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Chapter 644

(1) “That’s right, Mira, Dustin Zhou is just an outsider after all. Don’t turn your elbows out.” “Mira, you have a good relationship with Mr. Shen now, it’s much better than talking for Dustin Zhou. “Mira, it’s not that we said you. I told you a long time ago. If you divorce Dustin Zhou this waste as soon as possible, what use is it that you have delayed until now? He is not like this, and he has a thicker skin. Now.” … Mother Xie first, and other relatives followed the rhythm, together to comfort Mira Xie.

It seems that Mira Xie and Dustin Zhou have not yet divorced, what a stupid thing.

In their eyes, Dustin Zhou is a waste like Mira Xie, not to mention that Dustin Zhou has no effect on Mira Xie or the Xie family.

Such a person, even before

Charlie Chen is not as good.

The most important thing is that if Mira Xie and Dustin Zhou do not divorce for a long time, it is impossible to marry into a big family, so their relatives will not be able to get benefits and benefits from it.

If that were the case, why did they compliment Xie mother and Mira Xie so much?

It’s a good thing not to turn your face.

“You…” Mira Xie’s face was pale with anger by them, and he looked at his mother and these relatives one by one, tears flickering in the corners of his eyes.

She always thought that her mother and her relatives just couldn’t understand Dustin Zhou’s inaction. As long as Dustin Zhou was a little motivated and gave them a little hope, they would change their views on Dustin Zhou and recognize Dustin Zhou. .

But now, Mira Xie found out that he was wrong, what he had always believed was wrong.

My mother, and relatives, didn’t treat Dustin Zhou with discomfort or derogation because of his inaction.

It was purely because of Dustin Zhou’s status, not a child of a big family, just an ordinary person, and could not bring them benefits.

All this is because Dustin Zhou is just a son-in-law.

But Mira Xie knew that Dustin Zhou was not what others saw on the surface.

At least, Dustin Zhou is definitely not what Xie’s mother and relatives saw.

Otherwise, how could he have undergone such a big change in this short period of time.

Even, the reason why his own Yueji beauty company can recover and develop better and better is all because of Dustin Zhou’s help.

And all of these, Xie’s mother and relatives didn’t know, so they were able to curse Dustin Zhou so unscrupulously that it was a waste.

Mira Xie looked at his mother and relatives, and suddenly there was nothing to say.

She didn’t know what to say so that Mother Xie and her relatives could know that what they did was actually a farce, and they were just a group of clowns.

“Well, Mira, come and sit here, don’t think so much.” Dustin Zhou said softly.

After all, Mira Xie was his wife, and now seeing his wife’s grievances, Dustin Zhou would naturally not be indifferent.

But now there are two seats beside Enderia Shen. He sat one by himself, and Mira Xie sits down more appropriately.

“Dustin Zhou, you rubbish, is there any place for you to speak here? If you are acquainted, get out of here as soon as possible, don’t force me to ask security to blast you out.” At this time, among relatives, a middle-aged person in his 50s The young man pointed at Dustin Zhou and snapped.

Dustin Zhou knew this person, Mira Xie’s eldest uncle, who had been working with Mira Xie’s Yueji Beauty Company before and made a lot of money from Yueji Beauty Company.


It was Dustin Zhou who couldn’t understand, this uncle, what happened today?

In the past, although the uncle would ridicule Dustin Zhou, his tone was only yin and yang, and there was no anger.

But just now, this uncle seemed very angry, especially angry.

Dustin Zhou frowned, looked at his uncle lightly, and said nothing.

To be honest, in Dustin Zhou’s opinion, such an uncle has no need to bother.

In the past, Dustin Zhou ignored him and regarded all his cynicism as deaf ears.

So now, Dustin Zhou will ignore him even more.

Therefore, Dustin Zhou completely ignored what the uncle said.

Ask the security guard to go out?

Regardless of his identity, Jingtai Hotel is a five-star hotel anyway. How could someone like Uncle be able to support it casually.

“Mira, come here, since it’s my aunt who wants to invite me to dinner, let’s not waste time.” At this time, Enderia Shen spoke indifferently. Without even looking at Xie’s mother and relatives, he waved to Mira Xie.

