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Chapter 398

Luo Zifeng hadn’t spoken yet, and a boy next to him immediately yelled, “Presumptuous, is Gu Shao’s name you can call directly!”

Luo Zifeng waved his hand, leaned comfortably on the chair behind, and looked at Wayne Lin with a smile, “Why, do you want to meet Gu Shao?”

His current posture is particularly arrogant, as if knowing Gu Hanxing is something to brag about.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Yes, is there a problem.”

Luo Zifeng suddenly laughed and said, “Of course there is a problem, but the problem is big. You don’t take a piss and take your own photos. You are just like you, are you qualified to know Gu Shao, haha!”

When other people heard Luo Zifeng’s words, they laughed wantonly. In their eyes, Wayne Lin was a clown, embarrassing.

Ouyang Yanran can’t stand it anymore, Wayne Lin is obviously a big man, why should he be mocked by this group of second generation ancestors? Is this brain flooding!

Then, Luo Zifeng began to brag about how strong his relationship with Gu Hanxing was, and how awesome Gu Hanxing was and how rare he was to recognize him, so that other people looked at him and admired him even more.

Wayne Lin heard a general idea, Gu Hanxing is now in full swing, and his fame is even greater than before, and these are all brought to him by Wu Meizi, which shows how powerful this Wu Meizi is.

Ouyang Yanran was indifferent when she saw Wayne Lin being ridiculed in this way. Now she regretted looking for Wayne Lin. She lost face because of her burden. Invisibly, she also kept a distance from Wayne Lin.

Just at this moment, a few people came from the opposite side and saw Ouyang Yanran with a surprised look.

“Yan Ran, aren’t you at school? Why did you come here?”

“Dad, mom?”

The visitors were Ouyang Xuehai and Zhang Guilan.

Ouyang Yanran stood up, greeted them, and said, “I’m here with my classmates, why are you here too?”

Ouyang Xuehai said, “I was invited by Shao Gu, but in fact your grandfather is here.”

Hearing that Ouyang Feng was also here, Ouyang Yanran was even more surprised. From this point of view, this Gu Shao’s identity is really not simple!

“Where is Grandpa? I will sit with you in the past.” Ouyang Yanran said.

Several other people also began to greet Ouyang Xuehai and Zhang Guilan, especially Luo Zifeng, who was particularly flattering and enthusiastic. He now recognized Ouyang Xuehai’s identity and learned that Ouyang Yanran was actually Ouyang Xuehai’s daughter, so he immediately responded to Ouyang Yanran. It’s even hotter.

He knows the energy of Ouyang’s family in Province G. If he can pursue Ouyang Yanran, then he will reach the sky in one step. There is no reason not to work hard.

At this time, Ouyang Xuehai noticed Wayne Lin, frowned slightly, and said to Ouyang Yanran, “This is your classmate?”

Because Wayne Lin turned his back to Ouyang Xuehai, Ouyang Xuehai did not recognize Wayne Lin.

Ouyang Yanran said, “Dad, he is Wayne Lin.”

“What?” Ouyang Xuehai was taken aback.

When Luo Zifeng saw this scene, the corners of his mouth raised and showed a sneer. Wayne Lin is really a Shabi. He saw Ouyang Yanran’s parents coming over and he didn’t know the performance. How could such rubbish compete with him?

Wayne Lin turned around at this moment, smiled faintly at Ouyang Xuehai and Zhang Guilan, “Mr. Ouyang, Ms. Zhang, we meet again.”

This time Wayne Lin did not call his uncle and aunt, and his attitude was obviously alienated. Ouyang Xue

Hai and Zhang Guilan still don’t understand what’s going on, Wayne Lin is deliberately alienating them.

Since Wu Meizi warned them, they have drawn a clear line with Wayne Lin. Now that they see Wayne Lin, no matter how thick they are, they can’t help but blush, which is very embarrassing.

“It turns out to be Randal Lin, I am lucky enough to meet.” Ouyang Xuehai laughed dryly and said: “Then I won’t disturb Randal Lin Yaxing, Yan Ran, you come with us.”

After speaking, Ouyang Xuehai took Ouyang Yanran away.

