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Chapter 76

“Resolutely resist the whitening factor mask and drive the famous company out of Donghai City!” “Agree! Everyone works together to drive such a social cancer out of the East China Sea!” “Give me back the peace of East China Sea!” “The garbage famous company, no Clear, we will always live in panic!” … Opening the post page by page, Dustin Zhou saw all these remarks.

Even if there are a few slightly more impressive remarks to calm everyone down and wait for the final result, they will be targeted because they are different from the voices of most people.

Suddenly, the response to the famous company on the Internet has taken a turn for the worse.

From the exclamation at the beginning, to the atmosphere of the lottery draw, everyone is afraid to avoid it!

As if there was a hand that was operating in secret, the famous company fell to the bottom when it was at its peak!

“What to do, Mr. Zhou, the Internet is now slandering our speech! If you don’t control it, the consequences are likely to be unpredictable!” Sara Ye’s face was extremely ugly, and her voice was full of worry.

She couldn’t help but worry.

After all, Sara Ye has also been active on the Internet for many years, knowing that the Internet is a double-edged sword platform.

Countless people can praise a thing on it, and similarly, they can also slander a thing on it.

Moreover, there are no rules at all, it seems to depend on their preferences!

But this time, even if you are a fool, you can see that there must be someone behind the scenes!

Otherwise, it is impossible to suddenly, as if the world hates well-known companies and whitening factor masks.

“Don’t worry, first, issue a statement in the official name of the famous company!” “Publish all the production and sales qualifications of the whitening factor mask.” “At the same time, if any media is still publishing a large number of denigrating whitening For the remarks of the factor mask, immediately ask the Legal Department to send them a letter of attorney!” “Be sure to hold on first, and wait for everything to be done on my side!” Dustin Zhou did not panic, but settled down and gave the order in an orderly manner. Go down.

After Sara Ye listened, she immediately settled down a lot, and quickly returned to the company to execute as Dustin Zhou said.

And at this time, Brother Pao sent someone to check a few people’s younger brothers and also got a reply.

“Mr. Zhou, this is the result of the investigation. As you said, these people have big problems!” Brother Pao handed the result of the investigation to Dustin Zhou.

And Dustin Zhou also slightly narrowed his eyes, and a dangerous aura that seemed to be faintly emanating from him.

“The man who said that his girlfriend was disfigured had no girlfriend at all. He was just a small gangster who bullied the market all day and blackmailed those outsiders near the train station!

“The woman who said she was disfigured was not disfigured because she used the whitening factor mask, but because she wanted to be beautiful, she went to the hospital for cosmetic surgery, and the operation failed, which led to her disfigurement.

“And the man who said his relatives were disfigured was a gambler!”

All of his relatives have been deceived by him and cut off from him!

“… A message after another completely exposed all these dozen people. Even who has other women outside is clear. Dustin Zhou looked at these messages and was angry at the same time, but he was also very shocked. You must know. , He asked Brother Pao to arrange for someone to investigate these people. Until now, only one hour has passed. And the person arranged by Brother Pao can investigate these dozens of people clearly. At this moment, Dustin Zhou confronted Tiger. The Lord’s power has a further feeling! This kind of ability is definitely not comparable to ordinary people. Even the information that Tiger Lord said to him before is very different. However, it is obviously not the time to explore the Tiger Lord’s power. Dustin Zhou looked at the dozen or so people again. At this time, the anger and dissatisfaction on their faces turned into triumph and greed in Dustin Zhou’s eyes. They did not hesitate to discredit the famous company and discredit the whitening factor mask for money. In front of the door of Mingyang Company! Such a move is no longer a simple matter. “Chuanzi, call the police!”

None of these people want to escape today!

With a cold shout, Dustin Zhou calmed down and stood still. And the dozen people also heard Dustin Zhou’s words, and they were stunned for a while. “Haha, I really laughed at me, your mask disfigured me, and I still want to think about it.” Want to call the police to catch me?

Are you crazy!

“That is, if you disfigure my girlfriend, I will definitely smash to the end with you!”

“Don’t be afraid, everyone, he just scares us!”

They are black-hearted businessmen, who specialize in cheating us ordinary people. We must ask for justice!

Everyone clamored, not retreating but advancing. And Zhao Bing and the others were also very difficult to stop these people. “Humph!

Not ashamed!

“I know why you are here, just for money!”

