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Chapter 1187

Enderia Shen was a little worried about Lin Ziyu’s state.

The reason is very simple. Now Lin Ziyu is the same she used to be. She knows Lin Ziyu’s mental state too well.

However, Dustin Zhou said there was nothing he could do about it.

After experiencing so much and seeing so much, Dustin Zhou is already a little numb to this kind of thing, and he sees it very well.

Some things cannot be forced.

There are gains and losses in life.

The most important thing is to determine what you want, what you think in your heart, and what your life direction is.

Dustin Zhou is very clear about his position now. For example, in the previous small village, he helped the villagers who were blindfolded.

In other words, if possible, he will consider from the perspective of the entire human race, become a good person and help others.

But when the people around him are hurt, he will also help those around him with a clear conscience.

Even this move may hurt some innocent people.

But the injury to that innocent person was not caused by Dustin Zhou in essence.

What is the meaning of human beings?

Dustin Zhou hasn’t figured out until now that the universe is so big that there are all kinds of strange creatures.

The human group is nothing but a drop in the ocean in the universe.

Even on the earth, Dustin Zhou couldn’t figure out what the future of mankind would be.

Now he learned that the civilization of mankind was actually developed with the help of a spiritual wisdom that was equal to that of heaven in ancient times.

But human emotions, human thoughts

It belongs to me.

In other words, apart from one’s own heart, all the external things in this world, including power, weapons, or money, do not actually belong to them.

Human civilization will continue to develop. Dustin Zhou seems to be strong, but in the entire historical process, he is just a small screw.

He can’t do too much, he can only keep his heart, make himself happy, and make people around him happy. On this basis, he can make more contributions to society.

That’s it.

Therefore, he doesn’t think about what will happen to Lin Ziyu in the future. He now has other things to do, settle in Xu’s family, and at the same time return to Zhou’s to settle down.

At this point, Dustin Zhou will bid farewell to Enderia Shen.

“Can we meet again?” Enderia Shen asked.

“Perhaps.” Dustin Zhou smiled slightly, “Don’t worry, I will never forget you.” “What can I do if I don’t forget, anyway, I will never get you.” Enderia Shen said with a bit of bitterness.

Dustin Zhou shook his head. He had deep feelings for Enderia Shen.

But he couldn’t betray Mira Xie.

On this basis, he can try any method that can make Enderia Shen happy.

“Maybe you can meet another person you love in the future?” Dustin Zhou said jokingly.

Enderia Shen was stunned for a moment, then laughed, and nodded and said, “Yes, three-legged toads are not easy to find, but two-legged men are still dissatisfied with the street?” “I will find them soon. Another man, then completely forgot about you.” Of course, this sentence is just a talk. Whether it is Dustin Zhou or Enderia Shen, they probably know very well in their hearts that Enderia Shen will probably never forget Dustin Zhou.

As for whether the two can finally get together, Dustin Zhou doesn’t know, but for now, he still doesn’t want to betray Mira Xie, he wants to give Mira Xie an explanation.

Farewell to Enderia Shen Dustin Zhou first came to the Su family and Sun family.

These two families have only ten martial masters in total, and now, although their martial masters have disappeared, it does not have much impact on these two families.

Both Su Shiming and Sun Qiankun are business elites, and they already have the economic strength to dominate the East China Sea, so they still maintain the status of the first family.

And seeing Dustin Zhou’s return, the two were also very shocked.

“Mr. Zhou, you…” Su Shiming wanted to say something.

“Needless to say, there is only one thing for me this time.” Dustin Zhou said.

“The martial master of your family will never return, including Niu Chuan by my side, Lord Tiger, and even all the martial artists of the Xu family, all have fallen.” “How is this possible!” Su Shiming and Sun Qiankun both

People are just mortals and don’t know anything about what happened in the small world.

Dustin Zhou continued, “This is the truth, but I survived.” “I only have one request now. Although the Xu family is already down, I hope you two can still obey the Xu family as the number one overlord of the East China Sea. The status of the aristocratic family cannot be shaken.” “Help the Xu family financially, and at the same time you must contribute to help the Xu family cultivate the next generation, to ensure that this family can develop permanently and rejuvenate.” “If you don’t help, then. , I can only do it myself, and in my lifetime, I will definitely bring the Xu family back to the top.” In this regard, Su Shiming and Sun Qiankun both agreed.

Moreover, they dare not play tricks.

Dustin Zhou is now a representative of omnipotence in their eyes!

Aside from all this, they and Dustin Zhou also had a fateful friendship, and even if Dustin Zhou explained things, they would try their best to complete them even if they were not for profit.

Dustin Zhou took these two people to the Xu family, and seeing the few people left in the Xu family, he felt a sorrow in his heart.

