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Chapter 665

Deng Kai was so excited now, his whole body burst out, his entire face flushed, and he looked very scary.

And he really scared many people, because he has been a humble existence over the years. Although he was in the same class, he was Han Ruxin’s driver. Over time, everyone didn’t take him seriously and thought He is just a driver, and they are not of the same level.

In addition, Deng Kai is indeed very humble. He usually helps in class meetings. Everyone is accustomed to his inferiority. He did not expect that he would have an explosion and he dared to yell at them.

And Wayne Lin was also stunned, looking at Deng Kai blankly. To be honest, he was still very moved.

The same old classmates, but the difference between Deng Kai and Dai Xinghuai is really too big. It can be said that Deng Kai has not changed at all. Wayne Lin is also a person who has been rolling in the society. He deeply understands that if you want to maintain the self, What a difficult thing.

Wayne Lin looked at Deng Kai deeply and made a decision in his heart that he must help this old classmate well.

However, Deng Kai’s words made them all angry. Dai Xinghuai took the stage and stared at Deng Kai angrily, yelling: “Deng Kai! You are f*cking looking for death! You, a little man, dare to scold us, you I am impatient to live, right?”

Another female classmate said: “Deng Kai, what do you mean, do you dare to teach us? You don’t pee, just take your own decay. What qualifications do you have to teach us? You can’t make the money I earned in a month! You are simply a shame to our class. If it weren’t for Mr. Han’s face, do you really think you’re really qualified to join the class reunion, huh!”

“That’s right, this kind of person is really without self-knowledge at all. No wonder he has been a driver for others all his life! If it weren’t for Mr. Han’s kindness to keep you as a driver, you’re afraid you won’t even be able to find a job. Wayne Lin’s same waste!”

“What do you stare at, you are wrong? Also, you dare to curse in front of President Han, your feelings are to curse President Han too!? Well, you are really brave enough, even President Han dares to curse. “

They all started to attack Deng Kai one by one, directly treating Deng Kai as an enemy.

Han Ruxin also looked at him coldly, looking badly, as if angry.

Deng Kai was very hot at first, but he was stared at by Han Ruxin’s eyes, and immediately started to persuade him. After a few years, he was really afraid of Han Ruxin, and he was instinctively in awe, “I, I just told Wayne Lin Just a fair word.”

Dai Xinghuai immediately caught the opportunity, took a step forward, pointed to Deng Kai’s nose, and cursed: “What are you, and you dare to say that you are fair. Don’t you put Ruxin in your eyes? Remember, you work for Ruxin. If Ruxin didn’t pay you every month, you wouldn’t even be as good as a dog!”

When Deng Kai heard this, his face turned dark, and he was particularly angry. A stomach of fire poured into his face, clenched his fists, and stared at Dai Xinghuai, with a strong desire to beat Dai Xinghuai!

However, he did not dare, because Dai Xinghuai was right. Han Ruxin was indeed his boss. If Han Ruxin hadn’t paid him, he would not find such a high-paying job outside. In today’s society, there is no money. That’s even worse than a dog!

He is not alone now. He is married and has a family to support.

So even if he has a strong urge to beat Dai Xinghuai, he dare not do it, because he knows that once he does it, Han Ruxin will definitely be very angry, and the consequence of Han Ruxin being angry is to copy him. Not what he can afford.

He can only hold back tightly.

Dai Xinghuai saw him like this, especially desperately, and said, “Apologize to us.”

“Yes, apologize to us!”

“Deng Kai, you fellow, you have offended us and must apologize to us.”

“Yes, apologies!”

The other students all began to agree and strongly ordered Deng Kai to apologize.

Deng Kai gritted his teeth and said, “I didn’t say anything wrong, why should I apologize, you…”

At this moment, Han Ruxin interrupted him and said coldly: “Deng Kai, apologize.”

When Deng Kai heard this, his body shook severely, gritted his teeth tightly, lowered his head, particularly unwilling, and particularly humiliating, asking him to apologize in front of so many classmates, then his dignity , It’s really sweeping!