” “you!

However, a gangster near the dead train station specializes in blackmailing outsiders and has at least a dozen cases in his hands!

” “you!

I want to be beautiful so I can get big money!

But I didn’t expect the facelift to fail and directly disfigured. Now I pretend to be the whitening factor mask that disfigured you!

“And you!”

Did you just come out of the casino?

All of your relatives have severed ties with you. Excuse me, which of your relatives is now disfigured because of the whitening factor mask?

Let him out?

“… Dustin Zhou looked at these people coldly, directly pointed out a few people, and said their identities. Suddenly

, The door is quiet!

A dozen people all looked at Dustin Zhou dumbfounded, and at the few people named.

“You’re slandering me! I want to sue you!” “Yes, slanderous!” However, after a momentary panic, the few people immediately reacted and bit Dustin Zhou back.

“What I hold in my hand is the evidence! Do you want me to show it to you!” But Dustin Zhou didn’t care, and directly showed the phone, all the information in it was very complete.

“Fake, he’s lying to us! Don’t be fooled! Let’s rush!” “Hit a profiteer! Return me to safety!” The information in Dustin Zhou’s hands didn’t seem to have any effect.

Under the instigation of those few people, a dozen people began to rush in.

But Dustin Zhou discovered that the few people named by him wanted to escape secretly!

“Chuanzi, grab those people! Don’t let them run away!” Niu Chuan rushed over at an order, and then subdued those people to the ground.

And all this just happened between the electric light and flint.

Before everyone had reacted, Niu Chuan and the knife had already subdued the few people on the ground, unable to move!

And at this moment, the surrounding alarm bells rang loudly.

The police are finally here!

After explaining what happened, Dustin Zhou also passed the information in his hands to the police.

He is not worried about the loss of this information.

With the power of Lord Tiger, it was easy to find these people again.

Chapter 77

The police quickly stopped taking away all the dozen people.

Regardless of whether the disfigurement they said is true, it is also illegal to block the door of a well-known company.

At this time, everyone took a long breath.

Although it is impossible for the dozen or so people to do any damage to Mingyang, the impact will definitely occur.

What Dustin Zhou didn’t know was that the whole process of the whole thing was broadcasted through the live broadcast.

At this time, in the live broadcast room, the audience was already boiling.

“Wow! Uncle policeman, I love it the most! He’s so handsome!” “I heard it right a moment ago! This person can’t find out the bottom of those people all at once! That’s amazing! Isn’t it he? Is it zero and seven?” “Upstairs is mentally retarded! Don’t look at who the person standing next to him is!” “Excuse me, who is that person upstairs?” “Huh! I am ignorant, everyone is called Tiger Lord. This exists on the road (thumbs!)” “Wow! This is too handsome!” “But, who can tell me! Is this whitening factor mask really disfiguring? I’m so scared now!” Don’t worry, wait for the official final


But I still suggest that you don’t use it during this time!

just in case!

The barrage that keeps refreshing the screen makes people look dazzling. But at this time, the staff in charge of the live broadcast realized that they had broadcast all of this live. “Woo, Mr. Zhou, Mr. Shen, I seem to have committed a big deal. error!

I have broadcasted all the things I just did, ooh…” The one who was in charge of the live broadcast was a soft girl with a round smile and looked very cute. The thought of my mistakes would bring a lot to the company. Unnecessarily troublesome, she couldn’t help crying. The most unbearable thing in Dustin Zhou’s life was a woman crying in front of him. With this cry, Dustin Zhou’s heart also softened. “It’s okay, the live broadcast is fine. , In this matter, our famous company is doing well, sitting upright, and at the same time, we will accept everyone’s inspection!

Dustin Zhou smiled lightly and reached out and touched the soft girl’s head lightly. “Dear viewers who watch the live broadcast, I can assure you that our whitening factor mask is absolutely safe and reliable!”

But if you still have doubts, you can wait for the final notice from the official!

“And during this period, we will also invite the most authoritative inspection agencies to conduct live inspections, so that everyone can be completely relieved!

Dustin Zhou took over the live broadcast mobile phone, greeted the camera, and at the same time announced a very important news. And hearing this news, not only the audience in the live broadcast room was shocked. Even Enderia Shen and Hu Ye also had a face. Confused. Because they don’t even know what Dustin Zhou said just now. But at this time, the two of them won’t be going to tear down Dustin Zhou’s station. “Oh my God, that’s fine, and we will see if it’s true. It will be disfigured!

