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Chapter 66

“It’s great, finally a star has promoted for us!” “Yes, and it’s my favorite Rocket Girl!” “Hurry up and tell the good news to Mr. Zhou, Mr. Shen!” The staff of the propaganda department are always there. Pay attention to the movement outside.

They immediately noticed that the data sent back from various sales points had picked up significantly.

And most importantly, they soon discovered that on the Internet, celebrities have begun to promote whitening factor masks.

“Mr. Shen, Mr. Zhou, it seems that a star is promoting our whitening factor mask, which has attracted many fans, so the data has picked up.” After Sara Ye asked about the situation, he told Dustin Zhou several people.

“There is a celebrity promotion? Do you know who it is?” Dustin Zhou was slightly taken aback, and asked in confusion.

Just now, the Propaganda Department and the Planning Department worked together to contact those celebrities to promote the mask, but none of them wanted to.

Why now, suddenly there is celebrity promotion?

“I heard them say it seems to be Rocket Girl, but I don’t pay much attention to these things, so I don’t know what Rocket Girl is, but I have asked them to send the Rocket Girl information.” Sara Ye said casually .

Dustin Zhou nodded, thinking a little bit in his heart.

“Is it on the Internet?” After asking what the other party was promoting, Dustin Zhou turned on his mobile phone and found Weibo, and searched Rocket Girl’s Weibo.

“The brand-new whitening factor mask, moisturizing and whitening effect is great, you deserve it! (Comparative)!” Dustin Zhou saw a Weibo promoting the whitening and anti-aging factor mask on the top Weibo of Rocket Girl.

And to his surprise, under this Weibo, the number of likes, comments, and reposts has exceeded one million.

Moreover, this is just a one-minute Weibo.

“Is this Rocket Girl very popular?” Although Dustin Zhou doesn’t know who Rocket Girl is, he still knows some things in the entertainment industry.

Like a Weibo of a general celebrity, after it is published, the number of likes, comments, and reposts can be 10,000, which is already relatively famous.

Those at the level of the heavenly queen and queen, are no more than 100,000.

And this Rocket Girl had millions of data in just one minute.

“Zhou, this is Rocket Girl’s information.” Before Dustin Zhou asked again, Sara Ye handed over some of the Rocket Girl’s public information.

“Huh?” Dustin Zhou took the information, just glanced at it, and immediately frowned.

Because he saw a very familiar face.

This Rocket Girl is not a single person, but a group. There are three people in the group.

Above, Dustin Zhou felt very familiar with the girl standing among the three.

“Dustin Zhou, what’s the matter? Do you know this rocket girl?” Enderia Shen saw Dustin Zhou’s strangeness and couldn’t help but ask softly.

“A little familiar, wait a minute.” Dustin Zhou thought for a while, but still couldn’t figure out where he had met this person.

However, the information on the data was not very comprehensive, so Dustin Zhou clicked on Rocket Girl’s Weibo and read it carefully.

“So it was her!” After watching for a long time, Dustin Zhou remembered who this person was.

“Who is it?” At this moment, not only Enderia Shen, but even the others were curious.

After all, a star with such a large flow, even if it is them, does not know it.

“Su Xiaomeng!” “It’s a little girl I met in the Mountain Mist Club. I didn’t expect her to be a star?” Yes, the person who made Dustin Zhou feel familiar was the last time she met in the Mountain Mist Club. Su Xiaomeng arrived.

At that time, she took Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie to Chen Xin’s birthday party.

A box of limited edition facial masks from Dustin Zhou was given to Su Xiaomeng by Chen Xin.

And on this Weibo, the picture above is the box of facial mask that Dustin Zhou sent out.

“Dingling!” At this moment, Dustin Zhou’s cell phone rang suddenly, and the caller ID was an unfamiliar call.

“Hello.” Dustin Zhou said calmly after connecting.

“Hey, guess who I am?” But there was a funny voice on the other end of the phone, with a few faint laughs mixed in.

