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Chapter 31

After a while, a rough laugh came over.

Hearing this voice, Xiao Huangmao’s body trembled and his face was pale.

Dustin Zhou looked up and saw that the Tiger Lord he saw at the banquet appeared in front of him.

“Mr. Zhou, I didn’t expect you to be here too, do you remember me?” The tiger master was tall and tall, and he walked up to Dustin Zhou with a big laugh and stretched out his hand directly.

“Master Tiger.” Dustin Zhou didn’t take it seriously, stretched out his hand, and clasped him tightly.

“A Pao, what’s the matter?” Hu Ye is a careful person, seeing the scene in the lounge, he knew something must have happened, and his face immediately became cold.

“Master Tiger…” Brother Pao didn’t hesitate, and directly lighted up Xiao Huangmao.

In an instant, the temperature in the entire lounge seemed to drop a lot.

Dustin Zhou looked at Lord Tiger in surprise, he didn’t expect this person to have such a strong aura.

This is definitely the aura that you will have after decades of immersion in the arena.

“Your name is Abiao, right?” After listening to Brother Pao’s explanation coldly, Lord Tiger looked at Xiao Huangmao instantly like a sharp sword.

“Master Tiger, I’m all misunderstood.” Little Huangmao can withstand the pressure of Master Tiger. He bent his legs directly and knelt on the ground, squatting his head vigorously, and the sound was endless.

“Misunderstanding? A Pao.” Hu Ye coldly snorted and yelled outdatedly.

As soon as the voice fell, Brother Gunner, who had been standing by the side, immediately violently kicked Xiao Huangmao and kicked him away until he hit the wall.

But Xiao Huangmao couldn’t stand up at all, lying limply on the ground, moaning and moaning constantly.

Dustin Zhou just glanced at it and saw that this little yellow hair had at least three broken ribs.

“You two, do you like to sell it out?” Brother Pao stopped looking at Xiao Huang Mao, turned his eyes to Xiao Jing and Xiao You, and sneered.

“Brother Pao, forgive us, it’s all he forced us, it’s none of our business!” Xiaojing and Xiaoyou were already stunned, they didn’t expect the situation to change instantly, and their backer Xiaohuang Mao was already lying aside half-dead.

“It’s none of your business? Then I will give you a chance to slap each other, when Mr. Zhou calls to stop, you stop again!” As soon as Brother Pao’s voice fell, the cluttered applause sounded instantly, mixed with fright. Sobbing.

“Mr. Zhou, since they have offended you, how to deal with it, let you decide!” Lord Tiger handed over the power to Dustin Zhou, which made Dustin Zhou somewhat unexpected.

Dustin Zhou also looked at Niu Chuan immediately.

“Brother Yang, I… let them go, we have nothing to lose anyway.” Niu Chuan is a simple and honest person after all, and has never thought of harming others.

Love, even if the other party is looking for something first, he doesn’t want to see such a cruel scene.

“Master Tiger, today’s protagonist is my brother Niu Chuan. Since he has said everything, let them go.” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly.

When Xiao Huangmao and the others heard it, they were overjoyed and prepared to thank Dustin Zhou.

“However, the punishment that should be received is still necessary. Call the police and send them to the police station. I think the amount of robbery of 300,000 will be enough for them to stay in it for more than ten years.” Listening, the spirit vented all at once, all limp on the ground.

“Haha, Mr. Zhou, don’t pay attention to them, walk around, there is a rare opportunity, to the second floor, I will invite you to dinner.” Tiger Lord laughed and motioned to Dustin Zhou.

“Chuanzi, Sister Ye, let’s go together.” Dustin Zhou didn’t refuse. He knew that Lord Tiger gave himself face so much, not just looking at the fate of the past.

After a meal and food, he said goodbye to Lord Tiger. After the three of them left the Brilliant Hotel, the atmosphere became a little silent.

Niu Chuan blamed himself for this incident.

Although the 300,000 yuan was successfully taken back, Dustin Zhou was in trouble after all.

The thought that Dustin Zhou didn’t say anything to bring money over, he was very moved.

And thinking of the days when the two were sighing for time together, now Dustin Zhou has transformed himself into a big man, and he is still a small security guard, Niu Chuan feels discouraged.

“Brother Yang, I…” Niu Chuan looked lonely, full of guilt.

“Okay Chuanzi, don’t say anything, what is our relationship?” Dustin Zhou chuckled lightly, patted Niu Chuan on the shoulder, and said with relief.

