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Chapter 236

Is this your nephew?

Dustin Zhou naturally noticed what Mr. Jiang was wearing.

It is obviously different from when I saw it in the nursing home.

Dustin Zhou glanced at Mr. Jiang in surprise. He changed his clothes in such a short time?

However, after arriving at the hospital, you still have to change into surgical gowns when you enter the operating room. What is the use of changing into such a suit?

However, when Dustin Zhou saw Yang Zongfu’s disdainful face, a thought suddenly came into his mind.

At first, this thought was very light and small, and seemed to disappear at any time.

But faintly, Dustin Zhou thought it might be true.

Mr. Jiang, I’m afraid I don’t want to attract attention!

After all, as a national player, Mr. Jiang’s photos have naturally been seen by many doctors.

And once he appears in the hospital, he will naturally be noticed by others, which triggers speculation.

Dustin Zhou suffocated a smile.

He thought that Mr. Jiang might be so intent, but he never thought that Mr. Jiang did this, which happened to be seen by Yang Zongfu, and he thought that Mr. Jiang was invited by Dustin Zhou to pretend.

Dustin Zhou just wanted to say a word to Yang Zongfu at this time.

This is really an accident!

But Yang Zongfu obviously didn’t think so. He was determined that this old man was not Mr. Jiang, but Dustin Zhou invited him to act.

Such a person can’t have any side with Mr. Jiang in his impression.

But Dai Hui and the doctors behind Yang Zongfu looked at Mr. Jiang’s eyes brighter and brighter and more surprised.

They have spent more time in the hospital than Yang Zongfu. They naturally respect national players like Mr. Jiang and pay attention to the news of these national players almost every day.

And Mr. Jiang’s appearance has been firmly imprinted in their minds.

“You…you are really Mr. Jiang!” Dai Hui looked excited, if it weren’t for Dustin Zhou in front of him, he would have liked to pounce on it now, clinging to Mr. Jiang’s thigh, seeking guidance.

“It turned out to be Mr. Jiang!” “Yes, I look at Mr. Jiang’s photos every day. I heard that Mr. Jiang used to go out of Donghai!” “He is a legend in Donghai medicine! It belongs to all of our Donghai doctors.” Idol!” “I didn’t expect that we would actually be able to see Mr. Jiang today. We are really lucky!” “Yes, even the dean has only seen Mr. Jiang until now!” … The other doctors too His expression was agitated, and his body kept trembling.

Mr. Jiang is their idol and a national player, who can always accompany the country’s leaders.

Such a person can listen to everything he says!

However, the next second, several people were stunned again.

Yang Zongfu said triumphantly just now that his uncle, Dean Yang Xilai, had only met Mr. Jiang once in decades.

And now, they have already seen Mr. Jiang.

Does it mean that they are already the same as Yang Xilai!

Several doctors glanced at Yang Zongfu with subtle eyes, and couldn’t help but step back.

They did not forget what Mr. Jiang said when he appeared.

Obviously, Mr. Jiang also heard what Yang Zongfu threatened with Enderia Shen just now.

Thinking of this, the doctors stepped back more and more, as if they were trying to separate themselves from Yang Zongfu.

After all, the only exchanges between them are interests.

If Yang Zongfu can bring benefits to them, they are willing to follow Yang Zongfu, headed by him, and even suppress others.

However, once this benefit is gone, and it may even affect themselves, then nothing will stop!

Yang Zongfu’s face was extremely ugly at the moment.

He heard the words of those doctors naturally, and he also saw their movements away from him.

At this moment, a kind of fear quietly filled his heart.

It turned out to be Mr. Jiang!

You know, this is a national player!

Every word and deed can be heard up to heaven!

Such existence is simply not something he can provoke!

The most important thing is that Mr. Jiang heard the words he threatened Dustin Zhou with Enderia Shen’s life just now.

Yang Zongfu’s face was as gray as death, and he didn’t dare to think about his consequences!

Boom boom boom!

At this moment, a rush of footsteps suddenly sounded.

The group hurried over, and the leader was a middle-aged man in his fifties, with an extraordinary appearance and temperament.

“At this time, Dean Yang Xilai, those are the leaders of the hospital!” Dai Hui explained in a low voice when Dustin Zhou was suspicious.

Even Mr. Jiang could be invited, and it seemed to be very close to each other. Dai Hui naturally knew that Dustin Zhou was definitely not an ordinary person.