However, Han Ruxin has already spoken, if he does not apologize, Han Ruxin will really fire him!

The worst part is that he still has half a month’s salary, which is held by Han Ruxin. If he is fired by Han Ruxin now, then the money will not be available. Anyway, this is tens of thousands of yuan. .

“I…” Deng Kai raised his head, looking at Han Ruxin with pleading eyes, and said in a begging tone: “Mr. Han, I just said casually. I didn’t mean to be disrespectful to you…”

However, Han Ruxin would not pity him at all, and said coldly again: “I don’t have much patience, I will give you one last chance.”

Deng Kai was completely panicked now. His heart was extremely suffocated and painful. He used to be a very bloody person, but over the years, he has been smoothed out by life, and his straight waist has also been compromised. Up!

He took a deep breath and could only lower his head and apologize…

Just when he was about to speak, Wayne Lin put his shoulders on his shoulders, his eyes revealed profoundly and said: “Deng Kai, don’t apologize, you didn’t say anything wrong, it was them.”

Deng Kai trembled slightly and looked up at Wayne Lin, with a reluctant smile, and said, “It’s okay, just apologize. I’m okay. Wayne, I’m sorry, I didn’t expect this to happen. “

Wayne Lin looked at him and said, “Deng Kai, if I tell you that I am rich, richer than you think, I can make you a master with one word, even Han Ruxin will rely on you. Sniff, would you believe it?”

“Huh?” Deng Kai was stunned when he heard this. The first reaction was that Wayne Lin was joking, and the second reaction was that Wayne Lin had a mental problem. Otherwise, how could he say such a thing? What?

Just ask, would a person with so much energy wear such shabby clothes and ride a small electric donkey all day?


Immediately someone couldn’t help but laughed, “Oh, then you are really awesome! Wouldn’t you say that you are the richest man in Province G?”

“Hahaha, I’m so laughing, I see too many bragging people, it’s the first time I’ve seen it like this.”

“This is not bragging, this is crazy, there is a mental problem.”

Han Ruxin also laughed, making no secret of her contempt for Wayne Lin. She is so happy now that she can finally raise her eyebrows well in front of Wayne Lin! She wanted Wayne Lin to know that rejecting her back then was the worst decision Wayne Lin had ever made in his life!

Chapter 666

Facing the ridicule of these old classmates, Wayne Lin remained motionless, he just stared at Deng Kai indifferently, waiting for Deng Kai’s answer.

Deng Kai was stunned at this time. His reason told him that it was impossible, but emotionally, he was willing to believe that it was true. Although Wayne Lin looked ordinary now, his eyes revealed Confidence made him intuitively believe it.

After such a delay, Han Ruxin became dissatisfied, her face turned dark, and she said directly to Deng Kai: “It seems that you don’t see me in your eyes, okay, starting today, you have been fired! I want to see if Wayne Lin can really make you a master!”

Deng Kai immediately shook his whole body and began to panic, and said quickly: “Mr. Han, don’t fire me. I was just impulsive. I definitely didn’t mean to offend you!”

Han Ruxin snorted heavily, and said, “On the spur of the moment? I think you were so arrogant just now that you even scolded me! It seems that your wings are hard now, and I didn’t even look at it. It was true just now. My dream is to step on my head and be a master! Okay, then you can be a master with Wayne Lin! I want to see if you leave me, can you find a high-paying job!”

Now Han Ruxin showed a vicious side, destroying her image of a goddess.

Deng Kai continued pleadingly and said: “Mr. Han, you have been wronged. I have been your driver for so many years. You also know what I am. Why would you want to step on your head? This is a misunderstanding! For the sake of old classmates, don’t fire me. I still have a family to support and I can’t lose this job.”

Deng Kai begged hard now that safety is the bitterness of a middle-aged man. Wayne Lin was quite uncomfortable. He didn’t expect that Deng Kai was so miserable after so many years, and Han Ruxin was too unkind.

The other classmates were gloating, the smiles on their faces did not hide.

“Oh, Deng Kai, didn’t you just scold it fiercely, why are you misfired now!”

