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Chapter 128

As soon as Dustin Zhou’s voice fell, the entire Yuelong Hall was in an uproar, and everyone began to talk.

Dustin Zhou’s words, there is nothing wonderful about them, they are very simple.

But if it is so simple, it will be more contagious.

As a practitioner in the media industry, everyone here hopes that the entire industry will be clear and clear, and abide by the inner standards of media people!

Most importantly, Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen will jointly establish a media fund!

If you want to set up a fund, the money invested is at least tens of millions!

Such a large sum of money is even comparable to the total value of the media company of some people present.

This shows that Dustin Zhou’s determination is very firm and he will spend tens of millions on this!

“This fund is at least tens of millions. Does Dustin Zhou have so much money?” “I don’t know. He is a shareholder of Mingyang. Mingyang’s recent whitening factor facial masks are very popular. He should have made a lot of money. “How about? Do we want to agree?” “Let’s take a look first, those big guys haven’t spoken yet. What are we worried about.” Everyone talked, all eyes were on Chen Tong and Sun Yue.

At the moment, in Donghai City, the most qualified and capable people in the media industry are these two people!

“It’s so good! Our “Donghai Morning News” is willing to participate in it and contribute to the media industry in the East China Sea!” At this moment, Chen Tong finally spoke.

As soon as he spoke, he immediately surprised everyone!

They originally thought that even if Chen Tong wanted to participate in it, he would blur the gradient in order to gain more voice in this media association!

However, Chen Tong didn’t seem to care about the right to speak at all, so he agreed directly.

“We will also participate in “Every Time Gossip”!” “Donghai Express” will also participate!” “Lace Media will also participate!” … With Chen Tong taking the lead, more than a dozen media companies immediately spoke out, hoping to participate This media association.

Dustin Zhou nodded slightly, not too surprised that Chen Tong agreed so quickly.

When the big leader speaks, all positions should have been made clear.

As the deputy editor-in-chief of the “Donghai Morning News”, Chen Tong should have many news channels, so he understands this matter well.

And he did it, maybe not because he

Sending wants to participate, but it may mean from above.

“In addition to participating in the establishment of the association, our “Donghai Morning News” will also join forces with Mr. Zhou and Mr. Chen to establish a media fund!” Chen Tong smiled slightly, and after everyone calmed down, he said something again.

And these words directly detonated the atmosphere of the audience!

Everyone was stunned!

They never expected that Chen Tong would announce the establishment of the fund in public!

You know, this asset of tens of millions can not be made by Chen Tong alone!

After all, above Chen Tong, in addition to the editor-in-chief, there are also the leaders of the “Donghai Media” company!

Isn’t he afraid of being held accountable if he makes decisions so quickly?

Still, Chen Tong had already received the notice from above.

Such a thought soon appeared in everyone’s mind, and at this time, everyone was shocked!

“We “Fengxing Media” will also participate in the formation of the industry association. At the same time, we also hope to join the media fund!” At this time, Sun Yue of “Fengxing Media” could not sit still and immediately got up and announced.

When Chen Tong first announced that he would participate in the formation of the industry association, Sun Yue still hesitated.

He always felt that it would be inappropriate to let Dustin Zhou, an outsider in the industry, lead the establishment of the media industry association.

At the very least, we must select well-known talent lines in the industry.

When Chen Tong announced that he would participate in the establishment of the fund, Sun Yue couldn’t bear it anymore and directly announced his decision.

After all, Chen Tong is the deputy editor-in-chief of the “Donghai Morning News”, backed by the government and supported by leaders.

Since the leaders supported him, Sun Yue would not be willing to lose.

As soon as Sun Yue said what he said, the whole Yuelong Hall was a sensation again!

There were Chen Tong and “Donghai Morning News” before, and Sun Yue and “Fengxing Media” afterwards.

The two largest media companies in Donghai City all participated in deductively and even jointly established a fund. This shocking everyone is undoubtedly huge.

