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Chapter 233

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but glance at Mr. Jiang, hoping that the other party could persuade General Fang.

After all, their time is very tight, and wasting time on such things is undoubtedly delaying Enderia Shen’s treatment time!

Seeing Dustin Zhou’s gaze, Mr. Jiang just shook his head helplessly.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know the General Fang’s temper, but he knew it all.

At this time, don’t say that he cannot persuade General Fang.

Even if a higher-level leader came over, he couldn’t persuade him.

After all, General Fang has been very straightforward for decades.

But one thing is that General Fang acted very well.

Even if he had faced an enemy, he had not blinded his eyes because of hatred and did anything regrettable.

That’s why Mr. Jiang ignored it.

On the contrary, if Niu Chuan performed well, he might be favored by General Fang.

And at this moment, the guard also fought with Niu Chuan!

Before the two of them

The fight ended with the guards backing five more steps.

After counting, the guards lost to Niu Chuan.

What’s more, this time General Fang was still watching.

So this time, the guards tried their best as soon as they came up.

Naturally, Niu Chuan is not reconciled!

For a time, the two fisted together.

The scene turned out to be more intense than the first encounter.

General Fang looked satisfied, his eyes were faintly glowing when he looked at Niu Chuan, as if he had seen a baby.

But Dustin Zhou frowned!

Just this time, five minutes have passed.

You know, five minutes is very important for Enderia Shen.

Even any of them would threaten her life.

Can’t get entangled anymore!

“I’m sorry, General Fang, we have to rush back to the hospital now, we don’t have time to accompany you anymore, sorry!” “Chuanzi, let’s go.” After speaking, Dustin Zhou turned away without looking at General Fang’s face. go with.

In any case, he and General Fang didn’t know each other, nor did he have any exchanges of interest.

Even if General Fang was angry, Dustin Zhou felt nothing.

As soon as Dustin Zhou turned around, Niu Chuan exploded and hit the guard’s left shoulder with a punch, immediately knocking the guard back.

“Farewell!” After bidding farewell, Niu Chuan also turned to follow.

Seeing Dustin Zhou and the others leave, the surprise on General Fang’s face couldn’t disappear for a while.

He never expected that Niu Chuan could really beat his own guard.

And looking at it like this, it’s clearly easy to do.

There have been back and forth between the two sides before, and Niu Chuan was obviously looking at the face of the other general.

“General Fang, it’s no wonder they are. You are too. When you can’t tell the time, your friends are dying now. But you want to be entangled and waste other people’s time. If it’s me, I’ve already turned my face with you.” Jiang The husband gave a chuckle, and asked General Fang’s guards a few more words about what was needed, then got in the car and rushed directly to the hospital.

…… The city’s first-person hospital.

Enderia Shen in front of the operating room.

At this time, the two groups are facing each other.

One party is the doctor who performed the operation on Enderia Shen, Sara Ye, Mira Xie, Hu Ye and others.

On the other side, it was a young man.

He was wearing a white lab coat, followed by six people, everyone in a white lab coat.

At first glance, they are the people in the hospital.

It stands to reason that a place like a hospital needs to be quiet.

Even if there is something, everyone will try to minimize the sound.

But at this moment, there is something wrong with the atmosphere between the two groups.

“Doctor Yang! I have already told you that friends of the injured have gone to the nursing home to invite Mr. Jiang, and they will be back soon, so there is no need for you to bother here!” Dai Hui looked at him and stood in front of him.

Yang Zongfu looks arrogant.

As the surgeon of Enderia Shen this time, Dai Hui knew that Enderia Shen’s situation was very dangerous at this time.

If there are no other special measures, Enderia Shen is likely to die.

And this is the main reason why he proposed that only Mr. Jiang in the East China Sea has the solution.

Now, he can only try to maintain Enderia Shen’s life. If Mr. Jiang can’t come within an hour, he can do nothing.

But he never expected that Yang Zongfu at the hospital didn’t know where he heard about this operation, and he wanted to take it forcibly.

Dai Hui knew that, in the past, people like Yang Zongfu would never dare to offend him.

Yang Zongfu is not only a medical doctor of returnees, he is said to be very famous abroad, and even published papers in top medical journals.

But what made Dai Hui most afraid of was Yang Zongfu’s identity.

