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Chapter 71

For a while, everyone was boiling.

Those who bought the whitening factor mask constantly opened the mask box and found the barcode inside.

And those who didn’t buy the mask were just stubbornly frustrated!

“Who has the bar code of the whitening factor mask to sell, my son Zhao bought a lot of money! A bar code, one thousand yuan!” “Which poor ghost is calling? I am embarrassed to say a thousand yuan? Master Chen Shengri! A barcode, ten thousand yuan! ! Don’t ask anything, I just have money!” There are even many people who post news on the Internet and purchase barcodes with a lot of money.

For a time, the barcode of the whitening factor mask became everyone’s treasure!

Soon, Mingyang held a live broadcast of the lucky draw!

The whole lottery draw will be broadcast live on the Internet!

In order to prevent someone from making trouble, Dustin Zhou said that someone cheated and even invited a notary from the notary office!

In this way, the entire live broadcast process is completely reliable!

The waiting days are long. After anxiously waiting for three days, the lottery announced by Mingyang has finally arrived.

“Quick! Quick! Open the live broadcast! I want to see if I can win the lottery!” “Haha, I will definitely win the lottery! If you win a car, don’t you go straight to the pinnacle of life? Nice!” “Hmph! Look at your point! Promising! If it were me, I would have the ultimate prize! Dinner with two beautiful CEOs! If one of them is attracted, I will work hard for 20 years!” This event caused a huge sensation.

Not only Donghai City, but even the whole country knew about it under the rapid spread of the Internet.

Countless pairs of eyes are watching, wanting to see who is so lucky!

Ten o’clock in the morning!

The atmosphere inside Mingyang’s company is extremely lively!

All employees are very excited!

Because today is not just a live broadcast of the lottery, but also a day when Dustin Zhou cashed out to give them big red envelopes!

On the first day before, Dustin Zhou promised it!

As long as the whitening factor facial mask sells well, he will send a big red envelope to every employee!

Although I don’t know how big the red envelope is, everyone will guess!

After all, they are also aware of the sales data of the whitening factor mask.

Thinking of selling so many face masks, there will be no less red envelopes this time!

At ten o’clock, Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen joined hands and slowly appeared in the public hall.

The last time there were so many people in this public hall, it was when the famous company recruited partner companies for the whitening factor mask.

At that time, all sitting underneath were the heads of the major companies that were invited.

But now, all sitting underneath are employees of famous companies!

“Hello everyone!

I am very happy to be here with you all!

Dustin Zhou took the microphone and said with a smile. His eyes touched the entire hall, full of confidence and calmness. A month ago, he was just an ordinary employee of the famous company, humble enough to not attract anyone’s attention. He even has to face the targeting and difficulties of his superiors! But now, he is standing in front of all employees and celebrating with them as a leader. “Just yesterday, our whitening factor mask was launched!

“Once it was listed, it immediately caused a sensation!”

“The entire Donghai City is full of people buying our facial masks!”

“As of twelve o’clock last night, our facial masks have sold nearly two million sets!”

“This is a myth in the industry, a legend!

Dustin Zhou’s voice was passionate, ups and downs, and his chest was constantly ups and downs, and the whole person seemed very excited. There is no way not to be excited! Just looking at these sales data, even those who are calm and rich, can’t help but suck. Air-conditioned. “Yeah yeah!

so amazing!

“Yes, when I saw the data, I thought my eyes were blinded!”

“How much money will the company make now!”

“I just don’t know how big red envelopes Zhou Zong will send us!”

As Dustin Zhou’s voice sounded in the entire hall, all the employees cheered along with Er. As for Enderia Shen sitting on the side, Hu Ye looked at Dustin Zhou with joy. To be honest, when the data was released to them In front of them, they were more shocked than anyone else! Enderia Shen was shocked because she was also immersed in this industry for several years, from a ignorant little girl to a president. What she knows, what she sees It’s much more than Dustin Zhou! So, Enderia Shen knows what such sales data means! It’s unceremonious to say that based on this sales data, the famous company’s whitening factor facial mask can already be listed in the country. The first three! And Lord Tiger was shocked, he did not expect that the facial mask would sell so well! Such data, but the profit this day, is enough for Lord Tiger to manage his current industry for a whole year! And Dustin Zhou, just used it One day! “It seems that I did not read it wrong!

This kid is definitely not a simple person!

