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Chapter 81

Zhao Lixing leaned slightly toward Sara Ye, and his eyes were scorchingly fixed on Sara Ye’s face, full of bright colors.

This is obviously an open molesting!

For a while, everyone was extremely quiet.

The people in the testing center naturally wouldn’t say anything, after all, Zhao Lixing was their gold master, the young master, and had a say in their power.

On the side of Mingyang Company, all eyes are on Dustin Zhou.

In their eyes, Dustin Zhou had always been very short-handed, and this Zhao Lixing’s face did not hide his greed for Sara Ye at all.

Such behavior is no different from molesting.

But before Dustin Zhou could speak, Sara Ye spoke coldly.

“This has nothing to do with you, I don’t need you to apologize!” Sara Ye naturally felt Zhao Lixing’s scorching eyes, and suddenly became uncomfortable.

“Yes, it really doesn’t have much to do with me. It’s all my subordinates who are disrespectful to you!” “Little third son, hurry up and apologize to this lady!” Zhao Lixin said coldly, looking at the man with a pointed mouth.

“Ah? Shao Zhao, I…” “Hurry up and come over and apologize!” What else the little third son wanted to argue,

But Zhao Lixing let out a cold drink, causing him to tremble all over, and immediately walked to Sara Ye without hesitation.

“I’m sorry!” The little third son saluted Sara Ye deeply, and his body was almost 180 degrees.

“Okay, this incident was originally a misunderstanding. Since we have already apologized, let’s pass it.” “I think it is important for us to do business.” Dustin Zhou said with a light smile, and directly stretched out his hand to pull Sara Ye to his side.

“Haha, that’s right! Do business!” Zhao Lixing laughed and walked towards the company immediately.

This time, the Shengu Professional Testing Institute sent a team of eight people. Except for Zhao Lixing and the little third son with a sharp-mouthed monkey cheek, the impression of Dustin Zhou was very dull.

It seems that in their world, apart from testing, there is no other place worthy of attention.

But this actually made Dustin Zhou feel at ease.

A somewhat restless Zhao Lixing, a little third who brags about slapped horses, has caused a slight conflict between the two sides and the atmosphere has become tense.

If there are more people like this, it may cause even greater conflicts.

That situation was definitely not what Dustin Zhou wanted to see.

Soon, the group arrived at Enderia Shen’s office.

“Mr. Shen, these are the people from the Shengu Testing Institute.” Dustin Zhou introduced it softly, but he did not reveal the identity of Zhao Lixing.

After all, such an identity has absolutely no effect in the cooperation between the two parties.

“Welcome, Dustin Zhou, everything is ready, you can take them directly to the test.” Enderia Shen looked at those people, only nodded slightly, and said to Dustin Zhou.

At this time, Zhao Lixing frowned.

“Hehe, you must be the president of the famous company, Enderia Shen, right?” “Zhao Lixing, the young owner of the Shengu Testing Institute, I am glad to meet you!” “Also, should we come over today and start testing directly? Zhao Lixing’s tone was a little unkind, but his gaze towards Enderia Shen was full of fiery heat.

After all, Enderia Shen’s name has long been spread in Donghai City.

And after the previous promotion of the mask, Enderia Shen’s popularity has once again increased a lot, and he has been revered as a goddess by many people.

And Zhao Lixing, who discovered the latest advertisement shot by Enderia Shen, was immediately fascinated.

But this time, when he heard that he was going to Mingyang for testing, he immediately applied to his father as the team leader.

“If you don’t start the test, I don’t know what else you want?” Enderia Shen said lightly, never focusing on Zhao Lixing.

“Aren’t we supposed to hold a reception banquet for us first?” “After all, we rushed to the East China Sea in a hurry. If we are very tired, testing will happen.


As soon as Zhao Lixing said this, the whole office immediately quieted down. Dustin Zhou squinted his eyes subconsciously, and his gaze at Zhao Lixing instantly became cold. Zhao Lixing is a threat! After all, the test results of the mask are completely dependent on their test. . If they get in the way! Then the consequences will be very troublesome! “Are you threatening me?

