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Chapter 527

“Big Brother Dustin Zhou, Sister Shen.” Sanxiao was in the car, and I saw Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen standing at the entrance of the expressway.

Therefore, the three of them got out of the car and ran over with a smile.

Among them, Zhang Tiantian and Zhao Wanrong are better and more reserved.

But Su Xiaomeng is like a girl in love who sees her sweetheart, Zhang

Opening his arms, he was about to pounce on Dustin Zhou.

“Slower, slower.” Dustin Zhou was helpless, but in order to prevent Su Xiaomeng from being injured, he opened his hands and hugged Su Xiaomeng in his arms.

“They are all big stars. Pay attention to the influence outside. Don’t you be afraid of being photographed by paparazzi, and people across the country will know it tomorrow?” Pat Su Xiaomeng on the back, put her down, and put his hand on her head After touching it, Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

Of course, he was talking in a joking tone.

“Hee hee, if we were photographed, we were photographed. Anyway, we weren’t doing anything shameful.” Su Xiaomeng stuck out her tongue and didn’t care at all. She took Dustin Zhou’s arm and started to sway. stand up.

Soon, Sister Yang and several staff members also came over quickly.

“Mr. Zhou, Ms. Shen, please run by yourself.” Sister Yang speaks very formally. Although she dresses a bit casually and is very everyday, she may have a sense of professionalism in her bones, so when she speaks in front of Dustin Zhou, she still looks like Like a professional broker.

“Where, I was the one who troubled you. This time, it was actually my temporary intention. I was thinking before, if you don’t have time, what should I do. Now that you have time, then naturally it helped me a lot. “Dustin Zhou waved his hand, said with a smile, and then introduced Ye Fang to Sister Yang.

After all, this time the Rocket Girl San Xiaozhi came to the Liushi branch to communicate with the people in the Liushi branch.

And Ye Fang, as a person in the Liushi branch, naturally has this right.

After Yang Jie and Ye Fang greeted each other, they began to inquire about what to prepare for this opening ceremony.

After all, Dustin Zhou called her before, only to say such a thing, and did not elaborate on the specific content.

Therefore, this time, the Rocket Girl III came to Liushi without any preparation.

“Let’s go, let’s go back to the hotel to take a rest. The opening ceremony starts at ten o’clock, and there are still a few hours. There should be enough time.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, pulling Su Xiaomeng into the car.

There is no way, Su Xiaomeng has been pulling Dustin Zhou’s arm, not letting go, so Dustin Zhou has no choice but to let Su Xiaomeng sit in the co-pilot position next to him.

Soon, everyone returned to the hotel.

“Ye Fang, tell Sister Yang what you need to do at the opening ceremony.” Back to the hotel, everyone has woken up, and they are all busy.

Less than two hours before the opening of the Liushi branch, some items and equipment still need to be finalized, so there is no room for loss.

The appearance of the Rocket Girl also surprised many staff members.

After all, Rocket Girls, as a very famous idol girl group in the country, has a huge fan base and a very high degree of fan adhesion.

It can be said that no matter which city the Rocket Girl goes to, that city will instantly cause a sensation.

“Oh my God, I read it right, it turned out to be Rocket Girl?” “You didn’t read it wrong, it’s Rocket Girl. I saw Su Xiaomeng just now.” “Hey, tell you a secret, you absolutely can’t think of it.” “What, what

Well, speak quickly, speak quickly.

“Hey, I just saw that Su Xiaomeng has been holding Mr. Zhou’s arm, very close, you said, is there something between them…” “Is it impossible?

Hasn’t Mr. Zhou been married?

Moreover, Mr. Zhou’s wife seems to be Mr. Mira Xie and Mr. Xie, who is also a big beauty. Maybe not?