“Su Xiaomeng?” For unknown reasons, Dustin Zhou subconsciously said the name.

After all, it seems that Su Xiaomeng is the only one who can speak to him in this tone.

“Ah! You guessed it was me? Brother Yang, have you been waiting for my call?” Suddenly, an exclamation came from the phone.

Then Su Xiaomeng shouted in surprise.

It didn’t matter what she shouted, but the other people in the office at the moment all looked at Dustin Zhou, and their eyes were full of curiosity and inquiry.

They clearly heard a greasy sound from the phone.

“Brother Yang.” Just thinking about it, everyone present would feel pimples all over.

“Dustin Zhou, I didn’t expect you to be so capable, and you can attract traffic stars like Rocket Girl.” Suddenly, Enderia Shen said quietly.

Then, the others also looked at Dustin Zhou with a smirk.

“Brother Zhou, admire and admire you. I didn’t expect you to have this ability. If we knew it earlier, we wouldn’t have to worry about it.” Lord Tiger also showed a smile that a man understands, and lightly patted Dustin Zhou’s shoulder twice.

“It’s really not what you think…” Dustin Zhou explained with heart, but didn’t know it should

How to say.

I can’t tell the public about Su Xiaomeng’s initiative to find him.

That way, it is not a good thing for a little girl.

“Brother Yang, are you still there? Did you see the Weibo I posted? I promoted it to you? How are you going to thank me?” Su Xiaomeng’s soft voice came over again.

Everyone’s eyes were on Dustin Zhou’s face, waiting for him to respond.

“Hehe, I really want to thank you. You helped me a lot. When you are free, I will invite you to dinner.” Dustin Zhou suddenly felt Alexander and said with a smile.

“Great, then I’m free this weekend. Brother Yang, don’t you lie to me?” “By the way, I’m going to train, goodbye.” Su Xiaomeng chuckled and said, the laughter was like a wind chime, very Is wonderful.

“Uh, things are really not what you think, to be honest, I have only one side with her.” Dustin Zhou hung up the phone, wanting to explain in a low voice.

But no one listened to his explanation at all.

“Dustin Zhou, this time we may all rely on her, so the responsibility on your shoulders is very heavy!” But Enderia Shen didn’t give him a chance to explain at all, and said directly and earnestly.

“However, for now, we still have to deal with Edward Shen. Dustin Zhou, do you have any new ideas?” Enderia Shen looked at Dustin Zhou. At this time, she was quite settled in her heart, and her tone was more vigorous than at the beginning.

“I didn’t have it just now, but now I have it!”

Chapter 67

Dustin Zhou still somewhat underestimated the influence of Rocket Girl.

When Su Xiaomeng promoted the whitening factor mask on Weibo, all those who followed them were attracted.

“Wow, wow! My idol actually posted on Weibo!” “Yes, and it’s the Amway mask. I must buy it!” “I want to buy ten boxes. I want to be as white and tender as the idol!” The celebrities invited by Edward Shen attracted the girls in the past and returned to the sales point of the whitening factor mask one by one.

Yueji Beauty flagship store.

Mira Xie was very anxious looking at the empty shop.

She didn’t expect that the other party would invite so many stars, and there were several star performances in almost every area, which attracted a lot of people.

“Mr. Xie, what should I do? If this continues, we won’t be able to sell the mask at all!” The employees are getting more and more depressed and depressed.

After all, this time, Mira Xie promised them that as long as the mask sells well, he will definitely send out a huge red envelope.

In the current situation, there are no customers anymore, and what kind of red envelopes are there to talk about.

“Don’t worry, we have sent a message to Mingyang. They should have a way.” Mira Xie was also very upset, and she could only comfort the employees at this time.

At this time, Mira Xie thought of only one person.

That is Dustin Zhou!

In the previous few times, Mira Xie was deceived by Charlie Chen several times because of his eagerness to save Yueji’s beauty makeup, and he almost fell into his mouth.

But every time, Dustin Zhou appeared and saved her from the tiger’s mouth.