“Deng Kai, you are so kind, let me show you another arrogant one!”

Facing the ridicule of so many people, Deng Kai was extremely difficult to accept, but he did not dare to refute it like just now. No way, his spine had been crushed by life, and there was really no capital to refute it.

Deng Kai continued pleadingly and said, “Mr. Han, give me another chance, can you please, please.”

Han Ruxin snorted and said, “It’s no use begging me. These classmates can forgive you and I can keep you.”

Deng Kai had no choice but to look at other classmates. Dai Xinghuai immediately stood up and said: “Well, Deng Kai, we won’t make things difficult for you. This incident was caused by Wayne Lin. You used to slap Wayne Lin, so forget about it. You are still our good classmate.”

Others also echoed: “Yes, we are pretty good at talking. If you can’t do this, it means you have no sincerity and didn’t put President Han in the eyes.”

They babbled and urged Deng Kai to fight Wayne Lin, so they were willing to let him go.

Deng Kai was annoyed again. Wayne Lin clearly did nothing wrong. He slapped Wayne Lin. What happened to him? Is he a villain who sells his friends for glory? Besides, he called Wayne Lin over, and he couldn’t help Wayne Lin. He couldn’t do this kind of thing.

So he said to Han Ruxin: “Mr. Han, why don’t you deduct my salary for two months, just because I still have half a year’s salary unpaid, you only need to pay me four months’ salary.”

This is Deng Kai’s biggest concession. Two months’ salary is more than 10,000!

However, Han Ruxin’s face was cold again, and she said, “Okay, you are sentimental and righteous, then you go away. From today, don’t be fired. You don’t want the half-year salary!”

“Mr. Han!” Deng Kai panicked immediately. His half-year salary was used to maintain the family.

If Han Ruxun doesn’t send it to him, what will he do to support his family?

Just when he was so excited that he wanted to beg for mercy even more quietly, a big hand pressed his shoulder, “Deng Kai, you don’t need to beg her, she will beg you soon.”

It was Wayne Lin, he said this to Deng Kai very seriously.

When Deng Kai heard this, his scalp became even more numb, and he reluctantly said: “Brother, don’t do anything wrong. To be honest, my family is very difficult now. This salary is my only way out.”

Han Ruxin was watching coldly, she wanted to see, what Wayne Lin could say!

Wayne Lin said: “I know, so I told you just now that I am rich, richer than you think. I can make you a master with one word. It’s not a joke.”

Deng Kai didn’t believe it. Instead, he showed a worried expression on his face. He reached out and touched Wayne Lin’s forehead and said in a low voice, “Are you okay?”

Wayne Lin said helplessly: “I really didn’t lie to you. If you don’t believe me, I will take you to my company tomorrow, and you will know.”

Deng Kai became more worried, thinking that Wayne Lin must have been hit hard, causing some mental disorders.

All of Dai Xinghuai’s classmates laughed loudly, thinking that Wayne Lin was a clown and was making them laugh.

Han Ruxin shook her head, and she said directly to Wayne Lin: “Wayne Lin, I still have a little hope for you, but now it seems that I think too much.”

Her tone was full of superiority and contempt for Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin has tolerated her for a long time, but she embarrassed Deng Kai just now, and Wayne Lin’s impression of her has dropped to a freezing point, “Han Ruxin, you have only made a little achievement. As for being so terrible, do you make things difficult for Deng Kai? So, let’s not say that Deng Kai is your old classmate. Anyway, Deng Kai helped you a lot by working for a few years.”

Han Ruxin’s expression immediately turned cold, she stepped forward and said with a sneer: “Hehe! A little achievement? Wayne Lin, you failed waste, dare to speak up in front of me? What a big joke!”

Dai Xinghuai was the first to defend Han Ruxin, pointing at Wayne Lin and cursing: “What is a little achievement, Wayne Lin, you have the face to say this when driving a battery car. Do you know how much Han President’s wealth is now? Ten 100 million, more than one billion, under his five companies, involving clothing, real estate, finance! And you, what kind of thing, in front of President Han, you are just rubbish!”