“… Suddenly, the staff’s surprise and gossip heart was aroused. While busy, their eyes kept sweeping towards the room where Rocket Girl San Xiaozhi and Dustin Zhou were. Now in that room, San Xiaozhi and Dustin Zhou are both in that room. , But there are Enderia Shen, Mira Xie, Ye Fang, and some other staff members, and nothing should happen. Everyone calmed down a little bit, and they got more motivated when they got busy with work. After all, seeing the Rocket Girl so close, Even waiting for the meeting, it is possible to take a photo with the Rocket Girl Three Little Girls and ask for an autograph. This is what many people dream of. But now, this opportunity falls in front of them, as long as they reach out, they can almost get it. “Come on, as long as the opening ceremony is completed, Mr. Zhou is happy, and everyone’s conditions will be met.

“I don’t know who suddenly shouted this sentence, and the staff suddenly worked harder. Indeed, the most important thing at the moment is the opening ceremony that is about to begin. As long as the opening ceremony is completed, Mr. Zhou will be happy and will definitely satisfy them. Requirement. Besides, it’s not too much of a request to take a photo with the Rocket Girl Three Little Girls and ask for an autograph. At this time, in the room, Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen, Ye Fang, Mira Xie, Yang Sister, and the three Little Girls are discussing. Discussing the things that need to be paid attention to when waiting for the opening ceremony. “…In short, you don’t need to pay too much attention when you perform on stage, just like your usual business performances. Also, when performing, it can make us famous. It’s enough to publicize the company’s products.

“Ye Fang, holding the process plan for today’s opening ceremony, is explaining to the three little people what needs to be paid attention to at the opening ceremony. Dustin Zhou and the others are sitting aside and listening quietly. After all, at the opening ceremony, As a guest performer, the Rocket Girl has a heavier responsibility. But as a tailoring guest, Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen, who are representatives of the famous company headquarters, have to relax a lot. “Sister Yang, will you return directly to the capital afterwards?

Dustin Zhou said with a smile. During the communication with Sister Yang, Dustin Zhou also learned that the concert in Xiangtan was the last stop of Rocket Girls’ trip to Xiang Province. After that, they would return to the capital and take a rest. , And then go to other tasks. “Well, yes, it’s been almost two months since I came out this time. I need to go back to the company and take a good rest. The three of them are now willing

Must be very tired.

Sister Yang smiled slightly, she didn’t have anything to hide, she just said it out. What’s more, with Dustin Zhou’s relationship with the three children, Sister Yang is not worried that Dustin Zhou will do anything unfavorable to the three children. By the way, the last time I was in Changsha, during the business show, the gangsters were taken away by the police. Is there any news later?

“Dustin Zhou suddenly thought of this incident and asked casually. In fact, he already knew who did it, but the gangster was taken away by the police, so he could only wait for the police to give the final investigation result. And Dustin Zhouyi Speaking of this, Sister Yang’s face changed slightly, and she became a little angry and dissatisfied. “There is news, but it is very unsatisfactory. The three gangsters were not willing to confess at all and would not say anything. Now I don’t know who wants to be against Rocket Girl.

“Sister Yang’s face was still angered, and her chest was fluctuating. It was obvious that there was a real fire. Under normal circumstances, she rarely got angry. But every time she got angry, she was shocked. After all, it was from the big capital company. The agent, the aura is always necessary. However, this result is also in Dustin Zhou’s expectations. Needless to say, the three gangsters have received any guarantees, just say that the power of the people behind them wants to hide something. Too easy. “Don’t worry, there will be a result in this matter.

Dustin Zhou smiled and said with relief. If the other party does not want to give an explanation, then Dustin Zhou can only ask for it by himself.

Chapter 528

is not easy to deal with! And at this time, what Dustin Zhou didn’t know was that he was in Liushi. In the VIP ward of a people’s hospital, Kong Hui looked at the embarrassed Brother Hao standing in front of him, his face was extremely gloomy. He specially found Brother Hao and asked him to pick up Dustin Zhou and avenge himself. However, Brother Hao not only Did not teach Dustin Zhou, but was severely taught by Dustin Zhou. Even Xue Manzi is not that Dustin Zhou’s opponent. “This is what you gave me?

Kong Hui’s face was gloomy, looking at Brother Hao, his tone was very unhappy, and even faintly angry. But Brother Hao, Xue Manzi, and Old Dingji were standing opposite Kong Hui and quickly made a smile. “Brother Hao,” This is really an accident. You didn’t tell us that Dustin Zhou would be so good. We brought a little bit of people, not Dustin Zhou’s opponent.