“Mr. Jiang!” “It turned out to be Mr. Jiang!” … When the group saw Mr. Jiang, their expressions were pleasantly surprised, and their footsteps became lighter.

“Hello, Mr. Jiang, this is Yang Xilai, and you are welcome to visit our hospital!” Yang Xilai smiled, looking very comfortable.

He walked up to Mr. Jiang, lowered his head, and said respectfully.

At this moment, the leaders of the hospital, including Yang Xilai, all looked surprised and looked at Mr. Jiang.

This is a national player!

And it’s still a national player going out from the East China Sea!

How could he appear here?

It is definitely here to inspect, and it is likely to be accompanied by big things!

After all, this kind of thing has not happened in other hospitals before.

Once a hospital in Shenzhen City was inspected by a national player. The national player felt that the hospital did a good job, and then moved up and down, bringing a lot of projects and funds to the hospital.

Right now, that hospital is still the most famous hospital in Shenzhen, even the No. 1 People’s Hospital of Shenzhen cannot be compared.

Now, Donghae City

A national player also appeared in a people’s hospital!

And it’s Mr. Jiang who went out from the East China Sea!

“You are Yang Xilai? I’ve heard of you, not bad.” Mr. Jiang said with a smile.

Yang Xilai looked stunned, then ecstatic.

Mr. Jiang just praised him for being good.

This is a compliment from a national player, and it will definitely spread out in the future, adding a touch of color to Yang Xilai’s resume!

And the hospital leaders looked at Yang Xilai with envy.

Yang Xilai is the dean, so naturally he can be the first to talk to Mr. Jiang.

And they are naturally one step behind.

“Where, I still have a lot of deficiencies, and I hope Mr. Jiang can give pointers.” Although ecstatic in his heart, Yang Xilai said modestly.

And Yang Zongfu also looked happy at this time.

When Mr. Jiang praised his uncle like this, he must have valued Yang Xilai, so correspondingly, as Yang Xilai’s nephew, Yang Zongfu would naturally not be held accountable by Mr. Jiang just now.

Thinking of this, Yang Zongfu felt relieved and looked at Dustin Zhou triumphantly, as well as the doctors who had been away from him just now.

“You do have shortcomings.” Mr. Jiang nodded and said softly.

Yang Xilai’s expression was full of joy, and he became more respectful.

But Yang Zongfu’s complexion suddenly changed, his chest panicked and he couldn’t help coughing and panting violently.

“This Doctor Yang Zongfu died of Dean Yang Xilai’s nephew?” Mr. Jiang said with a smile.

“Yes, it is my nephew.” Yang Xilai was puzzled, wondering what Mr. Jiang suddenly mentioned about Yang Zongfu.

Is it optimistic about Yang Zongfu and want to teach him?

You know, Yang Zongfu’s resume is also very exciting, and his education is also very high. He is also quite famous abroad.

It doesn’t seem to be a surprise to be valued by Mr. Jiang.

Thinking of this, Yang Xilai felt happy.

If Yang Zongfu is really valued by Mr. Jiang, his status will naturally rise, and in the future, the medical profession in China will have a higher right to speak.

At this time, those leaders looked at Yang Xilai with envy and jealousy to the extreme.

They were annoyed, why their nephew did not study medicine, no one can be valued by Mr. Jiang!

Chapter 237

A word of honor and disgrace!

“It deserves to be a good nephew taught by Dean Yang.” “It’s just that, I just heard that your good nephew, because of the life of the patient who is undergoing surgery, threatened the relatives and friends of the injured, I don’t know if this is true. It was also taught by Dean Yang!” Mr. Jiang’s tone was light, as if he didn’t care at all.

But if someone really doesn’t care about Mr. Jiang, that would be a big mistake.

A dignified national player, how can he just say something like this in person?

Not to mention causing an uproar, at least the person named by him has no future in sight.


At this time, Yang Xilai only felt violent turbulence in his mind, as if a big clock kept hitting in his heart.

The roar of every impact, like thunder, spread throughout his body.

Yang Xilai was stunned, the joyful expression on his face quickly retracted and it became a little ugly.

This expression changed very strangely.

But Dustin Zhou and others naturally knew why this expression appeared on Yang Xilai’s face.

The leaders of those hospitals were still madly envious of Yang Xilai just a moment ago.