“However, Chuanzi, do you still want to go back to work as a security guard?” Dustin Zhou’s expression became extremely serious as the conversation turned around.

“What else can I do without security?” Niu Chuan looked bitter.

“Chuanzi, do it with me!” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, his eyes full of fighting spirit.

He knows that he can’t just do whitening factor projects. Whether it is a family business or a team built by himself in the future, he needs enough manpower.

Dustin Zhou already had an idea in his mind, but he still needs to think about it, so Niu Chuan became his first goal.

“Brother Yang, you…” This time, not only Niu Chuan, but also Sara Ye was surprised.

Sara Ye heard a hidden meaning from Dustin Zhou’s words, but she was not very sure yet.

While Niu Chuan looked excited, but also very worried.

“Chuanzi, I have already figured it out. Instead of working as a security guard for a lifetime, you should follow me. I dare not say that it will make you soar. At least it will be much better than now.” Dustin Zhou looked sincere.

“Okay! Brother Yang, I’ll do it with you! I’ll quit when I go back! I’ve had enough of that

The captain is angry!

Niu Chuan didn’t think much about it, he just agreed, and his face was full of excitement. “Haha, okay, let’s go, I was unhappy just now, I invite you to dinner!”

Dustin Zhou was also very happy when he saw Niu Chuan come down. He held Niu Chuan’s shoulders with a big laugh, and was about to find a place to eat. “Zhou, can’t you see me?”

“At this time, Sara Ye said quietly, her tone a little dazed. Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan were so excited, they didn’t care about her at all, and even forgot that there was another person here. “Oh, yes, sister Ye, you go back first. , You also bring the money back, and I will thank you again tomorrow.

“Dustin Zhou was on Xing’s head, Ye Mi noticed the slight emotion in Sara Ye’s words, waved his hand, and left directly with Niu Chuan. “It’s really a piece of wood!”

“Sara Ye gritted her teeth and watched the two go away, stomping her feet, showing the rare gesture of a little woman. But soon, Sara Ye smiled on her face. Because Dustin Zhou said just now that she would like to thank her another day. … Xie family, Mira Xie since After coming back, she kept locked herself in the room. No matter how Xie’s mother knocked on the door, she did not respond. Scenes in the famous company, always played back in her mind. The photos in the gossip magazine, also Those rumors made her panic. What made her most unacceptable was that Dustin Zhou didn’t have an explanation at all. “Ding Lingling.

Suddenly, Mira Xie’s cell phone rang. After taking the cell phone, Mira Xie saw a text message from Charlie Chen. “Mira, I have already contacted the investor. This time I can definitely invest in Yueji beauty.”

“Just a few words made Mira Xie’s heart happy. The biggest problem with Yueji Beauty at present is insufficient funds to start new projects. But soon, Mira Xie thought of the previous time, it was also Charlie Chen, and the same was true. What several investors did in the Mountain Mist Club. That time, if it hadn’t been for Dustin Zhou, Mira Xie would have suffered an accident. For a while, Mira Xie was caught in an ideological struggle. On the one hand, it was Charlie Chen’s previous actions and on the other it was Dustin Zhou. No explanation. Time passed quickly. After three hours of consideration, Mira Xie finally made a decision. “Where?

Chapter 32

Mira Xie picked up the phone and returned a message to Charlie Chen.

In any case, Mira Xie personally tore up the contract between Yueji Beauty and Mingyang, which means that Yueji Beauty will give up the cooperation with Mingyang.

In this way, if Yueji Beauty wants to sustain it, it must find new investors as soon as possible.

After a brief cleaning, Mira Xie resolutely rushed to the place Charlie Chen said in Xie’s mother’s surprised eyes.

When leaving the community, Mira Xie didn’t notice. Not far from the community, two dangling figures were slowly approaching.

“Brother Yang, was that sister-in-law just now?” One of them pushed the other person beside him, his voice a little surprised.

These two people are Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan who drank alcohol.

Dustin Zhou shook his head to make himself more awake before he could see Mira Xie’s figure clearly.

“Yes, it’s her, where is she going?” Dustin Zhou had just drunk a lot of alcohol. At this moment, his head was a little groggy, and he forgot that he had a conflict with Mira Xie in the office before, and Mira Xie also refused to file for divorce.

“Would you like to follow, Brother Yang?” Niu Chuan quickened his pace, but his figure was shaking.

“Go, follow up and have a look, I want to see what she is doing with me behind her back!” Dustin Zhou didn’t think much, muttering drunkly, and followed.

