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Chapter 239

Jinzhen Du points!

In the operating room.

Dustin Zhou looked at Enderia Shen, who was lying on the operating table with a sullen expression.

He was just about to ask what Mr. Jiang said, when he was pulled in abruptly.

Although Mr. Jiang should not harm him, he still subconsciously wants to break free.

But what shocked him was that he found that he could not break free from Mr. Jiang’s shackles at all.

You know, he is a strong young man in his twenties, while Mr. Jiang is nearly sixty years old and is an old man.

Moreover, Mr. Jiang looked weak. Although Dustin Zhou did not explode in figure, he always exercised, and he also learned some punches behind Niu Chuan. He also had a lot of muscles.

In this way, he was not as strong as Mr. Jiang, and could not escape the shackles of the other party.

“Mr. Jiang, what does this mean?” Dustin Zhouqiang endured the shock in his heart and asked softly.

Are the national players so strong?

Besides, Dustin Zhou didn’t know anything about medicine, and he didn’t even know the various instruments placed beside the operating table.

Want him to come in and be a helper?

Wouldn’t it be a mere trouble?

“Why, not willing?” Mr. Jiang raised his eyebrows and looked at Dustin Zhou with a smile.

“The original intention was willing, but I don’t know how to heal at all. I don’t even know the things in it!” Dustin Zhou was speechless.

The medical equipment is complicated, and he, a layman, would not recognize the equipment here.

Not to mention which line corresponds to which machine, what function does it have, and how to use it.

“I didn’t let you recognize these things. I’m doing surgery on this friend of yours. You don’t need to use those things.” Mr. Jiang chuckled lightly, and immediately started undressing.

Dustin Zhou was also taken aback.

What is Mr. Jiang doing, taking off his coat in the operating room?

“Mr. Jiang, you…” Before Dustin Zhou finished speaking, he saw the universe hidden under Mr. Jiang’s coat.

In just an instant, Dustin Zhou’s eyes widened, staring at everything in front of him in shock.

I saw Mr. Jiang take off his jacket. Inside the jacket, there were two long cloth bags.

Mr. Jiang slowly opened the cloth bag, and there were twelve silver needles inside!

Two cloth bags, twenty-four and silver needles, of different lengths!

But every one, almost shining with cold light.

Dustin Zhou just took a look, and felt chills in his heart.

Does Mr. Jiang use these silver needles to treat Enderia Shen?

Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but wonder.

But what followed was huge doubts.

Enderia Shen was pierced into his left chest by a dagger right now, and the blade almost pierced his heart.

In Dustin Zhou’s eyes, this kind of injury shouldn’t be solved by western medical surgery.

“Mr. Jiang, is this all right?” Dustin Zhou was still a little uneasy.

But Mr. Jiang’s body

For this, Dustin Zhou always has a glimmer of expectations.

He should be capable, otherwise how could he become a national player, how could he be able to convalesce the body for the big leader.

“What do you think?” Mr. Jiang didn’t answer directly. Instead, he picked out a silver needle and soaked it in disinfectant water.

Dustin Zhou was wondering how Mr. Jiang was going to administer the injection, but suddenly a bright light flashed before his eyes.

When Mr. Jiang raised his hand and moved, the silver needle in his hand fell on Enderia Shen.

Tiantu, Xuanji, Canopy, Purple Palace, Yutang, Tanzhong, Atrium!

Dustin Zhou didn’t know these acupuncture points. Instead, Mr. Jiang said softly every time he gave a needle.

No matter how stupid Dustin Zhou was, he knew that Mr. Jiang might really be able to cure Enderia Shen through acupuncture.

However, these acupuncture points had little to do with Enderia Shen’s left chest injury, and Dustin Zhou couldn’t figure it out for a while.

However, Dustin Zhou had noticed that every time Mr. Jiang dropped a needle, the sweat on his forehead kept coming out.

However, despite this, Mr. Jiang did not stop, but continued to administer the needle.

Soon, Mr. Jiang’s twenty-four needles had fallen to twenty, and only the last four were left.