“This time, you should have a way.” Mentally, Mira Xie had to force himself to calm down.

“Ah! Shop manager, look at them, those people…” But, at this moment, a clerk screamed.

She pointed to the crowd outside the store, shocked.

Mira Xie looked at it quickly, but his heart trembled.

At this moment, in front of the flagship store of Yueji Beauty, a large number of girls came toward the store.

Those girls, everyone had a smile on their faces, more of a kind of enthusiasm.

“What’s the matter, store manager!” Before the clerk could figure out the situation, the girls swarmed in and took up the empty flagship store.

“Quick! I want a whitening factor mask!” “What about the boss? Give me ten boxes of facial masks. I want to be as white and tender as a rocket girl!” “I want twenty boxes, and I want to give it to my girlfriend!” “Handsome guy, Do you mind changing to a girlfriend, as long as you give me twenty boxes, I will be your girlfriend.” “No, you are not pretty enough!” … In an instant, the whole shop became lively.

Everyone is scrambling

After buying the whitening factor mask, many people even quarreled.

The employees in the shop were shocked.

Mira Xie was also surprised!

They don’t even know what happened!

The people who were originally attracted by the opposite whitening storm mask all returned in an instant, and more than doubled the number of people before!

“Quick! Don’t be stunned! Hurry up! Contact Mingyang and continue to ship here!” Mira Xie reacted after a while and immediately called the stunned employees to wake up and let them work.

As the orders were issued one by one, the atmosphere of the entire flagship store became more popular.

Even those who were not planning to buy a whitening factor mask, could not help but curious to ask about the situation when they saw the grand occasion in the store outside.

And when they heard the masks promoted by Rocket Girls, their eyes suddenly lit up, and they joined the buying army.

And this situation is definitely not just happening in the flagship store of Yueji Beauty.

In the entire Donghai City, all sales points selling whitening factor masks have this situation.

“Quickly! Send a message to Mingyang, tell them the situation here, and ask them to adjust the goods as soon as possible!” “Everyone, work hard! When it is over, I will send a big red envelope to each of you!” Every store The customers here are full.

The store managers were surprised and delighted when they saw this situation, and hurriedly sent a message to Mingyang.

…… Mingyang company.

Ten minutes have passed since the rocket girl Su Xiaomeng promoted the whitening factor mask on Weibo.

In these ten minutes, Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen, Hu Ye, Sara Ye, and all the propaganda department and planning department were all energized.

They are all waiting for data feedback from the frontline.

“Yes! There are data!” “Great! The data has recovered in an all-round way, and the growth rate is even higher than before!” “Ten minutes, ten minutes, only ten minutes, Yueji Beauty’s flagship store has been sold Thirty thousand sets! Oh my god, this is just a store!” “The branch in Tuoshan District also sold 25,000 sets in ten minutes!” “Mr. Zhou, Mr. Shen, all stores are now applying for delivery Source! They…” “They are almost sold out!” The news was shouted out by the propaganda department.

Resounds constantly in the large office area of ​​Mingyang Company.

At this time, not only them, but even Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen, and Hu Ye, all stared at each other and looked at each other with shocked faces.

“Mr. Zhou, Mr. Shen, and Lord Tiger, these data are true! This is the video sent by the flagship store of Yueji Beauty!” Sara Ye was very excited, and her voice was a little hoarse.

Just now, she received

The video sent by Yueji Beauty’s flagship store was sent directly to Dustin Zhou before watching it.

“Dustin Zhou, did you see it? You succeeded!” Just as Dustin Zhou opened the video, Mira Xie appeared in the middle of the video.

Although it was only a short sentence, the picture was transformed into the picture in the store.

But Dustin Zhou keenly felt the excitement in Mira Xie’s heart at this time.

Through the video, everyone can see that there are crowds of people in the flagship store of Yueji Beauty.

Everyone is scrambling to buy a whitening factor mask.

Some people bought one box, and some bought ten boxes.

