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Chapter 242

See it!

At this moment, everyone was quiet.

Yang Xilai looked at General Fang in a daze, and a person behind him was making a call.

Although I don’t know if that person was calling Zhou Jianguo, Yang Xilai knew that the other party did not dare to talk nonsense.

Since he dared to call Zhou Jianguo’s name directly, and he was very domineering, get Zhou Jianguo!

This foot is almost a way of command!

You know, Zhou Jianguo, as the leader of Donghai City, has a very high status nationwide.

But the person in front of him turned out to have such a tone to Zhou Jianguo.

The group of leaders tightened their necks in an instant, and did not dare to look at General Fang.

They thought in their hearts that everything had nothing to do with them, it was Yang Xilai’s responsibility.

Indeed, Yang Xilai’s responsibility.

Facing General Fang, he directly questioned.

Although the situation is generally correct, the attitude is obviously bad.

Without knowing General Fang’s temper, doing so is obviously very risky.

“General, Secretary Zhou said he will be here soon.” General Fang’s guard said softly after finishing the call.

At this time, everyone present was silent.

Even Asher Chen, Niu Chuan and others were very speechless.

Zhou Jianguo was very prestigious in Donghai City, and he was also very strong, and even so, General Fang said so.

It’s no wonder that at the entrance of the nursing home, Mr. Jiang said that General Fang was a bad temper.

With such a tone to the leader of Donghai City, his temper was really grumpy.


The door of the operating room suddenly opened, and Mr. Jiang and Dustin Zhou walked out one after another.

Mr. Jiang has put on his coat, and the silver needles have been put back in their original places, hidden in the coat.

Except for his paler face, Mr. Jiang was no different from when he went in before.

But Dustin Zhou is different, his expression is not nervous, he seems very relaxed.

There is only one such result.

Enderia Shen was cured!

“Mr. Zhou, Mr. Shen, she…” Mira Xie and Sara Ye have been paying attention to the operating room, and when they saw the two come out, they immediately asked.

“It’s okay, don’t worry, you just need to take care of it.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, staring at Mira Xie and Sara Ye, suddenly stunned.

Because he saw General Fang.

Obviously, General Fang saw him.

“Old man, you have finally come out.” When General Fang saw Mr. Jiang and Dustin Zhou coming out, he immediately walked over and took a closer look at Mr. Jiang’s face.

“Why are you here?” Mr. Jiang was also very surprised when he saw General Fang.

He didn’t expect General Fang to come here.

“Why? You left me in the nursing home and ran out. Can’t I come out to find you?” General Fang asked in a deep voice with a big eye.

And hearing this, Yang Xilai and others trembled slightly.

Mr. Jiang turned out to be Fang Fang

Did the general leave him in the nursing home just to treat Enderia Shen?

In an instant, their eyes fell on Dustin Zhou.

Who is he?

Can Mr. Jiang make such a choice!

“Yes, yes, everything you say makes sense.” Mr. Jiang was a little speechless, and he didn’t bother to argue with your general. After decades of getting along with each other, they didn’t know how many times they argued.

Every time, each other is helpless.

“Mr. Jiang, it was my fault just now. I apologize to you, but I assure you that Zong Fu is definitely not such a person. I have already called Mr. Guo and he will explain it to you.” Yang Xilai was cold. Trembling, quickly stepped forward, lowered his head and said softly.

However, Mr. Jiang didn’t even look at him.

The previous attitude clearly did not interrupt Yang Zongfu.

Now that Mr. Guo is pushed out again to make Mr. Jiang regress, where is such a good thing.

“What about Guo Zirui? I don’t care what he wants to explain to me, I just see what you will do. You can take care of it all.” Mr. Jiang said coldly.

“What happened?” General Fang also noticed something wrong, turned his head and asked Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou didn’t hesitate, and said everything just now.

And every time he said something, General Fang’s expression became gloomy, and everyone noticed that the surrounding temperature had dropped by one point.

“General, Secretary Zhou is here.” The guard said softly.

Soon, there was a sound of footsteps, and the leader of Donghai City, Zhou Jianguo, appeared in front of everyone in strides.

Seeing Zhou Jianguo, Yang Xilai, Yang Zongfu and others, their expressions changed suddenly!

Zhou Jianguo, he really came!