“But Enderia Shen is not a person who has enough sand in his eyes, so he asked coldly. “How is it possible?”

It’s just that Mr. Shen must also know that we came from Haijing all the way and we are very tired now. Under such circumstances, if there is any problem during the inspection process, we will not be held responsible.

“Zhao Lixing said with a sneer, his eyes scanned back and forth between Enderia Shen and Sara Ye. If Zhao Lixing had some restraints before, then now he is unreservedly expressing his thoughts. In the words, the threatening meaning is unobstructed. ! “you!

“Enderia Shen is about to be blown up! She has always been high above, even in the face of the Shen family who has been persecuting her, she is also very indifferent. When facing other people, she is like an iceberg, high above. At present. So far, it seems that only when facing Dustin Zhou, he seems to be a living person, happy and sad. But now, this Zhao Lixing threatens himself unscrupulously in front of so many people. She couldn’t stand it at all! “I think you might have made a mistake!

But just as Enderia Shen was about to burst out, a cold voice suddenly sounded. Everyone was startled, and quickly looked over, only to find Dustin Zhou was talking. Dustin Zhou’s face was indifferent, and his eyes stared at Zhao Lixing like sharp blades. “What are you doing.” meaning?

“Zhao Lixing was abruptly watched by Dustin Zhou, and he couldn’t help asking. “You are just being asked for product testing by us!”

“In other words, we are your employer!”

“In this world, there has never been a person who talks to an employer like this!”

“Or, this is how your Kamiya Testing Institute faced your employer?”

“If this is the case, I think the cooperation between the two parties may have to be reconsidered!”

Dustin Zhou’s voice was extremely cold, and there was no pause in the series of words. Every sentence was like a bell ringing, which struck Zhao Lixing’s heart hard. “You!

“Don’t forget it!”

“If it weren’t for our testing, your mask would not be sold!”

“Zhao Lixing said coldly, but his heart felt a little soft. You know, this time he can go to Donghai City for a test because his dad took a lot of effort to get the opportunity. And they

Kamiya Testing Institute has always wanted to enter the Donghai market.

And this time, it is such an excellent opportunity to test the facial mask of Mingyang Company!

If he was torn down, his father would not let him go!

Chapter 82

As soon as Zhao Lixing finished speaking, the entire office fell into silence.

No matter from which side, what he said must be taken seriously.

“Huh! That’s right, Shao Zhao is the eldest master of our testing institute. His words are what we are good at. Unless you don’t want to continue selling masks, otherwise.” “Hmph, I warn you to follow what Zhao Shao said. Do it, otherwise the consequences will be very serious!” The third son of the Shengu Inspection Institute immediately stood up and pointed at Dustin Zhou and others arrogantly.

Although Zhao Lixing was forced to apologize to Sara Ye just now, at that time, Zhao Lixing was to show himself in front of Sara Ye and get a good impression!

And the third son is a dog leg, of course what Zhao Lixing said, he will do.

But now is different. Obviously, conflicts may occur between the two parties at any time, and at this time, the youngest will naturally show loyalty to Zhao Lixing!

Sure enough, Zhao Lixing was very satisfied with the performance of the third son.

“How to choose, think about it yourself!” “Now, we are tired, we have to go to rest!” “When you think about it, come and invite us!” Zhao Lixing said disdainfully, seeing Dustin Zhou and the others did nothing. , The attitude is more arrogant.

After speaking, the group was about to turn around and leave.

“If you go now, I can guarantee that you will not be able to step further here!” At this moment, a clear voice suddenly sounded.

Enderia Shen looked at Zhao Lixing coldly, his face indifferent.

It seems that Zhao Lixing and the others are irrelevant people.

“Haha, I really laughed at me!” “Don’t let us step in here?” “You have to rely on us to test your products, why don’t you let us step in here?” Zhao Lixing laughed wildly. A pair of eyes stared at Enderia Shen greedily.

