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Table of Contents

Chapter 1103

Dustin Zhou has always felt that this female fairy has something wrong. There is something wrong with the appointment, and he clearly said that he could not let himself work, but he turned around and changed his mind and let him stay. Down. This

It’s disgusting.

The uncle behind him and the other workers were almost injured by Dustin Zhou at this time.

This kid is really a talent!

A fairy teacher asked him to show his favor, but he could still refuse so brightly.

Brother, if you can’t do it, change me!

But it is a pity that the female fairy master obviously only looks at Dustin Zhou.

“Little brother, I said you are serious, or do you pretend to be stupid with us here?” The fairy became a little impatient, “Really don’t understand what I’m talking about?” She finally put down her body and took the initiative To show good to a warrior emperor, this warrior emperor can’t understand what she said?

Are you kidding me?

She is also a fairy teacher anyway, don’t you want face?

But Dustin Zhou really didn’t understand what the fairy master was saying.

But the most important thing is that he still doesn’t know that he didn’t understand.

“No, what the hell is going on with you woman?” “What makes me pretend to be stupid? This is obviously your fault, okay?” “You have clearly agreed not to let me work, why bother I’ll stay?” “It’s obviously that you turned your back on me, so why do I pretend to be stupid?” The female fairy stunned for a moment, she rolled her eyes, and suddenly smiled again.

She believed a little now, Dustin Zhou really didn’t understand her suggestion.

That would be really interesting.

Such an innocent boy, I haven’t seen it in many years.

As a result, her interest in Dustin Zhou became even stronger.

This female fairy teacher is very beautiful and powerful, even in the entire small world, she is a famous beauty fairy teacher.

But she has lived in the small world for more than three hundred years, but she has never been married and has no boyfriend.

For no other reason, this female fairy is a little habitual. She doesn’t like men who are stronger than herself. She likes super genius, and also the weaker one.

The kind of arrogant little person in his bones, who is obviously not as strong as her, but who wants to hold the head high, has the most appetite for her, giving her a feeling of conquest.

Unfortunately, such people are too hard to find.

Genius is rare, not to mention the genius in this small world, which one has not achieved the realm of the immortal soon?

The immortal master who achieves the realm of immortal masters wants to conquer this female fairy, not to be conquered by this female fairy.

Therefore, she has remained single for so many years.

But after seeing Dustin Zhou, she suddenly felt a beam of light shined into her life.

It’s too good!

This Dustin Zhou is simply the lover of her dreams.

And looking at it now, it seems to be very simple, which makes her even more excited.

So, the female fairy cast away all the unhappiness, and slowly walked towards Dustin Zhou.

go with.

“Little guy, it seems that you really didn’t understand what the elder sister meant.” “If that’s the case, do you want me to clarify it for you?” The female fairy said as she came. When he reached Dustin Zhou, he stretched out a finger and provoked Dustin Zhou’s chin.

Dustin Zhou’s eyes suddenly became flustered, but he still pretended to be justified, “You, you say it!” “You tell me, what do I don’t understand?” Dustin Zhou stalked his neck, pretending to be strong and said.

All this fell in the eyes of the female fairy, and she was immediately excited.

This is the feeling!

His eyes were flustered, and he pretended to be tough with his neck!

It is the ideal little wolf dog!

“Little brother, elder sister wants you to be my man, I want to do happy things with you! Can you understand that?” The fairy said with a smirk.

“Quick, happy thing?” Dustin Zhou really understood this time.

Even he couldn’t help but blush, this woman is too sturdy!

Can this kind of thing be said so openly?

Will teach bad kids good or not!

Oh, there seems to be no children here, except Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie, everyone else is a monster who has lived for hundreds of years.

But this kind of thing can’t be said openly!

Such words are very shy, OK?

But for the emperor of warriors like the female fairy and the uncle, they have lived for hundreds of years, and they have long seen this kind of thing.

So what can I say in an honest manner?

Not only can I speak uprightly, even if I do it uprightly, there is nothing inappropriate!

Isn’t it just that. They have witnessed how many lives and deaths mortals have experienced, and how many times they have crawled over from the edge of life and death. This little thing is not something that can’t be said in their eyes.

But Dustin Zhou is different.

Dustin Zhou’s concept, to a large extent, still stays in the secular world.

His old face blushed and he involuntarily took a step back, “You, don’t talk nonsense, I have a wife.” “I can’t betray my wife!” Dustin Zhou said firmly.