And looking at it like this, it’s clear that it was in a hurry!

Suddenly, the two of them were ashamed.

Even if Yang Xilai had already talked to Mr. Guo, it didn’t make him happy.

Mr. Guo is a good national player, but he is far from Zhou Jianguo!

“General Fang, why are you here? You are here, without saying a word, I’m so good for someone to pick you up.” Zhou Jianguo looks very majestic, with a Chinese character face, white temples, and a pair of sword eyebrows in front of him. It looks extraordinary.

Dustin Zhou just glanced at it, and felt a little familiar.

This kind of tolerance is extremely similar to that of General Fang!

General Fang is a general, and he will surely fight for his life.

Did Zhou Jianguo once served as a soldier?

“I’m here to find Old Man Jiang, Jianguo, you Donghai City, I’m very disappointed!” General Fang waved his hand and said lightly.

In an instant, Yang Xilai and Yang Zongfu couldn’t even stand, and they were about to collapse.

Although they saw that Zhou Jianguo was really here, they still had a glimmer of hope.

General Fang may give you Zhou Jianguo. The relationship is not so good, and he won’t treat them

Speak out.

But they never expected that General Fang didn’t say anything in front of him.

As soon as I came up, I was very disappointed with you Donghai City!

A general, in front of the leaders of Donghai City, said he was disappointed!

what is this?

Slap naked!

In an instant, Zhou Jianguo’s face turned gloomy, and the faces of the leaders who came with him were also hard to look at.

Many of them know it.

Zhou Jianguo, once served as a soldier under General Fang, was highly regarded by General Fang.

After he changed his career to politics, he was also known as a hardliner, overcoming obstacles along the way and becoming a strong leader of Donghai City.

The former leader was very disappointed in himself!

Everyone knew that Zhou Jianguo must be very angry at this moment.

What happened, let General Fang say so.

General Fang glanced at Dustin Zhou, his eyes twitched, suggesting something.

Dustin Zhou was also a little speechless. Although he thought his identity was pretty good, he was nothing in front of such a big man.

But General Fang hinted, and he couldn’t refuse.

“Secretary Zhou, my name is Dustin Zhou…” Dustin Zhou stepped forward, introduced himself, and then explained the ins and outs of the matter.

Following Dustin Zhou’s words, the expressions of Zhou Jianguo and those leaders darkened at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Especially the leaders of the medical and health system glared at Yang Xilai and Yang Zongfu, wishing to slap them directly.

“…That’s how things are.” Dustin Zhou stepped aside and calmed down after finishing speaking.

He knew that the next thing would not be his turn to do anything, so Zhou Jianguo would solve everything naturally.

Zhou Jianguo nodded slightly, pondered for a few seconds, then moved his eyes lightly to look at Yang Xilai and Yang Zongfu.


Suddenly, Yang Xilai’s uncle and nephew couldn’t bear it anymore, and fell directly to the ground.

Chapter 243

wake up!

Zhou Jianguo didn’t even speak.

Yang Xilai’s uncles and nephews fell directly to the ground.

Dustin Zhou was secretly shocked. He didn’t expect Zhou Jianguo’s aura to be so powerful. A single look in his eyes directly caused Yang Xilai and Yang Zongfu to collapse.

No wonder it has been circulating in Donghai City that the great leader Zhou Jianguo was tough and insisted.

It seems that the words are true.

“Explain it yourself!” Zhou Jianguo said, but he said lightly, without anger.

But Dustin Zhou knew that with just this sentence, Yang Xilai’s uncle and nephew were completely finished.

At least, in Donghai City, they have no retreat.

Zhou Jianguo said, then there is no hospital in Donghai City that will take them in in the future.

Unless which hospital doesn’t want to do it.

“Secretary Zhou, I will definitely investigate this matter!” The leader of the medical and health system stepped forward and said in a deep voice.

His face is very ugly.

If there is such a problem in the area that he is responsible for, once he is stabbed outside, he will know the whole country if he fails to get it through the media.

At that time, he, as the direct supervisor, bears an unshirkable responsibility.

Even so, will leave!

“Well, I will only give you three days. After three days, I want to see the results.” Zhou Jianguo didn’t say much, just gave a time limit.

Dustin Zhou knew that no matter how Yang Xilai would deny it, the matter would come to light in three days and the dust would settle down!