“It’s very simple, you are not allowed to test!” “Besides, in this world, you are not the only testing agency!” Dustin Zhou sneered.

At this time, the more reluctant they were to Zhao Lixing, the more arrogant they were.

And Dustin Zhou’s words suddenly let the arrogant expression on Zhao Lixing’s face slowly cool down.

“Our Shengu Testing Institute is the second in the country. As long as we issue a notice saying that your mask is unqualified, I think, no matter how hard you work, it will be in vain!” “You guys, have you really considered it?” Zhao Lixing said in a deep voice .

“Haha, remember, you are only second, not first!” Dustin Zhou sneered and said lightly.

The other party is only ranked second in the country, not a dominant family, so in Dustin Zhou’s view, Zhao Lixing’s threat is not without loopholes.

“So what? You don’t think you

Please go to the nation’s number one testing agency!

As soon as Zhao Lixing finished saying this, everyone else immediately laughed. “Haha, it seems that this person is still too young!”

“Yes, he doesn’t even know how the nation’s number one testing organization exists!”

“In his eyes, I’m afraid he thought he would be able to invite them with just a few dollars!”

” “Humph!

If it hadn’t been for this time someone dragged the relationship and found the talent, we wouldn’t be here at all!

Everyone looked at Dustin Zhou with a sneer. It seemed that Dustin Zhou was like a clown in front of them. At this time, Dustin Zhou was also shocked! He didn’t know what the other party meant by these words. But from their expressions and tone of voice. Dustin Zhou was clearly aware of this. These people were very afraid of the testing organization ranked first in the country! Even to the point of admiration! However, Dustin Zhou did not have a deep understanding of the testing organization, so at this moment, he did not know Know which testing organization ranks first in the country. “Zhou, this is the number one testing organization in the country!

“Sara Ye gently handed the phone to Dustin Zhou at this time. This was the result she had just checked through the phone. At this moment, Sara Ye was extremely shocked! Dustin Zhou took the phone and looked at the contents of it, and it was suddenly astonished. ! This nation’s number one testing organization is called Zhou’s Testing Institute! It has a wide range of operations across the country and even the world! Even some national-level inspections will find them! But let What Dustin Zhou was surprised was not such a qualification. It was its name. Zhou’s testing institute! Zhou’s? In just a moment, Dustin Zhou thought of Zhou’s family. “Haha, you look at him, you are all dumbfounded!

“Really no insight!”

What you found on the Internet is only superficial!

“The real Zhou’s testing institute is simply not what you can imagine!”

Everyone sneered. “Hehe, now, can you still dare to say without embarrassment, can you please go to the number one testing station in the country?”

“What you see is not all!”

“The real Zhou’s testing institute can even test the results of the Nobel Prize!”

“Such institutions, not to mention the whole country, even if they look at the whole world, they are among the top three!

“Hehe, kid, if you kneel down and apologize now!”

“Your President Shen is willing to accompany me to dinner!”

“I may forgive you for your previous rudeness!”

“Zhao Lixing smiled faintly, as if he was the king in charge at the moment. “Zhou, what should I do?”

If they really don’t let them detect, they make trouble

If so, then our facial mask will most likely be hit!

“Sara Ye looked a little panicked. After all, the Zhou’s testing institute just seen from the Internet is so powerful! Coupled with what the other party said, even if she had confidence in Dustin Zhou, she would never expect Dustin Zhou to find Zhou’s testing institute. People come to help with the test. That is the testing institute that can test the Nobel Prize products! The difference between the famous company and the mask is really different! “Dustin Zhou, what do you think.

“Enderia Shen was not so flustered, but rather calm. At this time, everyone’s eyes were focused on Dustin Zhou. And Zhao Lixing smiled at Dustin Zhou. In his opinion, Dustin Zhou could not refuse his terms at all! At the thought of having dinner with Enderia Shen in the evening, and even being able to do something else, Zhao Lixing almost drooled with excitement! “Haha, sorry, I won’t agree to your terms!

“What shocked everyone was that Dustin Zhou not only refused to agree, but refused with a sneer. “Are you sure?”

