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Chapter 21

After driving away Edward Shen, Edward Shen immediately called out, “Dad, I am your son, and the famous company should be mine! You let Enderia Shen take charge of it, so why is the whitening factor project a waste? Take it!” A voice came from the other side of the phone: “I have other plans for this matter, don’t worry about it, so as not to startle the snake!” “I can’t bear it!” Edward Shen said through gritted teeth.

“If you can’t bear it, you have to give it to me. I have an idea in my heart! Leave it alone!” Everyone stared at Edward Shen closely, but gradually, everyone found something wrong.

Edward Shen was not as delighted as everyone thought, and even avenged Dustin Zhou’s pleasure.

On the contrary, the expression on Edward Shen’s face became more gloomy at this time.

“I must bring the whitening factor!” Edward Shen yelled and hung up the phone.

“Bang!” Edward Shen was anxious, gave a low voice, and slammed the phone to the ground, directly to pieces.

“How is it? Young Master Shen, don’t know when I have to wait?” Even though Dustin Zhou was dull, he could see that Edward Shen’s attempt to rescue soldiers had failed.

“Dustin Zhou, don’t be proud, don’t think that with my sister’s protection, you can be arrogant, and the whitening factor project will be mine sooner or later!” Edward Shen roared, but the tone at the moment seemed a little lack of confidence.

“Haha, the whitening factor project, I have the final say, we are holding the project kick-off ceremony today, and Young Master Shen has seriously interfered with the normal ceremony.” Dustin Zhou paused, and then looked at Edward Shen with a torch.

“So, please ask Master Shen to take your people and leave here immediately!” Jing!

At this moment, the entire Yuelong Hall seemed to be quiet.

If Dustin Zhou told Charlie Chen to get out before, it would be excusable, after all, Mingyang did not invite him.

But at this moment, Dustin Zhou actually wanted to blast Edward Shen out.

Even if there is something wrong with Edward Shen before, he is still Enderia Shen’s younger brother after all. Is Dustin Zhou really unscrupulous?

What surprised everyone was that Enderia Shen didn’t express his position at all, but looked at Edward Shen lightly, and didn’t mean to stop Dustin Zhou.

“Good! Good! Good!” “It’s the first time that Edward Shen was chased away, Dustin Zhou! I remember you, you will wait for me!” Edward Shen was stunned for a while before he could react, and suddenly laughed. Pointing at Dustin Zhou, yelled “OK” three times.

Afterwards, in the surprised eyes of everyone, Edward Shen directly turned and left. A chair placed in front of him blocked his way and was kicked away by him.

When the two women saw Edward Shen leaving, they also mumbled and left.

“Dustin Zhou, you have offended Master Shen. Even if you are protected by Lord Shen Bi, you won’t be proud of it for long. I’ll wait for you to come and beg me when it comes time. Maybe it’s because of Mira’s face, I’ll help you beg


Charlie Chen fell at the end, took a deep look at Dustin Zhou, and said to Mira Xie with a light face:

“Mira, let’s go!” Mira Xie looked at Charlie Chen indifferently, behind his hands behind his back, and whispered: “I have something to do, you can go by yourself.” Charlie Chen was taken aback for a moment, and suddenly knew that he had just mentioned the relationship between her and Dustin Zhou. , So that Mira Xie was upset.

But in his heart he always believed that Mira Xie and Dustin Zhou would not have good results together, and that Mira Xie would return to his embrace sooner or later.

“Well, tomorrow is Auntie’s birthday, I will go home again when that time comes.” After speaking, Charlie Chen lifted his chin slightly and smiled triumphantly at Dustin Zhou before leaving.

“Birthday?” Dustin Zhou’s eyes flickered, and he had heard Charlie Chen’s words clearly just now.

Tomorrow is Mira Xie’s mother’s birthday. Three years ago, at this time, Xie’s mother always celebrated her birthday happily, but whenever she brought a carefully prepared gift to Xie’s mother, she would always receive it. To a cold eye.

Does Charlie Chen’s remarks mean that he and Mira Xie have gone further?

For a time, Dustin Zhou’s mood was extremely complicated.

However, Dustin Zhou did not have time to communicate with Mira Xie at this time.

After driving away Edward Shen and the others, tranquility in the hall was restored, and the launching ceremony of the whitening factor project officially began.

As the absolute person in charge of the entire project, Dustin Zhou walked to the front of the hall and began to speak.

The detailed PPT presentation of the whitening factor project, as well as the progress direction of the future project, profit margins and other related issues, Dustin Zhou explained clearly to the companies one by one.

Doing so will not only make the whitening factor project attract more people’s attention, but also strengthen the confidence of those companies that cooperate with well-known companies.

“The whitening factor project is expected to generate profits within one year, and the profit rate will inevitably exceed ten times!” Dustin Zhou confidently declared that he is very confident in the whitening factor project.

Ten times the profit was just what he said to inspire everyone. Only Dustin Zhou knew that the profit created by the whitening factor project in one year is absolutely impossible to be less than ten times.

But others didn’t know what Dustin Zhou was thinking at the moment. After hearing Dustin Zhou’s speech, everyone was very excited about the prospect of the whitening factor project.

If it is really like Dustin Zhou said, the whitening factor project can make more than ten times the profit in just one year.

So, even if they are not the biggest beneficiaries, as the basic cooperative company of this project, they can have a lot of benefits.

“We believe in Mingyang company very much, and we are willing to believe in Mr. Zhou, we can make money with us!” “That’s right, it is always right to follow Mingyang company and Mr. Zhou.” Everyone agrees, there is no more Edward Shen’s mess, the atmosphere of the audience is very harmonious.

“Is Mr. Dustin Zhou here?” At this moment,

A man in a suit came in, looked at the crowd, and asked softly.

For an instant, everyone looked at Dustin Zhou.

“Are you Mr. Dustin Zhou?” The man followed everyone’s eyes and saw Dustin Zhou standing in the forefront, and walked to him in a few steps.

“I’m Dustin Zhou, what’s the matter?” Dustin Zhou asked without expression on his face.

