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Chapter 1166

The answer of Feng Ye is very simple, and also very humble. “You have come into contact with things like the Dao of Heaven. If you want to say it, my understanding of the Dao is definitely far from reaching. To your level.

“You almost always consider issues at the level of all human beings, but I haven’t reached your level. There is a good saying, the position determines the head.

“I have never stood in your place, so I can’t think about the problem from your perspective. I can only speak from my own perspective.

“From my point of view, it has nothing to do with the way of heaven, nothing to do with right or wrong, the heart is the way, I will do what I think of, because this is the original me, I am the emperor of warriors with my own Pride, I will not change my mind by considering too many external factors.

“Feng Ye said lightly, and his tone was very sincere. He did not judge right or wrong, because he said clearly, Dustin Zhou is not necessarily wrong, but because Dustin Zhou’s level is higher than him, two people The position is different, so the way of thinking about the problem is different. But what he said caused Dustin Zhou to think deeply. In fact, when did Dustin Zhou have the same idea as Feng Ye? He doesn’t care about other people’s opinions or what he does. Is the matter right or wrong, because he has a set of judging standards in his own heart, and he also has his own principles. The heart is the Tao, and once upon a time, he also walked out of his own way according to his own ideas. But it is like what Feng Ye said. As his position changed, his way of thinking began to change. But, is this right? What is not forgetting the original intention? What is the implementation of his own path? Dustin Zhou’s current changes, and those changes What is the difference between the emperor of warriors in the secular world who considers family interests? It’s all the pressure of facing reality

Made a change, adjusted his mentality.

It was so risky that he almost turned from a teenager to a greasy uncle.

Dustin Zhou decided not to make excuses for himself, but to find reasons.

Which stations are located differently, so the way of thinking is different?

To put it bluntly means he hesitated, but to put it bluntly means to compromise.

From the road to the simplicity, return to the basics!

The original heart of the young man, who just broke through the heart of the emperor of the emperor of warriors, is the truest self!

Dustin Zhou wanted to understand everything.

“Master Feng, I must toast you with this glass of wine!” Dustin Zhou said very seriously.

Help Dustin Zhou to break through such a big threshold, this glass of wine, Master Feng is worth having!

In this way, Dustin Zhou, Feng Ye and Zhou Feng got drunk in the Wind Killing Pavilion.

I have to say that this Imperial Capital Roast Duck does have something, Dustin Zhou has never eaten such an authentic roast duck.

Leave the sauce alone. After all, sauces, even if they are delicious, are not necessarily in line with everyone’s taste, because everyone’s tastes are different.

But the appearance and taste of this roast duck is truly invincible in the world.

What is fat but not greasy?

What is crisp outside and tender inside?

Dustin Zhou even suspected that these two words were born because of the imperial capital roast duck.

If it is not used to describe the Imperial Capital Roast Duck, what do you want these two words for?

Is there any other food that can embody these two words better than the Imperial Roast Duck?

Good food and good wine, the three people drank for three full hours before Dustin Zhou and Zhou Feng returned to Zhou’s house drunk.

“Brother Yang, I said you and Master Feng were inexplicably muttering something there, but I didn’t understand a word.” Zhou Feng said with a tongue out. Actually, at the level of Dustin Zhou and Zhou Feng, two people Drinking alcohol can basically achieve a thousand cups without getting drunk, but that is the situation where they stimulate their own body’s qi to dissolve alcohol.

But since it’s for pleasure, is it necessary to drink if the alcohol is resolved?

Isn’t it fragrant to drink water directly?

So both of them deliberately suppressed the cultivation base and completely turned themselves into the wine that ordinary people came to drink.

This also caused both of them to be drunk. During the drinking process, Dustin Zhou and Feng Ye discussed those issues about the original intention of the Dao, but Zhou Feng didn’t say a word.

One was that he didn’t understand, and the other was that he was not interested at all, so he didn’t ask.

But after drinking, Zhou Feng seemed to think of something, “Although I didn’t understand what you mean at all, I can feel it, Brother Yang, have you encountered any trouble to solve it? “What trouble do you want to solve? What is going on? What trouble are you encountering?”


“In Zhou Feng’s eyes, Dustin Zhou is almost invincible in the world. He wonders, what else is Dustin Zhou’s injustice under the world? Dustin Zhou has never told him about Enderia Shen. And now he is taking advantage of it. Dustin Zhou finally said everything about himself and Enderia Shen about this alcoholic strength. After listening to this, Zhou Feng was clever all over his body, and then shook his mind. The alcohol became clear in an instant and he recovered his calm.

