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Chapter 1169

Zui Sanxian didn’t dare to go forward, Dustin Zhou didn’t care too much, anyway, he had already seen the Immortal Master’s Palace, so there was no need to let Zui Sanxian lead the way.

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou asked Zhou Feng to wait here with those who had come from the lower realm, and stepped into the Immortal Master’s Palace alone.

Because now he is here to meet the elders, instead of directly fighting the king of the immortal master, so there is no need to bring so many people in together, but it will be more noticeable.

Walking all the way forward, the situation where he came here this time was almost the same as the last time. All the servants of the entire Immortal Master Palace turned a blind eye to him.

According to his memory, Dustin Zhou came to a small courtyard where the elders could live.

Several old men played mahjong in the yard and soaked up the sun.

Just look at this scene in front of me, this little

The world and the secular world do not seem to be much different, even like a paradise.

Dustin Zhou didn’t have any ink marks, so he walked over directly, “Several seniors, long time no see.” Not everyone in the Presbyterian Church knows Dustin Zhou, but the old man with three-cornered hat who sent Dustin Zhou away last time knew Dustin Zhou.

The old man is called Baye.

When the other old men saw Dustin Zhou, they were stunned, “Who are you?” The Eighth Master hurriedly stood up, grabbed Dustin Zhou’s hand and introduced, “This is the ultimate emperor who made trouble in the Immortal Master Palace last time. Ah!” “In the past three hundred years, we humans have finally given birth to another emperor’s ultimate!” Then the Eighth Master looked at Dustin Zhou again, “Why did your kid come here at this time? You are not doing well to improve your strength in the lower realm. What are you doing here?” When the other elders heard that Dustin Zhou was the ultimate emperor, they suddenly became enthusiastic.

In their eyes, Dustin Zhou is simply the star of hope.

“Smelly boy, do you know how dangerous it is when you run over now? If you are beheaded by the king of the immortal master, our entire metaphysical civilization will be ruined.” “Waiting for the birth of the next emperor, I don’t know. I have to wait for hundreds of years.” Dustin Zhou just smiled at this, “Seniors are worried, this time I come back to discuss with you about the king of the immortal master.” “I think that fighting against the gods is basically It’s not a task that the emperor’s ultimate can accomplish.” “We need the power of the entire metaphysical civilization. In other words, even if I fall, it doesn’t matter, because the only thing that can fight against the heavens is the metaphysical civilization, not something. Individual.” Then, Dustin Zhou explained all his speculations and actions, and told the Presbyterian Church that there were more than two hundred of his own people waiting outside.

After hearing Dustin Zhou’s answer, several elders in the Presbyterian Church fell into deep thought.

Obviously, they never considered this issue.

After thinking about it for a long time, someone finally spoke, “Boy, maybe what you said is reasonable.” “But if you follow the method you said, the power against the heavens can only be the power of the entire metaphysical civilization, then you The few people brought here are far from enough!” “Aren’t we going to save grandpa and give away heads one by one?” “According to your plan, we must gather all our strength and then take it in one fell swoop, not one at a time. A little bit of your own strength, right?” Dustin Zhou smiled bitterly, “But it is almost impossible to gather all the strength. No one wants to believe me at all.” “This is easy!” Ba Ye on the spot It was decided, “If the people in the lower realm don’t believe it, we will descend from the world as a fairy!” “To put it bluntly, although

You are the strongest genius, but in the eyes of those in the secular world, your words are not even as powerful as a fairy master.

“No way, not everyone can realize your power.

“It feels like a genius scientist suddenly appeared in a small family. Maybe this scientist is treated like a baby bump in all institutions in the world, even the emperor and the highest ruler of the world. You must be respectful when you see him. But because he is a scientist, he did not allow his family to form a commercial family.

The people in the family are still very ignorant. At this time, after the scientist returned home, the family members Most of them would only treat him as a stinky part-time worker, and the code writer would have a higher salary, and would not treat him as a masterful genius. Because he is too familiar and does not have that sense of mystery.

Dustin Zhou is also The same. Although Dustin Zhou is very strong, he must be regarded as an uncle when he comes to the small world. But in the secular world, they think Dustin Zhou is a strong man in the Zhou family.

It is all about carrying the fate of metaphysical civilization. Nonsense. This leads to the embarrassment now. But if the immortal masters of the small world are returned to the secular world, the meaning will be different.

Every provincial first family will give them An immortal master airborne, at this time, all families in the entire secular world will believe Dustin Zhou’s words. In this way, all the martial arts powers of the secular world can be assembled.

