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Chapter 230

Only you can invite!

The doctor’s words immediately silenced everyone.

Dustin Zhou clenched his fists tightly, and now he can’t wait to return to the hotel directly, take out the big head of Zeng, and beat him again.

But he knew that that would not solve the problem.

Right now, the most important issue is to save Enderia Shen.

“What’s the matter? Did it hurt the internal organs?” Dustin Zhou hurriedly stepped forward, asking urgently.

The others also looked at the doctor solemnly.

In an instant, the doctor felt great pressure.

The people present, Dustin Zhou and Hu Ye are both people with identities, and their auras are usually very strong. At this time, under the urgency, naturally they did not restrain.

“That’s not true. It’s just that the dagger was pierced from the left side of the injured person’s back, very close to the heart. At that distance, we didn’t dare to do anything.” The doctor was also very helpless.

They do not encounter such operations twice a year.

But it happened this time, and the relatives and friends of the injured were still such rich people.

Just thinking that once the operation failed and the injured had an accident, the anger of these people made the doctor shiver.

Once the operation fails, these people need an explanation from the hospital.

What can the hospital do in the face of pressure?

In the end, I have to give them an explanation.

And what can this explanation be?

Naturally the future of the surgeons!

Thinking of this, the doctor couldn’t help feeling sadness from his heart.

“Now, there are two options, you can think about it.” The doctor hesitated and continued.

“What is it? Hurry up!” Dustin Zhou grabbed the doctor’s big sleeve and asked eagerly.

At this time, even if the doctor said that he would surrender all his property, he would be able to save Enderia Shen, Dustin Zhou would agree without hesitation.

“The first one is that you sign an operation agreement. Regardless of whether the operation is successful or not, you can’t trouble the hospital, let alone trouble the doctors like us in private.” “The second one is…” The doctor hesitated for a moment and looked. Until Dustin Zhou and others had no objection to the first condition, they continued.

“There is a wonderful doctor in Donghai City, Mr. Jiang, who is superb. He is a well-known existence in China. If you can invite him to perform this operation, the probability of success will be 80% high.” The doctor After speaking, he took a long breath and looked at Dustin Zhou, suddenly surprised.

Dustin Zhou looked like a child who saw candy, his face was full of excitement.

“Where is Mr. Jiang, I will invite him.” Dustin Zhou was indeed very excited.

He didn’t expect Donghai to have such an existence.

And he vaguely remembered that there are always some medical experts in China, whether it is Chinese medicine or western medicine, there are always a few people who are top in the country.


And they generally do not show their skills easily.

Their main task is to support the leaders, and at critical moments, take care of them and ensure the stable operation of the country.

When Dustin Zhou was very young, he had heard of such existence.

At that time, his whole-hearted wish was to invite such an existence to treat his sick mother.

But after so long, he has almost extinguished such thoughts.

As he grows up, he knows more and more things, and he also knows that such people are like national players, and it is not at all that people like him can invite.

Not only do you want money, but you also need status, power, and connections.

“This Mr. Jiang, I know, is for the treatment of the big leader. A while ago, a big leader just retired and is now recuperating in the East China Sea. Mr. Jiang should follow the big leader.” The tiger master pondered for a moment, too. Said.

As a Taoist person, Lord Tiger’s focus and perspective are always much broader than Dustin Zhou.

Otherwise, one day when the enemy or others suddenly attacked and cleaned up, if you don’t even know who it is or why, it would be too frustrated.

“Master Tiger knows where this Mr. Jiang is, then I will go and invite him right now.” Dustin Zhou said hurriedly.

Now he didn’t want to wait for a quarter of an hour.

For every second of waiting, Enderia Shen became more dangerous.

If possible, Dustin Zhou even hopes to transfer Mr. Jiang to him immediately.

“This…” Master Tiger smiled helplessly.

“Mr. Zhou, this Mr. Jiang is a national player. Don’t talk about me. Even the leader of Donghai City can’t invite him. Unless he wants to, no one can force him.” Hu Ye did not say nonsense.

