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Chapter 86

“Hehe, good boy, a broken company, there are bodyguards?” “I’m going to try, how good is your bodyguard!” The flat-headed man screamed coldly, and then slammed his fist directly.

The fist was huge, and it brought gusts of wind.

“Hehe, Ms Wang used to fight underground boxing. Most people can’t catch his fist. Dustin Zhou, you bodyguard, I’m afraid you won’t be able to hold Ms Wang’s punch.” Huang Shiren smiled faintly. His words were full of words. Confidence in the flat-head man.

“That’s not necessarily!” Dustin Zhou sneered. He trusted Niu Chuan very much.

Don’t say you have fought underground boxing, even the average underground boxing champion is not necessarily Niu Chuan’s opponent.

“Haha, really arrogant, Ms Wang, let him see your fist!” Huang Shiren shouted violently.

Dustin Zhou’s constant calmness made him angry.

According to Huang Shiren’s expectation, Dustin Zhou should humbly request after he made the request.

Rather than being indifferent to him as it is now, or even ranting.

“Look at the fist!” Ms Wang sneered, then roared, his fist forced directly towards Niu Chuan’s door.

Alas, Ms Wang had already discovered Niu Chuan’s strength in the previous match.

Compared with his own, Niu Chuan’s strength was not so good, and he couldn’t stop him at all.



The flat-headed man’s fist blasted out, directly facing Niu Chuan’s fist.


For a while, the office was extremely quiet.

Everyone quietly looked at the flat-headed man and Niu Chuan, waiting for them to decide the winner.

“Ms Wang, don’t stay, just solve it, we have to go back.” Director Huang frowned, feeling something was wrong, and couldn’t help but urge.

“Puff!” “Puff!” However, what shocked him was that the flat-headed man not only did not continue to attack, but a mouthful of blood came out directly.

Immediately afterwards, a cracking sound of broken bones suddenly sounded.

Everyone was shocked.

Huang Shiren and Zhao Lixing turned pale.

Because at this moment, the right arm of the flat-headed man has directly drooped down, and his whole head is sweaty, squatting on the ground constantly wailing.

“Ah, my hand!” The flat-headed man couldn’t think of how he was obviously not as powerful as his own Niu Chuan, why a punch could smash his fist.

Moreover, he made his entire arm almost scrapped.

“Director Huang! Revenge for me!” Ms Wang shouted, his eyes flushed, and he looked at Huang Shiren beggingly.

“You dare to be cruel!” But at this time, Huang Shiren didn’t have the arrogance just now.

Huang Shiren has never seen such a scene before.

The blood on the flat-headed man’s arm keeps him clean

Personal phantoms can’t stop shaking.

And his voice was trembling.

“Hehe, this is just a counterattack. After all, you did it first!” Dustin Zhou felt relieved. It is a good thing that Niu Chuan can win, but he will definitely not hurt Niu Chuan.

“Boy, you’re done. You hurt someone at our Zhou’s testing institute. Even if you lose your well-known company, you can’t save yourself!” Huang Shiren stepped back quietly, pointed at Niu Chuan and Dustin Zhou, and rebuked.

It’s just that at this time, no matter how you listen, I feel that he lacks confidence in his words.

“Can’t save anyone?” However, at this moment, a somewhat old but vigorous voice came from outside the office.

Soon, an old man with gray hair and wrinkles on his face, but full of energy, walked in calmly.

As soon as he entered, his eyes fell on Dustin Zhou’s face for an instant, and there was a hint of surprise and excitement in his eyes.

Then, his gaze fell on Huang Shiren.

And when he turned on the computer and the flat-headed man was holding his disused arm, his brows wrinkled even more.

“Director.” When Huang Shiren saw the old man, he lowered his head unconsciously, and called out with a trembling voice.

Dustin Zhou’s heart was shocked. This old man was the director of the Donghai City branch where Zhou’s testing was located.

“Less…Mr. Zhou, this is the director of Donghai Zhou’s testing institute, Mr. Shao Zekai.” At this time, Asher Chen walked in with a fat belly and said to Dustin Zhou respectfully.