“Zhao Lixing sneered, thinking about how to punish the famous company afterwards. “Hehe, there is a word, I want to give it to you!”

” “My game, my turf, my rules!

“This world, without you, still rotates!”

Dustin Zhou smiled faintly, he didn’t care about Zhao Lixing’s almost murderous gaze. Regardless of whether the Zhou’s testing facility was owned by the Zhou family, Dustin Zhou would find an opportunity to confirm it.

Chapter 83

it is good!

it is good!

it is good!

Very good!

“You have a kind!”

Don’t regret it!

“I want to see, without our test results, how can you tell the outside world!”

Zhao Lixing pointed at Dustin Zhou and sneered again and again. “Let’s go!”

“… A group of people came fast and walked fast. When the few people disappeared completely, the atmosphere in the entire office was suddenly suppressed. “Zhou, what should we do next?”

Sara Ye took a long breath, but the tension on her face did not disappear. Although Zhao Lixing is very annoying,

And now he has left.

But without the test results of their testing institute, the problems faced by Mingyang Company are still severe.

“Dustin Zhou, do you have a way?” It was Enderia Shen, but at this time he looked at Dustin Zhou and smiled softly.

“If you don’t have a solution, you won’t be so calm! From what I know about you, you never fight an unprepared battle!” Enderia Shen put one hand on his chin and the other on his elbow, looking at Dustin Zhou. Smile faintly.

“Really? Does Mr. Zhou really have a way?” Sara Ye also asked with joy on her face.

“Uh, this question cannot be confirmed yet. I still need to confirm it before I can give you an answer!” “However, I really want to know, when did you know me so well, President Shen?” Dustin Zhou touched his nose, lightly He smiled and looked at Enderia Shen narrowly.

At this moment, Enderia Shen was taken aback for a moment, his face instantly flushed, and he dared not look at Dustin Zhou.

Sara Ye naturally saw this scene and quietly looked away, but her little mouth pouted involuntarily, and she also slandered in her heart.

“Okay, wait. I’ll confirm one thing. If it goes well, we can test tomorrow!” Dustin Zhou felt relieved when he saw Enderia Shen shy.

However, he also knew that there was no end, and after an explanation, he left directly.

He didn’t say what to do if things don’t go well.

Because once you get to that point, even him, there is no one sure way.

After leaving Mingyang, Dustin Zhou went all the way to the Mountain Mist Club.

“Master, you are looking for me.” Asher Chen rushed to see Dustin Zhou as soon as he got the news.

In his opinion, there is nothing more important than Dustin Zhou’s.

Of course, Asher Chen may hesitate if he chooses between his daughter Chen Xin and Dustin Zhou.

But the final result will still be Dustin Zhou.

“Well, let me ask you something. Does the Zhou family have a testing center?” Dustin Zhou asked directly.

The current Dustin Zhou does not want to directly expose his identity, so with his current identity, it is impossible to enter the Zhou family’s field of vision.

Even, would not be valued by the Zhou family.

In that way, he would not be able to get any news about Zhou’s testing institute.

As for the entire Donghai City, the only person who can provide him with reliable information is Asher Chen from the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

“It seems that there is a testing institute called Zhou’s. It was established by the master who funded an expert in the past. It should still be under the control of the Zhou family.” Asher Chen thought for a while and replied affirmatively.

Sure enough!

Dustin Zhou’s eyes tightened, and his heart suddenly relaxed.

He was worried about that Zhou’s testing institute, and Zhou’s family

It doesn’t matter at all.

At that time, he might be really in trouble.

But since Zhou’s Testing Institute is the Zhou family’s industry, everything becomes much simpler.

“Master, you ask this, I don’t know…” Asher Chen didn’t ask much. He knew that since Dustin Zhou asked this question and came to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, there must be important things.

“If the young master needs help from Zhou’s testing institute, I can notify them.” Asher Chen said with a smile.

After all, Dustin Zhou told him that he didn’t want to reveal his identity now.

