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Chapter 686

Angry into anger!

After Tong Yan heard Zhang Yong’s words, her eyes still looked at Zhang Yong with a trace of worship.

This is my boyfriend, a phone call, and a vice president of a company that is so dignified that he ran down from upstairs without daring to complain.

Isn’t this an indirect explanation that your boyfriend is also a very capable person?

After a while, a middle-aged fat man ran in from Mingyang Company out of breath and looked around on the square in front of the gate. After seeing Zhang Yong, his eyes lit up and he immediately greeted him.

“Mr. Zhang, I’m sorry for asking you to run here specially.” Gu Ming trot in front of Zhang Yong, dragging his stomach on tiptoe, and quickly reached out and clasped Zhang Yong tightly.

Gu Ming’s face is not well-known at the moment.

There should always be self-confidence and pride.

On the contrary, it was full of greed and smile, and still deliberately welcomed the general smile.

“Haha, Mr. Gu, let me introduce to you, this is my girlfriend, Tong Yan, and this is Tong Yan’s college classmate, Miss Liu Xue.” After Zhang Yong said hello to Gu Ming, Yan and Liu Xue introduced it to him.

Seeing Tong Yan, Gu Ming’s eyes lit up, and a strange color flashed under his eyes.

However, after hearing that this was Zhang Yong’s girlfriend, Gu Ming’s face immediately returned to its original shape.

However, when he saw Liu Xue, and when Liu Xue had nothing to do with Zhang Yong, the greed on Gu Ming’s face hardly concealed it.

“Haha, good Miss Tong, good Miss Liu.” Gu Ming stretched out his hand to shake hands with Tong Yan and Liu Xue.

Tong Yan naturally shook hands with a smile. After all, this is a person who has a close cooperative relationship with her boyfriend. In any case, Tong Yan will also release kindness to the other party.

However, Liu Xue ignored this Gu Ming at all.

She didn’t expect that in the famous company, there would be people like Gu Ming, and he seemed to be a vice president.

Such positions are definitely not low within the company.

Liu Xue had even thought that when Dustin Zhou came back, she must expose this Gu Ming’s face.

“Hehe, Miss Liu is really cold.” Ignored by Liu Xue, the smile on Gu Ming’s face suddenly converged. He seemed to be another person, standing here, looking at Liu Xue.

, An aura of no anger and prestige radiated from him.

“Hehe, don’t be angry, Mr. Gu, Miss Liu might still be uncomfortable. After all, she guessed that she came here to apply for a job. At that time, she will need to take care of Mr. Gu.” Zhang Yong said with a smile and said “Duo Duo.” The words “care” are said to be very heavy, and anyone can understand the meaning.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect Miss Liu to even want to join our famous company?” This time, it was Gu Ming’s turn to be a little surprised, but this accident only lasted a short time.

In almost the next second, a cold color appeared on Gu Ming’s face.

I have to go to a well-known company to apply for a job, and even dare to show a face in front of me. Who is this to despise? It simply doesn’t put me in the eyes.

At this moment, Gu Ming had already thought of a way to punish Liu Xue and let her know who had the final say on this famous company.

“That’s natural. Since it is a friend introduced by Mr. Zhang, I will naturally take good care of it. When that happens, I will say hello to the director of personnel. If I want to come, he will sell me a face.” Gu Ming said with a smile. , Looked at Liu Xue, and continued.

“However, you also know the situation of the company this year. It is too hot, it develops too fast, and the employee benefits are also special.

Well, there are many people who want to come in, and there are also many related households. If I just say hello to the personnel director, he may not pass it in the end.

While Gu Ming was talking, his eyes were fixed on Liu Xue. This meaning is already obvious. If you want to join a famous company, you need a little expression. Not to mention money or not, everyone does not lack this. Since there is no shortage of money, there must be a lack of other things. Gu Ming’s eyes looked up and down on Liu Xue, especially the key parts of Liu Xue’s body for a long time. This meaning is self-evident. If you want to join a famous company, you have to pay a little price at the very least. “Oh, Liu Xue, Mr. Gu said that it’s worth it, don’t you understand?