But at this moment, he was sitting on the sidelines and humming constantly in his heart.

You Yang Xilai also have today?

Where is the hospital?

A place to save people.

The place where people live in the whole country.

Even the leaders of the country dare not underestimate the existence.

Every patient in the hospital almost gave their lives.

And the reason they do this is to trust the country.

The state also endorses the hospital.

Not to mention using the lives of patients undergoing surgery to coerce others, even an ordinary medical accident will cause the local government to pay great attention to the hospital!

But now, Yang Zongfu is brazenly using the injured person’s life to coerce others.

Most importantly, his words were heard by Mr. Jiang.

Yang Zongfu’s face instantly turned dead gray.

Yang Xilai trembled, his hands clenched into fists, and even his nails were pinched into the flesh.

Mr. Jiang is a national player and his predecessor. Yang Xilai has to listen to his words.

“Uncle, I didn’t, I didn’t mean that, I just wanted to help Enderia Shen to perform the operation!” A hint of struggle flashed in Yang Zongfu’s eyes, and he immediately rushed towards Yang Xilai, directly wailing.

Dustin Zhou looked at Yang Zongfu coldly, and sneered in his heart.

“Do you know, what are you talking about?” Yang Xilai’s expression was ashen as he looked at Yang Zongfu gloomily.

Had he not been his own nephew, he would have slapped him a long time ago.

“Uncle, what I said is true. I heard that Enderia Shen was injured, so I came here specially to perform an operation on her. All these people can testify!” Yang Zongfu’s eyes lit up when he heard Yang Xilai’s words, he obviously heard it. A hint of other meaning.

Yang Xilai asked him,

But know what I’m talking about.

If you don’t know, it’s a panic after being exposed.

But if he knows and can give a reasonable explanation, Yang Xilai has a chance to save him.

“What Zong Fu said is true?” Yang Xilai’s eyes were sharp and directed at the doctors, with strong meaning in his eyes.

The doctors also froze for a moment, their lips trembling, apparently threatened by Yang Xilai.

They are doctors in the hospital and are under Yang Xilai’s management. Once Yang Zongfu really tells what happened just now, Yang Zongfu will certainly be punished, but they will definitely not be well.

“No, young handsome Doctor Yang, how could it be possible to say something like that!” “Yes, let’s testify together, Doctor Yang has never said anything like that!” … Several people immediately expressed their opinions, they even wanted to scramble for the first time.

Dustin Zhou watched them performing with cold eyes.

Mira Xie, Sara Ye, Hu Ye are also watching them perform.

The corners of Mr. Jiang’s mouth were slightly raised, like an old naughty boy, without interrupting, he watched Yang Xilai and these doctors continue to act.

And the leaders of those hospitals didn’t say much, except that they kept calling Yang Xilai shameless in their hearts.

Yang Xilai was able to suppress this matter. That was his ability. If Mr. Jiang did not pursue it, they would be powerless.

But if Yang Xilai fails, then there is no need for them to say more, Mr. Jiang himself said that he heard it with his own ears, and the consequences can be imagined.

“Mr. Jiang, you see, although my nephew Yang Zongfu is a bit arrogant, he is definitely not that kind of person. Besides, he can enter the medical society next year, and he is a very good doctor.” Yang Xilai licked his face and smiled. .

The reason why he said this was undoubtedly because he wanted to make a good impression in front of Mr. Jiang.

To tell Yang Zongfu’s resume and to enter the Medical Association next year is to endorse him.

“No!” At this moment, he was on the sidelines, speaking like a transparent person Dai Hui.

At the moment he was wearing a surgical gown, with a trace of blood between his sleeves.

Obviously, just before that, he was still operating in the operating room.

“Mr. Jiang, Yang Zongfu just said something like that. He said that he wants Enderia Shen to be unable to perform surgery, and he can talk about the entire East China Sea, so that all hospitals will not accept Enderia Shen.” “As for the transfer, Mr. Jiang, Enderia Shen is running out of time. “In just a few words, like a thunderstorm, this small corridor exploded before the operation!

Yang Zongfujai was about to split, turned around and glared at Dai Hui.

Yang Xilai’s eyes narrowed even more, and he took a deep look at Dai Hui, his eyes full of anger.

What is this!

Dare to slander me behind?

“Dai Hui, you have to pay attention to evidence when you speak. You slander me today. If you can’t produce evidence, then I must not

Will let you go!

