A Life Upside Down Complete Chapters of Chinese Novel

In this article, we bring you A Life Upside Down Complete Links. Start from any chapter of your choice and enjoy it.

A Life Upside Down novel brings an interesting story of a man who falls out of a comfortable life into the depths of abuse and trouble. He must choose between life and dignity.

Of course, life takes precedence over everything else. Now he must brace himself for the worst experiences of his life which will make him regret his decision.

A Life Upside Down Complete Links

Here we have changed the names of all the major characters of the story from Chinese to English. This helps the global audience read the novel in a relatable context. With that been said, the storyline and the plot of the novel are intact.

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Chapter 01 – 100

Chapter 101 – 202

Chapter 203 – 301

Chapter 302 – 400

Chapter 401 – 502

Chapter 503 – 601

Chapter 602 – 700

Chapter 701 – 800

The novel brings you the story of Wayne Lin. A wealthy second generation living the life of a poor man. He was forced by his grandfather, the family matriarch, to leave the family empty-handed a few years ago. When faced with the option to choose between life and money, he opted for the former.

At that time he did not know what a wrong decision he took. Driven out of a comfortable life into an abusive family of in-laws. Soon he found himself bartering his dignity and self-respect as a replacement for sustaining his breaths.

He soon adapted to unbearable ridicule and disrespect and managed to go by as a slave, hiding his real identity. But after four years he is at crossroads. His wife of four years is about to be sacrificed at the altar of greed and self-interest by her own family.

Would he come out of his safety shell in order to save the dignity of his wife? It turns out the fate is on his side that day. At the eleventh hour, his bank account replenishes with 50 billion dollars. His world is seeing a real example of life upside down.

Now he must act fast there are plenty of challenges ahead of him. Money can solve problems but at times a brain must accompany the banknotes. Would he be enough on his own to face the challenges or need his wifeโ€™s company?

You will have to find out by reading A Life Upside down novel. Access the full story at your own pace and time of choice from here. The chapters will be posted daily to keep you entertained.

Find out how the money can make life easier for you and shows the real face of people around you. How the facades change when your fortunes change. Witness the turning of tables in this epic story now.

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  1. Please upload as early as possible. Feeling sad ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž still no update after chapter 100.. still how many days need to upload ?๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”

  2. Why you take so long time to upload next chapter’s.
    It’s so irritating. So many time I give up but I haven’t to read any thing so it’s my bad luck.
    It is a good story
    Hope tomboy will marry me. Ye

  3. It’s an interesting story and I like so much,,am left in suspense and wish to know what’s next after chapter 227 so plz upload as from chapter 228 onwards so that we may know what’s next

  4. Please am in chapter 664,and the chapters take long before the next one is uploaded, I really love this novel, can you please shorten the time frame for posting the chapters

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  7. Where have you gone Mr. Writer ? We have been waiting for the rest. I am eager to know about Neon Cloth and who was the God of the clain. Hope you come backnsoon and finish this saga. If you not well then I wish you get well soon.

  8. It has been more than a month now. Why has it stopped at chapter when clearly the story has not completed. I’m frustrated with no ending

  9. I find this novel is quite similar to The Charismatic Charlie Wade novel.
    Starts with a useless son-in-law who turns out to come from a wealthy and strong family house. Then become rich and surrounded by women who adore a good look, strength, and money. With enemy from his own clan plus outsiders who jealous of what he has and popularity. Then comes a longwinded story with redundant characters, which sometimes makes it less interesting until the readers have to skip a few paragraphs.
    Although I like the storyline, however, I notice this novel and other online novels have been translated really bad to English. I suggest the writers or the translators use a proper translation program plus the Grammarly program when translating to English, and pay attention that the contents are the same as the original novel. I believe some readers had to use their imagination to get a picture of what the writers want to deliver.
    Thank you for giving us an opportunity to read the novel ๐Ÿ™‚


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