Then, the elders can also order all the immortal masters and warriors in the entire small world The emperor! In other words, with the help of the Presbyterian Church, Dustin Zhou almost really assembled the power of the entire metaphysical world! An unprecedented battle! The life-and-death duel between man and nature! In other words, this is a life and death duel between man and god If the thing of nature can be wise, what is not a god? Thinking of the overbearing methods of the king of the fairy master, Dustin Zhou suddenly felt that the thing should not be called the king of the fairy master at all, he should be called He is the only god! A realm that humans can never reach! But now, Dustin Zhou seems to see a glimmer of hope.

“Dustin Zhou said. Just do it. The Presbyterian Church immediately contacted all the 108 fairy masters in the small world through a secret order. The door of the small world opened. On this day, all the fairy teachers descended into the secular world. And the first choice for the families that the immortal masters went to were all the families from which they were born. Because this would be more convincing, this old ancestor can never lie to himself! The Xuanyuan family and the Wang family in the imperial capital, just At the same time ushered two of my own immortal masters


“Follow the emperor’s ultimate order, and go to the small world quickly!” “What? What the Zhou family said, are all true?” “Of course it is true, the heavenly fairy master! Almost all major families All of his ancestors are back!” For a while, even those families that did not descend to the immortal master heard the news in a short time.

Now, they couldn’t help but refuse.

Chapter 1170

With the assistance of the Presbyterian Church, the immortal masters of the small world were in the lower realm at the same time, summoning all the martial arts in the lower realm.

In addition, the immortal masters of the small world obeyed the arrangements of the Presbyterian Church. This time, the power of the entire metaphysical world was all gathered.

In front of Wuyang Wuyang stood more than 10,000 people.

“There shouldn’t be any problems with so many immortal masters coming to the lower realm at the same time?” Dustin Zhou asked with some worry.

Back then, the reason why the king of the fairy masters opened up a small world and led all the fairy masters here was actually to confuse the heavens and make them think that the power of metaphysics is already very weak.

Although a ray of heaven came to the small world in the end, the Dao law that runs the entire world was not actually activated.

In the moment just now, all the immortal masters gathered in the lower realm, fearing that it would attract the attention of the whole heaven.

Ba Ye shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently, “According to you, this battle is the final battle between our metaphysical civilization and the heavens.” “No matter what, it will touch the heavens. You can’t run away, so it’s clean. Be a little bit sharper.” “Anyway, if you succeed or fail, you will get another one.” “It is done. Metaphysical civilization can live forever and destroy the heavens.” “Failed, there is no metaphysics in this world, and only scientific civilization is left. , But for the entire human process, there is actually no difference.” “It’s like before us, there were ancient Greek civilizations, ancient Maya civilizations, etc., and those civilizations were not completely wiped out. “We will abide by this rule. We just struggle for a while before we die, and don’t have too much hope.” I didn’t expect Ba Ye to think so, but after thinking about it carefully, except Ba Ye, it seems that The entire Presbyterian Church and all the fairy teachers probably thought this way.

Govern by doing nothing.

People only need to work hard, and everything goes with the flow. The success and failure can be seen very well.

As long as you try your best, there will be no regrets.

“Is that so?” Dustin Zhou nodded and agreed. “If this is the case, then I don’t have any pressure. Let’s start the offensive!” “If you have any plans, I can obey the adjustment and command.” For the king of the immortal division, Dustin Zhou did not actually have any specific combat plans.


Just now, he suddenly wanted to drive.

Dustin Zhou is the strongest existence in the world today, this is not wrong.

But he is not good at being a ruler, nor is he good at cooperating with others.

In other words, in the entire metaphysical world, everyone is a knife, and Dustin Zhou is the sharpest knife.

But that’s all. Although he is sharp, he can’t be the man with the knife.

He couldn’t gather everyone, but the Presbyterian Church did.

Now this battle is not a personal battle, so if the elders have any requirements, Dustin Zhou can cooperate completely unconditionally.

“Is the emperor the ultimate?” A little old man in the elders contemplated for a moment. “Even if you say so, our elders don’t have any battle plan.” “We never even thought that the way to fight against the heavens is this. The tactics of the sea of ​​people.” “Then what should we do? Just rush over?” Seeing that no one was in charge for a while, everyone was puzzled.

How will this battle be fought?

Tens of thousands of them have completely gathered, right at the door of their house.

And their opponent, there is only one person in the house in front of him.