“Yang Zongfu said coldly. “Dai Hui, I know that a doctor in thoracic department who is not educated and skillful has repeatedly evaluated the bottom of the ranking. After today, you will resign.

“Yang Xilai’s face was cold, he retracted his gaze, and said lightly, as if Dai Hui hadn’t been in his eyes at all. However, the doctors standing behind Yang Zongfu were shocked! Yang Xilai’s words were not alone. What Dai Hui said was also to them. If they said something unfavorable to Yang Zongfu today, then their fate would be even worse than Dai Hui! “Mr. Jiang, I apologize to you, but I didn’t expect to show up in the hospital. For such a quack doctor, I must strictly discipline the hospital in the future.

“Yang Xilai looked at Mr. Xiang Jiang again, with the same respectful attitude, but there was a hint of sharpness between words. Although Mr. Jiang is a national player, Yang Xilai is not only the president of Donghai First People’s Hospital, but also the deputy director of the Medical Association. He has a vast network in the country. Even, besides Mr. Jiang, he also knows other national players. If Mr. Jiang regards today’s things as not happening, then everyone is naturally happy. But if Mr. Jiang insists on managing, I am afraid Yang Xilai will turn his face. And now. . Yang Xilai seemed to have the initiative. With a word of his word, he decided on the doctors and the honor and disgrace of Dai Hui. “Does Dean Yang think that the old man is not good for my ears?

“Mr. Jiang squinted his eyes and said lightly, without a trace of emotional change in the words.

Chapter 238

Two people are enough!

Mr. Jiang’s words made Yang Xilai and the leaders of the hospitals look slightly stunned.

The ears are not working well?

A dignified national player, who can arbitrarily check the body of a national leader, and even a national player who can speak and act up to the sky, will his ears be difficult?

If anyone here today doesn’t dare to answer Mr. Jiang’s ears, then he is not only hitting Mr. Jiang in the face, but also the national leader’s face.

Can people with poor ears become national players?

Yang Xilai was speechless for a while, and he didn’t know how to reply.

If there is nothing, Mr. Jiang’s ears are very good?

So Mr. Jiang just heard what Yang Zongfu said is true.

To say that Mr. Jiang does have a problem with his ears is torn his face.

“Mr. Jiang is highly respected and deceived by a liar like Dustin Zhou. I am afraid that he will not feel good in his heart. It is inevitable to hear the wrong words. As long as he can give the younger generation an innocence, it will be fine.” However, at this time, Yang Zongfu said with a smile, his eyes Looking at Mr. Xiang Jiang, there is still a hint of contentment.

Dustin Zhou looked at Yang Zongfu indifferently, then looked away.

Such an idiot does not need him to do anything, and Mr. Jiang can directly determine his honor or disgrace with a word.

Compared with Yang Xilai, Mr. Jiang, as a national player, is naturally more effective in determining honor and disgrace.

“Shut up! What are you talking nonsense! Here is where you are talking?” Yang Xilai’s expression changed, and he suddenly turned to Yang Zongfu and shouted.

“Pop!” Immediately, a loud applause reached everyone’s ears.

Yang Zongfu looked at his uncle with an incredible look, he actually slapped himself just now.

You know, even in the family, no one has ever beaten himself.

And Yang Xilai, his uncle, hit him for the first time!

Yang Xilai’s face was blue!

He had almost convinced Mr. Jiang just now, but Yang Zongfu, an idiot, really said what Mr. Jiang said was true.

Bad ears?

Everyone looked at Yang Zongfu coldly!

The hospital leaders stepped back unconsciously one by one, farther away from Yang Xilai.

The doctors standing behind Yang Zongfu were instantly pale and shaky.

If it is said that everything can be reconciled before, even misunderstandings can be eliminated and compensation can be made.

Then Yang Zongfu cut off all these hopes with just one sentence!

Dignified national player, ears are not good.

When it spreads out, others will think that Mr. Jiang is a handicapped person, not worthy of being a national player, and not worthy of working by the side of the country’s leaders!

Yang Zongfu, where did he get the courage?

Just because his uncle is Yang Xilai?

I’m afraid Yang Xilai doesn’t have this face either!

“Mr. Jiang, Zong Fu has no choice but to ask Mr. Jiang to forgive me!” Yang Xilai lost his previous gains this time.

