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Table of Contents

Chapter 1172

Dustin Zhou was a little moved by the love of these two people.

It’s really touching, because you are going to die soon, so I will be by your side no matter what.

Even the next moment you will jump up and kill me.

Because of love, I prepared everything and vowed to stay with me to the end.

But… this is not your body, big sister!

If you are going to die, die by yourself. I am too lazy to care about you, and I can even offer blessings to your souls after you die, but what is the matter if you drag Enderia Shen to die!

Are you reasonable?

What is your love about Enderia Shen?

“Listen, you can’t die now, because the owner of this body shouldn’t be dead!” Dustin Zhou ran straight to Enderia Shen, “Leave with me, hurry!” “If you want to die, you can die later. , I won’t stop you!” Dustin Zhou flew over, grabbed Enderia Shen’s hand and ran out.

But he tugged, and unexpectedly found himself not tugging.

“I can’t take care of so much anymore. Of course I know that the owner of this body is innocent, but in order for him to look at me until he is dying, this girl’s sacrifice is very necessary.” Enderia Shen was very calm. Said.

“What nonsense! I’ve never seen a shameless person like you!” Dustin Zhou was immediately angry.

What right does this woman have to make fun of Enderia Shen’s life?

This is too selfish!

He exerted a slight force, and the majestic true energy gathered on his arms, no matter what the woman thought in her heart, Dustin Zhou would forcibly take her away.

But at this moment, suddenly a thunder fell.

The thunder, which was as thick as a bucket, carried the power of a thousand jun, and in an unstoppable posture, it struck the king of the fairy master aside.

Dustin Zhou’s mouth twitched slightly, what’s the situation?

Rao was in the state of Dustin Zhou, facing the power of the thunder just now, he couldn’t help feeling a little palpitating.

Without personal experience, it is probably hard to imagine how much power a thunder carries.


Even if there is a rock underneath, it will become to pieces under this huge force.

But Dustin Zhou quickly reacted. It was actually not the real Thunder just now, because the King of the Immortal Master was unscathed.

It’s just that the only sensible struggle in his eyes is also gradually disappearing.

From the king of the fairy master, an indifferent and ruthless aura emerged, which made people shudder.

A touch of sadness flashed in Enderia Shen’s eyes,”


“Dustin Zhou understands that the thunder just now is actually the incarnation of the Tao of Heaven itself. It invaded the body of the King of the Celestial Master in the form of a thunder. From now on, there will be no King of the Celestial Master in the world. Incarnation. “A**hole…” Dustin Zhou gritted his teeth, “You are not dead yet, are you?

Please control my friend’s body and leave here, the sooner the better, I will stop him!

“This is of course addressed to the woman who is boarding with Enderia Shen. If that woman chooses to disappear now, Enderia Shen will probably lose consciousness in a short time and become a vegetative person and fall to the ground. This is undoubtedly one thing for Dustin Zhou. This kind of burden, it is difficult for him to protect Enderia Shen’s body while holding on to the King of the Immortal Master. So he can only pray that the woman lodged in Enderia Shen’s body can help him one last hand. But unexpectedly, this woman refused. “Sorry, I have no affection for you people.

“I don’t have to help you, goodbye.”

When the voice fell, she didn’t give Dustin Zhou any chance to recover, and her eyes gradually dimmed. Enderia Shen’s fall meant that the woman chose to commit suicide, and now Enderia Shen has completely restored her identity. As Dustin Zhou imagined, she lost consciousness, and she fainted on the ground in shock. So an embarrassing scene appeared. The full version of the incarnation of the Tao of Heaven was in front of Dustin Zhou, staring at Dustin Zhou expressionlessly. And Dustin Zhou was behind him. At the foot is the body of Enderia Shen. He is not at all an opponent of the Incarnation of Heaven, but he must not take a step back. When Dustin Zhou was desperate, staring at the Incarnation of Heaven with vigilance and thinking about countermeasures, the Incarnation of Heaven took the initiative to speak, “I Recognize you.

There was no mood swing in the voice of the incarnation of Heaven, and it was as cold as a machine talking. Dustin Zhou was taken aback for a moment, and said to his heart that this is not nonsense, because the two of us have fought against each other. So what? How? Are you going to give me a face and let me send Enderia Shen out first? Can my eldest brother give this face? If you can’t, don’t arbitrarily approach others, okay? Dustin Zhou spit out in his heart crazy. He was also forced to be anxious. , The brain is running fast, but can’t think of any way to help Enderia Shen get out, so he can only use complaints to stabilize his mind. “You are the strongest existence of mankind.

“The avatar of Tiandao spoke again. Dustin Zhou was stunned again. He took his hand and shook his eyes in front of the avatar of Tiandao, and found that he didn’t even blink. So Dustin Zhou bent down, staring at the avatar of Tiandao, while holding Enderia Shen hugged him up and backed slowly, “Yes, yes, it’s me.