“Mira is my good sister, sitting next to me.” “Dustin Zhou, he is from my company. He is sitting next to me. Is there anything wrong with me? Or, who of you is more qualified to sit next to me? Next to?” Enderia Shen glanced horizontally, looking at everyone indifferently, scanning everyone’s faces one by one, seeing the changes in everyone’s expressions.

“This…” As soon as Enderia Shen’s voice fell, everyone immediately calmed down and glanced at each other, no one stood up to speak.

The atmosphere suddenly became serious.

“Of course I have, I am more qualified than this waste.” At this moment, Zhang Yong stood up and said, with a proud face.

Zhang Yong?

Everyone looked at Zhang Yong, and smiles suddenly appeared on their faces.

Indeed, if anyone here is qualified to sit next to Enderia Shen, Zhang Yong is indeed a suitable candidate, and probably the only one.

After all, for Enderia Shen, Xie’s mother was at best just Enderia Shen’s consideration of Mira Xie’s face.

As for the others, it is hard to see Enderia Shen at all.

But Zhang Yong is different. He has his own business, and now the company is developing well. Although the company was established less than half a year ago, among so many people in the Xie family, it is second only to Mira Xie’s beauty company.

When Dustin Zhou saw Zhang Yong, his face was surprised.

This Zhang Yong, he knew, was the son of Uncle Mira Xie.

I had been working with Yueji Beauty Company in Mira Xie before. Later, Mingyang Company cooperated with Yueji Beauty Company. Zhang Yong took the opportunity to set up his own company to help Yueji Beauty share the cooperation pressure from Mingyang Company.

Under such circumstances, Zhang Yong took the

The company’s work has become more and more prosperous, and there is a faint posture to fight against Yueji Beauty.

Most importantly, Dustin Zhou knew that Zhang Yong was more ambitious and capable than Mira Xie.

Under such circumstances, Zhang Yong stood up and said that he was qualified to sit next to Enderia Shen, and Dustin Zhou had no doubts.

However, this qualification is only Zhang Yong’s statement after all, and those relatives’ recognition is only their business.

In the end, this qualification must be determined by

Enderia Shen decides.

Enderia Shen said that he is qualified, even a beggar has such qualifications.

Enderia Shen said he was not qualified, even the Patriarch of the Sun family was not qualified to sit next to her.

Chapter 645

(2) “Hello, Mr. Shen. Regarding your question just now, I think I am qualified.” “He, Dustin Zhou, is just a son-in-law of the Xie family. For three years, he has lived in Xie’s house for nothing. Up to now. It is just a small employee of the famous company, and it has nothing to do with you.” “And I, Zhang Yong, founded the company for half a year, and now it has a scale of tens of millions. And I’m still young, and the future can be expected.” Zhang Yong looked at Enderia Shen with scorching eyes, a trace of enthusiasm flashed in his eyes, open his arms, full of confidence.

“Just ask, I am not qualified, who is qualified?” At this moment, Zhang Yong was extremely confident and extremely arrogant.

He has absolutely confident capital.

After all, compared to a person like Dustin Zhou who everyone thinks is trash, Zhang Yong is simply a superior person.

“Haha.” Hearing this, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but chuckle.

He really didn’t expect that his son, Zhang Yong, should be so self-confident, as if he was the only one who had the right to speak in this private room.

“What are you laughing at? Yes, you are just a trash. Now that I see me, I am afraid I will feel inferior in my heart.” Zhang Yong raised his brows at Dustin Zhou and said coldly.

“Trash, I don’t even know myself yet. I don’t want to give up my seat soon. Except for my cousin, I have the qualifications to sit next to Mr. Shen.” Zhang Yong looked pretentious. For Dustin Zhou, he didn’t even take it seriously. At a glance.

“That’s right, Dustin Zhou, you are a trash if you are not enough, why don’t you give up your seat quickly and let Yong’er sit?” The uncle also said coldly, his voice full of indifference.