Looking at the appearance of the man in front of him, he looked like Curie Cuihu’s clothes, but there was a slight difference.

This allowed Dustin Zhou to roughly guess the identity of the other party.

However, Dustin Zhou was just a small son-in-law before, and it was impossible to know anyone from Avaria.

“Mr. Dustin Zhou, I am the manager of Avaria. I heard that you have come to Avaria. Our boss originally planned to meet you in person, but he can’t meet you in person because of something. He can only ask me to come on his behalf. Be sure to ask me to apologize for him.” The manager smiled slightly, said softly, then patted his palm and looked at everyone.

“In order to express my congratulations to Mr. Dustin Zhou, we, Avaria, will pay for all the consumption tonight.” And hearing the manager’s words, everyone present was dumbfounded.

They couldn’t believe what they had just heard.

Even Enderia Shen had a surprised look at this moment, and his eyes fell deeply on Dustin Zhou’s face.

The boss of Avaria wanted to congratulate Dustin Zhou personally, but because people couldn’t come in person, he asked the manager of Avaria to come to apologize and to cover all the consumption.

You know, Avaria has been known for its high-end luxury since its opening.

And the boss behind Avaria is even harder for ordinary people to see. Even the identity and status of the manager is not comparable to ordinary people.

How can this not shock everyone.

In an instant, a huge greeting flooded everyone’s minds.

Who is this Dustin Zhou?

If he was just a shareholder of the famous company and the person in charge of the whitening factor project, it would be impossible to reach the level of the boss behind Avaria.

You know, even Enderia Shen, a famous company, is not qualified to see the boss behind the scenes.

“Your boss? I don’t seem to know your boss, right?” Dustin Zhou frowned, watching the small group of waiters who walked in, he was also puzzled, secretly guessing that this Avaria is also Zhou family’s property, right?

“Although you don’t know our boss, our boss has always respected you.” The manager smiled slightly and said nothing, and after paying the bill, he left Yuelong Court.

At this time, the eyes of everyone in the entire hall looked at Dustin Zhou, full of passionate exploration.

“Mr. Zhou, I don’t know what is your relationship with the boss of Avaria?” Mr. Zhang of Meizi Makeup was the first to stand up and asked cautiously.


Dustin Zhou was speechless, he could see a trace of envy in the opponent’s eyes.

“Yes, Mr. Zhou, if you had said that you knew the boss of Avaria earlier, it would have been impossible for Edward Shen and Charlie Chen to treat you like that before.” “Yes, Mr. Zhou, I don’t know if we have the luck to meet Cui. Huju boss side?” Many people said, their voices full of envy and desire.

“Sorry, I don’t know the boss of Avaria either.” Dustin Zhou denied directly.

“But he knows you, doesn’t he? Dustin Zhou, why have you been famous and willing to be a small employee for the past three years? I am becoming more and more curious.” And Enderia Shen’s voice is also in Dustin Zhou’s ears. It sounded, gracefully turning people, full of temptation.

“I said I was also surprised, do you believe it?” Dustin Zhou said helplessly.

At this time, he noticed that Mira Xie had been in the corner, staring at him silently, looking very deserted.

Chapter 22

Mother-in-law’s birthday “Mira, you…” Dustin Zhou’s eyes flickered, and he walked gently to Mira Xie, wanting to say something, but he couldn’t say anything when he was halfway through the conversation.

He couldn’t directly ask whether they were going to be with Charlie Chen on Xie’s mother’s birthday tomorrow.

“Dustin Zhou, is this the real you?” Mira Xie raised his head slightly, his eyes were a little hollow. When he looked at Dustin Zhou, his eyes were out of focus.

“Mira, it is difficult for me to explain some things to you, but you have to know, I have never lied to you.” Dustin Zhou knew that Mira Xie had difficulty accepting the change in his identity for a while, and he did not force it.

“I know, you are not a liar.” “I’m a little tired, let’s go now.” Mira Xie looked tired, and his eyes were full of confusion. After speaking, he left Avaria.

Dustin Zhou knew that she couldn’t accept her own changes for a while, and what she needed most now was to calm down, so she didn’t pursue it either.

After the banquet, Dustin Zhou was the last to leave. Before leaving, he was also suspicious looking at the still dazzling Avaria.

According to the manager, the boss of Avaria seems to have been paying attention to him for a long time, maybe he is really from the Zhou family.

Although Dustin Zhou was strange in his heart, he could only speculate in his heart.

… The next day, Dustin Zhou came to the nursing home to visit Zhou’s mother early.

He had been busy with the launching ceremony of the whitening factor project a few days ago. He didn’t come over. Now let’s take a look. By the way, he will also talk to Zhou Mu about what he will do next.

“Xiao Yang, you don’t have to run to mom often. Mom knows you have a lot of things, and besides, I’m not old enough to need someone to take care of it all the time.” Zhou Mu looked at Dustin Zhou with a distressed expression.

“By the way, did you meet Mira recently? I remember that today seems to be your mother’s birthday, why didn’t you go there? You child, you are too naive!” Zhou Mu suddenly thought of something with a serious face Said, his face became more anxious.

“Mom, she didn’t even tell me to go back. Did I have a hot face and a cold butt?” Dustin Zhou’s face was gloomy, and his tone was indifferent.

Yesterday Charlie Chen said that he would go to Xie’s house today to celebrate Xie’s mother’s birthday. Dustin Zhou felt irritated when he thought of the excitement when Xie’s mother saw Charlie Chen.

“You child, your mother-in-law is an elder. If your elders don’t tell you to go back, don’t you go back?” Zhou’s mother’s face sank, and then urged: “Don’t worry about me, hurry up and buy some gifts to celebrate your mother-in-law , So as not to go too late and make your mother-in-law unhappy.” Dustin Zhou was driven out of the room by Zhou’s mother, also looking helpless.

He hasn’t explained everything clearly to Zhou’s mother, and never claimed that he has inherited Zhou’s legacy.

Facts of production.

He didn’t even tell Zhou Mu Ming that Xie’s mother would be happy if he didn’t go to Xie’s house.

