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Chapter 26

Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen were discussing how to deal with them, but they didn’t know. At this moment, they had already exploded outside.

These gossip magazines are the best-selling magazines in the city. The incident between Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen has been known to everyone in just one morning.

Although I don’t know the truth of the matter, it does not prevent others from watching the excitement.

Those who had contact with Mingyang, Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou were even more shocked at this moment.

“Mr. Zhang, what should we do? Now that something like this happens, will Enderia Shen still protect Dustin Zhou?” The secretary of Meizi Beauty Company said with a worried expression, while Zhang Hui was sitting on the sofa with a calm face. , Think quietly.

“Don’t do anything first. I don’t think it is that simple.” Jade Cui Xuan, the team leader looked at the gossip in the magazine, his face was full of sarcasm.

“I thought it was a big money, but I didn’t expect it to be just a little white face that was kept up. What a horror, Xie Qian, you show me a good look. Do you think such a person will remember you?” Zhao Tianlai was also confused. Looking at these gossips, I felt distressed that I had previously sold “Thousand Purple Hearts” at a discount.

At this time, in a luxurious clubhouse, Charlie Chen and a group of middle-aged men with big bellies were gathering together.

On the opposite side of them, with an arrogant face, was Enderia Shen’s younger brother, Edward Shen.

“Haha, Son Shen, Son Chen, how about this? Are you satisfied?” A greasy middle-aged man said with a flat smile, respectfully toasting Edward Shen and Charlie Chen.

“Yes, you did a good job of this matter. This time, I must let this kid and this bastard taste the feeling of being ridiculed by others.” Edward Shen drank the wine in the glass with a sullen roar. Tao.

At the banquet at the launching ceremony of the whitening and anti-aging factor project, Edward Shen was blasted out by Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen, and it was widely spread for a while.

This made the face-saving Edward Shen unable to lift his head in front of a group of friends, even being mocked once.

This time, Charlie Chen’s game made him very satisfied.

He could almost see the ugly faces of Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen at the moment.

“Hmph, this is still the first step. If I dare to fight against Charlie Chen, I will definitely not let Dustin Zhou get better.” Charlie Chen also had a gloomy expression.

“Haha, then congratulations on the success of the plan of Master Chen and Master Shen. Don’t forget us when the time comes.” … Dustin Zhouhao and Enderia Shen’s gossip spread throughout the city in no time.

Mira Xie naturally saw these gossips inevitably.

When she saw Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou being so intimate, her heart suddenly hurt.

She thought that her feelings for Dustin Zhou had faded away, but when she saw him and other women intimacy, she was still stuck in her heart


But at this moment, Mira Xie’s phone rang.

“Hey, Mira, have you seen it, huh? How could that Dustin Zhou be like this? Did he forget that he is a married man? You can ask him if there is no explanation. He got divorced and let him go out of the house!” Just as Mira Xie got on the phone, there was a hysterical roar from Xie’s mother.

“Mom, can you be quiet? No one knows whether this is true or not!” Mira Xie instantly stroked his forehead, his tone a little tired.

“What’s not true, the photos are there, but it’s not true. I don’t care. This time, you have to divorce him, and you must let him go out. I want to see how much money he can make as a little boy. “Xie’s mother was full of greed in her words.

Mira Xie didn’t want to listen to her at all, so he hung up the phone.

“Mr. Xie, it’s almost time for an appointment to negotiate a contract with Mingyang.” … Mingyang.

This is the second time Mira Xie has come here so solemnly.

Last time, I came to participate in the public bidding meeting, and then Yueji Beauty won the cooperation quota of the whitening factor project in one fell swoop.

But what is different from the last time this time is that Mira Xie’s mood at this time is very complicated and hesitates slightly.

But she knows that today’s meeting will determine the future of Yueji Beauty.

Whether to live, develop and grow by the wind, or be annihilated, is all within her thoughts.

“Mr Xie, hello, Mr. Zhou has been waiting for you for a long time.” Just when Mira Xie was distracted, an elegant voice sounded softly.

Mira Xie took a closer look and recognized that this was Dustin Zhou’s assistant, Sara Ye.

Nodding slightly, Mira Xie, led by Sara Ye, came directly to Dustin Zhou’s office.

Seeing Dustin Zhou, Mira Xie was panicked for a moment.

Dustin Zhou in front of him was completely different from Dustin Zhou who had been in Xie’s house three years ago.

The previous Dustin Zhou was so gloomy that Mira Xie could not see a trace of hope in him.

But now, Dustin Zhou is shining like the hot sun.

“You are here.” Before Mira Xie could speak, Dustin Zhou broke the silence between the two first, and led Mira Xie to sit across the desk.

“This is the contract I re-drafted. You can take a look first. If you have any objections, you can directly raise it.” Dustin Zhou did not delay at all, and directly handed the re-drafted contract to Mira Xie. This contract is famous for the company. Having made some profit, Dustin Zhou was selfish and wanted to help Mira Xie.