“So what do you want to say?”

Did I say?

“Dustin Zhou said as he stepped back. This incarnation of the Heavenly Dao didn’t even shoot him the first time? Will there be a chance to escape? Dustin Zhou can’t figure out the situation, but he can only do it with the mentality of a try. “Mortal, you know. crime?

“The incarnation of Heavenly Dao ignored Dustin Zhou’s small movements, but said to himself. “Sin?

Oh, sin, I know, that thing has a four on the top and a non on the bottom. I know how to write this word.

“Dustin Zhou retreated to the door while talking nonsense. The opportunity is here! The two sides have opened a distance of more than ten meters. It should be possible to escape! When the voice fell, Dustin Zhou turned around and ran! He has no ink marks, too. Regardless of the consumption of zhenqi, the domain of the emperor, activate! The majestic qi was released to the surroundings in an instant, Dustin Zhou walked in the air in an instant, holding Enderia Shen and ran to the crowd outside. Double the speed of sound More than three hundred meters per second! This is Dustin Zhou’s limit, probably the speed limit of human beings! He soared into the air, and soon saw more than 10,000 reinforcements gathered outside the Immortal Master’s Palace. Dustin Zhou was probably away from them. It’s about a kilometer. It only takes three seconds! But the next moment, maybe before a second, Dustin Zhou only ran forward for a distance of one or two hundred meters. A flower suddenly appeared in front of his eyes, and a white figure stopped him. In front of him. He is the incarnation of the Dao of Heaven, dressed in white, standing in the air, his delicate face seems sharper than before, and he really stands in front of Dustin Zhou like a god of heaven.

Chapter 1173

Looking at the incarnation of the Tao of Heaven before him, Dustin Zhou deliberately couldn’t help but stagnate. Too strong, what kind of pressure is this? That is a kind of pressure that transcends the human level, maybe energy is not It’s too strong, but the coercion definitely cannot be ignored. But what makes Dustin Zhou feel more shocked is that this is in his own realm! This should belong to his own realm! But now, The incarnation of Tiandao in front of him seems to have completely ignored his domain. He comes and goes freely in his domain without being affected at all. “This guy…” Dustin Zhou gritted his teeth and stared closely. Incarnation of Heaven. Obviously he was about to succeed, but he was stopped at the most critical moment, which made him very unwilling. “Hey, do you want to fight me?

“A smirk appeared at the corner of Dustin Zhou’s mouth, and he pointed to the martial arts coalition at his feet, “Let me send this girl down. Can I fight with you?”

“Dustin Zhou really had no choice, so he had to bite the bullet and put forward such a request like this incarnation of the Heavenly Dao. What else? Dustin Zhou was not afraid of fighting, and was ready to fight with this guy, but with

With Enderia Shen, he really couldn’t do anything.

But the incarnation of Tiandao still looked at him with an indifferent expression, “Mortal, do you know that you are guilty?” “Is your brain broken? Or are you actually fools? You don’t have any intelligence at all?” Dustin Zhou was a little angry. “Can’t understand people?” He is not talking nonsense, because he knows that it is meaningless to talk nonsense with this guy 80%.

If this is the case, it can only force a breakthrough.

He made a sharp turn and ran to the side.

But the incarnation of Tiandao stopped him again.

“What do you want?” Dustin Zhou’s eyes narrowed slightly, and his heart moved, all the zhenqi in the emperor’s realm was suppressed toward the incarnation of heaven!

The Emperor’s Domain is called an invincible skill because in the Emperor’s Domain, Dustin Zhou is almost omnipotent.

He doesn’t even need to do it himself, he only needs to use his mind, and the true energy in the emperor’s realm will act on his own accord.

It is equivalent to the countless avatars of Dustin Zhou in this entire space.

Of course, invincible is just an adjective.

In the face of absolute strength, even if the whole world is your clone, it doesn’t make much sense.

The incarnation of Heaven just waved his hand gently, and the true energy that Dustin Zhou had mobilized had actually collapsed.

“You dare to do something to the true god, mortal, you are the most unforgivable!” Finally the incarnation of Heaven changed his lines.

Accompanied by the changes in his lines, it is the changes in his actions.

He gently raised his hand, the elements in the air condensed in his hands, and various elements such as gold, wood, water, fire, and earth condensed into a brilliant lotus with lightning.

“Use lotus to wash your sins,” said the incarnation of Tiandao expressionlessly, and gently waved his palms, and the many gorgeous lotuses floated towards Dustin Zhou, “Lotus, destroy the world!” “What is it?” Dustin Zhou wrinkled. Frowning, staring closely at the lotus flower slowly floating in the air.

It’s beautiful and gorgeous.

