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Chapter 266

“Wayne, you beat Long Feiyu so hard just now, will he call the police in the future?”

On the way back, Alma Chu asked worriedly.

Wayne Lin said: “No, he doesn’t have the guts.”

“But his dad is one of the owners of Eternal Real Estate. He has a deep background. He was beaten so hard just now. Wouldn’t he really call the police?” Alma Chu was still worried. Now it is a society under the rule of law, Wayne Lin is in full view. He beat people and broke Long Feiyu’s fingers. The plot was atrocious.

Wayne Lin knew Alma Chu’s worry. He shook Alma Chu’s hand and smiled: “Don’t worry, he won’t call the police. Even if he calls the police, I don’t have to be afraid of him.”

Seeing Wayne Lin so confident, Alma Chu’s anxiety was much calmer.

Back at the big villa in Yulong Bay, Candice Liu and Berry Chu had gone to bed.

Although Alma Chu’s family is now living in, Alma Chu and Wayne Lin have not remarried yet. Strictly speaking, they can only be regarded as ordinary friends, so they did not sleep in a room.

This big villa is very large, and any room is very large. They are all suites. After Wayne Lin went upstairs, he wanted to say something, but in the end he didn’t say anything.

“That one……”

After two steps, Alma Chu suddenly turned around and spoke to Wayne Lin.

“Ah? What’s the matter?” Wayne Lin asked.

Alma Chu was silent for a while, with a strange look on her face, her eyes flickered towards Wayne Lin, she bit her lower lip lightly, as if she had something to say, but in the end she didn’t say anything, but shook her head. , Said softly: “Thank you for things tonight. I always make you trouble, sorry.”

Facing Alma Chu’s sudden seriousness and unfamiliarity, Wayne Lin smiled bitterly and said, “Why are you so polite all of a sudden, we are husbands…”

At this point, Wayne Lin realized that it was wrong, and held back the word’wife’ in the back, and changed the way of saying, “Are we friends, I can’t save you when you are in trouble.”

Alma Chu bit her lips harder, sighed slightly, and said, “Yes, we are friends…”

Both of them fell silent in a tacit understanding. After a while, Wayne Lin said, “It’s getting late, so let’s take a break first, and I have to go to work tomorrow.”


After speaking, they all began to return to their rooms.

When they all returned to their room, they closed the door and stood against the door for a few minutes…

Wayne Lin took a bath. Today, when he came down, enough things happened. First he asked Lu Dongbin about his mother and BRAGRUN’s organization, then the ugly master appeared, slapped Lu Dongbin to death, and went to Alma Chu again. , Gave Long Feiyu a lesson.

Too many things have happened to Wayne Lin, even with his tenacity, it is inevitable that there will be some fatigue.

After thinking about it for half an hour, Wayne Lin was a little sleepy, and he didn’t think about it anymore. There are still many things he needs to do next, and he has to cultivate his energy.

Turning off the light, he covered the quilt, and was about to go to sleep. Suddenly he heard a very slight footstep coming from outside the door, and suddenly opened his eyes.

The house was very quiet, only occasionally heard the sound of cars coming from far away. The sound insulation of the house was very good. If Wayne Lin’s ears were not sharp enough, it would be impossible to hear such subtle footsteps!


; Moreover, this footstep is obviously from Alma Chu.

Wayne Lin’s heartbeat speeded up a lot all of a sudden. What did Alma Chu run into his room in the middle of the night?

The footsteps reached the door of the room and stopped, and Wayne Lin’s heartbeat also accelerated. But after waiting for almost a minute, Alma Chu didn’t make any other movements. Wayne Lin’s heartbeat slowly returned to normal, thinking that Alma Chu should have just passed by here.

Yes, according to what he knows about Alma Chu, Alma Chu is a very shy and reserved person. It is impossible for him to come to his room in the middle of the night. Besides, they are in a divorced state. Alma Chu thinks from the bottom of his heart. Very traditional people will not break into his room at this time.