Brother Hao hurriedly smiled. At this time, it was indeed that he had not completed the task that Kong Hui had given him before. Now it is right to apologize and accept Kong Hui’s reprimand. Although he was in the hotel at the time, when facing Dustin Zhou, Brother Hao thought I also thought that even if Dustin Zhou couldn’t be taught, Kong Hui wouldn’t do anything to him. However, that’s just what he thought in his heart. After all, Brother Hao was in Liushi and he was doing almost

They are all businesses in the gray area. Although they are a little bit oily, they are not many. They need to partner with some other forces and families in Liushi to support their subordinates.

The Kong family is precisely the family that cooperates with Hao the most.


His brother Hao could ignore Kong Hui, or even not give Kong Hui face.

However, as long as Kong Hui said a word, the Kong family might give up cooperating with his Hao brother and find someone else.

At that time, if Brother Hao couldn’t even support his subordinates, then it would be difficult for him to gain a foothold in Liushi.

Therefore, unless there is a danger of life and death, Brother Hao doesn’t want to turn his face with the Kong family.

“Awesome? How good is he? He is just the boss of an ordinary cosmetics company. No matter how good he is, it is just a show of power. With so many of you, how could it not be his opponent? What’s more, Xue Manzi is not always Follow you?” Kong Hui’s expression didn’t improve, and even his eyes grew dark when he looked at Brother Hao.

He extremely suspected that this was Hao Ge’s evasive words, the purpose is not to do anything for him Kong Hui.

“Huh, Chen Tianhao, I tell you, if you can’t satisfy me, I need to rethink your cooperation with the Kong family.” Having said that, Kong Hui has almost expressed his attitude.

“It can’t be this way, Brother Hui, Dustin Zhou, where is the boss of an ordinary cosmetics company? That famous company is powerful. In Hunan Province, almost no one can stop it. Even the four big families can’t treat him. You Let’s do it, don’t we send it to death.” Being threatened by Kong Hui so much, Brother Hao really has no choice.

What’s more, Kong Hui has been saying until now that Dustin Zhou is the boss of an ordinary cosmetics company.

However, Dustin Zhou is from Mingyang Company, and where is Mingyang Company an ordinary cosmetics company?

“What famous company, what mess, Chen Tianhao, if you don’t want to do things for me, you just say, I will fulfill you.” Kong Hui’s complexion became more and more gloomy, he did not expect that his words were for this purpose, Chen Tianhao It was still so ignorant to promote, a hesitant, even unwilling expression.

“No, Brother Hui, don’t you know Mingyang Company? During this period of time, Mingyang Company and Dustin Zhou have set off stormy waves in Hunan Province. If I hadn’t seen him as a real person, I didn’t think it was him. .” Seeing that Kong Hui didn’t seem to pretend not to know, Chen Tianhao immediately pondered.

“What?” Kong Hui was shocked, and his face was also dark and unclear.

“I just came back from the capital. Where do you know what happened in Hunan Province recently? Tell me in detail.” Hearing Chen Tianhao’s words, Kong Hui instantly became serious.


For Chen Tianhao, Kong Hui thinks that his understanding is not low.

He is not like a person who can tell lies, let alone someone who can give up halfway.

Moreover, listening to this tone, it seems that Dustin Zhou and that well-known company are really well-known.

“Brother Hui, Dustin Zhou, and Enderia Shen, are people from Mingyang Company, and Mingyang Company is a company from Donghai. They came to Hunan Province because of the Zhang family…” In the next ten minutes, Chen Tianhao Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen, and some things about the famous company, especially after they came to Hunan Province, all told Kong Hui in detail.

Among them, Kong Hui has been listening silently, his face sometimes dignified, sometimes relaxed, and suddenly wrinkled, without saying a word.

But he didn’t say a word, it doesn’t mean that he has nothing to say in his heart.

At this time, Kong Hui’s heart was already turbulent.

Chen Tianhao was only half talking, and Kong Hui was already shocked.