“The Tiger Lord was secretly frightened, and at the same time he became more determined in his heart, and wanted to break into a new world with Dustin Zhou. “Okay, let’s not talk more nonsense. Next, we are about to conduct a lottery!

Dustin Zhou smiled faintly, and then with a single sentence, the atmosphere of the whole hall was lifted to the apex. Although this time the live lucky draw was not mainly for the employees of the famous company. However, among these employees, they did buy themselves.

The person who took the mask.

Therefore, many of them have barcodes!

If by any chance, you are lucky!

“Next, I announce that the live draw is officially started!” As Dustin Zhou’s voice fell, the whole hall immediately became quiet.

Everyone is looking straight at the lottery machine on the podium!

The bar codes of all the masks sold before are entered in the lottery machine!

As long as the lottery machine is running and it stops, the bar code displayed on it is a winner!

At the same time, on the Internet, countless people are staring at the computer, watching the screen inside the computer with bated breath.

That is the live draw of this time!

“Fifty lucky prizes are drawn below!” “Everyone can get ten boxes of whitening factor masks for free!” “The lottery begins!” Dustin Zhou ordered the lottery machine to run wildly.

Everyone stared at the lottery machine, wanting to see if the barcode in their hand would appear on it.

“Stop!” With a loud shout, fifty bar codes were displayed on the lottery machine.

“Congratulations to the fifty lucky customers! You will get ten boxes of whitening factor facial masks from Mingyang for free!” Dustin Zhou said loudly.

“Haha, I won the prize!” At this moment, a wild laugh came from the hall.

I saw a man with glasses stood up with ecstasy, holding the barcode in his hand aloft, looking crazy!

You know, two million sets of whitening factor masks have been sold!

And there are only fifty lucky prizes!

He can win the lottery, that is a probability of one in 40,000!

Similar to the odds of buying lottery tickets!

At the same time, there were ambiguities everywhere in Donghai City.

And they are all people who have won the lucky prize.

Although the prize is only ten boxes of whitening factor mask, it is also worth nearly 8,000 yuan!

This is not a small sum!

Chapter 72

“Next, the third prize will be drawn!” “The prize is Apple’s best mobile phone!” “The number of winners, thirty!” Dustin Zhou smiled and looked at the winning employee below, and said Did not say much.

That employee was able to win prizes among so many people, of course it was his own luck.

After Dustin Zhou announced the third prize, there was another noise in the hall.

“Oh my God, it’s the best Apple mobile phone!” “Yes, such a mobile phone can’t be bought without 15,000 yuan!” “Moreover, it can only be bought for 15,000 yuan. Parallel goods! It’s not genuine at all!” “Zhou always has a great atmosphere!” “I want to win the prize!” everyone exclaimed.

As for those who watched the live broadcast in front of the computer, all of them were surprised at this moment.

The facial mask worth 8,000 yuan has already made them very envious, and now it is the third prize.

Turned out to be the best Apple mobile phone!

“Okay! Don’t talk nonsense, start the lottery!” The lottery machine ran wildly, rows of bar code information flashed across the screen like quicksand.

Everyone became nervous, and they didn’t dare to blink their eyes!

“Stop!” With an order, the lottery machine stopped immediately!

At the same time, thirty bar codes are displayed directly.

The whole hall is extremely quiet!

No one stood up!

“Isn’t there a prize winner here?” “It’s a pity, it’s a 15,000 yuan mobile phone!” Everyone sighed.

“It seems that you don’t have such good luck this time!” “But don’t worry, next, we will draw the second prize!” “Dozens of winners!” “The prize is the top prize. A matching alien laptop, an Apple mobile phone with the best matching!” As soon as Dustin Zhou’s voice fell, the hall became agitated again.

“This…” “It’s really proud!” “It’s worth 50,000 yuan, right? It’s worth my half-year salary!” “Yes! Mr. Zhou is really grand!” This time, the staff in the lobby became A lot quieter.

If you just observe carefully, you will find that each of them is short of breath and their faces are flushed!

Obviously, they are not enough to restrain their emotions!

“Start!” “Stop!” The lottery machine stopped, and all ten bar codes were displayed.


Be quiet again!

“Oh my God, I won the prize! I actually won the prize! Haha, I love you so much!” But at this moment, outside the hall, there was an exclamation!

Everyone followed the voice and saw a young man and a young woman cuddling past the company door


At this time, the man was obviously taken aback for a moment, and then he shouted excitedly!