“Hehe, yes, Zhang Yong is the leader of the next generation of our Zhang family.” “Yes, Zhang Yong’s nephew does have this qualification.” “Mr. Shen, you still have to keep your eyes bright, in this world , But there are many people who like to brag about slapped horses. Don’t be fooled by others.” … Everyone agreed, and even, in words, described Dustin Zhou as a flatterer, and even asked Enderia Shen to be careful not to be fooled by Dustin Zhou. tricked.

“You guys are really shameless enough.” Dustin Zhou smiled faintly. The performance of these people is no longer the way they were three years ago. It is like an explosive barrel that exploded at one point.

Dustin Zhou knew that these people thought they were so powerful and superior. They looked down on themselves as a superfluous son-in-law, but it was because of their eyes.

The problem of the world is nothing.

And his own identity, not to mention other things, just his position in the famous company, looking at the entire East China Sea, it is also an existence that cannot be ignored.

What’s more, he is the heir of the Zhou family.

Any one, taken out, can make these people kneel and lick immediately.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t, because he and these people didn’t exist on the same level at all.

What they see in their eyes is only immediate benefits, a little bit of petty profits.

And he is focusing on and cultivating his own strength, and when he returns to Zhou’s house, he will be more confident.

“What are you talking about, Dustin Zhou, don’t give you a face, you are shameless, today, for the seat next to President Shen, you have to give way or not.” Zhang Yong was furious and stared at Dustin Zhou angrily. He cast a look at the two young men beside him.

Soon, the two young men began to walk towards Dustin Zhou, faintly enclosing Dustin Zhou in the middle.

“You are too much!” Mira Xie has been holding it back, but now, seeing Zhang Yong wanting to do something to Dustin Zhou, he couldn’t help it. He stood up abruptly, slapped the table, his face was angry, and he was short of breath. Looking at Zhang Yong, the eyes of those two people were full of anger.

“Haha, Mira, don’t get too excited. We know that marrying this trash is a torture for you. As long as you divorce, I will immediately introduce you to a big family son to ensure that you will be safe in the rest of your life. Great wealth and wealth.” Zhang Yong smiled and waved his hand at Mira Xie, not paying attention to Mira Xie’s anger at all.

In Zhang Yong’s eyes, this cousin of his own is good in everything, that is, her character is relatively soft. Often times, when dealing with things, she seems indecisive and indecisive.

If it were not for her own help, her joyful beauty makeup would not last her now.

So Zhang Yong thinks he is Mira Xie’s benefactor.

“Looking for death!” Hearing Zhang Yong’s words, Dustin Zhou, who has always been unhappy or sad, unaffected by others, and whose mood has not fluctuated, instantly became angry.

These people can say that he is rubbish and can ridicule him, but they must not be presumptuous to Mira Xie.

“Huh!” “Bang!” Suddenly, a breaking wind sounded, Dustin Zhou raised his hand and threw a bowl directly on Zhang Yong’s head.

Suddenly, Zhang Yong was battered, his body was unstable, and he fell directly to the ground after shaking.

“Ah!” Everyone was dumbfounded, looking at Dustin Zhou, opening their mouths slightly, not knowing what to say.

It wasn’t until Zhang Yong’s scream sounded that everyone’s attention was drawn back.

Zhang Yong’s father yelled, and immediately rushed in front of Zhang Yong, supported Zhang Yong, and looked at the blood flowing on his forehead, his face was suddenly shocked and angry.

Dustin Zhou

How dare you?

How dare to start and beat Zhang Yong like this.

I will definitely not let him go. This waste, even dared to do it, must make him unhappy and pay for it.

“Dustin Zhou, you rubbish, you dare to do something to Yong’er and give it to me. You must teach him severely so that he can’t get out of here!” The uncle yelled, and the two people around Dustin Zhou immediately To do it.

“Hold on!” At this moment, Enderia Shen finally spoke.

Her face is very ugly.

In fact, she hadn’t spoken much since she entered this private room. She just said a word for Dustin Zhou, but she was pushed back by Zhang Yong’s so-called big words.

After that, between Zhang Yong and Dustin Zhou, and also between Mira Xie, Enderia Shen remained silent.

First, she was a guest, and in this private room, she was actually considered an outsider.

The so-called honest officials are difficult to cut off housework, not to mention that Enderia Shen feels that he is not an honest official.

