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Chapter 338

Ouyang Yanran was very angry when she heard this. Anyway, she is also a daughter of the Ouyang family, a school flower pursued by thousands of people, how many men can’t ask for being alone with her, now Wayne Lin is good, but if she is not happy, let it go, and actually said that knowing her is a fall She has been bad for eight lifetimes, is she so bad!

It must not be that her charm is not enough, but that Wayne Lin’s sexual orientation is problematic!

It was getting a bit late now, the temperature was gradually dropping, and Ouyang Yanran came out again in a thin piece of clothing. She had cried a while ago, and the night wind blew her over and shivered with the cold.

Seeing this situation, Wayne Lin took off his coat, put it on her, and said, “I don’t think you need to think so much. There are still many good men in the world. There is no need to be in his tree. Hanged to death. Okay, it’s not too early now. Go back and get a good night’s sleep. It will be much better when you wake up the next day.”

Ouyang Yanran was cold at first, feeling the warmth of Wayne Lin’s clothes, she froze for a moment, and then there was a warm current in her heart. Looking at Wayne Lin, she felt a lot pleasing to her eyes.

“Thank you.” Ouyang Yanran said softly.

Wayne Lin waved his hand and said, “Thank you, no more. Please keep your eyes open in the future and don’t be fooled by the scumbag again.”

Ouyang Yanran nodded and said, “I see.”

After talking to Wayne Lin, she feels much better now, not as uncomfortable as before. Fortunately, she didn’t lose herself to Libinbai, otherwise she would suffer a big loss.

Instead, looking at Wayne Lin, she couldn’t help but feel that Wayne Lin was pretty good, if…

Immediately she shook her head vigorously and threw out this terrible thought. She didn’t want it because someone had a husband, and she was so many years older than her.

Wayne Lin’s phone rang at this time, took it out and found that it was Alma Chu who was calling. He walked aside to answer the phone. It turned out that Alma Chu hadn’t come back so late and asked him where he had been. He went to the movies together.

Wayne Lin naturally agreed, said a few words briefly, and hung up the phone.

“I have something to do. Let’s go first. You should go back and rest soon. Don’t think about the things just now.” Wayne Lin said.

Ouyang Yanran stood up and said a little bit reluctantly: “Ah? Did you leave so soon? It’s not nine o’clock yet.”

Wayne Lin didn’t conceal her, and said, “My wife asked me to go to the movies, so she won’t accompany you.”

“Oh…” Ouyang Yanran felt inexplicably disappointed after hearing this. It is now the time when her feelings are empty. Wayne Lin has been chatting with her for so long, which makes her impression of Wayne Lin much better, and it is invisible. Dependent emotions.

Wayne Lin walked more than a dozen meters, but he was still worried. He came back and said to her: “Forget it, I’d better send you back first, so as not to wait for something to happen to you, I can’t explain to your family.”

If before changing, Ouyang Yanran would definitely ignore the previous words and only hear the latter. But now it happened to be the other way around. She only heard the words in front, ignored the initiative in the back, and was touched again, warmly.

“Well, thank you then.” Ouyang Yanran said softly.

Wayne Lin nodded secretly, feeling that the girl Ouyang Yanran was still a little saved, not so savage.

Sending Ouyang Yanran to the entrance of the manor, Wayne Lin stopped and said hello to leave. Ouyang Yanran kept looking at his leaving back, and she looked a little dazed. When Wayne Lin disappeared from her sight, she closed her eyes. After coming back, it suddenly occurred to him that he hadn’t returned Wayne Lin’s coat yet.

She subconsciously wanted to catch up and returned the coat to Wayne Lin, but after two steps she stopped, with an intriguing smile on her face. She should have been in a depressed and painful mood, but now she feels much better.

Wayne Lin quickly met Alma Chu, went to see a recently released movie together, and then the two went home after a supper.

Now the two of them have broken through that level of relationship and are already a normal couple. They are now at an age when both of them are energetic. When they meet, they are doing firewood.

But it is often uncomfortable in the end

Wayne Lin, with Wayne Lin’s current physique, Alma Chu can’t satisfy him at all.

Alma Chu was quite self-blame when she saw this situation, and hugged Wayne Lin and said, “Wayne, why don’t you find another one?”

“What?” Wayne Lin was taken aback by Alma Chu’s words. “What are you talking nonsense.”