Immediately afterwards, those media companies that were still hesitant announced their participation.

However, limited by the size of the company, they can only participate in the formation of industry associations, and they have no ability to join the establishment of the fund.

Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen smiled at each other, but did not refuse.

Originally, this incident was the measure taken by Dustin Zhou to establish industry associations against Chen Zhen and the “Donghai Evening News”.

As for industry funds, Dustin Zhou’s idea is very simple. Use money to regulate the entire industry. In this way, the probability of such things happening in the future will also be reduced a lot.

“Editor-in-Chief Chen, Editor-in-Chief Sun, please inside, we still need to discuss some things in detail!” Asher Chen stepped forward and invited Chen Tong and Sun Yue to the back.


The banquet in the main hall of the Yuelong Hall is still going on, while in the background, Dustin Zhou, Asher Chen, Chen Tong and Sun Yue are already negotiating for industry associations and funds.

Although Dustin Zhou agreed to the joining of Chen Tong and Sun Yue, it did not mean that he would give up his dominance.

In the end, the four negotiated a very pertinent condition.

To form a media industry association, the three companies each occupy a seat of director. The handling of industry affairs requires the three directors to discuss together.

As for the media industry fund, Dustin Zhou only promised that Chen Tong and Sun Yue’s companies would each contribute 20% of their capital, and as rights, they could each arrange a director in the fund.

Mingyang Media, established by Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen, contributed 60% of the capital. Dustin Zhou is the chairman of the fund and is fully responsible for the management and use of the fund.

… “Donghai Evening News” newspaper.

The atmosphere in the entire newspaper is extremely depressing.

I don’t know who said it first, but Asher Chen of Mountain Mist Club invited the head of the media company of Quandong Hai to a dinner at Avaria.

Originally, the “Donghai Evening News” was absolutely qualified to receive the invitation.

But now, no one has issued an invitation to the “Donghai Evening News” at all.

The employees also learned through their own relationship channels that the “Donghai Evening News” involved Dustin Zhou and Mingyang’s smear incident and did not receive an invitation.

In addition, none of the media companies involved in the smear incident this time received an invitation.

“A**hole! What the hell does Asher Chen want to do?” “Which one of you can inquire about the news, and see what Asher Chen invited the many people and what they want to do!” Chen Zhen’s face was gloomy as water, and he faced his assistant coldly. , And several editors in chief gave orders.

“Editor Chen, I have already called my classmates in the “Donghai Morning News”, but their company sent Chen Tong to the banquet, and the news has not come back!” “I am here too!” “Editor Chen, I I just received news that Asher Chen and Dustin Zhou are uniting to establish a media company and also want to form a media industry association and an industry fund!”

Chapter 129

As soon as the voice fell, the entire office fell silent for an instant.

Assistant Ms Wang and the other editor-in-chief looked sideways, looking incredible.

But none of them chose to speak at this time, instead they looked at Chen Zhen unanimously.

After all, the purpose of Asher Chen’s banquet is already very obvious.

And Chen Zhen, who planned to discredit Dustin Zhou and the famous company, is undoubtedly standing on the cusp of the storm.

“A**hole! What does this Asher Chen want to do?” “Ah! What does he want to do!” The corners of Chen Zhen’s mouth twitched, his eyes turned red and he roared furiously.

Then, it swept away everything on the desktop in a hand.

“Is the news reliable? That Asher Chen really did this?” Chen Zhen still had a glimmer of hope in his heart. After all, he and Asher Chen had no interest entanglement, and Asher Chen did not need to do this at all.

“The news is reliable. The other party is the editor-in-chief of “East China Gossip” and an old classmate of mine. He is on the scene now.” An editor-in-chief said calmly, with a heavy tone.

Now, not only is he alone, but everyone in the entire office feels heavy.

And Chen Zhen is undoubtedly the one with the heaviest mood!

