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Chapter 503

Enderia Shen said with a smile, in fact, she had no need to conceal these, nor did she think that if Jiang Yan knew about it, Jiang Yan would help her father by telling Jiang Xingfang’s behavior.

On the contrary, think about it carefully, between Dustin Zhou and Jiang’s family, except for Jiangbei’s

Is there any other place to directly complain about this matter?


Enderia Shen could pat his chest to express his attitude seriously.

Whether it’s refuting the Jiang family’s face a few times or making a big fuss at the Jiang family’s dinner, it is actually a matter of face.

Dustin Zhou did not cause any specific losses to the Jiang family, and the Jiang family did not really lose anything because of these things.

At best, it’s just a face problem.

However, as far as the face is concerned, it is not a problem at all between Dustin Zhou and the Jiang family.

When Mingyang Company truly gains a foothold in Hunan Province, Mingyang Company has branches all over Hunan Province.

At that time, Dustin Zhou had enough capital to talk to the Jiang family.

What’s more, in Hunan Province, Dustin Zhou is not without helpers.

Not to mention the Zhang family, Sun Lian and her fashion capital must also support Dustin Zhou because of Asher Chen.

These two forces alone gave Dustin Zhou enough capital to talk to the Jiang family face to face.

“Really?” Jiang Yan was still very surprised.

She didn’t expect that Jiangbei was abolished in her father’s mouth, and Jiang Xingfang, as Jiangbei’s father, would actually reconcile with the murderer Dustin Zhou.

Jiang Yan knew that if this news reached the Jiang family, it would definitely cause an uproar in the Jiang family.

However, since Enderia Shen said it to herself in private, Jiang Yan would not say it to the Jiang family.

What’s more, she also knows that this is what Enderia Shen said specially, in order to prevent herself from thinking too much in her heart, so that she can be relieved.

“That’s natural, but there are still some people in the Jiang family who are a little obsessed. They feel that since Dustin Zhou has refuted the Jiang family’s face several times before, then they should apologize and persuade the Jiang family, don’t care.” “Besides, To be honest, it is impossible for us to stay in Hunan all the time. I am afraid it will not be long before we return to the East China Sea.” Enderia Shen said with a smile. When speaking of returning to the East China Sea, he stared at Jiang Yan’s eyes very carefully. .

At that moment, Enderia Shen saw a trace of panic and anxiety in Jiang Yan’s eyes.

This made Enderia Shen’s heart amused.

It seems that Jiang Yan still has feelings for Dustin Zhou, and it is not shallow.

Otherwise, Jiang Yan would not show such emotions in her eyes when she said that they would return to the East China Sea soon.

At the same time, a new idea also emerged from Enderia Shen’s mind.

Since Jiang Yan also has thoughts and a good impression on Dustin Zhou, the two of them may not be able to become friends when Mira Xie is still Dustin Zhou’s real wife.

In this way, no matter what happens in the future, the two can get up and retreat in unison.

“Are you going back? When?” But Jiang Yan can’t think of so much now, she

Now it is full of thoughts that Dustin Zhou is going back to the East China Sea.

Although Enderia Shen didn’t mention the specific time, Jiang Yan could think of some if he thought about it.

After all, Dustin Zhou and the others are all from the East China Sea, and almost everyone is based in the East China Sea.

It can be said that leaving the East China Sea, most of them do not have enough confidence to talk to others.

The same is true for Dustin Zhou.

As the leading cosmetics company in the East China Sea, Mingyang makes almost astronomical profits every month.

Under such circumstances, it is impossible for Dustin Zhou to give up the East China Sea.

What’s more, Jiang Yan also knew that Dustin Zhou and his group had many children from the East Sea family.

“I don’t know, but it should be coming soon. When the Liushi branch opens tomorrow, there should be several branches opening in the next month. So I think we should return to Donghai in a month. At that time, the Spring Festival will probably be It’s coming, the time is just right.” Enderia Shen estimated and said with a smile.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with her saying so.

