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Chapter 365

Isn’t it right? Normal people would not believe that Wayne Lin would be the chairman of Ziqiong Media when he saw Wayne Lin’s dress and being so young.

Smith is an internationally renowned movie star. He has outstanding appearance and good acting skills. He has also heard about Michelle Media and knows that it is a large-scale company with good development prospects.

To be honest, when he went to China to develop, the media company he chose first was Michelle Media. The agent also tried to contact Michelle Media in the past, but Michelle Media was not interested in him, so he retreated in desperation. Second, choose Black Rock Media.

Now Yu Qing actually told him that the thin yellow-skinned monkey in front of him is the chairman of Ziqiong Media? Could he believe it? Yu Qing is completely insulting his IQ! This made his impression of Black Rock Media invisibly lowered a lot.

After Yu Qing finished speaking, she looked back subconsciously and saw that Wayne Lin’s clothes were indeed very ordinary. In terms of temperament, she did not have the aura of a big person. She looked like an ordinary person, which caused her to doubt. Could it be that Wayne Lin is really not the chairman of Ziqiong Media, but a fake?

Wayne Lin has become accustomed to such misunderstandings, and there is absolutely no surprise at all. If someone sees him at first sight, they will believe that he is Chairman Zi Qiong.

This was affected by his temperament. After he broke through to the innate realm, he became more restrained. All the spirits and spirits were condensed into a single point, hidden in the dantian, returning to the basics and returning to the truth, more ordinary than ordinary people looked at.

Yu Qing quickly winked at Ning Yuning, and asked if Ning Yuning would admit the wrong person. Ning Yuning gave her a positive response, and she was more convinced.

“Mr. Smith, the chairman of Ziqiong Media has a relatively low-key personality. It was a misunderstanding that flooded the Dragon King Temple today. Or it depends on the face of our Heiyan Media. Let it go, okay?” Yu Qing continued to put down his posture.

She is a well-known agent in the circle anyway, and many popular stars have to give her face, and now it is rare for her to be so low.

No way, now Smith’s international reputation is too great, and then a movie invested by Black Rock Media, Smith is the protagonist. To use Smith’s reputation to open the international market, they must put down their stance and please Smith.

According to the average person, as long as the belly is a little bigger, Yu Qing will step down the steps and turn big things into small things. But Smith is different. He is an extremely arrogant and arrogant person. Especially in the past two years, he has made two films and won a lot of box office. It was when he was popular, he became even more arrogant and did not give Yu Qingmian, but said: “It was because of the face of your chairman that I reluctantly came to China and filmed with you, instead of being angry! Now I am in your country and I am offended. You must give me one. Explain, otherwise I will choose to call the police.”

When Yu Qing heard this, her face became even more embarrassed, and she kept scolding this Smith for being too arrogant, unkind, and not giving them any face!

She couldn’t persuade Smith, so she had to ask Ning Yuning for help, let Ning Yuning come over and say something.

Ning Yuning nodded, walked up, took off her sunglasses and mask, and said to Smith: “Hello, Mr. Smith, I am Ning Yuning, and the heroine who plays with you this time.”

Smith was shocked when he saw her, his eyes showed obvious hotness, staring straight at Ning Yuning, and said: “Oh, you are the beautiful Miss Ning Yuning. You are more real than the picture. It looks more beautiful and elegant.”


Then, he proactively reached out to shake hands with Ning Yuning.

Ning Yuning also stretched out his hand, but after Smith shook it, he didn’t immediately let go. Instead, he scratched the back of Ning Yuning’s hand with his thumb, which looked particularly wretched. Ning Yuning immediately frowned and became disgusted. !

Before that, she was still half a fan of Smith. She chased after several of Smith’s movies. She did not expect that in reality, Smith was such a wretched person. She immediately wiped out all the good feelings in her heart. She would feel particularly sick when she was going to play with such a person for a few months in the future.