” “awesome!

Support it!

“Right, this will make people feel relieved!”

“Soon, countless praised barrage flashed quickly. But there were still many unwholesome barrage mixed in. “Ha ha, authority?”

As long as there is money?

Didn’t you have the final say?

“Yes, we don’t believe it at all!”

“I will never use the whitening factor mask in the future!”

“… Dustin Zhou looked at these malicious barrage, and was very speechless. After all, he couldn’t find each other along the network cable through the network, then pull them out and tidy up. However, in contrast, full of There are still more people with good intentions. “Zhou, the comments on the Internet can’t be controlled at all, and the technicians suspect that there is a large number of naval forces at work!

“Sara Ye trot over with an anxious look, and said out of breath. Dustin Zhou raised her eyebrows, and her heart suddenly became clear. Since Edward Shen is here prepared, how could he only find these dozen or so people who are not climatic? Maybe just for

Simply let Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen feel bad.

Since you want to smear the whitening factor mask, you will definitely smear it all!

Now, is it finally on the Internet?

“Don’t worry! You should always keep an eye on the public opinion on the Internet, and at the same time send out a lawyer’s letter to the media spreading the rumors!” “First end the matter here, I want to go out!” “When I come back, everything will be resolved. Yes!” Dustin Zhou said calmly.

Subsequently, the entire hall was being cleaned up in an orderly manner, and Dustin Zhou no longer paid attention to these, but left quietly.

Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

Dustin Zhou took a taxi to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, and after taking out his membership card, he went up to the top floor smoothly.

And because of the real name of the membership card, Asher Chen knew Dustin Zhou had arrived the first time.

“Master, what has happened, where you need me, just speak up, and I will definitely be there!” Asher Chen said respectfully.

When Dustin Zhou called before and said that he was going to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, he had already asked people to investigate.

It turns out that, apart from some negative public opinions about famous companies and whitening factor masks on the Internet, there is nothing else except that these may be related to Dustin Zhou.

“It’s like this…” Dustin Zhou didn’t hesitate, and directly told the Internet about the famous company and the Internet navy for the whitening factor mask.

Since the last meeting with Asher Chen, Dustin Zhou has regarded Asher Chen as a capable subordinate.

As for dealing with things like the cyber navy, Dustin Zhou himself has no way, nor does the famous company have any direct and effective ways.

But just for an instant, Asher Chen’s name appeared in Dustin Zhou’s mind.

The cyber navy is an industry wandering in the gray area.

And Asher Chen runs the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, all black and white!

Asher Chen couldn’t be more suitable to deal with the cyber navy.

“Don’t worry! Master, I will find those bastards! If you dare to find something to Master Du, then they must pay the price!” Asher Chen was furious, and his whole body suddenly became more majestic.

Asher Chen said nothing, and soon arranged for someone to check the network naval affairs.

At this time, Asher Chen suddenly became hesitant and even embarrassed.

“Mr. Chen, what are you?” Dustin Zhou found this strange and couldn’t help asking.

“It’s true, Master, since the last time you came to Xiaoxin’s birthday gift, she gave away the box of facial masks, the whole person was a little depressed!” “And after half a month, it will be the day when her university starts. , And as a freshman at Tunghai University…” Asher Chen’s voice became smaller and smaller, and at the end, it was almost inaudible.

And Dustin Zhou also listened


However, at this moment, Dustin Zhou suddenly noticed that a small head was poking in from the door, looking at himself with piercing eyes.

This person is Chen Xin!

“Xiaoxin! Why are you here?” Asher Chen also found Chen Xin and immediately asked in surprise.

“Dad, I know that Brother Dustin Zhou is here, and I want to apologize to him!” Chen Xin knew that he had been found, and walked in very neatly, with a pair of beautiful eyes, looking at Dustin Zhou, twinkling.

Chapter 78

Chen Xinmei stood in front of Dustin Zhou, with big beautiful eyes, looking at Dustin Zhou unblinkingly.

Dustin Zhou was a little embarrassed when Chen Xin looked at him like this.

After all, if he and Asher Chen are in the same generation, Chen Xin can be regarded as his niece.

Moreover, Chen Xin was still a student, and Dustin Zhou felt that he was very old.