“You…” Mira Xie wanted to say something, but he swallowed the words at last Dustin Zhou’s gaze.

This re-drawn contract is for the cooperation between Yueji Beauty and Mingyang on the whitening factor project

The matter was divided very carefully.

The above not only clearly marked the responsibilities and obligations of both parties, but also gave Yueji Beauty a huge space to choose from.

The more Mira Xie looked, the more excited he was.

Regardless of all external factors, this contract alone is undoubtedly a huge surprise for Yueji Beauty.

But this surprise only stayed in Mira Xie’s heart for a moment, and she immediately woke up.

“What do you mean? Have mercy on me?” Mira Xie squeezed the contract and asked in a low voice.

She knows Dustin Zhou, and in the same way, Dustin Zhou also knows her.

Even if Dustin Zhou is not clear about the current predicament that Yueji Beauty is facing, he must be aware of it.

At this time, Dustin Zhou directly came up with a very beneficial contract, which made Mira Xie’s heart seem to be blocked by a wall.

“Mr. Xie, I hope you can put your position right. Now we are not in any other relationship, but are negotiating the contract with the representatives of the two companies.” Mira Xie’s reaction did not exceed Dustin Zhou’s expectations, but it did not make him happy. sense.

No matter what, the two had been married for three years. Now, facing this contract, Mira Xie’s first reaction turned out to be Dustin Zhou pitying her.

“Also, this contract is not just what I meant, and Mr. Shen also agreed.” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

He hopes to use this to show that he has no favoritism or pity for her.

However, Dustin Zhou did not expect that it was precisely this sentence that caused Mira Xie’s anger to burst out in an instant.

At the birthday party of Xie’s mother yesterday, Charlie Chen said that Dustin Zhou was a little white face raised by Enderia Shen. At that time, Mira Xie didn’t believe it.

As long as Dustin Zhou gives an explanation, she will believe in Dustin Zhou.

But Dustin Zhou did not explain.

Then this morning, all the gossip magazines in the city were reporting the intimate photos of Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou, spreading the news that Dustin Zhou was Xiaobai’s face.

This made Mira Xie simply unacceptable.

In the previous three years, even if Dustin Zhou didn’t want to make progress, even if Xie’s mother had been despising him, Mira Xie never gave up on him.

But now, the photos in those gossip magazines are like a sharp knife, which cut a gap in Mira Xie’s heart.

Now, Dustin Zhou was in front of her again, saying that Enderia Shen had agreed to this contract, and Mira Xie couldn’t bear it anymore.

“President Shen, is there only Edward Shen in your heart?” “You didn’t explain to me yesterday. What happened to those reports today?” “Dustin Zhou, you really disappointed me. Don’t you live without a woman? Can’t go down?” Mira Xie yelled, almost exhausting all his strength.

Her whole body was trembling slightly, and her beautiful face was even more

With endless chill.

Dustin Zhou is somewhat familiar with this scene.

That night, when he rescued Mira Xie from Charlie Chen and messed up the negotiations between her and the investors, she was like this.

But last time, she was simply angry and angry.

But this time, Dustin Zhou actually felt that she wanted to hide deeply.

What is she panicking?

Dustin Zhou was stunned. There were only two of them in the entire office, but Dustin Zhou felt that there were thousands of people around him.

They pointed at themselves one by one, mocking him wantonly, mocking him as a little white face, without a woman, even without the courage to live.

“Mira, can you trust me once?” Dustin Zhou frowned, his fist accidentally slammed on the table, and the water cup on it was unstable and slipped directly to the ground.

The movement inside the office also surprised the employees outside.

But as Sara Ye watched, no one dared to come forward and listen to the corner.

“How do you want me to believe you? Dustin Zhou, have you seen the reports outside? Have you considered my feelings?” Mira Xie clenched a pair of pink fists, nails deeply embedded in the flesh, bloodstains faintly emerging , But she didn’t seem to feel the same, just staring at Dustin Zhou bitterly.

At this moment, she was really sad.

Facing his own doubts, Dustin Zhou had no intention of explaining.

If there is nothing between him and Enderia Shen, why not explain?

Mira Xie had only this idea in his mind at the moment.

“Huh!” Dustin Zhou took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.

He doesn’t want to argue with Mira Xie now.

The fragile relationship between the two cannot withstand such doubts and quarrels.

“There are some things that I can’t tell you yet. But there is one thing, except for work, I have no other relationship with President Shen!” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice.

“Dustin Zhou, if you don’t make it clear, I think there is no need for our relationship to continue.”

Chapter 27

“What do you mean?” Dustin Zhou was taken aback, his face suddenly changed.

“I want to divorce. I can’t let someone who maintains an ambiguous relationship with other women be my husband.” Mira Xie’s voice was as cold as ice, and the expression on his face was extremely stubborn.