“Dustin Zhou, aren’t you curious if I can save this little girl? Look forward to it!” Mr. Jiang gave a low voice, holding a silver needle in one hand, and dropping it on a big acupuncture point without hesitation.

Dustin Zhou took a closer look and found nothing unusual, except that the speed was faster… Wait!

Dustin Zhou’s eyes narrowed slightly, and his heart was suddenly startled!

He actually saw the silver needle falling on Enderia Shen’s acupuncture point, and a faint white gas emerged.

what is this?

Dustin Zhou suddenly raised his head and looked at Mr. Jiang in shock!

Although Dustin Zhou doesn’t know much about TCM acupuncture, he also knows that generally those who can give people acupuncture are those who have studied for decades.

Whether it is on TV or the Internet, Dustin Zhou is not unheard of.

But he had never heard of it, there would be white air lingering on the silver needle!

Dustin Zhou kept his eyes wide open, not daring to blink easily, for fear of missing some moment of surprise.

However, the next three stitches were also lingering in whiteness, and there were no other abnormalities.

“Mr. Jiang, what exactly is this?” Dustin Zhou raised his head and asked when Mr. Jiang’s last silver needle fell.

It was at this time that Dustin Zhou discovered that Mr. Jiang was pale at the moment, his figure was unstable, and his clothes were soaked with sweat.

Dustin Zhou was shocked!

Just four silver needles, let Mr. Jiang become like this!

“Golden Needle Du points!” Mr. Jiang lightly wiped the sweat on his forehead and said softly.

Jinzhen Du points!

Dustin Zhou only felt shocked, as if he had come into contact with something extraordinary.

This one

Something seems to have never appeared.

At the very least, he had never heard of it.

“What is this?” Dustin Zhou asked again.

The previous time, he asked like this, asking what is the injection.

This time, he asked what was Jinzhendu acupoint.

“Do you want to learn?” Mr. Jiang looked at Dustin Zhou playfully, there seemed to be a flash of light in his eyes.

“Can I learn?” Dustin Zhou was surprised, with an eager expression on his face.

“Yes, you stay with me and be a little medicine boy.” Mr. Jiang said earnestly, seemingly not joking.

“Hey, Mr. Jiang, how long does it take to learn?” Dustin Zhou asked softly, rolling his eyes.

Just watching Mr. Jiang perform this trick of the golden acupuncture points, and the last four needles are so hard, Dustin Zhou knows that it must be very difficult to learn.

“Not much, it’s only thirty years.” Mr. Jiang said lightly, as if thirty years is really not long, just a blink of an eye.

“Uh, forget it, Mr. Jiang, can my friend’s injury be cured?” Dustin Zhou looked at Enderia Shen lying on the operating table. At this time, Enderia Shen’s face was a little more rosy than before, and it seemed , There is a hint of life.

Dustin Zhou knew that this must be the effect of the Jinzhen Du acupoint that Mr. Jiang just used!

Jin Zhen Du points, really powerful!

It is even possible to stabilize Enderia Shen’s injury without using medical equipment.

Chapter 240


“Don’t worry, the injury has stabilized, and you should be able to wake up in a few hours, but it will take a while to fully recover,” Mr. Jiang said softly, but he was extremely confident in his words.

Dustin Zhou was stunned, then he thought about it and understood.

Mr. Jiang said that he was so confident that he must have used this trick to remove the acupuncture points before, and the other party should wake up soon, and finally recover as Mr. Jiang said.

Dustin Zhou looked down, and Enderia Shen’s acupuncture points were covered with silver needles.

There was a cold light on every silver needle.

But this cold light in Dustin Zhou’s eyes, at this moment, is like a light of hope.

“Mr. Jiang, I seem to have seen something strange before?” Dustin Zhou questioned.

He was not sure, but thought he should have seen it.

When Mr. Jiang applied the needles, especially the last four needles.

Dustin Zhou clearly saw a trace of white air lingering in the silver needle, pouring into Enderia Shen’s body!

What the hell is that?

“Is that this?” Mr. Jiang chuckled lightly and stroked a silver needle with one hand.