Mira Xie behind him heard these words, and his heart immediately warmed.

How should I put it, what Dustin Zhou has seen with her is far beyond her imagination.

It turns out that this is the world in which Dustin Zhou exists?

Let’s fight if you don’t agree!

Here, there seems to be no legal, moral or human constraints.

Everything depends on whose fist speaks.

Whoever has the big fist can talk about it. The key is that the fighting power of this group of people is high to a terrifying level.

Dustin Zhou just had a fight with Uncle

In the picture, Mira Xie saw everything in his eyes. For Mira Xie, that kind of battle scene could really be regarded as dark or ruined.

In such an environment, Dustin Zhou was able to stick to his inner principles and choose to fight against the strong, which in itself made Mira Xie feel very moved.

And now, Dustin Zhou turned down the most powerful woman present in order to guarantee loyalty to her!

Mira Xie was really moved, but at the same time she also realized a problem.

The things Dustin Zhou touched were too high and too high, far beyond her cognition.

She doesn’t deserve Dustin Zhou at all!

At the same time, she absolutely can’t let Dustin Zhou fall into this place because of herself!

Dustin Zhou is definitely a man with a promising future, and he definitely cannot be a woman who is holding back!

Therefore, at this time, Mira Xie took the initiative to speak, “Dustin Zhou, don’t think about me, I don’t object to you agreeing to the request of this female fairy.”

Chapter 1104

Mira Xie has made up her mind. She wants to follow Dustin Zhou’s pace last year and become a person like Dustin Zhou.

This process may be very long, but what she has to do now is absolutely not able to hold Dustin Zhou’s back.

Not to mention Dustin Zhou offending the female fairy in front of her for her.

Even if Mira Xie is not a cultivator, she can see that these cultivators are all cruel people, who say they just do it.

Therefore, Mira Xie also has enough reasons to believe that if Dustin Zhou directly rejected the female fairy now, then the two of them might not leave the construction site alive.

“Dustin Zhou, don’t think about me, do it boldly! I believe you, you will do it!” Mira Xie gave Dustin Zhou a cheering gesture, encouraging him with his eyes.

Dustin Zhou was speechless for a while.

My wife, what are you doing to me?

Do you know what I am going to do?

Can this kind of thing come on?

Besides, what do you mean by believing that I can do it?

Oh yeah, can I do it? You are indeed the woman who knows the most…but it’s not the same thing at all!

“It looks like this is your wife?” The female fairy also looked at Mira Xie with interest.

“Huh? An ordinary woman? Not even a cultivator?” The female fairy said in surprise, “Young man, what is this little world? Is your back garden? Come to this place. Bring your wife as an ordinary person?” “In a word, if you two want to survive in this small world, it’s impossible, unless you can hold a thigh, such as me, sure not to think about it?”

After seeing that Mira Xie was an ordinary person, the female fairy suddenly lost interest.

Turn to Dustin Zhou.

Unless you hug my thigh, otherwise you two will definitely die.

She thought Dustin Zhou would hesitate a little if she said that.

Unexpectedly, Dustin Zhou didn’t even think about it, and said directly, “I refuse!” “Let me be your man, it’s absolutely impossible!” “Because I don’t love you at all!” Dustin Zhou is definitely a single one. Man.

It might be a little inappropriate to say that he is single-minded, after all, he now has a special feeling for Enderia Shen.

But Dustin Zhou is definitely a principled man, he will never have any interest in a woman who has no feelings for him.

Feelings are the prerequisite for happiness.

“Yeah, you have a temper? What’s the matter, what can you do without feelings? Enter the room with my sister and me, are you still wronged or what?” The fairy asked in a playful tone.

She is not in a hurry.

On the contrary, she likes this feeling. She likes Dustin Zhou’s unruly reaction.

“Don’t care who suffers,” Dustin Zhou said he was ashamed, “but I just won’t have any relationship with you, can you understand?” “I do enter the space you created now, I will not shame , If you want compensation, I can compensate you.” “But if you want to make my mind, that will definitely not work!” Dustin Zhou said firmly.

“Are you sure?” The female fairy smiled.

If Dustin Zhou didn’t struggle at all, it would be meaningless.

“I’m sure!” Dustin Zhou said.

“That’s easy to say, do you think you are my opponent?” The female fairy said again.

Dustin Zhou was taken aback for a moment, what does this mean?

Opponent, that is definitely not an opponent, he is just a warrior emperor, how could he be the opponent of a generation of immortal masters?