But he didn’t say much, it was a foregone conclusion, there was nothing left to say, because the ending could not be changed.

After completing the handover, Dustin Zhou went to the imperial capital alone.

Imperial Capital, Zhou Family!

Standing at the gate of Zhou’s family, Dustin Zhou was full of emotion.

Not long ago, this place was the first family in the East, powerful enough to be admired by thousands of people, but overnight, it became an empty shell family with no one.

Moreover, something seems to have happened to the Zhou family, Dustin Zhou’s brows were slightly raised, and he stepped into the door of the Zhou family.

The compound was in a mess, as if it had been beaten, smashed and robbed. What happened?

An unknown premonition rose in Dustin Zhou’s heart and hurried to his mother’s room.

Who did it?

If something happens to his mother, Dustin Zhou really cannot guarantee what he will do!

Dustin Zhou smashed the door directly, and the people inside were taken aback.

When it was clear that the person was Dustin Zhou, the talent inside cried out in surprise.

“Zhou, Dustin Zhou! Is that you? Are you back?” Mira Xie said.

“You bastard, what place did you bring us here? Isn’t it a rich family? How could it be like this! You are such a waste!” This is what Xie’s mother said.

And Dustin Zhou’s mother looked at Dustin Zhou with excitement.

Chapter 1188

There were only three of them in this room. When Dustin Zhou broke in, they seemed to be shaking in a hug.

And seeing Dustin Zhou coming in, Mira Xie was excited, Xie’s mother complained, and Zhou’s mother was gratified.

Dustin Zhou understands that the Zhou family must send

After giving birth to something, she asked in a deep voice, “What’s going on?” Mira Xie’s expression was clearest. She told Dustin Zhou that since Dustin Zhou had left soon, the Zhou family had descended from a fairy teacher who claimed to be the ancestor of the Zhou family. All the force of the family was taken away, and I don’t know where I took it.

Suddenly, the entire Zhou family became empty.

But this doesn’t matter, because the warriors basically don’t manage the family business very much, so the Zhou family’s assets are still running and very stable.

But just a few days ago, members of the Xuanyuan Family, the Wang Family, and the Li Family suddenly broke in with people, ransacking the entire Zhou Family, and captured the remaining men of the Zhou Family and the men in charge of the company.

The three of them were only survived by the Zhou family under the protection.

The people of the three major families are very domineering, but the people of the Zhou family said that in any case, they should not touch the three women that Dustin Zhou brought.

If they move, the Zhou family will definitely come with them.

Hearing this, Dustin Zhou was still slightly moved.

“Are there three big families?” Dustin Zhou pondered, “They should have got some kind of news.” To put it bluntly, the Xu family in the East China Sea suffered the most losses in this super battle between civilization and heaven.

However, although the Xu family was lonely, in a short period of time, Dustin Zhou did not find any trouble finding the Xu family.

The reason is simple. There should be very few families that can know that all the people in the small world have died.

In other words, although the Zhou family is lonely, no one knows.

If the three big families dared to come to Zhou’s house to make trouble, it should have been the news that the small world was wiped out.

But how did they get this news?

It didn’t take long for Dustin Zhou to figure it out.

Because the three major families have produced many immortal masters, their immortal masters are all soul tablets in the family.

Later, the soul tablets of the three major families shattered collectively, and they realized some problems.

After inquiring, they learned that all the immortal masters of the Zhou family have also fallen, and even the immortal masters have fallen. Could these people who have been brought over from the secular world be alive?

So they deduced that the whole army of the martial arts coalition was wiped out, even Dustin Zhou.

Because if Dustin Zhou hadn’t died, the martial arts coalition would not have been wiped out, and some people would always be retained.

This is why they took action against the Zhou family.

In the past, Dustin Zhou was able to suppress them because of force.

But now, the forces of the four major families are all leveled, and the three major families joined forces to take down the Zhou family. It is a simple matter.

Dustin Zhou’s brows frowned slightly, but he wasn’t too angry, because this little thing could hardly stir his heartstrings.

But give these families something

Lessons are still necessary.

“You trash! What the hell are you talking about! Isn’t it a super rich? Isn’t it the first family in the East? Why did it become like this overnight?” At this time, Xie’s mother began to complain again.

She is such a person. If Dustin Zhou showed a wealthy side, then she would kneel and lick, and if she found Dustin Zhou was down, then she would definitely jump out and mock at the first time.

Dustin Zhou glanced at her and didn’t bother to care about her, but said coldly, “Don’t worry, I won’t treat you badly.” “Mira marry me, and I will make her the happiest woman.” Dustin Zhou suddenly looked at Mira, “By the way, do I still owe you a wedding?” When the two got married, Dustin Zhou was the son-in-law, and there was no wedding at all, because Dustin Zhou was a man from the past.