The other students also hurriedly came out to agree, degrading Wayne Lin as worthless. Wayne Lin laughed at the time, thinking that these people were frogs at the bottom of the well.

He said directly to Deng Kai: “Deng Kai, let’s go, I will make you a master tomorrow.”

Deng Kai sighed heavily. In this situation, he couldn’t stay any longer. He shook his head and left with Wayne Lin dejectedly.

However, at this moment, Han Ruxin spoke and stopped Wayne Lin: “Stop!”

“Is there anything else?” Wayne Lin turned around indifferently.

Han Ruxin stared at him and said, “Wayne Lin, do you know why I agreed to let you come to tonight’s classmate meeting? That’s because I want to tell you personally that in the third year of junior high, you refused my confession. The worst decision in my life! Fortunately, your refusal made me feel strong, and through hard work and talent, I achieved today’s results! And you, in the end, are just a waste, even a car can’t even drive a waste!”

After she said this, she felt comfortable. After waiting so long tonight, she was waiting for this moment.

After hearing this, the others were very surprised. They didn’t expect Han Ruxin and Wayne Lin to refuse. Now think about it, Wayne Lin is a Shabi, and he actually rejected Han Ruxin. Now he must regret that his bowels are blue!

Especially Dai Xinghuai, he couldn’t help laughing.

Chapter 667

After Han Ruxin finished speaking, she waited to see Wayne Lin become angry and regretful.

But she was disappointed. Wayne Lin didn’t have any expression on her face, as if she didn’t care at all. This made her very upset. In her opinion, Wayne Lin’s reaction would definitely be fierce, even begging for her forgiveness.

“So you let me attend the class reunion tonight, just to tell me this, waiting to see how I regret it?” Wayne Lin sneered and said disdainfully.

Han Ruxin snorted heavily. She especially hated Wayne Lin’s appearance. She was definitely beating her swollen face and filling her fat man. She obviously regretted it too much. She pretended to be indifferent on the surface!

“Wayne Lin, you don’t have to pretend, you must regret it in your heart now!” Han Ruxin said wantonly.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Why should I regret it?”

“I know you will be stiff, but it doesn’t matter, I don’t care anymore, I will tell you now, I am no longer the fragile little girl I used to be! I now hold five companies, one of which will be listed soon Now, I have a net worth of over one billion, and I will never spend it all in this life, and you are just a loser in life.” Han Ruxin said proudly.

Wayne Lin sneered again, “I’m sorry, I let you down. I am not a failure of life. In fact, your billion-dollar net worth is not worth mentioning in my eyes.”

“Hahahaha!” Han Ruxin laughed out loud as if she heard a big joke, “Wayne Lin, I see a lot of hard-mouthed people, but this is the first time I have seen you with a hard-mouthed mouth.”

Wayne Lin looked at Han Ruxin, shook his head, and said, “Han Ruxin, you let me down, so please do it yourself.”

Han Ruxin was particularly upset with his appearance and scolded: “You stop me!”

Wayne Lin ignored him and led Deng Kai on. Han Ruxin was even more angry when seeing Wayne Lin daring to ignore her. She shouted, “Stop him for me.”

Dai Xinghuai’s dog-legged people immediately caught up to stop Wayne Lin, but Deng Kai picked up the wine bottle on the table casually and stared at them. He immediately frightened them and did not dare to act rashly.

Han Ruxin was very angry. At this moment, a few people walked in from the outside, looked at the imposing manner, and knew it was a big man at first glance. Among them, the man in the middle looked at his early thirties. An iron and blood gas.

After they came in, the powerful momentum suppressed many people, and Han Ruxin saw the man in the middle, her eyes lit up, she showed a joyful smile, and quickly went up and said: “Mr. Cao, you are here, great. .”

Mr. Cao is very energetic, and between his eyebrows, there is an arrogance of looking at the world. It seems that all people in the world are not in his eyes. That is, when facing Han Ruxin, he also showed some smiles, “Han Miss, I’m sorry, I’m late, I didn’t make you wait for a long time?”