If the other party increases the momentum to an irretrievable point, then Chen Zhen must be the one who will be sacrificed.

And Chen Zhen never doubted that the boss of the “Donghai Evening News” would do this.

“Uncle, that Asher Chen is too jerk. We have no grievances with him, but he didn’t invite us. He also said that he would set up some media industry association. This is not to invite you, and it is clear that you are not in your eyes! “At this moment, Chen Haonan rushed into the office with an angrily look, and directly cursed.

And he didn’t even notice the heavy atmosphere in the office at this time.

Not only the editor-in-chief, but even his uncle Chen Zhen, at this moment, is looking at him with a green face.

It can be said that the source of this incident is Chen Haonan.

If it weren’t for Chen Haonan to be arrogant and domineering outside, offending Dustin Zhou, and begging Chen Zhen to avenge him, the situation would not be as bad as it is now!

The most important thing is that those media companies that have listened to Chen Zhen’s plan have also been rejected by Asher Chen. They have hated Chen Zhen now.

“fck!” “A*hole! How many times I told you that I should be safe outside. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t wipe your butt, and things wouldn’t be like what it is now!” Dare to come over?” Chen Zhen couldn’t bear it, and slapped Chen Haonan’s face with a slap, causing his cheeks to swell.

“Uncle, are you hitting me? What’s so great about that Asher Chen. We don’t have any interest in dealing with him. If we don’t invite us, we won’t invite him. Should we rush to curry favor with him?” Chen Haonan covered his cheeks with an incredible face. Looking at Chen Zhen, he roared loudly.

He simply couldn’t understand why he had previously wanted to discredit Dustin Zhou’s uncle who had been trying to avenge him, and why he seemed to be a different person overnight.

Isn’t it just a banquet? In Chen Haonan’s view, it is not important at all.

“Hao Nan, you don’t know, Asher Chen runs the Mountain Mist Club, and he has a very important influence in Donghai City, even a regular customer of the government.” “The most important thing is that this time he will cooperate with other Donghai media companies to establish an industry. association

, Even industry funds, if he succeeds, then the entire media industry in Donghai City will be under his control and influence.

“And I also heard that this time, Asher Chen was cooperating with Dustin Zhou. How do you think they will deal with us once they succeed?”

Seeing that the atmosphere between Uncle Chen Zhen and nephew was a little nervous, several editor-in-chief quickly persuaded. And when Chen Haonan listened to it, he was shocked and speechless. He never thought that there was such a big deal behind this incident. Interests involved. “What about?

Should we go now?

“Chen Haonan had a trace of fear in his heart, hesitated for a moment, and said hesitantly. “Go!”

Going right now!

When you get there, you must apologize to Dustin Zhou!

If you can’t get his forgiveness, you will get out of the newspaper in the future. I don’t have a nephew like you!

“Chen Zhen punched on the table and said firmly. The editor-in-chief had no objection to Chen Zhen’s decision. At this time, it was undoubtedly a very wise decision to go directly to the door and actively seek reconciliation. … Cuihu Ju, Yuelong Hall. After discussing the process and some details, Dustin Zhou and several people returned to the hall one after another. This time, they have reached a preliminary agreement, and the next thing to do is only within the framework of this agreement. Improve some industry codes of conduct, some rewards and punishment measures. And these are no longer necessary for them to intervene, each of which arranges a senior industry personnel to dock, it is enough to complete all the content filling. As soon as a few people appeared, they immediately attracted a jump. The eyes of everyone in the Dragon Hall. Several people entered the backstage and discussed for nearly an hour. The people outside have been speculating about what Dustin Zhou and the others will discuss. Now several people have appeared, and their faces are still hanging. With a smile, there is no doubt that an agreement has been reached. “Mr. Zhou, Mr. Sun, and Mr. Chen, I don’t know what the final result of your discussion will be?