So Dustin Zhou shook his head, “I’m not your opponent, but so what? I won’t succumb!” “Don’t succumb? Sometimes, what you say is not counted, as a warrior emperor, Don’t you understand this truth?” With a flick of the female fairy teacher, an invisible energy enveloped Dustin Zhou’s entire body in an instant.

Dustin Zhou was about to release his true qi resistance subconsciously, but he suddenly realized that his true qi could not be mobilized.

What’s happening here?

Not only was the Zhen Qi in the body unable to be mobilized, even Dustin Zhou’s body could not move.

That invisible force completely imprisoned him.

“You, what are you going to do?” Dustin Zhou couldn’t help frowning and asked.

He has an ominous hunch.

“What are you doing?” The female fairy licked her lips. “Little brother, can you still not understand?” “I thought

Be happy with you, but you are unwilling. If this is the case, then I can only take the initiative to find happiness.

“Now, you can’t refuse me.”

“It’s true that I can’t refuse. I can’t move. Why should I refuse? Now Dustin Zhou, even if he uses a finger, he can’t even think of suicide… Of course, Dustin Zhou is not going to do this kind of thing. Suicide. He just feels a little embarrassed. It’s too embarrassing. In front of so many people, this female fairy is going to deal with him like this? “No, I said, it’s not good for you, right?

“Dustin Zhou tried to understand the reason and move with affection. “I don’t care, is it possible that you care.”

“The female fairy asked back, her fingertips sliding slowly on Dustin Zhou’s body. “Little brother, do you feel weak now?”

“Dustin Zhou was a little speechless, it must be powerless! It is shameful to be imprisoned by a woman! He raised his head and looked at the uncle and the workers, thinking that he would see ridicule in their eyes. But what he saw was what he saw. But it’s all envy. Yes, envy. In this situation, probably a man would envy it! Only such a straight steel man would feel embarrassed. “Did you give up the struggle completely?

Or is there any other means?

The female fairy put Dustin Zhou on the ground, squatting beside him and said, “If you have given up struggling, then I will go straight to the subject!”

“Go straight to the subject…Dustin Zhou really wants to cry without tears now. Do you want to play such a beautiful beauty? What can we not discuss? It is a pity that this female fairy is not interested in everything. She is only interested in Dustin Zhou. Dustin Zhou can only close her eyes and pray at this time. The female fairy smiled triumphantly, and she liked Dustin Zhou’s expression. This feeling made her excited, and she couldn’t wait to be happy. He got up, but at this moment, Dustin Zhou, who closed his eyes, suddenly opened them again. And this time, Dustin Zhou’s temperament has changed, and the light in his eyes reveals something that is hard to ignore. Domineering and mighty. Don’t talk about the emperor of warriors, even the female fairy looked at him, and felt pressured, as if looking at a monster!

Chapter 1105

What? How could this little warrior emperor suddenly possess such pressure? This kind of pressure made that fairy master feel suffocated! “Who are you?

“The female fairy teacher immediately noticed something wrong. In this state of Dustin Zhou, it is absolutely impossible to be an ordinary emperor of warriors! The emperor of warriors, there can be no such coercion! Dustin Zhou opened her eyes, indifferent Glanced

After getting down the crowd, his body shook slightly, and he directly struggled with the restraint the female fairy master brought him, and then Dustin Zhou stood up from the ground.

Standing up, Dustin Zhou didn’t do anything strange. He looked at the world with curious eyes like a person who had lost his memory for a long time just waking up.

Then, he tilted his head and looked at the female fairy, “Women, it was you just now, what do you want to do to me?” Dustin Zhou asked jokingly in his tone.

The female fairy’s expression changed slightly. Now she doesn’t like Dustin Zhou anymore.

Because what she likes is the kind of genius who is not strong but is very proud.

But like Dustin Zhou’s current situation, she doesn’t really like people who appear domineering because of their very strong strength.

In the small world, there are many immortal masters who are very powerful and domineering. This kind of resource is not scarce, but the female fairy does not like it.

So she rejected Dustin Zhou and said with some caution, “Sorry, I didn’t want to do anything to you.” “Speaking of which, who are you? Could it be that you deliberately turned into the same look just now to deceive me? Right?” There was a hint of suspicion in the female fairy’s eyes.

She felt that someone might have known her preferences, so Dustin Zhou became what she just did, pretending to be a super genius warrior emperor, the purpose is to win her own favor.

