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Chapter 149

“Mr. Huang, I think it’s better to go back to the villa and start again. There are residential areas nearby, which may attract the attention of the citizens and the impact is not very good.” Sean Chu walked over and said, to be honest, he saw Huang Wenhua so anxious. , I am still a little scared.

Huang Wenhua’s movements stopped, and Sean Chu’s words reminded him that although he felt a little unhappy, he also recognized it.

Anyway, there is still a whole night, don’t worry.

So he stopped and asked the two men to tie Alma Chu together. He was going to take him back to the villa and ravage Alma Chu in a good way!

Alma Chu wanted to shout for help, but unfortunately, she was sealed with tape without saying a word. She couldn’t shout, she could only make a humming sound.

She regretted it in her heart now, she had known this would happen, and she would not agree to come out with Sean Chu if she was killed.

After all, she was too naive and underestimated Sean Chu’s lower limit. I didn’t expect Sean Chu, a scumbag, to do this kind of thing for money!

At the same time, she couldn’t understand why Huang Wenhua was so courageous that he did such a thing to her!

She regrets it now and has nothing to do. She can only pray that someone will come to rescue her at this time!

The first thing she thought of was Chairman Zi Qiong. Last time, she also experienced a similar thing, when Chairman Zi Qiong suddenly appeared to rescue her. But now, will Chairman Zi Qiong still appear?

In fact, deep down, she knew that it was almost impossible, because Chairman Zi Qiong had never cared about her. Before, Chairman Zi Qiong helped her rescue her only because of Wayne Lin and her It doesn’t matter!

When she knew this, her heart was extremely lost and irritable, as if her life had lost its meaning in an instant.

She finally fell in love with a man, but she didn’t expect that the man never cared about her.

Thinking of her self-sufficient attitude in front of Chairman Zi Qiong, she has the urge to die!

Now, she is in trouble again because of her naivety and negligence. Is anyone else coming to save her?

In fact, she already had the answer in her heart.


In other words, she only thought that one person would rescue him, Chairman Zi Qiong, if it were not Chairman Zi Qiong, she would rather not.

This is a very complicated and unreasonable mood.

“Why, still thinking of someone coming to rescue you?” Huang Wenhua crammed her into the car, not anxious to take advantage of her, but looked at her jokingly.

Huang Wenhua is such a person. Once the prey is on his dinner plate, he is not in a hurry. He enjoys the final fear and struggle of the prey, which will greatly stimulate his hormones.

Alma Chu closed her eyes, she was a bit resigned now, letting tears flow between her cheeks.

The car drove slowly, to a hidden place, when her virginity would also be taken away by Huang Wenhua, a despicable villain.

She suddenly felt that she was living like a joke.

At this moment, the car stopped suddenly and braked sharply, and Alma Chu almost fell to the ground.

Huang Wenhua was very proud and was taking out the cigarette to light it. The sudden brakes directly burned his mouth and made him furious. He cursed, “You’re looking for death, what kind of car should you brake properly?!”

The driver said, “Boss, we seem to hit someone…”

“What?!” Huang Wenhua was taken aback, slapped the driver on the back of the head, and cursed: “How do you drive? You will hit people on this f*cking road, don’t you want to do it?!”

The driver cried and said, “I didn’t mean it. The car drove well, and suddenly a person rushed out in front of me. I was taken aback. I ran into it before I could brake.

! “

Because they were the first car, Sean Chu’s car was still behind, and there was no time to brake, so he slammed into the back of their car.

When they came this way, they obviously felt that the front wheels were crushing things, as if they were people.

In this case, even Huang Wenhua was a little scared!

“What, what should I do?” Situ asked with some fear.

Huang Wenhua’s brain moved quickly. To tell the truth, he also started to panic in this situation. Fortunately, he also experienced big scenes, and his mental quality was better than ordinary people. He quickly calmed down and said, “Go down first. Take a look at the car, is the opponent dead?”


Now, the driver had no choice but to do so.

Later, Sean Chu and others didn’t know what was going on, so they got out of the car and asked Huang Wenhua: “Mr. Huang, what is the situation, how did you stop?”