“The director, it is them, they hurt Ms Wang. The director dares to offend our Zhou testing institute and must not let them go!” Huang Shiren did not distinguish the situation, and in front of Zhao Zekai, began to complain.

But he did not notice that Shao Zekai’s face had always been cold.

“Who gave you such courage?” Shao Zekai snapped.

“Ah? Director, what are you talking about? They hurt Ms Wang!” Huang Shiren looked confused, wondering why the director talked to himself like this.

“Pop!” “Huang Shiren, who gave you such courage to make trouble here?” “What did I say to you before? Ask you to come to famous company and do testing for their company, how did you do it?” “I really treat myself as an uncle!” Shao Zekai was furious, and slapped Huang Shiren’s face with a slap, immediately slapped him into an unstable position and fell directly to the ground.

Dustin Zhou just watched all this coldly, but he had a little knowledge of Shao Zekai in his heart.

At this age, the strength in his hands is not small.

After all, Huang Shiren is also a young man. Although it is a little sudden, Shao Zekai can hit him to the ground with a slap.

It can be seen that Shao Zekai is old and strong.

“Less…Mr. Zhou, on behalf of the Zhou Testing Institute, I apologize to you!” “It’s the trouble I have caused you because I didn’t discipline the people under my hands.” “From now on, I announce that Huang Shiren will no longer It is an employee of our Zhou’s Testing Institute!” “And I assure you that Huang Shiren will never be hired in the future!” Shao Zekai walked up to Dustin Zhou in two steps and said in a deep voice.

At this moment, not only Dustin Zhou was a little surprised, but the others were even more stunned, not knowing what was going on.

“Oh my God, is this world still the one I know?” “What the hell is Dustin Zhou’s background! Even Grandpa Shao treats him like this?” “That’s right, even if you don’t even think about it, expel Huang Shiren!” “Then we offended him before, will something happen?” At this time, it was not Huang Shiren who was most embarrassed.

He was expelled by Shao Zekai in public, but he was just ashamed. He was not in the Zhou testing center, so he could still find another way.

But Zhao Lixing is different.

The Zhao family has always been engaged in the inspection of objects, and his father founded the Kamiya Testing Institute. After decades of development, it has become the second largest testing organization in the country.

As the only son of the Zhao family, Zhao Lixing naturally cannot abandon the family business and find another way.

However, at the moment, even those who have the intention of being close to Mr. Shao are offended by him.

As soon as he thought that Zhou’s testing institute might counter him and Zhao’s Shengu testing institute, Zhao Lixing couldn’t sit still.

Chapter 87

“Old Shao, I don’t know why you did this. You must know that they were the one who hurt their hands first. I can testify!” At this time, Zhao Lixing made a decision that he must save Huang Shiren first.

As long as Huang Shiren is kept, there is a relationship among Zhou’s testing institutes.

Whether it is in the future or now, it is an opportunity not to be missed.

“Who are you? I am speaking here, and I am qualified to speak?” But Shao Zekai asked directly, and immediately made Zhao Lixing stunned.

“I’m Zhao Lixing from the Shengu Testing Center, and my father is Zhao Jiawang.” Zhao Lixing said, resisting the anger in his heart.

“It turned out to be that kid, so what? Even if your father is here, he doesn’t have the qualifications to speak! What’s more, you? Get out!” Shao Zekai thought for a while before remembering.

When Zhao Lixing thought that this would be able to build a relationship, Shao Zekai turned his head and directly reprimanded him.

Zhao Lixing wanted to refute, but had nothing to say.

Don’t talk about him, even if his father Zhao Jiawang is here, he has no qualifications in front of Shao Zekai.

After all, there is the sadness gap between the two sides.

In addition, Shao Zekai is an expert in item inspection, while Zhao Jiawang is just a businessman.

The concepts of the two parties are not even too compatible.

Helpless, Zhao Lixin could only give Dustin Zhou a secret look, and then left in embarrassment.