But soon, she dispelled this doubt.

Because of Dustin Zhou, she never intended to win her favor from beginning to end.

“Lie to you? No, I’m not that boring.” “Don’t get me wrong, I actually didn’t take you to heart,” Dustin Zhou said, “It’s just that being kidnapped by a woman is a shame to me. That’s it, so I have to let you repay this shame.” Dustin Zhou said, he actually imitated the female fairy with a flick of his fingers, and this time, he couldn’t move as a female fairy.

The strength gap between the two sides is so strong!

Those employees were also shocked.

Dustin Zhou is obviously just a warrior emperor!

Why do you have such power?

“Is it possible that this guy is the ultimate emperor in the legend?” the uncle muttered to himself.

“What? The emperor’s ultimate? That kind of thing, it should be just a legend, a lie.” “Does that kind of thing really exist in the world?” Everyone said.

The emperor’s ultimate is another path of the legendary practitioner.

As we all know, the peak strength of a warrior is the emperor of warriors. When a person breaks through the emperor of warriors, it is equivalent to breaking through the realm of mortals and directly becoming a fairy master.

This is the vast majority of cultivation methods, and it is also the process by which most people grow in strength.

But in the legend, there is another

Raised people don’t need to follow this rule.

The emperor’s ultimate!

The emperor of warriors, the emperor of mortals, but what is the emperor?

The emperor should be the ninth-five god, the one and only one of heaven.

This kind of thing, it should not be a realm.

It seems that anyone who is a genius can become the emperor of mortals through cultivation.

But in fact, there should be only one emperor!

The real emperor is comparable to a fairy master!

Such a person is called the emperor’s ultimate!

The emperor of warriors, for such a person, is the pinnacle of the path of practice.

They will never be able to break through the realm of the immortal master, but with the realm of the emperor of warriors, they are enough to hang the realm of the immortal master!

Even higher level practitioners can be slammed.

The emperor’s ultimate will never lose!

After the female fairy heard this word, her eyes also changed suddenly, “You are the ultimate emperor?” Dustin Zhou looked down at his hands, shook his head and smiled and said, “I don’t know what you are talking about. “But it doesn’t matter what you say, and it doesn’t matter. I just feel that now I seem to be omnipotent.” “It seems that there is nothing I can’t do, as long as I want to sit.” “It just happened. I did something I didn’t want to do, so I broke free from your shackles.” It sounds strange, Dustin Zhou suddenly awakened from the Emperor of Martial Artist to the ultimate state of Emperor.

But in fact, this is an opportunity.

Originally Dustin Zhou had already reached the pinnacle of the emperor of warriors.

In the environment of this small world, the true energy is very strong, so in a vague way, Dustin Zhou has reached the bottleneck of breakthrough. He only needs a little opportunity.

The compulsion of the female fairy teacher happened to be this opportunity.

As a man, Dustin Zhou didn’t really dislike the fact that the fairy master imprisoned him.

But not being disgusted does not mean that he can accept it.

Even if, in any case, he must be happy with the female fairy, then he must not let the female fairy be on top of him!

Dustin Zhou’s self-esteem told him that this matter is acceptable, but he must take the initiative to agree, and it cannot happen because of helplessness!

The strong unwillingness became an opportunity. He strongly hoped that he could become stronger and be able to get rid of this helplessness.

So when he closed his eyes and sensed, he directly broke through the level of the emperor of warriors and reached the ultimate of the emperor.

He is also the only person in this era who can break through to the ultimate emperor.

His birth directly caused the female fairy into despair.

After confirming Dustin Zhou’s identity, the uncle and the warrior emperor of the group of workers were instantly excited.

They crawled on the ground again, and knelt down at Dustin Zhou religiously, “Well

My emperor!

“The emperor’s extreme extreme, that represents the extreme of their mortal realm! With a mortal body, against immortals and heaven! This is definitely the pride of the emperor of warriors! In comparison, they have more reasons to follow Dustin Zhou’s emperor’s extreme! Dustin Zhou turned his head and glanced at them. There was not much emotional fluctuation in his eyes. Is he the pride of the Emperor of Martial Arts? He doesn’t know, but it doesn’t matter because he knows his inner thoughts very well. “You guys, if If you want to get ahead, you still have to rely on your own hard work and unity.

Dustin Zhou said, “Listen, even if I lead you to hit this woman, I will not be better to you than this woman.”

“If you want to get rights, you have to fight for it yourself!”

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