Huang Wenhua said with a cold face: “Damn, I bumped into someone, it’s really unlucky. I would not take this road if I knew it.”

“Huh?” Sean Chu was also a little scared. He hurried to the front of the car and saw a man lying on the ground, his body stuck under the wheel.

When he and the driver saw this situation, their faces immediately became pale. Everyone felt that under this situation, the other party must be dead.

The driver shivered back and said, “Old boss, really killed someone…”

Huang Wenhua’s face was even more ugly. At this time, he got out of the car, kicked the driver in the lap, kicked him down, and cursed: “f*ck you, how did you drive this rubbish? Lao Tzu’s Your interest has been ruined by you! Grass!”

The driver was kicked, and he did not dare to complain. He was still a young man and had never killed anyone since driving. In this case, he is going to go to jail!

Soon, Huang Wenhua went to look at it, and he was shocked when he saw that the man was under the wheel.

But soon, he discovered something was wrong.

Why is there no blood on the ground?

“No!” Huang Wenhua called out immediately.

Sean Chu and the driver were really scared, they were startled by his sudden shout, “What’s the matter? Boss?”

“There is no blood on the ground.” Huang Wenhua curled his eyebrows. He was more courageous. He lowered his head and took a look and immediately understood. Damn, what a real person is this? It’s a dummy. No wonder there is no on the ground. What about blood.

“Grass, I was deceived, this is a fake, who the hell is playing a prank!” Huang Wenhua cursed immediately, and he was also relieved.

Sean Chu and the driver were immediately confused, “Huh? Dummy?”

“No.” They immediately lowered their heads to look, and they realized that they were really fakes.

They suddenly yelled at them.

However, at this time, the weeds on both sides suddenly shook and shook, making noises, which also attracted their attention.

In such a barren mountainous place, there were dummies rushing out to touch the porcelain, and weeds swaying. It felt so gloomy, making their scalp numb.

Huang Wenhua is an atheist, but in this case, he couldn’t help but get scared, swallowed, and said to the driver: “How did this dummy appear on the road?”

The driver’s face turned pale, and he was fighting, “It was from the side of the road, suddenly rushed out… Boss, shouldn’t it be, we hit the evil?”

When these words fell, their faces became paler.

Especially at this time, Sean Chu screamed and pointed at Huang Wenhua’s back, “Mr. Huang! Behind you… there are some people!!”

Chapter 150

Huang Wenhua’s complexion changed drastically, and all the goose bumps all over his body rose up, and his scalp numb instantly!

Even if he is a staunch atheist, in this case, he is uncontrollably afraid.

He turned his head mechanically, and he saw a person standing behind him. Because he was carrying the light, he still couldn’t see the other person. He could only see the dark shadow, which made him frightened.

Guru! He swallowed heavily, retreated in gratitude, and walked to Sean Chu with the driver, with a slight tremor in his tone, and said, “You, who are you?”

Sean Chu and the driver were equally horrified and trembling. From the bottom of their hearts, they both thought that they might have encountered something unclean.

The black shadow didn’t speak, but stared at them closely, as if a fire was burning in his eyes, and then he moved and walked towards them step by step.

The fact that the other party did not speak made Huang Wenhua and the three of them even more frightened, even thinking of running away.

Just when they wanted to run, the opponent walked out of the backlit area, revealing his true appearance.

“f*ck, what is this?!”

Sean Chu yelled out loudly at the moment.

The driver also opened his eyes wide.

Only Huang Wenhua was relatively calm, and saw the person standing in front of them wearing a clown mask.

The entire face was blocked, only two eyes were exposed. Under the illumination of the car lights, it looked particularly terrifying, shining with appalling light.

That’s right, this person is naturally Wayne Lin.

Speaking of it, he has the foresight. After the last Peter Zhang incident, Wayne Lin secretly installed a positioning system on Alma Chu’s bag to protect Alma Chu’s safety, which can always reflect her location. where.

He would also check Alma Chu’s location from time to time. Once he deviated from Alma Chu’s usual normal route, then it showed that Alma Chu had a certain risk of accident.

