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Table of Contents

Chapter 104

The roar on the road!

After all, the college life once was not a particularly beautiful thing for Dustin Zhou.

“I know you have graduated, but Dustin Zhou, I asked you to come to the Department of Item Inspection of Tunghai University, not just for you to study item inspection.” Shao Zekai smiled lightly, his eyes deep.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know what Shao Zekai’s remarks meant, but after thinking about it for a moment, he had a clue again.

Since entering the Item Inspection Department of Tunghai University is not simply learning about item inspection, it must be related to item inspection.

As far as Dustin Zhou knows, it is related to the inspection of objects and Shao Zekai, and only Zhou’s Inspection Institute.

And Shao Zekai is the director of the Donghai branch of Zhou’s testing institute.

“You have to know, it’s not the same year anymore, even in the Zhou Testing Institute, there is more than one voice.” Shao Zekai said seriously.

“Okay, Professor Shao, if that’s the case, then I will enroll.” After confirming that it was related to Zhou’s testing institute, Dustin Zhou directly agreed without any hesitation.

“Well, you have to prepare first, and you can come to report next week, but I don’t ask you to stay in school, just come here once a week.” Shao Zekai said with a smile.

“No problem.” … After sending Shao Zekai away, Dustin Zhou realized that it was almost nine o’clock in the evening.

There was only less than half an hour left before Su Xiaomeng’s concert began.

“Brother Dustin Zhou, do you have anything else to do? Or you can go ahead. If you can watch my performance, I will be very satisfied.” Chen Xin has always been quietly beside Dustin Zhou, seeing When Dustin Zhou looked at the time, his brows frowned slightly, and immediately thought that he might have other things.

“It’s okay, it’s not a big deal, Xiaoxin, let me take you to the concert.” After thinking about it, Dustin Zhou still didn’t convince himself to leave Chen Xin directly.

Since there was no way to keep Chen Xin, Dustin Zhou had no choice but to bring Chen Xin with him.

Anyway, she and Su Xiaomeng are also very good friends.

Dustin Zhou could even imagine that Su Xiaomeng would look surprised when he saw Chen Xin.

“Concert? Really?” Chen Xin was overjoyed, jumped up in exclamation, and directly hugged Dustin Zhou’s arm with a happy expression.

Soon, Dustin Zhou took Chen Xin into the car and rushed all the way to Rocket Girl’s concert.

“Master, wait for me!” As soon as the car started to leave, Su Wei ran after him panting. Seeing the car sprinting away, he quickly got in his car and followed.

… Rocket Girl’s concert was held in the gymnasium in the city center, nearly thirty miles away from Tunghai University.

It takes half an hour to drive all.

If everything went well, Dustin Zhou and the others would definitely be able to catch up in half an hour.

Just because the Rocket Girl is so famous, so many people rushed to see their concert along the way, which caused the road to be congested.

“Brother Yang, the road is blocked. There seems to be a car accident ahead.” Niu Chuan said helplessly when he came back from inquiring about the news.

If there are other reasons, he can still think of ways.

But in the face of traffic accidents and congestion, Niu Chuan has nothing to do.

After all, it is impossible for him to move all the cars in front of him alone.

“Brother Dustin Zhou, I know a road that also leads to the gymnasium, but it’s a little far away.” Chen Xin said suddenly, and his face was slightly red, as if he was hesitant to say.

“It’s okay, you can tell it, it’s better than traffic jam here.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

“From the ramp in front, there is a ring road that will pass Xiaoshu Mountain, and after going down, it is near the gymnasium.” Chen Xin whispered, not daring to look directly at Dustin Zhou.

“Okay, let’s go there, Chuanzi, and check the navigation.” “No, there is no navigation there!” Dustin Zhou was about to ask Niu Chuan to check the navigation, but Chen Xin’s words made him a little helpless.

Without navigation, everything must follow Chen Xin’s guidance to reach the stadium smoothly.

Soon, the car entered the fork road and headed towards Xiaoshu Mountain.

“Xiao Xin, are you hiding something from me? When you said this road just now, it felt a little strange.” When halfway through the road, Dustin Zhou suddenly realized that Chen Xin was indeed a little strange and couldn’t help asking.

He didn’t intend to ask anything, he just wanted to ask.

Even if Chen Xin didn’t say anything, Dustin Zhou wouldn’t mean to blame.