“Mr. Zhou, the annoying flies are gone now. I apologize to you for all the actions of our Zhou Testing Institute. To express my apology, I will personally test the facial mask of Mingyang Company!” Shao Zekai said sincerely.

At this time, Zhao Lixing had just stepped out of the office, and when he heard this sentence, he was taken aback, tripped under his feet, fell directly to the ground, and fell a dog to eat sh*t.

“That would be great, but for people like Huang Shiren, I think your Zhou’s testing institute should conduct strict inspections. If there is one, there will be a second.” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

At this time, there was no need to hide his words.

Shao Zekai was able to come with Asher Chen, indicating that he already knew the identity of Dustin Zhou.

And this is what Dustin Zhou told Asher Chen on the phone before.

Now Dustin Zhou said that Zhou’s testing institute’s problems are already managing family affairs.

Shao Zekai naturally didn’t have any opinions, and agreed directly.

“Ah! Director, don’t expel me, I did nothing wrong!” Huang Shiren looked at it and immediately lay on the ground, begging constantly.

“Throw them out, Mingyang Company does not welcome such people.” But Shao Zekai ignored him. Instead, Dustin Zhou gave orders, and Niu Chuan and Zhao Bing threw out Huang Shiren with them.

… Zhao Zekai came here, everything went smoothly.

And Enderia Shen and Sara Ye have been preparing for testing, but they are only one person short of testing.

Now Shao Zekai is here, everything is ready, and the live broadcast started immediately.

After the previous disfigurement, countless people have been paying attention to the famous company, paying attention to the whitening factor mask, and looking forward to the live test proposed by the famous company.

“Look, the public monitoring live broadcast is finally about to begin!” “I want to see if this whitening factor mask is good!” “You guys tell me who they will ask for testing!” “That’s right! , If you just find someone to come here, isn’t it just fooling us?” “Stop talking, look, someone has appeared.” Suddenly, in the live broadcast, Dustin Zhou entered the country again.

And the one who entered the country with him was Elder Shao Zekai.

“Is this the one who did the test this time?” “No, how can I find an old man? Will he? Don’t lie to us!” “You idiots, this old man is Shao Zekai, which ranks first in the country. The director of the Donghai branch of Zhou’s testing institute is also a professor of article inspection at Tunghai University!” “Yes, I am a student of Tunghai University. Mr. Shao is very well-known in the industry and even internationally. All of a sudden, various explanations of Shao Zekai’s identity came out in the live broadcast room.

And this one shocked those who didn’t know.

At any time, people have a kind of admiration for scholars and knowledgeable people.

What’s more, Shao Zekai is a professor at Tunghai University. He is well-known not only domestically but also internationally, which makes everyone even more agree.

Therefore, the live broadcast room suddenly became harmonious.

Everyone looked at the test seriously and waited for the result.

On the other hand, Mingyang Company is conducting a live broadcast in a specially prepared testing room.

Dustin Zhou broadcasted live all the pictures of Shao Lao’s inspection.

He is not afraid of anyone discovering any loopholes, because there are no loopholes at all.

He is not afraid of being pricked.

With Shao Lao here, those who provoke the sting will never find a chance.

Shao Lao’s inspection is very smooth, every step is very detailed.

The whole test took a full hour.

And when the test was over, as long as he waited for the final result, Mr. Shao was already sweating.

After all, for his age, carrying out such a comprehensive test alone would still consume a lot of physical strength.

“Wow! It’s so smooth!” “Yeah, it’s simply pleasing to the eye! If you change to me, you can’t do it at all!”

Shao Lao!

This technique is really impeccable!

“Now waiting for the result!”

“Shao Lao’s inspection was unanimously praised by the audience who watched the live broadcast on the Internet. And some professionals are people who are on the side of item inspection, and they record every step of Shao Lao’s inspection with a pen throughout the process. This is no different to them. In a special demonstration by a famous expert. Soon, the test results came out. Dustin Zhou did not check the test results first, but directly opened it under the live camera. “Everyone, this is the result of the test hosted by Mr. Shao himself!