But no matter what, my mother has spoken, and it would be inappropriate for him not to go.

Although he has spent the past three years in Xie’s house very poorly, his feelings for Mira Xie are extremely real.

Otherwise, he would not let go of the dignity of a man back then, enter the Zuixie family and become the son-in-law of the Xie family.

Dustin Zhou knew that Mother Xie liked jade ornaments, especially some precious jade jewelry.

Jade House is the largest jade jade jewelry store in the city.

Moreover, all the jade jade ornaments sold in it are all of the best quality, and they have always been for those wealthy families.

When Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie first got married, they wanted to buy a necklace from Jade Xuan, but the price has not been realized.

“Welcome!” Dustin Zhou stepped into the Emerald Pavilion and greeted him with a cordial greeting.

This is the flagship store of Jade Pavilion located in the city center. The variety and specifications of jade jewelry are the highest, and the store area is nearly 200 square meters.

In the city center, which is rich in land and gold, it is full of facades.

It was early at this time, and there were not many guests in the Jade Pavilion, only two or three guests were watching jade jewelry.

After Dustin Zhou came in, he went directly to the counter selling necklaces.

“Thank you for helping me take out this necklace.” Dustin Zhou took a closer look at the necklace inside the counter, and found that an amethyst necklace was very beautiful, and he felt that it matched Mira Xie, a perfect match.

“Okay, please wait a moment.” The clerk is a young and lovely young woman, and a pair of dimples makes her more lovely.

“Hold on!” At this moment, a harsh female voice suddenly sounded.

When the clerk heard this sound, his hand motion stopped immediately, looking at the person coming a little cowardly.

Dustin Zhou frowned slightly, and was very upset when others interrupted him.

When Dustin Zhou saw the visitor clearly, he realized that this was a team leader in the store.

“Xie Qian, how many times have I told you? Don’t just show the jade jewelry in the store to others, and don’t see if it’s affordable. If you bump, or get dirty, who Come to be responsible?” The team leader’s face was heavily make-up, and Dustin Zhou’s eyes were lightly drawn on Dustin Zhou, and he moved away in disgust.

Dustin Zhou was taken aback for a moment, then looked down at his clothes.

The expensive suits that attended the dinner party yesterday were being washed. He just wanted to see his mother today, so he dressed casually.

At first glance, his clothes look like they were bought on a street stall.

And this team leader obviously saw this and dismissed Dustin Zhou.

“What? Can’t you even look at it?” Dustin Zhou raised his brow and said in a deep voice.

“Hey? I mean you

What’s the matter with people?

Can’t understand human words?

Do you look like you can afford it?

Go quickly, and don’t be an eyesore here.

The team leader works in a jewelry store all the year round. He is naturally knowledgeable. When he sees Dustin Zhou dressed up, he knows he is not the target customer. Seeing Dustin Zhou standing motionless in front of the counter, he immediately reached out and pushed him. But Dustin Zhou is a man anyway. , Standing still, how can a woman be easily moved. “What are you going to do?

If you don’t leave yet, I’m going to call a security guard!

Seeing that Dustin Zhou was still indifferent, the team leader immediately prepared to call security. “Isn’t this Mr. Zhou?

Why are you here?

“At this moment, a surprised voice suddenly sounded. A tall middle-aged man came slowly with a young woman. Dustin Zhou knew this person, and it was Zhang Hui with beautiful makeup. But he didn’t expect it. I just met at the dinner yesterday, and I will meet here again today. “Zhang, what a coincidence.

Dustin Zhou smiled slightly and nodded as if he had greeted him. “What kind of trouble has Mr. Zhou encountered?”

Zhang Hui saw that Dustin Zhou seemed to have encountered something, so he took the initiative to ask. It is a good thing for Zhang Hui to be able to meet Dustin Zhou by chance. And if it can help Dustin Zhou solve any problems, then cooperation on the whitening factor project, It will undoubtedly be more beneficial to beauty and makeup. “It’s nothing, it’s just that some people look down on others.

Dustin Zhou said lightly, his eyes didn’t even stop on the team leader. At this time, the clerk Xie Qian and the team leader all looked at Dustin Zhou in surprise. For Zhang Hui, they knew them, not just regular guests of Jade Pavilion. , And they are still friends with the shop manager. But they didn’t expect that this plainly dressed person in front of them would know Zhang Hui. “Miss, can you show me this necklace?

Dustin Zhou ignored their surprise, tapped the counter lightly, and pulled Xie Qian back from surprise. “What’s the matter?”

“The movement here is not small after all. It not only attracted the attention of other people in the store, but also attracted the attention of the store manager. “Old Zhao, it seems that the employees in your store still need to train well. Even Zhou Zong couldn’t look down on it.

Zhang Hui laughed and joked when he saw the visitor. Zhao Tianlai is the manager of the flagship store of Jade Pavilion. He has a lot of qualifications and is always the same in the store. “Ms Wang, is that right?”

Zhao Tianlai glared at the team leader, then looked at Dustin Zhou. “I don’t know who this is?”

When asked this, his gaze was toward Zhang Hui. “This is Mr. Zhou I told you, who made the company famous.

Zhang Hui didn’t say much, but a few curly sentences shocked Zhao Tianlai.


What happened in Avaria last night spread throughout the city overnight.

As long as there is a little status, everyone knows the existence of Dustin Zhou.

Not only does the Shen family’s face become dull, but it also leads everyone’s optimistic whitening factor projects at a young age.

The most important thing is that the boss of Avaria knows Dustin Zhou.

With this alone, countless people became curious about Dustin Zhou’s identity.

“It turned out to be President Zhou. He really admired his name for a long time. The people under his staff are ignorant and make you unhappy. I will make arrangements for you immediately!” Zhao Tianlai smiled and stretched out his hand.

The so-called don’t hit the smiley person with his hand, Dustin Zhou couldn’t say much when the store manager was so polite, and he also stretched out his hand. The two shook lightly and immediately separated.

