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Chapter 1073

Soon, Dustin Zhou understood the concept of the richest man.

In Donghai City, there are basically such several classes.

Ordinary people, family, second-rate family, first-class family, hidden family… Dustin Zhou.

The last class was not added by Dustin Zhou himself, because it was not necessary, but he could not classify himself, saying that he was an ordinary person, it was obviously not realistic, but he was alone, not What kind of family, so it can only be divided into one category.

As the name suggests, ordinary people, no matter how rich they are, are just a person, not a family.

The characteristic of becoming a family is that the assets exceed tens of billions and the establishment of a family business will be considered as a family.

Just like the former uncle of the Xie family, he wanted to build the Xie family into a family with Mira Xie’s company as the center.

Generally speaking, ordinary people can never compare to a family.

Because once a person has money to a certain level, he will find ways to build his own family.

The reason is simple. Only by building a family, owning money, and owning offspring, can they be better passed on. There is no rich person who does not care about their own inheritance.

Although in theory, ordinary people can be richer than aristocratic families, just like Dustin Zhou’s, but in reality, this situation does not exist at all.

There is only one reason for the wealthy people who have not established a family, and that is not enough money.

And Li Dahai, the so-called richest man in the East China Sea, means that he is the richest man of ordinary people.

For those aristocratic families, second-rate families and first-class families, their family assets are huge, but no one is particularly rich. Even if they are particularly rich, they will not publish it and compare the rankings with ordinary people. .

This also led to Li Dahai becoming the richest man.

And how rich is this Li Dahai?

His Dahai Clothing Co., Ltd. has a market value of more than seven billion and has not yet been listed.

These more than seven billion are all his own personal assets.

Putting this money in ordinary people is indeed terrifying!

And Li Changhe, because of his own identity, was able to do whatever he wanted in the entire Donghai City.

As long as he doesn’t provoke any family’s children, then he is the most arrogant among ordinary people!

And Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen are obviously not children of a family!

“So, do you understand? Just let me go, otherwise, I will call my dad directly, and your famous company will have to go bankrupt!” Li Changhe said smugly.

Hear the name of the richest man, won’t you kneel down for me?

Dustin Zhou, Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng

, All at a loss.

Maybe it’s because they haven’t dealt with ordinary people for too long?

His father has more than seven billion, can he be so arrogant?

If this is the case… Then Dustin Zhou can be used as the three fathers of Li Changhe!

Not to mention Zhou Feng’s words, I am afraid that he could be used as Li Changhe’s more than 100 fathers.

Seeing the three people stunned, Li Changhe thought they were scared.

“If you’re scared, let this young master go out! What are you still doing here? Your company doesn’t want it, right?” Li Changhe said bluntly.

Dustin Zhou only then reacted, and said silently, “Who gave you this confidence? Don’t you know that the assets of the famous company have already exceeded 10 billion?” How is it? Yours is a listed company! The shares are in the hands of investors, so how many shares do you have!” “Compared to personal wealth, my dad is the richest man in the East China Sea. Believe it or not!” Li Changhe A face of disdain.

Dustin Zhou was completely speechless.

Forget it, there is no need to talk nonsense, anyway, the main purpose of finding out his father is to destroy his father.

“Of course it’s okay to let you go, let you go now.” Dustin Zhou said, directly untied the rope for Li Changhe.

“Remember, no matter what happens in the future, just don’t come to beg me.” “Please? I think your kid is confused!” Li Changhe snorted coldly, “You are not very sensible. Did I let it go? If I was counseled, I was counseled. What’s the point of saying such cruel remarks?” In Li Changhe’s eyes, since Dustin Zhou had untied him, it was naturally a sign of counseling.

On the other side, Zhou Feng had already dialed the phone silently, “Ah, yes, what is the name of the sea clothing group, how long does it take? Yes, the scale is more than seven billion, five minutes? Three minutes is not enough?” Zhou The sound of the wind calling is not very small, and Li Changhe also heard it.

But he didn’t understand what it meant, and thought Zhou Feng was confirming the strength of his father.

Most likely, after three to five minutes, they will kneel down and hug their thighs.

“Three minutes? What three minutes?” Zhou Feng asked.