After all, no matter what happens a month later, they will not stay in Hunan anymore when the Spring Festival is imminent.

Moreover, within this month, there will be several branches open. As long as these branches open, Mingyang Company will have a certain foundation in Hunan Province.

At that time, as long as a few key personnel are transferred from the Donghai headquarters of Mingyang Company, they will have nothing to worry about.

“One month?” Jiang Yan’s expression became a little confused when she heard Enderia Shen say this, and she muttered in a very low voice, even Enderia Shen couldn’t hear clearly.

… Enderia Shen continued to enlighten Jiang Yan in the room. In fact, he was also continuing to tell Jiang Yan some things she didn’t know about Dustin Zhou, or, in fact, it was Enderia Shen who wanted to get closer to Jiang Yan so as to make an offense and defense. Alliance relationship.

On the other side, Dustin Zhou returned to the room and calmed down for a while, put all the irrelevant things behind, and began to think about the current layout of Hunan Province.

The Liushi branch will open tomorrow.

If there is no deviation, there will be several branches opening in the next month.

Among them, Wang Dalu and others, Zhou Hao and others will each open their own branches.

Several other people, like Wang Wei, also partnered to set up shops.

Moreover, because they are the first batch of people who are preparing to open branches, the cities they chose are relatively good, not to mention the proximity to Changsha, and the city economy is pretty good, and they have enough spending power.

The most important thing is that according to Dustin Zhou’s meaning, some of the cities they chose were able to draw on the strength of the Zhang family, and would not follow the inherent beauty of the Zhang family.

There is fierce competition in beauty makeup.

“Boom, boom, boom.” As Dustin Zhou was thinking, the door of the room was knocked suddenly.

Dustin Zhou was taken aback, panicked for no reason.

Aren’t those women who are asking for trouble now?

I have explained it so clearly just now, and they seem to believe it, why would they come to themselves.

Has Jiang Yan figured it out?

Dustin Zhou got up immediately, with a smile on his face, trying not to show any flaws, looking very calm.

However, when he opened the door, although it was a woman who appeared in his eyes, it was not Enderia Shen and others, but a familiar person.

“Are you?” Dustin Zhou thought for a while before remembering that this person seemed to be with Wang Wei and the others. He was one of the partners of the Liushi branch, and seemed to have only a little less investment than Wang Wei.

“Zhou, are you free? There are some things, I think it is necessary to tell you.” Ye Fang smiled, gently moved the hair around his ears, stared at Dustin Zhou, and said softly.

The tone is very soft, and the voice is sweet. It doesn’t look like a person in her thirties at all, but more like a beauty in her early twenties, and she is of the kind of royal sister.

Chapter 504

“Come in.” Dustin Zhou frowned and moved his chest slightly, realizing that things were not that simple.

However, Ye Fang was not very old and looked good. Dustin Zhou didn’t want others to misunderstand him, so after letting Ye Fang into the room, he did not close the door.

“Mr. Zhou doesn’t close the door, are you worried that I’m plotting wrong?” Ye Fang saw this detail in his eyes, but he shook his head again and again in his heart, a little speechless about Dustin Zhou’s move.

Don’t say that Ye Fang didn’t seduce Dustin Zhou’s thoughts, just say that several women around Dustin Zhou, one by one peerless beauties, were alive and away from the existence of several streets of Ye Fang.

Even if Ye Fang took the initiative to seduce Dustin Zhou, he would not succeed.

What’s more, out of some understanding of Dustin Zhou, Ye Fang didn’t have any other ideas.

“Haha, I’m used to it. After all, you are also a big beauty. I am not afraid of being misunderstood.” Dustin Zhou didn’t feel ashamed of being discovered or ridiculed. He didn’t close the door, but opened the door a bit bigger. .

Ye Fang can say that, but he Dustin Zhou can’t.

Otherwise, he was really misunderstood, and no matter how he explained it, he would probably be doubted.

Especially Enderia Shen, I’m afraid he will cut himself off in his heart.