That’s why Dustin Zhou said so.

Mira Xie was stunned for a moment, “When is the time now, you still want to say this.” “The wedding thing is not important at all. I am very happy to be with you!” “Don’t listen to my mother’s nonsense, or Hurry up and find a way to rescue the Zhou family.” Mira Xie has fallen in love with Dustin Zhou, and the relationship between the two has confessed.

So for Dustin Zhou, Mira Xie was not polite, and she didn’t care what shocking things Dustin Zhou could give her. She only hoped that the family could live in peace and stability.

“That won’t work, the things that should be given are still to be given.” Dustin Zhou smiled slightly and turned away.

“What are you going to do?” Mira Xie asked from his back.

“Send invitation!” Dustin Zhou said without turning his head.

The three big families are trembling.

They had counts, but what they never expected was that Dustin Zhou was still alive!

Their most terrifying nightmare was unscathed!

All the powers of their three major families have fallen, but the supreme fighting power of the Zhou family still exists intact!

How to play this!

And the most important thing is that they just kidnapped the Zhou family and are now discussing how to divide the Zhou family’s property.

Those from the Zhou family who had been kidnapped by them were thrown on the side, and were tortured with bruises. Under these circumstances, Dustin Zhou came.

“Zhou, Mr. Zhou…” Patriarch Xuanyuan said tremblingly.

“It’s been a long time, Patriarch Xuanyuan,” Dustin Zhou narrowed his eyes, and looked at Patriarch Wang and Patriarch Li behind him, “Hello.” “No, no, misunderstanding, all this is a misunderstanding! “Patriarch Xuanyuan said immediately.

“I haven’t said anything yet, you know it’s a misunderstanding?” Dustin Zhou asked in a mocking tone.

Those who were

The Zhou family who was tortured by the clan became excited when Dustin Zhou came.

“You are just talking about what’s the misunderstanding?” Patriarch Xuanyuan saw the situation without any ink, and immediately went to unbind the Zhou family, and then said to Dustin Zhou, “Mr. Zhou, I’m really sorry, we shouldn’t kidnap the Zhou family. People.” Dustin Zhou shrugged, “So hey? Are you just trying to tell me I’m sorry?” How could this kind of thing be solved with a single sentence of sorry?

At this time, a Zhou family came forward and asked Dustin Zhou, “Master, can I beat these old guys? They are so damning!” Dustin Zhou nodded, “Just do it with you, as long as you don’t wrong yourself. It’s fine, to fight or not to fight, or how to fight, you just need to let yourself out of the bad breath.” Hearing this, how could the Zhou family be polite?

They returned all the methods used by the three major families to torture them dozens of times.

And Dustin Zhou just watched quietly from the side, and then said to the three Patriarchs who were being beaten, “Actually, I am here today, mainly because I want to invite the three Patriarchs. Three days later, I will get married. Hope Three Patriarchs can give me a face.”

Chapter 1189 Finale

Give a face?

What does this sentence mean?

No one knew, and Dustin Zhou didn’t say it, it was all understood by the patriarchs of the three major families.

Dustin Zhou did post an invitation. After he rescued the Zhou family, he asked the Zhou family to make arrangements, and then Dustin Zhou sent it to Enderia Shen, Donghai Xu family, Su family and Sun family of Mingyang Company. Went to the oral letter invitation.

Even if his task is completed, three days later, the wedding officially begins.

The Zhou family’s arrangements were naturally in place, after all, after Dustin Zhou came back, they immediately restored their status as the first family in the East.

How could this kind of arrangement be small when the young masters of the Eastern First Family got married!

Hundreds of various super luxury cars such as Rolls-Royce, Maserati, Porsche, Ferrari and so on are lined up in a row.

The entire imperial capital, and even all the celebrities or rich people who can be called the number, basically all came.

But even so, these people couldn’t even squeeze into the gate. They could only line up at the gate, give their gifts, and ask the doorman to write down their names. That’s it, they already felt very honored.

But the Xu family, Sun family, and Su family, the old acquaintances of Dustin Zhou, could easily enter the Zhou family compound, which gave them a good face.

From now on, no matter how powerful you are and how deep your background is, but seeing these old acquaintances of Dustin Zhou, you will sell a bit of face in the future. These families can be regarded as famous once.


The most interesting thing is that all of Mira Xie’s relatives also came.

After all, it was a wedding with Mira Xie. To say that Mira Xie’s natal family had to thank her mother alone, it was a bit unreasonable.

So Dustin Zhou did not refuse to let these relatives in.