He is the nephew of the hospital director Yang Xilai.

In the hospital, Yang Zongfu can even be said to be like a prince, and everyone in the hospital dare not speak up with him.

But this time, Dai Hui had to reject Yang Zongfu.

“Dai Hui, do you know what you are talking about? Do you know who you are talking to?” Yang Zongfu looked less than thirty years old, and looked handsome.

If you put it outside, Yang Zongfu will have countless peach blossoms just by relying on this face.

However, this time his uncle, Dean Yang Xilai, told him that Enderia Shen, the president of Mingyang Company, had an accident and was undergoing an operation in the hospital.

If Yang Zongfu can lead the operation and save Enderia Shen, then he will be good to the famous company, Enderia Shen himself, and even the Shen Group.

If Yang Zongze can develop a relationship that surpasses doctors and patients with Enderia Shen, then Yang Zongze will not have to worry for the rest of his life.

Originally, Yang Zongze thought it was simple.

But he never expected that an ordinary doctor in the hospital would dare to refuse him, even stopping him in front of him.

Yang Zongfu was very angry, very angry.

He swears that if Dai Hui refuses to admit his mistake and immediately hand over the operation, he will surely let him go out of bed!

“Dr. Yang, the injured person is now in extremely bad condition and can’t move easily. If there is any accident, you and I can’t afford it!” “What’s more, the injured person’s friend has already invited an expert.” Dai Hui Hue Gloomy, he knew that the consequences for himself would not be good.

But as a doctor, he has a bottom line, knowing what to do and what not to do.

“Experts? A joke, if even our hospital can’t be cured, who else can cure the wounded?” “Besides, in Donghai City, the expert who has been in the limelight recently, isn’t it our Doctor Yang?” “Yes. , Dai Hui, I advise

You should be more acquainted. Do you know who the injured person is?

If she has an accident, you just die, it won’t help!

“… Yang Zongfu didn’t speak, but the doctors behind him began to incarnate in the dog-licking mode. They looked at Dai Hui with disdain, and their words were extremely disdainful. Once upon a time, they could not even compare to Dai Hui, not just their attitude towards things. In terms of efficiency, it can’t be compared with Dai Hui even in medical skills. But what? After all, Dai Hui is still too rigid to recognize the current situation! And they are different! They follow in the footsteps of Yang Zongfu in the hospital. In an instant, his status was much higher, surpassing Dai Hui in one fell swoop. And because of the money they were able to make, they were also not known how much higher than before. “Dai Hui, get out of the way, if you delay Yang Shao’s surgery, you will clean up Clean up and get out!

Chapter 234

You can’t be the king of heaven!

“Why do you want to get out? Just get out of the way you said?” “Now that the people are in crisis, who of you dare to move!” Seeing that the two sides were about to continue the quarrel, Sara Ye couldn’t help it, and directly directed at Yang Zongfu coldly. Several people shouted angrily.

He is a well-known company, but he doesn’t care about some miscellaneous things in the hospital.

She doesn’t care if they have any conflicts of interest.

But Sara Ye only remembered one thing, and that was waiting for Dustin Zhou to come back.

If Dustin Zhou doesn’t return for a second, Enderia Shen’s operating room can’t be moved for a second!

Mira Xie also walked to Sara Ye’s side, stretched out his hand to hold Sara Ye’s wrist, and secretly gave her strength!

In fact, Yang Zongfu had already noticed Sara Ye and Mira Xie.

When he saw the two of them, his eyes suddenly lit up, and he couldn’t help being happy.

It is not that he has never seen beautiful women in the hospital.

Not to mention that there are many beautiful women among those patients. In order to get close to him, they pretended to be sick many times just to be able to see him.

He has eaten almost all the beauties in the hospital alone.

But compared with Sara Ye and Mira Xie in front of him, the beauties in the hospital are ultimately less spiritual.

And the two beauties in front of them not only look beautiful, but also have an indescribable style.

“Hehe, I think the two beauties may have misunderstood. I didn’t mean to intervene in the operation. It’s just that as the best doctor in the hospital, I should be responsible for the wounded in it.” Yang Zongfu showed a self-confidence. It’s a charming smile.

Before, as long as he laughed like this, those women would look at him as if they couldn’t walk.