“Brother Dustin Zhou, I’m sorry, the last time I was bad, you gave the mask you gave me to Mengmeng, you won’t still blame me.” Chen Xin said grievously, her little mouth pouted, and she wanted to cry Weeping look.

This moment, Dustin Zhou was caught off guard!

“No, how could I blame you.” Dustin Zhou quickly explained.

Facing Chen Xin, he really didn’t care about it.

After all, Asher Chen also knew that he was the Young Master Zhou.

“Really? Brother Dustin Zhou, don’t you lie to me?” “By the way, in another half a month, it will be the day when my school starts. At that time, we will have a performance by freshmen. Brother Dustin Zhou, when that happens, you must Come see me perform.” “If you don’t blame me, then you must come!” Chen Xin said excitedly.

Dustin Zhou was helpless, but felt that Chen Xin sincerely wanted to go, so he directly agreed.

“Great! Brother Dustin Zhou, you must go!” After leaving a sentence, Chen Xin quickly left in Dustin Zhou’s surprised eyes.

“Mr. Chen, what you wanted to tell me just now, isn’t that what happened?” Dustin Zhou only reacted at this time, and Asher Chen seemed to be about to tell himself about this just now.

The father and daughter, united, just to invite themselves to see Chen Xin’s entrance performance?

Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but shook his head and smiled bitterly, but he didn’t regard him as important.

After all, he also came from that time and knew what the so-called freshman entrance performance was about.

“At that time, just take some time and take a look.” Dustin Zhou thought to himself in his heart.

“Tingling!” At this moment, Asher Chen’s cell phone rang.

After answering the call, Asher Chen listened in silence.

“Master, the network navy company has been found!” “It’s in the East China Sea!” … At this time, in a somewhat dilapidated residential complex in the western suburbs of the East China Sea.

“Quickly! Hurry up! Don’t you want a salary anymore?” “Well, that, change an account!” “Everyone work hard! As long as this matter is made bigger, the other party will give us half a million rewards! That’s half a million!” “Come on!” In a three-bedroom house, a dozen naked-chested men are staring at the computer, and their hands are crackling on the keyboard.

Keep tapping.

The three-bedroom room, except for a few beds, is all filled with computers.

In the living room, there are three middle-aged men with dyed yellow hair, who are always watching the situation online.

“Is it reliable this time?” “It must be reliable. We have already received a 100,000 yuan deposit from the other party.” “The most important thing is that I have investigated the well-known company. There is no big background, no What will happen.” “That’s good, we can go out and have a good time after the 500,000 yuan arrives, haha.” This is the base camp of the cyber navy!

Here, none of them use real names, all of them use screen names.

At this moment, these people are all dreaming about how to be cool after getting the money.

But I didn’t notice it at all, that the entire community was already surrounded by water.

“Master, this is here! Our people found out that the IP address of the navy is here!” At this time, Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen had also arrived outside the community.

At the same time, for the sake of safety, Asher Chen even brought a security team from the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, with a total of 15 people.

And these fifteen people are all good players!

The reason why no one dared to cause trouble in the Mountain Mist Club was because these security guards were there.

This made the dudes and gangsters dare not make trouble.

“Go up!” Dustin Zhou gave an order, and everyone rushed in directly according to the address they found before, without making a single movement.

And Dustin Zhou also watched the actions of these security guards from behind, and had a new understanding of their strength.

Soon, the group came to the room where the navy was.

“Open!” With a cold word, the security guard immediately stepped forward and kicked the door open.

At this time, the navy in the room was still blinded.

The three men with dyed yellow hair were blindfolded, and they were about to yell when they saw someone breaking in.

However, when they saw that they were not doing well, each of them was strong, and there seemed to be a large number of people, they suddenly became frustrated.

“Who are you! You are trespassing in a private house!” The man standing in the middle snapped.

But his voice was lack of confidence, and his legs trembled slightly.

An idea has faintly appeared in his mind.

These people are here to seek revenge!

But they didn’t think about the famous company at all, they just thought that people who had smeared before came to the door.

After all, they have investigated Mingyang, and they don’t have much background.

Moreover, how can there be so many men in a company that makes facial masks!

“Hehe, who are we? So forgetful so soon? Isn’t this the pleasure of posting online?” Dustin Zhou sneered and glanced casually.

When I clicked on the computer screen, I immediately saw the content of the post on it, and I couldn’t help but sneer.