Before entering the Zhou family compound, these relatives were chased by countless dignitaries for a long time, “Are you the relatives of the Xie family?” “Oh, oh, it’s really a scholarly family at first sight, able to educate. Congratulations for coming out of a woman like Mrs. Zhou!” “You will take care of me a lot in the future, and I hope you can accept it.” The Zhou family’s relatives are almost frightened.

They knew that Dustin Zhou was very strong, but they never knew that Dustin Zhou was so strong.

Who were those just now?

Many are super giants that can only be seen on TV!

Business giant!

But those people are all trying to please them!

Of course they knew that all of this was Dustin Zhou’s credit. At this moment, they finally couldn’t bring up any humiliation to Dustin Zhou.

Kneeling and licking, you must kneel and lick, and now Dustin Zhou is invincible in their hearts!

Two hours of time was wasted just by welcoming guests.

But their income is also very good.

Not counting gifts, just counting the cash for gifts, there are more than 3 billion.

If you count the value of the gift, it probably exceeds tens of billions.

Just receiving gifts is quite the total value of a listed group.

After the welcoming was over, Dustin Zhou was with Mira Xie in the wedding dress, and after worshipping the heaven and the earth and the mother of both sides, he started to drive to the hotel.

The hotel is naturally the most luxurious hotel in the entire East. Someone once said that a casual meal here costs about 100,000 yuan.

If you want to eat better and eat happily, then go for a million.

But today, this hotel is reserved by the Lord!

Dustin Zhou took the hotel very boldly, but there was no alternative, it was only a few dollars.

However, the trivial 3 billion was used to hold a wedding, and Dustin Zhou even thought it was a bit crude.

But he really couldn’t find a more luxurious place than this hotel, so he could only take a look.

The wedding begins.

In fact, in terms of process, it is not much different from most wedding processes.

The two parties took the stage and played the memories photos or wedding photos, and then under the auspices of the master of ceremonies, the two parties exchanged rings and read the oath.

Weddings are sacred. Dustin Zhou didn’t think about being ingenious. This set of procedures used by lovers all over the world, in a sense, is the most sacred and pure.

Dustin Zhou’s wedding and others don’t

The same place is probably luxurious.

For example, the bouquet used by others is just a handful of simple flowers or fake flowers.

And Dustin Zhou used a rose made of pure gold.

In order to prevent hurting people, the bouquet is made light and thin, but in order to expand his value, Dustin Zhou also inlaid some diamonds on the bouquet.

In addition, every detail of the wedding, including wedding dresses, rings, or all the jewelry on Mira Xie’s body, are all made by the world’s top handmade designer.

Everything is unique, and there is no second one in the world.

In short, in Dustin Zhou’s wedding, apart from Hao, there is really only Hao left.

What kind of sh*t star’s wedding of the century, in front of Dustin Zhou’s wedding, there is almost nothing left!

Not even the younger brother!

If you insist on saying whether there is anyone in the world that can approach Dustin Zhou’s wedding specifications, it is probably only the son of a Saudi oil guy.

The petroleum guy’s son has a very high marriage standard, but it is very unlikely to exceed Dustin Zhou’s wedding. It can only be said to be close.

After going through the process, apart from these extravagant things that blinded everyone, it was two people’s speeches.

Dustin Zhou’s speech was very simple. The reason why he would marry Mira Xie is because he loves her, and she swears that she will never fail her in this life!

But Dustin Zhou said something extra.

She will never disappoint Mira Xie, but in his heart, there is another woman’s position.

Of course it was Enderia Shen.

In order to live up to Mira Xie, Dustin Zhou explicitly rejected Enderia Shen many times.

This was very cruel to Enderia Shen, and at the same time, it seriously violated Dustin Zhou’s original intention.

Today, he finally said this sentence.

Enderia Shen in the audience, with tears seeping in his eyes, he covered his mouth and looked at Dustin Zhou, his face full of excitement.

Although Dustin Zhou has explicitly rejected her many times, and also said some very hurtful things to her.

She gave so much, what Dustin Zhou could do was just silently staying by her side and befriend her.

Maybe silly.

But today, with Dustin Zhou’s words, everything in the past is worth it!

Enderia Shen shed moving tears.

At this time, it was Mira Xie to speak.

Mira Xie’s speech was also very simple.

She told a story about herself and Dustin Zhou.

Then, to sum it up briefly, she is actually not worthy of Dustin Zhou. She also knows that sometimes Enderia Shen is more suitable for Dustin Zhou than herself.

In fact, to a certain extent, she can make concessions, which is not Dustin Zhou’s betrayal.


This is the end of the ceremony process.

And Dustin Zhou also started a brand new life.

As for the future, who can say for sure?

The End

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