Other people were stunned when they saw Ouyang Xuehai calling Wayne Lin and Randal Lin, and a question suddenly appeared in their minds. Could it be that Wayne Lin is really a chairman?

The smile on Wayne Lin’s face did not change. He looked at Ouyang Xuehai in an almost threatening manner, pulling Ouyang Yanran away, and keeping a distance from him. He smiled openly, then sat down and continued to drink and eat vegetables, as if everything was going to happen. Did not happen.

Luo Zifeng frowned and looked into Wayne Lin’s eyes, a bit more ferocious. Now that Ouyang Yanran is gone, he no longer has to pretend to be hypocritical. He stared at Wayne Lin directly and said: Lin, I don’t care what your background is, from now on, stay away from Ouyang Yanran, otherwise, I have a hundred ways to make you unable to mix in province g!”

In line with his words, the boys all stared at Wayne Lin, full of threats.

Those girls also despised Wayne Lin, thinking that Wayne Lin was just rubbish.

Wayne Lin drank on his own without paying attention to him.

This made Luo Zifeng feel very shameless, his face was even more ugly, and he stared at Wayne Lin, always trying to teach Wayne Lin.

“I’m talking to you, did you hear me!”

Luo Zifeng was annoyed, and slammed the table, very angry.

This movement of him attracted the attention of the people next to him, and soon they recognized Wayne Lin, and they all changed their colors.

“Isn’t this Wayne Lin?”

“Oh my God, I read it right, today is Gu Hanxing’s birthday, so he dare to come over?”

“Mom, it’s really Wayne Lin…Who are these little boys who dare to yell at Wayne Lin, are you impatient?”

“Lao Luo, see if that is your son. Why did he offend Wayne Lin?”

The middle-aged man who was called Lao Luo looked over, his face suddenly changed, he began to panic, and hurried over.

He had met Wayne Lin, and now Luo Zifeng, a bastard, dare to yell at Wayne Lin and threaten Wayne Lin. This is impatient! Suddenly he was so scared that he lost his soul, and ran over without paying attention to his image.

“Dad, you just came here, this surnamed Lin, dare to snatch me…”

Luo Zifeng was very happy to see Luo Xiang. Now his father is here. Isn’t this man named Lin a dead end? But before he finished speaking, his old son Luo Xiang slapped him and slapped him heavily on the face, “Naughty animal! Who gives you the courage to be rude to Randal Lin!”

Then, Luo Xiang immediately bowed his head and apologized to Wayne Lin, “Randal, please calm down your anger. Dogs don’t know Taishan and offended Randal. He also asked Mrs. Lin to have a lot and let Dogs go.”

Luo Xiang’s fat body bowed ninety degrees, begging Wayne Lin for mercy, big drops of sweat flowed down from his forehead, especially in fear.

Luo Zifeng was initially very annoyed, but when he saw Luo Xiang’s humble and scared look, he was immediately shocked and realized that he had caused a big trouble.

Chapter 399

The other college students were also dumbfounded, with completely unbelievable expressions. Even Shao Luo’s father was respectful of this Lin, so how big is this Lin’s background? Is it really a big shot?

Facing Luo Xiang’s apology, Wayne Lin did not respond. He still drank and ate food on his own, looking particularly mysterious and powerful.

The cold sweat on Luo Xiang’s forehead was getting more, and he quickly gave Luo Zifeng a kick and cursed: “Luo Zifeng! You beast, don’t hurry up to apologize to Randal Lin!”

Even if Wayne Lin is a skinny camel, he is not something Luo Xiang can offend, especially Wayne Lin’s cultivation is shocking the world, which really annoys Wayne Lin, and he maimed them or even beat them to death. It is not impossible.

So Luo Xiang was really scared of Wayne Lin, and he couldn’t take care of him anymore, so he apologized quickly.

Luo Zifeng was completely stunned. It would be too shameful to ask him to apologize to Wayne Lin in front of so many people. Why would he be in the circle in the future?

“Dad, you are always confused, why do you want to apologize to him? I don’t want to save face.” Luo Zifeng said unconvincedly, and straightened his waist.

At this time Wayne Lin spoke, he showed a meaningful smile, raised his head, and said to Luo Xiang, “Your son is very spine, I appreciate it.”