“Huihui, I won the prize! This is this company, a famous company! They are so magnificent! When I graduate, I must come here to work!” The boy hugged the girl next to him with excitement, his eyes hot Famous company.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know that it was precisely because of this lottery that a boy had a curiosity and a good impression of the famous company!

What Dustin Zhou doesn’t know is how much opportunity this boy will bring to Mingyang in the future!

“Next, it’s the first prize!” “The first prize, there are only three people!” “But, the prize!” Dustin Zhou chuckled and stopped deliberately without saying more.

When everyone was puzzled, Dustin Zhou waved his hand to the back of the hall.

Everyone looked at them, and they were all shocked.

At this moment, at the back of the hall, there are three big guys neatly placed!

Every big guy was shrouded in black cloth.

“What is that?” “It looks like a car!” “A car? No way?” Everyone was puzzled!

Although they are employees of the famous company, they don’t even know about the prizes.

“Open it!” Dustin Zhou waved his hand, and the Niu Chuan people who had already turned around immediately rushed forward and lifted the black cloth cover all at once.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes widened.

Not only the employees in the lobby, but also the other people watching the live broadcast in front of the computer were all shocked!

Because in front of them, there are three cars!

Three brand new Porsche Cayenne cars!

“Oh my God! It’s really a car!” “And it’s a Porsche Cayenne!” “This one, it costs nearly 1.5 million!” “It’s crazy, the total atmosphere of Zhou! The total atmosphere of Shen!” For a time, all Everyone cheered.

Although only three people will win the prize and get the car.

But this does not prevent them from being excited, after all, before the results come out, everyone has a chance to win the prize!

“Start the draw!” “Stop!” Everyone stared at the slowly stopping lottery machine for fear of missing this important moment!


The whole hall is extremely silent!

Everyone was silent.

“Didn’t we win the lottery again?” “It’s really cheap for others.” “It’s a pity!” Everyone sighed, shaking their heads.

“Um, I seem to have won the prize…” However, at this moment, a faint voice rang lightly.

But it is like throwing a boulder in a pool, setting off turbulent waves!

For an instant, everyone looked at the speaker.

It was a boy who was thinking about being immature and looking very shy.

He was surprised at this moment, but

Some panic again!

After all, if you win a Porsche Cayenne worth about 1.5 million yuan, you will be excited if you change it.

“Oh my God, it turned out to be Zhang An!” “I didn’t expect this kid to be so lucky!” “Yes, I heard that he seems to be getting married with his girlfriend! The girlfriend asked him to buy a car!” “You are so lucky! Great, Zhang An, you want a treat!” Everyone congratulated.

And Zhang An obviously encountered this situation for the first time, and was a little flustered to respond to everyone’s congratulations.

Dustin Zhou saw all this in his eyes and felt a lot of comfort in his heart.

Although there are only three cars, if all outsiders are caught, it would be a pity for the company’s distance.

At this time, in the villa area in the east of Donghai City.

“Ah! I won the prize! Haha, I knew that I would definitely win!” “My Tong Jing’s luck is so good!” “Chen Xin, you dare to snatch a man from me, huh! I want to see , The game the day after tomorrow, who of us is great!” A fancy-dressed little girl was waving her fists and shouting into the air.

… “Well, next is the ultimate prize that everyone pays attention to!” “This time, only one person will win the prize!” “And the person who won the prize will be the same as our well-known company president Enderia Shen, and President Mira Xie of Yueji Beauty, have dinner together!” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, but there was still a trace of loss in his heart.

It’s just that he doesn’t know how his loss came from.

Chapter 73

“Wow! To be able to have dinner with two beauties, it’s so cool to think about it!” “Yes, if one of them is attracted to me, then I will have to fight for 20 years less!” “Hmph! You all Don’t fight with me! This time, only I can win the lottery!” Dustin Zhou looked at the employees in the hall, his mouth raised slightly, and continued.

“Don’t worry, in addition to what I just said, the winner of the ultimate prize can also get a free gift from a famous company in Jingshangdiyuan, Donghai City!” “And this villa is worth two thousand Ten thousand!” Boom!

At this moment, the whole hall immediately became quiet.

Everyone looked at Dustin Zhou blankly, some of them couldn’t believe their ears.

Even Enderia Shen and Hu Ye were surprised.

Obviously, it was only a dinner with Enderia Shen and Mira Xie.

Why did Dustin Zhou suddenly add such a prize?

Although the 20 million villa is not worth mentioning for the money made by the famous company, it is not such a waste!