“Zhou Feng said with a look of disbelief,” You mean, Heaven used means to wipe out your friend out of thin air?

“Clear everyone’s memory, find someone who doesn’t want to do it at all to replace him?”

Dustin Zhou nodded, “That’s it.

“It’s really scary to think carefully, what kind of power is this? It turns out that everyone’s fate is really controlled by the heavens?”

“Zhou Feng said with emotion. To disappear a person out of thin air, this kind of power is simply unheard of, a bit too terrifying. But if the person doing this kind of thing is the Dao of Heaven, then everything is understandable. “If it weren’t for this. What you said, I didn’t believe I was killed. The president of the famous company was originally called Enderia Shen.

“But I clearly remember that Lin Ziyu should be the president of the famous company.”

“Thinking of this, Zhou Feng feels a little headache again, feeling that the worldview has collapsed. “Brother Yang, what are you going to do?”

Do you really have a chance to win against such an opponent?

“Don’t let you disappear completely at that time, and then the whole world, including me, thinks you are a person named Zhou Goudan.”

“When we talk about who the genius young master of our Zhou family is, we all say it is Zhou Goudan. If you say you are Dustin Zhou, we will ask who Dustin Zhou is.

“That kind of scene, think about it, is it pretty scary?”

“This is a matter of extreme horror when thinking carefully, Dustin Zhou smiled, and said nonchalantly, “There is no need to worry too much, things like Heaven’s Path seem very strong on the surface, but in fact they are not omnipotent.

“For example, I haven’t forgotten Enderia Shen.”

Chapter 1167

No one in this world knows Enderia Shen anymore, but Dustin Zhou remembers it. This means that the power of heaven is actually flawed. He can’t erase the strong human emotions. With intuition, Dustin Zhou believes that this is also the only power for mankind to fight against Heaven. “Spiritual power, uncontrolled thoughts, have always been the most powerful weapons of mankind,” Dustin Zhou said, “As long as all the strong men of metaphysical civilization unite, rely on If you refuse to admit defeat, you can definitely defeat the so-called heaven.

Dustin Zhou said. “The truth is such a truth… But do you think it is realistic?”

“Zhou Feng smiled bitterly

With a cry, “Let all the powers of the metaphysical world unite?” “Who would believe us?” Dustin Zhou raised his head and looked at the sky. He also knew that this was a huge amount of work.

But he had no choice. Before heading to the Wind Killing Pavilion, he was actually very resistant to cooperating with others, so he had been trying to break through himself.

But after talking with Feng Ye, he figured it out.

The heart is the Tao, no matter what others think, Dustin Zhou has now reached this point, and he has to express his thoughts.

Dustin Zhou will let go of the grudge in his heart and tell him his thoughts for those worldly people who he hates and whose eyes only have benefits.

If you meet someone who is stubborn, just give up and try to make a breakthrough with your current strength.

This is Dustin Zhou’s true thoughts. You can’t kill everyone with one stick, and not all people have immediate benefits.

“Use the Zhou family’s status to issue a convening order like the metaphysics world.” Dustin Zhou decided.

Both people quickly woke up and got rid of the alcohol dizziness, and after finalizing the cooperation plan, they moved quickly.

Emperor Zhou’s family, the first family in the East!

Under the orders of the young master Dustin Zhou and the son of Zhou Feng, this huge machine began to operate.

Suddenly, all families large and small in the East, all families that can be involved in martial arts, even those with only one martial master in the family, were notified.

“This is not a personal war, and don’t have any fluke.” “If the war fails, the entire metaphysical civilization will be destroyed at that time, and all those who master it will no longer exist. Therefore, Zhou The family urges everyone to participate in the war.” Just as the news came out, there was an earthquake-like wave across the east.

“What the hell is going on? What’s the joke? Against the gods?” “Even if you are joking, you can’t be so fake. How can there be gods in this world?” “If you want me to say, this is a conspiracy of the Zhou family, they Probably I want to summon all the martial arts power in the east, and then take full control.” “As long as you control all the martial arts power, they will be invincible. I bet they must think so!” “That’s it, these are. Don’t the capital bosses just like to do this kind of thing? Their words are simply not credible, and the black ones can make them white!” Everyone said.

No one believed the news released by the Zhou family.

After all, no one in this world has ever come into contact with the Dao of Heaven, and they simply don’t have such a big structure to consider the entire metaphysical civilization.

They would rather believe that this was a conspiracy of the Zhou family, a conspiracy to control the entire martial arts power.

Imperial Capital Three

big family.