If you show something, you will not be able to get past Mr. Gu alone, and it is even more impossible to go to work at Mingyang.

“Tong Yan smiled and persuaded, but her eyes were always in Liu Xue’s bag. She guessed that the black gold card was probably in Liu Xue’s bag. “Sorry, I misunderstood you, I’m not here. Job hunting.

“Liu Xue frowned, and for Zhang Yong, Tong Yan, and President Gu, he was very disgusted with the three of them. “I didn’t come to apply for a job. Who are you lying to?”

Otherwise, at this time, you will be at the gate of the famous company?

Don’t tell me, who do you know in the famous company?

“Tong Yan had an expression that I understand, and she didn’t believe Liu Xue’s words at all. “Yes, I’m just here waiting for someone. He went to the car and came over immediately. So, what are you going to do? What to do now.

“Liu Xue said lightly. “Hehe, Miss Liu, I don’t know who you are waiting for. As far as I know, there are no leaders in the company on duty today, and it has already passed the time for work. It seems that the person you are waiting for is already Being late, this point, but will be punished.

“Gu Ming said coldly. Gu Ming was a little angry at the moment. He hinted to Liu Xue several times and asked her to show it, and then he could help her. But this Liu Xue has been pretending to be garlic, pretending not to understand, and not at all. Take care of yourself, this makes Gu Ming feel contemptuous and humiliated. And since he became the vice president of a famous company, he has encountered such a situation for the first time. People who go up are not respectful and treat themselves as kindly as their second-born parents. Even the Zhang Yong beside him, when he found himself at the beginning, he directly made a promise and gave a heavy gift. Otherwise, Gu Ming He would never help Zhang Yong, a self-made man. Tong Yan, Zhang Yong, and Gu Ming have always wanted to talk to Liu Xue

Words, but Liu Xue has been ignored.

“Huh, Mr. Zhang, I think this Miss Liu doesn’t want to join a famous company at all. Otherwise, she will follow her attitude and enter the company. Within a day, she will definitely be scolded by the leader.” Gu Ming At this point, he was already a little bit irritated, and at the same time, he also complained a bit about Zhang Yong.

At first, Gu Ming thought this was a girl Zhang Yong introduced to him, and as long as he shot, he could easily win it.

But after several attempts, Liu Xue was not moved at all.

Chapter 687

“You don’t need to bother about this, you should pay attention to yourself, as a famous company, even colluding with outsiders, there must be some invisible activities, which brought losses to the famous company.” Liu Xue coldly Said, for this Gu Ming, he began to get bored even more.

“Little girl, what did you say? There is something you dare to say again?” At this moment, Liu Xue’s words directly stung Gu Ming’s painful foot and immediately made him furious.

“Why? I poke your sore spot? If you don’t know where to go, you can’t do it yourself.” Liu Xue sneered.

“Death!” Gu Ming was furious when he heard this. What he was most afraid of was that some of his outside activities would be known by the company, so that he would be investigated.

Now that Liu Xue said so, it was undoubtedly poking Gu Ming’s painful foot.

When Gu Ming was furious, he raised his slap and slapped Liu Xue in the face.

It’s just a little yellow-haired girl, such a woman, Gu Ming didn’t know how much she had played before, and which one was not the one who lowered her eyebrows and submissively in front of her.

Liu Xue looked at Gu Ming head-on and watched him lift a slap. She was about to hit her face without evading.

And Tong Yan on the side looked at it, and did not stop.

She also looked down on Liu Xue a bit. Is it great to have money? She is defiant, and it is good to teach her a lesson.

And Gu Ming’s slap will at least leave a clear slap mark on Liu Xue’s face, and it will last for several days at least.