Yi, his face is full of tension.

Even his forehead was sweaty!

Mr. Jiang really couldn’t touch him.

But as long as Mr. Jiang said a word in front of the leader, Yang Xilai would be completely finished.

For a while, everyone looked at Mr. Jiang, wanting to see how he would react.

Dustin Zhou looked at Mr. Jiang in surprise, and muttered to himself.

This Mr. Jiang did not look like a national player, and his personality looked a bit like an old naughty boy.

Almost every word he said was to induce Yang Zongfu to respond.

And Yang Zongfu also responded stupidly.

In this way, Yang Zongfu will naturally fall into the trap set by Mr. Jiang.

“You can’t say anything? Indeed, young people are always younger and more vigorous. I won’t be surprised. After all, people will always have some problems with their bodies when they are old.” Mr. Jiang looked indifferent and nodded lightly, as if it was true. Don’t take what Yang Zongfu said just now.

However, in the next second, Mr. Jiang’s words changed the expressions of Yang Xilai and Yang Zongfu.

“However, when the operation is approaching and threatening others with the patient’s safety, I have not heard it wrong. It seems that Dean Yang has no intention of taking care of it. If this is the case, I will deal with it afterwards.” The voice fell, the audience was quiet!

Both Yang Xilai and Yang Zongfu were ashamed and seemed to see their fate.

The leaders of those hospitals had different faces and didn’t know what they were thinking.

The few doctors behind Yang Zongfu were even more dull at the moment.

They just testified for Yang Zongfu, saying that Yang Zongfu did not say that.

But when Mr. Jiang said, he concluded that Yang Zongfu had said it.

Then, they must have lied, and they are still in front of a national player.

Dai Hui opened his mouth slightly, surprised.

He also took a great risk when he spoke up.

But simply, the result seems to be good.

Even Dustin Zhou looked at Mr. Jiang with a smile.

This old naughty boy became serious, with a full-fledged momentum, and it was scary. Let’s see what Yang Xilai’s uncle and nephew are scared into.

“Mr. Jiang, the idlers have wasted too much time. Enderia Shen has been in for almost forty minutes, and I would like to ask you to take action.” Dustin Zhou chuckled and said in a deep voice.

Although he was watching the scene just now, he was anxious in his heart.

They stay outside for one second, and Enderia Shen will take the danger for one second inside.

At the moment, since Mr. Jiang has determined the honor or disgrace of Yang Xilai’s uncle and nephew, he naturally has to hurry up to perform surgery on Enderia Shen.

For a moment, Dai Hui and the other doctors looked over, with a faint glint.

Chinese players are going to have surgery!

This is not common!

If you can watch the national players complete an operation in person, it will be

In other words, there must be gains.

“Mr. Jiang, since you are going to perform surgery on a patient, you must need a helper, I am willing to lay hands with Mr. Jiang!” At this time, a potbellied leader came over and healed his white coat, very confident.

He is the vice-president of the hospital, and his first-hand medical skills are naturally extraordinary.

It is enough to give a hand to the national players.

Immediately afterwards, several leaders stepped forward, expressing their desire to lay hands on Mr. Jiang.

Who doesn’t want such a great opportunity?

“Mr. Jiang, can I go in and watch?” Even Dai Hui looked at Mr. Jiang nervously, looking forward to it.

“Mr. Jiang, you can make your decision quickly, my friend, you can’t wait that long. No matter how many people or equipment you want, I will definitely prepare it for you.” Dustin Zhou was also a little impatient, and said quickly.

“Don’t be so troublesome!” Mr. Jiang waved his hand and said lightly.

“What do you mean?” Dustin Zhou was astonished.

“It’s just a minor operation. Two people are enough. Dustin Zhou, you come in with me.” Mr. Jiang smiled casually, his words were very relaxed and cheerful, and it looked like a joke.

But everyone knew that Mr. Jiang was absolutely not joking.

Because Dustin Zhou has been pulled closer to the operating room.

All the people who had maintained Enderia Shen’s condition in the operating room before were all driven out.

For a moment, everyone’s eyes widened and looked at the closed operating room in disbelief.

“Dustin Zhou, shouldn’t you be good at medical skills?” Suddenly a small voice came, and everyone was dumbfounded, and their hearts sweated even more.

They couldn’t figure out what exactly Mr. Jiang meant and what he wanted to do.

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