Then, it is most appropriate for Asher Chen to come forward.

“Okay! My Mingyang company now needs a testing laboratory to help test the whitening and anti-aging factor mask. Please help me contact the Zhou’s Testing Institute and ask them to send someone to test!” “Oh, yes, don’t Tell me who I am.” Dustin Zhou thought for a while and decided to let Asher Chen come forward.

“Okay, Master, I remember that Zhou’s Testing Institute, in Donghai City, seems to have a branch, where the supervisor is good, I will contact him.” After Asher Chen got the answer, he quickly dialed the phone.

Dustin Zhou didn’t listen to what Asher Chen said to the other party, but knew from the expression on his face that things should be going smoothly.

After all, as the Zhou family’s industry in Donghai City, the relevant persons in charge should know each other.

“Master, I have already contacted the supervisor over there. The supervisor is named Wang Hui. He will personally take people to the famous company!” Asher Chen said with a smile.

“By the way, you can tell me about this Zhou’s Testing Institute in detail. I still have some questions.” Dustin Zhou thought for a while, did not leave the development here, but wanted to know more about Zhou’s Testing Institute. .

After all, some information that can be queried on the Internet and other peers knows, after all, cannot be very comprehensive.

Compared with Zhou’s testing institute or Zhou’s family, those information can only be considered scraps at best.

“Master, this Zhou’s testing institute was established by the master twenty years ago to help an old friend!” “That person is an expert in testing and is very famous throughout the country.” … “After these twenty years of development, , Zhou’s Testing Institute has now become the number one testing organization in the country, and even among the top three in the world.” Asher Chen said with a smile.

Dustin Zhou listened very carefully.

Basically, what Asher Chen said is similar to what Zhao Lixing said on the Internet.

But for one thing, Asher Chen clearly understands the inside story better.

“There are only four branches in the country where Zhou’s testing is located, and in these four cities, there is only one Zhou’s testing institute in terms of item inspection. It is impossible for other testing institutions to take a step.”

“Master, this is the promise the master made to that old friend!” Asher Chen said proudly.

And Dustin Zhou also narrowed his eyes slightly, as if he had seen his dad, who had made a promise to his old friend back then, with a look of pride.

It’s really a majestic demeanor.

“By the way, I don’t know if my father’s friend was still there?” Dustin Zhou suddenly thought that if he could meet that person, maybe he could know more about his father, and he was a little excited right now.

“This… Master, I don’t know about this. I only know that the current chief of the Zhou’s testing institute seems to be the son of the old friend of the old man.” Asher Chen looked at him with a dare to look at Dustin Zhou. .

After all, the young master asked such a simple question, but he couldn’t answer it.

“Okay, I see.” “Tingling bell.” At this moment, Dustin Zhou’s cell phone rang suddenly.

“Mr. Zhou, the company is here. They claim to be from the Zhou Testing Institute. Come back soon.”

Chapter 84

“What? Arrived so soon?” Dustin Zhou was startled, he didn’t expect the other party to arrive at Mingyang company so soon.

You know, it has only been more than half an hour since Asher Chen called.

“Don’t be surprised, young master, Zhou’s testing institute has always acted quickly, and this time I have specifically explained to their supervisor, so it is normal to be faster.” Seeing Dustin Zhou’s surprise, Asher Chen quickly explained.

“It turns out that since they have arrived, then I will go back.” After saying goodbye to Asher Chen, Dustin Zhou hurried back to Mingyang Company non-stop.

However, when he entered the company, his brows suddenly frowned.


At this moment, Dustin Zhou only felt that the entire company seemed very depressed.

Doubtful, Dustin Zhou hasn’t come to his office yet

, I saw Sara Ye’s face flushed, angry and helpless standing outside.

“Sister Ye, what’s going on? How do I feel that everyone’s emotions are not very high?” Dustin Zhou asked in a deep voice.

Other employees of the company are not in high mood, but it can be understood that they are under pressure.

But even Sara Ye did the same, so Dustin Zhou had to be suspicious.