If she is allowed to judge the case, then she is bound to stand firmly on Dustin Zhou’s side.

In that case, it is inevitable that people will be suspicious, which is not in line with Dustin Zhou’s original intention.

But now, Enderia Shen has no way to stop speaking. If he doesn’t speak anymore, they will have to act on Dustin Zhou.

Although Enderia Shen believed that the two men would not cause any harm to Dustin Zhou.

But Enderia Shen was unwilling to let Dustin Zhou bear even the one percent possibility of being harmed.

With a beating, the two people also stopped.

As for Zhang Yong, uncle, and Xie’s mother, all the eyes of other relatives looked over.

Chapter 646

“Mr. Shen, you also saw it with your own eyes. Dustin Zhou, this trash, dared to do something and hurt Yong’er. What qualifications does he have to sit next to you?” Seeing Enderia Shen, the uncle said immediately, putting himself on the moral high ground. .

Although Dustin Zhou is an employee of the famous company, but you may not have much to do with Enderia Shen, and Dustin Zhou was the first one to act just now. You should see clearly how you should choose. Enderia Shen.

What’s more, Enderia Shen and Mira Xie are sisters, and Zhang Yong is Mira Xie’s cousin.

For Enderia Shen, Zhang Yong and Dustin Zhou are close to each other at a glance.

One is a young and promising talent like Zhang Yong, and the other is a wasteful son-in-law like Dustin Zhou.

After finishing talking bitterly, my uncle was already thinking about how Enderia Shen should reprimand Dustin Zhou, and then how to comfort Zhang Yong, and then compensate Zhang Yong.

In addition, the uncle heard that Enderia Shen has always been single, and there is a behemoth like the Shen Group behind him.

Zhang Yong is also a young man, and young and promising, if Zhang Yong can win Enderia Shen’s heart

If that is the case, then maybe the two can surpass the general relationship development.

In this case, it would be a great thing for Zhang Yong himself, his uncle, and his relatives.

And now, they only need to see how Enderia Shen will react.

Anyway, in the heart of the uncle, he did not think that Enderia Shen would be inclined to Dustin Zhou because he was an employee of the famous company.

All the expressions of the uncle fell in Enderia Shen’s eyes. Enderia Shen stood up expressionlessly and walked to Dustin Zhou’s side.

These people really regarded her as a fool.

Such an obvious question, if she can’t tell the difference between Enderia Shen, then what qualifications does she have to serve as the president of a famous company?

Not to mention that Dustin Zhou is not a small employee, but the president of the famous company.

Even if Dustin Zhou is just a small employee, Enderia Shen will not allow others to slander the employees of his company in this way.

If the employees of their own company, as these people say, are a waste of nothing, then what kind of waste company should the company accepting this waste be, and what kind of waste boss should the boss be? ?

“Dustin Zhou is not qualified? So, what qualifications do you have to sit next to me?” Enderia Shen said coldly, and his voice was full of frost, like the cold wind in December, making the temperature of the entire private room seem to have dropped several degrees.

After Enderia Shen’s words were finished, the private room fell into silence again.

Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie weren’t surprised, after all, the three of them knew the bottom line.

But the others, Xie’s mother, uncle, Zhang Yong, and other relatives opened their eyes wide and looked at Enderia Shen incredibly. They even suspected that there was a problem with their ears. They had just heard them wrong.

“Mr. Shen, are you wrong? This is Dustin Zhou’s first hand…” The uncle looked surprised, and looked at Enderia Shen with a faint dissatisfaction.

Although you are the president of a famous company and have more money than us, you still have to be reasonable.


Now it is clear that Dustin Zhou took the lead and injured Zhang Yong.

But you, Enderia Shen, do not distinguish between black and white, and insist on siding with Dustin Zhou, so they are not that easy to bully.

“Enough!” Enderia Shen interrupted his uncle, his face covered with frost.

“Rights and wrongs, I am free to judge, it is not your turn to teach me.” Immediately, Enderia Shen turned his eyes to Xie mother.

“Auntie, you asked Mira to speak, saying that you want to invite me to dinner. I think it is because of the face of sister Mira. I am here, but, do you just want to show me these? Let me hear these people here, Talking about crazy words? Pointing to the employees of our company, and teaching me how to recognize people?” Enderia Shen

There is almost no room for words, tear all the fig leafs on some scenes.