The two drove into a car and followed Mira Xie all the way to a private club in the west of the city.

Before Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan got out of the car, they saw Mira Xie getting out of the car, and one person was also heading up.

“Damn! It’s the brute Charlie Chen!” Dustin Zhou rubbed his eyes vigorously. After seeing the man clearly, he was furious.

He never thought that Mira Xie would come to see Charlie Chen so late, had she forgotten the last lesson she taught.

“Brother Yang, it’s Charlie Chen’s beast, he must be uneasy and kind!” Niu Chuan let out a low growl, got out of the car and rushed towards Charlie Chen and Mira Xie.

Dustin Zhou wanted to stop it, but it was too late.

“Beast, dare to touch my sister-in-law!” With a violent shout, Niu Chuan directly threw his fist at Charlie Chen.

Because of drinking too much alcohol, Niu Chuan couldn’t control his body at all. He punched out, not only did not hit Charlie Chen, but because of the strong inertia, his body could not stop staggering forward and directly fell to the ground. .

“Who are you?” Charlie Chen looked at Niu Chuan with a gloomy expression, very alert.

“Niu Chuan?” It was Mira Xie who recognized Niu Chuan at a glance.

After all, in the previous three years, Niu Chuan often mingled with Dustin Zhou, and Mira Xie had to endure patiently to pick up the drunk Dustin Zhou several times, so he was a little impressed with Niu Chuan.

Niu Chuan is here, so Dustin Zhou must be nearby.

Mira Xie reacted immediately

Here, when I turned my head and looked back, I saw Dustin Zhou walking over with a gloomy expression.

“I thought it was Brother Zhou. It was just so late. Didn’t you accompany Mr. Shen with you?” Charlie Chen sneered when he saw Dustin Zhou, deliberately involving the subject of Enderia Shen.

The scandal between Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen spread throughout the city during the day and was mentioned at night. The intention is obvious.

When Mira Xie heard the words of Mr. Shen, his brows frowned unconsciously, and his eyes became much colder.

“Dustin Zhou, are you following me?” Mira Xie asked coldly.

She didn’t believe this was a chance encounter, and seeing Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan’s appearance, it was obvious that they had followed all the way.

“Why? Mira Xie, we haven’t gotten divorced yet, so you can’t wait to be nice to him?” Alcohol is very powerful, Dustin Zhou’s mind is muddy now, but the only trace of clarity tells him that Mira Xie will come out at night , Is to meet Charlie Chen.

The man involved in the three-year marriage of Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie made Dustin Zhou aware of a great crisis from the moment he appeared.

As a man, and still a healthy man, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help his inner anger at this moment, and for the first time he yelled at Mira Xie.

For a moment, the few people were extremely quiet.

Charlie Chen didn’t say a word, but looked at Dustin Zhou with a faint smile.

And Niu Chuan just got up and walked to Dustin Zhou’s side, staring at Mira Xie and Charlie Chen.

Mira Xie was also stunned.

She couldn’t believe what she heard.

Dustin Zhou shouted at her.

After three years of marriage, even because of Charlie Chen’s appearance and Xie’s mother’s aggressiveness, Dustin Zhou had never yelled at her twice even when she filed for divorce twice.

“Dustin Zhou, you disappointed me so much, you never knew me!” “Do you think that now that you become a shareholder of a famous company, you can help me by extending your pitiful and funny heart?” Mira Xie smiled sadly His big bright eyes dimmed instantly, full of disappointment.

She thought that she had filed for a divorce, and at the very least she could make Dustin Zhou reflect on herself.

But unexpectedly, he became even more unreasonable.

“I don’t understand you? Did you understand me?” Dustin Zhou yelled, stretched out his hands on Mira Xie’s shoulders, and looked at her with red eyes.

All the emotions of forbearance in the past three years seem to be completely exploded at one time through today’s Jiu Jin.

“It has been three years. Although we are a husband and wife, do you regard me as your husband? And when he came back, your whole family was flattering him and treating me as a trash.” “I finally became responsible for the whitening factor project. People, want to give your company a little help, but you think

I’m a little boy, and I want to divorce me again, can’t I Dustin Zhou have a little promise?

Dustin Zhou’s emotions became more and more agitated, the blue veins on his arms violently, but Mira Xie did not feel any pain. It was also the first time that she heard Dustin Zhou say such words in her heart, and she was a little at a loss for a while. Dustin Zhou’s words , Many things contained in it, she hadn’t noticed before. In other words, she had noticed, but she didn’t care about it. “Dustin Zhou, I warn you, let go of Mira as soon as possible, because your little white face can help the spirit. jade?