Now, let us all take a look at it and see if the whitening factor mask produced by Mingyang can disfigure people!

“Dustin Zhou’s voice is not loud, but he is full of confidence. As the person in charge of this project, Dustin Zhou has devoted a lot of effort to the whitening factor project from beginning to end. He absolutely does not allow anyone, any force, to treat whitening The factor mask is denigrating. “This is…” “The test is normal, and the whitening factor mask has no side effects!

“So, those people who say that they have used the whitening factor mask to disfigure their appearance are not bad and kind?”

“That’s for sure, haven’t you heard that the people who went to the Mingyang company to make trouble that day were actually all invited by others, just to make the Mingyang company and the whitening factor facial mask spurned by others.”

“Seeing the test results, the audience suddenly boiled. If they had doubts in their hearts before, then at this moment, under the auspices of Mr. Shao himself, they have no objection to the test results at all.

Chapter 88

Dustin Zhou sighed after seeing the test result showing normal.

He was really worried, if any harmful substances were detected, it would be a big trouble.

Fortunately, in terms of safety, he has always been strict in requirements, and he has also arranged for Niu Chuan to monitor all aspects of the factory.

“Old Shao, does this test result mean that our whitening factor mask is completely harmless!” Dustin Zhou said softly.

“Yes, after testing, this whitening factor mask is completely harmless, not only does not cause disfigurement, but also the effect of whitening and moisturizing is very large, compared with ordinary masks, at least 20% more effective.” Shao Zekai Seriously.

And this scene is all presented in front of countless audiences through live broadcast.

For a while, the live broadcast room was boiling!

“I’ll say there is no problem!” “Haha, it seems that those who said that they were disfigured must have been invited by someone with money!” “Okay, let’s not talk about it, I am going to buy a mask now. My girlfriends are all waiting anxiously.” The audience in the live broadcast room was talking a lot.

No one disputed the test results.

After all, this is the test done by Mr. Shao Zekai himself, and everyone trusts Mr. Shao’s character.

“Dear viewers, our Mingyang company will announce the specific test this time. Of course, there will be some follow-up progress and sales related to the whitening factor mask.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile to the audience in the live broadcast room. .

After the test, the disfigurement of the whitening factor mask can be regarded as an end.

At the very least, those who are unsuccessful with Mingyang companies and whitening factor masks cannot find a reason to attack Mingyang companies.

Unless the other party finds a testing organization that is more professional than Mr. Shao Zekai and Zhou’s Testing Institute.

And that kind of situation hardly exists.

After the test, Dustin Zhou still wanted to invite Shao Zekai to have a meal, but Shao Lao refused directly.

And Shao Lao did not directly recognize Dustin Zhou.

At the level of Mr. Shao, he is very sensitive to many things.

Especially, Shao Lao learned some little-known things from Asher Chen, and knew the important reason why Dustin Zhou was hiding his identity now.

“Mr. Zhou, don’t worry, after I go back, I must rectify the Zhou’s testing institute to ensure that people like Huang Shiren no longer exist!” After guaranteeing Dustin Zhou, Shao Zekai and Asher Chen left together and famous the company.

“Zhou, what are we going to do next?” Sara Ye asked in a low voice with the surprise in her heart.

Sara Ye also inquired about Shao Zekai’s identity through the Internet, and she was shocked.

And such a person, but

Being respectful to Dustin Zhou, this made Sara Ye have a bit of doubt.

Who is Dustin Zhou?

Why can it be so easy to contact Zhou’s testing institute, and also make Shao Zekai so respectful.

Zhou’s Testing Institute.


For an instant, a bold idea came to Sara Ye’s mind, but she quickly rejected it.

Although Dustin Zhou and Zhou’s testing institute have one thing in common, that is Zhou’s.

But the gap between the two sides is still insurmountable.

“Maybe it’s just a coincidence.” Sara Ye thought secretly in her heart.

“Next, it’s our turn to fight back.” “They are arrogant for so long, and they should have tasted a little bitterness.” Dustin Zhou snorted coldly, and already had an idea in his heart.