Dustin Zhou even saw sharply that a middle-aged woman brought ten men and bought two hundred boxes!

In an instant, everyone’s hearts relaxed, and the hanging stone also fell steadily.

Dustin Zhou took a long breath and watched the scenes in the video, and he was very excited.

“Haha, Brother Zhou, it seems we were successful this time! I didn’t expect that the rocket girl’s propaganda would have such a great effect!” Tiger Lord laughed, his face ruddy, and his eyes on Dustin Zhou became more and more intense. Bright.

He found that he still didn’t know enough about Dustin Zhou.

The previous investigations of Dustin Zhou were still somewhat superficial, and his true side seemed to be hidden well all the time.

“Sister Ye, inform the two factories to fully supply Donghai City’s whitening factor facial mask needs and ask them to work overtime. This month, I will guarantee everyone’s needs!” “After this month, I will definitely reward you greatly. They!”

Chapter 68

“What!” “What did you just say? Did everyone go to that b*tch?” In a high-end private club in the west of the city, Edward Shen looked at the younger brother who had reported to him with an incredulous expression.

“Bang!” He slammed it hard, and the wine bottle in his hand slammed directly on this little brother’s head, breaking into pieces.

Suddenly, a burst of redness slowly flowed from his forehead.

“Trash! It’s all trash! Master has spent so much effort and invited so many celebrities, and even the queen of heaven invited over, but you told me that those people still choose to buy that b*tch’s mask?” Edward Shen has a hideous face, his eyes are round and red, like an angry beast, he may swallow everything in front of him at any time.

“Shen Shao! No one thought of this!” “All the people have come to our side. There is no one on their side, but…” The little brother said with a pale face, clutching his injured forehead.

“But what?” Edward Shen glared and snorted coldly.

“But I don’t know why, the rocket girl suddenly promoted the whitening factor mask on Weibo, and all those people went there.” The younger brother was also very wronged and felt very hurt.

Everything is very beautiful in the first place. All customers are attracted by the celebrities they invited, and there is no one on the whitening factor mask.

If this situation continues, then their whitening storm mask will be a big win.

But what he never expected was that Rocket Girl suddenly promoted the whitening factor mask on Weibo.

At this time, the huge fan base of Rocket Girls all flocked to the whitening factor mask.

“Rocket girl? Didn’t you get them done too?” Edward Shen roared angrily.

“Shen Shao, we want to do it too, but they simply can’t do it. No matter it’s money or anything, they don’t even look at it.” The little brother said with aggrieved expression.

“Huh! I don’t believe that there are things that money can’t do in this world! Go ahead! No matter what you do, I must make that rocket girl surrender!” “You! Go call Charlie Chen over!” Edward Shen squinted his eyes and gave a cold tone.

Soon, Charlie Chen rushed to the clubhouse, and when he saw Edward Shen, he hurried to the front with a smile on his face.

“Shen Shao! Are you looking for me?” Charlie Chen asked very carefully.

Just now he was still angry at the employees at the company, and suddenly received a call saying that Edward Shen wanted to see him.

At this moment, Charlie Chen seemed to have found hope, and rushed over immediately after he cleaned up.

“Huh! Charlie Chen, I am very dissatisfied with your efficiency!” But Edward Shen’s light and fluttering words made Charlie Chen’s heart fierce.

Then there was a jitter.

“However, because you have followed me for so long, I will give you a chance! It’s up to you whether you can seize this opportunity or not!” Edward Shen laughed coldly.

But this sentence sounds like the sound of nature in Charlie Chen’s ears.

“Shen Shao! You are angrily instructed, I will do my best! If it fails again this time, you will be at your disposal!” Charlie Chen promised, his eyes filled with excitement.

He did not expect that his opportunity would come so quickly.

“Relax, what I want you to do is simple, so…” Edward Shenyin said with a smile.

…… And at this time in the famous company.

The atmosphere of the whole company is very lively, sweeping away the previous depression, it becomes vivid.