“It’s you! How did you find here!” The appearance of Dustin Zhou suddenly changed the face of the navy.

Although they are only active on the Internet, they also watched the live broadcast just now.

They will naturally not forget Dustin Zhou’s face!

It’s just that they don’t even understand why this famous company came to the door so quickly, and, doesn’t it mean that they don’t have a big background?

But the scene before me does not look like a small company!

“Smashed!” Dustin Zhou said coldly.

And those security guards were the first to take action, and there was no time for the navy to resist, and they started directly and smashed all the computers in the entire room!

“I smashed the computer, and these are regarded as compensation!” Dustin Zhou took over a black bag from Asher Chen, and directly scattered the bright banknotes on the ground.

“However, it depends on whether you have the opportunity to enjoy the money!” As soon as Dustin Zhou’s voice fell, the alarm bell rang outside.

The police are here!

On the road before, Dustin Zhou had already called the police ahead of time!

Although the cyber navy is an industry in a gray area, it is not a crime.

But there must be some illegal acts.

As long as you check, you will be able to check it clearly!

“Please! Forgive us, let us just eat it!” “Yeah, we didn’t want to discredit your company at all. The other party forced it!” “We give you all the money, and don’t You pay, don’t call the police to arrest us!” All of the navy in the room wailed and continued to apologize to Dustin Zhou.

Some people even knelt down!

Kowtowing at Dustin Zhou!

“Since you dare to do it, then don’t admit it!” “Since you dare to discredit the famous company, then you must be prepared to be counterattacked!” “Now, the counterattack is coming!” “Are you ready?”

Chapter 79

The police moved quickly and directly seized the navy company.

On Dustin Zhou’s side, a security guard was arranged to take notes.

“Young master, look, those people, do you want?” Asher Chen’s hostility was still not quenched, and when he saw the police leaving, he walked to Dustin Zhou and whispered.

In an instant, a killing

Su Xiaomeng’s invitation!

The police moved quickly and directly seized the navy company.

On Dustin Zhou’s side, a security guard was arranged to take notes.

“Young master, look, those people, do you want?” Asher Chen’s hostility was still not quenched, and when he saw the police leaving, he walked to Dustin Zhou and whispered.

In an instant, a killing

Su Xiaomeng’s invitation!

The police moved quickly and directly seized the navy company.

On Dustin Zhou’s side, a security guard was arranged to take notes.

“Young master, look, those people, do you want?” Asher Chen’s hostility was still not quenched, and when he saw the police leaving, he walked to Dustin Zhou and whispered.

In an instant, a killing

Su Xiaomeng’s invitation!

The police moved quickly and directly seized the navy company.

On Dustin Zhou’s side, a security guard was arranged to take notes.

“Young master, look, those people, do you want?” Asher Chen’s hostility was still not quenched, and when he saw the police leaving, he walked to Dustin Zhou and whispered.

In an instant, a killing

Su Xiaomeng’s invitation!

The police moved quickly and directly seized the navy company.

On Dustin Zhou’s side, a security guard was arranged to take notes.

“Young master, look, those people, do you want?” Asher Chen’s hostility was still not quenched, and when he saw the police leaving, he walked to Dustin Zhou and whispered.

In an instant, a killing

Su Xiaomeng’s invitation!

The police moved quickly and directly seized the navy company.

On Dustin Zhou’s side, a security guard was arranged to take notes.

“Young master, look, those people, do you want?” Asher Chen’s hostility was still not quenched, and when he saw the police leaving, he walked to Dustin Zhou and whispered.

In an instant, a killing

Su Xiaomeng’s invitation!

The police moved quickly and directly seized the navy company.

On Dustin Zhou’s side, a security guard was arranged to take notes.

“Young master, look, those people, do you want?” Asher Chen’s hostility was still not quenched, and when he saw the police leaving, he walked to Dustin Zhou and whispered.

In an instant, a killing

Su Xiaomeng’s invitation!

The police moved quickly and directly seized the navy company.

On Dustin Zhou’s side, a security guard was arranged to take notes.

“Young master, look, those people, do you want?” Asher Chen’s hostility was still not quenched, and when he saw the police leaving, he walked to Dustin Zhou and whispered.

In an instant, a killing

Su Xiaomeng’s invitation!

The police moved quickly and directly seized the navy company.