“Ms Wang, don’t hesitate to show the’Thousand Purple Hearts’ that day to Mr. Zhou!” Zhao Tianlai immediately restored the majesty of the store manager, and he reprimanded the team leader.

“Yes.” The leader hurriedly responded, ready to get the necklace.

“Wait, let this girl help me take it, so I don’t need to bother with the leader.” However, before the leader can get the necklace, Dustin Zhou interrupted her directly and asked Xie Qian to come by name.

Xie Qian didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to let herself come, with joy on her face, she glanced at Dustin Zhou gratefully, and immediately bent over and took out the necklace from the counter.

Dustin Zhou is not stupid, every line has every line of rules.

In the jewelry store business, the clerk who sells jewelry will get a commission.

Dustin Zhou wouldn’t let a person who dismissed him get this commission. In contrast, Xie Qian seemed much more pleasant, and Dustin Zhou inexplicably felt that he was close to Xie Qian.

“Zhou, this amethyst necklace is called’Thousand Purple Hearts’, which means that we have a lot of affection for the other party, and we are committed to it. We only have this one in the Emerald Pavilion.” Zhao Tianlai said with a smile, and explained it to Dustin Zhou. .

Dustin Zhou nodded in satisfaction, this “Thousand Purple Heart” is very suitable for Mira Xie.

“Then this one, how much is it.” “Hehe, the original’Thousand Purple Hearts’ were treasures, and the price was 5.8 million. Since it is Zhou’s total, it only needs two million. Quandang should be recognized. Mr. Zhou,” Zhao Tianlai said with a smile.

As soon as the voice fell, an inhalation sound came.

People who had paid attention to the situation here before heard Zhao Tianlai’s words and were shocked.

The leader and Xie Qian were even more stunned, unable to believe their ears.

More than five million necklaces turned into two million in the blink of an eye, and the few three million were just for getting to know them.

Who is this person named Mr. Zhou in front of him?

At this moment, the woman in charge felt annoyed.

Xie Qian was surprised, and she was very grateful to Dustin Zhou.

“it is good

In that case, then I will accept Mr. Zhao’s love.

Dustin Zhou agreed without much thought. He knew that the other party did this. It was undoubtedly because he heard about what happened last night. It was only because of the face of the boss of Avaria who never showed up that he would pay such a high price to make friends with himself. Since the other party has such thoughts, Dustin Zhou is also happy to do so. “Haha, easy to say, easy to say.

Zhao Tianlai laughed, excited in his heart. “I also need a jade bracelet to give to my elders. I wonder if Mr. Zhao has a good recommendation?”

After packing the “Thousand Purple Hearts”, Dustin Zhou is going to buy a jade bracelet for Xie’s mother, which is considered a birthday gift. “Yes, some, Mr. Zhou, please here.

“…” Saying goodbye to Zhang Hui and Zhao Tianlai, Dustin Zhou carried two gift boxes and Shi Shiran walked out of the Jade Pavilion and walked towards Xie’s family. In the past three years, every time Xie’s mother celebrated her birthday, other relatives of Xie’s family would come. Dustin Zhou When I came downstairs at Xie’s house, I saw a lot of cars parked in front of the door. But when I saw a pure black Porsche, Dustin Zhou’s pupils shrank instantly and his hands were not consciously clenched.

Chapter 23

Is the gift fake?

The car parked at the door was indeed Charlie Chen’s car!

Dustin Zhou did not expect that Charlie Chen would come to Xie’s house so early.

He even gave birth to the idea of ​​turning his head and leaving, but when he thought that he had been a solemnist for so many years, not only many people in the Xie family looked down on him, but even he himself looked down on himself.

Now he is no longer the original cowardly son-in-law, and he doesn’t have to suffer those grievances anymore!

Dustin Zhou said nothing, and slowly went upstairs to the door of Xie’s house.

Standing in front of the door, Dustin Zhou could clearly hear the noise coming out of the room.

“Boom boom boom!” Dustin Zhou tapped the door lightly.

After a few breaths, the door was opened, and Mira Xie looked at Dustin Zhou in surprise. She didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to come.

Dustin Zhou saw the surprise in her eyes, and felt a bit tingling in her heart. This was once her home, but now, Mira Xie would be surprised because she came back.

“Mira, who is it?” Zhou Mu’s voice came from inside.

“Come in.” Mira Xie said softly.

Dustin Zhouqiang endured the heartache and entered the house with heavy steps.

“Why are you? Dustin Zhou, what are you doing?” Seeing that it was Dustin Zhou, Zhou’s mother’s voice suddenly increased several times, and she looked at Dustin Zhou with surprise, full of disgust.

“Oh, isn’t this Dustin Zhou? Mother-in-law is celebrating her birthday. How come your son-in-law is here now?” “Yeah, shouldn’t it be a bad mess? Come on faceless? Haha.” “Charlie is still good, young and handsome, A successful career, let me say that I didn’t know what Mira was going on back then, and I had to marry Dustin Zhou.” … At the moment, there are seven or eight Xie family members in the house.

When they saw Dustin Zhou, they were also ridiculed, and their faces were full of disdain.

And it was Charlie Chen who was surrounded by them.

At this time, Charlie Chen looked at Dustin Zhou with a gloomy expression, and a shadow flashed under his eyes. He immediately stood up and smiled at Dustin Zhou: “Brother Zhou, I thought you were not at home.” Dustin Zhou looked at Charlie Chen’s hypocritical manner, and felt a burst of emotion in his heart. Vomiting.

“Dustin Zhou, don’t you have the skills? Don’t you want to divorce Mira? Then why are you back?” Mother Xie was very irritating when she saw Dustin Zhou.

“Could it be possible to find that after leaving our Xie family, I did nothing and can’t even support myself and your sick seedling mother?” “I tell you, even if you don’t want a divorce, Mira will definitely divorce you. Continue to take money from our Xie’s house and dream!” Mother Xie’s attitude was very tough, and she didn’t give Dustin Zhou a chance to speak at all. She was sitting on the sofa with her arms folded, looking high.

Dustin Zhou took a deep breath, holding back the anger in his heart.