Alma Chu shook her head and said: “I’m serious, I can’t satisfy you alone. Your physique is far better than an ordinary man, and it’s not good to hold back like this.”

Wayne Lin was stunned at the moment, and was shocked by Alma Chu’s words. After a while, he said, “Silly girl, what are you thinking about? Do you think I am the kind of man who thinks in the lower body? Well, stop thinking about it. Go to bed now.”

Alma Chu originally wanted to say something, but Wayne Lin had already fallen asleep, and she had no choice but to stop paying attention to her.

Wayne Lin didn’t fall asleep right away. Alma Chu’s remarks just now shocked him quite a bit. He never expected that Alma Chu would let her find a baby outside, and the reason was still so absurd.

But Alma Chu was also right. With his current physique and energy level more than ten times that of ordinary men, Alma Chu really couldn’t satisfy him. But what can this happen, is it true that he can’t find one outside?

So what is the difference between him and the stallion?

So he quickly threw this idea out.


“Father, so many days have passed, why don’t you kill Wayne Lin, don’t you really want to avenge me!”

In a villa of the Gu family, Gu Hanxing knelt in front of Brian Gu, tearing his nose and tears, begging.

During this period of time, he has been suffering very much. After Wayne Lin broke his’foundation’ that day, his strength has dropped sharply and has fallen to the edge of the peak of the day after tomorrow. In addition, he has been overeating during this period of time and he has not been overeating anymore. After practicing, he is about to fall into the realm of a master. This is something he can’t accept anyway!

He couldn’t understand why so many days passed, Brian Gu still remained motionless and did not seek revenge from Wayne Lin. This is not Brian Gu’s character at all.

Now that he watched Wayne Lin being cool and unrestrained outside every day, he felt extremely uncomfortable in his heart.

Brian Gu sighed heavily, why didn’t he want to seek revenge from Wayne Lin? It’s just that the palm of the neon clothes that day brought too much psychological shadow to him, and he dare not act rashly now.

This is not a torture for him!

Now people outside are telling him that he shrank his head, and his son didn’t dare to come to avenge him even after being taught. This was an unprecedented shame given his face-saving character.

“Get up, the time is right, I will go to Wayne Lin for revenge.” Brian Gu said.

Gu Hanxing cried and said, “Dad, you have said this many times, and you haven’t gone to avenge Wayne Lin! Dad, are you afraid of Wayne Lin, so you dare not seek revenge from him! Now! Wayne Lin not only ruined my foundation, but also shit on your head, don’t you kill Wayne Lin!”

“Fart!” Brian Gu was furious and cursed angrily: “How can I be afraid of this surname Lin! I just wait for another chance!”

“What opportunity?” Gu Hanxing asked quickly.

“Naturally it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” Brian Gu thought of something, and he suddenly calmed down, with a thought-provoking smile on his mouth.

Gu Hanxing raised a glimmer of hope, and hurriedly asked, “Dad, what is the opportunity! Oh, tell me, I’m almost dying!”

Brian Gu said: “Remember the annual hunting competition? It will be held soon. When that happens, I will find a way to get Wayne Lin to participate, and then at the hunting competition, he will…”

Having said that, Brian Gu made a wipe of his neck.

Gu Hanxing was overjoyed immediately, “Yes, yes! Why did I forget the hunting competition? As long as Wayne Lin participates, he can kill Wayne Lin as a prey, hahaha…”

Brian Gu also began to laugh happily.

Chapter 339

The hunting contest is indeed about to take place.

Tao Sanniang once again sent an invitation to Wayne Lin, asking him to go there to participate, then he will recognize a lot of great people, he can expand his network, and make his way in the future easier.

Wayne Lin didn’t really want to participate at the beginning. He didn’t have much interest in hunting. At this point, it would be better to stay with Alma Chu more.

But then a word from the ugly master made him change his mind.

“Master, I think you can participate in this hunting contest.”

Wayne Lin asked: “How to say?”

Ugly said: “Because of this hunting competition, many experts from all over the country will come to participate, and those who get the leader will receive a generous reward. The most important thing is that killing people in the hunting competition is By acquiescence!”

Hearing this, Wayne Lin became a little interested, “Is there such a thing? Can you kill people in this hunting competition? Does Yuntian Pavilion have such a great energy?”