“Great, now all the sales data have recovered, even stronger than the initial upward momentum!” “Of course, that is the mask that my idol and Rocket Girl are using, of course it’s good.” They all showed joy and excitement.

At this time, Dustin Zhou was also very excited.

“President Shen, I think we should take this opportunity to do an activity!” Dustin Zhou said excitedly, and an idea slowly formed in his mind.

“What activity?” At this moment, not only Enderia Shen, but even Hu Ye looked over curiously.

“Hey, this idea is still the inspiration that Mr. Shen gave me.” “Since Mr. Shen can volunteer to shoot the commercial, then we don’t stop doing two things, and then use this topic.” Then, Dustin Zhou slowed down his thoughts. Said it.

In an instant, the entire office fell silent.

Sara Ye opened her lips slightly, her brows fell on Dustin Zhou, shocked.

Hu Ye also looked back and forth between Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen playfully.

But Enderia Shen was blushing at the moment, and his eyes stared at Dustin Zhou, but there was no blaming in it.

To be honest, Dustin Zhou’s idea just now is really good. If you change to another person, maybe it will be okay.

But on Enderia Shen, it always feels strange.

“Is there no other way? Or, do you want to see me making a fool of yourself?” Enderia Shen gently pressed the corner of his lips and said softly.

“No! I absolutely didn’t mean that! I just thought that since you have appeared in the advertisement, you must be seen by many people, and your popularity is relatively high!” “The most important thing is that you think the person who buys the mask is Are there more women, or more men?” Dustin Zhou said confidently, looking at Enderia Shen so eagerly.

He firmly believes that his ideas will work.

“Think about it, if we hold this event, there must be many people who want to follow us

Meet the beautiful presidents of China, after all, this can be regarded as their capital to show off outside!

“It’s not impossible to want me to do that!”

Enderia Shen rolled his eyes and looked at Dustin Zhou with a chuckle. Dustin Zhou suddenly got goose bumps and became vigilant. “As long as you let Mira Xie be with me, I will do what you say!”

“Enderia Shen said with a sly smile. Dustin Zhou also had a meal in his heart and smiled secretly. To be honest, Enderia Shen thought he and Mira Xie were a loving couple until now. But he didn’t know that the relationship between Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie was very fragile. It was just because of Dustin Zhou’s predecessor. Promise, let yourself and Mira Xie barely maintain this relationship. When one day, neither of them can stand the place, then there will only be one result. Divorce! “Okay, after I go back, I will talk to Mira!

But we still have to prepare in advance, and let the propaganda department and planning department write down the plan for the entire event now!

Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, and nodded gently to Sara Ye. Sara Ye understood, although she still felt that Dustin Zhou’s ideas were a little absurd, she also knew that there were some things that should be said and some things that shouldn’t be said. … Time is divided. Seconds passed. Dustin Zhou and the others were sitting in the office, and they kept hearing cheers from outside. They knew that that meant that the sales data of the whitening factor mask had increased by another level. However, they only knew that the whitening factor mask is now in Donghai City. It’s already in full swing, but I don’t know the outside world, it has already been upset.

Chapter 69

“Wow! Xiao Mengmeng actually used a mask! But why haven’t I heard of this mask? Is it a new product from which company?” “White and tender! Xiao Mengmeng, I want the same mask too! Ask for a link!” “Bah! It’s a bargain at first glance. Some people use this kind of stuff? Don’t be afraid to disfigure yourself!” “Yes, my relatives used this mask before and burned their faces, so everyone must Keep your eyes open!” “Black-hearted Rocket Girl, for the sake of money, I don’t need anything! I even advertise a rubbish mask!” … The Weibo on the top of Rocket Girl, that is, the Weibo that promotes the whitening factor mask, is full of this the comment of.

Half said good, half said bad!

Both sides hold their own opinions!

No one can convince anyone!

“Everyone, don’t get caught up in the rhythm. These people are all navy! They all just popped up!” “Yes, the navy is shameful! Get out!” “You are the navy! The rubbish mask is not yet Let people say?” “Boycott the whitening factor mask, boycott the rocket girl!” More and more comments appeared under this Weibo.