Thinking about this, Wayne Lin’s nervous mood slowly relaxed, and closed his eyes again, ready to continue sleeping.

However, not long after he closed his eyes, suddenly, the doorknob heard the sound of twisting!

In an instant, Wayne Lin was taken aback, and suddenly opened his eyes, and the mood that had just been relaxed became tense again!

Alma Chu is going to come to his room!

Moreover, he did not lock back, and Alma Chu would soon’break in’.

Sure enough, after two seconds, the door of the room was opened. Wayne Lin was lying on the bed, and he could clearly see that from the corridor outside, a little light was projected through the opening of the door!

And on the wall beside the bed, a figure of a woman was projected. Who else besides Alma Chu?

At this moment, Wayne Lin’s heartbeat was almost at its extreme.

The room was so quiet that he didn’t even dare to take a deep breath, for fear that Alma Chu would know that he was not asleep.

Moreover, even he himself didn’t know why he was nervous. Obviously he and Alma Chu were married for four years. Even if they were divorced now, their relationship has returned to normal. Remarriage is a matter of time, mainly tonight Wayne also saved Alma Chu once…

No matter what he thinks, Wayne Lin has no reason to be nervous, but on the contrary, Wayne Lin is very nervous now.

In his heart, thinking of certain pictures, his emotions were so excited that he couldn’t stop.

The door opened for a short while, and Alma Chu stuck her head in and asked softly: “Wayne, are you asleep?”

The voice was very small and gentle, with some trembling in her tone, and she could hear her nervousness.

Wayne Lin opened his eyes secretly, and on the wall of the bed, you could see Alma Chu’s shadow. He wanted to respond, but his mouth couldn’t say anything. He was restrained by some invisible force.

Wayne Lin thought that if she didn’t speak and pretended to sleep, Alma Chu should go back. However, Alma Chu did not do so. She asked again with a little louder voice, but still did not get Wayne Lin’s response. She opened the door halfway, and people got in, cautiously…

Wayne Lin’s ears are so sharp that he can hear Alma Chu’s footsteps even through a soundproof door, not to mention that Alma Chu is already in the room!

Now he listened to Alma Chu’s approaching footsteps, and even smelled Alma Chu’s unique female body fragrance floating in the air, and he became even more nervous. Apart from the tension, there are some excitement that cannot be described…

Vaguely, I was expecting something.

Finally, after five or six seconds, Alma Chu finally walked over, arrived at Wayne Lin’s bed, and asked softly, “Wayne, are you asleep?”

Chapter 267

Even if Wayne Lin closes her eyes tightly, she can feel Alma Chu standing by his bed, bending over, and leaning in front of him, her long hair hanging down, and her hair ends just touching Wayne Lin’s face. , Itchy, especially when Wayne Lin’s nose is itchy.

But the most itchy in comparison is Wayne Lin’s heart!

Originally, Wayne Lin was a little sleepy and was about to go to sleep, but Alma Chu’s arrival completely drove Wayne Lin’s sleepiness away, and now she doesn’t know how much energy.

In the dead of night, lonely man and widow, living in the same room, whoever changes the man will be happy, the key is a woman no matter the size, appearance or top quality, the temptation brought is even greater!

Although Wayne Lin and Alma Chu have been married for four years, they are old husbands and old wives, but because of their special relationship, the two of them have been innocent relationship until now, and they have never crossed it. In this way, once they fall into In the ambiguous situation, the kind of stimulation brought between the two parties is even greater!

Just like Wayne Lin now, he is very uncomfortable. The temperature of his body has gradually risen. He doesn’t even know how to deal with this situation. Should he continue to pretend to sleep, or’waking up’?

When he was hesitating about what to do, Alma Chu spoke again. She tried to stretch out her hand, and carefully touched his face with a light touch, and then retracted back, very timid, and then very thin. Asked loudly: “Wayne, are you really asleep?”

Wayne Lin thought for a while and decided to continue to pretend to sleep, perhaps Alma Chu would leave by herself when he saw that he was already asleep.