However, Gu Ming’s slap was raised, but it did not fall.

Suddenly a hand stretched out from Gu Ming’s side, squeezing Gu Ming’s wrist tightly, making him immobile.

And Tong Yan always looked at someone, she was a man, she didn’t know him, but she looked extraordinary, not a small person.

And Zhang Yong recognized this person at a glance.

Dustin Zhou.

“Dustin Zhou, what are you going to do? Don’t let it go. I offended President Gu. I think you don’t want to get involved in Mingyang.” Zhang Yong shouted sharply.

He did not expect that he would meet Dustin Zhou here.

But after thinking about it, Zhang Yong had known for a long time that Dustin Zhou worked for Mingyang, but he was just an ordinary small employee, at the lowest level.

Such a small employee, in the big one

In the famous company, it is not remarkable at all.

And Zhang Yong was given a severe lesson by Dustin Zhou yesterday. Until now, he was still suffocating in his heart, but he couldn’t find a specific way to find his place.

Zhang Yong did not expect that he would find nowhere to go after breaking through the iron shoes, and it would be effortless to get it.

Dustin Zhou unexpectedly ran out by himself, and also reached out to block Gu Ming from teaching Liu Xue.

That’s right, Zhang Yong only cooperated with Mingyang, and there was nothing to do with Dustin Zhou’s employees, but Gu Ming was different.

Gu Ming was also the vice president of a department anyway, and dealing with a low-level existence like Fu Dustin Zhou was nothing but a wave of hands.

“President Gu, this person is Dustin Zhou. He is a small employee of Mingyang Company. He is at the bottom level. He has been working in Mingyang Company for several years, but he hasn’t improved at all. This time, I think he is dizzy and even treats you. Do it.” Zhang Yong looked at Gu Ming’s back and wanted to add more firewood to make Gu Ming more angry with Dustin Zhou.

However, after Zhang Yong finished speaking, he found that Gu Ming hadn’t moved.

Not only that, but Gu Ming’s body trembled slightly, and his feet were a little soft.

“Mr. Gu?” Zhang Yong frowned, and couldn’t figure out why, so he walked to Gu Ming and gently pushed Gu Ming, wanting to see what happened to him.

However, just as Zhang Yong walked to Gu Ming’s side, he was stunned.

In Zhang Yong’s impression, the fat, insatiable, but very effective Gu Ming, his face was pale, his forehead was sweating like rain, his eyes were full of panic and panic, his lips twitched slightly, he wanted to speak. , But there is no strength to speak at all.

This is the Gu Ming in Zhang Yong’s impression.

This is clearly the reaction to seeing something incredible, and seeing something terrifying.

However, the sky is wide here, and it is still in the large square in front of the famous company, and there is nothing scary about it.

Zhang Yong couldn’t understand why Gu Ming had such a reaction.

“Mr. Gu?” But, I didn’t wait for Zhang Yong to ask what happened.

Gu Ming dragged his fat body and collapsed directly on the ground, looking at Dustin Zhou who was standing in front of him with a desperate expression.

“Zhou…Zhou…” Gu Ming was terrified.

At the same time, there was always a huge question mark in his heart.

Why did things become like this?

Why did things become like this?

He obviously stayed in the office well. After receiving a call from Zhang Yong, he came down to pick up the other party. By the way, he met Liu Xue who Zhang Yong introduced.

Liu Xue ignored her and despised herself, just stab her painful foot.

Gu Ming doesn’t care about these things at any time.

But he couldn’t think about it

Understand why Dustin Zhou would appear in this place.

Why would it be Dustin Zhou who stopped him.

Gu Ming has been working in Mingyang for several years, how could he not know Dustin Zhou.

It was originally just an ordinary employee of the famous company, but since half a year ago, Dustin Zhou was promoted at a surprisingly fast speed as if he had been on a rocket.

Even Dustin Zhou became the person in charge of two mega projects of Mingyang, and even the second largest shareholder of Mingyang after its president Enderia Shen.