“As for this contract, I think I don’t need it anymore.” After that, Mira Xie shredded the contract into pieces.

Dustin Zhou just looked at Mira Xie calmly, without saying a word.

Dustin Zhou had already thought of this result.

He knew about Mira Xie’s character. Faced with such overwhelming rumors, and he could not give a reasonable explanation, the result was almost foreseeable.

“I will give you the divorce agreement.” After a cold glance at Dustin Zhou, Mira Xie turned and left.

At this time, Dustin Zhou collapsed on the chair, his face pale.

“Zhou, you guys…” Seeing Mira Xie leaving with an unhappy look, Sara Ye walked in immediately. Seeing Dustin Zhou’s somewhat decadent and annoyed look, she couldn’t help but softly ask.

“I’m okay. Please help me pay more attention to the company’s recent affairs. The initial launch of the whitening factor project must be watched. If something happens, immediately notify me.” Dustin Zhou calmly explained, and then left Mingyang directly.

… After Dustin Zhou left the company, there was almost nowhere to go.

Xie’s, it is impossible for him to go back.

As for the nursing home, once she passed by, Zhou Mu would definitely find something strange, Dustin Zhou didn’t want her to worry.

After thinking about it, Dustin Zhou found that he had nowhere to go.

“Tingling bell.” At this moment, Dustin Zhou’s cell phone rang.

I picked up the phone and found that it was the little security guard who had a good relationship with him, Niu Chuan.

Before that, he informed Dustin Zhou that Mira Xie got in Charlie Chen’s car, and Dustin Zhou could rescue her from Charlie Chen.

“Hey, Chuanzi.” Thinking of myself after that, I didn’t thank him well, and the recent wave after wave of things, I haven’t been with him for a long time, Dustin Zhou’s heart suddenly moved.

“Hey, Brother Yang, is there any time?” Niu Chuan’s rough voice came from the microphone.

Dustin Zhou heard it clearly, and he could clearly feel that Niu Chuan was in a very good mood now.

“Yes, what’s the matter?” “Hey, it’s been a long time since I got together. I just want to invite you to a meal.” At this point, Niu Chuan’s voice was unexpectedly twisted, which made Dustin Zhou surprised. .

In his impression, Niu Chuan is a rough man, carefree, and extremely bold.

When will he be so twitchy, like a little girl.

“Well, where are you, I will go now.” “Brilliant Hotel.” Dustin Zhou

Without asking more, he ran straight to the Brilliant Hotel.

Brilliant Hotel is a five-star hotel, second only to Avaria in the whole city, it is one of the best in terms of grade, scale of decoration and atmosphere.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know what was going on with Niu Chuan, and even invited him to dinner at the Brilliant Hotel.

You know, Niu Chuan is just a security guard. A monthly salary is no more than three or four thousand at best, and a dish in the Brilliant Hotel may require so much.

Soon, Dustin Zhou took a taxi to the Brilliant Hotel.

After paying for the car, Dustin Zhou lifted his foot and prepared to go in.

“Welcome.” Yingbin didn’t look at people with a wink, and when he saw Dustin Zhou, he warmly welcomed him.

“I’m here to find someone, Niu Chuan.” When he arrived at the front desk, Dustin Zhou directly reported Niu Chuan’s name.

“Okay, please come with me.” The waiter checked, then smiled and led Dustin Zhou to a position by the window on the first floor.

At a glance, Dustin Zhou saw Niu Chuan looking around in his seat uncomfortably.

“Chuanzi.” Seeing Niu Chuan, Dustin Zhou felt better.

But when he came to sit down next to Niu Chuan, he was stunned.

Niu Chuan is a somewhat burly person who looks very sturdy, so he used to wear that kind of military coat.

But this time, I don’t know why, Niu Chuan unexpectedly cleaned himself up from start to finish, not only did his hair repaired, but even the clothes on his body became fashionable outfits worn by young people.

However, Dustin Zhou always felt a little tight when wearing these clothes on him.

“What are you doing today?” “Damn, aren’t you going to have a blind date?” Dustin Zhou was taken aback for a moment, and immediately reacted, exclaiming.

Except for the blind date, Dustin Zhou couldn’t think of other reasons.

“Hey, it’s not that I am too young. The fellow introduced one to me, and I want you to put your eyes on it.” Niu Chuan wrinkled his rough face together, and smiled so hard that he could barely see his eyes.

But at this time, his smile is sweet.

“You’re promising, when did it happen? Where did the girl come from?” Dustin Zhou became excited when he heard Niu Chuan admit.

Speaking of, when he was still at Xie’s house, Niu Chuan always envied Dustin Zhou for marrying a beautiful woman like Mira Xie.

Dustin Zhou also said that Niu Chuan will marry a good-looking wife one day.

But I didn’t expect that Mira Xie filed for divorce today, and Niu Chuan actually wanted to go on a blind date.