The appearance of every name and the appearance of every family shocked him.

Jiangbei was abolished, the Jiang family banquet was rioted, the Jiang family, the Yu family, the Tang family, and the Zhang family were beaten, as well as some large and small families. It seems that there is a big conflict with Dustin Zhou.

And these families, the weakest, are similar to his Kong family.

Not to mention the five big families in Hunan Province, none of them can be compared with the Confucian family.

Even so, Dustin Zhou is still doing his own thing in Hunan Province.

And no one of the five big families directly stated that they would never die with Dustin Zhou.

It is impossible to say that the five big families have no hatred for Dustin Zhou.

Apart from other things, the Jiang family alone suffered a lot of losses in Dustin Zhou’s hands, and even Jiangbei was abolished by Dustin Zhou. If they did not complain, it would be almost impossible.

But this is the status quo.

Not only did the Jiang family not bother Dustin Zhou, but the only daughter of Jiang Xingyuan, the second oldest daughter of the Jiang family, and the beauty Jiang Yan from Hunan Province, even got close to Dustin Zhou.

Even Jiang Yan has become the ambassador of the famous company.

It can be said that if there is no accident, Jiang Yan will appear at the opening ceremony of the Liushi branch today.

“… Brother Hui, Dustin Zhou’s basic situation is like this. This is only in Hunan Province. I am not very clear about the situation in the East China Sea.” After speaking, Chen Tianhao wiped the sweat from his forehead.

To be honest, thinking about Dustin Zhou’s experience again, Chen Tianhao still has lingering fears now.

If you change to another person, don’t say you have the same experience as Dustin Zhou, it is even possible that on the first one, you will just overturn the car and sink into the Yangtze River by the Jiang family.

“Furthermore, I also heard that Dustin Zhou has a very powerful bodyguard next to him.

There are dozens of them in the nursing home, none of them is the opponent of the bodyguard alone.

Chapter 529

Opening Ceremony! Chen Tianhao saw that Kong Hui was lost in thought, so he decided to persuade him more. In case Kong Hui is lost, he won’t go to Dustin Zhou’s troubles anymore? In that case, he can feel at ease. Some, don’t worry about it anymore. After all, even Xue Manzi was killed by Dustin Zhou with a single move. Changing to him is almost an end. Kong Hui’s face is gloomy and frowning, as if he is making a difficult choice in his heart. No way!

“Suddenly, with a cold drink, Kong Hui looked at Chen Tianhao with indifference on his face and chills in his eyes. This time, Chen Tianhao was taken aback. Especially when he came into contact with Kong Hui’s gaze, he even hit There was a shudder. “I don’t care what Dustin Zhou’s identity is. Since he dared to offend me and hurt me, then I must find the place back. Hehe, isn’t he powerful, thinking that no one can deal with him?

“The corners of Kong Hui’s mouth raised slightly, with a smile on his face, apparently thinking of some way to deal with Dustin Zhou. “Since the hard power is no match for him, then we will come to the soft. He is not going to open in Liushi. Is it a branch?

Today there is a Liushi branch, so I will let him know who has the final say in this Liushi.

“Zhang Tianhao, come here…” Kong Hui looked at Zhang Tianhao, beckoned, and whispered in his ear. Zhang Tianhao’s face also turned red, and he was embarrassed in the end. “Why?

you are not willing?

Kong Hui looked at him, his expression darkened immediately, and asked in a cold voice. The threat is self-evident. “No, I will prepare now. Don’t worry, Brother Hui.”

“Zhang Tianhao trembled suddenly, and then immediately responded. “Haha, do it well, and it’s done. After I come back, I will naturally have a reward.”

Kong Hui’s complexion improved a lot, and seeing Zhang Tianhao agree to it, he also relaxed a lot. Kong Hui is very confident in his own strategy, yes, you Dustin Zhou is great and powerful, but with so many people around you, It is impossible for everyone to be the same as you. There are always loopholes. What’s more, the opening ceremony this morning is also an extremely important thing. … Today’s Liu City is extremely lively, especially the Huaihe Road Pedestrian Street in Liu City. It’s very lively. The news that the famous company’s Liushi branch will open today has spread throughout Liushi a few days ago. And some publicity has been done for a long time, plus, yesterday was Christmas Eve, Liu The city branch started a Christmas Eve event. It can be said that the news of the opening of the Liushi branch is now known to everyone in the Liushi branch. The Liushi branch. Early in the morning, some staff were already there.