“Yes, since you want to form a media industry association, there are certainly not only you. I think everyone here must be very interested in this industry association.”

“Yes, our “East Sea Bagua” will definitely support the establishment of industry associations and contribute our own strength!

“… Everyone expressed their opinions, waiting for Dustin Zhou’s reply. “Quiet!”

Dustin Zhou stretched out his hand and pressed down. The entire Yuelong Hall was quiet in an instant, and everyone looked at Dustin Zhou. Dustin Zhou knew what these people were most concerned about, and he was not prepared to cover it up. After all, this matter It is related to the entire media industry in Donghai City. It is impossible to just let a few of them be the masters, and it is more necessary to win the industry.

More practitioners in the industry.

With the normative and restrictive nature of the large collective, the entire industry is required to maintain norms.

“The two presidents Chen, and Mr. Sun have reached a preliminary opinion.” “For the media industry association, a seat will be opened to every media company present, and the position of director will be temporarily assigned to one of our three companies. “Similarly, in terms of the fund, the three of us have jointly funded the establishment, and don’t need to be funded by you, but correspondingly, you need to fully cooperate with the fund and the association’s work.” “Our fund will also provide some encounters in accordance with relevant regulations. Some help from the difficult media company!” Dustin Zhou said slowly with a smile.

All the people present also heard clearly, and began to judge in their hearts.

“Since Mr. Zhou said he would unite all media companies in Donghai City, why exclude us?”

Chapter 130

Suddenly, the door of Yuelong Hall was pushed open from outside.

Dustin Zhou looked around and saw dozens of people forming a team and breaking in.

The security guards of Avaria were also helpless when facing so many people.

After all, they cannot use force against these people.

“Zhou, I want to ask you, why are we excluded from media companies?” a middle-aged man in the lead asked with restraint of anger.

Dustin Zhou recognized this person at a glance as Chen Zhen, the deputy editor-in-chief of the “Donghai Evening News”.

When the media discredited him and the famous company before, he investigated and knew what some people were like.

Among these dozens of people, in addition to Chen Zhen, Dustin Zhou also recognized the editor-in-chief level of other media.

And they are all media companies that were previously involved in discrediting Dustin Zhou and the famous company.

“Isn’t this Chen Zhen from the “Donghai Evening News”? Why did he come?” “There are other people, look at them, they all seem to be old acquaintances.” “Isn’t it, the media that discredited the state comprehensive well-known company before? All of them are here at once.” “They still have a face without any basis in facts. They make up and slander others. Such shameless behavior is not worthy of being a media person!” Everyone saw these menacing and aggressive actions. The people who came in suddenly started talking.

Everyone is in the Donghai media circle, and basically have some cooperation.

Even if you haven’t cooperated, you know the other party’s existence more or less.

Right now, the dozens of people who broke in were instantly recognized.

“Who are you? This is a private banquet. You have no reason to come in. I can call the police.” Dustin Zhou looked at Chen Zhen and said in a cold voice.

Even among a group of people, he also saw people with hidden heads and bare tails.

It is Chen Haonan!

At first sight

Chen Haonan, Dustin Zhou’s heart suddenly became clear, and his eyes quickly became cold.

The purpose of these people breaking in is already obvious.

Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen invited media companies in Donghai City to a banquet to discuss the establishment of industry associations and the establishment of industry funds.

However, these companies, which are also Donghai Media Corporation, have not received the invitation. The reason is easy to understand.

And they chose to come at this time because they wanted to put pressure on Dustin Zhou.

However, Dustin Zhou may have been a person who was easy to succumb before.

But after learning that he was a child of the Zhou family, Dustin Zhou was no longer the previous Dustin Zhou.

After the cold warning, Dustin Zhou directly took out his cell phone and wanted to call the police.

“Wait, Mr. Zhou, we must have come in this time, but we came with sincerity!” Chen Zhen hurriedly called to stop and said hurriedly.