National players like Mr. Jiang are treasures throughout the country.

Almost every national player has practiced medical skills for decades, and has reached the perfection of first-hand medical skills.

All of them are the pillars of the top domestic hospitals.

It is also a guest of state leaders.

Don’t say that Dustin Zhou and Hu Ye should be invited, even if they are the leaders of Donghai City, they will not necessarily be able to get Mr. Jiang.

As for using strong, it is simply looking for death.

“What should I do then? Isn’t there anyone in Donghai City who can invite this Mr. Jiang?” Dustin Zhou frowned, his mood getting more impatient.

“It really doesn’t work. I’m going to ask the big government leader. Seeing that our famous company pays so much for paying taxes, I hope he can help.” “Even the government leader can’t get Mr. Jiang.” At this moment, a voice came.

Dustin Zhou looked over and saw Asher Chen approaching.

And after him, Sara Ye and Mira Xie are not

They rushed over by appointment.

Dustin Zhou took a look. Although Asher Chen was the first to arrive, his expression was calm and he didn’t seem to regard this as a difficult task at all.

But Sara Ye and Mira Xie were full of panic and anxiety on their faces.

Even when they were in the company, they were plain, even a little cold.

But at this time, they were women after all, and they couldn’t help but feel sad when they heard that Enderia Shen was injured.

Especially Mira Xie, dressed in chaotic clothes, almost no makeup on his face, even his hair was not carefully arranged.

Dustin Zhou knew that Mira Xie must have received the news, so he rushed over immediately.

Because when I saw Mira Xie at Xie’s house before, she was like this.

“What do you mean? Is there no one in Donghai City to invite Mr. Jiang?” Dustin Zhou frowned and looked at Asher Chen, wondering what he meant by what he said.

If even the leaders of the Donghai City Government can’t invite Mr. Jiang to come, he really doesn’t know who else can.

Can you only choose the first method, sign an agreement, and let the doctors in the hospital do it yourself?

“In the entire East China Sea, only you can invite Mr. Jiang!” Asher Chen smiled faintly, as if he did not see the anxiety in Dustin Zhou’s eyes.

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone was stunned.

Sara Ye and Mira Xie didn’t know who Mr. Jiang was, and they didn’t know that at this time, Dustin Zhou and the others didn’t care about Enderia Shen’s injury, instead they were discussing what it means to ask Mr. Jiang to do this.

But Hu Ye and the doctor were shocked, and then they looked at Dustin Zhou inexplicably.

Chapter 231

Mr. Jiang!

Even Dustin Zhou himself was confused.

He didn’t know Mr. Jiang at all.

Even among the people he knew, no one was a doctor.

But Asher Chen vowed to say so, and only Dustin Zhou in Donghai City could invite Mr. Jiang.

What does this mean?

Feeling the shocked eyes of Lord Tiger and the doctor, Dustin Zhou also smiled bitterly.

Don’t say that the two of them were surprised, even he himself has nothing to say at the moment.

Suddenly, a thought flashed by, and immediately after that, Dustin Zhou grasped the thought firmly and exploded in his entire mind!

As a whole Donghai City, only oneself can invite!

And Asher Chen said it!

Is it?

Except for that reason, Dustin Zhou couldn’t think of any other reasons that made him qualified to invite such a national player.

Suddenly, Dustin Zhou became excited.

Everyone didn’t know what Dustin Zhou was suddenly excited about, but they could clearly feel that perhaps Dustin Zhou could really invite Mr. Jiang.

At that time, Enderia Shen’s injury might not be a problem.

Dustin Zhou looked at Asher Chen expectantly, hoping to get a positive answer from his face.

And Asher Chen lived up to Dustin Zhou’s expectations, smiled and nodded.

“Great! I’m going to invite Mr. Jiang, where is he now?” Dustin Zhou slammed a fist vigorously, and suddenly felt that he was full of strength, and he wished to use his legs to run right in front of Mr. Jiang.