Originally, he still had a little illusion about Xie’s mother, thinking about the past few days

, Both sides can calm down.

But now, depending on the situation, Mother Xie doesn’t want to calm down at all.

“Don’t worry, I won’t rely on you to thank you for anything, and I’m not here to ask for money.” “It’s just that my mother said, today is your birthday, let me celebrate your birthday.” “Since you don’t like this Welcome me, I don’t have to face and stick cold ass, this is a gift for you, I will not come again in the future.” Dustin Zhou said coldly, putting the gift box with the jade bracelet in his hand in front of Xie’s mother.

And the other gift box with “Thousand Purple Hearts” was placed in front of Mira Xie.

“Mira, this is a gift for you. I have been married for so long. I haven’t given you anything. This is how I compensate you.” “Huh! Good to say, come and celebrate my birthday? Take a tattered one and throw me away. Dismissed? Dustin Zhou, I warn you, don’t approach Mira again! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude!” Xie’s mother simply dismissed Dustin Zhou’s gift.

“Hehe, why should Auntie be angry, I think Brother Zhou was also unintentional.” Charlie Chen said with a light smile, but the irony revealed in the words was not reduced by half.

“I also have a gift to give to my aunt today, and I hope my aunt will like it.” Charlie Chen squinted at Dustin Zhou, his heart full of anger and pride.

Even if he knew that Dustin Zhou is now a shareholder of Mingyang Company, he would not say it, and Mira Xie’s character would not say it. In that case, Xie’s mother would never know.

Moreover, Charlie Chen believed that Dustin Zhou was just out of sh*t luck and happened to make a small fortune.

It’s impossible to compare with yourself.

“Charlie is really interested.” “Yeah, let’s open it and see what’s inside?” Seeing Charlie Chen’s gift, several members of the Xie family immediately showed envy, and urged Xie’s mother to open it. gift.

Mother Xie smiled and opened the gift from Charlie Chen.

“Wow! It’s so beautiful!” “Yeah, this jade bracelet is probably worth a lot.” “Look, this is a Jade Xuan bracelet, at least one hundred thousand dollars worth, Charlie is really filial, much better than that. Now.” Several people talked about each other, and they exaggerated at Charlie Chen.

As for Dustin Zhou, they were all belittled by them.

“By the way, didn’t Dustin Zhou also give a gift for this wasteful use? I am curious about what he can give, maybe it was taken from the stall.” “Huh! It’s just a tattered, what’s so beautiful.” It’s just that Xie’s mother seemed to be indifferent to the gift from Dustin Zhou.

“Hey, it must be a tattered piece, and it’s not worth money at all!” “Not necessarily, maybe he did it himself, haha.” Everyone sneered, and they didn’t look at the gift at all.

It’s just that when Mother Xie opened the gift box indifferently, everyone’s eyes, including those of Mother Xie, were all attracted.

What was placed in the gift box was a green jade bracelet, which was brighter and deeper in color than the jade bracelet sent by Charlie Chen.

“Huh? Isn’t this a Jadeite bracelet?” “Really, there is the Jadeite logo on it? Is this kid rich?” “I’ve seen this jade bracelet. It’s worth at least 600,000 yuan!” Surprised, but unwilling to believe this is true.

“Hehe, Brother Zhou, why do you need this? Jade Xuan’s jewelry all have special certificates. If you want to disguise, you must at least be more strict.” Charlie Chen’s cheeks trembled slightly, and a gloom flashed under his eyes.

How could he not see that this is a real Jade Cuixuan bracelet, even better than the one he gave it.

“It turned out to be a fake, I’ll just say, how could he be rich.” “Huh! Mira, look at your husband, the birthday present for your mother-in-law turned out to be fake, not as good as Charlie. Several of Mira Xie’s relatives looked at the jade bracelets given by Dustin Zhou and commented on them. Their faces were full of disdain.

Dustin Zhou looked at them lightly, and didn’t mean to explain.

From the moment he walked in, Mother Xie and these seven aunts and eight aunts didn’t show him a look. Now they still regard the jade bracelets he chose as fake. Even if Dustin Zhou has a good temper, he doesn’t want to say a word to these people. .

“Dustin Zhou, what kind of person do you think of me? Those who eat and live in my house still want to use this tattered gift as a gift for me? It seems that I was right to let Mira divorce you.” Xie mother sneered again and again. , Stood up directly and pulled Mira Xie to his side.

“Mira, you must divorce this rubbish today! Look, does he treat me as a mother-in-law? He actually gave me this rubbish! Really consider me to collect rubbish?” Xie mother was very angry and angry. All venting on Dustin Zhou at the moment.

And Dustin Zhou was able to stand here because he was Mira Xie’s husband.

As long as the two of them are divorced, then Dustin Zhou must get out!

“That’s right, it’s really a waste of a girl like Mira to marry such a dull person.”

Charlie Chen spoke on the side.

Dustin Zhou glanced at him coldly, and said, “What are you? You dare to be arrogant in front of me even by relying on Junfa Company? Can your entire company be more valuable than a project I am responsible for?” What?

As soon as this remark came out, the expressions of the relatives of the Xie family changed slightly, including Xie’s mother.

They have always known that Dustin Zhou works for Mingyang, but he is just a small ordinary employee.

There is not much money, and there is no status.

But now, this waste has become the project leader of the famous company?

That is the existence of real power!

Suddenly, Xie’s mother’s attitude eased a lot, but she looked at Dustin Zhou with a pair of sceptics.

“Charlie, what he said is true? This waste really became the project leader of Mingyang Company?” “That’s right, can’t it be a mistake? What is the skill of this waste? That is Mingyang Company. The person in charge of the project should have a lot of power.” Several relatives whispered and confirmed to Charlie Chen.

Charlie Chen snorted with a cold face, not daring to answer.

“Mira, is this true?” Xie Mu immediately looked at Mira Xie, seeking answers.

“Yeah.” Mira Xie was in a complicated mood. She hadn’t figured out what happened yesterday, and she was still immersed in Dustin Zhou’s huge identity contrast.