“I haven’t met yet. I said that I met at the Brilliant Hotel. It has been an hour and I haven’t come yet.” Niu Chuan looked outside the hotel and looked at the time on his mobile phone from time to time.

“That wouldn’t be here, don’t you know how expensive it is?” Dustin Zhou reminded softly.

“Hey, don’t be afraid, just paid

, I brought them all.

With a grin, Niu Chuan carefully opened a hole in the black bag he was carrying, revealing a neatly packed stack of banknotes. “Four thousand yuan, enough.

“Hey, here it comes.”

Dustin Zhou was about to remind that the four thousand yuan was not enough, but it was interrupted by Niu Chuan’s surprise voice. Niu Chuan got up and ran to meet him. Dustin Zhou only looked up at this time and saw that the two were thickened. The makeup woman walked over arm in arm. Niu Chuan was left behind by them. “Oh, it’s so hot, Xiao Jing, order a glass of water.

“The two of them just sat down and haven’t introduced themselves yet. One of the women who seemed to be younger said directly. “I’m here, I’m here, what do you want to drink, Brother Yang, what do you drink.”

Niu Chuan said graciously, and took the drink list on the table and handed it to the two women. “A glass of white water.”

Dustin Zhou said softly. He knew that Niu Chuan was not easy, so he didn’t want to burden him. But the two women didn’t care at all. They pointed to the drinks on the drink list and ordered several cups. “A cup of coffee,” A glass of orange juice, I also need a glass of double skin milk…” The two ordered six drinks before stopping. However, Dustin Zhou noticed that the six drinks, added together, were nearly 500 yuan. Seeing this, Dustin Zhou’s brows were already slightly frowned.

Chapter 28

Although the drinks they ordered were common outside, the prices went up immediately when they were placed inside the Brilliant Hotel.

The two women looked like no one else, and they ordered six cups in a row before they stopped.

And Dustin Zhou noticed at this time that Niu Chuan’s face had changed faintly.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t say much. Today’s protagonist is Niu Chuan, he is just a spectator.

Soon, six drinks were served.

The two women immediately took all the drinks in front of them, for fear that someone would grab them.

“By the way, what’s your name?” After taking a sip of orange juice, the slightly older woman named Xiaojing raised her eyes and asked Niu Chuan directly.

Dustin Zhou was taken aback. The other party didn’t even know what Niu Chuan called. Was this really coming for a blind date?

Obviously, Niu Chuan didn’t think about so much, so he replied somewhat honestly: “I’m Niu Chuan, you can call me Chuanzi.” “Chuanzi, right? I came from a long distance with Xiao You, don’t you plan to order food? Xiao Jing squinted, her tone a little aggressive.

“This point, this point.” Niu Chuan quickly called the waiter and prepared to order some dishes.

However, Xiao Jing won the menu at 7:8.

“Okay, let’s just these few dishes.” After speaking, without giving Niu Chuan a glance, he directly returned the menu to the waiter.

Dustin Zhou’s expression at this time has changed slightly. Looking at the situation, it was the younger woman named Xiao You who had a blind date with Niu Chuan.

But this Xiao Jing is so irrelevant, treating herself as the protagonist.

Moreover, Dustin Zhou glanced a little while she was just ordering food, but she ordered a few dishes, and the price was definitely more than five thousand yuan.

And the four thousand that Niu Chuan brought, even his one month’s salary, was far from enough.

Niu Chuan is a naive person. At this time, when I first met with a girl, I couldn’t remember to check the menu.

“By the way, I heard Xiaoyou say, are you a security guard?” When waiting for food, it is often when the two parties on the blind date know each other.

Xiao Jing asked directly when she came up, looking like this, she was going to represent Xiao You in full authority.

“Yes.” Niu Chuan told the truth.

“Tsk tsk, can you be a security guard, can you afford to support Xiao You? You know, now I don’t know how many people are chasing us Xiao You, what advantage do you think you have?” Xiao Jing snorted, her eyes subconsciously Niu Chuan moved away and turned to look at Dustin Zhou.

When she saw Dustin Zhou’s face, Xiao Jing’s eyes lit up and her heart suddenly moved.

To be honest, Dustin Zhou looks good, otherwise, he would not have been selected by Mira Xie as his son-in-law.

And Xiao Jing’s eyes were also a bit unscrupulous and hit Dustin Zhou.

the amount.

But this kind of scrutiny only lasted a short time.

When Xiao Jing looked all over Dustin Zhou’s body, she didn’t see any valuable things, especially Dustin Zhou’s clothes were still a little wrinkled and looked shabby and old, she immediately retracted her gaze.

Dustin Zhou had a panoramic view of all Xiao Jing’s small movements.

Dustin Zhou almost laughed out of his heart when he saw Xiao Jing retracting his gaze and showing a pity look.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t say anything. No matter what this Xiaojing is, she is not the protagonist today.

“Hey, don’t worry, although I’m just a security guard, I have a salary, and I can support my wife without spending money.” Niu Chuan re-patted his chest and promised.