“Let’s talk, what’s the matter, are you ready for Christmas Eve activities tonight?” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, if nothing happened, as if nothing happened just now, he just sat back on the sofa and looked at Ye Fang


He didn’t know what Ye Fang was looking for now, and he came by himself, and looked serious, not like there was nothing.

However, Ye Fang and Wang Wei are in a team after all, and everyone has common interests.

She is looking for herself at this time. Is it because Wang Wei has something to tell herself that she has no time to let Ye Fang, the second largest shareholder, come?

However, this thought only stayed in Dustin Zhou’s heart for a while before being swept away by him.

If that was the case, Ye Fang didn’t need to look solemn, and looked at him with a look of hesitation and silence.

“We are almost ready. Tonight’s Christmas Eve event is not a big problem. Our staff are experienced, and the scale of the event is not very large, so there is not much pressure.” Ye Fang said with a light smile. A finger was wrapped around the hair and twisted on his chest.

“Zhou, actually I came to you today to remind you.” Ye Fang paused, and then Shi Shiran said.

“Remind me?” Dustin Zhou was a little confused by Ye Fang.

Did you do something wrong, or is there something you didn’t know?

Why did she remind me, and why did she remind me?

“Yes, I want to remind Mr. Zhou to pay attention to Wang Wei. He is not like you seem to be obedient. In fact, Wang Wei and I were originally a team. I shouldn’t come with him if we have the same interests. You give a small report, but I found that Wang Wei seems to have some other ideas.” Ye Fang said seriously.

“But I know myself that I can’t go wrong with Mr. Zhou. Several projects in the East China Sea have been confirmed by me. Mr. Zhou, you have real ability, so I just need to follow in your footsteps. , You can’t go wrong, and now, Wang Wei has his own ideas. For my own benefit, I can only come to you. I hope you can be more careful.” “Why? What happened?” Dustin Zhou did not understand , Frowned and looked at Ye Fang, wanting to see something from her face.

But after several glances, Dustin Zhou couldn’t see anything abnormal.

However, Ye Fang’s eyes were very clean, not like a person to provoke right and wrong.

Could it be that Wang Wei really has a side he doesn’t know about?

Dustin Zhou secretly wrote down in his heart, planning to find time to check this Wang Wei.

After all, there must be no harm or defensiveness.

Although he had no plans to attack Wang Wei, he still had to guard against Wang Wei’s act of stab in the back.

After all, the Liushi branch, as the first branch of Mingyang Company in Hunan Province, is of great significance.

Whether it is strategic or layout, it is extremely important and should not be missed.

and so

Dustin Zhou would rather an incompetent but obedient person to dominate the Liushi branch, and he did not want this Liushi branch to exceed his control.

“I already know about Miss Jiang Yan’s inability to attend the opening ceremony tomorrow. Logically speaking, I can understand Mr. Zhou, but Wang Wei has some other thoughts and criticisms…” Ye Fang said slowly, turning Dustin Zhou After leaving, some of Wang Wei’s remarks and statements were made.

In fact, this is not a small report.

Instead, report truthfully.

After all, there is no one in the entire team who can reach an agreement with Wang Wei.

Most of them are in a wait-and-see state.

Others could not see clearly, but Ye Fang felt that he could see clearly.

Wang Wei said it nicely, and he felt so powerful.

But in fact, he is a person who is unable to take responsibility.

Take the previous Liushi branch during the renovation process and encountered a gangster asking for protection fees. His first idea was not to find a solution by himself, not to discuss a solution with everyone, but to go directly to Changsha and ask Dustin Zhou for help.

With this alone, Ye Fang saw that Wang Wei lacked the leadership’s determination and calmness.

“…So I think it is necessary to tell you this, otherwise, once Wang Wei is really allowed to do something and suffer losses, it will also affect me.” Ye Fang said with a light smile, looking at Dustin Zhou’s gaze. Dodge and stare directly at Dustin Zhou, as if she really just thought so.