But this time, he was disappointed.

Not only did Sara Ye and Mira Xie not show any obsessive expressions, but instead they looked unconcerned and filled with suspicion.

Mira Xie looked sideways at Dai Hui, with a hint of question in his eyes.

She did not know the specific origin of this Doctor Yang.

, She only knew that from the time she got here, Dr. Dai Hui was talking to Dustin Zhou.

The suggestion to invite Mr. Jiang was also made by Dr. Dai Hui.

So subconsciously, Mira Xie is willing to believe in Dai Hui.

“Dr. Yang Zongfu is the most highly educated doctor in our hospital. He graduated from a top medical university abroad and has published papers in top medical journals.” Although Dai Hui was reluctant, he still truthfully told Yang Zongfu’s situation.

Such a resume, in the country, any hospital will welcome it.

Not to mention what kind of leader is when you enter the hospital, at least a deputy director of the department can’t run away.

Because of Yang Zongfu’s relationship with the dean Yang Xilai, he was directly the chief physician of the thoracic department as soon as he entered the hospital.

Dai Hui is the doctor under Yang Zongfu.

“With my ability, as long as the wounded still breathes, he can definitely be cured, so don’t worry, I will never let you down.” Yang Zongfu looked at Dai Hui with satisfaction, and said in his heart, this Dai Hui is still insightful.

Follow-up observations, if Dai Hui has always been so interesting, it is not that Yang Zongfu could not promote him.

After that, Dai Hui was about to enter the operating room directly.

“Hold on, who allowed you to go in?” At this moment, Master Tiger spoke.

He had been silent before.

First of all, because of his relationship with Enderia Shen, he is a bit shallower than Sara Ye and Mira Xie.

He and Enderia Shen only have a corporate relationship.

However, Mira Xie and Sara Ye have a sister-like relationship with Enderia Shen.

And Tiger Lord sees it thoroughly!

Because of Dustin Zhou’s existence, the relationship between the three women is even more complicated.

But when neither Mira Xie nor Sara Ye can solve it, he will naturally come forward.

“Who are you? There is a place for you to speak here?” “Yes, any cat or dog, can you talk like that in the hospital? Be careful when you get sick in the future, no one will treat you!” “Get out of the way and don’t block Yang Shao’s way. !” … Before Yang Zongfu could speak, the doctors behind him immediately yelled at Lord Tiger.

Hu Ye came in a hurry this time, and didn’t prepare anything, he just brought Brother Pao and a knife with him.

And at this time, he is also convergent and kind.

So it looks like an honest middle-aged uncle.

“Dare to be disrespectful to Master Tiger, palm!” Brother Pao snorted coldly.

The knife started immediately.

Everyone couldn’t even see how the knife was shot, and the few people who opened their mouths to berate Tiger Lord received a loud slap on their faces.

Suddenly, bright red palm prints appeared on their faces.

Correspondingly, their right cheek swelled up instantly.


Suddenly, Sara Ye and Mira Xie were also slightly shocked.

Although they knew the identity of Lord Tiger, and knew that there were powerful people under Tiger Lord, they didn’t expect to be powerful here, so naturally they were slightly surprised.

But Dai Hui, Yang Zongfu, and the doctors were shocked!

what is this?

Why are they just like this in a blink of an eye?

“Presumptuous! Do you know where this is? This is the hospital! Do you know who I am? Believe it or not, as long as I make a call, you have to lie down and crawl out?” Yang Zongfu’s face was pale, he glared at the tiger master, and roared angrily With.

“I don’t care where this is, and who you are, even if you are the king of heaven, I don’t care!” However, at this moment,

A cold voice suddenly sounded.

Afterwards, Dustin Zhou walked over with a cold face and glanced lightly at the faces of Yang Zongfu’s people, full of anger.

He was around the corner just now, seeing what happened just now in his eyes and listening in his ears.

He did not expect that such a thing would happen to the hospital after only half an hour of going out.

There are even people who want to forcefully take over Enderia Shen’s operation.

Don’t say that this operation cannot be performed by ordinary people. Even if it can be performed, it is definitely not acceptable for Dustin Zhou to take over forcibly before getting Dustin Zhou’s permission.

“Thank you.” Dustin Zhou looked at Lord Tiger and nodded gently.