On Dustin Zhou’s side, a security guard was arranged to take notes.

“Young master, look, those people, do you want?” Asher Chen’s hostility was still not quenched, and when he saw the police leaving, he walked to Dustin Zhou and whispered.

In an instant, a killing

The air swept across the room.

Dustin Zhou knew that Asher Chen had murderous intentions towards these navy forces.

Even if they were not killed, at least they would not be taken away by the police so easily!

After all, if just

If you pursue it this way, you can’t go to jail at best.

But even if they go to jail, it will only take two or three years at most, which is not enough to make them feel painful!

Asher Chen wanted them to feel unforgettable, and in the future, they would avoid anything that has anything to do with Dustin Zhou!

“No! We are decent people! If you face these people, just hand it over to the police.” “Let’s go!” Soon, Dustin Zhou left directly.

This time, he returned directly to Mingyang.

After all, he has solved the problem of the network navy. The thing to be solved now is to invite an authoritative testing agency to conduct a public test on the whitening factor mask!

“Zhou, are you back?” Sara Ye hurriedly greeted Dustin Zhou when she was back.

In the few hours that Dustin Zhou left, the entire Mingyang company was in a tense and depressive atmosphere.

In the face of more and more negative rumors on the Internet, they have no way to stop it!

“Mr. Shen and Lord Tiger are discussing countermeasures in the office, you go quickly.” Sara Ye said hurriedly.

And Dustin Zhou just chuckled and walked towards the office unhurriedly.

“I’m back!” Dustin opened the door and saw that the faces of Enderia Shen and Hu Ye were clouded.

“Dustin Zhou, where have you been, don’t you know that the Internet is now all unfavorable remarks about the company?” Enderia Shen asked.

Recently, she has always regarded Dustin Zhou as her backer, relying on Dustin Zhou for everything, and has developed a habit.

However, just now, Dustin Zhou disappeared for a few hours, facing the slander on the Internet, she had nothing to do.

Even with Master Tiger comforting him, Enderia Shen was full of thoughts.

“I’m going to solve the problem?” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly. It is rare to see Enderia Shen being so serious. Only now I found out that it was quite interesting.

“Solve the problem? What problem are you going to solve?” Enderia Shen frowned and asked in a deep voice.

“Of course it is to solve your concerns! Isn’t it just that there are many naval forces on the Internet to discredit us? I am going to solve them!” “Now, there should be no naval forces!” Dustin Zhou said confidently.

At this time, the office door was suddenly opened.

“Mr. Zhou, Mr. Shen, Lord Tiger, great, all the negative information on the Internet is decreasing!” “It seems that there is no network navy to discredit us!” It was Sara Ye who broke in.

At this moment, Sara Ye’s face was reddened, and her chest fell together, shouting in surprise.

“Really?” Enderia Shen and Hu Ye were also taken aback, and immediately checked with their mobile phones.

“Really gone!” To their shock, the trend of smearing on the Internet seems to be declining!

In an instant, the two looked at Dustin Zhou at the same time

, His eyes are full of inquiry.

Just now, Dustin Zhou said that he was going to solve the problem of the cyber navy.

Now, on the Internet, the slander of famous companies has decreased.

Could it be that Dustin Zhou is really going to solve the network navy?

“Don’t look at me like that!” “I just did what I was supposed to do!” “Although the problem of the network navy has been solved, we still have more important things to do!” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly, not revealing Turn off the subject sensually.

And Enderia Shen and Hu Ye were quickly attracted by his words.

“What important thing?” Enderia Shen asked.

“Although the network navy has solved it, they have ignited the public’s suspicion of famous companies and masks!” “So, we must invite authoritative testing agencies to conduct open and authoritative tests on whitening factor masks, so as to eliminate them. The suspicion of the public!” Dustin Zhou said seriously.

If they don’t take any remedial measures and just want time to dilute everything, then the consequences will be very serious.

Because of course, time can dilute all concerns and doubts.

However, time can also dilute the public’s trust and love for the whitening factor mask.

When the public no longer doubts, the whitening factor mask has also lost the market!

“Okay! I know a testing organization, the top three in the country, I will contact them!” Hu Ye said actively.

Since it is a cooperation, now Dustin Zhou has solved the problem of the network navy, Tiger Lord naturally also wants to show his strength and take care of the inspection agency.

Several people discussed it and made a decision quickly.