This time the disfigurement incident, through a multi-faceted investigation, Dustin Zhou has been able to determine that it was the ghost of Edward Shenfang.

Originally, Edward Shen stole the original sample of the whitening factor mask, and after monitoring and analysis, it began to appear under the new name of the whitening storm mask.

With his strong propaganda and the support of many celebrities, the Queen of Heaven, the whitening storm mask did cause a very big threat and influence to the whitening factor mask at the beginning.

But fortunately, the rocket girl, Su Xiaomeng suddenly made a wave of publicity for the whitening factor mask.

The situation was reversed all at once!

Even, the whitening factor mask surpassed the whitening storm mask at once.

Even if the other party has so many celebrities, it will not help that the heavenly queens go offline to promote activities.

According to Dustin Zhou’s vision, counterattack Edward Shen and the others is definitely not only in terms of market share, but also in all aspects, even expelling the whitening storm mask from the market.

Soon, Dustin Zhou’s counterattack began.

During the disfigurement incident, the two factories producing whitening factor masks have not stopped, and they are still producing masks day and night.

And in this nearly a week, all those originally scheduled have been produced.

Even, nearly one million sets of facial masks were overproduced.

On the second day after the test results came out, Mingyang and Zhou’s Testing Institute jointly issued a notice.

In the notice, the test results of the whitening factor mask produced by Mingyang were fully announced.

At this moment, the people who were still watching Anxi felt confident again and no longer worried that the mask would disfigure themselves.

A high-end private club in the west of Donghai City.

“Bang!” “Kang Dang!” In a luxurious box, Edward Shen constantly smashed the wine glasses on the table with an angry expression.

And in front of him, it was Charlie Chen.

At this time, Charlie Chen’s face was pale, and his body couldn’t help but tremble, and the wine glass that Edward Shen smashed kept passing by him, and he was also

I dare not move.

“Trash! Trash! Trash!” “Is this what you showed me?” Edward Shen was furious. After seeing Charlie Chen’s appearance, he picked up a wine glass and slammed it on his head.

Suddenly, a trickle of blood flowed from Charlie Chen’s forehead.

But he still didn’t dare to move.

“Charlie Chen, what else do you have to say? I gave you a few opportunities, one of which satisfied me? Huh?” Edward Shen said coldly, and the atmosphere in the entire box was extremely cold.

Those women who were dressed up were just lying quietly in Edward Shen’s arms at this time, and they didn’t dare to talk too much.

“Shen Shao, I never thought that Dustin Zhou could find out the details of those people so easily!” “Moreover, he could even invite Shao Zekai from Zhou’s Testing Institute.” Charlie Chen was also hated at this time.

Originally, this opportunity was an opportunity for him to show his strength to Edward Shen.

And he has also found the weakness of the well-known company, and has brought in more than a dozen people who claimed to have disfigured their faces after using the whitening factor mask.

But he never expected that he had finally found a dozen people, and Dustin Zhou saw through it all at once.

“Waste! What do you think you can do? Now the whitening factor mask is on sale again. Take a look at our whitening storm mask. What is it like now?” “Those celebrities, are I free?” Edward Shen looked gloomy , The voice is full of hatred.

“Shen Shao, it’s not good!” At this moment, one of Edward Shen’s doglegs ran in panickedly.

“What’s the panic? What happened?” Edward Shen frowned and asked coldly.

At this moment, he only feels that the people around him are all rubbish, and they have no effect at all.

“Shen Shao, something happened at the company, and many people are coming to return the goods!”

Chapter 89

Edward Shen returned to his new company soon, his face was gloomy and he didn’t say a word.

Everyone in the company was terrified at this time, for fear that Edward Shen would become angry or even fire someone.

“Damn it! How dare he famous the company! That b*tch!” As soon as Edward Shen returned to the office, he went crazy and hit everything on the desk to the ground.

Suddenly, there was a mess in the office.

At this time, the employees outside listened to the movement in the office and glanced at each other one by one, all silently.

The entire company suddenly seemed extremely depressed.