“Hey, just you?” “Looking at you like this, one month’s salary may not be enough for our Xiaoyou one piece of clothing. Have you seen it, the clothes Xiaoyou wears today is worth your salary for several months. What do you use to feed her?” Xiao Jing was even more contemptuous when Niu Chuan said that.

And Niu Chuan felt extremely embarrassed at this time.

Looking at Xiao You who was sitting across from him, Niu Chuan subconsciously set his gaze on her clothes.

It’s just that for Niu Chuan, a piece of clothing worth hundreds of yuan is already very expensive, and clothing that can be worth a few months’ salary, he can’t recognize it at all.

However, Dustin Zhou recognized it at a glance.

Not only that Xiao You, but even Xiao Jing, who has been talking, wears clothes from Chanel and Gucci.

A single product cannot be bought without tens of thousands of dollars.

This actually made Dustin Zhou suspicious.

A woman who can afford this kind of clothes still needs a blind date to find someone?

Even on blind dates, I am afraid that during the initial screening, a security guard like Niu Chuan would never be given a chance.

“What clothes can be worth my salary for several months, this lady don’t be joking.” Niu Chuan lowered his head, trying to divert this topic.

Originally, this sentence was nothing, but it seemed to instantly ignite the explosive barrel in Xiao Jing’s heart.

“Who do you say is the young lady? Do you know how to speak?” Xiao Jing stared at Niu Chuan like a wild cat with exploded fur. Seeing this posture, if Niu Chuan didn’t apologize, she might do it directly.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I said something wrong.” Niu Chuan didn’t know, so he had to smile and apologize.

“I said, you’re a bit too far, why did Chuanzi say wrong?” But Dustin Zhou couldn’t stand it anymore, and there was a faint feeling in his heart, but he still couldn’t be sure.

But seeing Niu Chuan being so bullied, as a good brother, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help his temper and drank coldly.

“Yeah, there are helpers, why? Bullying us are women, and we don’t see what we are like. If there is no money, there is no money.

Speaking earlier, I won’t let Xiao You come over.

“Xiao Jing sneered, and Erlang directly sat on the chair with his legs up, squinting across the two of Niu Chuan and Dustin Zhou. “Sir, miss, excuse me, can I serve the food now?”

At this moment, the waiter came over and asked about the serving. “Let’s serve it, I’m starving to death after walking so far.”

“Maybe the waiter’s interruption eased the tension between the two parties a lot. Xiaojing ignored Dustin Zhou and directly let the waiter serve the dishes. They ordered a total of eight dishes and one soup. There were originally four people, and there was no eight dishes and one soup. What’s the problem. But this is the Brilliant Hotel, a five-star hotel, and the price of these eight dishes and one soup will never be low. “Brother Yang, don’t make a noise. Come and eat.

Niu Chuan looked a little embarrassed at the scene, and wanted to persuade Dustin Zhou. Originally, Dustin Zhou didn’t care, but when he saw Xiaojing and Xiaoyou eating directly without paying attention to him and Niu Chuan, he suddenly became annoyed. “Hold on.” , Chuanzi, don’t eat it yet.

Dustin Zhou stopped Niu Chuan from squeezing his chopsticks and said in a low voice. Although Niu Chuan was a little inexplicable, but out of trust in Dustin Zhou, he put down his chopsticks. The two people looked at Xiaojing and Xiaoyou quietly. “What?

Don’t you eat?

Don’t blame me for not keeping you.

Xiao Jing glanced at it and said coldly. “It’s okay, you eat yours, we will order our own later.”

Dustin Zhou said slowly. “What do you mean?”

Chapter 29

“It’s not interesting, it’s just that you ordered these dishes. Chuanzi and I don’t like to eat them, so we will order separately.” Dustin Zhou reached out and held Niu Chuan who wanted to talk, and said softly.

He didn’t make any sloppy eyes, but said it straightforwardly.

Xiao Jing and Xiao You were taken aback for a moment, and their movements slowly stopped, staring at Dustin Zhou in a daze, and then at Niu Chuan.

“It’s nothing, it’s just that Brother Yang doesn’t like eating these dishes.” Niu Chuan finally explained without Gu Dustin’s obstruction.

“Hehe, Chuanzi, don’t need to explain, what I mean is obvious, you pay for the dishes you eat,” Dustin Zhou said coldly.

When things got to this point, Xiao Jing and Xiao You didn’t seem to come to have a blind date with Niu Chuan at all. They clearly wanted to kill Niu Chuan.

As a brother, Dustin Zhou couldn’t just sit idly by.

“Brother Yang, don’t do this, I…” Niu Chuan immediately became anxious.

“Chuanzi, do you know how much the dishes she ordered?” Dustin Zhou asked coldly, pointing to the dishes on the table.