When Luo Xiang heard this, he became even more frightened, especially when he saw Wayne Lin’s smiley face, he only felt that a bucket of ice water poured down his forehead, making his hands and feet cold, and he was particularly frightened!


Not paying attention to so much, he slapped Luo Zifeng on the back of the head again, and with all his strength, he directly slapped Luo Zifeng screaming, and then he kicked Luo Zifeng’s leg, making Luo Zifeng plop and kneel in front of Wayne Lin. Swearing: “Kneel down to Lao Tzu and apologize to Randal Lin!”

At this moment, Luo Zifeng knew that the matter had become a big deal. He had grown so big and had not seen Luo Xiang so angry and fearful, so he quickly apologized to Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin looked at Luo Xiang, who was covered in cold sweat, did not continue to embarrass him, waved, and said one word: “Get out.”

Luo Xiang was amnesty, showing ecstasy, dragged Luo Zifeng and ran away.

When this happened, other people didn’t dare to sit with Wayne Lin anymore, and they fled.

Wayne Lin was happy and leisurely, drinking and eating food in his own way.

“Dad! What’s the origin of the surname Lin just now? Why are you so afraid of him? Anyway, our Luo family is also a big family in Province G. You made me kneel in front of so many people. We Luo family Not all his face is lost!” Luo Zifeng said unconvincedly after returning.

Luo Xiang gave him a violent shudder and cursed: “You bastard, I am ashamed to say, who told you to offend Wayne Lin! Do you know who he is, Ziqiong Media, Tengyue Advertising, Aegis Security Chairman! If it wasn’t for me to protect you just now, you would be dead now!”

Luo Zifeng still said unconvincedly: “Even if he is the chairman of Ziqiong Media, you don’t have to be so afraid of him. Our Luo family is not a vegetarian! Dad, I think you are really confused.”

Luo Xiang said, “You know what a shit! Don’t think about it, if he is just as simple as having money, would I be so afraid of him? What makes him terrifying is that he is an extraordinary master of the innate realm! Time, Brian Gu died in his hands!”

When Luo Zifeng finally heard this, his eyes widened and he was extremely horrified, “Isn’t Brian Gu Gu Shao’s father? Or the vice president of the North Sky Club! He actually died in the hands of this surname Lin? “

Luo Xiang said angrily: “Otherwise you thought I would be so jealous of him? If he made a move just now, you would already be a dead body.”

“With all the eyes in full view, he dare not do this?” Luo Zifeng’s voice was much lower, and he was finally a little scared now.

Luo Xiang sighed, his eyes gleamed with the same light, and said, “You don’t know anything about it. A while ago, Brian Gu’s junior sister Wu Meizi made a shot in person, and took Wayne Lin’s family Everyone beat them up and mobilized her power to isolate Wayne Lin and threatened to kill Wayne Lin. But today is Gu Hanxing’s birthday, Wayne Lin dared to come and participate, just to come and fight Wu Meizi to the death. Under such circumstances, do you think he would dare not do this? For someone like Wayne Lin, it is easier to kill you than trample an ant!”

Luo Zifeng took a deep breath. Now he knows how powerful Wayne Lin is. He really humiliated Wayne Lin just now, and he really walked through Guimenguan.

He couldn’t help but look back at Wayne Lin, afraid after a while.

At the same time, Wayne Lin’s identity was also exposed. Many people discovered him and sparked heated discussions. All of them stayed away and kept their distance from Wayne Lin.

So there was such a scene. There was no one at the dining table around Wayne Lin, and there was a space left. Only Wayne Lin was sitting there, looking very strange.

Wayne Lin laughed at himself. It seems that he has become a plague god now. A week ago, he was still a man of the world, and the dignitaries in the circle wanted to flatter him. Now because of a Wu Meizi, all of them have begun to alienate him, and the people are betraying their relatives.

“What? Wayne Lin is here?”

Fan Lao was chatting with a few friends when he heard a report from a subordinate, and he was shocked. Today is Gu Hanxing’s birthday. How dare Wayne Lin come over?

In the next second, he wanted to understand Wayne Lin’s purpose, this was to fight Wu Meizi to the death!