Tonight, he saw that Alma Chu hadn’t returned home for a long time. After nine o’clock, he discovered that Alma Chu had actually gone towards the suburbs, which immediately attracted his attention and rushed over immediately.

Sure enough, he discovered something was wrong, and Alma Chu was really targeted!

The reason why Zi Qiong is the chairman of the board is because he has other plans.

“Who are you? Why do you want to ruin my good deeds!” Huang Wenhua realized that the other party was a person, not a ghost, and his horrified mood slowly relaxed.

Wayne Lin stared directly at him, making a hoarse voice, “Huang Wenhua, you are so courageous, you dare to move Alma Chu, I think you don’t want to live anymore.”

Hearing this, Huang Wenhua’s brows wrinkled immediately and stared at Wayne Lin, “You know me, who are you?!”

“The one who wants your life.” Wayne Lin’s words revealed endless coldness and murder!

Yes, he has already murdered Huang Wenhua, which is why he wears a mask.

Because he realized in advance that Alma Chu would be kidnapped, someone must have deliberately conspired, such a person is a hidden danger anyway. And he used Wayne Lin’s identity, it was not convenient to do it.

In fact, Wayne Lin has never been a soft-hearted person. In order to protect the people around him, he can be cruel.

Feeling Wayne Lin’s murderous intent, Huang Wenhua couldn’t help but beat his spirits.

Sean Chu had a feeling that the clown in front of him was very familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere, but he couldn’t remember it for a while.

At this time, he suddenly felt that the other person’s eyes were staring at him, and the biting feeling made him tremble all over.

Wayne Lin stared at him firmly, without speaking, because his words pointed out Sean Chu’s identity, and his identity would be more exposed to him. He was no less murderous towards Sean Chu than Huang Wenhua, because he guessed that Alma Chu would come here’willingly’ from the company, she must be with Chu

Hao can’t get rid of it!

As Alma Chu’s cousin, Sean Chu actually did this kind of thing. It was no different from an animal. How could he not be angry?

Everyone present felt Wayne Lin’s killing intent. After all, they were ordinary people. In the face of this situation, they were sincerely afraid and horrified. A night breeze can make them get goose bumps. .

First of all, Sean Chu couldn’t bear Wayne Lin’s oppression, he let out a weird cry, turned and ran.

Huang Wenhua recovered, and he screamed loudly: “Come on together, kill him, take off his mask, I want to see who he is, and I’ll pretend to be a ghost here!”

The three bodyguards beside him got the order and started to attack Wayne Lin together.

They are all professionally trained masters, proficient in Sanda, fighting, and there are folding swing sticks around their waists. Their power is not small. Ten or eight ordinary people are not their opponents.

Now that the three of them are playing together, even professional boxers have to drink hate.

But they underestimated Wayne Lin too much and didn’t know what monster they were facing.

Before they got close to Wayne Lin, they saw a flower in front of their eyes. Wayne Lin suddenly shot, extremely fast, a series of combo moves, three punches, hit them in the face, directly hit them Beaten to death.

Wayne Lin’s fist strength can be called the strength of a middleweight professional boxer, not to mention their halfway bodyguards, even professional boxers, they can’t resist it and will be directly knocked out.

Clean and neat, he looked at Huang Wenhua dumbfounded, and then he realized what monster he had encountered.

In an instant, a boundless horror and coldness burst from the soles of his feet to the top of his head, making him cold in his hands and feet, sweating all over his body, and gasping for breath.

He stopped thinking about it, groaned, turned and ran.

But now, can you run?

Wayne Lin snorted coldly, then ran after him, grabbed his hair directly from the back, and pulled him back forcefully.

“Ah!!! It hurts…”

Huang Wenhua screamed like a pig, volleyed with her feet, and then fell heavily to the ground.

Wayne Lin stepped him on the ground, condescendingly, his eyes glowing horribly, and staring at him like this, “Do you have any last wishes.”

“No!!” Huang Wenhua was panicked immediately, there was no blood on his face, shivering, and his mentality completely collapsed. He cried out, “Please don’t kill me! Please!! I have money, a lot I will give you a lot of money, as much as you want!”