“How much more are a few dishes worth? I brought the money.” Niu Chuan was also a little anxious. He didn’t know why things happened to be like this. He immediately took out the money from the bag, which was four thousand yuan, and put them all. on the table.

“Chuanzi, you are still too kind. If you can do nothing with Charlie Chen for me, I will naturally not see you being deceived.” “Your four thousand yuan, even a fraction is not enough, these dishes, at least More than fifteen thousand!” Dustin Zhou made a loud noise, and Niu Chuan was completely stunned.

“This is impossible!” Seeing Niu Chuan still not believing, Dustin Zhou gritted his teeth and directly recruited the waiter.

“You said, how much do these dishes cost.” The waiter brought the menu and handed it to Dustin Zhou.

“Sir, plus the six drinks you ordered before, it costs a total of 18,800 yuan. This is the bill.” Dustin Zhou did not accept the bill, but let Niu Chuan take a look.

“How is this possible?” Niu Chuan looked at the long numbers on the bill, and both hands trembled.

These are enough for his salary for five months.

“Huh! It’s just over 10,000 yuan. If you don’t have any money, you still have to pay a lot of money. Come here, you deserve it!” At this time, Xiao Jing didn’t panic, but was arrogant, holding her hands on her chest, to Dustin Zhouhe Niu Chuan looked at him coldly.

“We have money, but it is not for you! Also, please recognize your own position. You and Chuanzi are only meeting for the first time, so you just made your own way. After ordering so many dishes, I am afraid that there will be none at all. I want to have a good blind date.” Dustin Zhou said coldly, his eyes shot directly on Xiao Jing like a sharp blade.

“Hmph, just pretend if you don’t have money. Now if you want to admit it, don’t think


Xiao Jing completely tore her face, and regardless of the current situation, she was yelling at Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan. After that, she took out her mobile phone and made a call. “You wait for me. If you don’t pay today, , Never want to go out.

The movement here is a bit loud, and people in other parts of the Brilliant Hotel have also noticed the situation here. “Several people, if you have any conflicts, please change to another place to solve them, and don’t disturb other guests.

“The waiter was also a calm person. He didn’t directly ask the security to blast Dustin Zhou out, but took them to the hotel lounge. “Brother Yang, it’s not good, you…” Niu Chuan was also at a loss at this time. On one side is his good brother Dustin Zhou, and on the other side is his blind date today. It seems that it is not a good thing to help the other side. “Chuanzi, haven’t you seen it yet?

They didn’t mean to have a blind date with you at all, they just wanted to kill the wrongdoer, and you were the one chosen by them.

“Dustin Zhou hated iron and steel and patted Niu Chuan on the back of his head. In the past, when Dustin Zhou himself was not satisfied, he had no way to deal with Niu Chuan’s situation. But now, he has changed, and he can easily solve Niu Chuan. Facing the circumstances, Dustin Zhou does not want Niu Chuan to be cold-eyed or even deceived as before. “But, she was introduced by my fellow villager, how could my fellow villager lie to me?

“Just as Niu Chuan was struggling, his phone rang suddenly. “Hey…” Niu Chuan continued the call quietly, but his face was getting ugly. “What’s wrong?”

Dustin Zhou found that something was wrong and immediately asked. “It was my fellow who called. He said that I can’t afford the people behind these two people. He wants me to settle the account and pay them 10,000 yuan.

When Niu Chuan said this, his voice was a little trembling. Dustin Zhou now fully understands.

This blind date was a scam from beginning to end.

Their fundamental purpose is to defraud 10,000 yuan from Niu Chuan.

As for the so-called fellow, I am afraid that he has forgotten the relationship between neighbors.

“Huh! I’m afraid now? Wasn’t it arrogant just now?” Xiaojing saw that Niu Chuan and Dustin Zhou didn’t speak, thinking they were afraid, she immediately sneered.

“Chuanzi, you should understand now.” Dustin Zhou patted Niu Chuan on the shoulder and said in a deep voice of relief.

“Brother Yang, what should I do?” Niu Chuan raised his head, his eyes all confused.

He couldn’t figure out why it was a blind date introduced by his fellow villager.

“Don’t worry, there is me here, no one can move you!” Dustin Zhou said coldly, and then looked directly at Xiao Jing.

“I really want to know how you are focusing on Chuanzi.” “What are you talking about? I don’t understand at all. Hurry up and pay for it, otherwise, even here, my elder brother won’t let you. It’s better!” A panic flashed in Xiao Jing’s eyes, but she quickly calmed down.

“Where is Xiaojing? Where is Xiaojing?” A sharp voice suddenly sounded.

Dustin Zhou didn’t change her face, but Xiao Jing was overjoyed.

“I’m here, brother.” Xiao Jing shouted to the outside of the lounge.

After a while, a little yellow-haired boy with a sharp-mouthed monkey gill came over with seven or eight people.

“Boy, is that my sister you bullied?” As soon as Xiao Huangmao came in, he pointed at Dustin Zhou arbitrarily and asked with an evil look.