Just dream!

“To tell you the truth, I have helped Mira contact several investors. This time, you can’t stop it anymore!”

Charlie Chen raised his brows and wanted to stretch out Dustin Zhou’s hand on Mira Xie’s shoulder, but he couldn’t get it out twice in a row. “Dustin Zhou, if you don’t let go, don’t blame me for being polite.”

Charlie Chen was embarrassed for a while, and ignored his pretense, and immediately threatened. “You’re welcome!”


Am I afraid of you?

“When Dustin Zhou heard this, he immediately raised his hand and put aside Charlie Chen’s hand, and shouted. “Hey, Lord Tiger, I want to ask you for some help and borrow somebody from you.”

Dustin Zhou took out the phone and made a direct call to Lord Tiger who had not been apart for a long time. Dustin Zhou already knew the purpose of Lord Tiger. While admiring Lord Tiger’s vision, Dustin Zhou would not politely borrow Lord Tiger’s power. Humph!

Lord Tiger, who are you scaring?

Ms Wang, go and tell Lord Shun, just say there is something here, let them wait.

“Charlie Chen dismissed it, thinking that Dustin Zhou was pretending. After all, he had been familiar with Dustin Zhou’s social circle. He didn’t even know anyone who was famous for the company or powerful outsiders. “What happened?”

Charlie, you told me to wait so long for Lord Shun, so I can drink a few more glasses to make amends later.

Chapter 33

At this moment, a somber and hoarse voice suddenly sounded.

A thin man walked out of the clubhouse, followed by several strong men.

Dustin Zhou felt very uncomfortable as soon as he heard this voice. He turned his head to look at the person and saw that it was a man about fifty years old with a goatee, which made his thin face look particularly cold.

“Master Shun, why did you come out? This is not a little trouble, it will be resolved soon!” Charlie Chen greeted him with a smile, stood beside Master Shun, pointed at Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan, and pointed at Mira Xie. He whispered something.

Dustin Zhou was a short distance away, and he couldn’t hear clearly.

But he saw that Master Shun was disdainful when he saw himself and Niu Chuan.

But when he saw Mira Xie, his eyes lighted up, and his face was suddenly full of lewd smiles.

It’s not a good thing!

Dustin Zhou’s heart sank and suddenly felt that the situation was not good.

He asked Lord Tiger to borrow some people to support the scene, wanting to scare Charlie Chen.

But now that Tiger’s person hasn’t arrived yet, there are quite a few people on the other side.

If this Lord Shun got excited and forced to do something to Mira Xie, Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan couldn’t stop them at all.

“Boy, are you looking for something? Shun Ye, I’m in a good mood today, I don’t care about you, just go away!” Shun Ye squinted at Dustin Zhou and said lightly.

After speaking, he went straight to Mira Xie with a disgusting smile on his face.

However, Dustin Zhou thrust his foot horizontally and directly reached out to block the way of Lord Shun.

“Boy, what do you mean? Master Shun, I’ll give you a way to survive, don’t you want it?” After a pause, Master Shun’s expression turned gloomy and asked in a low voice.

“She is my wife. If you want to touch her, step over me first!” Dustin Zhou shouted loudly, spitting out alcohol directly on Master Shun’s face.

Mira Xie looked at Dustin Zhou, who was standing in front of her, and her heart warmed. She had never thought that Dustin Zhou, who had always been cowardly, would take a risk and protect herself like this. He seemed to be really different from before.

“Boy, you’re looking for death!” Shun’s master did not speak, and the strong men behind him rushed over.

The two strong men fisted and bombarded. If they hit Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou would have to lie down on the hospital bed for a few months at least.

At this time, Niu Chuan rushed up.

Although Niu Chuan’s body was not as good as those two strong men, it was much better than Dustin Zhou.

With a single leap, he directly pushed the two strong men on his side elbows, and forcibly hit their two punches.

“Uh!” With a muffled snort, Niu Chuan’s face instantly turned pale, and his body was trembling violently.

But his two punches were not in vain. His elbow also hit the two big men.

The two suddenly felt a sharp pain in their chests and backed away again and again.

“Chuanzi, how are you?” Dustin Zhou’s eyes were quick and he hurried to hold Niu Chuan, he could clearly feel Niu Chuan’s body at the moment.