At this moment, when Xie’s mother asked, she nodded slightly.

“This…” Seeing that Mira Xie also knew about it, Mother Xie immediately froze for a moment.

But soon, Mother Xie was the first to react with a smile on her face instantly, looking brilliant.

“Oh, why didn’t you say it earlier, Dustin Zhou, it’s not that Mom said you, if you work hard early, Mira won’t have to carry such a heavy burden, and Mom won’t have to lose your temper at you, right?” Mother Xie only felt her face slapped. It was hot, but at the same time, the eyes looking at Dustin Zhou became more eager. If Dustin Zhou is the person in charge of the famous company, then the jade bracelet worth 600,000 must be real.

Although the bracelet given by Charlie Chen was worth one hundred thousand, the Xie family could not afford it.

But this jade bracelet is different. The price of 600,000 yuan is very precious. When the two are compared, the judgment is naturally superior.

Chapter 24

The gift is real!

Mother Xie was ecstatic, let alone wearing it in her life, she had never seen such an expensive luxury item, Charlie Chen was also not ashamed, and her head was raised high and sullenly lowered, and she did not dare to look at Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou sneered in his heart, it was all because of his identity.

For the Xie family, the project leader and shareholder of Mingyang Company is a more dazzling position than the chairman of Mira Xie Yueji Beauty.

“Mira, Dustin Zhou seems to have given you a gift too. Take it over and see what it is!” “Yes, open it!” Mira Xie gave Dustin Zhou a helpless look and took out the gift box and opened it directly.


For a while, everyone in the room was quiet.

Even Charlie Chen looked at the present in front of him, his face full of disbelief.

“This is the’Thousand Purple Heart’, the treasure of Jade Pavilion.” Charlie Chen knew the goods anyway, and almost instantly recognized its origin when he saw the gift.

“‘Thousand Purple Hearts’? How much is it?” Mother Xie blinked and looked at Charlie Chen, with a hint of joy on her face.

Since even Charlie Chen exclaimed, it means that this amethyst necklace must be very valuable.

“Five thousand and six hundred thousand.” Charlie Chen took a breath of air, his head buzzing, Dustin Zhou was just a waste of sh*t, how could it be possible to buy a thousand purple hearts with five thousand six hundred thousand.

Even if Mira Xie opened the Yueji Beauty Company, a large sum of 5.6 million yuan was not easy to come out.

And just for gifts.

The eyes of the other family members all fell on Mira Xie’s face, full of envy and even a hint of jealousy.

Compared with Qian Zixin, the jade bracelets that Charlie Chen gave were not comparable at all, and it was not enough to describe the gap between heaven and earth.

They are jealous that it is not their own daughter who was given such a gift.

But at this moment, they had forgotten that they were still ruthlessly mocking the gift-giver just now.

Charlie Chen looked at Dustin Zhou with a bit of resentment, tried to squeeze a smile, and asked: “I am a little curious. You have been thanking your family for several years, and you have always been a small employee of the famous company. How did you suddenly become famous? What about Yang’s shareholders?” “The last time I saw you and Mingyang’s president Enderia Shen were close, and Mr. Shen has always been single. I don’t know if the Dustin Zhou brothers are rich in beauty and are favored by Mr. Zhou.” Charlie Chen’s words didn’t make the meaning clear, but none of the people present were fools. It was just a vague expression, and they understood the meaning of Charlie Chen’s words.

It is clear that Dustin Zhou became a shareholder of the famous company because he had been in front of Enderia Shen and became her little white face.

In other words, at this moment, Dustin Zhou, regardless of the project leader’s

The identity is still the identity of the well-known company’s shareholder, but it is all compensation from Enderia Shen.

In an instant, the expression on Mother Xie’s face changed, and a look of anger emerged in the blink of an eye.

“Dustin Zhou! You trash! Fortunately, I thought you were motivated, but I didn’t expect you to be someone else’s face! You shame all our Xie family’s face!” Xie’s mother’s face became extremely ugly, her eyes rounded Stare, staring at Dustin Zhou.

I thought that this waste really grew in, but I didn’t expect it to be a little white face. It is estimated that the gifts I gave were bought with the money that was covered.

The other relatives also showed disdain, and there were even two women who sang at Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou’s pupils shrank instantly and glanced at Charlie Chen.

He didn’t expect that Charlie Chen originally had this idea.

At first, he deliberately named his identity, but it was to dig a bigger hole in the back.

If Dustin Zhou was really as he said, being kept by Enderia Shen, then this pit would be dug at the right time.

But Dustin Zhou is not!

“Charlie Chen, what do you mean by this? Isn’t the lesson you taught you enough before?” Dustin Zhou narrowed his eyes and said indifferently.

Before Charlie Chen jumped too much, Dustin Zhou had unilaterally blocked his Junfa company on behalf of Mingyang in public.

And now, not only did he not learn a lesson, but instead pressed Dustin Zhou more and more.

“What do I mean? Dustin Zhou, don’t you dare to do it, don’t you dare to admit it? Otherwise, how can you become a shareholder of Mingyang Company? How can Mingyang company put you in charge of the whitening factor project?” Charlie Chen watched Dustin Zhou change He turned his head to Mira Xie and said, “Otherwise, you can ask Mira to see if she believes you?” Charlie Chen pointed to Mira Xie with a smug expression on his face.

Dustin Zhou’s heart suddenly shook.

He did not expect that Charlie Chen would also involve Mira Xie.

Indeed, if it was just an argument between him and Charlie Chen, then he had nothing to fear.

But now, once Mira Xie was involved, even if Dustin Zhou didn’t make a small face, it was difficult to explain some things clearly.

“Dustin Zhou, I thought about it all night, but I still didn’t think about it, I want to hear you.” Mira Xie slightly raised his head to look at Dustin Zhou, his face was a little pale, and a faint dark circle was covered under her beautiful eyes.

Dustin Zhou just took a look and knew that Mira Xie must have not slept well last night.

But facing her question, Dustin Zhou didn’t know how to answer it.