However, they didn’t ask questions immediately, but looked at Dustin Zhou quietly and waited until everything was over before asking.

“Damn! It turned out to be a villa!” “I heard that right? That is the most luxurious villa area in Donghai City. The people living in it are either rich or expensive! They are not accessible to ordinary people at all!” Atmosphere!” Soon, when everyone reacted, they fryed the pot immediately.

Everyone looked at Dustin Zhou with red eyes and at the lottery machine on the podium!

On the Internet, those who watched the live broadcast were all shocked at the moment.

They never thought that the ultimate prize would include a luxury villa worth 20 million in addition to having dinner with beautiful women!

“It’s too strong? Twenty million, if you give it away?” “Hit a lottery! Get a lottery! Give your father a lottery!” Countless people prayed in front of the computer, praying that they would win the ultimate prize.

At this time, Jingshangdiyuan.

Tong Jing just vented into the air when she heard Dustin Zhou announce the prize of the ultimate prize, her eyes widened.

You know, her home is in Jingshang Diyuan, and she knows the rules here.

All the people who live here are either rich or expensive, and they are simply not accessible to ordinary people.

“I want to see who is so lucky to get to the villa here!” At this time, Tong Jing became really curious, and at the same time she was curious about this famous company.

… At this moment, the public hall of Mingyang Company is quiet.

Everyone is staring at the lottery machine!

“Start!” “Stop!” Following Dustin Zhou’s order, the lottery machine slowly stopped, and a barcode message was also presented.

This incident,

It’s not just hundreds of people in the hall.

On the Internet, millions of people are following the live broadcast, and they all saw the barcode displayed on the lottery machine!

Everyone took out their barcodes and compared them with the barcode on the lottery machine!

“Damn! No one! Didn’t I win a lottery? But Master is the Chosen One! Master has the title of Chosen One!” “No prize! Who in the group won the prize, squeak! The army of millions is going to kill you fiercely!” The entire network is full of people who inquire about news.

However, no one stood up at all!

“All of the above prizes need winners and come to our Mingyang company to receive them within one month!” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly.

“Zhou, what’s in your pocket?” At this time, Sara Ye was about to take over Dustin Zhou’s microphone for the final touch.

But she found a white jump out of Dustin Zhou’s suit pocket.

“Huh? What is this?” Dustin Zhou took out the white note without thinking.

“This is… the barcode?” Dustin Zhou smiled dumbly after seeing it clearly.

He did not expect that there was a barcode in his pocket.

But who put this bar code in?

Who put it in?

“Haha, let me take a look.” Sara Ye took the barcode and glanced casually.

But for an instant, she stared her eyes wide and froze in place.

“What’s the matter?” “Is there a problem with that barcode?” “Isn’t it a winner? What prize? Say it, make everyone happy!” “That’s it.” The people in the hall are also paying attention at this moment. When the expression on Sara Ye’s face changed, one by one laughed and asked her to show the barcode.

“This, this is the winner.” Sara Ye said with a dry tongue.

“Oh? I’m really lucky, what’s the prize?” Dustin Zhou paused, then chuckled. He didn’t expect that his luck was so good, and he didn’t know where a barcode came from. He won the prize.

“It’s the ultimate prize!” But Sara Ye’s next sentence was to quiet the whole hall in an instant.

Everyone’s eyes fell on the barcode in Sara Ye’s hand, as if it were a rare treasure.

“No? Doesn’t Assistant Ye want to make a joke?” “Yeah, any barcode can win the prize?” Some people smiled slightly, thinking that Sara Ye was joking and wanted to amuse everyone.

“This is indeed the barcode for the ultimate award!” But Sara Ye showed the barcode directly.

Through the huge projector, all the information on the barcode is exposed to everyone.

“Damn! It really is!” “The ultimate prize!”

So, is Zhou Zong winning the prize?

Wouldn’t it happen?

“Could it be that there is still something tricky, this is drawn by the lottery machine, and there are people from the notary office throughout the process, there can be no shady!”

When the information on the barcode was confirmed, everyone exploded. Everyone looked at Dustin Zhou with admiration. In their opinion, Dustin Zhou was their idol. A month ago, Dustin Zhou was just like them. , It’s just an ordinary employee of Miyuquan. There are even many people who have pointed to Dustin Zhou! They have also drank! But now, in just one month, Dustin Zhou has not only become a shareholder of Mingyang Company , Who is solely responsible for the whitening factor project, and even today, won the ultimate award! This is simply an official template for counterattacks! These employees know that there is no insider, but on the Internet, the situation is very different. “Shady!


