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Chapter 476

(2) Dustin Zhou was not in a hurry when he saw that Mr. Zhang Taiyan did not speak.

In fact, the moment he entered this small yard and saw Grandpa Zhang Taiyan, the game between the two parties had already begun.

Grandpa Zhang Taiyan’s complexion and condition were much better than three days ago. For Dustin Zhou, this move was a distraction.

Father Zhang Taiyan’s condition has improved. From the perspective of the father, it is a warning to Dustin Zhou. Don’t think that I am old and mentally not very good, just thinking about it.

But now, after Dustin Zhou finished saying one, the old man didn’t respond, and he didn’t even open his mouth to express his opinion.

This is another trick.

Dustin Zhou’s heart was clear, and he didn’t even call his name, and continued to talk about the second question.

If we talk about the current performance of the Zhang family in the media industry, the first problem is the restriction on the total amount of the media industry in Hunan Province.

Then, the second problem of the Zhang family is its own positioning.

To be small, it means that the Zhang family has not determined their position in the media industry, and clarified what they should develop.

On a larger scale, Zhang Family has not seen the development trend of the media industry in the country and the world.

Now, the Zhang family occupies half of the media industry in Hunan Province and has almost half of the publicity channels.

However, as far as Dustin Zhou knows, the most important development of the Zhang family in the media industry is newspapers and magazines. In addition, the second largest component is the television station.

Although, these industrial layouts, at this stage, can still exert a strong enough force to allow the Zhang family to reap a lot of profits.

But in Dustin Zhou’s view, these are all industries that are declining.

Now that the Internet is so developed, not to mention that it is so convenient to watch, search, and read news on the Internet. You only need a computer, a mobile phone, and a network signal, which can be done easily.

And the public does not need to spend money to buy newspapers and magazines, and taking them home will occupy the space of the house. Packing up is also a problem.

These are already at a disadvantage in terms of tiny cost calculations.

What’s more, the internet is developing extremely fast now, and even the live broadcast of the internet is in full swing.

Regardless of the previous time in Donghai, Mingyang used the webcast to clarify the disfigurement of Mingyang’s whitening factor mask.

Just say that recently, Zhang’s Meichen beauty makeup is not a copy of the well-known company’s handling methods. In the live webcast, the Meichen beauty disfigurement incident was clarified.


And these were all personally participated by the Zhang family, but they didn’t notice the internal connection with the media industry.

However, for the Zhang family, these may be risky and not mature enough.

But in Dustin Zhou’s view, all this is just a question of thinking among staff and decision-makers.

If you can keep up with your thinking, you can think thoroughly, connect the two together, and you can see the current development trend of the media industry.

On the contrary, it will always be confined to the inherent media model.

In Dustin Zhou’s view, the Zhang family at present is confined to the inherent media model.

Blindly development depends on the development of paper media and television stations.

But it ignored the new changes brought about by the Internet.

Although this new change may not be obvious yet, it is often the case. Only people with a clear mind and a clear and broad vision can capture it.

Therefore, Dustin Zhou organized the language a little bit in his heart, and then directly stated the second question, and pointed out mercilessly that the Zhang family’s current thinking is somewhat rigid, and it does not understand the flexibility, and has not seen the general trend.

However, Dustin Zhou naturally left a hand. He did not point out this general trend, but used a specious word to show that the media industry is undergoing a general change, but the Zhang family has gradually moved away on this road of change. Up.

It is very likely that when this change is officially completed, the Zhang family has already lost its position and right to speak in the media industry.

Just like Fang Zhongyong, in the long river of time, it gradually disappeared from everyone.

And this time, after Dustin Zhou finished speaking, Grandpa Zhang Taiyan’s eyes finally fluctuated.

At least under Dustin Zhou’s observation, the moment he finished speaking, the old man’s brows fiercely jumped, and his Gujing Wubo eyes quickly glanced at him.

Dustin Zhou knew that the old man was surprised by what he said just now.

Regardless of whether there is reason or not, it is the next general development trend of the media industry. I am afraid that I cannot calm down as a person.

After all, the general trend is a very mysterious thing for the entire industry, for the entire family, even for the country, and for the world, and it is also the most difficult to capture.

“Hehe, it seems that little friend Dustin Zhou has a thorough view of this so-called general trend, and he can say such things.” Finally, the old man couldn’t help it, chuckled, and finally turned his eyes on Dustin Zhou, his face It was also slightly surprised.

However, it seems that although Dustin Zhou’s words touched the old man a bit, they could not make him make any changes.