“It has nothing to do with you. Since you are let go, you should get out of here.” Dustin Zhou didn’t bother to talk nonsense with him.

“Huh? Dustin Zhou, it’s not that I said you, you said that you are already afraid of me, so what are you doing so hard?” “Aren’t you just confirming that my father is the richest man in the East China Sea? After you confirm it, right? Are you going to kneel and hug my thighs?” “It takes three minutes to confirm, right? I’ll give you a chance to wait here for three minutes, lest you confirm it.

Later, people who can’t find me even if they want to hold their thighs!

“Li Changhe said triumphantly, thinking that his analysis was very correct. “I think you’d better get out…” Dustin Zhou murmured. At this time, Zhou Feng’s call was over. “How?

Dustin Zhou asked. “Three minutes, no problem.

Zhou Feng nodded. “Good.

“Dustin Zhou didn’t ask anything too much. As Zhou Feng, the son of Zhou’s family, it couldn’t be easier to destroy a small sea clothing group within three minutes. Li Changhe still sneered, in his opinion, Dustin Zhou and the others are pretending to be calm. I see how long you can be calm! Real gold is not afraid of fire, my dad is the richest man in the East China Sea! I see how you knelt down to intercede with me after receiving the news! Li Changhe Thinking like this, three minutes passed quickly. Li Changhe just wanted to complain about how Dustin Zhou’s own phone rang first when Dustin Zhou and the others were struggling to get a message. “Li Changhe!

where are you!

“His father Li Dahai’s thunderous voice came out of the microphone. “Do you know that you have hurt Laozi miserably!”

Who did you offend?

Now Master’s company has gone bankrupt!

Chapter 1074

Li Dahai yelled frantically at Li Changhe on the phone. After all, he was originally a supremely successful entrepreneur, known as the richest man in the East China Sea. Although not comparable to those of the family Noble status, but among ordinary people, it is an absolute master. His life was originally a worry-free life, and it can even be said to be very luxurious. Therefore, he treats his son very indulgently. Just tell He, as long as he doesn’t offend the children of the aristocracy, he can play whatever he wants. After all, people have money and they want to enjoy it. In Li Dahai’s concept, if you don’t enjoy it when you have money, you don’t bully others, you want money back What’s the point? But he didn’t expect that his son would stab him such a big basket one day. The strength of the other party was far beyond his imagination. Three minutes ago, Li Dahai received a call with a voice from the other side. Clean and neat, “Is Li Dahai, chairman of Dahai Clothing Group?

“You have one minute to dissolve your company, otherwise we will do it directly.

“At first he thought the other party was a fool. What’s the kidding? Let himself dissolve the company? One minute? Does the other party know who he is and what exactly this sentence means? He should do it after he hangs up the phone. What are you doing? I didn’t take this matter to my heart at all. After one minute passed, his company suddenly changed a little.

At about one minute and ten seconds, his phone number was almost blown up. It was all calls from the heads of various related departments, and his company was to be sealed.

Li Dahai was a little confused.

He usually manages these things very well!

As the richest man in Donghai City, no matter which department he is, he will give him a little face!

what is it today?

Why was he stuck at this time and suddenly troubled him collectively?

It was not only the suppression in this regard, but soon, all his business partners also called.

It’s almost a unified caliber. If you want to terminate cooperation with him, you need money if you want money, and if you want to sell out of stock, it will be out of stock.

It took more than a minute for these things to happen.

At this time, Li Dahai realized the seriousness of the matter.

He suddenly thought of the call he received a minute and a half ago.

He dialed the number with trembling hands, “Sir, who are you guys?” Li Dahai didn’t know how to communicate with the other party, because the other party was too powerful.

This method is unheard of, unseen.

Not to mention a family higher than him, even if it is a second-rate family, a first-class family, or even a hidden family, Li Dahai believes that the other party absolutely does not have such strength.

I’m afraid it’s the existence above the hidden family.

But he couldn’t figure out, when he offended an opponent of this level, and why he would look at him.

He was too lazy to ask the reason, because he knew that he was bound to die.

So he only has one question, who is the other party.

He wanted to die to understand.

But the other party did not give him a direct answer, but said coldly, “You can ask your son about this question.” Li Dahai became angry when he heard it.