And Dustin Zhou did not see any other thoughts in Ye Fang’s eyes.

However, only relying on Ye Fang’s words, Dustin Zhou was indeed a little worried.

After all, in such a team, especially some of the founding teams, there are many people who humiliate and slander each other.

The one in front of him knocked on his door alone, and said in words to remind himself what Ye Fang thought, Dustin Zhou couldn’t be sure for a while.

“Is that so?” Dustin Zhou savoured it carefully, thinking about it all the time, Ye Fang came to him, what did he mean by what he said.

Make a small report to change your impression of Wang Wei, and then replace Wang Wei?

However, the Liushi branch was invested by Wang Wei himself. The well-known company is at best in the name of a head office and only has the right to guide the Liushi branch.

Dustin Zhou recklessly replaced Wang Wei. It was justified and unreasonable.

Besides, if Dustin Zhou really wants to do something against Wang Wei and let him out, then he needs a lot of power, I am afraid it will be a little big.

After all, under normal circumstances, it is the acquisition of shares held by Wang Wei or other people, thus restricting Wang Wei.

Purpose of

Chapter 505

“You tell me what you want me to do


Dustin Zhou looked at Ye Fang and said seriously. He never believed in unprovoked approach and small reports. Since Ye Fang knocked on the door alone to find herself and told herself these words, then she could not have no appeal, nor could she just follow What she said is just a simple reminder to Dustin Zhou. Dustin Zhou is not so simple. Besides, Ye Fang is talking about Wang Wei, and now it is at the time when the Liushi branch is about to open. Dustin Zhou had to be careful, too. There is no way to listen to Ye Fang’s words. So he wants to know Ye Fang’s true purpose. This is regarded as an exchange, a transaction. “I don’t have any requirements, I just hope that the Liushi branch can be more stable. Don’t Losses were caused by Wang Wei’s impulse.

“Ye Fang smiled faintly, and did not really ask for anything because of Dustin Zhou’s words. “But, if possible, I hope that Zhou always can be careful, if Wang Wei does something impulsive, you I can counterattack in time, and at that time, I think Wang Wei must not be suitable to continue to be in power at the Liushi branch. At that time, I hope Mr. Zhou can support me.

“That’s right! Dustin Zhou was a little disappointed when he heard what Ye Fang said. He still didn’t get any useful news from Ye Fang. And Ye Fang didn’t seem to mean to say anything. Dustin Zhou He even wanted to see off the guests. As for Wang Wei, he would naturally pay attention to what the truth of the matter was, Dustin Zhou was confident that he could find it. But then, when Ye Fang said the second sentence, Dustin Zhou laughed The corners of Dustin Zhou’s mouth raised slightly, and Ye Fang’s eyes became much more easy-going. As long as he had the conditions, Dustin Zhou was afraid that Ye Fang had no conditions and didn’t have what he wanted. In that case, Dustin Zhou could not tell Ye Fang. Ye Fang’s true intentions. But now that Ye Fang has stated her purpose, Dustin Zhou will be able to understand why she did it today. One word, Quan. As the second-in-chief of the Liushi branch, Ye Fang definitely doesn’t want to keep doing it. Under Wang Wei, since she can knock on the door alone to find herself, it means that Ye Fang is not a person who is content with the status quo. She has her own pursuit and goal. And this pursuit and goal is the Liushi branch. Confident that I will listen to you and support you?

Dustin Zhou leaned comfortably on the back of the chair, tilted Erlang’s legs, and looked at Ye Fang relaxedly. Ye Fang’s request was reasonable and also in line with her motivation for what she did today. So Dustin Zhou didn’t worry that Ye Fang was here. Lie, or just want to get confused. “I’m not sure, but one thing I can be sure of is that the Liushi branch is a well-known company in Hunan.

A very important chess piece laid out in the province, I think Mr. Zhou, you don’t want any accident in the Liushi branch.

“Moreover, I think that you are more inclined to be able to take charge of the Liushi branch than someone who has your own ideas.”