And this situation is also known to more and more people.

After all, Rocket Girls is a newly promoted girl idol group in the past two years and has a lot of fans in China.

Almost every Weibo has millions of followers and comments.

“Mengmeng, it’s not good! Look at Weibo!” Su Xiaomeng is practicing dance in the dance studio. She is going to prepare a dance for Dustin Zhou and show it to him.

However, outside the door suddenly came the exclamation of the other two members.

“What’s the matter?” Su Xiaomeng stopped and walked out with a look of confusion, and saw two teammates staring at the phone with very ugly expressions.

“Mengmeng, what should I do if something has happened? If Sister Yang finds out, she will definitely scold us!” Another member of Rocket Girl, Zhao Wanrong, said with a pale face.

Sister Yang is the agent and leader of their team, responsible for all their external affairs.

And this time, Su Xiaomeng posted the Weibo secretly by himself, and never greeted Sister Yang in advance.

Nothing happened originally, but now, looking at the posture, it is obvious that someone took the opportunity to make trouble.

Once the situation expands, Sister Yang will know.

At that time, thinking of Sister Yang’s methods, several people immediately trembled slightly.

“It’s okay, even if it’s discovered by Sister Yang, you just say it was me alone.” Su Xiaomeng said lightly.

“That’s how it works! Mengmeng, we also used your mask, and we have a share. If Sister Yang is really angry. If you want to punish us, then we will be punished together.” Another member Zhang Tiantian said immediately.

“Yes, no

Wrong, we are a group, we must unite as one!

Zhao Wanrong also clenched her fists and said in a low voice. “What a solidarity!”

Is this the result of your unity?

“But at this moment, a cold voice suddenly sounded behind them. Several young girls who had just had a calm expression immediately panicked, and they all swallowed with difficulty before turning their heads slowly. “Yang. sister.

“A graceful woman who was only about 30 years old came slowly, her face was extremely cold, without a trace of expression. And the more so, the more Su Xiaomeng’s hearts trembled. In the past, when their combination was just established , Every time Sister Yang reveals this appearance, something big must happen. And, what follows is that Sister Yang will hold them accountable for the three of them. “You guys come here!

“But Yang Jie obviously didn’t care about Su Xiaomeng’s current state, so she snorted and walked to her office. Su Xiaomeng and the three looked at each other, and they all saw determination in each other’s eyes, and they followed together. “Let’s talk about it, what is going on?

I have only been out for a long time, and there was such a big noise!

Sister Yang sat on the chair and looked at Su Xiaomeng quietly. There was no need to think about this matter. She knew that she must have nothing to do with Su Xiaomeng. Among the three Rocket Girls, Su Xiaomeng was the most. Quirky, very naughty. Su Xiaomeng mustered up the courage, stood up first, and told the whole story. But she didn’t say everything, she didn’t say anything about Dustin Zhou. “Sister Yang, we were all there at the time, we also used a mask, and we all agreed that Xiaomeng used her mobile phone to post Weibo, but I didn’t expect such a thing to happen.

“That’s right, Sister Yang, think about a solution.”

“Zhao Wanrong and Zhang Tiantian also said quickly. Sister Yang fell into deep thought after hearing what Su Xiaomeng said. From what Su Xiaomeng said, she couldn’t think of any problems. If she just posted a Weibo about facial masks. If this is the case, it won’t cause such a big controversy at all. Moreover, the Rocket Girl has been in the limelight in the past two years. Under the leadership of Sister Yang, she has a smooth flow in the entertainment circle and has a very harmonious relationship with everyone. Not at all. Maybe someone will deliberately target Rocket Girl at this time. “Mengmeng, what kind of mask is your Weibo?

“Since it is not the problem of Su Xiaomeng and Rocket Girl itself, the problem must have appeared on that Weibo. Sister Yang looked at Su Xiaomeng deeply and said in a deep voice. “I know, I know, it’s a whitening factor mask. , Sister Yang, this mask is super easy to use, I feel my skin has turned white a lot!