It is impossible for him to tell her that he became a shareholder of Mingyang Company because he took out the patent of the whitening anti-aging factor and held 60% of the project.

Can a poor son-in-law have something to do with the patents of Stanford Laboratories?

Who will believe it?

“If you look

Believe me and you won’t ask me.

Dustin Zhou looked at Mira Xie earnestly, his tone was very calm. He had already thought it through. He loved Mira Xie in his heart, but there were always various obstacles in reality. If you say that Dustin Zhou’s own identity and If status is an obstacle, then Mira Xie’s trust in him is an obstacle now. “Haha, Brother Dustin Zhou, what can’t you tell me directly?

If it weren’t for your relationship with Enderia Shen, you might still be the same now.

Charlie Chen saw that Mira Xie seemed to have feelings for Dustin Zhou, he moved in his heart, and then asked. And Xie’s mother and the other Xie family members also agreed. For Dustin Zhou, they looked down on Dustin Zhou. What’s more, in this short period of time. In the time, Dustin Zhou went from being a shareholder of a well-known company that they needed to look up to, to a little white-faced identity, which made them even more disdainful. “Huh!

Mira, this rubbish is not a good person at all, and now he has become someone else’s little white face. You now have enough reasons to divorce him!

Mother Xie yelled and put out a divorce agreement directly. Dustin Zhou recognized the divorce agreement. When he brought his mother to Xie’s house before, Xie’s mother had produced such a divorce agreement. It was just that. Dustin Zhou did not expect that he did not sign this agreement that night, and now it appears in front of him again. “Dustin Zhou, don’t you even want to give me an explanation?

“Mira Xie’s face is a bit bitter, and her beautiful eyes are dull. One night is too tormented. She hasn’t gotten out of what happened last night until now. “I’ll say it again, I have no relationship with Mr. Shen. Regardless of the relationship, as for this divorce agreement, I think we should calmly think about it.

Dustin Zhou took a deep breath, calmed down his emotions, and then said softly. “I came here today just to celebrate my mother’s birthday. Since you are so unwelcome, I won’t be here anymore.

Dustin Zhou finished speaking coldly and was about to leave directly. “Huh!

Who is your mother?

I have nothing to do with you!

Mother Xie sneered and turned her head away without looking at Dustin Zhou. Dustin Zhou glanced at Mira Xie with complicated eyes. Mira Xie opened her small mouth and stopped talking several times. “Take care of yourself, I’m leaving.”

After speaking, Dustin Zhou coldly commented on Charlie Chen, smiled disdainfully, turned and left. After leaving Xie’s house, he did not return to the nursing home, otherwise he would definitely be questioned by Zhou’s mother. Swinging, Dustin Zhou unexpectedly came. At the Mingyang company. “It looks like I can only stay here now.

With a wry smile, Dustin Zhou walked directly into the company. “Zhou, why are you here?”

Dustin Zhou followed the sound and saw Ye

Sara stood not far away pretty, looking at herself in surprise, as if she saw something strange.

“Why? Can’t I come?” Dustin Zhou saw Sara Ye, his heart suddenly relaxed a lot, and couldn’t help jokingly.

“Of course not, it’s just that Mr. Shen is also inside.” Sara Ye pointed at Dustin Zhou’s office as she said.

Is Enderia Shen here?

Dustin Zhou was taken aback, but this surprised him a bit.

“What is Mr. Shen doing?” Dustin Zhou asked in confusion, and walked to his office unhurriedly.

Gently pushing open the door of the office, Dustin Zhou saw Enderia Shen sitting at his desk at a glance, checking the information attentively.

His long hair was faintly tied behind his head, and his pretty face looked white and delicate against the sun.

Such an elegant appearance made Dustin Zhou a trance.

Even if Enderia Shen and Mira Xie were known as the two beauties of Baolai Street before, Dustin Zhou did not feel that way.

Now when I saw Enderia Shen’s appearance, my heart trembled slightly.

Chapter 25

Rumors are everywhere!

“Mr. Shen, why are you here?” Dustin Zhou said softly, approaching slowly, and saw that Enderia Shen was checking the relevant materials of the whitening factor project.

And in front of her, there was also a contract laid out.

Dustin Zhou’s expression moved slightly when he saw this contract.

This is a contract signed between Mingyang and Yueji Beauty.

After the last public bidding meeting, Yueji Beauty made a successful bid and signed this cooperation contract with Mingyang.

There was no problem with the contract itself. Not only did it not give Yueji beauty a lot of discounts because of the relationship between Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie, but it was very beneficial to Mingyang.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know why Enderia Shen deliberately took out this contract.

Does she think there is a problem with this contract?

Dustin Zhou didn’t speak any more, and fixedly looked at Enderia Shen, waiting for her to speak.

“What? I can’t come?” Enderia Shen raised his head slightly, his eyes filled with smiles.

“Dustin Zhou, how many things are you hiding from me?” After that, Enderia Shen said a word without warning.

But these words made Dustin Zhou and Sara Ye both stunned.

Sara Ye also reacted, knowing that Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou had something to talk about, and she also left directly with interest.

But Dustin Zhou was a little embarrassed at this time.

“Why? Can’t you tell me? You know, now we are grasshoppers tied to a boat.” Enderia Shen saw Dustin Zhou’s hesitation and smiled lightly.

In fact, she didn’t have to know Dustin Zhou’s details, but Enderia Shen did not react to this sudden change.

When did my famous company have such a powerful person?

Not only is there a patent for whitening and anti-aging factors, but even the boss of Avaria gave him gifts.

“Haha, President Shen, I have been in the company for three years, can you still know who I am? If I say that everything is a coincidence before, I don’t even know the boss of Avaria, do you believe me? Dustin Zhou spread his hands helplessly, with a wry smile.

It is impossible for him to explain clearly to Enderia Shen about this kind of thing now.

But for one thing, he can assure Enderia Shen.

That is, he will never do anything to damage the famous company.

Seeing Dustin Zhou’s vowed guarantee, Enderia Shen suddenly laughed.