“Shen Shao, they are now spreading that our whitening storm mask is the original formula of stealing their whitening factor mask, and the original formula of the whitening factor mask has side effects.” “Now that group of people, just watched the fame. The company’s live test broadcasts trust in them, so I don’t want to buy our mask again.” “Those have already

Anyone who bought a facial mask must return it!

“Shen Shao, if we really let them return the goods, then our loss would be great.”

Dog legs looked sad and helpless. “How much will you lose?”

“Edward Shen still has a glimmer of hope. As long as the loss is not large, the big deal is to let them return the goods. Originally, this time, it was to add trouble to Enderia Shen and make some money by the way. “Guru, Shen Shao, if they were to return the goods, we might It will lose three hundred million.

“The dog leg said this sentence with difficulty, and suddenly felt tight in his throat. That was three hundred million, not thirty, three hundred thousand. Three hundred million, even the total assets of many listed companies. “Fortunately, Only three hundred million.

Edward Shen suddenly felt relieved, and said softly. “What?”

Three hundred million!

so much!

“But he quickly realized that it was three hundred million! He thought it was three hundred million just now. It was just one month’s pocket money. If you lose it, you will lose it. It’s not a big deal. But now, it’s three hundred million. A hundred million. Even if you compensate him, he can’t afford it! The Shen family can afford it, but Edward Shen has no face to go back and let Shen Weiyan compensate him so much. You know, he was in Father Shen before. What Shen’s mother promised in front of her would definitely hit Enderia Shen’s famous company. But I thought, not only failed to hit the famous company, but even his own company had to bear so much debt, Edward Shen simply couldn’t accept it. “That b*tch must have done this!

Edward Shen slapped a palm on the table, his eyes flushed. At this time, all he could think of was Enderia Shen. Only Enderia Shen would choose to fight back against him quickly at this time. “Don’t worry about those who return the goods!”

Resolutely not return!

Since I bought it, there is no possibility of returning it!

“Edward Shen said coldly, a fierce stern flashing across his face. “But, Shao Shen, if they…” Dogleg wanted to say something, but after meeting Edward Shen’s gaze, he suddenly shut up. “What I said. Did you not hear clearly?


“…At this moment, there are many sales points for whitening storm masks in Donghai City, and there are all long queues. Hundreds of people gathered together and asked for a return. “Return!”


“Hurry up and return the goods to us!”

Junk business!

“I heard that this whitening storm mask is copied from the opposite whitening factor mask, but the quality is not as good as others!

“Yes, when you see so many celebrities to promote, there must be a big problem with product quality!”

Everyone talked a lot, and they all squeezed into the sales shop of the whitening storm mask. “Don’t squeeze, everyone!”

There is nothing wrong with our mask!

“The shop manager felt a panic in his heart when he saw so many people. And he had already

Send a message to Junfa Company and ask for support.

But after the news was sent, there was no reply for a long time!

In the face of so many people, it is impossible for the store manager to resort to any violent means. He can only shout constantly so that the customers can calm down by themselves!

“No problem! If there is no problem, why don’t the stars who advertise to you use this mask?” “That is, many ingredients of the whitening factor mask are the same as yours, but the whitening factor mask is more effective Yours are much better, and you know at a glance that you are a liar! You are a copycat!” But no matter how the store manager explained, the customers didn’t believe it.

They only believe what their eyes see.

That is the whitening factor mask test. Under the live test conducted by Zhou’s testing institute, there are no side effects at all, and the skin beautifying effect is several percent higher than other masks.

As consumers, customers naturally know what this means.

This means that the actual effect of the whitening factor mask may be several times that of other masks!

But at the same time, everyone has also noticed that the whitening storm mask, which was launched on the same day as the whitening factor mask, has many problems.

Not only the formula is similar, but even some basic textures are very similar.

At this time, the Internet broke out about the whitening storm mask copycat whitening factor mask, which immediately ignited consumer resistance.

“The store manager, this can’t stop it at all! What should we do?” “Yes, the store manager, we just came out to work, not for the company!” At this time, the store staff were also timid. Grow hair, looking at the crowd in the shop, one by one did not dare to step forward to stop them.

