked again.

Is this question a bit too advanced?

Dustin Zhouxin said that I am not a philosopher!

I just want to ask why you appeared in this place, why did you have a relationship with the king of the immortal master, why did you talk to me till this point?

Seriously, do you want to change the subject with us?

But he didn’t say this. After thinking about it, Dustin Zhou still answered the question.

“It can’t be said that they complement each other. Human beings live in nature, and they certainly can’t survive without nature. But if nature leaves human beings, there should be no impact.” “Of course, I think human beings can live in the present. Living in the environment should be acquiesced by nature.” Dustin Zhou added.

Enderia Shen nodded, then shook his head again.

“Some of your views are correct, but not all of them.” Sister, do you want to say so absolutely!

Dustin Zhou thought a little dumbfounded.

Are you kidding me? This question has already involved top-level philosophy and the meaning of human existence.

Do you know the correct answer?

My view is partly correct, not all.

The correct answer should not be born yet, no one knows the specific answer!

Dustin Zhou felt that these issues discussed by Enderia Shen were a bit too outrageous.

Of course, these thoughts of him were read again by Enderia Shen.

“It’s not outrageous at all. I do have a very complete answer to this question.” “Humans are always arrogant. Look at the human beings in the secular world below. You can talk about destroying the earth at every turn, but the earth is really what they can Is it destructive?” “Even if all the nuclear weapons are released, it will only clean up the surface, but for the earth, there is no change at all, right? The earth itself will also clean the surface.”

Chapter 1116

How many times has the earth’s surface been cleaned?

No one knows, but we know that in front of hundreds of millions, there is magma

, There is a flood, in short, it is a state not suitable for biological survival.

Enderia Shen said.

Dustin Zhou did not refute this point.

Because this stuff is indeed true.

But does this have anything to do with the next topic?

“There is a big relationship, just think about it, why does a civilization develop to the peak, the end must be the end of destruction?” “This…is the rule of nature.” Dustin Zhou said hesitantly.

“Yes, the rules of nature, so from this rule, you should be able to understand what kind of state is between man and nature, right?” “The hostile relationship?” Dustin Zhou seemed to understand a bit, but he was a bit uncertain. .

Because of this answer, it is a bit too shocking.

too exaggerated.

The relationship between man and nature turned out to be hostile?

If this is the case, why doesn’t nature clean up humans in the first place?

“There is such a saying, protecting nature is actually protecting ourselves.” Enderia Shen said quietly.

The relationship between man and nature is indeed hostile.

That’s because the birth of intelligent creatures is itself an existence beyond the rules of nature.

Why do humans have wisdom?

Why is there civilization?

There is no answer to this question for the time being, but Enderia Shen knows that the fact that human beings have wisdom and can develop civilization is actually a phenomenon beyond the rules of nature.

Therefore, human beings can comprehend the rules of nature. To put it bluntly, the development of the entire human race is the process of exploring nature.

Enderia Shen suddenly said, “In the secular world, there should be such a sentence in high school physics textbooks.” “Human activity is to use natural rules to transform natural energy into a performance of other energy.” Of course this sentence It’s not the original sentence, but it roughly means that it is right. Dustin Zhou has also read high school, and he still has some understanding of this sentence.

The development of scientific civilization is actually exploring the rules of nature, and then using the rules of nature to transform into the energy needed by humans.

The direction of development of metaphysical civilization is different from that of scientific civilization.

Scientific civilization advocates the use of tools to transform energy, while metaphysical civilization advocates using the body to feel natural energy, reaching the realm of a fairy master, and even more directly comprehending natural rules.

This is the difference between metaphysical civilization and scientific civilization.

The commonality of the two is to disrupt and use the rules of nature.

“Because we are very powerful, our birth is itself a phenomenon that violates the rules of nature, so I don’t know why, the rules of nature cannot destroy us at once.” “If it can destroy us, then it won’t let us. We were born.” It seems that this is the truth, but the truth is right, but Enderia Shen

There is no basis for these words.

Dustin Zhou thinks this can be said to be conjecture and speculation.