But Dustin Zhou knew that this thing was extremely dangerous.

No one knows how much energy is contained in it. Even at a distance of more than ten meters, Dustin Zhou can feel the energy overflowing from the lotus flower, which seems to be enough to blow through the earth.

“This method is a bit weird.” Dustin Zhou smiled bitterly and shook his head.

Although Lianhua’s movements were slow, it gave Dustin Zhou a feeling of being enveloped by an invisible net, and there was no escape.

In that case, it can only be recklessly.

I don’t know if I can hold it… Dustin Zhou didn’t dare to support it, and compressed all the energy of the Emperor’s Domain to his side, forming an absolute defense.

The emperor’s realm that can cover the entire Immortal Master’s Palace, the energy contained in it naturally cannot be underestimated.

Such a huge

The energy was abruptly compressed by Dustin Zhou in his body.

Should be able to hold it?

But looking at the gorgeous lotus, Dustin Zhou was not sure in his heart.

I can only fight it!

Dustin Zhou thought about it, the lotus flower touched the edge of his defense.

In an instant, the lotus exploded.

Before Dustin Zhou’s eyes, a blank world appeared.

“Oh my god, that’s too scary.” The martial arts coalition forces who were a thousand meters away looked at the explosion above their heads.

I can hardly imagine, is that really something humans can do?

Oh no, the boy in white in the sky is not a human being.

He is the incarnation of heaven, he is the only true god!

“Sure enough, is this power called the power of God?” someone muttered to himself.

Almost everyone is stupid.

These people master metaphysical martial arts and place them in the human world. They are all high-class people with noble status.

But today, they finally realized how small the power of humans is.

The sound of the explosion of that little lotus flower could spread for a thousand meters in an instant, and even shattered the eardrums of some weaker people.

As for the power of the explosion, not to mention, although everyone did not see exactly what Dustin Zhou had achieved by being bombed, the incarnation of Heaven not far from Dustin Zhou was accompanied by the explosion of the lotus flower, and the whole person was shattered.

But soon, the dust from the explosion condensed again, forming a new incarnation of Heaven.

It seems to be immortal.

There is also the ability to destroy the world between the gestures.

That lotus is like a sharp sword floating on everyone’s head, giving them a lesson.

Can such an opponent really be defeated?

What they are facing, that is the supreme god!

“By the way, how is the emperor?” someone suddenly asked.

The ultimate emperor, in the eyes of most martial arts coalition forces, is their supreme emperor.

Except for those who are very familiar with Dustin Zhou, they call Dustin Zhou the emperor.

“Emperor, won’t you fall?” Someone said in a trembling voice.

This is too disadvantageous!

The battle has just begun. The most supreme being in their camp, the one with the strongest strength, was just killed in seconds?

It is hard to imagine that Dustin Zhou could survive such an explosion.

“Don’t talk nonsense, Brother Yang must be alive!” Zhou Feng and Niu Chuan firmly believe that Dustin Zhou is absolutely fine.

At this time, the elements in the sky dispersed turbulently, and the air gradually recovered its clarity.

Dustin Zhou’s figure gradually appeared in the sight of everyone.

He was indeed still alive, but covered in blood.

“Lotus destroys the world


Just like this, you dare to call it annihilation?

“Dustin Zhou said with a grin.

Chapter 1174

Dustin Zhou’s figure appeared in front of everyone, at this time, he has become a blood man. Obviously, the power of lotus blasted through. At the critical moment, he bends slightly, hugs himself into a ball, and protects the Enderia Shen in his arms. Enderia Shen has no problem, he looks like a fairy, but his clothes are dyed A lot of Dustin Zhou’s blood was lost. At this time, Dustin Zhou can hardly see that he is a complete human form. He is bleeding almost everywhere on his body. Huang Zhizhenqi is repairing his body crazy, but those who have been repaired The place was quickly torn apart by the residual power of the lotus flower. It seemed a little embarrassed, but Dustin Zhou actually showed a smile. He grinned, and his smile contained a feeling of cruel or hideousness. He gave it a hand. Tear off his shirt, revealing his strong muscles, grinning at the incarnation of Heaven in front of him, “That’s it?

“Isn’t your move called lotus annihilation?”

But I think this world still exists well?

“Can you do it, if you can’t, don’t brag!”

Dustin Zhou held Enderia Shen with one hand, and clenched his fist tightly with his right hand. “The emperor is still alive!”

“Someone exclaimed immediately. Above the martial arts coalition forces, a very different and vivid picture was formed. The spotless incarnation of Heaven and the scarred Dustin Zhou. But the incarnation of Heaven was expressionless, but Dustin Zhou smiled. “What’s this? thing?

He is smiling!

“What are we going to do?”