“Brother Dustin Zhou, I…” What Dustin Zhou didn’t expect was that Chen Xin seemed to be hiding something from him.

Suddenly asked by Dustin Zhou, Chen Xin obviously dodged his eyes, and kept looking forward, as if looking for something.

“Boom!” “Boom! Boom! Boom!” At this moment, a few explosive noises came, and several lights suddenly lit up on the dark road ahead.

“What’s the matter?” Dustin Zhou was taken aback, and quickly looked over.

“Brother Yang, it seems to be a drag racing.” Drag racing?

Dustin Zhou didn’t expect such a thing to be encountered by himself.

and many more!

Could it be that this is what Chen Xin wanted to hide just now?

Seeing Dustin Zhou’s questioning gaze, Chen Xin had to nod and admit it.

“How do you know there is a drag racing here?” Dustin Zhou questioned.

In his impression, Chen Xin should be Asher Chen’s jewel in the palm, and it is impossible for Asher Chen to let his precious daughter participate in such a dangerous event as drag racing.


But the fact is that Chen Xin knew that someone was racing on this road without navigation.

“I’m sorry, Brother Dustin Zhou, I came here before, knowing that someone was racing here…” Chen Xin hesitated and didn’t say everything.

At this time, those roaring cars were gradually approaching Dustin Zhou and the others.

Soon, three cars in a row showed their bodies from far to near.


As soon as he approached Dustin Zhou’s car, all three cars stopped instantly.

The sound of huge tires rubbing on the ground echoed throughout Xiaoshu Mountain.

“Hey, isn’t this Chen Xin?” “Sister Xin? Didn’t you say that you are not coming tonight?” “Yeah, Sister Xin, why are you here, and still riding in such a broken car!” “Haha, Chen Xin , Didn’t you mean to make me look good? This is the racer I found today. How about the one you found? Wouldn’t it be these two newbies? Haha.” Several people walked down from the three cars. , Surrounded by Dustin Zhou’s car.

When Dustin Zhou saw it, he knew that they knew Chen Xin, and listening to what he meant, there seemed to be a drag racing here tonight.

And Chen Xin hadn’t planned to come, but he guided Dustin Zhou to this path.

“Boy, I didn’t hear you talking to you, did you? Master” “Come down, I want to see, what is the talent of the person Chen Xin found!” Several people walked to the car window and kept tapping on the car window. , I want Dustin Zhou to get off the car.

But Dustin Zhou is not familiar with the situation here, let alone who these are, naturally it is impossible to open the window so easily.

“Brother Yang, do you want me to solve them?”

Chapter 105

Drag racing!

“Don’t worry, take a look at the situation first.” Dustin Zhou waved his hand and said lightly.

At this moment, Dustin Zhou and the others were surrounded by several people from the other side, and it seemed that they were not kind.

If it were ordinary people, they might have been so scared now that they would either get out of the car and apologize or run away.

But Dustin Zhou is different.

Not only did he not frighten the other party, but he did not run away.

I thought Dustin Zhou had also heard about some Speeding Party things when he was still in college.

They take the joy of drag racing, and they will be there on every surprising section of the country.

Those speeding parties think they are pursuing excitement, life and dreams.

But Dustin Zhou knew that they were just being handsome, and would only behave in front of Mengxin.

Once you meet a master, most of them will run away.

“Boy, our brother Nan talked to you, didn’t you hear it? Get out!” “Yes, get out!” “Otherwise, don’t blame us for the action!” Several people saw Dustin Zhou still sitting in the car indifferently. , Suddenly became angry, and was about to rush over and open the door forcibly.

“Hey.” However, at this moment, the car door opened actively.

Dustin Zhou tidyed up his clothes, got out of the car with a calm expression, and looked at these people calmly.

“Boy, I am finally willing to get out of the car.” Seeing Dustin Zhou getting out of the car, the leading man suddenly sneered.

“You are the Nan brother they say?” Dustin Zhou paused his eyes on this person, and saw that other people had a somewhat respectful attitude towards this person, and he immediately understood the identity of the other person.

For a so-called speeding party like this, instead of competing with Xiaoyou, it is better to go straight to the leader.

In this way, things are often simple and straightforward.

“Yes, it’s me, what do you want?” Nan Ge kept an inch, his face was rebellious, and he didn’t even care about Dustin Zhou.

Instead, his gaze stayed on Chen Xin, and a faint trace of greed flashed past.