“General Fang, you calm down. I feel sad that something like this happened, but we will definitely give you an explanation.” “Also, your name is Dustin Zhou, right? Don’t worry, this is happening. As a result, you will definitely be notified.” Zhou Jianguo looked at Dustin Zhou and said lightly.

Dustin Zhou nodded without saying much.

Zhou Jianguo was able to say this to him, already giving Mr. Jiang and General Fang’s face.

For him, he would not fall into Zhou Jianguo’s eyes.

Being able to do this is already very polite.

Dustin Zhou knew how to measure, so he didn’t force anything.

Soon, Zhou Jianguo left the hospital with General Fang and Mr. Jiang.

Before leaving, Mr. Jiang gave Dustin Zhou a business card.

Dustin Zhou knew that that was Mr. Jiang’s contact information.

In addition, there is a leader of the medical and health system who has stayed. He wants to start investigating the affairs of Yang Xilai and Yang Zongfu.

“You come with me!” The leader said with a sullen face to Yang Xilai, Yang Zongfu, and other hospital leaders and several doctors.

Dai Hui also followed, waiting for the leader’s inquiry.

At this time, Dustin Zhou and several people were left behind.

They are not from the hospital, although they are the parties involved in this matter, but in the face of almost conclusive matters, they no longer need

Accepted the inquiry.

“It may take an hour for President Shen to wake up. I am waiting here. Do you want to go back first? I’m afraid there will be problems with the company. It will be better if you go to the company.” Dustin Zhou looked at Mira Xie and Sara Ye and said softly.

Mr. Jiang said that Enderia Shen would wake up in a few hours.

He naturally wanted to stay here and waited until Enderia Shen woke up, after all, she was taking her own injury instead.

And Sara Ye is useless here, so it’s better to return to the company and take a seat.

Otherwise, once news of Enderia Shen’s injury spreads, the company will definitely panic.

With Sara Ye, everything will be much better.

“Well, if that’s the case, then I will go back. After Mr. Shen wakes up, you must tell me as soon as possible.” Sara Ye naturally knew that, so she didn’t force her to stay. After taking a look at the operating room, she returned and left. .

“What about you?” Dustin Zhou looked at other people again.

Niuchuan naturally wants to stay.

Asher Chen, Lord Tiger has his own business, you don’t have to stay here all the time, you can go back directly.

And they did, and after some comfort, they left directly.

It is already for Dustin Zhou’s sake that they can come to the hospital.

After all, compared with Enderia Shen, their relationship with Dustin Zhou is deeper.

All of a sudden, there were only three people left.

Dustin Zhou, Niu Chuan, and Mira Xie.

Mira Xie had a plain face and rushed over from home without makeup.

One can imagine how panicked she was when she heard the news.

“Aren’t you going back?” Dustin Zhou looked at Mira Xie, somewhat apologetic.

Obviously, the relationship between him and Mira Xie is a husband and wife, but in fact, it seems that his relationship with Enderia Shen is better than that with Mira Xie.

Even Enderia Shen was willing to defend Dustin Zhou at a time of crisis!

You know, without knowing, no one knows what will happen with this cut.

Even Enderia Shen was seriously injured and his life was dying!

If it were not for Mr. Jiang, no one would have predicted the consequences.

However, the relationship between Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou is only between superiors and superiors, and at best, they are friends.

This kind of relationship made Dustin Zhou feel confused and confused for a while.

“Well, let me watch it here. There is nothing wrong with going back anyway. When President Shen wakes up, I will go back.” Mira Xie raised his eyes to Dustin Zhou and said softly.

Her words didn’t seem to have any emotion, she just simply said such a sentence.

However, only she herself knew how messed up her heart was at this time.

The scenes of getting along with Dustin Zhou before, from the first meeting, to later she took the initiative to find Dustin Zhou and said she wanted to get married.

But it was Dustin Zhou who has been in the family until now.

In the years of school, plus the three years after marriage, there are always seven

More than a year.

It stands to reason that there should be a lot of pictures between Mira Xie and Dustin Zhou.

But at this moment, Mira Xie found it flustered.

In my mind, there are surprisingly few pictures of myself and Dustin Zhou together.

Together, there are even less than a hundred scenes.