“Tingling!” At this moment, the manager’s cell phone rang suddenly.

“Great, the company did not give up on us, they must have come to support!” The store manager was overjoyed, thinking that it was a support message from Junfa Company, and immediately turned on the voice of the mobile phone, wanting to listen to the store staff and add Check their confidence.

“Hey, this is the flagship store!” The store manager said excitedly.

“The company issued an order. From now on, we will close the door immediately. We will wait until the incident subsides!” However, the store manager was not waiting for support information, but an order to close the door.

“Ah! Why!” The store manager yelled in despair, his eyes were already red!

“The manager, you see, the company doesn’t care about us at all!” “Yes, it’s all the same, what are we doing here.” “Go! Let’s go quickly! I won’t be hurt by those people outside!” , The clerk’s heart broke down immediately, took off all the staff’s clothing on their bodies, and left through the side door.

No employee wants to stay and accompany the store manager.

After all, they are just ordinary migrant workers. Some things have nothing to do with them, and they can do nothing!

Without the support of the clerk, the doors of the flagship store simply cannot stop those angry consumers.

“Boom!” With a loud noise, the door of the flagship store collapsed!

“Everyone quickly find the store manager and ask him to return the goods to us, or we will move all the things here!” “Quick!” For a while, all consumers are searching for the store manager.

Chapter 90

At this time, Edward Shen was sitting on the chair in Charlie Chen’s office with a gloomy expression, waiting for the situation to come back from various sales outlets.

“Shen Shao, the sales outlet on Dongjiazui’s side was also forced to close!” “Shen Shao, the sales outlet on the southern suburbs side was also forced to close!” “Shen Shao, the flagship store in the central area, was forced to close, but Many people rushed in, and there was a lot of commotion at the scene. The police station has sent us a notification letter, let us go to coordinate!” … A piece of news constantly impacted Edward Shen’s endurance.

And the most painful was Charlie Chen.

These closed sales outlets are all the sales outlets of his Junfa Company, and they are the results of his painstaking efforts over the past few years.

Originally, he thought that using his company’s sales outlets, he could cooperate with Edward Shen to sell the whitening storm mask on sale!

But I didn’t expect that it would become where it is today.

If all of those stores were closed, the loss of Junfa Company would reach nearly one million in just one day!

After all, in those stores, there are not only Edward Shen’s whitening storm mask, but also many other brands of cosmetics!

“Shen Shao, you can’t close the store. Once the store is closed, our early investment will be completely wiped out!” Charlie Chen’s face is very ugly, and he has almost no right to speak in front of Edward Shen.

It was not how powerful Edward Shen was, but Charlie Chen was afraid of the Shen family behind Edward Shen.

You know, the Shen family is definitely not a simple family.

Shen Weiyan’s company alone is much larger than Charlie Chen’s father’s company in terms of its scale.

The most important thing is that Shen Weiyan’s Shen Group, which happens to be the upstream company of Charlie Chen’s father’s medical device company, is stuck with almost all orders.

Once the Shen Group ceases to provide orders to the Chen Group, the Chen Group will suffer very large losses.

And this is also the main reason why Charlie Chen has been called the little brother in front of Edward Shen!

“Don’t close the shop? Can you solve the people outside? A waste, nothing can be done! If you can solve the stigmatized company early and get rid of that b*tch, as for the appearance of the present

Is the situation?

“Edward Shen shouted angrily. “Shen Shao, President Chen, it’s not good, something big happened!”

At this moment, Charlie Chen’s new assistant ran all the way into the company and said with a panic. “What happened again?”

“Edward Shen asked impatiently. At this moment, anyone who comes to him and tells him that there is something bad, he can almost accept it. After all, he can guess who is behind it. “Those signed with us The stars of the agreement have all proposed to terminate the contract, and now they all have begun to promote the whitening factor mask!

The assistant handed the phone to Edward Shen. It was the Weibo propaganda screen of several big-name celebrities. “Bang!

“What a waste!”