Hu Ye came forward and invited the testing agency.

Then Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen stabilized the famous company, and prepared to test live broadcast at the same time!

… After all the discussions were over, after Lord Tiger left, Dustin Zhou had just returned to his office when the phone rang.

“Brother Yang, I’m sorry.” Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but chuckle when he saw the caller ID.

It is Su Xiaomeng!

Had it not been for Su Xiaomeng’s promotion on Weibo, the whitening factor mask would almost never compete with the whitening storm mask.

It’s just that there are too many things yesterday and today, and Dustin Zhou has no time to thank her.

However, Dustin Zhou had just connected, but Su Xiaomeng on the other end of the phone was so apologetic.

Dustin Zhou was a little confused for a while.

He didn’t even know why Su Xiaomeng wanted to apologize to him, shouldn’t he thank her?

“Xiaomeng, what’s the matter? Why do you say that?” Dustin Zhou asked.

“Oh, so many people don’t believe in Brother Yang, but Mengmeng can’t help me at all. I’m sorry.” Su Xiaomeng kept whimpering and talking intermittently.


Fortunately, Dustin Zhou’s ability to understand was good, and finally understood what Su Xiaomeng was talking about.

“Xiaomeng! Don’t say that, on the contrary, I should thank you! If it weren’t for you to promote the whitening factor mask, it wouldn’t be so popular!” “I said I would invite you to dinner, do you think about it? ?” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, feeling a lot easier at this time.

It seems that when talking with Su Xiaomeng, he feels relaxed and has no burden.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know if this was his own illusion, but at least he felt that way at the moment.

“Really? Brother Yang, I would like to invite you to come to my concert!” “At that time, you will invite me to dinner again, isn’t it right?” “I can also introduce the other two beautiful girls of our Rocket Girl I will let you know!” “You know, but there are many people who want to know them! This is a great opportunity!” Su Xiaomeng immediately became happy, the previous whimpering sound disappeared immediately, but one after another clear The laughter came over.

Chapter 80

When Dustin Zhou heard this, his heart suddenly moved slightly.

To be honest, if Su Xiaomeng had said this to ordinary people, that person would definitely go crazy with excitement.

However, Su Xiaomeng was talking to Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhouqiang resisted the inner commotion and calmed down.

After all, he has passed that age, and there is still a marriage in him now.

However, I said I would like to thank Su Xiaomeng before, so Dustin Zhou will definitely not regret it.

“Okay, when is your concert? I must go to see it!” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly.

The left and right are just a concert, there will be no problems.

What’s more, when the time comes, you can take Mira Xie with him.

By the way, stabilize the relationship between the two parties.

“Hehe, it’s in half a month! Brother Yang must come! I will send the ticket to you in advance!” Su Xiaomeng said with a smile, and then there seemed to be someone calling her, so he called Dustin Zhou. He greeted and hung up.

At this time, Dustin Zhou reacted.

It seems that Chen Xin also invited him to watch her freshman entrance performance!

Moreover, the time is half a month later!

“Isn’t it a coincidence? It hit one day?” Dustin Zhou suddenly felt a headache!

Now that it has been agreed, it must be completed anyway.

“Let’s take a look at that time, maybe you can stagger the time.” Dustin Zhou had gone to college, and knowing that the freshmen’s performances are chronological, maybe Chen Xin’s performances are more advanced.

In that case, he would have time to rush to see Su Xiaomeng’s concert.

But that was after half a month after all, Dustin Zhou still has important things that need to be resolved.

“Chuanzi, inform the two factories that they must step up the production of facial masks. We still have a lot of pre-orders. Let them try to complete those orders in about a week.” Dustin Zhou told Niu Chuan.

In the previous sales, many people bought the whitening factor mask because there was no stock, and even paid a deposit to pre-order the mask.

Dustin Zhou naturally wouldn’t refuse, so he admitted it all.

Although this disfigurement will have a certain impact on the whitening factor mask, Dustin Zhou is not worried at all.

Because in this world, no mask is launched on the market simply because of unfounded rumors.

Everything still depends on the choice of consumers.

Dustin Zhou believes in the whitening factor mask and also believes that those consumers will make the right choice.

Life passed very quickly. It has been a week since the disfigurement incident and someone went to the door of Mingyang to make trouble.

In this week, no matter on the Internet or in reality, many people have remained skeptical about the whitening factor mask.