And this detail was also captured by Dustin Zhou, and it became clear in his heart.

“The question now is not what I want, but what do you want, what do you mean by blocking our way?” Dustin Zhou said slowly, and his expression was extremely calm from beginning to end.

It seemed that he didn’t worry about what outrageous things Nan Ge would do.

“Haha, it’s so funny. I broke into our site and dared to ask what we mean?” “Yeah, don’t you know that the entire Xiaoshu Mountain is our site? Until now, there is no such car The car dare to pass here easily!” “Yes, boy, if I were you, I would kneel down to Brother Nan and beg for mercy, otherwise, you don’t want to leave today!” As soon as Dustin Zhou’s voice fell, everyone on the other side burst into laughter.

Pointing at Dustin Zhou with a look of contempt.

“It’s not necessary to kneel down and beg for mercy. If you can beat me, I will let you go.” “But if you can’t win, then I have only one request.” Nan Ge pressed his hand and suppressed everyone’s laughter. Going down, then he looked at Dustin Zhou vigorously and said lightly.

When he mentioned the request, he pointed directly at Chen Xin.

“Leave her!” “Hahaha, I know what Nan Ge meant!” “I didn’t expect Nan Ge to be so persistent to Chen Xin.” “Then this time, Nan Ge must have won. In this world, he can win. Brother Nan’s people have not been born yet!” Everyone laughed, everyone looked exactly like this.

And Dustin Zhou also suddenly realized.

No wonder the other party knows Chen Xin, because the other party’s target has always been Chen Xin.

At this time, Chen Xin directed Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan to come here, and I am afraid that it would not be related to this matter.

“Does Chen Xin want to use me to let these people retreat?” Dustin Zhou thought to himself.

And Chen Xin obviously noticed Dustin Zhou’s appearance at this time, and quickly took Dustin Zhou’s arm and whispered.

“Brother Dustin Zhou, I didn’t mean it, it’s just that these people are so annoying, I can’t help it…” Chen Xin sobbed quietly as he spoke.

Dustin Zhou was most afraid of a woman crying in front of him, and suddenly felt his head big.

“Didn’t you tell your dad about this? With his ability, it is definitely not difficult to balance these people!” Dustin Zhou couldn’t help asking.

With Asher Chen’s energy in the East China Sea, it was easy to solve a group of speeding parties.

In particular, this group of speed gangs openly harassed his precious daughter.

I’m afraid, if you are any big boss, at this time, you will have the heart to kill.

“What? Boy are you scared?” Nan Ge suddenly sneered when Dustin Zhou hadn’t agreed.

The others also followed up with wanton mockery.

“Afraid?” “Haha, sorry, I have never been afraid of the word in Dustin Zhou’s dictionary.” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly.

“Brother Yang, these people are definitely not ordinary people. Drag racing must have skills, you…” Niu Chuan worried.

In the long acquaintance between Niu Chuan and Dustin Zhou, he has never seen Dustin Zhou drive a few times.

Although I saw Dustin Zhou driving a few times, they were all quite satisfactory.

Drag racing is not a heavyweight at all.

And if Dustin Zhou loses, is it really necessary to keep Chen Xin as Nan Ge wanted?

“Chuanzi, did I not tell you that I have always liked drag racing very much, but since I married Mira Xie three years ago, I have never touched this again.” Dustin Zhou patted Niu Chuan on the shoulder and said lightly. .


When he was still in college, Dustin Zhou was a full-fledged racing fan.

He watched almost every racing event.

Even in the F1 competition held in Donghai that year, Dustin Zhou voluntarily applied to be a volunteer in order to be able to watch the competition further.

At that time, he also met many racing drivers and had a deeper understanding of racing.

So this time, Dustin Zhou couldn’t directly admit defeat, he must compete with this so-called Nan Ge.

“I promise you! However, if I win, I will never have you on this road!” Dustin Zhou said seriously.

“OK, let’s get started!” Nan Ge didn’t say much, and started straightforwardly.

In his opinion, losing is impossible.

Especially Dustin Zhou’s performance is not like a person who can drag racing at all, which makes Nan Ge even more contemptuous.

This time, Niu Chuan’s car was Enderia Shen’s Maserati.

A normal coupe, in terms of speed, is far inferior to the Ferrari used by Nange.

“Brother Yang, this car…or should I find someone to replace it?” Niu Chuan asked worriedly.