Wayne Lin didn’t respond. He continued to use force under his feet and stepped on Huang Wenhua’s throat, letting Huang Wenhua’s throat be broken directly.

In response, Huang Wenhua was so scared to pee his pants, he slapped Wayne Lin’s leg hard, but there was no effect.

Now he regrets very much, he knew that such a thing would happen, and he would not dare to kill Alma Chu’s idea!

He felt that his throat was about to break, it was very painful, and he could not breathe at all.

At this moment, there was movement from the car beside, Alma Chu hit the car window inside, attracting Wayne Lin’s attention.

Alma Chu was originally tied up with her hands and feet, lying on the back seat, struggled hard, and slammed her head against the window of the car.

Because the car’s sound insulation is very good, she was inside and couldn’t hear the specific sounds outside. She could only hear someone fighting outside, which made her very scared.

Wayne Lin’s strength suddenly lightened a lot. Huang Wenhua seized this opportunity. He exploded with an unprecedented desire to survive. He used his greatest strength to push Wayne Lin away, then got up and ran desperately.

Wayne Lin did not chase, but he did not let Huang Wenhua go. He kicked a fist-sized stone on the ground and flew to Huang Wenhua quickly, hitting his back with a bang, Huang Wenhua screamed again, dizzy It’s over, I don’t know whether to live or die.

Taking a deep breath, Wayne Lin returned to the car and opened the door…

Chapter 151

Alma Chu has never been as helpless as she is now.

Her hands and feet were tied, and she lost the ability to resist.

The soundproofing in the car was too good. She couldn’t hear the outside sound. She could only hear someone talking or arguing. She didn’t know what was happening outside.

This kind of unknown feeling is often the most tormenting. She feels like she is going crazy!

As time passed, she became more anxious, desperate, and suffering.

She regretted that she was so naive, and that she believed in the slander of Sean Chu, a beast, that caused her to fall into such a dangerous situation.

She can imagine how Huang Wenhua will treat her when that happens, and will record it all!

Once it was posted online, her life was ruined.

Now, she really hopes that someone will come out to save her, even if the price is to consume her remaining life, she is willing!

But she knew that this kind of hope was actually very slim.

Under the urging of an unprecedentedly strong will, she exhausted all her strength, even if her hands and feet were strangled to bleed, she still insisted on sitting up, hitting the car window with her head to seek help. Even if she did this in vain, she would do it.

Finally, in her sight, a tall figure appeared, walking towards her.

Because her forehead was on the car window, she couldn’t see the other person, at most she could only see the other person’s chest.

Her heartbeat was going to the extreme, because she discovered that the clothes this man was wearing were not Huang Wenhua or Sean Chu’s, but a strange man’s!

What does this mean, did someone come to rescue her?

At this moment, hope rose in her already desperate heart!

The door was opened…

Because of the weight of half of her body, she was resting on the window of the car, so she fell with the door of the car, and involuntarily let out an exclamation.

But soon, she was supported by a pair of powerful hands.

“Are you OK?”

This is a hoarse voice!

Hearing this voice, Alma Chu couldn’t help shaking her whole body, and tears burst into her eyes. She couldn’t forget this voice even if she was killed.

Then, as her body was corrected, she also saw the other person’s appearance, the familiar clown mask.

Chairman Michelle!

Alma Chu couldn’t describe her current mood. She came from a desperate situation. The warm current filled her body in an instant. Even if her mouth was sealed by her feet, she kept shouting.

It’s him, it’s him again!

Her tears flowed down completely uncontrollably, and soon wetted her clothes and the mind of Chairman Zi Qiong.

Wayne Lin felt very distressed when he saw her like this, and at the same time he was very angry, regretting that he had not tortured Huang Wenhua well just now!

And Sean Chu, it was a pity that he had just left.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, they were all beaten by me, you are safe.” Wayne Lin stroked Alma Chu’s face, said very softly, and then gently removed Alma Chu’s tape.

As soon as she opened it, Alma Chu wailed loudly, and threw herself on Wayne Lin, crying like a child.