“Come so fast, it seems to be ready for a long time, the scene of this fairy jumping is a bit big.” Dustin Zhou did not answer, but gave Xiao Huangmao a cold eye, and then coldly snorted.

At this time, even if Niu Chuan was slow to respond, he understood.

“You lie to me, where’s Wang Dahu?” Wang Dahu is the fellow from Niuchuan, who introduced this blind date.

“Hmph, Wang Dahu owed me five thousand yuan, and said you can take out ten thousand yuan, no, now you can hand over the money.” Xiao Huangmao snorted and stepped directly on the chair with one foot. At the entrance of the lounge, in case Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan broke and escaped.

“I have money, but I don’t know how to give it to you.” Dustin Zhou said lightly. At this time, he calmed down instead, with a smile on his face.

“I only need cash!” “Well, I have money, and a lot, but I’m afraid you will lose it.”

Chapter 30

“Boy, I know how to pretend. Since you are so rich, the ten thousand yuan is not enough. You get fifty thousand. Xiao Huangmao smiled contemptuously. Dustin Zhou nodded and said, “That’s OK, let me make a call. phone.

“Soon, the phone was connected, Dustin Zhou said: “Sister Ye, it’s me. You are now taking 50,000 yuan in cash to Brilliant Hotel. I’m useful.”

“Boy, I warn you, don’t try any tricks.”

“When Dustin Zhou called, Xiao Huangmao immediately warned. But when Dustin Zhou didn’t say much, he just told people to bring money over, he was relieved. “Boy, I bullied my sister and asked you to pay one.” Wan, it’s already a bargain for you guys. The leg that I interrupted by the last person who dared to bully my sister, I’m afraid it hasn’t been good.

“Xiao Huangmao continued to threaten. When Dustin Zhou heard this, he knew immediately that Xiao Huangmao and the group were habitual offenders. “Brother Yang, or let’s call the police.”

“At this time, Niu Chuan also thought of protecting himself and Dustin Zhou. It’s just that he can’t think of any other way at the moment. There are nearly ten people on the opposite side. If he is alone, he would be able to rush out. But now, there is Dustin Zhou beside him. Niu Chuan doesn’t. Maybe Dustin Zhou was hurt because of himself. “Call the police?

Boy, you seem to be quite fat. If you have something, you should call the police and try?

When Xiao Huangmao heard it, he immediately chuckled and pointed at Niu Chuan arrogantly. “What?

Don’t you let me call the police?

“Niu Chuan was also a bad temper, and immediately took out his mobile phone to prepare to call the police. “Bang!

Boy, you are so kind!

“But before the call went out, Xiao Huangmao slapped Niu Chuan’s phone on the ground with a slap. “Brothers, let this kid know who is in charge now!”

With a violent shout, those gangsters screamed and rushed up. The original small lounge was in chaos. Niu Chuan was concerned about Dustin Zhou’s safety, and he didn’t want to do anything in this hotel. , So there is no way to use his hands and feet, otherwise only these few people will only be a matter of one punch. After a few rounds, Niu Chuan has also suffered a lot. Not only is there a lot of scars on his body, but also a hideous face on his face. Bloodstains. “Boy, it’s better to be a little behaved. When the money comes, I will naturally let you go.

“Xiao Huangmao sat down on the chair with a thud. About half an hour later, the door of the lounge suddenly sounded. “Zhou, it’s me.”

Sara Ye’s voice rang outside the door, Dustin Zhou’s first reaction was to open the door. “Hold on, you go open!”

“But Xiao Huang Mao stopped Dustin Zhou, and instead asked one of his gangsters to come forward and open the door. He just waited for a few seconds and still didn’t hear any movement. Xiao Huang Mao was impatient,

Turning around angrily, he was about to reprimand the little brother, but his eyes suddenly widened and he didn’t move.

In front of him, of course, Sara Ye.

Since Sara Ye had just come from a well-known company, Sara Ye was still wearing a professional suit, and the whole person looked very sassy and unparalleled.

Xiao Huangmao and his gangster brothers are just a group of uninfluenced people. When have they seen such a person, they all froze in place, staring at Sara Ye with their eyes wide open.

“Zhou, this is…” Sara Ye saw something wrong in the lounge at a glance, raised her eyebrows, and walked in gently.

“Did you bring the money?” Dustin Zhou did not explain, but asked indifferently.

“Bring it, because I am worried that you are in a hurry, so I took a little more, which is 300,000.” Sara Ye put a black satchel in front of Dustin Zhou, and after opening it revealed the red and bright new banknotes inside.

If such a beautiful young woman like Sara Ye made Xiao Huangmao and the group almost lost their souls one by one, then the 300,000 yuan of banknotes leaked at this moment made them even more crazy.

“Haha, boy, if you know you, I didn’t expect you to be so rich. If so, I will accept the 300,000 yuan, haha.” Xiao Huangmao rolled his throat vigorously, looking between Sara Ye and the banknote Sway back and forth.