Anyway, she had already given the face of Xie’s mother before, but these relatives, especially the uncle and Zhang Yong, were even more arrogant.

Not to mention all kinds of cynicism and derogation to Dustin Zhou, he even wanted to threaten himself.

Is it so easy to be threatened by others?

Moreover, Zhang Yong looked at his eyes just now, which made Enderia Shen very upset.

“Mr. Shen, you…” Mother Xie panicked, she didn’t expect things to become like this.

She had planned to do it, dragged her daughter’s mouth, invited Enderia Shen, and then made a lot of face in front of her relatives.

But now, being dealt with by my uncle and Zhang Yong directly annoyed Enderia Shen.

“Mr. Shen, you…” And the uncle and Zhang Yong on the side were all dumbfounded.

The reason they dared to do this was because in Enderia Shen’s mind, Dustin Zhou, an incompetent employee, could not be compared with them, so Enderia Shen would definitely look at their face and severely reprimand Dustin Zhou.

But they didn’t expect that Enderia Shen did scold people.

However, it was not Dustin Zhou who Enderia Shen reprimanded, but them.

This result greatly exceeded the expectations of the uncle and Zhang Yong.

Even the other relatives had different faces. Looking at Enderia Shen, Dustin Zhou, and his uncle, Zhang Yong’s eyes changed.

This situation couldn’t be more obvious right now.

Enderia Shen clearly wanted to stand on Dustin Zhou’s side.

The uncle and Zhang Yong were still belittle Dustin Zhou and ridiculed Dustin Zhou.

This was undoubtedly hitting Enderia Shen in the face, and he was still hitting his face severely.

It’s no wonder that Enderia Shen would look upset at his uncle and Zhang Yong.

At this moment, everyone didn’t yell to Uncle and Zhang Yong anymore. Even the two people who surrounded Dustin Zhou quietly took two steps back at this moment. They didn’t want to offend Enderia Shen at this time.

Enderia Shen has clearly stated that he wants to stand for Dustin Zhou.

Then, they naturally cannot offend Enderia Shen because of Zhang Yong.

“Since so many of you don’t welcome Dustin Zhou, I’m afraid I’m here too redundant. If that’s the case, then I’ll leave.” Enderia Shen said lightly, picking up his bag, and walking out.

At this moment, Mother Xie, and a group of people panicked.

They had never thought that Enderia Shen would leave like this.

Suddenly, one by one opened his mouth to discourage.

“President Shen, it’s my fault. You shouldn’t say that to Dustin Zhou. However, he is a junior after all. For the sake of Mira’s face, he should leave after eating.” Mother Xie said with a smile, but in the midst of a smile, It is still a lofty pair, without the intention of treating Dustin Zhou equally.

“Yeah, President Shen, everyone is unintentional, but they didn’t deliberately target Dustin Zhou.” “That’s right, President Shen, just eat here and don’t eat anymore. Hurry up and sit down.” “Ling. Uncle Yu, as well as Zhang Yong, quickly apologize to President Shen.” … The relatives also said quickly.

And Enderia Shen didn’t speak, and just looked at everyone so quietly.

When someone said that he wanted his uncle and Zhang Yong to apologize and apologize, Enderia Shen’s expression finally fluctuated slightly, and his eyes looked at his uncle and Zhang Yong.

Regarding the words of these relatives, Enderia Shen didn’t care at all, but the only sentence that made her uncle and Zhang Yong apologize for apologized, which moved her heart.

So now she wants to see if the uncle and Zhang Yong will apologize and how they apologize.

But everyone had seen that Enderia Shen was indifferent to what he said to everyone, and they were already in a panic.

If Enderia Shen is irritated by them, it is likely to affect Mira Xie’s company and Zhang Yong’s company.

In that case, they would get much less benefit from Mira Xie and Zhang Yong’s company, and it would definitely not be worth the loss.

However, when everyone saw that he wanted to apologize and apologize for his uncle and Zhang Yong, Enderia Shen’s expression changed and he also looked at his uncle and Zhang Yong.


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