“That is, how can the ultimate prize be someone from their company!”

” “Correct!

And the first prize of the Porsche Cayenne is among the people of their company!

“Boycott, boycott!”

For a while, abusers were everywhere on the Internet. But at this moment, there was a burst of sorrow at the door of the famous company. “What’s the matter?”

Chuanzi, go take a look.

Dustin Zhou raised his brows. At this moment, the noise outside the door is certainly not a simple matter. “Brother Yang, it’s not good, someone is making trouble outside!”

And there is more than one person!

Niu Chuan returned quickly, reporting to Dustin Zhou with a gloomy and ugly face. And Dustin Zhou’s expression suddenly became extremely ugly! Even extremely gloomy!

Chapter 74

Although Niu Chuan spoke very quietly, the movement outside the door was not small.

For an instant, everyone’s eyes looked out the door.

Even the staff in charge of the live broadcast did not close the live broadcast at this time, but turned the camera outside the door.

On the Internet, as the camera shifted, everyone watching the live broadcast was stunned.

Although they were shouting shady just now, in fact, everyone knew it well.

In front of the notary office and the lottery machine, it is basically impossible to cheat.

What’s more, this time the lottery involves tens of millions of dollars, and the number of onlookers is as high as one million.

No one, no company would take such a huge risk and make a shady lottery.

However, as usual, the lottery has ended at this time, shouldn’t the live broadcast be closed?

But why the live broadcast continued, and the camera also turned to outside the company’s door.

“Listen, there seems to be a very loud noise!” “Yes, I seem to hear someone crying.” “Does the Mingyang company have done something bad and was approached by someone?” “I don’t know. Let’s take a look.” The netizens communicate with each other, but everyone is watching and wanting to know what is happening outside.

At this time, Dustin Zhou was also shocked.

“It’s impossible!” Dustin Zhou yelled, and immediately realized that now is a very sensitive time.

At this time, someone went to the Mingyang company to make noise and cry. This is definitely not accidental.

“Control the scene, don’t let those people rush in, I’ll go and see.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, and then walked outside with Zhao Bing.

And this time, the other people in the hall were completely curious.

“What the hell is going on?” “Yeah, Mr. Zhou, what’s going on outside, do we want to check it out?” Several tall male employees stood up with excitement at this time.

They thought that there was a conflict outside, and at this time, they had a very good opportunity to perform in front of Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen.

Maybe it will be appreciated and reused!

This is a very good deal!

“No, you all stay in place quietly.” Dustin Zhou said coldly.

Soon, Dustin Zhou came outside the gate.

And almost immediately after seeing the situation outside, Dustin Zhou’s eyes suddenly tightened, and his whole body instantly became gloomy.

“It’s you! It’s the mask of your famous company that killed people!” “My girlfriend just used your whitening factor mask, which caused disfigurement. Now there is no way to come out to see people!” “And me, you look at me This face was disfigured only after using their company’s mask!”

“Unscrupulous businessmen! Give back my youth!” “Give back my face!” About ten people held up banners with a few dazzling characters on them.

And those people are constantly making noise, and whenever someone looks at this place, they will be even more crazy.

But when Dustin Zhou walked out, those people’s eyes lit up and they immediately wanted to rush over.

But it is a pity that Zhao Bing, Chen Sheng and Chen Li were all standing in front of them.

The three of them are like a wall, and all these a dozen people are blocked ten meters in front of Dustin Zhou, unable to go further.

“Everyone, be quiet! What are you doing? Do you know that this is illegal?” Dustin Zhou said coldly, his eyes sharp, sweeping over a dozen faces.

If under normal circumstances, Dustin Zhou had such a fierce gaze, it would have been able to scare a large number of people.

But these dozen or so people seemed to have no fear at all, and they continued to swear loudly.

“Black-hearted merchants, use rubbish masks to ruin my youth!” “Look at me, my face is like this after using their masks.” “Yes, such a company, such a mask, we still Can it be used? Can it be bought?” Dustin Zhou couldn’t stop the verbal abuse.

After all, their mouths were on them, and Dustin Zhou couldn’t stop them.

But soon, Dustin Zhou discovered something was wrong.

Although these people scolded fiercely, they didn’t care at all.