“It’s okay, Brother Yang, I can stand it and fight with them!” Niu Chuan had already thought about it. Since he chose to follow Dustin Zhou, he must give full play to his strengths.

But he has no other capital at all except for his fist.

So at this time, he must reflect his value.

Even if it hurts, it’s worth it.

“Hmph, kid, you have some ability, since you don’t want to go, then don’t go, go!” Master Shun waved his hand and gave an order, and the four big men rushed over.

Dustin Zhou couldn’t fist at all, and Niu Chuan was already injured now, and couldn’t resist the menacing men.

“Stop! I see who dares to move!” But at this moment, a wind broke through the air, and directly forced the strong men back.

The four burly men were shocked, looking in the direction of the voice, their pupils suddenly shrank, and the whole person became extremely alert.

Dustin Zhou saw it too, shocked in his heart.

That is a throwing knife.

But now it is deeply inserted into the wall of the clubhouse, and the entire blade is completely buried in it, leaving only a cluster of tails swaying.

“Hiss!” The sturdy men are all discerning people, and they can see the unusualness of the flying knife at a glance, and they suddenly feel jealous and step back.

In this neutral position, black cars drove up quickly and stopped in front of the clubhouse.

The door opened, and Brother Pao got out of the car with a group of people.

“Who I thought it was? Isn’t this A Pao? You have crossed the boundary!” When Shun Ye saw Brother Pao, his face was suddenly very solemn.

But when he thinks of the dozen or so strong bodyguards behind him, he has a hint of confidence.

“Mr. Zhou is a distinguished guest of our Lord Tiger. If anyone dares to be unfavorable to Mr. Zhou, he is going to fight against Lord Tiger!” Brother Pao first smiled at Dustin Zhou, and then looked coldly at the group of brawny men behind Lord Shun. Scan back and forth in the middle.

“Who moved the hand just now, stand up by yourself, and I will give him a good time!” No one made a sound, and there was silence.

“A Pao, what do you mean? Do you want to go against me!” Seeing Brother Pao being so arrogant, Shun Ye suddenly shouted.

“Knife, you go!” But Brother Pao didn’t take care of him at all, but whispered to a young man in a black short shirt beside him.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know what Brother Pao was going to do, but he saw that the knife just swayed and disappeared directly into his sight.

“Ah! My hand!” And the next second, two tragic howls came from behind Shun Ye.

Dustin Zhou

Seeing that the two brawny men who made Niu Chuan injured by doing their hands on themselves have all knelt to the ground at this moment.

And what made Dustin Zhou’s pupils shrink was that he saw the two strong men’s wrists each with a throwing knife inserted.

These flying knives are exactly the same as those on the wall of the clubhouse.

“Presumptuous! A Pao, you are provoking me!” Shun Ye roared, but because of fear, he did not do anything.

“I just said that the distinguished guests who dare to move Lord Tiger must be enlightened!” Brother Pao left a cold sentence before turning his head to look at Dustin Zhou.

“Mr. Zhou, are you satisfied with this treatment?” Brother Pao’s attitude changed in tandem, and Master Shun was stunned. A pair of dark eyes stared at Dustin Zhou, not knowing what he was thinking.

Mira Xie and Charlie Chen were shocked.

They had never seen such a bloody scene.

Fortunately, Mira Xie was blocked by Dustin Zhou, only to hear two screams, but did not see the bloody scene.

But Charlie Chen is different.

The two brawny men stood beside him, and he saw every move of the knife.

The flying knife pierced through the wrists of the two people, and the blood spattered directly onto Charlie Chen’s face.

“Ah! Blood! It’s a murder!” Charlie Chen backed back in panic, and fell directly on the ground with an unstable foot.

He couldn’t distinguish the situation, he just saw so much blood, and the hands of the two strong men almost broke, and he was so frightened that he thought it was dead.

“Very noisy!” Dustin Zhou frowned and said lightly.

“Let him be quiet!”

Chapter 34

As soon as Brother Pao fell, the knife slowly walked towards Charlie Chen.

After seeing the method of the knife, Charlie Chen is now full of horror.

I saw that he was holding back his fear, covering his mouth tightly, not letting himself make a sound.

Dustin Zhou looked at Charlie Chen and was speechless for a while.

I was arrogant just now, but now I don’t even have the courage to speak.

But Dustin Zhou knew that all of this was because he was shocked by the aura of the knife.

Even if it was himself, he was frightened at this moment. It was the first time he saw such a bloody reality.