Others realized this, and at the same time they were shocked, they also felt excited and anticipating.

Last time, Wayne Lin beat Brian Gu to death in a hunting competition. Most people didn’t see it. For many people, it was a pity.

But now, they will finally not miss it!

I heard that Wu Meizi’s cultivation is still above Brian Gu, and the battle between Wayne Lin and Wayne Lin will definitely be extremely exciting!

For a while, everyone who knew the news began to cheer up.

Fan Lao sighed and said, “Wayne Lin is really strong enough. At this time, I dare to come over and fight Wu Meizi to the death. This courage is really rare! No wonder he can cultivate to this level at a young age.”

His words aroused the approval of other people. Although they were to draw a clear line with Wayne Lin, they still admired Wayne Lin very much.

“Being courageous is courageous, but this time he faced Wu Meizi, he was still ill-advised.”

“Yes, Wu Meizi is too terrifying. It is said that it is already the upper realm of the Innate Realm, and Wayne Lin is at the middle level at most, and he is definitely not Wu Meizi’s opponent.”

“Anyway, Wayne Lin is going to fall this time. Fortunately, I don’t have much contact with him, otherwise Wu Meizi will hate him and it will be over.”

Almost everyone is not optimistic about Wayne Lin, thinking that Wayne Lin is here to die this time.

Suddenly, Old Fan thought of something and asked, “Where is Sanniang? Where did he go?”

There was an exclamation from the side, “No, Sanniang went to Wayne Lin’s place!”


Old Fan was shocked, he immediately looked towards Wayne Lin and saw Tao Sanniang sitting next to Wayne Lin.

Chapter 400

“You dare to come and find me at this time, are you afraid to offend Wu Meizi?”

Wayne Lin looked at Tao Sanniang in front of him and asked curiously.

Tao Sanniang is on the trip today, wearing a very elegant evening gown, with makeup on her face. With her beautiful face, hot body, and charming temperament, she perfectly shows her charm as a woman.

A woman like her, no matter where she goes, is the absolute focus.

In the distance, Ouyang Yanran kept her eyes on Wayne Lin, and now she saw Tao Sanniang sitting next to Wayne Lin, feeling a little uncomfortable in her heart.

She has always had absolute confidence in her appearance, no matter where she goes, she is a beautiful presence. But now Tao Sanniang, who appeared next to Wayne Lin, was a bit more beautiful than her, she felt unconvinced.

The appearance of Tao Sanniang also attracted the attention of many people. Wayne Lin himself is now the focus of the audience. Whoever appears next to Wayne Lin will attract great attention.

“I think you are bored here alone. Come and accompany you, can’t you?” Tao Sanniang said with a smile.

With this smile, she radiated bright light everywhere, not knowing how many people’s heartstrings were touched.

No way, Tao Sanniang’s charm is too big, no man can resist her charm, even many women will be surprised by her.

Now Tao Sanniang looked at Wayne Lin’s eyes, with a little more sadness, as if she had seen Wayne Lin’s fall.

Wayne Lin was silent for a while, and said, “You better go, I am not absolutely sure to defeat Wu Meizi.”

Tao Sanniang smiled even more charmingly. She even held Wayne Lin’s hand on the dinner table, “Then I will stay with you even more.”

Wayne Lin was held by her hand, feeling Tao Sanniang’s determination and sorrow, Wayne Lin’s heart was severely touched!

For a long time, he thought that Tao Sanniang was a sleek woman, and all the affection that Tao Sanniang gave him was pretended. Therefore, he has never had a lot of affection for Tao Sanniang, including the attack of Tao Sanniang in the middle of the night in the hotel of the hunting competition last time, and the confession of the mind did not touch him much.

But now, in the case of his betrayal, Tao Sanniang still stood up to accompany him resolutely, this is no longer a pretense, but Tao Sanniang’s innermost voice.

Non-vegetation, ruthless Practice makes perfect?

No matter how hard-hearted Wayne Lin was and how prepared he was, he was moved by Tao Sanniang.

Besides Alma Chu, this was the second woman willing to accompany him to death.