“Didn’t you say 10,000 yuan? Here is 300,000 yuan!” Niu Chuan immediately stopped doing it, and quickly stopped the gangster who wanted to come up to collect the money.

“Why? Shame on the face? Just now it was 10,000, but I didn’t expect you to be so rich, 300,000 yuan, don’t be white.” Xiao Huangmao was smug, his face was full of excitement.

Three hundred thousand yuan is a lot of money for a normal person.

For Xiao Huangmao and the others, these 300,000 yuan is enough for them to spend a few months.

It’s just that after the gangster accepted the money, Xiao Huangmao didn’t let it go, but instead cast his greedy eyes on Sara Ye.

“Boy, this matter is not over yet. Unless you let this chick stay with me for one night, I’m afraid you won’t be able to go out.” Xiao Huangmao received the money and didn’t intend to spend it with Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan, and directly expressed himself The final purpose.

“You!” Niu Chuan suddenly exploded, raising his fist and preparing to rush forward.

“Wait a minute, Chuanzi, let me come here.” But Dustin Zhou stopped Niu Chuan and looked at Xiao Huangmao blankly.

“You are wrong.” “You can’t take this person, and you can’t take the money either, and I’m afraid you can’t go.” Dustin Zhou’s voice was very cold, and there was no emotion contained in it.

“Haha, brothers, what did I hear, is this kid scared? Now the money is in our hands,

How can you stop us?

Little Huang Mao laughed loudly, making no secret of his arrogance. “Abiao, why are you here?”

“And at this moment, a figure suddenly appeared at the entrance of the lounge, and that person looked very surprised when he saw Little Huang Mao. When Xiao Huang Mao saw that person, he immediately reduced his arrogance and became respectful. Brother Cannon.

“Xiao Huangmao took the lead in reacting, and several of his gangsters immediately followed along and respectfully saluted the man at the door. Niu Chuan’s spirit immediately tightened, and these little gangsters were all able to clean up, and now there is another gunman. Then they can’t deal with it even more. It’s Dustin Zhou, but he is very calm at the moment. “That’s right, A Biao, he can be here, why?

Where did you make a fortune?

Brother Pao walked in with a weird smile. He first glanced at Xiao Huangmao, then turned his gaze to Dustin Zhou and others. When he saw Sara Ye, his eyes instantly brightened, but soon, his eyes He became confused. When he saw Dustin Zhou, his pupils shrank instantly, and a cold sweat broke out on his face. Brother Pao knew what was happening in Xiao Huangmao, and he knew what was going on in the lounge. . It’s just that he never expected that there would be Dustin Zhou. “Excuse me, are you Mr. Dustin Zhou?

Brother Pao walked up to Dustin Zhou cautiously, with a very humble attitude, and he didn’t even dare to look at Dustin Zhou directly. “Brother Pao, what? You know this person. If he is your friend, then I can ask for less money.

“Xiao Huangmao didn’t know, so he just assumed that Brother Pao knew Dustin Zhou and said casually.”

“But in an instant, a loud slap resounded throughout the rest room. Little Huang Mao’s eyes widened, he looked at Brother Pao in disbelief, and clutched his faintly swollen right cheek. “Brother Pao, you…” Not only Only Xiao Huangmao was stunned, and even the gangsters behind him were all stunned, and no one dared to stand up. Instead, Dustin Zhou looked at Brother Pao with inquisitive eyes and thought. Get up. “I am.

Dustin Zhou admitted that he did not know this brother Pao, but the other person could recognize him at a glance. It was obvious that he had seen him before and there was nothing to hide, so he nodded and admitted immediately. “It’s really Mr. Zhou, I am Pao. It’s Tiger Lord.

“Hearing Dustin Zhou’s affirmative reply, Brother Pao immediately said with a smile, showing his identity. “Master Tiger?

“Hearing this name, Dustin Zhou thought for a while, and a middle-aged man immediately appeared in his mind. At the dinner of the whitening factor project launching ceremony, he had chatted with the tiger master for a while. “Exactly, Tiger. Ye Zheng

I’m eating on the second floor. I don’t know you are here yet. Please wait a moment. I’ll go to Lord Tiger.

Brother Pao said in a low voice, and immediately turned and walked towards the second floor. After he left, the rest room was silent. “Master Tiger is here too. You know Master Tiger?

Xiao Huangmao covered his face and looked at Dustin Zhou in surprise. His little brothers showed fear on their faces, and even two of them had quietly touched the door. Once the situation was not right, they were ready to escape immediately. Dustin Zhou didn’t speak, but just waited quietly. For this tiger master, to be honest, Dustin Zhou didn’t know the other party’s details in his heart. It’s just that when he meets it now, he will be at ease, and Dustin Zhou will not be afraid anyway. “Haha, Zhou Sir, I didn’t expect to see you here again. It’s so lucky.

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