“A Pao, you are enough. You are crossing the boundary. Don’t think that Lord Tiger is here, you can do this!” Lord Shun said coldly, but did not take any action.

This time Charlie Chen invited him to discuss the investment. Now Brother Pao is in front of him, frightening Charlie Chen, and he is clearly hitting him in the face.

You know, he and Hu Ye can be the same.

“Hehe, Lord Shun, I just said that Mr. Zhou is our distinguished guest of Lord Tiger. If you move him, you will have trouble with Lord Tiger.” Brother Pao didn’t feel surprised.

“Well, I’ll give Hu Ye a face.” “But, this man hurt my brother, and don’t teach him a little lesson, how can I behave in front of my brother?” Shun Ye’s tone softened, but in a flash, it was again. Point the finger directly at Niuchuan.

Dustin Zhou was stunned, and then angrily said: “Chuanzi is my brother. If you want to touch him, you have to ask me!” “Hehe, Lord Shun, you probably don’t know yet. Lord Tiger is very optimistic about the Niuchuan brother. Besides, with Mr. Zhou here, I don’t think you can do anything.” Brother Pao glanced at Master Shun coldly, stepped directly and stopped in front of Master Shun.

Dustin Zhou is now clear about the situation.

This Lord Shun is a big brother of the same generation as Lord Tiger, but he is much inferior in strength.

Only then can Brother Cannon collide with him.

But he didn’t know that the reason why Brother Pao was so tough was because Lord Tiger had personally confessed it before coming over.

“Mr. Zhou is not a simple person, his abilities are limitless.” Brother Pao is loyal to Lord Tiger and naturally believes.

“Master Shun, I think we can’t do anything like this, why don’t we go inside and have a quiet talk?” Seeing that the two sides confronted each other, there were more and more people watching in the distance, and some people even used it secretly. Mobile phone recording, Brother Pao knows to deal with it privately now.

“Good!” …… The largest private room in the club.

Before Shun Ye, Charlie Chen and others discussed matters here, now they are taken over by Brother Pao.

Dustin Zhou was actually not interested in the conversation between the two big guys. After saying goodbye, he pulled Mira Xie out.

End of the promenade

Head, the lights are dim.

“Let go of me! Dustin Zhou, what exactly do you want to do?” Mira Xie struggled free from Dustin Zhou’s hand, looking confused.

Everything that happened just now was so fast that she didn’t have time to think thoroughly for a while.

She didn’t even know when Dustin Zhou met people like Brother Pao. Not only did she call people over with a single call, but she also made Master Shun dare not act rashly.

“Dustin Zhou, are you still you?” Mira Xie’s eyes were full of confusion.

Since Yueji Beauty participated in the public bidding meeting of the famous company, she found that she did not know Dustin Zhou less and less.

In the previous three years, she didn’t care much.

But now, Mira Xie suddenly discovered that Dustin Zhou hadn’t returned home for almost half a month.

Moreover, apart from work matters, the communication between the two of them was almost zero.

“Of course I am still me, Mira, do you know how dangerous it is today? Have you ever thought about the consequences? Have you forgotten what happened at the Mountain Mist Clubhouse last time?” Dustin Zhou was furious, seeing Mira Xie instead. It was questioning myself, and suddenly couldn’t help but push her to the corner.

Dustin Zhou put his hands on the wall, and tightly wrapped Mira Xie around his chest.

The tips of the two people’s noses almost touched each other, and this was the first time that they had come into such close contact.

“You obviously know that Charlie Chen has a bad heart for you, but you still choose to come out so late to see him, Mira Xie, do you have me in your heart!” Almost vented all his strength, Dustin Zhou panted and took all the things in his heart. All the frustrations vented out.

Once, he was deeply in love with Mira Xie.

But as three years passed, coupled with the Xie family’s contempt for him, Dustin Zhou was very depressed for a time.

Had it not been for thinking that he and Mira Xie were already married, he would probably not endure it for so long.

“What can I do? Yueji’s beauty makeup is about to die. If it doesn’t improve, it won’t even last the next month! Dustin Zhou, have you thought about me?” Mira Xie looked at Dustin Zhou blankly with tears Like a torrent of a bank bursting, the delicate makeup on his face melted a little bit.

Both of them vented the depression in their hearts unscrupulously.

“However, Mingyang has already chosen to cooperate with you. Why do you want to tear up the contract and come to see this so-called investor?” Dustin Zhou gritted his teeth, trying to suppress the anger in his heart.