It can be said that with Dustin Zhou’s words, he Gu Ming is now ready to go and go.

Gu Ming trembled in his heart and wanted to explain something, but he found that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t open his mouth, as if there was something sealing his mouth.

However, Gu Ming’s words fell in the ears of Zhang Yong, Tong Yan and Liu Xue.

Liu Xue nodded secretly, and it became clear in her heart that Dustin Zhou turned out to be an executive of a well-known company, and even a deputy director like Gu Ming would be afraid.

However, Zhang Yong and Tong Yan looked at Gu Ming with incredible expressions, and then looked at Dustin Zhou again.

The shock on Tong Yan’s face was just because Gu Ming was so afraid of Dustin Zhou.

However, Zhang Yong’s heart was tumbling like a terrifying sea at this time, and it could not be calmed for a long time.

He did not expect that Gu Ming was so afraid of Dustin Zhou, and he even called Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou?

Mr. Zhou?

Mr. Zhou, who is even afraid of vice presidents like Gu Ming, who will be in the famous company?

At this moment, Zhang Yong realized that his brain was not enough.

Obviously, at the banquet of Xie’s mother yesterday, Dustin Zhoudu was just an ordinary employee. How could it be that Gu Mingdu was so scared now?

“Mr. Gu, you didn’t admit it wrong? His name is Dustin Zhou, just an ordinary employee of the famous company, and he is the son-in-law of my cousin’s family. How could it be Mr. Zhou?”

Chapter 688

It’s not to blame Zhang Yong for saying that, it’s really the current situation, even he can’t understand it.

Although I can hold Gu Ming slightly, if Gu Ming really wants to turn his face with him, it will be a matter of minutes.

Without him, Zhang Yong, with Gu Ming’s identity and status, it would be easy to find another person to replace Zhang Yong.

However, if Zhang Yong does not have Gu Ming, then his company will be unable to do so.

However, even so, Gu Ming at the moment has no image.

Not only was the whole body trembling, his face was pale, and he couldn’t speak, but even the look at Dustin Zhou was filled with endless fear.

Zhang Yong now can’t wait to shout loudly in Gu Ming’s ear, that’s Dustin Zhou, that’s just a small employee of your famous company

, And also a superfluous son-in-law, a useless waste.

However, after shouting these words, Zhang Yong realized that he was wrong.

Zhang Yong imagined that if he said such words, Gu Ming would be able to react, and then he would give him a lesson to clean up Dustin Zhou, and even directly furious.

Let Dustin Zhou get out of the company directly.

However, Gu Ming didn’t seem to hear his own words. Not only that, Gu Ming’s color of fear became stronger.

Zhang Yong even had a feeling that if Dustin Zhou was just a look at this time, Gu Ming would probably kneel down and apologize.

At this time, Tong Yan was already looking silly.

The development of things like this was completely beyond her expectation. Even at this time, she didn’t have the time to watch Liu Xue’s reaction. She came directly to Zhang Yong, took Zhang Yong’s arm, and her body was tight together.

“Zhang Yong, what the hell is going on? This person, as you really said, is a small employee of a well-known company, or the husband of your cousin, the son-in-law of the Xie family?” Tong Yan trembling teeth , Asked tremblingly.

Tong Yan knows some of Zhang Yong’s family situation.

In particular, Zhang Yong started from the Yueji beauty company that relied on his cousin, so Tong Yan also secretly checked the Xie family.

She knows that the person in charge of the Yueji Beauty Company in the Xie family is called Mira Xie. She is a big beauty. She is very famous in the whole Baolai Street. It is rumored that she is also known as Enderia Shen, the president of the famous high-cold goddess of the company. beauty.

Before the promotion of the famous company, Enderia Shen and Mira Xie were used as models, which once swept the entire East China Sea.

However, Tong Yan did not expect that Mira Xie was already married, and the other party was still a son-in-law, and at this moment, she was standing in front of her.