Alma Chu lightly poked Wayne Lin again, but there was no response. Her original courage gradually increased, and she actually directly covered Wayne Lin’s face with her hand, stroking it very carefully, particularly tenderly.

Wayne Lin became more tense, his muscles tightened a lot!

Even breathing began to be disordered at this moment, but fortunately, Alma Chu now focused her main attention on his face and did not notice that his breathing was abnormal for a while.

Next, Alma Chu became more and more courageous, and began to stroke Wayne Lin’s face’arrogantly’. Under the dim light projected from the corridor from the half-open door of the room, she carefully looked at Wayne Lin’s unremarkable picture. s face.

Obviously, she has seen this face for four years, and she used to hate this face, but now, the more she looks at it, the better she looks. There is an indescribable charm. Looking at it, she gradually becomes a little silly .

“Wayne, I actually know that I shouldn’t have come to see you in the middle of the night. After all, we are already divorced. My behavior is inappropriate, but I really can’t help it…”

Alma Chu muttered to herself.

“Fortunately for you tonight, otherwise, I must be bullied again.”

“I can’t remember how many times you have saved me. I thought it was you who caused me trouble, but now I know that the person who caused the trouble has always been me. On the contrary, you are always behind, protecting me in silence. I……”

“Wayne, I used to feel that I was the most unlucky person in the world. I had committed an unforgivable sin in my previous life and only married you in this life. It turns out I was wrong. Marrying you is the greatest blessing in my life. Laiyue feels that it took a lifetime of luck to meet you and marry you!”

“I didn’t believe in fate before, but now I am beginning to believe it. Perhaps the meeting of the two of us is fate, and it is the best gift God has given me.”

“Wayne, I’m sorry, I used to be so mean to you, never sincerely admit that you are my husband, always think you are a trash, not worthy of me. Now I know that people who are not worthy of you are Me! And you, you clearly have a better choice, but you always choose to tolerate me.”

“I now believe that sentence,

I must have saved the banking department in my last life, so I am blessed to enjoy your care and love in this life. “

Alma Chu said very quietly at first, just mumbling to herself, but then she became more emotional and held Wayne Lin’s hand directly, without even seeing Wayne Lin’s eyelids jump a few times.

Wayne Lin heard these words from the heart of Alma Chu, his heart was still very touched!

These words, he had never heard Alma Chu say before, nor did he know what Alma Chu was thinking now.

It is true that Wayne Lin chose to join the Chu family at the beginning, mainly to avoid the Lin family’s extinction, disguised himself as a trash, and suffered a lot of humiliation and suffering. But in the past four years, he was really unhappy, because Alma Chu never regarded him as a real husband. Even if he knew that this was not Alma Chu’s problem, it was entirely what he deserved, but deep in his heart, he still wanted to get Alma Chu’s recognition one day.

Now, this day has arrived…

It is impossible to say that there is no excitement in my heart.

Alma Chu still didn’t know that Wayne Lin was not asleep. Wayne Lin had already listened to these words. She thought that Wayne Lin was sleeping very heavily. She held Wayne Lin’s hand and pressed it to her face, gently Rubbing, looking at Wayne Lin’s sleeping peaceful face, he showed a happy smile, and continued: “Wayne, I am really happy now…”

“Wayne, next I will do my duty as a wife and make up for what I owe you four years ago. Mom told me that if you want to grab a man’s heart, you must first grab a man’s stomach, so I I have already started to learn to cook.”

“But I heard Della Qin say that in addition to grabbing a man’s stomach, he also has to take care of men and women…”

Having said this, Alma Chu’s tone was obviously very shy, she paused for a while, then gathered up her courage, and continued: “It’s shameful to say that I have never experienced men and women when I grow up, and I have no experience in this area. . But I am confident that as long as I am willing to learn, I can definitely learn it too!”

“Wayne, when that time comes I will definitely hold you firmly and make you the happiest man in the world, and I am also the happiest woman in the world, hehe.”

“Okay, Wayne, it’s getting late, I have to go back to bed, good night, I love you, I love you very much!”