They have a feeling of nowhere to start.

For a while, everyone felt big.

Dustin Zhou was silent for a while, and said, “Since you don’t have a particularly good combat plan, let’s follow my ideas.” “I will lead the battle and lead that guy out.” “A fairy master with long-range attack capabilities, People who can stand at a distance to attack, and those who attack me close can wait to recuperate, and remember to adjust their state to the best.” “I will consume that guy’s power first. Help me until the end of the battle, and the people who attacked me close together came up.” More than 10,000 people beat one person. If the power of these 10,000 people is to be maximized, it must be coordinated.

And Dustin Zhou’s plan just now is undoubtedly the best plan.

In front, we must let the strongest person consume the opponent.

The reason is very simple. If you let a particularly weak person pass, the other party doesn’t need to spend any effort at all. It only needs to be in a warm-up state, and the power wasted by casual battles can crush those weak.

Let the strongest go first, and the opponent will waste a lot of power. These powers are insignificant at the beginning, but at the end of the battle, they may become the key to victory.

And Dustin Zhou’s proposal was also approved by everyone.

“Be careful, Brother Yang, but I still have a month to go. The king of the fairy master, he is the incarnation of heaven. If you say that we use that method to fight the war of attrition, it can be regarded as a loss for him.

Does it consume?

“Zhou Feng said on the side. The incarnation of the way of heaven, he can be integrated with natural space. The power of nature is equivalent to his power. It can be said that his power is inexhaustible. Isn’t it stupid for such a person to fight a war of attrition? But for this question, Ba Ye gave an accurate answer. “Don’t worry about this. Although that guy can integrate into the power of space, in this whole small world, he has The scope of the control space is not large.

“Opening up space is originally a means of comprehending the rules of nature and using them, which is equivalent to a bug, can you understand it?

“The old man still knows what a bug is, and I have to admire it. “So, the method of opening up space is not allowed by the heavens itself, but the heavens integrated into the body of the fairy master king, the space he can open up, In fact, it is very small, and the other spaces in the small world are basically opened up by our group of immortal masters.

“In our space, the rules are completely different from those controlled by Tiandao!” “The power he can use is limited to his own space.” This also means that in this small world, The power of heaven is not endless.

As long as it’s not endless, it’s easy to handle. There are more than 10,000 people here. Is it possible that you can’t handle that guy alone?

A strong fighting spirit also rose from Dustin Zhou.

But at this moment, a violent blasting sound suddenly sounded inside the Immortal Master’s Palace, and the sky was rolling, and a cloud of thunder suddenly condensed in the sky, showing a vision.

Chapter 1171

A vision from heaven!

“What’s going on?” Everyone’s expressions suddenly changed.

“I’m afraid it’s the rules of the Great Dao of the Lower Realm, and I have noticed the existence of the small world.” “The Dao of the Dao rules is connected to the Dao of Heaven that we are imprisoned here. The real war is about to come.” Ba Ye’s face was solemn.

The small world is independent of the earth and not under the jurisdiction of nature.

The King of the Immortal Master was invaded by a part of the Heavenly Dao, but he was not a complete heavenly Dao, and it was very difficult to even wipe out the spirit of the Immortal Master’s King.

Under this circumstance, the elders and all the immortal masters have no way to take the king of the immortal teacher, and the king of the immortal teacher can also use them.

But today is different.

The immortal masters lowered the realm together, the law of the great path was activated, and the existence of the small world was discovered, tearing the space, and the powerful force in the law of the great way came into the small world.

Of course, the rule of the law of heaven is that space cannot be torn apart.

In fact, Tiandao only said that the rift that was torn by the fairy masters came here, not

Can really make the small world and the secular world directly understand.

It can only give a part of the power to the king of the immortal master. At that time, the door of the small world and the secular world will still be closed, forming an independent space once again, unlike the secular world. Any association.

The situation hasn’t changed much, it’s just that the king of the fairy master has become a little stronger.

If the door between the small world and the secular world will not be closed, then it is the real horror that has happened. The rules of heaven can directly adjust the power from the secular world!


But now, everything is too late!

Dustin Zhou gritted his teeth, his eyes flashed fiercely, “Since this is the case, then it is said that the king of the immortal master has nothing to do with humans, right?” “Even if it is Lord Shen Bi, it is impossible to suppress him. So, I’ll go and rescue Lord Shen Bi first!” The reason why Lord Shen Bi was able to suppress the King of the Immortal Master was simply because the spiritual wisdom in the King of the Immortal Master had not been completely wiped out.