Immediately afterwards, Chen Zhen dragged Chen Haonan out of the crowd and let him stand in front.

“Zhou, I know that the source of all this is because my bastard nephew irritated you. I brought him and apologize!” “Bastard, don’t hurry up and apologize!” Chen Zhen finished. , Seeing Chen Haonan didn’t respond, he immediately put a kick on his ass.

“Sorry, everything is my fault. I’m too arrogant. Please don’t involve my uncle and them.” Chen Haonan’s face is very ugly, but at this time, he has no choice but to bow his head obediently. Dustin Zhou apologized.

“Yes, this is what you should do. As a media person, how can you smear others at will?” “That is, as long as you deeply understand the mistakes this time, you will develop better in the future!” “I don’t know this time. , Zhou Zong will not forgive them!” Hearing Chen Haonan apologize, everyone was a little cheerful.

After all, in the past, when some media discredited a certain person or a certain company, other media could not do anything about it.

They can only watch, watch the parties suffer discredit, and watch the growing disappointment of ordinary people with these media.

And now, with Dustin Zhou’s existence, he only made a banquet and two small proposals that made people like Chen Zhen deeply aware of their mistakes.

This was impossible in the past.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t think so. After Chen Haonan apologized, Dustin Zhou’s brows frowned.

Because he heard that Chen Haonan’s apology was not sincere at all.

Not only that, Chen Haonan even concealed resentment, looking for opportunities to avenge Dustin Zhou in the future.

“Hehe, I don’t accept your apology!” Dustin Zhou said coldly.

“Why? Mr. Zhou, we have already apologized to you, are you really ready to kill them all?” Chen Zhen’s face instantly became gloomy, and he asked in a deep voice.


In his opinion, apologizing by himself and Chen Haonan’s apology are already giving full face to Dustin Zhou. No matter how they discredit Dustin Zhou before, as long as they apologize, things are already over.

However, Chen Zhen did not expect that Dustin Zhou would not accept it.

“Hehe, kill them all?” Dustin Zhou sneered, paused, and then said.

“Before today, you have jointly smeared me and Mingyang. At that time, did you think that doing so would kill them all?” “In addition to discrediting me and Mingyang, the people you used to discredit, Have you ever wanted to kill them all?” “Now, realizing the seriousness of the matter, and with a light apology, I want to put everything away?” “That’s a delusion!” Dustin Zhou had a tough attitude and would not give Chen Zhen and the others. A little chance to chip in.

“And you, Chen Haonan, the tone of your apology just now, I can’t feel any sincerity. On the contrary, I heard a trace of resentment in your tone! I think at this time, you must be thinking about how to retaliate against me in the future? Dustin Zhou’s words shocked everyone at once.

They did not expect that Dustin Zhou had already investigated Chen Zhen’s details.

What surprised them was that Dustin Zhou didn’t seem to intend to just let Chen Zhen and others go.

“Then what do you want?” Chen Zhen asked through gritted teeth.

At this time, he had no other choice.

Fight to the death?

Among the media people present here, there are many bigwigs like Chen Tong and Sun Yue.

What’s more, the number of other media companies is far more than that of our own.

In this case, Chen Zhen has only one choice, either to leave the media industry or surrender to Dustin Zhou.

However, Chen Zhen, who has worked hard in this industry for decades, is simply impossible to abandon his current identity.

Therefore, at the moment, he has to surrender to Dustin Zhou!

“The question now is not what I want, but how you want to do it!” “Also, I want to remind you that, in fact, I can’t do anything to you, and you can continue to discredit me.” Dustin Zhou faintly Said.

Although the words are light, none of the people present are fools.

Everyone understood the meaning of Dustin Zhou’s words.

To obtain Dustin Zhou’s forgiveness, at least one needs to show sincerity first.

Just to discredit this point, you should stop immediately and issue an apology.

Otherwise, trying to discredit others while seeking forgiveness from others is simply a fantasy!

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