Hearing these last words, Wayne Lin was completely stupefied!

Is this still the traditional Alma Chu he knows? You must know that Alma Chu is absolutely guarded like a jade, she is extremely resistant and timid about men and women, before being touched by him would make her feel sick for a long time. And now, actually want to take the initiative to learn, and want him to be the happiest man in the world?

Wayne Lin’s heart was shocked, and he even suspected that he had heard it wrong, otherwise the person in front of him was not Alma Chu, but someone else.

However, when he thought that the scene of that day would really appear, Wayne Lin couldn’t help being excited and looking forward to it. He couldn’t help but opened his eyes secretly, peeking at Alma Chu’s current expression.

However, as soon as he secretly opened a gap in his eyes, he saw that Alma Chu was pouting slightly and kissed him!

Seeing this scene, Wayne Lin was dumbfounded in an instant. When he reacted, Alma Chu’s lips were already printed on his lips!

Feeling the presence of Alma Chu, the bloody stimulus, instantly made Wayne Lin’s muscles tighten, and his hands clenched his fists uncontrollably.

And just so, Alma Chu actually opened her eyes at this moment…

For a time, the two of them looked at each other.

Alma Chu was visibly stunned for a moment. Then, her reaction was very big, her eyes widened all at once, she stood up abruptly, her tone trembling, “You, aren’t you asleep?!”

Chapter 268

Alma Chu always thought that Wayne Lin was asleep, so she would say what she said just now, but in the end, Wayne Lin didn’t fall asleep. In other words, Wayne Lin heard all those words she had just heard!

The most embarrassing thing is that he still steals his parents Wayne Lin, isn’t this shameless behavior.

Wayne Lin is also very painful now, why can’t help but open his eyes, this time is good, it was discovered by Alma Chu, embarrassing!

“Cough!” Wayne Lin coughed twice, his mind rushed, trying to calm himself down. The more you are at this time, the less you can panic.

“Alma, why did you come to my room? What’s the matter?” Wayne Lin deliberately looked like he was awakened, rubbing his distressed eyes, and asked curiously.

It’s just that his acting skills were so bad that he couldn’t hide it from Alma Chu. On the contrary, Alma Chu was even more ashamed, and her entire face blushed!

Wayne Lin saw her doing this and quickly explained, “Really, I didn’t lie to you, I didn’t hear anything!”

As everyone knows, his words were completely counterproductive. He was purely acting as a thief. After listening to Alma Chu, she became more ashamed and embarrassed. Even in such dim light, Wayne Lin could see her blushing to the point. blood.

Wayne Lin finally realized that he was self-defeating just now, and he was even more embarrassed.

After a while, Alma Chu said, “Can you move a little inside?”

“Huh?” Wayne Lin was stunned for a moment, but did not react for a while.

Alma Chu turned her gaze on Wayne Lin again, her tone was very soft, and she said with some shyness: “I was drinking tea in bed just now and accidentally poured it onto the bed. I want to spend the night with you tonight. .”

Wayne Lin finally understood what Alma Chu meant, and wanted to sleep with him!

Suddenly, the blood in Wayne Lin’s whole body boiled, and he swallowed twice.

“Why, don’t you want it?” Alma Chu bit her lip.

“I am willing! Of course I am!” Wayne Lin nodded and said, then moved his body inside to make a large area for Alma Chu.

Alma Chu was wearing her pajamas, lying down peacefully, covered with a quilt to highlight her graceful figure.

The room suddenly became very quiet, only the abnormal breathing of each other could be heard.

After a while, Alma Chu broke the silence first and said, “What I said just now is true, and I didn’t lie to you.”

Wayne Lin said, “I know.”

After the conversation, the room fell silent again.

This time Wayne Lin opened his silence first, “Alma, you still have to be more careful in the future and try not to put yourself in a dangerous situation. You are beautiful, which is a huge temptation for men. After all, I am not every time. I can rush to save you in time.”