“When a civilization has not developed to a certain peak, nature will not do anything to us.” “We don’t know why this is, but once a civilization has developed to a certain level, for example, there is a large number of metaphysical civilizations. The immortal masters, these immortal masters can directly change the natural rules of a certain space.” “At this time, the power of nature will burst out and destroy this over-prosperous civilization.” “Human and nature are never mutual The relationship of dependence, but, to a certain extent, if humans abuse their abilities excessively and interfere with the normal operation of nature, they will suffer revenge.” “Um…” Dustin Zhou was confused, “So what? So we have to protect nature, right?” “Yes, but that is for scientific civilization, for metaphysical civilization, no matter how you protect nature, it is meaningless.” “Because there are too many immortals. If you allow the development of metaphysics, it will definitely disturb the forces of nature, so it is an inevitable phenomenon to suffer backlash.” “Well, that’s why the fairy masters opened up this small world, right?” Dustin Zhou understood somewhat. “But what does this have to do with your being able to come to this small world?” Enderia Shen was definitely changing the subject, Dustin Zhou thought.

He only wanted to know why Enderia Shen appeared here, but Enderia Shen explained to him the origin of the entire small world.

I know this thing is useful!

Why is the small world born? What is my business!

“Don’t worry, I’ll talk about your concern right away,” Enderia Shen said. “If you want to talk about why I am here, then we have to talk about another concept, genius.” Enderia Shen said, the king of the fairy master is A genius, a pure genius.

He created the small world with his own power, and the other immortal masters are just expanding a little space outside the small world he created.

The first person to tear the space apart, and the age of the king of the immortal teacher, is actually more than a thousand years old.

“More than a thousand years old? Long like this?” Dustin Zhou said angrily. This is too unfair!

This kid looks younger than him!

“Actually he is dead.” Enderia Shen said lightly.

“What do you mean?” Dustin Zhou was stunned.

This fairy master king is dead?

“Yes, he is dead. What do you say? If the sky is affectionate, the sky is also old, and if people are ruthless, they will live forever.” “Is there a second sentence?” Dustin Zhou couldn’t help asking.

He has heard of the first half sentence, and it seems to be quite famous. It should be a person who has heard of Tianruoyouqingtian

Yi Lao this sentence.

But what does that sh*t mean if he is ruthless and immortal?

“Don’t make complaints, I did add the last half sentence temporarily, but the meaning is correct.” Enderia Shen said with a stare at Dustin Zhou.

Heaven is ruthless, so it can live forever. Humans have wisdom, but they also have feelings. In fact, things like feelings are used to suppress human wisdom.

On the contrary, big people must be cruel, because their feelings are weak.

“I should be considered a big man in the secular world…” Dustin Zhou said, scratching his head.

It’s not to brag, not to mention the secular world, even if it is placed in this small world, it is afraid that only the king of the fairy master is his opponent.

So he is considered a big man, but his feelings are very strong.

“You don’t count, because you are the emperor, you are a mortal.” Enderia Shen glanced at him again, “You are just an example.” Okay, let’s just be an example. Dustin Zhou listened to Enderia Shen and continued.

The king of immortal masters was a very simple genius thousands of years ago.

By virtue of his own strength, he has become very strong, but his feelings have not been lost.

Chapter 1117

The king of the immortal teacher had a good original intention. At that time, he was also a good boy with beautiful ideals.

At only 22 years old, he broke through the fairy master.

Even a thousand years ago, he was a stunning genius.

So he opened up a small world, hoping to escape the punishment of nature.

Because metaphysics has reached a certain peak, it is almost inevitable to suffer the backlash of nature.

In that case, shall I hide?

We create a space by ourselves, and we live in our own space. Will nature destroy metaphysics?

His approach has been recognized by many immortals, and everyone has come to the small world to help him open up space.

At that time, in fact, he was not yet called the king of immortal masters.

But one day, everything changed.

The once-sunshine and blood-blooded genius boy suddenly turned into an unsmiling cold-faced tyrant.

He did things without logic, saying that he would kill people, and he proclaimed himself the king of immortal masters, and ordered all immortal masters in the entire small world to obey him.

In addition, he also left a mark on the body of each immortal master.

The purpose is probably to completely control all the fairy masters.

“Is it the way it is now? Why did it suddenly become like this?” Dustin Zhou asked.

The current King of the Immortal Master is obviously the way Enderia Shen described it.

But it seems to suddenly become like this one day.

What happened?

Let a good hot-blooded boy become a cold-faced tyrant.

“Incorporated into heaven.” Enderia Shen said.