Ning Yuning quickly took out her hand, took a deep breath, suppressed her negative emotions, squeezed her smile again, and said to Smith: “Mr. Smith, this Mr. Lin is my good friend and the chairman of Ziqiong Media. , What happened just now was that your bodyguard was wrong. I hope you let your bodyguard apologize to him.”

When these words were spoken, Smith’s face immediately changed and became gloomy!

Yu Qing and the others were also taken aback. As an agent, Yu Qing hurriedly winked at Ning Yuning and told her not to talk nonsense!

Even Wayne Lin was a little surprised when he heard it. He didn’t expect Ning Yuning to defend him like this.

Smith said displeasedly: “Miss Ning Yuning, are you kidding me?”

Ning Yuning gave her a frantic wink regardless of the presence of Yu Qing and others. She was still serious and said seriously: “Mr. Smith, I didn’t make a joke to you. Please let your bodyguard apologize to Mr. Lin immediately. “

As if hearing a huge joke, Smith burst into laughter, “Hahahaha…you despicable yellow-skinned monkeys, actually let me apologize? Just as absurd as the lion needs to apologize to the rabbit! Miss Ning Yuning, I was looking at the face of your chairman of Black Rock Media, who gave me a huge reward, and I was willing to come to China, otherwise, I would never come to such a low and backward place in my life!”

What he said was too much. Not only did Ning Yuning, Wayne Lin and others get angry when they heard it, but even many compatriots who could understand English in the airport were furious after hearing that, and they were angry at Smith. Issue accusations.

Others took out their mobile phones to take pictures. It stands to reason that if Smith’s remarks are posted online, it will definitely affect his reputation, but he is not worried at all, and has brought his arrogance and arrogance to the extreme!

Ning Yuning’s face was gloomy and said, “Smith, what you said is too much, I now ask you to apologize to China immediately!”

Smith said disdainfully: “It’s you who should apologize. You offended me. If you don’t apologize, I will immediately choose to call the police and let the embassy intervene. Then the matter will not be resolved so easily.”

Smith wasn’t scared at all, and Ning Yuning was dying after eating.

Ning Yuning was also very embarrassed after listening. Regardless of whether she was a big star, but in terms of energy, she was still far behind. In this situation, she could do nothing.

Do you really want to apologize? She really can’t swallow this breath!

At this moment, a sonorous and upright voice rang out, “Just you, a white pig, dare to stray wildly on my Chinese territory? I think you are living impatiently.”

As the voice fell, Wayne Lin stood up from behind Ning Yuning and looked at Smith disdainfully.

I don’t know why, when Smith saw Wayne Lin’s look in his eyes, he was actually scared, and his heart grew furry.

Chapter 366

Not only Smith, but many people present were also shocked.

At this moment, Wayne Lin feels different. It is obvious that people are still the same person. The change in the first second and the next second is different. The aura that Wayne Lin exudes now is very large, and it affects everyone invisibly. , Causing them to look at Wayne Lin as if they had encountered their own leader, instinctively afraid and nervous.

Just kidding, who is Wayne Lin? Once he gets angry, few people can bear his anger.

However, Wayne Lin’s aura did not last long. He was a low-key person in his bones and didn’t want to attract too many people’s attention.

Smith shook his head and felt that he had hallucinations. How could this thin and thin Chinese man in front of him make him fearful? This is simply an insult to him!

So he became even more embarrassed and angry, snorted heavily, swearing an swear word, then waved his hand and said to George and Jordan: “Go together and teach me this yellow-skinned monkey!”

George and Jordan received Smith’s order, nodded vigorously, then put on a boxing posture, and began to walk towards Wayne Lin, grinning, as if Wayne Lin had been beaten to the ground by them.

Everyone around raised their hearts, thinking that Wayne Lin must be unlucky this time. The two bodyguards looked too strong, with their fists as big as ordinary people’s knees. How could Wayne Lin belong to them? Opponent.

Yu Qing and the others also became anxious, worried for Wayne Lin. Wayne Lin is going to be bad now, and he will definitely blame them when that happens!