“Zhang Tiantian quickly raised her hand and said, rubbing it constantly

His small face, his eyes were squinted with joy.

“Whitening factor mask? Why haven’t I heard of it? Bring it over and show it to me!” Sister Yang’s eyes narrowed, and immediately asked Su Xiaomeng to take the mask.

… Dustin Zhou didn’t know the problems Su Xiaomeng encountered, and there was no way to know.

Dustin Zhou has never paid much attention to the deep waters of the entertainment industry, and naturally he did not notice that Weibo is already noisy at this moment.

At this moment, he is on his way to the flagship store of Yueji Beauty.

After confirming that Mira Xie was in the flagship store, Dustin Zhou also rushed over without stopping.

“Dustin Zhou? Why are you here?” Mira Xie was busy in the shop, her hair on her forehead was soaked with sweat, which made her look even more attractive.

Mira Xie’s eyes widened when Dustin Zhou appeared in front of him, very surprised.

Under normal circumstances, Dustin Zhou should be in the Mingyang company at this time, to control the overall situation, how could he come here.

“Mira, I want to talk to you about something and want to ask for your opinion.” Dustin Zhou looked around and found that there are indeed many customers in the store.

And he also noticed Mira Xie’s state at this time, and he couldn’t help feeling a little distressed.

“What’s the matter? Can’t it be said here?” Mira Xie pulled her hair back and asked softly.

“It’s not very convenient here. This matter has a lot to do with the whitening factor mask for you this time, so let’s find a quieter place.”

Chapter 70

“Then come to my office.” Mira Xie thought for a while and nodded.

She always felt that Dustin Zhou came over this time, but she couldn’t guess.

“Is there anything you can say now?” Mira Xie looked at Dustin Zhou suspiciously, and asked slowly.

“That’s it. In order to expand the advantages of our whitening factor mask, I thought of a way.” Dustin Zhou hesitated for a moment, but after thinking about it, he gritted his teeth and said it.

“We will hold an event, and you will play a very important role, so I came to ask you if you want to.” Dustin Zhou did not hesitate anymore, and directly explained all the event plans that had been discussed with Enderia Shen and Hu Ye. come out.


For a moment, the entire office was extremely quiet.

Dustin Zhou could even hear Mira Xie’s rapid breathing for a moment.

“Is this proposed by Enderia Shen?” Mira Xie’s tone was indifferent, and he didn’t seem to express anything.

But her pair of eyes kept staring at Dustin Zhou.

“No, this is my idea. Originally, I wanted Enderia Shen to come, but she insisted on bringing you along, so…” Dustin Zhou did not continue, he knew Mira Xie could understand what he meant.

“Sure enough?” Sure enough, Mira Xie whispered softly, and then seemed to have plucked up great courage.

“Since she is willing, I am willing too!” Mira Xie said lightly, without hesitation at all.

… Dustin Zhou didn’t stay long. After getting Mira Xie’s affirmative reply, he stayed for a while, checked the situation of the flagship store, and left directly.

In this event, Dustin Zhou wanted to use Rocket Girl to promote the whitening factor mask, which would create an explosive sensation.

The next day, Dustin Zhou came to Mingyang company early in the morning and found that Enderia Shen had already arrived and was checking various sales data.

“How was the final sales data yesterday?”

Dustin Zhou asked softly, without any burden. Yesterday he discussed the specific process of the event with the people in the planning department and the propaganda department. They were too busy to check the sales data. However, he saw the corner of Enderia Shen’s mouth. With a slightly raised smile, Dustin Zhou knew that the data would not be bad. “See it for yourself!

“Enderia Shen chuckled and threw the data file directly in front of Dustin Zhou. “This…” Dustin Zhou opened the file and just glanced at it. He was stunned. His eyes were full of excitement. “It’s so high?