The purpose of the king of the fairy master to open up this small world

, Obviously to avoid the punishment of nature.

But obviously, he failed.

The heavens of nature have been traced to this small world.

Deprived of the mind of this fairy master king.

In other words, the current king of immortal masters, to a certain extent, is still the boy before.

But to a greater extent, he is no longer a living person, but an incarnation of heaven.

Feelings are the incarnation of heaven, no wonder Dustin Zhou is not his opponent.

But Dustin Zhou was puzzled again, “What do these things have to do with you?” “What immortal master king, isn’t this the incarnation of the way of heaven? Why do I think he seems to be very obedient to you?” I don’t know,” Enderia Shen shook his head, “but one thing is certain, although Heavenly Dao occupies the body of the fairy master king, in fact, he has not completely controlled the spiritual wisdom of the fairy master king.” Under certain factors, the mind of the fairy master king himself will recover.” “For example, when I am present.” The reason why Enderia Shen came to the small world is because she has the ability to suppress the fairy master king .

Five hundred years ago, Heavenly Dao seized the body of the King of the Immortal Master, but soon other immortal masters discovered this.

Those powerful immortal masters quickly united and formed an elders’ council, wanting to get rid of the king of immortal masters directly.

But it’s useless. Together, those people are not the opponent of the king of the fairy master.

But they found that in the process of fighting, the king of the fairy teacher would hesitate from time to time.

This also means that the spiritual wisdom of the King of the Immortal Master actually still exists and is not completely occupied by the Dao of Heaven.

They have been trying to awaken the king of the fairy master in various ways.

But the effect was not great. Three hundred years ago, by chance, a woman came to the small world.

In front of the woman, the king of the immortal teacher showed his obedient side.

He is not the king of the immortal master, nor is he the incarnation of heaven. As long as the woman is present, the various attributes of the king of the immortal master will basically be reduced.

Become a child-like character, a little silly.

Dustin Zhou understood a little, isn’t this the current state of the King of the Immortal Master!

When hammering Dustin Zhou before, this guy was so sharp and irritable, but afterwards, as soon as Enderia Shen appeared, he immediately lost all his attack power.

Become a silly kid.

Enderia Shen nodded, “That’s it, the woman who appeared in front of 300 suppressed the boy for two hundred years.” “Two hundred years later, the woman was killed by the king of the fairy master himself.” “During this period, the entire small world. In fact, I have been looking for the existence that can suppress the king of the fairy master

Yes, so they found it on my head.

“Is it because of this reason?”

Dustin Zhou looked at the King of the Immortal Master who was looking at him with a vigilant gaze, and couldn’t help but ask, “Since you are present, this guy doesn’t have any attack power.

“Then why not just kill him?”

“How easy it is to kill him! There is no need to find someone to suppress it. “Of course it’s not that simple. I can’t suppress him in a life and death crisis.”

“Enderia Shen sighed. “For this situation, the elders in the small world said that there is only one way to truly solve this problem.

“A genius, a super genius, and an unparalleled genius appeared, who can directly kill the incarnation of Heavenly Dao, the current king of the immortal master, with his own power.”

“But that kind of situation is almost impossible. Human practice is always the exploration and comprehension of the rules of nature. No matter how strong you are, you can’t be stronger than the way of heaven itself.”

Enderia Shen shook his head, “So, this is the reason I am here.”

“It’s also the reason I must be here. Do you have any questions?”

Dustin Zhou shook his head. It seems that this matter really has nothing to do with him. Everything is clear. The reason why Enderia Shen is here is to maintain world peace in a sense. Moreover, It seems that Enderia Shen has not suffered any loss. Her status in the small world can also be said to be above ten thousand people. Even the king of the fairy master has to obey her orders. It is simply an invincible existence. A true ruler. Dustin Zhou is totally unqualified to intervene in this matter. But he still feels a little uncomfortable in his heart. Enderia Shen actually came here directly, and he has no nostalgia for the previous life. Perhaps, This is her own choice. Dustin Zhou stood up, looked at Enderia Shen, then looked to the side of the fairy master king, nodded and said, “If this is the case, then I will leave.

“I hope you can live a good life in this world.”

“Enderia Shen nodded expressionlessly, as if there was really no fluctuation in his emotions. He watched Dustin Zhou go out. But after a while, Dustin Zhou ran back out of breath, “Well, how can I return to the world of secular life?”

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