“The big leader who has just retired should now be in the nursing home in East China Sea, and Mr. Jiang should be there too,” said Lord Tiger.

He didn’t know what happened to Dustin Zhou, why he was suddenly full of strength.

But subconsciously, Lord Tiger felt that Dustin Zhou might really be able to invite Mr. Jiang.

At that time, he could also get a glimpse of the true face of a national player like Mr. Jiang, but he had a wish.

“Go, I’ll go now. Your hospital must do everything possible to ensure the safety of Enderia Shen. Everything will wait until I invite Mr. Jiang to come!” Dustin Zhou finished speaking, and took Asher Chen and He Niu Chuan to the east of the city. nursing home.

… Donghai City, Chengdong Nursing Home.

Not many people know this nursing home by the sea.

Because this is a national sanatorium, the people in it are at least a deputy ministerial cadre.

Outside there are many protective guards armed with guns and live ammunition.

Once a stranger approaches, he will be warned.

If someone dares to break through, well, either catch it or give you a gun.

It took Dustin Zhou and the three of them twenty minutes to reach the Chengdong Nursing Home as fast as they could, without knowing how many red lights they ran through.

“Mr. Jiang should be inside, but it’s not something ordinary people can do to get in.” Asher said softly, looking at the Chengdong Nursing Home in front of him, a gleam of light flashed.

Every convalescent person in this area is a national leader.

Although they may have retired now, their energy is not small.

After all, I don’t know how many people can be in that position.

As long as there is a little friendship, this can be used in the future.

Dustin Zhou couldn’t wait, after finishing his clothes, he strode towards the nursing home.

“Stop! Who!” The two guards stopped Dustin Zhou and the others, staring at Dustin Zhou with vigilance.

Dustin Zhou didn’t like this kind of scrutiny gaze very much, but he also knew that now is a special time, and he is still in such an important place.

Once the defense is improper, terrorists sneak in and hurt the people inside.

Then not only the whole country will fry the pan, but also internationally, it will also cause an uproar!

“We are here to find Mr. Jiang.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, with a hint of anxiety in his heart.

The entire Donghai can only invite Mr. Jiang, not even the leader of the Donghai City Government.

Dustin Zhou only needs to think briefly to know the reason.

Compared to identity, and property.

On the bright side, there are many people in Donghae who are better than him.

But none of them can invite Mr. Jiang.

There may be only one reason for Dustin Zhou compared with those people.

Then he is a child of the Zhou family!

The Zhou family was kind to Mr. Jiang before, in other words, Mr. Jiang simply belonged to the Zhou family.

Only for this reason, Dustin Zhou stroked his mind and found that other than that, he could not find any reason to verify Asher Chen’s words.

“Mr. Jiang? Who are you? Mr. Jiang is what you want to see?” The guard looked up and down Dustin Zhou and found that Dustin Zhou was very young.

Although Dustin Zhou’s clothes were extraordinary and he seemed to have a slight temperament, in the eyes of these guards, he was very similar to those dudes, the second generation of wealthy ignorance.

Therefore, in the eyes of these guards, Dustin Zhou is such a person.

And he came to see Mr. Jiang, probably just to save face, or even show off to others.

For such a person, it is already considered polite that the guard did not directly rush them.

“Hurry up, this is not a place where you can get close!” Seeing that Dustin Zhou was not leaving yet, or even ignorantly trying to go inside, the guard reached out to push Dustin Zhou away.

However, just one second before the guard’s hand touched Dustin Zhou, the other hand stopped it and directly held the guard’s hand firmly.

And this hand is exactly Niu Chuan’s.

At the press conference, Zeng Datou suddenly went into trouble and assassinated Dustin Zhou.

At that time, Niu Chuan didn’t even react, and this allowed Enderia Shen to come forward, and Russell Zhou raised his sword.

Shen Bi now

He was seriously injured and dying, and Niu Chuan blamed himself.

He secretly made up his mind that he would never let others sway again.

Although he knew that this sanatorium was a very important place, even the surrounding guards had weapons in their hands.