“Little friend Dustin Zhou, since ancient times, many people thought that they understood the general trend, so they followed the trend and wanted to develop a career, but most of them

Under the circumstances, they all failed.

Why are you so confident, you see the general development trend of the media industry?

“The old man’s question is very acute. Indeed, through the ages, there have been many outstanding people and many changes. In those changes, there are often very few people who can stand out and become heroes. Most of them are annihilated in the dust. However, it cannot be said. Those who are annihilated by the dust, no one can see the general trend. They can also see the general trend occasionally, otherwise they would not want to show their skills in so many changes. However, many times, they see The general trend of China is contrary to the general trend in fact. Therefore, there are very few successful people in history. And those people have become the testimony of history and the object of cherishment by everyone today. By saying this, Mr. Zhang Taiyan is undoubtedly asking Where did Dustin Zhou’s self-confidence and evidence show that the general trend of the media industry he sees is correct. After all, anyone can say that he has seen the general trend, or he can make up a mess. Anyway, no change has yet been made. No one can confirm the real arrival. In fact, it is not only the old man Zhang Taiyan who has this question. Even Sun Yue, who came with Dustin Zhou this time, is looking at Dustin Zhou with surprise at this time, regarding the media industry Dustin Zhou just said. Dustin Zhou was shocked by the general trend of development. Dustin Zhou didn’t tell him these words, nor did he ventilate with him. Is this all Dustin Zhou thought of temporarily? Is it a random fabrication, or is justified, Dustin Zhou really sees one thing. What? Three questions in

Chapter 477

Sun Yue didn’t know and couldn’t figure it out. But, faintly, he somewhat believed Dustin Zhou’s words, and faintly felt that he understood what Dustin Zhou said. What was the general trend. But for a while, Sun Yue realized that he couldn’t figure it out. He was still a little confused and couldn’t understand what Dustin Zhou said just now. At this moment, Sun Yue had already decided. After going back, he must ask Dustin Zhou carefully. What the hell is this so-called general trend. At the moment, it is most important to persuade Father Zhang Taiyan. Now the father asks a question, and Sun Yue also wants to see how Dustin Zhou answered it. “Hehe, father, we all know history. , And we will all become history.

Dustin Zhou smiled faintly, as if the old man’s problem is not a problem at all, there is no difficulty or depth at all. “Imagine those who have left a name in history, in every change, successful people, they were doing what they were doing at the time. At that time, will you think it will succeed?

So many people think that they see the general trend clearly, but they are just people who are on the right path when the general trend comes.

Just be remembered.

“As for the others, it’s just a dust of history.”

Dustin Zhou said calmly, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly, as if he felt a little disdain for the old man asking this question. After he finished speaking, both old man Zhang Taiyan and Sun Yue fell into contemplation. For Dustin Zhou’s words, it sounded like that. There is indeed no problem. Those who have left their name in history, those who have succeeded in each change, do not know whether they will succeed at the beginning, but they did it, and the general situation has just been the same as what they did, so they succeeded The implication of Dustin Zhou’s remarks is that if Mr. Zhang Taiyan doesn’t even have the courage and decisiveness to take the lead in making changes, then don’t think about what benefits will be gained in the general changes. You just need to wait until the changes are completed and eat others to stay. The leftovers are just fine. At that time, the entire media industry will undergo a major reshuffle. But that time, there will be no Zhang family shadow in the major reshuffle. “You are very courageous and very young. It’s really not easy to be able to say such words and generate such thoughts. There is no one in Zhang’s family who can compare to you.

“The old man Zhang Taiyan pondered for a long time before speaking slowly, and his tone became more solemn. “You really convinced me that if I don’t even have the courage to start the change first, then I am afraid that there will be no Zhang family in the future. The shadow of is here.

“However, you said that the Zhang family has three problems in the media industry. Only two have been mentioned now. I want to hear what the third problem is.

“The old man Zhang Taiyan said with a smile, his jaw slightly, his eyes full of admiration and surprise when he watched Dustin Zhou, and there was also a hint of appreciation and regret. The multiple emotions mixed up in the old man’s eyes, and it looked very complicated. The old man’s eyes became more profound. Even Dustin Zhou could not see what he was thinking in his mind at this time. Sun Yue also looked at Dustin Zhou. He also wanted to hear Dustin Zhou’s comments on Zhang’s development in the coal industry. What’s the last question in Zhang Family’s media industry. He also investigated Zhang’s media industry in Xiang Province before. Although he found some problems, they were mostly irrelevant and had little impact on the overall development of Zhang’s family. As for Dustin Zhou just now. Even Sun Yue hadn’t thought about the two issues mentioned before, and he didn’t even think about it. However, after listening to Dustin Zhou’s words, Sun Yue had some insights. These are some macroscopic aspects. The viewpoints and opinions are still a little far away for the Zhang family at present, and they need a long time operation to achieve. But now, what the old man wants to listen to may be some problems in the Zhang family itself. Sun Yue is more and more right

Dustin Zhou became curious and wanted to know if Dustin Zhou’s next question was the same as what he knew about the Zhang family.