Immediately, Dustin Zhou’s eyes widened.

He saw a trace of white air lingering on the silver needle.

Exactly the same as what he saw before!

“This…” Dustin Zhou was shocked. What he saw just now was not a fantasy, but a real existence.

But, what is going on?

Mr. Jiang retracted his hand, and there seemed to be some beads of sweat on his forehead.

But he didn’t care.

“This is the wonder of the Jinzhen Du acupoint!” “I have followed the master for more than 30 years of medical practice, and this is the deepest medical skill I have learned.” “And the hint of white gas you just saw is true. Qi.” “Over the past few decades, I have only cultivated a little, and I treated your friend just now, and it took almost half of it.” Mr. Jiang was quite general, his eyes looked forward and looked extremely deep, I don’t know if it is right. I remembered something.


But at this moment, Dustin Zhou was deeply shocked.

This kind of thing, which only exists in novels and television, appeared directly in front of him for the first time.

Is Mr. Jiang the legendary cultivator?

Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but looked up at Mr. Jiang, and found that Mr. Jiang’s breath was a little sluggish at the moment. It was obvious that he was administering needles to Enderia Shen, which was too worn out.

“Mr. Jiang, is there really such a magical thing in the world?” Dustin Zhou asked softly.

He has an idea in his mind now.

Is it because of this that Mr. Jiang has become a national player, and he is well-known throughout the country, and he has even treated many major leaders of the country.

“Believe there is nothing, don’t believe it, Dustin Zhou, don’t say what you just saw.” Mr. Jiang said with a smile.

“Of course, if you want to learn, I can teach you.” Mr. Jiang looked at Zhou with bright eyes.

Yang, there seemed to be a glimmer of expectation in his eyes.

Dustin Zhou shuddered, and quickly looked away.

He was immersed in Mr. Jiang’s gaze just now, and he almost agreed directly.

When he thought that it would take more than 30 years of cultivation to be worthy of learning, he interrupted this thought in his heart.

How many things are there when a person lives for a lifetime.

It takes more than 30 years to study the Jinzhen Du acupoints, which is a waste of great time and does not conform to Dustin Zhou’s principles.

Although Dustin Zhou didn’t go to see Mr. Jiang again, he could clearly feel that Mr. Jiang’s eyes had been drifting away from him.

This feeling is very strange, even a bit weird.

Dustin Zhou thought to himself that it was the first time he met Mr. Jiang today. Before that, he didn’t even know who Mr. Jiang was.

But why is Mr. Jiang so enthusiastic about himself?

It seems to have started when Asher Chen took out the jade pendant.

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou had that jade pendant in his mind.

Looking at the jade pendant that came to mind, Dustin Zhou felt very familiar no matter how he looked at it, as if he had played with it before, even for a long time.

Suddenly, a thought appeared in his mind, and Dustin Zhou’s heart moved, as if he knew where he had seen the jade pendant.

“In another half an hour, the needle will be withdrawn. At that time, your friend will need more care and conditioning.” Mr. Jiang retracted his gaze and said with a chuckle, with a trace of loss in his heart.

When he saw that piece of jade in the Chengdong Nursing Home, he was really excited.

Even regardless of General Fang’s physical examination, he went out to see who it was.

At that time, there were only three people standing at the entrance of the nursing home.

Dustin Zhou, Asher Chen, Niu Chuan.

Asher Chen is too old, in his forties.

Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan are both in their twenties.

But Niu Chuan was full of blood, and he was not the one he was waiting for.

The only possibility is Dustin Zhou.

So at that time, his eyes fell on Dustin Zhou for the first time.

However, Yu Pei is not Dustin Zhou’s, but Asher Chen’s.

This made Mr. Jiang extremely disappointed, but he owed a promise to the master of Jade Pei.

So even though Asher Chen was not the one he was waiting for, he still came out without hesitation to help the girl lying on the hospital bed in front of him treat.

… The indicator light in the operating room is still on.

The people waiting outside the operating room have different feelings.

Mira Xie and Sara Ye were worried.

However, Asher Chen, Niu Chuan, Hu Ye and others looked solemn.