But he is not a timid person, not to mention that when he was a soldier before, he was not without a gun.

“Huh?” The guard was stopped, with a surprised look, and took a deep look at Niu Chuan.

Afterwards, the guard flipped his wrist and easily broke free of Niu Chuan’s control, and once again approached Dustin Zhou.

“Presumptuous!” Seeing that the guard was so ignorant, Niu Chuan yelled, bullied himself up, and hit the guard’s palm with a punch.

Suddenly, a wave of air burst out.

Dustin Zhou even felt that a wave of air blew past his face.

Fists collided, Niu Chuan and the guard backed back one after another.

The guard took eight steps backwards, and his gaze at Niu Chuan became shocked, even a little bit weird.

Dustin Zhou noticed that compared to the eight steps back of the guard, Niu Chuan took three steps back tightly.

This means that in terms of strength, the guard is not as good as Niu Chuan.

“Enough, I have a token here, you can give it to Mr. Jiang, he will know it when he sees it.” At this time, Asher Chen said softly.

He took out a small transparent jade pendant from his pocket and handed it to the guard.

Dustin Zhou didn’t see exactly what this jade pendant looked like, but faintly felt a little familiar.

He always felt that he had seen such jade pendant somewhere before, and even played with it in his hand.

Only for a while, he couldn’t remember it either.

The guard was skeptical, took Yu Pei, let another person watch Dustin Zhou and the others, then turned and entered the nursing home.

… Five minutes later, just as Dustin Zhou was waiting anxiously, a figure rushed over from the nursing home.

“Who owns this jade pendant?”

Chapter 232

Forcibly fight!

The visitor is an old man in his sixties.

She has silver-white hair, but there are not many wrinkles on her face.

On the contrary, it looks very delicate.

Outsiders would never believe that he was over 60 years old.

“Whose piece of jade pendant belongs to?” The old man held the jade pendant in his hand and looked at Dustin Zhou with scorching eyes, especially focusing on Dustin Zhou’s face.

Dustin Zhou looked at each other.

Is this Mr. Jiang?

But looking at this, there is no such thing as a sacred hand in medicine.

This look is similar to the old man on the street.

Dustin Zhou felt that Mr. Jiang looked at him with a weird gaze, as if he was expecting something.

Looking at the way he was holding the jade pendant, Dustin Zhou understood that Mr. Jiang seemed to want the answer from his own mouth.

However, this jade pendant is indeed not his own, and he has no way to falsely claim that the jade pendant is his own.

“This jade pendant belongs to me. Are you Mr. Jiang?” Asher Chen said softly. Apart from a slight surprise on his face, there was no change in his expression, and even in his words, there was no change in his emotional outlook.

Hearing Asher Chen’s response, Mr. Jiang took a deep look at him, and then a look of disappointment appeared in his eyes.

Mr. Jiang looked at Asher Chen, who was at least nearly forty years old, and suddenly a sorrow welled out of his heart.

God knows how excited he was when he saw this jade pendant.

For this reason, the inspection work of one leader was directly transferred to others, and he had to come to see the owner of this jade pendant.

However, Asher Chen was almost forty years old.

Mr. Nee’s mind was completely different.

It stands to reason that the owner of this jade pendant should be in his twenties!

As for the three people in front of Mr. Jiang, only Dustin Zhou seemed to fit his age.

“Well, it’s me. Since this jade pendant belongs to you, I will naturally agree to one of your conditions. As long as it is not too excessive, I will agree.” Mr. Jiang put away his loss, rearranged his emotions, and said with a smile.

Since the owner of this jade pendant is Asher Chen, Mr. Jiang will not turn people away for this reason.

After all, this jade pendant represents a promise made by myself back then.

Asher Chen nodded slightly and looked at Dustin Zhou.

“Mr. Jiang, the situation is like this…” Dustin Zhou, who had been anxious for a long time, hurriedly explained the endangered matter of Enderia Shen’s injury.

Especially the emphasis is on Enderia Shen’s injury.