This time, the three big families lost the Zhou family, and the three of them held a meeting quietly.

Because they wanted to hide the Zhou family, there were very few people there, only the chiefs of the three major families and seven emperors of warriors.

These seven emperors of warriors are equivalent to the emperors of warriors owned by the three major families.

“Come on, everyone talk about your own opinions. What do you think the Zhou family is doing this time?” “What kind of sh*t is against the heavens, why have you never heard of such a big thing?” Patriarch Xuanyuan said first.

“This incident really happened too suddenly, and it’s really hard to judge whether it’s true or false,” the Wang Family Patriarch said with a frown. “But I think the Zhou Family shouldn’t be joking about this kind of thing.” “Although the Zhou Family appeared. They have achieved an emperor’s ultimate, but what they are going to do this time is to order the world of martial arts. Only with an emperor’s ultimate, do they really feel invincible?” In this regard, the Li Family Patriarch has his own judgment. “I feel that the words of the Li family are highly credible.” “First of all, they can use an emperor’s ultimate, maybe they can really order the world martial arts, the emperor’s ultimate is powerful, in fact, far beyond. In our imagination, even the immortal master is not his opponent!” “But it is also for this reason that I think they are not lying.” With the emperor’s ultimate, the Zhou family can almost say that they can do whatever they want. Now, there is no need for them to fix these bells and whistles.

If they really want to order the world of martial arts, they don’t have to lie at all, they only need to rely on Dustin Zhou to go out and conquer every family.

The Patriarch of the Li family deliberately inquired about ancient books because of the emperor’s ultimate, and then found that the emperor’s ultimate was powerful, which was far beyond their imagination.

Dustin Zhou really has this strength!

Called the strongest human!

The emperor’s ultimate born in a thousand years, in fact, the meaning of its birth is to command the world of martial arts!

So the Patriarch of the Li family believed in the Zhou family’s words.

“Lao Li, shouldn’t you take advantage of the Zhou family?” Patriarch Xuanyuan frowned, “Why is it so mysterious as you said?” “He ordered the world martial arts? How could there be that kind in this world? People, don’t forget, I’ve never had this kind of thought today!” “Martial arts is beyond modern civilization. He belongs to another civilization!” said the Li family’s Patriarch, “Of course the emperor can order the world, but To put it bluntly, the secular world and the metaphysical world actually belong to two worlds!” “If not, why is it that the ordinary people in the world seem to have no metaphysics in this world at all? “” “Metaphysics is basically Jiang

Lake liar, can you believe this?

“It has to be said that the pattern of the Li Family Patriarch is Gao. He is probably another person besides Dustin Zhou who can consider issues from the perspective of the entire metaphysics. Metaphysics, in a sense, can be said to be detached. Scientific. But in this world, how many people have the power of metaphysics? Ten thousand? Twenty thousand? There are 1.5 billion people in the entire East, but there are only a few people who have the power of metaphysics. Ten thousand people. Even if you understand the power of metaphysics, there are only a few hundred thousand people.

Chapter 1168

This ratio is quite terrifying, and it is equivalent to one person out of hundreds of thousands who has mastered metaphysics. Power, ten people know the existence of the power of metaphysics. What does this indicate? Is metaphysics too mysterious? No, this shows that metaphysics does not belong to the civilization of this era. It should not exist in this world, so consider the problem, also It shouldn’t be considered from the perspective of this world. However, even though Patriarch Li said so, Patriarch Xuanyuan and Patriarch Wang didn’t believe it at all. They still had to be cautious and consider whether Zhou’s family gave them money for profit. A lie and a lie. In this way, two days have passed. The Zhou family’s response is actually very poor. In the entire imperial capital, only the Li family gave them a response. There are two emperors of warriors. Fifty-two martial masters are willing to support them. Besides the imperial capital, there is only one martial emperor and the power of ninety-three martial masters who are willing to believe in the words of the Zhou family. Counting the power of the Zhou family and Dustin Zhou itself, In total, these were only six martial emperors, two hundred martial masters, and Dustin Zhou, the ultimate emperor. In two days, they raised a total of these powers. And Dustin Zhou is also very clear that those who have not been given it now The people they reply, I am afraid they will not reply to them in the future. These people are just pretending to be deaf and dumb, and they are not afraid that the Zhou family will come to the door. After all, the Zhou family has issued a convening order to the entire East. There is no reply, why did you find me? Even if you find me, I can pretend to surrender, and then passively sabotage. What will happen if you find me? I can’t play any value. Look at this poor According to the data, Dustin Zhou’s mouth showed a wry smile. “This is too pitiful.