“No, no.” Han Ruxin walked to him quickly, showing some shy expressions, her beautiful eyes were affectionate, and she was obviously interested in this Mr. Cao.

When Dai Xinghuai saw this scene, his face dimmed. He still couldn’t tell that Mr. Cao was a big man and had an affair with Han Ruxin. From this point of view, he had no chance.

Mr. Cao looked at Han Ruxin, his eyes flashed a little fiery, smiled, and said, “Are these your classmates, Miss Han? They are indeed dragons and phoenixes.”

Han Ruxin immediately

The introduction said: “Come on, let me introduce you to everyone. This is Mr. Cao. Mr. Cao is a nobleman in the army. Even the Lord of the City, in front of Mr. Cao, must be respectful.”

Hearing this, everyone was surprised, and the eyes looking at Mr. Cao became more respectful and awed.

Mr. Cao was particularly proud and waved his hand and said, “Cao is just serving the people, and he is no different from everyone.”

By chance, Han Ruxin realized that Cao Jun was the person with the highest status in her contacts, and she was still so young and single. She had already moved her mind to see if she could hook up with this big man!

Over there, Wayne Lin was slightly delayed because of the arrival of this Mr. Cao. Now he continues to move forward and was discovered by Han Ruxin. He immediately pointed to him and said, “Mr. Cao! Please do me a favor. This person just humiliated him. Because he bullied me is a female generation, I can’t do anything with him. Now he has bullied me and has to leave. He also asked Mr. Cao to help the young woman get justice.”

“What?” When Cao Jun heard this, his face suddenly changed, his eyes looked at Wayne Lin like electricity, a powerful aura radiated from him, and he yelled: “Where is the little deflated? Three, dare to be rude to Miss Han and stop for me!”

His majesty was so great that for ordinary people, it was as heavy as a mountain. Facing his intimidation, Deng Kai instantly paled with fright, stopped in place and did not dare to move.

He even made his legs tremble in fright, especially unbearable.

Wayne Lin frowned slightly, thinking that Han Ruxin was also an old classmate. He didn’t want to know Han Ruxin as much as he did, but Han Ruxin didn’t appreciate it, but he had to make an inch.

“What do you want?” Wayne Lin stopped and asked Han Ruxin.

Seeing Wayne Lin’s fear, Han Ruxin smiled triumphantly and said, “I want you to kneel down and apologize.”

Wayne Lin said with a calm face: “Han Ruxin, you are too much.”

“Excessive?” Han Ruxin sneered: “When you ruthlessly rejected me, why didn’t you say too much! Do you know how sad I was back then! I know you look down on my background and feel that my family has no money and is not worthy of it You rich second generation! But can you play with my feelings wantonly? You don’t have this right!”

Han Ruxin was completely distorted, Wayne Lin didn’t bother to pay attention to her anymore, turned and left.

However, Han Ruxin obviously would not let him go, let Cao Jun go out, stop Wayne Lin, and insist that Wayne Lin kneel down and apologize to him.

Wayne Lin’s eyes flashed coldly, his patience was limited, Han Ruxin made things difficult for him again and again, and he would not wait to die.

“Presumptuous, a mere citizen, dare to be arrogant, I think you are impatient!” Cao Jun waved his hand and ordered his subordinates to violently take Wayne Lin down.

Wayne Lin’s eyes became colder now, and with a cold snort, he shot directly, and put these men down in three or two.

“I said you dare to be so arrogant. It turns out that you are still a practitioner. It seems that I was the only one who took the action!” Cao Jun flexed his hands, took off his jacket, and wanted to attack Wayne Lin. He is the best at the peak of the day after tomorrow. Wayne Lin cannot be seen. For his strength, he thought he would be able to take Wayne Lin down.

However, at this moment, more than a dozen people walked in quickly from the door. One of them, a middle-aged man in military uniform, saw that Cao Jun was about to attack Wayne Lin. He brows and yelled, “Cao Jun, you are dead. Ah, who gave you the courage to attack Instructor Lin!”

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