“Haha, in fact, the main reason and responsibility of the first two problems are not in Zhang’s family, but at the macro level, which is a difference in the overall situation.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, and he naturally felt Sun Yue’s doubts. So I didn’t hide my personal secrets, so I simply expressed my thoughts.

“But for the third question, what I originally thought was that if the first two questions can’t tell the father, then I will start from the most practical point of view and point out some of the problems that exist in the Zhang family.” Dustin Zhou Said with a smile.

“Actually, the Zhang family is already a bit complacent in the development of the media industry in Hunan Province.” Before the old man and Sun Yue spoke, Dustin Zhou continued.

“In fact, it is obvious that although the Zhang family’s market share in the media industry in Xiang Province has been increasing in the past three years, it has grown very slowly. In three years, it has only increased its market share by less than 0.1%. “In other words, the average annual growth rate is less than 0.04%. Compared with the previous development speed of the Zhang family in the media industry, it is like a cloud and mud difference.” “At the peak. The Zhang family’s market share in the media industry in Xiang Province has grown at a rate of 5%, and this high-speed market share growth has been supported for several years.” “And now, logically speaking, based on the Zhang family’s foundation in the media industry From a point of view, the market share growth rate should not be so slow, and even many other media companies have higher growth rates than the Zhang family. These are the problems of the Zhang family.” Dustin Zhou said here, not only did not stop, on the contrary, The tone became more serious.

It seems that if the Zhang family’s own problems are not resolved as soon as possible, then it will not be long before the Zhang family’s market in the media industry in Xiang Province will be preempted by others.

“This is not an exaggeration. I want to scare the old man. I think, what I just said, the old man should know more than us, and must be more detailed. Even, why the Zhang family has developed so slowly in recent years? You know which aspect of the slow development, sir.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, his face eased, not like the dagger like just now.

He knew that what he had just said had already given the old man an obvious reminder. No matter whether he had noticed before or whether he had started to make changes, his words would not go wrong.

As for whether or not he can really enter the vision of the old man, that is not for Dustin Zhou to decide. Er, he doesn’t need to care so much. After all, this is a Zhang family matter and has nothing to do with Dustin Zhou.

“And I, too

But to clarify this problem, if the old man can change it, I think the development speed of the Zhang family in the media industry in Xiang Province will increase a lot.

“At least, it won’t let some media companies with ulterior motives have the illusion, as if they can catch up with the Zhang family if they work harder.”

Chapter 478

Dustin Zhou smiled casually, because he saw a trace of relief and surprise from the face of Grandpa Zhang Taiyan. With this relief and surprise, Dustin Zhou didn’t know what the master was in. In his mind and emotions, there is no doubt that what he said just now should have been affirmed by the old man. At least, the Zhang family’s media industry dominates Hunan Province, and has always been the absolute big brother, the leader of the rivers and lakes, so he has never No one dared to provoke them. Even if they made some opinions, they might be blocked by the people below. So Dustin Zhou is not sure if the old man can understand all directions and see all directions. But at least, for now, Dustin Zhou has some Useful news, I told the old man. This is a kind of sincerity. I, Dustin Zhou, brought people to cooperate with your Zhang family, instead of borrowing your Zhang family’s influence in the media industry to develop yourself, and then wait until I develop and grow. Let’s compete with you again. On the contrary, we came with great sincerity from the beginning to discuss cooperation. For the above, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. To this end, Dustin Zhou personally proposed that the Zhang family is in the media industry. There are three problems. After talking about the three problems, Dustin Zhou stopped, waiting for the old man to think, and then give an answer. Of these three problems, the first two are from the macro level to analyze Zhang’s media industry. The problem is that it has guiding significance for some related industries in the current media industry of the Zhang family, but it is not great. After all, no matter how good the Zhang family is, in the media industry, it only has some right to speak and behave in the three-square acre of Xiang Province. Status. Put it in other places, it is more powerful than the Zhang family and has more influence. I don’t know how many more. Therefore, the Zhang family wants to immediately start to change themselves on a macro level. The possibility is very small. Moreover, even if it does that, it is short There is not much return to the Zhang family in time. This short period of time is likely to be decades. It even consumes the efforts and time of several generations of the Zhang family. However, the third question raised by Dustin Zhou is different, that is From the micro level, starting from some problems in the Zhang family, clearly pointed out a major problem existing in the Zhang family. This problem is very realistic and easy to solve. For the Zhang family now, the influence and improvement effect it produces , It’s also obvious. All of these can be implemented immediately by the Zhang family. It can be said that Dustin Zhou’s

Secondly, I was full of sincerity, and the dry goods I took out also made people shine.