“Dustin Zhou growled excitedly. He did not expect that the sales data as of 12 o’clock in the evening yesterday alone would sell nearly two million sets of whitening factor masks in Donghai City! This is almost the previous two processing factories. All of the stock is out.

In other words, in just one day, people in Donghai City have bought out the stock of whitening factor masks.

“Much more than just!” “Mr. Zhou, Mr. Shen, this is the pre-order data of various sales points just collected and sorted out!” “It was so popular yesterday that many people did not buy it, so they paid the deposit in advance. , There are a lot of pre-orders.” At this moment, Sara Ye also walked in with excitement, and put the documents in her hands in front of Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou.

“Is this not a mistake?” Dustin Zhou looked shocked when he saw the pre-ordered data on the file.

If Sara Ye is not mistaken, and he is not mistaken, then this data is really amazing!

There are four million sets!

According to the price of a set of 799, it is nearly three billion!

Even if the labor cost of processing is deducted, there is also the cost of raw materials.

Mingyang also has a profit of nearly one billion.

And Dustin Zhou was even more shocked!

Because according to this calculation, with his shares in Mingyang Company, he can get nearly 200 million in dividends!

“This is true! Mr. Zhou and Mr. Shen, now the two factories are all working overtime, so I don’t dare to neglect at all!” “But these four million sets of pre-orders are impossible with two factories alone. Produced in a short time!” “Either we will delay for a long time, but the order is generally available in about a week!” “The other is that we look for other factories and produce together! Share the pressure!” Sara Ye’s face His smile gradually disappeared, replaced by a touch of sadness.

Everyone has seen the madness and prosperity of these data, but they have forgotten the hidden risks behind it.

Once, within a week, Mingyang cannot produce so many products, it will undoubtedly be burdened with a credibility crisis.

Those who have paid in advance can also file a lawsuit.

Even if it is only one percent, a famous company must pay a bloody price!

And this is definitely not something everyone here wants to see!

“Dustin Zhou, what do you think?” Enderia Shen looked at Dustin Zhou solemnly. At this time, her mind was a little confused.

The thought that Mingyang Company now looks infinitely beautiful, but is actually on the edge of a cliff, Enderia Shen beats a drum in his heart.

“Don’t worry! Things are not that bad!” “Things need to be done one by one. Let’s do the activities that Sang Liang had done yesterday.” “Sister Ye, you go and notify all sales outlets. From now on, stop. Accept new pre-orders!” “Everything, wait until our event is over before continuing!” Dustin Zhou took a deep breath, calmly said one by one, and counted out all the follow-up needs to be done in an orderly manner.


People throughout Donghai City found something different.

The day before, the popular whitening factor mask that was still on sale suddenly announced that it would no longer accept orders!

This makes many people who have not bought the mask groaned.

Many of them saw that other people were buying, and wanted to try it out together with the wind.

Some are recommended by relatives, friends and girlfriends to buy.

In addition, I saw Rocket Girl using the whitening factor mask and bought it along with it.

But now, they realized that they couldn’t even buy a mask.

“How can this be?” “Yeah, I haven’t bought a mask yet? I must be as white and tender as Xingmeng!” “I declare that if anyone can buy a box of whitening factor mask, I will be the daughter of someone. Friend!” “I have a box of facial mask here for you. Would you like to be my girlfriend?” “Great, I am willing!” … Suddenly, countless broken hearts sounded.

However, the turning point of the matter soon appeared!

Just one hour after all the mask sales points announced that they would no longer accept pre-orders.

Another news was released at the same time!

“In two days, everyone who bought the whitening factor mask can use the barcode on the mask box to participate in the lucky draw organized by the famous company!” “And this time, in the lucky draw, many gifts will be given!” “Televisions, computers, mobile phones, refrigerators, these are nothing!” “Even cars!” “And the most important super prize!” “It’s the one who can compete with the well-known company’s President Enderia Shen and Yueji Beauty President Mira Xie, have dinner together!” As soon as the news was released, everyone was a sensation.

“After all! Who will be the lucky one this time!”

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