“Look at you, I’m not a tiger who can eat people, right?” “Well, I don’t care about your details, but if I find out, you do anything that damages the famous company or the whitening factor project. I will definitely not let you go!” At the end of his speech, Enderia Shen’s expression became extremely serious.

Dustin Zhou knows that Mingyang Company can be regarded as Enderia Shen’s work, and the whitening factor project is her heart.

“Don’t worry, I still count on the whitening factor project to make money for me.” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly.

“By the way, this contract is a contract signed by Yueji Beauty Company. I read it. Given your relationship with that Mira Xie, I wonder if you have anything you want to do?” Enderia Shen took out the contract for Yueji Beauty and chuckled. He handed it to Dustin Zhou.

A fragrant smell was spit out, and a hint of fragrance slowly filled Dustin Zhou’s nose.

Dustin Zhou looked at the contract before him.

To be honest, he knows exactly the dilemma that Mira Xie’s Yueji makeup is facing at this time.

Without any external help, Mira Xie alone would not be enough to support Yueji’s beauty makeup.

At the moment, cooperating with Mingyang Company has become a beauty for yourself and Mira Xie’s last straw.

Just the terms listed in this contract, for Mira Xie, hardly any advantage.

Even, it is equivalent to working for a famous company with Yueji Beauty.

“Yes, I want to change it. I know the current dilemma that Yueji Beauty is facing. If I don’t help her, then Yueji Beauty can hardly go on.” Dustin Zhou reached out and took the contract and said lightly.

“OK, you can think about it yourself. I won’t bother about it. Just one point. Don’t turn your elbow out because of your relationship with Mira Xie.” What surprised Dustin Zhou was that Enderia Shen didn’t mean anything against it. Instead, he acquiesced to Dustin Zhou’s idea.

“Thank you.” Dustin Zhou was a little touched. Actually, Enderia Shen didn’t need to be like that. Even if she directly refused Dustin Zhou to open the back door to Mira Xie, Dustin Zhou had nothing to say.

“What are you talking about? Don’t forget, you are now a shareholder of the famous company and the person in charge of the whitening factor project. If you mess up this project, you will lose more than just my face.” Enderia Shen chuckled lightly. .

Immediately, in Dustin Zhou’s surprised eyes, Enderia Shen reached out and flicked Dustin Zhou’s forehead.

This action seemed very intimate, like a big sister interacting with a little brother.

It’s just that Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen didn’t notice it at all. At this time, the place where they were located was Dustin Zhou’s office, and the glass on both sides of the office was not completely closed.

And in a building opposite Mingyang Company, in a room facing Dustin Zhou’s office, a middle-aged man was watching everything silently, watching all the actions of Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen in his eyes.

“There is big news now. It seems that the rumors are true. This week, Dustin Zhou is probably the little white face raised by Enderia Shen.” The man silently put away the camera in his hand and looked at the captured image with a wicked look.

… The next day, Dustin Zhou was thinking

Sara Ye rushed in panic with the revision of the Yueji beauty contract.

“Zhou, something has happened.” “What’s wrong?” Dustin Zhou raised his brows, and his heart shook.

He knows Sara Ye very well, not only is he serious in his work, but he also has strong opinions in case of trouble.

What can make her panic must be a big deal.

“Zhou, this is today’s gossip magazine.” Sara Ye’s face was solemn, holding a lot of gossip magazines in her hands, and all her brains were placed on Dustin Zhou’s desk.

“What is this?” Dustin Zhou was puzzled, but was stunned.

I saw all the pictures on the covers of these gossip magazines.

And the people in the picture are Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen.

Enderia Shen stretched out his hand and tapped Dustin Zhou’s forehead, and Dustin Zhou also looked at Enderia Shen with an expression on his face.

And beside this picture, it is accompanied by text.

“Enderia Shen, a well-known company, has a little white face. Dustin Zhou, the head of the whitening factor project, is dedicated to eating soft food!” The conspicuous big characters made Dustin Zhou’s heart suddenly angry.

The content on this picture did happen yesterday.

But it’s not as easy to misunderstand as it seems.

Especially the text on the side stings Dustin Zhou’s eyes.

“When did you find it?” Dustin Zhou stood up abruptly, hitting the table with a fist, his face flushed with anger.

This gossip, it’s okay to joke about him, but it involves Enderia Shen, so Dustin Zhou has to care.

More importantly, once Mira Xie saw this magazine, would he doubt it.

“What I found this morning was reported by the next employee.” Sara Ye’s expression was also more solemn than ever.

Even when facing Li Chuan’s persecution before, she did not feel that things were so solemn.

“Zhou, this is obviously a secret photo, but I don’t know who it is and what their purpose is.” Sara Ye said in a deep voice.

“Does Mr. Shen know?” Dustin Zhou held back the anger in his heart. At this time, he knew that he could not get angry and had to restrain it as much as possible.

“I don’t know yet, but it shouldn’t last long.” Sara Ye smiled bitterly.

But as soon as her voice fell, a voice came from outside the door.

“Mr. Zhou, Mr. Shen wants you to go to her office.” For a while, Dustin Zhou and Sara Ye looked at each other, and immediately knew that there was no way to hide it.

Dustin Zhou didn’t shirk, and took these gossip magazines to Enderia Shen’s office.

“Mr. Shen, you are looking for me.” Dustin Zhou pushed the door in, and saw Enderia Shen lying on a chair, looking like he was wandering away from the sky.

“Dustin Zhou, you should know?” Enderia Shen did not get up, but said lightly.

“Well, I have

Got it, this is all gossip magazines.

Dustin Zhou nodded lightly and put all the gossip magazines on the table. “Heh, there are so many, what do you think?”

“At this time, Enderia Shen slowly looked at Dustin Zhou, glanced at those gossip magazines, then skipped it, and looked at Dustin Zhou. “I have a suspect, but there is no evidence.

Dustin Zhou thought for a while, and then briefly said what happened in Xie’s house. Especially Charlie Chen slandered the relationship between him and Enderia Shen, which made Dustin Zhou even more suspicious of him.

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