Sun Yue looked calm, but Dustin Zhou, whose entire face was almost full of confidence, sighed in his heart.

Before coming to Zhang’s family, he also investigated a lot of Zhang’s situation in the media industry, and also had some analysis and suggestions.

Even, those analysis suggestions were all recorded by Sun Yue in his notebook. If necessary, he could take it out at any time and let the old man Zhang Taiyan check it out to prove his sincerity and ability.

But now that I think about it, Sun Yue found that he had compiled some analysis and suggestions, and compared with the three questions that Dustin Zhou just raised, the two are almost like the difference between them.

If the opinions put forward by Dustin Zhou are of great significance to the Zhang family, it is not only to improve some of the current minor problems, but also to point out the direction for the future development of the Zhang family.

Then the ones he sorted out were not enough to scratch Zhang’s body.

For the Zhang family, meaning is optional.

Thinking of this, Sun Yue sighed in his heart. He felt that the reason Dustin Zhou was able to achieve such an achievement at a young age was definitely not because of other things. It was just that his vision was always looking at places that other people could not see, and Dustin Zhou’s thinking was too much. Meticulous, many places, many things, can do a rainy day.

The whole small courtyard was quiet.

After Dustin Zhou finished speaking, he took a sip of tea and didn’t look at the reaction of the old man Zhang Taiyan, as if the old man’s reaction was in his eyes, it was not important at all.

Even Dustin Zhou already knew in his heart how the old man would react.

And the old man Zhang Taiyan has indeed been silent, just looking down at the stone table, silently in a daze.

However, Dustin Zhou didn’t think that the old man was really in a daze.

In fact, Father Zhang Taiyan was extremely complicated at this time.

He did not expect Dustin Zhou’s vision to be so unique.

If the first two issues, some of the macro views and suggestions, are some of Dustin Zhou’s unique ideas, there are doubts about the possibility.

So the third question raised by Dustin Zhou was based on the analysis of some problems that currently existed in the Zhang family. Regardless of this, Dustin Zhou didn’t say this, but Zhang Taiyan himself knew it.

Moreover, these are what he intends to let the Zhang family change.

But now, Dustin Zhou is the first to put it forward, which shows that Dustin Zhou’s vision and observation ability are absolutely comparable.

“Haha, yes, little friend Dustin Zhou, your words are very contagious, even I almost think the Zhang family should make changes now.” Old man Zhang Taiyan suddenly laughed, looking at Dustin Zhou, and said with a relaxed expression.

In fact, the old man did this with his own considerations.

Although Zhang Jiaxian

There are problems like this, but in the final analysis, it is the Zhang family’s own problems.

If the discussion is within the Zhang family, and the people involved in the discussion are all from the Zhang family, then naturally there is nothing to say and there is nothing to avoid.

But now, Dustin Zhou is talking about it, and beside him, there is also Sun Yue, who has a very strong position in the industry in the East China Sea.

In this case, even if these problems really exist in the Zhang family, they cannot be directly stated.

“Haha, isn’t it? It’s better not, but I just remind the old man that there is still room for correction of these problems that currently exist in the Zhang family, but if no one takes it seriously, let him continue to deteriorate, then he will be injured. Yes, it will definitely only be the Zhang Family.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, and he didn’t say anything through what Zhang Taiyan said.

Anyway, he has pointed out the problem, and if the old man listened to it, he would naturally make a change.

But if Mr. Zhang Taiyan is self-righteous and thinks that the Zhang family’s status in the media industry in Xiang Province is high enough and does not pay attention to the existing problems at all, then the Zhang family must be the one who suffers in the end.

“However, when you mentioned the first two questions, I said that I have been persuaded by you. Therefore, this cooperation can be discussed. As for the specific situation, I don’t know if it’s your little friend Dustin Zhou. Come to discuss, or let this Mr. Sun Yuesun come?” The old man Zhang Taiyan smiled silently, and instead of taking Dustin Zhou’s words, he led the topic to the matter of cooperation between the two parties.

The topic changed smoothly, and Dustin Zhou did not continue the topic just now, but began to get serious.

After all, everything just now is for the next cooperation between the two parties.

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