He said he couldn’t offend a big man of this level!

He hasn’t even seen a big person of this level in normal times. Where can he offend him?

Good guy, now he knows, it was his own son who offended this big man!

After the call, three minutes had passed since he first received the call.

At this time, all his bank cards and credit cards were suspended.

He has also been on various blacklists, including the status of the company, and has also entered a suspended state when inquiring online.

He was completely finished now, he had nothing, and the other party who did all this only took two minutes.

He was given one minute for him to disband himself, one minute later he started to do it, and three minutes later he was completely finished.

He was lost for a moment, and then he got through his son’s phone.

If it weren’t for the phone screen, he would really like to bring Li Changhe, his own son, to him and beat him to death.


Who is offended!

“Li Dahai’s voice echoed in the microphone. And here, Li Changhe, although he heard the anger in Li Dahai’s tone, he didn’t know why his father was angry. He seemed to be talking about the company’s bankruptcy. Are you kidding me, I was fine yesterday, why did I go bankrupt today? “Dad?

Are you confused?

Why didn’t you take any medicine after waking up?

“Li Changhe said indifferently, “I’ll tell you, because you are my laozi, I won’t care about you this time.”

“Be careful next time you talk to me. Even if you are sick, you can’t talk to me like this!”

“Li Changhe was very upset. He is now using his father to pretend to Dustin Zhou. Here, his father called directly and said that he was bankrupt. This is not to tear down his platform! Adding him is normal, I have never respected him as a cheap dad, so he said such words directly. But when Li Dahai on the phone heard this, his lungs were almost exploded! This unlucky son! How dare to do this! Talk to his dad! Although he seems to say the same usually, it can be said that the reason why Li Changhe has his current character is inseparable from his father. But now and then! Li Dahai I usually spoil my child, and when something goes wrong, I want to put all the responsibilities on the child. “Li Changhe!

Do you dare to show up with me? Where are you now!

I will go over and tear you up!

Yelled Li Dahai. Li Changhe was not happy anymore, “old man, what is wrong with you today?”

It’s not over yet, isn’t it?

“Why do you spread all the anger on me?”

If you want to come over, you can just happen to have something on my side. Call me some people!

“Although Li Changhe was unhappy, he still disagrees with his attitude. He doesn’t think that something serious has really happened. He even wants to ask Li Dahai to call some people over for him. “May I call you someone?”

“Li Dahai gritted his teeth on the phone, “Okay, you tell me where you are, I will tell you to go over, and ask someone to go and kill you personally!”

“Okay, old man, don’t talk nonsense. If you want to call someone, just call, I’m in a famous company now!”

Come hurry up!

“Li Changhe reported his position very happily. After all, it was his own father. He didn’t believe that Li Dahai’s call was really aimed at him. Even after hanging up the phone, he was a little smug.

Chapter 1075

“Famous company, right, Dustin Zhou, right? My dad will come here personally soon. It’s too late for you to apologize to me now!

“Li Changhe said triumphantly.”


You inquired about my identity. Haven’t received any news yet?

“Your level is really low. It takes so much trouble to inquire about news. If I want to tell you, don’t inquire, just wait for my father to come over.

“At that time, I would like to see how you kneel down and hug my thigh!”

“Li Changhe thought that Dustin Zhou and the others didn’t understand their identities. But now it’s alright, his own father will be here soon, and the identity of his son of the richest man will soon be confirmed. He wants to know that when this group When you know you are the son of the real richest man, the expression on your face will be so wonderful. But Dustin Zhou and Zhou Feng Niuchuan on the side are almost suffocated with laughter. I have seen someone with a big heart, but I have never seen one. Such a big heart! “Hey, I said Mr. Li, don’t you feel that when your father called you, his tone was not right?

Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but said. “What?

The tone is not right?

“Li Changhe froze for a moment. It seems that the old man today is indeed in a bit abnormal state. He keeps mumbling about the company that went bankrupt, and it was all caused by himself. But how is that possible? The company was fine yesterday, in this world. , Is there really something that can make his company go bankrupt in one day? Besides, he didn’t provoke anyone! So Li Changhe just thought about it for a while and put the matter behind his head. “My dad is like that, he speaks a bit exaggeratedly, but these things are not important!