Ning Yuning was not worried. She had seen Wayne Lin’s strength and had absolute confidence in Wayne Lin, and even deep in her heart she looked forward to Wayne Lin’s ability to teach these arrogant foreigners.

Yu Qing became anxious. She quickly took Ning Yuning’s hand and said, “Oh, Yuning, this is not good. Randal Lin is about to be beaten, and we won’t be able to escape responsibility by then!”

She immediately saw that Ning Yuning was not worried at all, but rather excited. Her eyes widened and the corners of her mouth were still smiling. She was very puzzled and complained: “I said Yu Ning, it’s time for you. You can still laugh! Wait a minute, Randal Lin was beaten, and we are not having a good time. Oh, how could this happen? I knew I shouldn’t have said hello to Randal Lin, as long as they didn’t meet. There will be no conflicts, no conflicts, and no trouble to us, alas…”

Yu Qing Barabala said, with worry and panic on her face, Ning Yuning rolled her eyes and comforted her: “Sister Qing, don’t worry, Randal Lin is a martial arts expert, and he will be fine. You I’ll see it later, and it must be these two bodyguards who are unlucky.”

When Yu Qing heard these words, she widened her eyes and cursed: “Ning Yuning, you are crazy, Randal Lin is so thin, how could it be…”

However, before she could finish her words, she saw an unbelievable scene. The two bodyguards arrived in front of Wayne Lin. Just as they were about to punch, they were kicked out by Wayne Lin. The two bodyguards kicked and flew out, fell to the ground and couldn’t get up.

Not only her, but so many people present were also dumbfounded at the same time. They couldn’t believe that the scene before them was true. It was too unreal to look at. The two bodyguards were so tall that they were kicked out by Wayne Lin. Up?


Smith was also dumbfounded. When he reacted, Wayne Lin had already walked in front of him, stared at him coldly, and said, “Who did you say is a yellow-skinned monkey?”

“I…” Smith looked at Wayne Lin, who was smiling but not smiling, and suddenly his scalp became numb. He is also considered a half-fighting movie star.

Fighting, Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling and other techniques know how much strength it takes to kick two strong men of hundreds of kilograms.


He swallowed heavily and began to be afraid. Now he didn’t realize that he had kicked the iron plate.

However, he is still very hard-talking. At any rate, he is also an international movie star and has a huge influence in the international community. Even if this Chinese can fight again, he will not dare to do it!

After understanding this, he also regained his composure. The wicked first complained and said: “Good, you Chinese, you dare to hurt my bodyguard! It threatens my safety. Now I suspect that you are a terrorist. I’m kidnapping, I’m going to call the police now!”

As he said, his agent took out the phone and made a posture to call the police to threaten Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin immediately laughed when he saw his piety, this guy was too fat, and he dared to threaten him when he died.

“Call the police?” Wayne Lin showed a meaningful smile. It fell in Smith’s eyes, but turned into an expression of fear. He felt even more terrified and said: “Yes, I am an international movie star. If I call the police, You have to go to jail for at least three years! Unless you kneel and apologize to us now and compensate us for our losses, I can choose not to call the police.”

He is now determined by Wayne Lin, thinking that Wayne Lin would not dare to take action against him. Anyway, he is also an internationally famous star. Wayne Lin must have seen his movies. Once he calls the police, the unlucky person is Wayne Lin.

As for Yu Qing who said this yellow-skinned monkey is the chairman of Ziqiong Media? That’s bullshit, only a fool would believe it.

Wayne Lin turned around and asked Ning Yuning: “How much did Ye Piaoyang invest in this movie you and him?”

Ning Yuning and the others were stunned. Ning Yuning reacted and said, “We invested 200 million yuan.”

Wayne Lin nodded and said, “It’s only two hundred million, not much. I’ll take it.”

He said this in Mandarin, and many people onlookers had heard it. Looking at him, there was an unspeakable absurdity. He was wearing such plain clothes and looked no different from many salary levels. He actually said two hundred million. Not many words?