“Zhou, did you invite the people from the Zhou testing institute?” Sara Ye opened his eyes and looked at Dustin Zhou grievously.

“I asked someone to come here. Where are they?” Dustin Zhou was puzzled for a while.

“Are you Dustin Zhou?” At this moment, the door of Dustin Zhou’s office was suddenly opened from inside.

Then a contemptuous voice came from inside.

Dustin Zhou frowned suddenly and looked over.

I saw a flat-headed man wearing a black T-shirt looking at him.

From the eyes of the other party, Dustin Zhou only felt contempt.

“Who are you?” Dustin Zhou asked sharply!

In his own office, only Enderia Shen and Sara Ye can enter and leave at any time!

How did the flat-headed man in front of me get in?

“Haha, it’s so funny, you invited us here, don’t you know?” The flat-headed man sneered.

“Are you from the Zhou Testing Institute?” Dustin Zhou paused in his heart, frowning even more.

From Asher Chen, Dustin Zhou has confirmed that this Zhou’s testing institute is Zhou’s property.

And it was Asher Chen who called in person to greet the other’s supervisor.

Although Asher Chen did not report Dustin Zhou’s name, he was the same Zhou family’s industry in the East China Sea, and the two sides would definitely give a hint of face.

But right now, the other party doesn’t seem to give face.

“Just know it, harp, let us director Huang wait for so long!” “I tell you, if you can’t satisfy our director Huang, don’t think about completing this test smoothly!” The flat-headed man sneered. , And then went directly back to the office.

“Ms. Zhou, they…” Sara Ye said softly, obviously shocked by the arrogant arrogance of the other party.

“It’s okay, I’m here.” Dustin Zhou said softly and went directly into the office.

After Dustin Zhou entered, he discovered that only three people had arrived at the Zhou Testing Institute this time.

In addition to the flat-headed man at the beginning, there was also a fat-looking man, and a flat-faced man wearing a pair of gold glasses, sitting firmly on Dustin Zhou’s office chair.

Undoubtedly, Dustin Zhou could see at a glance that the man sitting in his chair was Director Huang from the flat-headed man.

This should be their leader this time.

“It’s really late enough. Let us wait here for half an hour in vain. Your reputation for the company really

It’s so big.

“Seeing Dustin Zhou coming in, Director Huang snorted, raised his head slightly and glanced at Dustin Zhou, his eyes full of arrogance. Dustin Zhou frowned, and his heart suddenly became unhappy. This Director Huang is just an employee of Zhou’s testing institute, why did this happen? Looks like. “I don’t know how big the shelf is, but you, who let you in without my consent?

Dustin Zhou’s eyes tightened instantly and shot at this Director Huang like a sharp blade. “Agree?

It is your honor to be able to come to you!

“I heard that you just broke up with the people at the Kamiya Testing Center.”

“It’s so funny, even the rubbish from the Kamiya Testing Institute can’t be dealt with.”

“I really don’t know where you are looking for the relationship, the supervisor actually asked me to go to such a broken company for testing.

Director Huang has a face of disdain, and even his eyes are full of disgust. It seems that the entire well-known company is not worthy of letting him stay here. Zhou’s inspection has been conducting high-end inspection tasks, and even the Nobel Prize In their opinion, it’s not a big deal to be famous for the company and face mask testing. However, Director Huang was fighting with the interns in his own testing institute before, but was arranged by the supervisor to come here. , His stomach was naturally full of upset. “Have you not heard me clearly?

“Without my consent, who let you in!”

“However, what is surprising is that Dustin Zhou did not relax his attitude. Instead, he still looked at Director Huang coldly, repeating the question one by one. At this point, everyone immediately understood that Dustin Zhou was angry. Sara Ye Slightly opened his mouth, full of surprise. In his impression, Dustin Zhou seemed to have never been so angry. Even when Dustin Zhou was an ordinary employee before, he had never been so angry when faced with the suppression of his supervisor. Now, facing the people at Zhou’s testing center, he is actually angry. “Boy, what do you mean?