“Everyone said one after another. They didn’t dare to imagine that Dustin Zhou would survive such an explosion, and smiled. It seemed that Dustin Zhou was even planning to fight back. But, will there be a chance to win? Everyone held their breath. Suddenly, I completely forgot that I should help Dustin Zhou at this time. “You survived, you are very strong.

“The Incarnation of Heaven still said coldly, “However, this does not mean that your punishment is over.

“Mortal, can you convict you?”

“I know you!”

“Dustin Zhou roared, holding Enderia Shen directly! He took the initiative to attack! Facing an opponent of that level, he was the first to throw his fists! Everyone held their breath, but a scene that made them desperate appeared, Dustin Zhou’s. The fist went through the body of the Tiandao avatar. Obviously hit, the Tiandao avatar didn’t move at all, and even a fool should have been able to hit it. But Dustin Zhou was empty. Dustin Zhou touched the Tiandao avatar. In an instant, the incarnation of Tiandao seemed to disappear from this world. “Space ability?

“Dustin Zhou is very

I will soon understand that the incarnation of the Heavenly Dao itself represents all the rules of this space.

It’s a bit difficult.

He is the embodiment of the rules, and his every move is the representative of the rules, that is to say, as long as he is willing, Dustin Zhou will never touch him.

However, if you think about it from another angle, it is actually not that difficult to defeat this incarnation of Heaven.

Just destroy this space.

With absolute power, turn this space into nothingness, all the rules, all the energy, all annihilated!

But it’s easy to say, how can it be such a simple thing to destroy a whole space?

At least Dustin Zhou now does not have such a powerful force.

Space is a very strange thing, and humans know nothing about him.

Power may be enough, but what is the means to destroy space?

Even if the space the size of a fingernail is in front of you, how can Dustin Zhou completely destroy it?

It’s really a tricky question.

Dustin Zhou turned around, the incarnation of Heaven also turned around, looking at Dustin Zhou blankly.

“A mortal who knows nothing about sin, prepare to accept God’s trial!” The incarnation of Tiandao shot again!

In the first shot, the incarnation of Heavenly Dao hardly paid any price, and lightly resorted to a trick to destroy the world with Lotus, which severely injured Dustin Zhou.

As for Dustin Zhou’s counterattack, until now, he hadn’t brought any threat to the opponent.

Didn’t even touch each other.

How powerful?

What can I do to win?

In other words, whether Dustin Zhou can survive the second shot of the Incarnation of Heaven is a question!

Dustin Zhou gritted his teeth and saw that the incarnation of Heaven raised his hand again, he turned his head and ran!

Not afraid, but he wants to save Enderia Shen!

“A mortal, God’s judgment cannot escape!” This time, the incarnation of Heaven did not chase him, but muttered behind him.

Dustin Zhou couldn’t take care of so much. He just bite the bullet and ran forward. Although there was a strong sense of crisis behind him, which seemed to threaten his life, he completely let it go.

Just ran forward desperately.

Perhaps because of severe injuries, Dustin Zhou’s speed could no longer reach more than 300 meters per second. In about five seconds, he finally came to the front of the martial arts coalition.

“Brother Yang!” “Mr. Zhou!” Hu Ye, Zhou Feng and others rushed up.

Dustin Zhou’s mouth showed a relaxed smile.

He handed out Enderia Shen in his hand, just about to say something, suddenly, an invisible arrow of energy penetrated his heart from behind.

Dustin Zhou’s smile stopped abruptly, and he opened his mouth sharply, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

“Brother Yang!” “My Emperor!” Everyone panicked.


For this time, Dustin Zhou really couldn’t live anymore.

“I, I’m fine.” Dustin Zhou crouched and handed Enderia Shen out tremblingly, “Take care of this girl.” “The combat plan is executed!” After saying that, Dustin Zhou turned around and faced the incarnation of Heaven again. He straightened his back.

The arrow of energy just now almost killed him in that instant.

But Dustin Zhou’s emperor’s true energy can repair any injury.

As long as the injury is repaired in time, it is difficult to have any fatal wounds that can take his life at once.

But from the side of the martial arts coalition, everyone was moved by Dustin Zhou’s spirit.

Worthy of being the emperor’s ultimate!

They believe that Dustin Zhou’s ability to persist until now is entirely dependent on the unyielding spirit. Otherwise, facing the invincible attack of the incarnation of the heavenly path, Dustin Zhou would have fallen long ago.

But instead of falling down, Dustin Zhou asked them to continue to implement the battle plan!

“Is it really possible for us to win?” someone said, “Even the emperor’s ultimate is unbearable in front of heaven, what is the possibility of our victory?” Although Dustin Zhou’s performance made these people very admired.

But in the same way, the fighting between the two also made the martial arts coalition deeply aware of the horror of heaven.

There is no weakness at all!

No way to start!

There is no chance of winning!

Except for despair, they could not find any possibility of survival.

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