“These stars are really unfamiliar wolves!”

“Send them a lawyer’s letter!”

Let them pay liquidated damages!

“Edward Shen was furious and threw the phone directly to the ground, and it was smashed to pieces. The assistant looked at the broken mobile phone on the ground with grievances, and wanted to cry without tears. It was his own phone, just like that. Edward Shen broke directly. “But, Shao Shen, in the contract we signed with those stars in order to win over those stars, there was no mention of compensation for breach of contract!

“The assistant whispered, for fear that his words would once again anger Edward Shen. For a while, the whole office was silent. The assistant carefully looked up at Edward Shen, and suddenly bowed his head in shock. At this time, Edward Shen looked gloomy and quiet. Sitting quietly on a chair, looking ahead, his eyes were hollow. While Charlie Chen stood aside, he did not dare to wake Edward Shen out loud. “b*tch!

Think this will make me fail?

Then you are too naive!

Suddenly, Edward Shen sneered and stood up directly. “I’ll go back, Charlie Chen, I’ll give you another chance to stabilize the current situation, everything, wait until I come back!

After Edward Shen left a word, he left the Junfa company and returned to Shen’s house. As for what he was going to do, Charlie Chen didn’t know and didn’t dare to ask. Now there is a lot of mess outside of Junfa company. Anxiously waiting for him to go and clean up. “Go!

Let’s settle the police matter first!

“Charlie Chen said coldly, and took a few assistants straight to the flagship store! … At this time, Ming Yang, Enderia Shen, Mira Xie, Hu Ye, and Dustin Zhou were sitting in a circle in Enderia Shen’s office. “Brother Zhou, you did a good job with this trick. I guess the other party is at a loss now, haha.

“Hu Ye gave Dustin Zhou a thumbs up and couldn’t help but exclaimed. Just now, Dustin Zhou explained his counterattack plan to several people. The first step is to guide consumers’ suspicion of the whitening factor mask to the whitening storm. Facial mask


Then immediately broke the great similarity between the two masks in the formula.

Because the whitening factor mask is personally tested by Shao Zekai from Zhou’s Testing Institute, and the test results are also there, you can check at any time.

Therefore, consumers will naturally think that the whitening storm mask is doing a copycat move.

Consumers can tolerate copycats in many ways, but in terms of facial masks, for those who love beauty, there is no room for mistakes!

“I’m just repaying the person’s body in the way of a human being. It’s nothing. At the very least, I haven’t fabricated any facts!” Dustin Zhou smiled faintly.

“This is only the first step. The previous disfigurement of the whitening factor mask is a slander and rumor after all, and it can be clarified very well!” “But this time, the whitening storm mask has no way to explain it clearly. Facial masks copy our facial masks!” “The most important thing is that the more the other party explains, the darker the description will be!” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly, a pair of cold eyes glowing with cold light.

“However, what’s the publicity of these stars on the Internet? When did you contact them?” However, at this moment, Enderia Shen was holding his mobile phone and jokingly watching Dustin Zhou.

On the mobile phone, it is the Weibo of those celebrities who previously refused to promote the whitening factor mask.

At this time, these stars unexpectedly united the front and all publicized the whitening factor mask.

There are even a few high-traffic celebrities who have tried it in person to make the most comprehensive publicity for the whitening factor mask!

“I don’t know this.” Dustin Zhou was also surprised, but he did not do this, and he didn’t need to hide it.

“Wasn’t it the Rocket Girl who helped us last time?” After thinking of something, Lord Tiger casually mentioned something.

“Very likely!” Dustin Zhou said with a flash of inspiration.

“I will call to confirm later!” “But this is not the point!” “The point is, Edward Shen will definitely fight back next, and at that time, we must be fully prepared.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice. .

At any time, he will not be overjoyed and look down on everyone.

Even now, his series of actions caught Edward Shen off guard, and the sales of the whitening storm mask in Donghai City are facing a huge dilemma.

But after all, the whitening storm mask was not applied, nor Edward Shen was completely killed!

And this may bury hidden dangers for the future.

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