Get busy.

Most of these staff were hired on a temporary basis, and a few were brought by Wang Wei and Yefang themselves.

Last night, these employees worked overtime and filled the shelves of the entire Liushi branch.

Two or three hundred square meters of stores, hundreds of shelves, almost full.

At this time, the door of the Liushi branch was open, with red lights and festivities at the door.

The door of the store was already full of people, and they were looking at the situation in the store curiously.

Although the Liushi branch is not as luxurious as the flagship store in Changsha, the decoration is not bad. Among all the stores in Liushi, the specifications are the most upscale, which naturally attracts many people’s surprise.

“It’s really good.” “Yes, the rent of a two- to three-hundred-square-meter store is worth several million a year. It is really rich.” “Hehe, that is, you don’t want to see what it is. Brands and well-known companies are already selling crazy in the East China Sea. At present, Hunan Province only has the Changsha flagship store and this branch.” “I have been to the Changsha flagship store. That is the real luxury. This store is still almost . But it’s enough. After all, Liu City is not as prosperous as Changsha.” “When does it start, isn’t it ten o’clock? It’s half past nine, why is there no movement at all?” “I don’t know. “… As time passed bit by bit, ten o’clock in the morning finally came.

Today is the opening ceremony, which is more formal, so Wang Wei and Yefang still found a serious host, and they are also the more famous host in Liushi.

Therefore, when the supporters appeared, the audience members also burst into exclamations and screams.

“Oh my God, it turned out to be Li Lanlan, this is a TV station from Liushi TV, and I was invited.” “Ah, Li Lanlan, I love you.” “I have always wanted to see what Li Lanlan looks like. Today I finally saw it.” “It is really unreasonable to look even more beautiful than the ones on TV.” “This trip is really worthwhile.” … “Dear friends, good morning everyone, this is Li Lanlan.” Recently, in Hunan Province, a cosmetics company rose to fame. In a short period of time, it became famous…” Li Lanlan is the host of Liushi TV Station, nearly 30 years old, dignified and generous. Without losing her beauty, she is the dream lover of many people in Liushi, and the object of adoration by many girls in Liushi.

In order to invite her to preside over this opening ceremony, Wang Wei, Ye Fang and others had spent a lot of effort, and Li Lanlan alone paid 300,000 yuan.

This is equivalent to the commercial performance price of a second-rate star, and it is not low in Liushi.


In addition to this most direct remuneration, Wang Wei, Ye Fang and others have given up a lot of thoughts, have also found many people, and given a lot of gifts.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for a TV station like Li Lanlan to host the opening ceremony of the Liushi branch.

Sure enough, as soon as Li Lanlan appeared, it instantly detonated the emotions of everyone at the scene, screaming and cheering.

Li Lanlan on the stage was also a little excited.

As a TV station flower, it is natural to be valued.

But she did not expect that she would be invited to be a supporter of the famous company’s Liushi branch.

She was still unwilling at first, but when the other party offered a reward of 300,000 yuan, plus, after some persuasion by the leader of the station, she reluctantly agreed.

However, to her surprise and surprise, she came to the Liushi branch early in the morning and unexpectedly learned that Rocket Girl was also here, and what she was about to perform at the opening ceremony was that she was immediately excited.

Rocket Girls, as a well-known beautiful girl idol group in the country, has a huge fan base.

It just so happened that Li Lanlan is a fan of Rocket Girls and the president of the Liushi Fan Support Club.

So at this moment, Li Lanlan was in a surging mood, she couldn’t wait to announce that Rocket Girl would perform on stage in the next second.

But the opening ceremony has a prescribed process, and she must follow the process.

Finally, after some of the most basic procedures are completed, including ribbon cutting, leadership speeches, etc., the next link will finally appear.

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