Although the doctor at the hospital said that at present, I am afraid that only Mr. Jiang can perform this operation, but Dustin Zhou still has a trace of worry in his heart.

After all, the wound is close to the heart, and if you don’t pay attention, Enderia Shen’s life will be in danger.

Be careful, be cautious.

Not too much!

“So we want to ask Mr. Jiang to

Enough to lend a helping hand to help my friend perform an operation, no matter what the result is, we are willing to pay enough!

Dustin Zhou said seriously. If Mr. Jiang really cures Enderia Shen, it doesn’t matter if Dustin Zhou gives him all the existing property in his hand. After all, Dustin Zhou believes that money is nothing compared to human life. Still there, wanting to make money is easy. “Do you think the old man is like such a greedy person?

“Mr. Jiang smiled dumbly, a little bit dumbfounded. “I owe the owner of this jade pendant a promise. Now that this jade pendant is in your hands, you can also bring it out to find me. If anything happens, I will naturally not shirk it, let alone save it. people!

“Mr. Jiang said with a straight face, and said in a deep voice. Although he said so, Mr. Jiang felt relieved in his heart. He could use this jade pendant to beg him, just to save someone. But this sincerity is worth his action. “You go back first, I will arrange the inspection work of the leader, and then I will arrive. This is my business card. Take it to the hospital and explain to them. They know what to do.

“Mr. Jiang smiled and took out a business card and handed it to Dustin Zhou. The business card is pure black, and all the words on it are white. On the whole business card, there are only the three characters “Jiang Fansheng”. This should be Mr. Jiang. Dustin Zhou looked at the business card, and subconsciously flicked it. This business card is only black and white, and Jiang Fansheng’s three white characters on the black background business card looks a bit oozing. I don’t know if it’s an illusion. Dustin Zhou always felt that this business card had a gloomy feeling. But soon, Sunshine drove out his feeling. … After receiving the business card, Dustin Zhou and the others did not stay and were about to return to the hospital. Who is looking for the old man Jiang and beat my guard back?

“At this moment, a rough voice came. The voice was loud and full of breath. Dustin Zhou actually felt a sudden vibration of the ear periosteum! Dustin Zhou turned around and saw a burly man walking fast and fast. Come here. The man looks like he is about fifty years old, with a national character face, two sword brows across his eyes, like two sharp swords, and Dustin Zhou’s stabbing eyes hurt. “General Fang, why are you here?

Mr. Jiang looked helpless when he saw the man. “Humph!”

Old man Jiang, give me a good check. As soon as he saw a piece of jade pendant, he dropped me and ran out directly. Is it just to see these little dolls?

“The man named General Fang by Mr. Jiang looked at Dustin Zhou’s trio carefully. Dustin Zhou was also surprised when he heard him say this. He did not expect that Mr. Jiang would ignore a general just for the sake of him.

Came out to meet them.

What shocked Dustin Zhou even more was that the jade pendant had such a big effect, even more important than a general.

“I heard from the guards that there is a man outside with great skill. He is not an opponent. Which one of you is it?” Although General Fang asked so, his eyes fell on Niu Chuan all of a sudden.

Perhaps Niu Chuan had been a soldier before, and he had a unique taste for soldiers.

This made General Fang notice him the first time.

“It’s me! There are reasons for this. If you offend General Fang for this, please forgive me!” Niu Chuan stood up without any dodge, and said loudly.

“Okay! One person to do things, one person! There is a kind!” General Fang praised, then waved to the guard just now.

The guard blushed, and walked over slowly.

“You play with him again, I want to see if you are really so good!” General Fang waved his hand and gave Niu Chuan no chance to refuse.

And at the moment when his voice fell, the guard moved instantly!


With a leap, the guard stepped forward, hitting Niu Chuan’s chest with a straight uppercut.

Although Dustin Zhou didn’t know how powerful this punch would be.

But looking at the posture, he knew that once Niu Chuan was hit by this punch, at least temporarily he lost his combat effectiveness.

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