“Well, I see, I won’t come into contact with outsiders easily without you in the future.” Alma Chu said gently, with the attitude of the little woman, and explained: “Actually, I was cheated by a client tonight. Yes, I didn’t know that it was a gathering of that nature before I went, otherwise I would definitely not go.”

Wayne Lin said, “Well, I know.”

“Can I hug you?”

Next, a sentence from Alma Chu made Wayne Lin’s scalp numb.

“Huh? This, not so…”

Before Wayne Lin had finished speaking, Alma Chu turned around and hugged him.

You know, they are all dressed now

Very thin pajamas, hugged in this way, you can clearly feel the body temperature transmitted by the other party, and the bloody touch!

Alma Chu was obviously also very nervous, her body was trembling slightly, and her body temperature rose a little.

Of course, Wayne Lin is not much better. Regardless of his current status, he stands up high in front of Damon Wang and Jeff Han. But in terms of men and women, he is an out-and-out first brother and has no experience. .

His muscles were tight and he didn’t move, for fear that he would lose control and do something extraordinary.

Alma Chu is also a rookie with zero experience in this aspect. She mustered all the courage to make such a bold move. Now she hugged Wayne Lin and did not dare to move. This situation seemed very strange.

Finally, after a while, Alma Chu put her head on Wayne Lin’s chest, listening to Wayne Lin’s powerful heartbeat, she felt very safe and stable.

“Let’s remarry tomorrow.” She said softly.

Wayne Lin nodded and said, “Okay.”

“Don’t you want to hug me?”

“……miss you.”

“Then what are you waiting for?”

“I’m afraid you will lose control if I hug you.”

Wayne Lin smiled bitterly and said that his body was no longer under his control. If he really hugged Alma Chu, he would really not be able to bear to forget and do animal things.

Regardless of his current martial arts skills, his body is far beyond ordinary people, and his willpower is strong, but he is still very difficult to control in terms of desire.

Alma Chu’s tone was shy and firm, and said: “It’s okay if you can’t hold it. I should have given myself to you four years ago.”

With that, she closed her eyes, waiting for Wayne Lin’s control.

She was already prepared. It was different from last time. This time she was willing and looking forward to handing herself over to Wayne Lin.

The conscience of heaven and earth, Wayne Lin’s nerves are undergoing unprecedented teasing and testing, and countless voices in his heart make him be a beast and eat Alma Chu!

He is not Liu Xiahui, let alone an eunuch. The beauty is in his arms, and he assumes the posture of picking. No man can be indifferent. Even an old man who has lost his ability will bloom at this moment.

Wayne Lin tried to keep a trace of clarity in his mind. He said with difficulty, “Alma, have you really decided? My identity is not just as simple as Chairman Ziqiong. I have a lot of things on my back, and there is another important thing. Things that are also very dangerous are waiting for me to do. Once I don’t handle it well, it will be the end of a thousand catastrophes. You are still in a complete body. If you leave me on your terms, you can find a good man and spend it safely. For the rest of my life…”

Alma Chu blocked Wayne Lin’s mouth with her hand, her eyes were determined, and she looked at Wayne Lin with no hesitation: “I am yours in this life. No matter whether it is a mountain of swords or a sea of ​​fire, I will accompany you on the way, as long as you don’t Abandon me, I will be your Wayne Lin’s person in this life, and death will also be your Wayne Lin’s ghost.”

These words really hit Wayne Lin’s heart deeply, dispelling his last worry. Since Alma Chu said this, what else is he hypocritical?

Wayne Lin embraced Alma Chu boldly, stared deeply, and issued the most sacred oath, “Alma, from now on, I will use my best efforts to protect you, and treat you with my most sincere tenderness. Only me One day, I will not let you be harmed. As long as you don’t abandon me, I will never give up to you. This situation can be learned from the world, and the sun and the moon are proof!”

After speaking, Wayne Lin kissed Alma Chu…

This evening, Wayne Lin and Alma Chu went to Wushan together. The mandarin ducks were in a double night, and a pear blossom pressed a begonia.

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