“Ye Fang said confidently, with a faint smile on his face, and between his gestures, a sense of self-confidence and freedom was revealed. “Haha, yes.

Dustin Zhou looked at Ye Fang, feeling a little surprised. He didn’t pay much attention to Ye Fang before, and Ye Fang appeared in front of him less often. He didn’t even know that Ye Fang was such an interesting person. Woman. Moreover, this woman has desires and conspiracies. However, her methods are softer, or mean to kill people with a knife. After all, compared to directly resisting Wang Wei, it is natural to let Dustin Zhou go to the face. The ease and ease of coming to Wang Wei. What’s more, in that case, Ye Fang herself will not have negative impressions and comments on the entire team, and it will not affect her control of the entire team afterwards. “You are finished, I also heard , I will think about it. Of course, you don’t need to worry and think about this anymore. On Wang Wei’s side, I naturally have an idea.

Dustin Zhou said with a smile, and slowly got up, looking like a guest. This made Ye Fang a little surprised. She didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to be so simple and not to continue to ask some other questions. Even, even a little bit of retention of herself I don’t mean anything. Even if I don’t think Dustin Zhou has ideas about him, I think I’m not as good as Mira Xie and Enderia Shen. But in Dustin Zhou’s eyes, is there really no attraction at all? However, since the goal is achieved Ye Fang didn’t have the meaning of staying here anymore. In case of being hit by someone and causing a misunderstanding, the impact would be bad. Furthermore, Ye Fang didn’t want other people in her team to know that she was looking for it alone. Guo Dustin Zhou. In that case, they will definitely be suspicious in their hearts, and they are likely to be suspicious of themselves. “Then I will go back first, and I hope Mr. Zhou really listened to what I said.

Ye Fang gathered her hair, smiled faintly, and then took a show step and left slowly. It was not until Ye Fang turned around the corridor and his figure disappeared that Dustin Zhou let out a long sigh of relief. At this time, the sky will be dark. It’s really bad to leave a woman in his room. Even if he left the door open and didn’t evade anything, Dustin Zhou would always have a trace of worry in his heart. “Hehe, I didn’t expect it to be a lot of work, Dustin Zhou. You can’t help dating beautiful women?

Just as Dustin Zhou breathed a sigh of relief and was about to turn around and return to the room, a joking voice suddenly rang.

Suddenly, Dustin Zhou was very frightened, and he turned his head to look around. Only then did they see that Enderia Shen and Jiang Yan had opened the door of the room and looked at them with a smile.

Dustin Zhou felt a little bit in his heart.

Enderia Shen said this. Did she just see Ye Fang leaving from her room and then misunderstood something?

Just about to explain, but before the words came out, Enderia Shen interrupted Dustin Zhou.

“Don’t explain, explanation is concealment, concealment is the fact, Dustin Zhou, I didn’t expect you to be such a person, huh, it was a waste of work for me to help you enlighten Jiang Yan.” “Jiang Yan, let’s ignore this scum Man, eating in the pot, looking at the bowl, and now I still worry about other people’s bowls, and I don’t look at how old they are, and I’m not afraid of losing one’s share.” Enderia Shen took Jiang Yan’s hand and stared in anger. Dustin Zhou glanced at it, then finished speaking angrily, and took Jiang Yan to walk to Mira Xie’s room with them.

And when I passed by the door of Dustin Zhou’s room, I saw Dustin Zhou and didn’t mean to pay any attention to it. He gave a cold snort and walked over.

Jiang Yan also looked helpless, and when she saw Dustin Zhou, her face turned red.

In the room just now, she said a lot to Enderia Shen, and she also had a more detailed understanding of Dustin Zhou, and gradually understood that she might really have a good impression of Dustin Zhou.

So now I saw Dustin Zhou as soon as I opened the door, and, after seeing a woman who had just left Dustin Zhou’s room, and Dustin Zhou personally sent someone away, Jiang Yan naturally felt very embarrassed.

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