And most of it happened recently.

This means that in the previous few years, he and Dustin Zhou had never been together at all.

Thinking of this, Mira Xie was confused and very lost.

She didn’t know what her feelings for Dustin Zhou was, and it was difficult to distinguish between love and gratitude for Dustin Zhou.

Especially this time, Enderia Shen stepped forward to guard Dustin Zhou, once again making Mira Xie feel confused.

“Alright, let’s wait together.” Dustin Zhou nodded, not noticing the change in Mira Xie’s expression.

He turned and looked at the operating room, while Enderia Shen was still in a coma.

But since Mr. Jiang said she would wake up soon, Dustin Zhou naturally believed it.

…… And this wait is an hour and a half.

Dustin Zhou and the three have been waiting outside the operating room.

“Hmm…” Suddenly, Dustin Zhou seemed to hear a groan.

This moan seemed a little uncomfortable.

Dustin Zhou was shocked, looked at the operating room, got up and walked in.

Seeing this, Mira Xie and Niu Chuan walked in without hesitation.

Dustin Zhou entered the operating room and saw that Enderia Shen lying on the operating table had opened his eyes.

And seeing Dustin Zhou coming in, Enderia Shen’s somewhat pale face also smiled instantly.

She was very happy to see Dustin Zhou again.

Chapter 244

Undercurrent surging!

Enderia Shen once thought that he was going to die.

She didn’t know what happened at the time.

It was just that Zeng Pingchang suddenly pulled out his dagger and stabbed Dustin Zhou.

At that moment, things happened so suddenly that Dustin Zhou couldn’t avoid it.

Even Niu Chuan did not react.

But Enderia Shen didn’t know why, and when she saw the cold light of the dagger, she jumped on it.

Her mind was blank at the time, and she had never thought about what would happen if she jumped on it.

Never thought that Dustin Zhou could be saved next year.

Never thought about whether I would get hurt.

Never wondered if both myself and Dustin Zhou would be injured.

I never thought about what Zeng Pingchang would do next and how others would react.

She was just thinking about one thing.

She is going to jump over.

Almost as instinctively, she rushed forward without hesitation.

When the dagger pierced his body and saw Dustin Zhou’s surprised and angry expression, Enderia Shen knew that Dustin Zhou was fine.

At that moment, she fell into a coma.

When she was unconscious, she seemed to notice something.

Everything around became extremely irritable.

She seemed to hear Dustin Zhou’s roar, Zeng Pingchang’s wailing, and other people’s noisy voices.

Then, she seemed to hear Liu Zeyu’s squeaky voice.

There is also a somewhat old voice.

I don’t know why, after hearing these two voices, Enderia Shen felt very relieved at that moment.

Then she seemed to have a sleep.

When he woke up, opened his eyes and caught his eyes, it was Dustin Zhou.

At this moment, Enderia Shen smiled, and his heart was as calm as water and quiet as usual.

“You’re awake.” Dustin Zhou was naturally happy when he saw Enderia Shen awake.

I walked over gently and saw that although Enderia Shen’s face was a little pale, it was still rosy.

Dustin Zhou knows that this is the function of Mr. Jiang’s Jinzhen Du acupoint.

Although he still feels a little magical now, Dustin Zhou knows that all of this is true.

Immediately afterwards, Mira Xie and Niu Chuan also walked in.

Seeing Enderia Shen awake, the two of them took a long breath.

“Mr. Shen, you are awake.” Mira Xie is a weak tempered person with a faint smile on his face. He stepped forward slowly, stretched out his hand to hold one of Enderia Shen’s hand, and felt the other’s weak pulse.

Because he just woke up from the injury, Enderia Shen at the moment looked a little weak, and his pulse was naturally very slow.

“Everything is over. I’m not okay.” Enderia Shen seemed to be aware of Mira Xie’s emotions, and took her hand backhand and said softly.

At this moment, Enderia Shen felt inexplicably guilty.

She knew about the relationship between Mira Xie and Dustin Zhou.

But this time, she herself was desperate to defend Dustin Zhou.

Why does she want this

What to do?

Enderia Shen was silent, if Mira Xie asked her that, she knew she could not answer.

Faintly, there is a peculiar atmosphere in the operating room.

Enderia Shen just woke up, extremely weak.