But no matter how they scolded, even if their girlfriends were disfigured, they were disfigured, their relatives were disfigured.

In their verbal abuse, they always unconsciously take out the mask to tell the matter.

Moreover, it is constantly emphasized that the whitening factor mask cannot be used and cannot be bought.

In an instant, Dustin Zhou understood.

The purpose of these people is to discredit the whitening factor mask, and to cause panic and fear in people’s hearts, so that they will not buy a mask.

And there will be such a means, but also such an arrogant, only one.

That is the whitening storm mask that is tit-for-tat to him, and the person behind it is Edward Shen.

Dustin Zhou’s eyes narrowed slightly, staring at these people coldly, despite their verbal abuse, without making a single move, he stood quietly on the spot, as if being frightened.

But this picture was completely broadcast live.

“I’ll go! No way! Will disfigurement with the mask? I just used one! Hurry up! Tear it off!” “Oh my god, isn’t it true? If it is really disfigured, what should my girlfriend do? Huh?” “We want to return it! I dared to sell such a rubbish mask, and sold 799 sets. Are you crazy for money?” There was a lot of criticism and resistance on the Internet.

There is almost no sign, and you can see it everywhere on the Internet

Scold the news of the whitening factor mask.

At this time, the atmosphere at the World Entertainment Company where the Rocket Girl was located was somewhat tense.

“Sister Yang, the traces of the network naval forces have been traced!” The technician in charge of online public opinion surveys shouted excitedly.

After the Rocket Girl gained a lot of opposition, Sister Yang immediately made a decision to let the company’s people investigate the source of the Anxi people.

After nearly a day and night of surveys, they finally found each other’s ID.

That is a network navy company!

But at this time, the technician in charge of monitoring discovered that the other party’s navy ID accounts were once again active.

“What’s the matter! Who are they going for?” Sister Yang asked with a solemn expression.

Finally, through the attack on the Internet, the naval forces were a little safer, but they didn’t expect it to be quiet and immediately became active.

Does the other party really think that World Entertainment is easy to bully?

“No! They didn’t come for us.” “They seem to be for a cosmetics company called Mingyang.” “Yes, it’s found out, they are for the whitening factor mask!” Technician Quickly tapping with both hands on the keyboard, the active traces of the navy were quickly found, and their target this time was also found.

“Famous company?” “Whitening factor mask?” Sister Yang felt familiar with these two names for a moment, but she couldn’t remember where she had heard it.

“No, this is Brother Yang’s company!” At this time, Su Xiaomeng, who had been shrinking in the corner and waiting quietly for Sister Yang’s punishment, suddenly exclaimed.

Chapter 75

“What?” Sister Yang only came over at this time. She had heard Su Xiaomeng say before.

It was because of a wave of publicity for the whitening factor mask that she caused the navy to attack.

“Sister Yang, you can help me see what’s wrong with Brother Yang’s company, okay?” Su Xiaomeng looked worried at this time.

She could hear what the technician said just now.

Now, those naval forces are attacking Dustin Zhou’s company and also attacking the whitening factor mask.

You know, just now, those navy forces stirred the situation under her Weibo.

In the face of such a large-scale naval siege, even if you have a thousand mouths, it is still unclear.

“I really can’t do anything with you.” Sister Yang stretched out her hand, tapped on Su Xiaomeng’s forehead, and asked the technician to start inquiring.

Soon, the technicians found out the target of the navy’s attack from the whole city.

“How could this happen!” Su Xiaomeng was shocked when he saw the posts posted by the navy on the Internet and such unbearable abuse.

“Impossible! How could the mask of Brother Yang’s company disfigure people!” “That’s right, Wanrong and I also used the whitening factor mask yesterday, there is no bad effect?” “That’s right, I am now The face is all Q bombs!” Suddenly, the three little boys of Rocket Girl became dissatisfied, and wanted to say something nice for Dustin Zhou.

“Well, no matter how much you talk about here, it’s useless. I don’t care how the mask works! In short, you are not allowed to use it again until the final result comes out!” Sister Yang said solemnly.

After seeing those posts on the Internet, she was also shocked.

And when she heard the three little ones say that she had used them too, she immediately turned her head and took a closer look at their faces.

After discovering that there was nothing unusual, Sister Yang was also relieved.

However, her years of work experience made her make such a decision.

“But, Sister Yang, this matter cannot be related to Brother Yang!” “Otherwise, I will post another Weibo to explain to Brother Yang and clarify for him?” Su Xiaomeng pouted and whispered. Said.