But there are still many people who choose to believe

Whitening factor mask.

Even at all the sales points, many people still go to inquire about when they can buy the whitening factor mask again.

“Mr. Zhou, the authoritative testing agency has been contacted. I don’t know when you plan to conduct public testing?” Dustin Zhou felt relieved after receiving the call from Brother Pao.

Just go through this procedure, then the whitening factor mask can directly break those rumors!

“Okay, then tomorrow, let’s prepare one last time.” Dustin Zhou smiled.

“Okay!” Soon, Dustin Zhou contacted Enderia Shen and Sara Ye.

This time, the public test needs to be broadcast live.

Moreover, at the same time, on the Internet and in reality, propaganda, so as to eliminate the influence of previous negative rumors to the greatest extent.

The next day, the entire Mingyang company was busy.

Hu Ye contacted this testing organization, named Shengu Professional Testing Institute, which is the top three testing organization in the country and enjoys a great reputation in the industry.

Moreover, the results they detect even have special legal effects.

“Welcome everyone.” As the person in charge this time, Dustin Zhou personally came forward to greet each other.

After all, this time, Mingyang is relying on the other party’s testing to better prove itself.

“Well, don’t waste time, let’s start!” But the leader of the team didn’t say anything. Instead, he hummed a sentence from his nostrils and walked directly over Dustin Zhou and walked into the famous company.

Dustin Zhou’s expression remained unchanged, and he smiled softly.

“Zhou, this… they are too arrogant, right? This is a famous company, not their broken inspection station.” Sara Ye suddenly looked at this scene and snorted coldly.

“It’s okay, after all, we need their testing now. Let’s just give in. As long as they don’t make trouble, let them go.” Dustin Zhou waved his hand directly to stop Sara Ye from continuing.

However, no one noticed that Dustin Zhou’s eyes flashed with a sharp look.

To put it mildly, the other party is here to do a test for the whitening factor mask, and the company has a good reputation.

However, to say that it is ugly, the other party is just a well-known company invited to work.

It would be fine if they have been following the procedures and testing the whitening factor mask.

However, if they make trouble, even if they are introduced and contacted by Lord Tiger, Dustin Zhou will not lick his face to make them feel better.

Dustin Zhou took the group to the office, and Enderia Shen was waiting for them.

“I don’t know what this person is called?” Dustin Zhou smiled and looked at the leader. From his point of view, the other party and his party were dominated by this person, and even when he was speaking, others were afraid to speak.

“Hehe, Zhao Lixing is just a small

The small leader is not worth mentioning.

“Zhao Lixing said with a chuckle. Although he said that, his arrogant look made Dustin Zhou frowned. This man is very arrogant. But what is his arrogant capital? Is it just because he is the leader? Or? He thought that he could control the test results this time? What was the result? He had the final say? “Humph!

What to see, do you know the rules?

Shao Zhao is not only our team leader, but also the young master of Shengu Testing. Hurry up and let your president come out to welcome you!

“Hey, I heard that the president of this famous company is a big beauty, I don’t know if it is true, let her come to welcome Shao Zhao!

“And at this time, among the other party’s group, it was a man who came out of the pointed-eared monkey race and pointed at Dustin Zhou with disdain. Dustin Zhou was not angry because of the other party’s bad tone, but was a little surprised. I didn’t expect this in front of him. The leader with an arrogant look turned out to be the young master of Kamiya’s professional inspection.

This is Dustin Zhou, the general manager of our well-known company, please be respectful!

“Although Dustin Zhou was not angry at the man with the sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks, it could not stop others from getting angry. I saw Sara Ye stand up pretty, staring at the man with an angry face, and said coldly. “Yeah, this famous company. Isn’t the president Enderia Shen?

When is there a man?

” “Humph!

Just a general manager, he is not worthy to talk to Zhao Shao!

The man with the sharp-mouthed monkey cheek wanted to say something, but was suddenly stopped by Zhao Lixing. “Enough!”

“Stop talking!”

“I, Zhao Lixing, are not a bully!”

What’s more, this time, we are also invited to come, so we still have to be polite!

Zhao Lixing said coldly, trying to pretend to be just and awe-inspiring. But soon, his eyes narrowed slightly, and his eyes fell directly on Sara Ye. “This beauty, we were wrong just now, I apologize to you!”

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