“Do you still not understand?”

My father is really Li Dahai, the richest man in Donghai City!

“Now this is all a matter of course, do you still want to hug my thigh?”

“No hug!”

Dustin Zhou shook his head. “I won’t hold either!”

Niu Chuan followed and shook his head. “I’m really not interested.

“Zhou Feng said with a smile on his face. “You, you guys!”

Okay, don’t you just still dare not believe this fact?

Then wait, at most two or three minutes, my old man will come over!

“At that time, I don’t think you will be so hard-talking. I don’t believe that there are still people in this world who don’t want to hold the thigh of the son of my richest man!

After saying this, Li Changhe closed his mouth and stopped talking nonsense. Because he was also waiting, when Li Dahai came, he slapped Dustin Zhou and others in the face severely. And Li Dahai here called again. After a few bodyguards around him, they quickly came to the car. Although the company went bankrupt and all his online assets were frozen, after all, the other party only took two minutes. Some things around him seemed to be Nothing has changed. For example, the bodyguards around him, although everyone knows that he is bankrupt, they didn’t kick him away and say no right away.

Did it.

After all, Li Dahai can be regarded as a character. Although those bodyguards know that something happened to Li Dahai, who knows if they will come back to life?

So they did not run.

And Li Dahai’s luxury car downstairs, this time also honestly parked below.

Although this luxury car no longer belongs to him, but in such a short period of time, he wants to drive it without any problems.

Li Dahai directly told the driver, the company is famous!

He was fierce and wanted to grab his son and beat him up.

But while on the road, he slowly calmed down.

There are too many things in it that deserve careful scrutiny.

what is the problem?

Hearing from the phone, Li Changhe’s personal safety does not seem to be threatened.

But this Li Changhe, didn’t he offend some super man?

If that’s the case, it’s one thing to destroy your own company, and Li Changhe’s life shouldn’t be saved!

Why can Li Changhe call himself like a okay person?

Li Dahai calmly analyzed, the best he could think of was that Li Changhe hadn’t offended anyone, but that the super man made a mistake.

Perhaps the son of a big boss with the same name offended that super big man, so that super big man destroyed his company.

Otherwise, he would never think of any possibility that his son would be safe and sound.

But is this only possible?

Li Changhe seemed to have mentioned on the phone just now that he did encounter some things now, so he asked himself to call a few people over to help.

What happened?

Are you saying that you have offended some big guy?

Then the big man did not directly act on Li Changhe.

It destroyed your company?

I have to say that as the richest man in Donghai City, Li Dahai is still very smart.

Although I didn’t guess the very specific details, but the general story, I guess it’s almost impossible to leave.

Li Dahai has vaguely heard of that famous company. After all, it is a rookie company in Donghai City. The speed of development is far beyond anyone’s imagination.

Among them, there seems to be a very mysterious figure, Dustin Zhou!

Standing at the level of Li Dahai, he actually heard some legends from certain family bosses. Dustin Zhou, a famous company, has a very mysterious origin, and he can even challenge the legendary Xu family!

If you think about it this way, then all the truths will work.

Dustin Zhou’s strength is powerful and mysterious, and it is very likely that he was the super man who brought down his company.

And his stupid son Li Changhe was because he offended Dustin Zhou.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t directly act on him, but

He broke his company.

Prodigal son!

Cheating son!

Li Dahai gritted his teeth bitterly, but he didn’t put all his emotions on resenting his son.

Because he knew that resenting his son now wouldn’t solve any problems at all.

And the reason why a smart person succeeds is, to a large extent, because he hardly does some wasteful actions that are meaningless and cannot solve anything.

My son is okay, maybe, things still have a chance!

Li Dahai secretly made up his mind, whether Dustin Zhou was the super boss behind the scenes or not, he couldn’t let go of this opportunity for a while.

Now, he can only bet on this one.

He told several of his bodyguards that after arriving at Mingyang, he must have a correct attitude and respect everyone in Mingyang. The only person who does not need to respect is his son Li Changhe.

And he himself, as soon as he arrived at Mingyang, he ran directly to Dustin Zhou, of course, he apologized.

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