Without Master Tiger, Mira Xie and Sara Ye would definitely not be able to stop these doctors.

“Mr. Zhou, you are back.” Dai Hui breathed a sigh of relief when Dustin Zhou came back.

In the face of Yang Zongfu’s oppression, he simply couldn’t bear it for long.

If there is no Tiger Lord, and Dustin Zhou will be back ten minutes late, then Yang Zongfu is likely to take over the operation.

“Well, thank you very much.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, and could not help but treat Dai Hui a little differently.

It is really rare for such a doctor to still stick to the bottom line under the squeeze of Yang Zongfu.

“Mr. Zhou, Mr. Jiang, are you here yet?” Dai Hui craned his neck and looked behind Dustin Zhou, wanting to see if anyone was there.

But the result disappointed him.

Don’t talk about people, there is not even an ant.

It was just a glance to see that Dustin Zhou had not invited Mr. Jiang at all.

They even couldn’t even see Mr. Jiang in person.

“Mr. Jiang? Dai Hui, what you said is to invite an expert, that is, to invite Mr. Jiang? Haha!” When he heard Dai Hui’s words, Yang Zongfu also reacted, with shock and disdain on his face.

“Just because you want to invite Mr. Jiang, you know, even my uncle has only seen Mr. Jiang for decades. If you can invite Mr. Jiang, my name, Yang Zongfu, write it upside down! “

Chapter 235

Old naughty Mr. Jiang!

“Your uncle has only seen Mr. Jiang once, that is because he has no ability.” “As for your name written upside down, what does it have to do with me?” Dustin Zhou turned around and looked at Yang Zongfu coldly.

Dustin Zhou knew only from the conversation he had just heard.

This Yang Zongfu offered to take over the operation, absolutely not at ease.

Let’s not talk about what his original intention was, but the mere expression of ecstasy and arrogance made Dustin Zhou feel very disgusted in his heart.

What’s more, if he operated on Enderia Shen, wouldn’t he directly see or even touch Enderia Shen’s body?

Such a doctor without morals and bottom line, Dustin Zhou couldn’t believe it.

However, his words fell in the ears of other people, but if they were thunderous.

“Your uncle has only met Mr. Jiang once, that’s because he has no abilities.” You know, Yang Zongfu’s uncle is Yang Xilai, the dean of the hospital.

And Yang Xilai is more than just the president of the First People’s Hospital.

He is also the deputy director of the National Medical Association.

It is quite famous in the national medical community.

In fact, many young doctors who have gained fame in recent years are Yang Xilai’s students.

At this time, Yang Xilai became an incompetent person in Dustin Zhou’s mouth!

If this is spread out, I don’t know how many people will be shocked.

Dai Hui looked at Dustin Zhou in a daze, and his heart was shocked.

He never expected Dustin Zhou to say such a thing.

But for an instant, he was excited again!

Although Yang Xilai has a great reputation abroad, he is not so famous in the hospital.

He not only used the power of the dean of the hospital to place his cronies in key positions, but also used his power for his own personal gain.

If it weren’t for everyone’s fear of Yang Xilai’s power, it would be impossible to forbear it all the time.

Because for them, ordinary doctors, even those with sufficient qualifications and experience like Dai Hui.

Yang Xilai has the power to block them with one word!

“Hahahaha, it’s really funny, right? Your name is Dustin Zhou. People can be incompetent, but they can’t be ignorant! Do you know what you mean by what you just said?” “Believe it or not, my uncle said that you will be in the East China Sea in the future. The whole country can’t go to the hospital?” Yang Zongfu’s face was ashen and gloomy, and there was a hint of madness and joy in his voice.

What Dustin Zhou said just now was not only aimed at his Yang Zongfu, but also at his uncle Yang Xilai.

But in the end, it also affected everyone related to Yang Xilai.

Even Yang Xilai is an incompetent person, so what about the colleagues and friends who have been close to Yang Xilai, as well as Yang Xilai’s students?

Wouldn’t it be equally incompetent, or even worse?

Yang Zongfu sneered again and again, as long as he took Dustin Zhou’s

If you let it go, there will be countless people who are closely related to Yang Xilai take the initiative without him.