He didn’t have 100% confidence in Dustin Zhou, and he was even more worried about Dustin Zhou’s accident.

After all, there is an accident in the process of drag racing, no one can help.

“No, just this one.” Soon, the two sides were ready, and everyone looked at the two cars excitedly.

“Haha, I bet Nan Ge will dump this kid for a kilometer!” “One kilometer? You look at this kid too high, right? I bet he can’t see Nan Ge’s taillight at all!” “Haha!” “Ready, start!” The racing girl took off her jacket, stood between the two cars, and raised her jacket high.

And at this moment, even the car galloped forward like a gust of wind.

“Damn! No! This kid started so fast!” “Yeah, it’s no match for Nan Ge.” “How can he be comparable to Nan Ge, you know, who is our Nan Ge’s skills? I learned it!” “You mean, that person?” “Yes, in the whole world, only that person can convince Nan Ge!” Back then, on the Jiuqu Quicksand Devil Track near the sea in Donghai City. , There appeared a racer like a god.

No one has seen that person’s true face, but whenever there is a large-scale racing event, that person must appear.

And every time it appears, it must outperform everyone.

No one has seen him, everyone only knows that every time that person appears, he wears a pair of face towels and only reveals a pair of pure eyes.

“Shifeng Hand, this is the title of that person!” Niu Chuan was even more worried when listening to these people.

Tell the truth

In other words, he had heard of the title of “Hate Wind Hand”.

When I was a security guard, I liked to brag with other people, always bragging about things I knew.

The title of “Hate Wind Hand” is what Niu Chuan heard from an old security guard.

Therefore, at this moment, Niu Chuan’s heart suddenly tightened.

Chapter 106

Dustin Zhou’s Maserati and Nan Ge’s Ferrari galloped away from the starting line almost at the same time.

The two cars, on the surface, look the same, both are luxury cars.

But in the design concept, it is quite different.

Ferrari is designed to make people experience the thrill of extreme speed, so the speed is generally very fast, the start is fast, and the straight line speed is faster.

Maserati usually targets women, focusing on pursuing fresh petty bourgeoisie, exquisite and elegant, and it is much inferior to Ferrari in terms of speed.

There is not much difference between the two cars in the first thousand meters, and they are almost parallel to the front.

But after a thousand meters, the essential gap between the two cars began to manifest.

“Look, Nan brother is better than that kid!” “Nan brother is amazing, that kid is too ignorant, and don’t look at who our Nan brother is!” “That is, a broken Maserati, and I want to go south with us. Brother’s Ferrari is simply a dream!” Almost every distance on the ring road of Xiaoshu Mountain, there are several speeders.

They report the status of the two cars along the way, and the current state.

As soon as Nange’s Ferrari surpassed Dustin Zhou’s Maserati, they would communicate the news to other personnel through the walkie-talkie.

Seeing the cheers of those Speeding Party members, Niu Chuan and Chen Xin both had a trace of worry.

After all, two people, without an intercom, didn’t know Dustin Zhou’s situation at this time.

In fact, Dustin Zhou is very calm now.

Nan Ge’s Ferrari is just tens of meters in front of him.

Although Ferrari’s speed was very fast, Dustin Zhou still chased him, and was not pulled away.

“It seems that this kid has some strength.” Nan Ge glanced at the rearview mirror and saw Dustin Zhou’s Maserati closely behind him. He couldn’t help but sneered, pressing his toes down hard.

Suddenly, a harsh roar suddenly sounded.

After that, Ferrari was like a cannonball, rushing forward again, the speed has exceeded three hundred yards!

Although it is said that Raleigh’s peak speed can reach about four hundred and fifty yards, that is theoretical data.

And the requirements on the track are also very high, it must be straight, and the road must be flat.

You know, apart from professional tracks, there are very few roads in the world that meet such conditions.

What’s more, the place where they are at this time is the ring road of Xiaoshu Mountain.


Zigzag upward, and on the road, there are some cracked roads from time to time.

It is impossible for Ferrari to gallop on it with all its strength, and must strictly control the speed.

However, Nan Ge didn’t seem to care at all, and Ferrari’s speed climbed up again with the force under his feet.

In almost an instant, Nan Ge widened the distance between himself and Dustin Zhou to two hundred meters.

It can be said that Nan Ge has directly widened the gap between him and Dustin Zhou by more than 100 meters.