Dustin Zhou prepared a glass of water, let her drink a few sips, and arranged for the doctor to transfer her to the ward.

Dustin Zhou is rich, so naturally he will not be stingy, and directly choose the best single ward.

He didn’t want anyone to disturb Enderia Shen’s recovery.

… Just when Dustin Zhou was busy moving the ward for Enderia Shen, the outside world had long been a sensation.

At the Chengming Company press conference, Zeng Datou and Shang Zeming directly bombarded Mingyang Company and Dustin Zhou.

Then Dustin Zhou directly led someone into the press conference and questioned Zeng Datou and Shang Zeming on the spot, with an extremely strong attitude.

After that, Grandpa Shang Zeming invited the second grandfather of the Sun family, Sun Qiankun, to try to beat Dustin Zhou.

Everyone thought that the arrival of the second grandfather of the Sun family, Sun Qiankun, would definitely overwhelm Dustin Zhou and let him retreat.

However, the results were shocking!

Not only did Dustin Zhou fail to retreat, but instead forced Sun Qiankun to retreat!

Later, Dustin Zhou forced Shang Zeming to make a choice.

Shang Zeming chose to unilaterally ban Zeng Datou. After Zeng Datou’s begging for no results, he violently wounded people. The target was Dustin Zhou.

But at a critical juncture, no one would have thought that the well-known company Enderia Shen, President Shen would come forward and directly block Dustin Zhou, stopping him with a fatal blow.

Zeng Datou was controlled by Dustin Zhou’s people, but Enderia Shen was also seriously injured and was sent to the First People’s Hospital for treatment.

After the news came out, the East China Sea shook!

“I really didn’t expect that big head Zeng was so kind!” “Yes, who thought he would carry a dagger with him and stab Dustin Zhou at a critical moment?” “But to be honest, Enderia Shen and Shen always fought hard to block the knife. Surprising! I don’t know what the relationship between them is, so that a big beauty like Enderia Shen can do this!” “You said, will they…” “It should not, I heard, That Dustin Zhou has a wife, and she is also a big beauty with the same name as Enderia Shen, and Mira Xie, who has a beautiful makeup!” “I really envy Dustin Zhou for being able to have a relationship with these two big beauties!” … Everyone was talking privately at the press conference. What happened on the previous page is constantly spreading out, one version after another, making it difficult to tell which one is true.

In addition to caring about Enderia Shen’s injury and whether he could be cured, everyone’s attention turned to Zeng Datou.

The murderer was Zeng Datou, so there is no need to question it, so many people watched him and he couldn’t escape.

But now that Zeng’s head is controlled by Dustin Zhou’s people instead of in the police station, which makes many people feel strange.

Dustin Zhoubu

What was the reason for handing Zeng Datou to the police station?

You know, if he controls Zeng Datou in this way, it can be said that he has imprisoned others.

For a while, the undercurrent of Donghai City was surging, and everyone who knew Dustin Zhou was paying attention to it.

Shen family.

Shen Weiyan had naturally heard of this incident. Although there was no expression on his face, there was still a trace of worry in his heart.

Although the relationship between him and Enderia Shen was very stiff, he even broke off the relationship for a while.

But in the final analysis, Enderia Shen is his daughter, and it is a matter of her daughter’s life and death.

“Dad, elder sister, everything is Dustin Zhou’s responsibility, but he is still working for the famous company now, is there no one to tell him to get out?” Edward Shen heard the news, so He rushed back for the first time and kept talking in front of Shen Weiyan.

And Shen’s mother has been helping her, speaking for her son Edward Shen.

“Yes, Weiyan, in the final analysis, Bijun is also your daughter. Now that he has such a thing, the famous company has no leader, and he needs a person to stand up and take over the famous company, otherwise, I am afraid that the villain will be taken from it. Be a stalker.” Mother Shen kept persuading.

And she and Edward Shen looked at each other secretly, and both saw a trace of greed in each other’s eyes.

Whether Enderia Shen’s accident can be cured is still a question.

But Mingyang Company is a big piece of fat, and it must be eyed by countless people now.

As the father of Enderia Shen, Shen Weiyan can undoubtedly have a vital influence on Mingyang.

As long as Shen Weiyan speaks, Edward Shen will directly take over the famous company.

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