So Wayne Lin didn’t push Tao Sanniang’s hand away, but was silent for a while, and said meaningfully: “Sanniang, once I was beaten to death by Wu Meizi, you will also be affected. Is it worth it?”

Tao Sanniang smiled and said, “Is there a concept of worth in love?”

Wayne Lin’s body trembled slightly, he really did not expect that Tao Sanniang would be deeply rooted in such affection.

Fan Lao and the people in Yuntian Pavilion saw Tao Sanniang being close to Wayne Lin at this critical juncture, and his face was crooked with anger. Tao Sanniang was about to kill them Yuntian Pavilion!

Wayne Lin glanced lightly at Fan Lao and the others, and then said to Tao Sanniang: “Aren’t you afraid of getting to the Yuntian Pavilion like this?”

Tao Sanniang shook her head and said: “I will separate the relationship with Yuntian Pavilion, and will not involve them.”

As she said, she opened her mouth to Wayne Lin, and Wayne Lin immediately saw that there was a white capsule in her mouth, which was poison. As long as Tao Sanniang bit it, she would die.

As long as she dies, she will naturally not be burdened to Yuntian Pavilion.

“Oh, why are you doing this again!” Wayne Lin sighed and said helplessly. He had always wanted to cut off the worldly entanglement, but he didn’t expect to cut more and more.

Tao Sanniang shook her head and said: “You don’t have to have any psychological burden. This is my choice. Besides, I also have my purpose. As long as you can defeat Wu Meizi this time, you won’t refuse me anymore. With your care, my status has changed from now on. Ascend to the sky in one step, even Yuntian Pavilion will bow to me, so this is a very cost-effective business.”

Who is Wayne Lin? How could he not know Tao Sanniang said this, just because he didn’t have a psychological burden. Tao Sanniang was not taking risks at all, but she wanted to die with Wayne Lin.

Now that this is the end of the story, Wayne Lin has nothing to escape. He held Tao Sanniang backhand and said, “I killed Wu Meizi this time. You must have a place in Tao Sanniang in the future.”

Tao Sanniang, who has always been calm, her eyes turned red after hearing these words, she nodded vigorously and said, “Okay, I am waiting for you.”

The people in Yuntian Pavilion, seeing Tao Sanniang and Wayne Lin so innocent, I was so angry, they made up their minds, and when Wayne Lin was killed, they must draw a clear line with Tao Sanniang, and not be punished by Tao Sanniang. Tired!

At this time, I don’t know who shouted, “Gu Hanxing and Wu Meizi are out!”

Everyone looked away from Wayne Lin and Tao Sanniang, looked towards the stage, and saw Gu Hanxing wearing a festive suit walking out under the stars holding the moon, and Wu Meizi was standing beside him. .

At this moment, Gu Hanxing was energetic and energetic, with a bright smile on his face, full of pride and contentment.

Seeing thousands of people coming over to attend his birthday party, his sense of accomplishment is overwhelming. In his thirty-two years, how can he have such a beautiful scenery!

Wayne Lin also looked in the direction of the stage. He did not look at Han Xing at all, but directly looked at Wu Meizi. There were thousands of people present, and Wu Meizi was the only one who could be seen by him.

Wu Meizi felt his gaze, and looked at it instantly.

In the air, there seemed to be two invisible sharp eyes passing by, and then they slammed into each other, creating an explosion.

This is the first time Wayne Lin has seen Wu Meizi, she is really strong, much better than Brian Gu.

This also aroused Wayne Lin’s fighting spirit. The stronger the opponent, the more excited he was!

Suddenly, the audience fell silent. Everyone silently stopped talking and turned their eyes on Wayne Lin and Wu Meizi.

Gu Hanxing was giving a passionate speech. There was a bright smile on his face. Suddenly he noticed something was wrong. No one applauded or applauded. There was dissatisfaction in his heart. What happened to this group of guests did not wink at all.

But immediately he found something was wrong, looked down the stage, followed everyone’s gaze, he saw Wayne Lin, and he shuddered severely.

Wayne Lin actually came? !

He became scared reflexively, and he already had instinctive fear of Wayne Lin.

Wu Meizi on the side snorted fiercely, “What are you afraid of if I am here? Useless things!”

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