And the woman boarding Enderia Shen is just his lover.

Seeing his lover, the spiritual wisdom of the immortal master king himself will come out to resist the heavenly way, and the heavenly way will become weak. This is the value and significance of Enderia Shen’s existence.

But now it’s different, the heavens of the lower realm flood into the small world, and the spiritual wisdom of the immortal master king himself is afraid that it will be wiped out in an instant!

From then on, he is the true God!

The only god!

The incarnation of the realm of heaven!

No one can suppress him anymore!

However, as Enderia Shen who has been suppressing him, she is still in the Palace of the Immortal Master at this time, she is the most dangerous!

So Dustin Zhou didn’t even think about it, so he rushed directly into the Palace of the Immortal Master.

“Brother Yang!” “Mr. Zhou!” “My Emperor!” Everyone exclaimed at Dustin Zhou’s back, but at this time, it was too late.

Dustin Zhou rushed into the Immortal Master’s Palace. At this time, there were no servants in it. All of these servants had just been pulled outside.

After all, the servants in the small world are also the realm of the emperor of warriors, and they are also one of the forces that cannot be ignored in the metaphysical civilization.

Although these people are numb and don’t know how to resist, it will be enough as long as they listen to orders.

Dustin Zhou ran forward fast, with his realm, it could be a hundred meters per second!

Originally, he could walk in the air!

Now running to the extreme, one hundred meters per second is no problem at all!

Equivalent to one-third the speed of sound!

Can imagine how fast he is!

But how big is the entire Immortal Master Palace?

Even if it is running at the speed of sound, without turning at all, it takes about five seconds to pass from one end to the other.

And Dustin Zhou has to rely on

Looking for my own memory, I cannot destroy the building at will. Because of the building damage, I may not find a specific path.

In about twenty seconds, Dustin Zhou relied on his own memory to come to the room Enderia Shen had brought him to.

At this time, the thunderclouds in the sky have also accumulated to a certain degree of terror.

Dustin Zhou kicked open the door, “President Shen! You don’t need to stay in such a ghost place anymore, I’ll save you!” No one answered him, no one in the room!

That’s it!

Dustin Zhou’s heart felt cold. If Enderia Shen was not in this place, where would he be?

Don’t be with the king of the fairy master!

Now things have become a big deal. If Enderia Shen is with the king of the immortal master, it is hard to say whether it is life or death now!

Dustin Zhou did not dare to neglect, and ran in the direction of Thunder Cloud.

This time he was much faster, because he didn’t need to turn or find his way.

Go straight all the way through!

Regardless of the boulder or the wall in front of him, as Dustin Zhou ran, all these buildings left a human body hole.

In an instant, Dustin Zhou came to the sky above the room where Leiyun condensed.

It is still a very modern building, like a villa of a big family during the war, and the room still has that kind of wooden door.

Dustin Zhou rushed in and shouted, “President Shen! Stay away from that kid!” After entering, Dustin Zhou was stunned.

The King of the Immortal Master struggled painfully on the ground, Dustin Zhou’s countless natural energy poured into his body madly, while Enderia Shen, kneeling in front of him, gently stroked his head.

Enderia Shen, can still suppress the king of the fairy master?

But it is estimated that it will not last long, Dustin Zhou breathed a sigh of relief, fortunately to catch up.

“President Shen, stay away from this kid, you will soon be unable to suppress him, let me go first.” Dustin Zhou slowly walked over to Enderia Shen.

Enderia Shen raised his head and glanced at him, his eyes were so strange that it was a little panic.

“Boy, don’t need you to say, I also know I can’t suppress him.” “But he is desperately resisting to see me for the last time, how can I leave him at this most critical time?” Dustin Zhou was taken aback for a moment, and immediately understood what was going on.

To put it bluntly, it is not Enderia Shen who can suppress the king of the fairy master, but the woman that the king of the fairy master loves most.

That woman was lodged with Enderia Shen, so Enderia Shen could suppress the king of the fairy master.

But now, that woman apparently took over Enderia Shen’s body and controlled Enderia Shen’s consciousness.

In other words, the woman in front of him is not Enderia Shen, but the lover of the King of the Immortal Master.

These two people are obviously playing a big part of life and death.

Fairy teacher

The king’s spiritual wisdom is about to disappear completely, everyone present knows this very well, so he is resisting, struggling to look at Enderia Shen more.

And Enderia Shen obviously gave up the hope of life, and stayed with him silently.

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