Wayne Lin hugged her, gently patted her back, and constantly comforted Alma Chu. It was the first time he saw Alma Chu cry like this.

“I’m so scared, I’m really scared…uuuu…” Alma Chu cried. After the ropes in her hands were untied, she couldn’t wait to hug Wayne Lin, tightly, and led Wayne Lin. I can’t breathe, for fear that Wayne Lin will disappear in front of her, like drowning

The people, firmly grasp the last straw.

Alma Chu had never been so scared, even the last time, about Peter Zhang, she was not as scared and panicked as she is now. This time she had already made plans, once she was really defiled by Huang Wenhua, then she would not live.

So she not only faced the possibility of being defiled, but also the fear of death! The reluctance to the world, the guilt to the parents, the apology to Wayne Lin, and the regret to the chairman Zi Qiong…

It was when she needed help the most, Chairman Shi Qiong came out to save her!

To be honest, at this moment, her heart was shaken as never before, and that kind of strong deep-rooted touch made her make a decision that even the nine cows could not get back.

She was going to go all out and chased Chairman Zi Qiong and became the woman who became Chairman Zi Qiong, even if she was an enemy of the whole world, she would not hesitate.

In her bones, she is a traditional woman, and everything must be done in accordance with rules and ethics, so she has been married to Wayne Lin for four years. Even if she no longer loves Wayne Lin, she has never betrayed Wayne Lin.

But now, after experiencing these things, her thoughts have undergone unprecedented and earth-shaking changes!

She wants to be with Chairman Zi Qiong and pursue true love, even if people all over the world condemn her and despise her, she will not hesitate.

Even if Chairman Zi Qiong is a friend of Wayne Lin, even if she is spurned by the world, even if she is sorry for Wayne Lin, so what?

Wayne Lin didn’t know that such an earth-shaking change had taken place in Alma Chu’s heart at this moment. He gently comforted Alma Chu and continued to say in a hoarse voice: “Okay, don’t be afraid, it’s safe and safe.”

Alma Chu raised her head, she looked up at Chairman Zi Qiong, staring into the star-like deep and charming eyes, “Chairman, thank you! I really, thank you very much.”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “You are welcome, this is what I should do.”

Alma Chu understood the overtones of the chairman, it was because of Wayne Lin. If she changed before, she would be disappointed and sad, but now that she has made that decision, she no longer has such thoughts.

When Wayne Lin saw her lowering her head, he thought that Alma Chu was sad, thinking of something, and immediately said nervously: “Alma, have you lost yourself to Huang Wenhua?!”

Wayne Lin couldn’t help thinking in this direction. If this were the case, he would be ashamed for a lifetime!

Judging from the situation of Alma Chu just now, she was tied up by Wu Hua Da, and her clothes seemed a bit messy. In case Huang Wenhua had already taken advantage of Alma Chu… Damn! He wants Huang Wenhua to frustrate his bones!

The shouting of Alma made Alma Chu’s whole person crumbling. This is the first time Chairman Zi Qiong called her like this. Does it mean that Chairman Zi Qiong still has that meaning for her?

“No no, don’t worry, I’m still innocent, Huang Wenhua hasn’t had time to touch me.” Alma Chu explained hurriedly, for fear of being misunderstood by Chairman Zi Qiong.

When Wayne Lin heard it, he was obviously relieved that he was not defiled by Huang Wenhua, so it was okay, indicating that he was still timely enough.

Alma Chu heard Wayne Lin’s relieved voice, and her heart was as sweet as honey.

This shows that Chairman Zi Qiong himself cares about her, not just because of Wayne Lin!

Knowing this, she was really happy in her heart, and the decadence and loss of a few days ago was swept away. Hmph, she knew that she couldn’t feel wrong! In the previous two times, she had contact with Chairman Zi Qiong, and she still felt it. In fact, Chairman Zi Qiong had a love for her in that respect!

When Wayne Lin said this, it was nothing more than to lie to her.

In other words, Chairman Zi Qiong cheated Wayne Lin, after all, she is still Wayne Lin’s wife.

“Chairman, can I see how you look like?” Suddenly, Alma Chu said something that shocked Wayne Lin!

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