Dai Hui showed admiration and kept looking at the direction of the operating room.

Mr. Jiang said that only two people are needed for such an operation, so he brought Dustin Zhou in.

And Mira Xie and the others said that Dustin Zhou didn’t understand medical skills at all, and even what the medical equipment was inside.

I don’t even know.

How can such a person go in and help Mr. Jiang?

But Dai Hui believed in his heart that since Mr. Jiang said so, he must be sure.

Therefore, he wholeheartedly looked forward to it.

On the other hand, Yang Zongfu’s group of people are ashamed.

Except for Yang Xilai staring at Yang Zongfu fiercely at the beginning, the rest of the time was lost in thought.

“No, you can’t die like this. Although Mr. Jiang is a national player, he is not the only one. Mr. Guo is also a national player!” Yang Xilai’s eyes flashed, as if he had found a way to break the game.

Soon, in the surprised eyes of everyone, Yang Xilai turned and left and walked towards the toilet. At the same time, he also dialed a phone call.

Yang Zongfu looked forward to it. If Yang Xilai had a solution, he would be fine.

And those hospital leaders were surprised. It was obviously accidental that Yang Xilai faced this situation. A national player had a way of saying honor and disgrace.

However, they will not say much now.

Before the matter was completely qualitative, all their statements seemed extremely immature.

Boom boom boom!

At this moment, there was a sudden sound of footsteps.

The crowd followed the sound and saw a group of people approaching.

The leader is an old man in his fifties, with a majestic complexion and an extraordinary spirit.

Behind him, there were eight upright young men, and everyone seemed to feel powerful.

Chapter 241

General Fang’s order!

“General Fang, why are you here?” Asher Chen and Niu Chuan were obviously surprised, even shocked, seeing the people coming.

General Fang is a generation of generals, and his status is extraordinary.

Wherever he appears, local government leaders will even have to personally welcome him.

Previously, he was recuperating in a nursing home, but now he is showing up at the First People’s Hospital of Donghai City.

Asher Chen and Niu Chuan immediately greeted them.

Others don’t know the identity of General Fang, and no response is okay, but they know it, but it’s hard to pretend not to know.

However, their reaction, in the eyes of others, was like thunder on the ground, and their hearts trembled!

General Fang?

Who is this?

Is it his name, or his identity?

Able to be called a general, is it really a general?

For an instant, everyone became solemn, and looked at General Fang who was approaching with shocked eyes.

Mira Xie and Sara Ye looked at General Fang with a trance.

If Asher Chen and Niu Chuan can shout at the same time, there must be no wrong identity.

And thinking that they had gone to Chengdong Nursing Home with Dustin Zhou before and invited Mr. Jiang to each other, they felt relieved.

Presumably this general Fang had seen him at that time.

But Dai Hui, Yang Zongfu and the others are different.

They didn’t expect so much, but their expressions were solemn and shocked in their hearts.

He was obviously frightened by the identity of General Fang.

Those hospital leaders can be regarded as people with status in Donghai City, and they are also people who can speak to the leaders of the city government.

But facing General Fang, he was still too nervous to speak.

“Where is that old man?” General Fang nodded slightly when seeing Asher Chen and Niu Chuan, and asked unceremoniously.

Mr. Jiang directly ignored his physical examination and came to treat others directly, which made him very upset.

Who can match his identity?

But General Fang was not a rude and arrogant person.

So he brought people over to take a look.

“General Fang, Mr. Jiang is in the operating room. He is still undergoing surgery. I don’t know when he will come out.” Asher Chen said softly.

Mr. Jiang and Dustin Zhou have been in for nearly an hour, and there is still no movement inside.

He didn’t know what was going on inside.

“How long has it been in?” General Fang looked up at the indicator light in the operating room and asked in a deep voice.

According to normal circumstances, Mr. Jiang left and arrived at the hospital, where he was preparing for the operation. The operation should have started for half an hour.

With Mr. Jiang’s strength, what kind of surgery will take half an hour?

“It’s been an hour.” Asher Chen replied.