Our Director Huang is able to come and test your broken company, it is already a great honor for you, don’t be ignorant!

“If you offend us, be careful to be blocked by us!”

“The flat-headed man said viciously, stopping in front of Dustin Zhou, staring at him. The contradiction between the two sides seemed to be getting more and more pressing, and there was a big disagreement.

“But at this moment, Director Huang stood up and stopped the flat-headed man. “This kind of person can only waste time in such a place in his entire life. We are different. The forces behind the Zhou’s testing institute are like this. People can’t imagine in a lifetime.

“Director Huang said slowly, with a very cold attitude, as if

He and Dustin Zhou did not exist on the same level at all.

“My time is also tight. What do you want to test? Prepare quickly.” Director Huang said softly.

“Hey!” “Huang Shiren, it was you!” But at this moment, the door of the office was rudely knocked open from the outside.

Then, a cold voice suddenly sounded.

“Zhao Lixing, it turned out to be you. It seems that this time, the person who came from the Shengu inspection is you? Tsk tsk, it is not very good.” Huang Shiren sneered when he saw the person coming.

However, Dustin Zhou’s heart moved slightly.

The person who broke in at this time was Zhao Lixing, who had left the Kamiya Testing Center not long.

Looking at the dialogue between him and Huang Shiren, it is clear that these two are acquaintances.

“Huang Shiren, everything comes first, don’t you feel that you are a little unruly?”

Chapter 85

“Rules?” Huang Shiren sneered, not caring about Zhao Lixing’s attitude.

“The rules are only for the incompetent. For the strong, the rules don’t exist!” “Also, I remember, wherever Zhou’s testing is located, other testing institutes can’t take a step forward. I don’t know about you. Once, why did you come here?” Huang Shiren stared at Zhao Lixing with bright eyes, and slowly pressed on.

While Dustin Zhou was on the sidelines, he noticed something else.

First of all, Huang Shiren and Zhao Lixing obviously knew each other before, but their relationship was not like a friend’s acquaintance.

It’s more like an enemy.

Secondly, where Zhou’s testing is located, other testing facilities cannot take further steps.

When Dustin Zhou asked Asher Chen about Zhou’s testing institute, he said that Zhou’s testing institute only has four branches in the country.

However, there is no other testing center in the city where the four branches are located.

As for what Huang Shiren said just now, it seems that Zhou’s testing institute has some other authority.

“Huh! Do you think we want to come?” “How could we come to this place if it weren’t for an old friend of my dad’s to find him!” Zhao Lixing seemed to have a trace of anger towards Dustin Zhou, coldly snorted.

“Hehe, in that case, today I will be generous once and give this opportunity to you.” “Let’s go!” Huang Shiren laughed, and immediately took the person and prepared to leave.

Dustin Zhou was taken aback. He asked Asher Chen to find the Zhou Testing Institute. He left without doing anything.

Moreover, he looks rude and rude!

This made Dustin Zhou’s heart faintly angry.

“Haha, Dustin Zhou, although I don’t know how you found the Zhou testing institute, you probably don’t know, this Huang Shiren, that is my ex-brother-in-law!” Zhao Lixing Leng


“Now, the people at Zhou’s testing institute are leaving. If you meet the requirements I made before, I can choose to forgive you!” Zhao Lixing only felt that he was at ease now.

Although he left Mingyang at first, he arranged for his subordinates to stare at the movement here.

Zhao Lixing was shocked when he saw the people from Zhou’s testing institute come over.

He thought it was a relationship between Mingyang and Zhou’s Testing Institute, so he rushed over immediately.

If there is any relationship between them, Zhao Lixing gritted his teeth and would choose to reconcile.

But what he didn’t expect was that Zhou’s testing institute had nothing to do with Mingyang, and the person who came was his former brother-in-law.

“Zhou…” Sara Ye yelled softly, she was very worried now.

I just offended Shengu Testing Institute, and now I have offended Zhou’s Testing Institute again. If the two were to unite and target Mingyang, the consequences would be very serious.