Such a gap is extremely rare to see in professional competitions.

“Oh my God, Brother Nan is speeding up!” “Brother Nan has already thrown away the guy from Maserati, now it’s more than two hundred meters away, that boy will almost lose sight of the taillights of Brother Nan!” “Go on, Brother Nan, Brother Nan! Mighty!” The cheering voice of the speeding party continued from the walkie-talkie.

Dustin Zhou sat in Maserati, looking at Ferrari, which was getting further and further away from him, his eyes gradually narrowed.

For drag racing, that was his previous hobby, but because of family circumstances, he can only use some bad racing to practice his hands.

And this, he never told anyone from beginning to end.

“For several years, my hands are really rusty. How did people call me back then?” Dustin Zhou chuckled, holding the steering wheel tightly with both hands, and stepping on the soles of his feet slowly, as if he didn’t care about the possibility of appearing on the road. The problem.

“I remembered, they used to call me the’Bust Windman’, I don’t know if I still remember it now.” “Boom boom boom!” A huge sound rang out, Dustin Zhou drove Maserati to speed up, and quickly approached the Ferrari distance.

“Damn! Is that kid going to die? He doesn’t slow down at the corner!” “Not only did he not slow down, but he also accelerated!” “No, he is about to catch up with Brother Nan. Now the difference between the two cars is only 30 meters. Around, there are less than ten positions!” Dustin Zhou’s sudden acceleration shocked the speeding parties. One by one, he spread the situation through the intercom.

“Huh! Kid, want to surpass me? Dream it!” Seeing Maserati getting closer and closer, Nan Ge’s expression instantly darkened.

With a low drink, Nan Ge speeded up again.

This time, Ferrari’s speed has almost reached the extreme on the Xiaoshu Mountain Ring Road.

If the speed is faster, there is a great possibility of rollover.

You know, even if there are no cliffs on both sides of the Xiaoshu Mountain Ring Road, it is also a deep ravine.

If the car rolls over, there is almost no possibility of survival.

Even if the fortune-telling survived, I am afraid it would be disabled for life.

And this time, Nan Ge almost took out all his tricks.

But even so, Dustin Zhou remained unmoved and drove Maserati calmly.

The entire Xiaoshu Mountain Ring Road is only a dozen kilometers long.

If you follow the normal speed, you can complete the course in half an hour.

Even in the case of drag racing, it only takes more than ten minutes.

Soon, ten minutes passed.

Nan Ge and Dustin Zhou both came to the last section.

Seven consecutive bends.

Limited by the unique topography of Xiaoshu Mountain, the last section of the Ring Road has seven consecutive bends, each of which is closely connected.

When you come out of a corner, you will immediately enter the next corner. There is no time to breathe.

“Brother Nan and that kid have now come to Qiqu Lianhuan, and now Brother Nan is still in the lead!” “But that kid is also good at strength, and he hasn’t been thrown away by Brother Nan!” Real-time news continued to spread, and Niu Chuanhe Chen Xin was relieved a lot.

Dustin Zhou and Nan Ge dragged the car and took the lead, while Niu Chuan and Chen Xin slowly followed behind in the speeding party car.

Now I heard them say that the two had entered the last corner, and they were also relieved for a long time.

The seven-curved series of bends, as a landmark section of the Xiaoshu Mountain Ring Road, is a favorite place for countless racing parties.

There are people racing here almost every day.

At this time, Dustin Zhou’s Maserati clasped Nan Ge’s Ferrari tightly, and plunged into a series of seven bends.

“Now both cars are entering the corners, and Nan is leading, but the kid is also following very closely, not to lose!” “But Jinan’s technique, it should be very easy to get rid of that kid!” “Now They have already passed three corners and entered the fourth corner!” “Brother Nan is far ahead, and that kid probably can’t keep up!” …… The hurried voices kept coming from the walkie-talkie. People are highly nervous at this time.

“That kid seems to have given up. They have now entered the fifth corner, and that kid suddenly slowed down…” “No! Not slowing down, he actually accelerated! At the fifth death curve, not only did not slow down, but rather Accelerate, now the distance with Brother Nan is getting tighter!” “What! What did I see!” Suddenly, there were exclamations from the intercom.

“That kid actually surpassed Brother Nan. When he exited the fifth corner and entered the sixth corner, he surpassed Brother Nan!” “How did he surpass Brother Nan just now? I didn’t even see it. !”

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