“One hour?” General Fang looked surprised, obviously not convinced.

Mr. Jiang left the nursing home

It only took less than an hour and a half to open.

After half an hour on the road, did he start the operation as soon as he entered the hospital without any preparation?

“Yes, Mr. Jiang brought Dustin Zhou in alone. Now there are only two of them in the operating room.” Asher Chen saw General Fang’s expression in surprise, a little strange.

Hearing Asher Chen’s words, the expression on General Fang’s face was even more surprised.

But more, it was shocking.

Obviously, General Fang knew something.

“This old guy.” He muttered, and General Fang looked at the others present.

With just a glance, he clearly distinguished the identities of the others.

Mira Xie and Sara Ye are both extraordinary women, and they are obviously closely related to Dustin Zhou.

Dai Hui and Yang Zongfu were all wearing white lab coats and were obviously doctors in the hospital.

As for the leaders, although they were wearing white coats, they all looked a little blessed and mighty.

“Where is your dean? The old man Jiang came to your hospital, and the dean also came out to greet him?” General Fang looked at the group of leaders and asked in a deep voice.

If Dustin Zhou were present, he would definitely suspect that General Fang said that, in fact, I am afraid that all Master generals came to the hospital, and the director did not come out to greet him. What do you mean?

Look down on Master?

However, it was clear that the group of leaders was a little at a loss when they saw a general for the first time.

“The dean went to call, he should be back soon.” The deputy dean replied tremblingly.

At this time, Yang Xilai just finished the phone call and came out of the toilet.

With a smile on his face, he is in a good mood.

I have spoken to Mr. Guo on the phone just now, and I told him about what happened here, but he concealed a little skillfully.

He has a close relationship with Mr. Guo, and the two have had the status of mentor and apprentice for a period of time.

Yang Xilai believed that the things he had concealed were nothing to Mr. Guo.

But when he came back, he found that there were a lot more people, and they looked quite powerful.

Even the leaders of the group were a little afraid at this time.

Who is here?

Yang Xilai stunned and hurriedly walked over.

“President, this is General Fang, who came to see Mr. Jiang.” Seeing Yang Xilai’s return, the vice president quickly grabbed him and introduced General Fang.

He was a little bit afraid now, for fear of what General Fang would do if he knew what had happened.

So, quickly push Dean Yang Xilai out and let him solve everything.

“General Fang?” Yang Xilai also trembled when he heard this, and looked at General Fang in shock.

Yang Xilai looked at General Fang and felt very strange. Although he looked a little majestic, he didn’t know the truth or not.

And he looked at the situation, the general Fang followed

The acquaintance of Asher Chen and Niu Chuan made Yang Xilai feel nervous.

But at the same time, a doubt arose in his heart.

Both Asher Chen and Niu Chuan belonged to Dustin Zhou, and Dustin Zhou was only a shareholder of the famous company. They had not heard of any major background, how could they know General Fang.

Besides, who are the people who can become generals, how can they know someone like Dustin Zhou?

Could it be that this is a fake?

“You said you are a general, but I don’t know whether it’s true or false. Do you have any certificates? Also, you are not wearing a military uniform, and our hospital has not been notified. Who knows if you are a fake.” Yang Xilai felt confident in his words and immediately questioned.

Regardless of whether the person in front of him is a real general, he asked

, There is always nothing wrong.

No documents, no military uniforms, and he was not notified.

Is it true that anyone who goes to the hospital and claims to be a general must be a general?

So he questioned without hesitation.

Asher Chen and Niu Chuan were stunned, their eyes were a little surprised, Yang Xilai actually questioned General Fang’s identity?

And the doctors, as well as the leaders, were also stunned.

“Counterfeit? It’s a big joke. This is the first time I have been questioned by others about my identity, Fang Zizhou. Come and find Zhou Jianguo!” General Fang was stunned when he heard Yang Xilai’s words, and then burst into laughter.

But this smile seemed a bit angry.

And hearing General Fang’s words, Yang Xilai was stunned, and all the doctors were shocked.

Zhou Jianguo.

Leader of Donghai City.

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