“No! Don’t even think about it! Okay, there is nothing for you here. Hurry up and practice, but don’t forget. After half a month, it will be your first concert today! If it messes up, I won’t be lighthearted. Forgive you!” But Sister Yang bluntly refused.

At the same time, Sister Yang changed the Weibo password in front of a few people, which completely broke Su Xiaomeng’s thoughts.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know that Su Xiaomeng wanted to clarify for him, but it was a matter of opposition.

He also didn’t know that a big wave of dark waves was coming to him on the Internet.

At this moment, these dozens of them are blocking the doors of famous companies.


As long as someone wants to rush out, those people will immediately fist together and force them back.

“Zhou, it seems that these people will not give up.” Zhao Bing stopped several people, turned his head, and said in a deep voice.

Even if he was wrestling with several people at the same time, it was not so easy. At this time, Zhao Bing’s face was flushed with the second aunt’s house, and the muscles and blue veins on his arms were already violent.

But in this way, Mi still has a way to stop all the dozen people outside.

The line of defense is approaching Dustin Zhou little by little!

“Dustin Zhou, what happened!” At this moment, Enderia Shen and Hu Ye also walked over.

Although Dustin Zhou said outside matters, he could handle it.

But Enderia Shen and Hu Ye waited in there for ten minutes, and they still didn’t see Dustin Zhou coming back, knowing that things were definitely not that simple.

At this moment, looking at a dozen aggressive people in front of the gate, the two looked at each other, and they all saw a trace of doubt in each other’s eyes.

what the hell is it?

Dustin Zhou had no choice but to whisper the reason to the two of them.

“It’s impossible!” Enderia Shen said categorically, his eyes tightened instantly, and he glanced fiercely among the dozen people.

After Huye listened, he fell silent for an instant.

But soon, he raised his head, a pair of eyes lit up with cold light, and the aura of the whole person instantly became extremely cold!

Both of them are not brainless people, just a simple thought, knowing that this matter will not be that simple.

“Brother Zhou, do you have any good solutions?” “If not, do you mind if you mind letting me solve it?” As soon as Lord Tiger’s voice fell, Dustin Zhou felt keenly that Brother Pao and the knife were already stored. Ready to go.

A smell of danger radiated from the two of them.

Dustin Zhou is almost certain!

As long as there is an order, Brother Pao and Xiaodao will immediately rush out.

Moreover, they will never show mercy.

Dustin Zhou even believed that in the face of these more than a dozen people, under the fierceness of Brother Pao and Xiaodao, basically no one would still be able to stand.

“Master Tiger, this matter must not be resolved by violent means. The purpose of these people is actually very simple. It is to discredit the IO mask!” “And if we have a real conflict with them, then their purpose will be At that time, we will fall into a great passivity!” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice.

And Hu Ye didn’t say much. After all, this is a famous company. After all, he is still an outsider.

However, since Dustin Zhou was unwilling to resolve it violently, Lord Tiger really wanted to know how he would resolve it.

In an instant, Hu Ye and Enderia Shen both looked at Dustin Zhou, waiting for his next move.


“Actually, I have found some clues from the observation just now, but I still need some confirmation.” “Master Tiger, I may have to borrow a few people from you to use it.” Dustin Zhou said seriously, looking at a few people in the crowd. Stay on the body for a while.

“You just say it.” Master Tiger nodded and couldn’t comment.

“I hope I can get people to check the identities of those people! What are they doing!” Dustin Zhou ordered several people to show Lord Tiger, and at the same time asked Brother Pao and Xiaodao to look at them.

“It turned out to be this. It’s very simple. I’ll let someone go and check it!” Brother Pao gave a chuckle and turned around and made a call.

“Mr. Zhou, Mr. Shen, things are not so good!” At this time, Sara Ye also walked over with a solemn expression and handed the phone to Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou took the phone and saw a post that had been liked thousands of levels at a glance.

The content of this post is all about discrediting well-known companies and discrediting the whitening factor mask.

In the post, the whitening factor mask was even said to be a poison!

Dustin Zhou was shocked, knowing that this incident was definitely not as simple as the dozens of people in front of him.

The other party is all-round, wanting to discredit the famous company and discredit the whitening factor mask.

Even the other party’s purpose is to make the whole people resist the whitening factor mask.

This is to use the power of public opinion to push the famous company to a dead end!

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