The thought of Mira Xie tearing up the contract with a resolute expression during the day and asking for a divorce, Dustin Zhou felt extremely painful.

It’s not that he can’t live without a woman, but he can’t lose Mira Xie.

Otherwise, three years ago, he would not have joined Zuixie’s house.

“Dustin Zhou, you are really selfish, I am a woman, you are not clear with Enderia Shen outside, and now you are almost

The whole city knows about you, are you still blaming me?

“Mira Xie choked and said, the long-term psychological pressure has caused her to collapse now. Career, family, and even herself are constantly being destroyed, and she can hardly see any hope now. Originally gritted her teeth, thinking. Charlie Chen didn’t think so, he came to see the investor, but who knew that his mind was also very dirty. “That’s a rumor at all!

I and Enderia Shen are innocent and have nothing to do with each other. Why don’t you believe me?

“Dustin Zhou growled. “Then tell me why you suddenly became a shareholder of Mingyang Company and the person in charge of the whitening factor project!”

When Mira Xie finished speaking, she quietly looked at Dustin Zhou. If Dustin Zhou could give her a reasonable explanation, she would still choose to believe it. But to her disappointment, Dustin Zhou had no intention of explaining at all, just bowed her head. Dustin Zhou really can’t say that, after all, he has not completely inherited the Zhou family. If someone in the Zhou family knows that it is doubtful, it will be dangerous to himself and Mira Xie. “Sorry, I can’t tell you, but I use it. My life assures you that I have nothing to do with Enderia Shen except work.

Dustin Zhou held up three fingers, assuring very solemnly.

Chapter 35

Dustin Zhou couldn’t bear to thank Mira. Even after Charlie Chen returned to China, he pursued her one after another and disturbed her, Dustin Zhou didn’t have the slightest doubt.

In his heart, Dustin Zhou still loved Mira Xie deeply.

But he didn’t know how long his love would last.

If the two people still get along in this way in the days to come, then there is no future at all.

“Mira, give me a chance, and I will prove to you that there is only you in my heart.” Dustin Zhou grabbed Mira Xie’s hand and placed it on her chest, making her feel her heartbeat firsthand.

“You…” Mira Xie was at a loss for words, not knowing what to say.

There were tens of thousands of words in my heart, but seeing Dustin Zhou’s eyes disappeared in an instant.

“I know that Yueji Beauty is now in trouble. It is my decision to make you eligible to participate in the bidding. It is your own strength for you to get the spot, so don’t be angry anymore.” “Would you rather believe that you want it several times? Charlie Chen, who threatened you, doesn’t want to believe me?” Dustin Zhou looked at Mira Xie quietly, feeling very nervous.

He had already said everything, and there were only two results before him.

The first result, Mira Xie directly refused, still insisting on divorce.

The second result is the resumption of cooperation, and the two people have the possibility of further development.

“I have to think about it and give me three days.” Mira Xie was so confused that he didn’t know what to do.

Dustin Zhou’s words moved her very much.

However, Enderia Shen, who traversed between the two, made Mira Xie’s heart seem to be blocked by a thorn.

“Okay!” Dustin Zhou let go of Mira Xie’s hand and took two steps back, and the whole person seemed to feel a lot easier.

“It’s so late, let’s go back first.” Dustin Zhou said, and went to the private room to say hello, saying that he would send Mira Xie back first.

“Mr. Zhou, Lord Tiger said I am looking forward to cooperating with you.” Brother Pao said solemnly, and then arranged for someone to escort Dustin Zhou away.

“A Pao, I have to talk to Master Tiger carefully, otherwise, I don’t believe it!” Seeing Dustin Zhou leaving, Master Shun walked to Brother Pao with a heavy face and said coldly.

“Don’t worry, even if you don’t look for Lord Tiger, Lord Tiger is ready to look for you. This time is a big opportunity. Mr. Zhou is not an ordinary person.” … The person arranged by Brother Pao escorted Dustin Zhou and others back to the door of Xiejia Community. After saying goodbye Then the diameter returns.

“Mira, you can go back.” Dustin Zhou did not go back to Xie’s house with Mira Xie, but quietly watched her go home at the gate of the community.

“Brother Yang, what’s the matter with you and sister-in-law.” Niu Chuan looked at Mira Xie’s back leaving, very confused.

In his impression

Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie are simply a match made by heaven and earth, but today’s situation is somewhat different.