Dustin Zhou said. Zhou Feng frowned, “It’s so bold!”

These people don’t care about my Zhou family at all!

“Especially the two families of Xuanyuan and Wang Family, what do they want to do!”

“I’ll take people to their family, let them ask for an explanation!”

Zhou Feng is a licentious

The unruly son, in a sense, he was much mader than Dustin Zhou.

In response, Dustin Zhou stopped him with a wry smile, “Don’t go.” “What we need is a united soldier, not a teammate who pretends to surrender.” “A teammate who pretends to surrender actually has no meaning.” Dustin Zhou thought. After a while, “In that case, let’s just go out.” “There is no need to waste time on these people. Anyway, my original plan is just like this.” After the agreement is over, most of these people are still not. Too much agree, but Dustin Zhou still tore through the space and led everyone to the small world.

“This is the small world… Why is it so desolate here?” Zhou Feng looked around and said, “It seems completely different from what we imagined?” The place Dustin Zhou came this time was a very desolate land. There is no construction site nearby.

However, the absence of a construction site does not mean that there is no patrol of the Emperor of Warriors.

Some small foremen of the emperor of warriors do not have to work on the construction site. In addition to the construction site, they also shoulder the mission of inspecting their master’s territory.

Soon, a bearded warrior emperor came to them.

“Huh? Who are you?” The beard looked at the mighty team in front of him and said, “What’s the situation? Why are there so many martial masters?” “I haven’t seen this thing for many years.” Zai Xiao In the world, the weakest people are the emperor of warriors, and there is basically no master of warriors.

Dustin Zhou did not answer the question about the beard. He directly released the pressure on his body and said to the beard, “Stop talking nonsense, which immortal master’s site is this? Let your master come to see me!” The aura on Dustin Zhou’s body and the bearded face suddenly changed, “You, are you a fairy master?” “No, this aura is different from a fairy master, who are you?” “Don’t talk nonsense, no matter who I am, you They are not my opponents, let your host come to see me!” The beard really thought about it.

Regardless of who Dustin Zhou is, but with the momentum there, his younger brother can’t speak at all.

Immediately no ink stains were left, and a signal was sent directly to his master.

The immortal master in charge of this space is named Zui Sanxian.

He is a fairy master who has been famous for a long time, and has survived in the small world for more than three hundred years.

After seeing the team led by Dustin Zhou, he also frowned slightly, “Who is your excellency?” “What happened to my drunk three immortals? You should know the rules in our small world, each immortal master. They can’t make trouble with each other.” Zui Sanxian was a little angry, but at the same time he was afraid of Dustin Zhou’s strength.

When will this small world break out

Such a number one person?

In fact, life in a small world is very boring.

There are a total of 108 immortal masters in the small world, and these immortal masters have an average of 20 to 30 warrior emperors.

Usually, they live in the space that they have opened up, and the emperor of warriors will take care of the space for themselves, and what they are responsible for is nothing more than cultivation and then enjoyment.

Because of the rules of the small world, the immortal masters are not allowed to cross boundaries, nor are they allowed to visit, unless something is passing by.

As for Dustin Zhou’s appearance, he had never seen him before, and the aura on Dustin Zhou’s body did not resemble a fairy master, which made Zui Sanxian a little puzzled, and at the same time he felt a sense of crisis.

“I want to see the elders of the small world and lead the way.” Dustin Zhou didn’t talk nonsense with this kid, and directly held him by force.

Everyone was secretly shocked, saying that Dustin Zhou’s strength was really strong, and he could easily defeat the fairy master.

In this way, the group rushed towards the direction of the Immortal Master’s Palace.

Because the location of the fairy master elders is also in the fairy master palace.

The reason why Dustin Zhou went to the Presbyterian Church was very simple.

The reason why he learned last time that the king of immortal masters is the deity of heaven is that the elders will tell him.

Obviously, the Presbyterian Church is composed of the most powerful and the most understood group of immortals.

In fact, the purpose of their establishment is to monitor the King of the Immortal Master at close range to prevent him from being completely swallowed up by Heaven.

In other words, the Presbyterian Church is Dustin Zhou’s guidepost. They told Dustin Zhou everything about the world. The Presbyterian Church is also the group of people who know the most.

Therefore, this time Dustin Zhou and the King of the Immortal Master had a decisive battle, and he had to tell the elders first to see if they had any other opinions.

The group came to the Palace of the Immortal Master, and this drunk Sanxian, like the female immortal who brought Dustin Zhou with him last time, was also far away, so he dared not go any further.

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