Wayne Lin didn’t care what others thought of him. After speaking, he turned around, grinned at Smith, and said, “Smith, since you want me to pay for the loss, then I will simply pay more.”

After speaking, Wayne Lin shot, a slap slapped over, a slap sounded, and half of the airport hall sounded. The tall Smith was slapped three hundred and sixty degrees by Wayne Lin’s slap and fell heavily. On the ground, half of his face was beaten and swollen, and blood leaked from the corner of his mouth.

The agent immediately became angry and waved his fist, about to hit Wayne Lin in the face. But he didn’t know that in Wayne Lin’s eyes, his movements were similar to those of a snail, and they were so slow that they were messed up.

Wayne Lin didn’t even flash, and he slapped out again, knocking the agent upside down, spinning in the air, and fell heavily to the ground.

There were two remaining white men who were standing, and they were shocked. They didn’t expect that Wayne Lin would really dare to hit them. This kind of thing had never happened before!

To be honest, it is not the first time that they have come to China. They had two movies. When they were going to come to China to be screened, they also came to China for publicity. All the people who came into contact with Chinese were very polite to them. Respectfully.

How violent to them like this young man in front of me.

Seeing Wayne Lin still walking towards them now, they were scared right now.

Chapter 367

Wayne Lin didn’t give them a chance to beg for mercy. He directly raised his hand and slapped them with two slaps, knocking the two men to the ground, half of his face swollen into a pig’s head.

For a while, everyone looked at Wayne Lin’s eyes differently. This damn place is too domineering and violent. This is a tall foreigner, so he was taught this way. Really.

The Smiths were both frightened and horrified. It was not the first time they came to China, but they had never encountered such a thing before. Those Chinese people they met before were not respectful to them.

“You, you…” Smith covered his face, feeling a hot pain, looked at Wayne Lin in horror, and couldn’t speak clearly.

Not to mention them, Yu Qing and others were equally shocked. They never expected that the chairman of Ziqiong Media could fight so much and was so violent!

Wayne Lin looked at Smith condescendingly and said, “This is a small punishment for you. Next time I will hear that you insult our Chinese people, then I won’t be as simple as slapping you!”

Smith was very angry, very annoyed, and felt humiliated and gritted his teeth, but he didn’t dare to talk back to Wayne Lin, because he was afraid of Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin accepts it when he sees it well. Instead of continuing to embarrass them, he turns his head and says to Ning Yuning: “Miss Ning, I’m sorry, I called this group of foreigners, it may be a bit difficult for you, but I will make a call. Give Ye Piaoyang and explain this to him clearly.”

Ning Yuning felt warm in her heart inexplicably. Does Wayne Lin care about her feelings?

She shook her head and said, “Randal, you are too polite. You are not to blame for this. It was Smith who was too domineering. I support your approach.”

After speaking, she blinked her eyes, a bit playful, Wayne Lin smiled slightly, and said nothing, but said: “If this is the case, then I won’t disturb you, I will go back first.”

Ning Yuning originally wanted to keep Wayne Lin, but Wayne Lin had already turned and left. Her lips moved, and she wanted to say something to keep, but in the end she didn’t say anything, and she felt a little disappointed. But immediately, she started to get excited again. Is this a closer connection between her and Wayne Lin?

But to be honest, the chairman just now was really handsome and domineering. Such a man is perfect!

After Smith waited for Wayne Lin to leave, he breathed a sigh of relief and began to curse furiously: “This damn Huang…Chinese, it’s damn! I must call the police!”

Then, he stared at Ning Yuning and Yu Qing fiercely, and said, “I will tell you what happened just now to the chairman. I am very dissatisfied with your performance just now! This cooperation has been cancelled!”

After speaking, he did not dare to have the opportunity of Ning Yuning to talk to Yu Qing, turned around and walked away, but his back looked very embarrassed.


After Wayne Lin returned from the airport, he took a taxi and went straight back to Yulong Bay.

What happened just now was not at all in his mind, and for him, it was nothing more than a small thing.