“It’s okay, it’s just a misunderstanding. By the way, does your injury do not matter, do you want to go to the hospital?” Dustin Zhou replied casually, and then realized that Niu Chuan’s face was a little pale, thinking that he had suffered abruptly to protect himself before. After a few clicks, I couldn’t help but worry.

“It’s okay. I’ll go and resign with the captain first. He must be angry after such a long time.” Niu Chuan smiled, waved his hand, and walked towards the security department.

“I’ll be with you.” Dustin Zhou was worried, so he followed.

Before the two of them arrived at the security room, they heard a roar from the security room far away.

“Where did that little bastard go? If I haven’t come to work for such a long time, do I not want to do it!” “You all know that you are lazy every day. If you don’t want to do it, get out as early as possible. There will be no idlers here!” In the room, the six security guards lowered their heads with sullen expressions.

In front of them, there was a thin young man who was spitting out and scolding these security guards.

At this moment, the door of the security room was suddenly pushed open.

“Who, I… Damn! Niu Chuan, where did you die, don’t you want to do it?” The team leader was annoyed when he heard someone push the door and immediately wanted to question him.

But when he saw Niu Chuan coming in, his voice suddenly became sharper.

“Yes, I’m not doing it!” Niu Chuan returned the team leader’s cold words, and directly took out all the documents on his body and put them on the table.

“What! You don’t do it! Niu Chuan, what do you mean? You said you don’t do it?” The team leader thought he had heard it wrong, but when he saw that Niu Chuan didn’t even need his credentials, he was stunned.

The other security guards in the security room also looked at Niu Chuan in surprise, wondering what happened.

“Yes, I’m not doing it! Don’t yell in front of me, I’m afraid I can’t help but hit you.” Niu Chuan rolled his eyes, disdainful of the team leader.

The team leader was called Huang Bin. He worked as a manager in the property company with his relatives, secretly operating, and became the leader of the community security team.

But if you can be a security guard, not to mention that you can count as ten, but at least your strength will not be too weak.

And Huang Bin is a thin boy who doesn’t know how to fist, only eats, drinks, and gambles. He can’t hold back the security guards.

So he threatened to dismiss others, making all the security guards very aggrieved.

“Well, I think you are so courageous and fat, I really think you are a stinky security guard, and you are capable, right?” “And you, called Dustin Zhou, right? You are a door-to-door son-in-law, who is the same as them, dare to come to me. Protect

Abe makes trouble, come, and blast them out!

Huang Bin sneered, feeling very upset with Niu Chuan and Dustin Zhou in his heart. To Niu Chuan, because of Niu Chuan’s strength, many people in the security department did not obey him, but obeyed Niu Chuan’s orders, which made him feel bad face. But all the time, Niu Chuan worked hard and made no mistakes. With the security guards protecting him, Huang Bin did not find any reason to trouble Niu Chuan. For Dustin Zhou, it was much simpler. Jealous! Huang Bin was very jealous of Dustin Zhou, look. When Dustin Zhou was able to enter Zuixie’s house and marry a beautiful woman like Mira Xie as his wife, Huang Bin gritted his teeth with jealousy whenever he thought of it, and wished to replace him. However, Huang Bin ordered it, but the security room was full Quiet. The six security guards did not move, but stood quietly behind, ignoring Huang Bin’s orders. “Are you trying to rebel?


Everyone has the ability, I will fire you now!

“Huang Bin was anxious, but there was nothing he could do, so he had to use the old methods to threaten with expulsion. Sure enough, when he heard the expulsion, all the six security guards changed their expressions. They didn’t have much knowledge and would only sell some strength. It’s hard to find a job after being fired. “Huang Bin, don’t be too proud!

Brothers, I know that you have been oppressed by this beast. Now I have resigned and will follow Brother Yang from now on. If you believe me, follow me and stop being oppressed by this bastard.

Niu Chuan was furious and slapped his fist on the table, immediately leaving a deep mark on it. But Niu Chuan’s words shocked everyone in the security room again. He actually followed Yang Ge! Who It’s Brother Yang? They don’t have to guess at all. When Dustin Zhou is here, everything is too clear. “Haha, I was so ridiculous, Niu Chuan, I thought which thigh you hugged and gotten around, you It was the leg of a door-to-door son-in-law, but I don’t know, is his leg thick enough, haha.

Huang Bin laughed and looked at Niu Chuan and Dustin Zhou with a look of disdain. A smelly security guard and a door-to-door son-in-law are not worth mentioning. As long as he thinks, he can make them kneel in front of him and beg for mercy in minutes.

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