Not only to please Yang Xilai, but also to give a severe lesson to Dustin Zhou, a kid who didn’t know the height of the sky.

“Am I wrong? You said that your uncle only met Mr. Jiang once. How old is your uncle, not incompetent, incompetent, what is it?” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly, unaware that there was something wrong with what he had just said.

“Punch.” Sara Ye and Mira Xie didn’t hold back, they chuckled, looking at Dustin Zhou with a smile on their faces.

They didn’t expect that Dustin Zhou would have such a poisonous tongue one day.

As the president of the hospital, Yang Xilai is also the deputy director of the Medical Association, so there is no need to question his own ability.

Otherwise, it will be difficult to gain a firm foothold by personnel alone.

But in Dustin Zhou’s mouth, Yang Xilai had become an incompetent person.

I don’t know how Yang Xilai will react when he knows it.

“You! Dustin Zhou, don’t be arrogant, believe it or not, I let Enderia Shen not be able to perform surgery!” “If I guess right, Enderia Shen’s time is running out, and our hospital is the best hospital in Donghai City! Except for us! , No one can save her!” “Yang Zongfu sneered, with a wicked smile on the corner of his mouth, thinking that he was very handsome. “Moreover, Enderia Shen has no way to transfer!

“Boom! Yang Zongfu’s voice just fell, not only Dustin Zhou, Sara Ye, Mira Xie, Hu Ye, Dai Hui, and even the doctors behind Yang Zongfu, their complexion changed drastically. Those doctors were opportunistic to curry favor with Yang Zongfu. , So as to obtain the resources for advancement. But they are all above the bottom line. They are also human beings as doctors and naturally have desires. However, all desires are established through reasonable and legal channels. And now? Yang Zongfu He actually threatened Enderia Shen’s life! What’s this? Don’t say that Yang Zongfu really did it and let Enderia Shen have an accident. If the operation is unsuccessful, Enderia Shen’s treatment will be ineffective, and neither Yang Zongfu nor these doctors can escape the relationship. Dare to take life-threatening injuries. This alone is enough for Yang Zongfu to withstand it. “Young Master, would it not be too good to do this?”

“Yes, if this incident spreads, I am afraid it will cause a bad response.”

“… Several doctors had a gloomy face and whispered to persuade them. They wanted to follow Yang Zongfu to make a profit, but they never thought of killing people. “What are you afraid of?”

Do you think they dare to talk nonsense?

Enderia Shen is their boss. The whole, well-known company must listen to Enderia Shen. They are just small employees. What waves can they make?

“Yang Zongfu also knew that there was some ambiguity in what he said just now, but he was unwilling to admit it, but rather coldly.

He scolded the doctors behind him.

“Yes, yes, Yang Xilai is not incapable. At any rate, he still has some ability to teach such an excellent nephew.” At this moment, a low voice sounded, accompanied by a few dull applause.

When everyone followed the sound, they saw an old man who was about 60 years old slowly coming.

It’s just that his face is so gloomy, and there is even endless anger in his eyes.

“Mr. Jiang, you are here.” Dustin Zhou felt relieved when he saw the old man.

As long as Mr. Jiang is there, Enderia Shen will be fine.

But at the same time, Dustin Zhou was also somewhat speechless towards Mr. Jiang.

Obviously he came after him, but when he arrived, he didn’t show up directly, instead he eavesdropped in the corner.

You know, the loss of every minute and every second is as precious as life to Enderia Shen.

It’s just that Dustin Zhou has forgotten.

When he came back just now, he didn’t show up directly either, he was hiding in the corner and eavesdropping.

“Mr. Jiang? Dustin Zhou, if you want to frighten me, don’t just ask for someone, such an old man, could it be Mr. Jiang?” Yang Zongfu looked unbelieving and gave Dustin Zhou a cold eye.

In his opinion, as a national player, Mr. Jiang is naturally extraordinary.

Naturally, he was also on the Internet, as well as pictures of Mr. Jiang seen by his uncle Yang Xilai.

The person in the photo has a kind face and looks like an old man who can make people feel at ease.

However, the old man who appeared in front of them at this moment was dressed in extremely cheap clothes, and he even wore Jiefang shoes worth more than ten dollars.

This kind of shoes may have been worn more than ten years ago, but now, they have long since disappeared in the market.

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