An hour later, Wayne Lin returned to Yulong Bay. He happened to see Alma Chu watering the flowers there, wearing a casual dress, watching the special virtuousness, and Wayne Lin’s heart immediately softened when he saw this scene.

He worked hard outside to provide Alma Chu with a stable environment.

He walked over and gestured to the bodyguards hidden around him. They immediately saluted Wayne Lin, showing their respect for Wayne Lin, and then disappeared silently.


p; With Wayne Lin, Alma Chu is the safest. No one can hurt Alma Chu.

It just so happens that they can also take a vacation.

“Hi, beauty, is it convenient for you to have a meal together?” Wayne Lin quietly walked behind Alma Chu, patted Alma Chu’s shoulder lightly, and said with a smile.

Alma Chu subconsciously refused: “It’s not convenient, I’ve already…”

Finally, the word “married” was not spoken, Alma Chu suddenly stiffened, and the watering can in her hand fell to the ground with a clatter. The next second, she suddenly turned around and saw Wayne Lin, she opened her arms directly. , Threw into Wayne Lin’s arms, his eyes turned red!

Wayne Lin didn’t expect Alma Chu’s reaction to be so big. Instead, he was stunned. Then, he was hugged tightly by Alma Chu, and he also felt Alma Chu’s proud figure, making him feel like he was in the Dantian. The fire ignited all at once.

There is nothing wrong with saying that a long absence is better than a newlywed.

In addition, his current physique is dozens of times that of an ordinary person, and he is not very vigorous, and he hasn’t seen each other for almost ten days after counting. Naturally, Wayne Lin was very heartbroken!

“Wayne, you are finally back, I think you are about to die!” Alma Chu hugged Wayne Lin tightly and said affectionately.

Wayne Lin’s heart was filled all at once, and it was good to have a woman waiting at home.

He hugged Alma Chu with his backhand, and said emotionally: “Alma, I miss you a lot during this period of time, and miss you very much.”

Alma Chu’s eyes reddened, and she said, “Where have you been these days, the phone is turned off when you call, which makes me worry about you.”

Wayne Lin was also quite ashamed when he heard Alma Chu’s voice choking. He left his mobile phone in the hotel when he participated in the hunting contest, so Alma Chu could not find him.

With Alma Chu’s character, she would definitely be worried.

Fortunately, he defeated Brian Gu, and if he lost, the consequences would be disastrous.

“Alma, I’m sorry, I didn’t think carefully enough to make you worry. But don’t worry, this kind of thing will never happen in the future. I will take my mobile phone with me and report to you as soon as I go wherever I go.” Wayne Lin seriously Said.

However, Alma Chu shook her head and said: “Wayne, you have misunderstood me. I don’t want to monitor you. What I want is your peace. No matter what you do and where you go, you must use your own Safety is the most important thing.”

Wayne Lin felt Alma Chu’s affection through Alma Chu’s eyes, nodded solemnly, and said, “Well! I promise you will put your safety first and will not do it casually. Dangerous things.”

Alma Chu nodded: “That’s good… annoying, don’t move your hands!”

Feeling Wayne Lin’s salty pig’s hand, Alma Chu’s originally affectionate face turned red all of a sudden, extremely shy, Wayne Lin, who was a gentleman in the past, has become so lusty now, it’s too daytime .

Wayne Lin smiled happily: “My wife, I didn’t sleep well last night and I was a little sleepy. Why don’t we go back to our room and rest.”

Alma Chu blushed hard, and her heartbeat accelerated a lot. She was no longer an ignorant girl. She didn’t know what Wayne Lin meant, and she was ashamed of her instantly.

She subconsciously wanted to nod her head to agree. Suddenly, she thought of something, and quickly removed Wayne Lin’s salted pig hands, and whispered: “Don’t make trouble, Della Qin is here!”

“What?” Wayne Lin was taken aback, then he looked in one direction, and he saw Della Qin standing there, looking at them with extremely jealousy.

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