However, if everything is what Zhang Yong said, then how should the scene be explained?

Obviously it should be just an ordinary employee of a company, but in front of a deputy director of a department like Gu Ming, there is not a trace of fear, but like a superior god, who decides life and death in one word.

On the contrary, Gu Ming is like an ordinary employee, seeing the company’s biggest boss, who can decide his stay or stay in one word.

Such a huge contrast made Tong Yan feel that her head was not enough.

“It’s true, everything I just said is true, but…” Zhang Yong clenched his teeth for fear that he might bite his tongue if he was not careful.

Today’s things are too weird.

If he didn’t know Gu Ming and knew Gu Ming’s position in the famous company, Zhang Yong would even suspect that all this was just for Dustin Zhou to ask someone to act and show him.

At the same time, Dustin Zhou quietly watched

Looking at Gu Ming, watching him trembling, and even afraid to look up at him, there was no trace of anger or anger in his heart.

Dustin Zhou knew about this Gu Ming. He was a newly promoted leader of the company about half a year ago.

Originally, he was just a manager of the business department, but he performed well in the company’s whitening factor facial mask disfigurement. He was promoted by Enderia Shen to become the current vice president of the Ministry of Commerce.

It can be said that Gu Ming has already established a firm foothold in the famous company. As long as he performs well, he is likely to become the director of the Ministry of Commerce in the next three years and truly become the company’s senior leader.

It’s just… “Oh.” With a silent sigh in his heart, Dustin Zhou never thought that he would meet Gu Ming again in this way.

Where is Gu Ming in his own impression?

This is clearly a worm, a mouse poop, and a pot of porridge. The mouse poop in this sentence can be said to be Gu Ming.

“Gu Ming, it really surprised me…” Dustin Zhou sighed softly, squeezing Gu Ming’s wrist, his tone was full of regret, and the look in Gu Ming’s eyes was also a little bit regretful.

Gu Ming is a capable person. When he became the vice president, he assisted the director of the commerce department. He did a lot of things and made a lot of credit for the company.

At this time, Gu Ming heard Dustin Zhou’s words, this tone, and seeing Dustin Zhou’s eyes and face, suddenly felt excited.

This is clearly hesitating.

At this moment, Gu Ming felt as if he had caught the last life-saving straw. Without a word, he knelt down and kept kowtow towards Dustin Zhou.

“Ms. Zhou, it was all my fault. I was blinded by lard and deceived by other people’s rhetoric. It was all my fault…” “Ms. Zhou, I must change it painfully. Work hard, and I will never make such mistakes again in the future. I hope that Mr. Zhou can forgive me…” Gu Ming still cares about his own face, there is only one thing he is thinking about now. , That is, Dustin Zhou must be forgiven and not held accountable.

As long as this goal can be achieved, then he will still be the vice president of the famous company, and the power in his hand is still there. At this time, no one will care about the lost face.

On the contrary, if he is punished by Dustin Zhou and kicked out of the company, everything in the past will become a bubble and become a fleeting phenomenon.

At that time, his Gu Ming was truly without any face.

What’s more, there are not many people in the company now, and not many people know this.

And knelt down directly and neatly like this. For Gu Ming, it was the only way to save himself now. He had no choice, so he felt that there was nothing, and there was no burden in his heart.


For Liu Xue, for Zhang Yong and Tong Yan, all this shocked them completely.

Liu Xue opened her mouth slightly, looking at Dustin Zhou’s back, her eyes glowed, her face was also slightly flushed, the corners of her mouth were slightly raised, her mood was obviously good, and her heart was more secure.

At this time, Liu Xue also thought of what happened at the Mountain Mist Club yesterday. At that time, she was not exactly the same as her current situation.

And the person who rescued him twice was Dustin Zhou.

Liu Xue looked at Dustin Zhou, gradually, her eyes blurred.

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