“Don’t worry, I am here.” But Dustin Zhou was not worried at all.

At this moment, Dustin Zhou didn’t have any worry at all in his heart, but was full of anger.

Although he knew that Huang Shiren had no idea that he was the young master of the Zhou family.

However, this happens to show his true side better.

Although Dustin Zhou is not in charge of the Zhou Testing Institute now, in the future, everything in the Zhou family will belong to him.

And Huang Shiren’s doing so is undoubtedly the foundation of moving Zhou’s testing institute.

If everyone in the Zhou’s Inspection Institute is like this, Dustin Zhou can almost conclude that Zhou’s Inspection Institute will not last long.

“Haha, are you here?” “What are you? But the general manager of a cosmetics company, in front of me, is not a fart!” “Believe it or not, if I say a word, your company will go bankrupt tomorrow!” Zhao Lixing He laughed and walked to Dustin Zhou, dismissing it.

“I’ll leave first, and leave the mess here to you. It’s a waste of my time.” Seeing this scene, Huang Shiren also said slowly, and then took people to leave.

“Hold on!” But at this time, how could Dustin Zhou let him leave so peacefully.

Since he was from the Zhou Testing Institute, no matter what, Dustin Zhou would never let him go.

“Boy, just want to keep me now? Tell you, it’s too late!” Huang Shiren sneered and turned around flatly.

“I think your supervisor, mustn’t just simply tell you that you are here to help us?” Dustin Zhou sneered and called directly.

“President Chen, the director of Zhou’s testing institute, can you contact me again?” “I think the director Huang he sent over seems to be incapable of performing the important task of inspecting items for us.” Dustin Zhou was right.

Holding the phone, said coldly.

At this time, anyone who knew him in everything must know that Dustin Zhou was really angry.

Although Sara Ye didn’t know who Dustin Zhou was calling, but seeing him like this, she felt quite at ease.

“Haha, kid, who are you scaring? Mr. Chen, I think he is just a fart!” “Also contact our supervisor?” “Our supervisor can be contacted by you if you want to contact?” “It seems not Let me give you a lesson. I don’t know how good our Zhou’s testing institute is!” “Ms Wang, after returning, immediately issued a notice saying that this famous company’s whitening factor mask is not qualified at all!” “If it is serious, it will be. Disfigured!” “I want to see how you still sell the mask.” Huang Shiren laughed, and the two people he brought also laughed.

It seems that for them, this can’t be easier.

However, Dustin Zhou noticed something strange.

These people said these words without hesitation at all, and it was very smooth, which shows that they often say this.

And when he thought of this, Dustin Zhou suddenly became angry.

“Mr. Chen, I think I need to meet the director of the Donghai branch of Zhou’s Testing Institute. You bring him to the famous company, and I will be waiting for him here!” As soon as the voice fell, the entire office was silent.

Sara Ye stared at Dustin Zhou with eyes wide open, her heart full of shock, but also full of admiration.

Dustin Zhou is handsome, and under such circumstances, he is still in danger.

But Huang Shiren and Zhao Lixing and the others looked at Dustin Zhou with a sneer.

“Haha, I really laughed at me!” “Boy, do you know who our supervisor is? You can find it with just a phone call?” “Haha, this kid must be terrified, Zhou’s Testing Institute Ranked first in the country and ranked top three in the world, you are not fart in front of it.” Huang Shiren laughed suddenly and looked at Dustin Zhou as if looking at a foolish idiot.

“If you apologize, I will give you a chance later.” Dustin Zhou was not moved, and he ignored Huang Shiren’s ridicule and just said a few words.

“Director Huang, this kid is too arrogant, let me teach him a lesson! Let him know what the sky is tall and thick!” The flat-headed man gave a grin, rolled up his sleeves, and was about to go forward and attack Dustin Zhou.

And almost at this moment, Niuchuan ghost envoy stopped in front of him, staring at him coldly.

As long as Dustin Zhou gave an order, Niu Chuan would unceremoniously throw the flat-headed man out.

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