Chou Ye shook his head and said, “Yuntian Pavilion is not the organizer of this hunting contest. The real organizer is another force.”

“What force?” Wayne Lin asked.

Faced with Wayne Lin’s question, Ugly Lord did not answer positively. Wayne Lin was not stupid. He immediately understood who this force was. Wayne Lin laughed and said: “According to this, I really want to participate. It’s a moment. I believe Brian Gu won’t let this opportunity pass, right?”

“It should be, so you still have to be cautious, Master.” Ugly Master said solemnly.

Before the Aegis security company opened, Tao Sanniang invited him to participate in this so-called hunting contest. At that time, he was not too concerned.

It now appears that it is indeed necessary for him to participate and get to know the tycoons of all parties.

Time flies quickly, and a week later, the day of the hunting contest finally arrived.

In a week, Wayne Lin mainly focused on the newly established Aegis security company. As for the two companies, Ziqiong Media and Tengyue Advertising, he can leave it to Damon Wang.

After so long of his special training, the strength of Xu Hua and others have improved a lot, and they are more and more in awe and admiration for him. It is no exaggeration to say that Wayne Lin said that they are heading east, and they will never dare to go west. Even if Wayne Lin let them eat shit, they would eat it without hesitation.

Now Wayne Lin has arranged five bodyguards to protect Alma Chu, two female bodyguards are personal bodyguards, and three male bodyguards are remote-tracking bodyguards. As long as there are any special circumstances, call Wayne Lin to report immediately.

Only with this security intensity, Wayne Lin would be relatively relieved.

A week later, Tao Sanniang called Wayne Lin on time, “Hey, Randal Lin, tomorrow is the day when the hunting contest is held, can’t you come?”

Wayne Lin said, “Since it starts tomorrow, what am I doing now?”

Tao Sanniang pretended to be bitter and said: “Come over and stay with the Nujia. During this period of time, the Nujia doesn’t know how much you miss you. You are too. You are too cruel. Not even calling the Nujia is too sad. Yes, hum, hum.”

As she spoke, she made a few weeping sounds, causing Wayne Lin to hear the goose bumps all over her body.

Among so many Peach Blossom Tribulation, the one that Wayne Lin can’t stand the most is Tao Sanniang. This is really a fairy. A single word can provoke a man’s deep desires. Wayne Lin has suspected that she is the reincarnation of a fox!

“Then you continue to be sad, I’ll hang up.” Wayne Lin said coldly.

“Hey hey! Wait a minute…”

Wayne Lin

Before she finished speaking, she hung up the phone. Soon, Tao Sanniang called back, and Wayne Lin called it down, and immediately called back, accompanied by a text message with the word’business.’

Wayne Lin then answered the phone and said, “Just tell me if you have business.”

Tao Sanniang gritted her teeth with anger, snorted, with a faint resentment and embarrassment in her tone, and said, “Do you really have no position in your mind?!”

“Sanniang Tao, I beg you not to tease me. If you have a business matter, please tell me as soon as possible, so as not to be misunderstood by my wife.” Wayne Lin said angrily.

Tao Sanniang can’t understand why Wayne Lin is so difficult to do, and she is not attracted by her charm at all. Is it because Tao Sanniang is not good enough, or is Wayne Lin’s sexual orientation problematic?

But now she didn’t dare to squander, she began to say: “The hunting contest will start tomorrow and will be there this afternoon. The actual venue is not in Hwadrid, but in the deep forest on the northern border, so you will come over today. Up.”

Wayne Lin learned from the ugly master that this is indeed the case. He said angrily: “You didn’t finish talking like this a long time ago? There are so many nonsense.”

Kaka Kaka, Wayne Lin heard Tao Sanniang’s teeth grinding through the phone.

Tao Sanniang secretly cursed the incomprehensible wood, and then honestly told Wayne Lin where to gather.

In this hunting competition, Yuntian Pavilion is not the real power behind it. It belongs to the agents of Hwadrid and Fengcheng. They charge a lot of entrance fees and then take people to the hunting competition.

In fact, the hunting competition is held in a different place every year. This year is in the border forest of northern China. Last year, I went directly abroad.

It was the first time that Wayne Lin participated in this hunting competition, and he felt quite interesting.

This time the ugly master did not go with him, he left by himself.

Firstly, there is no need for the ugly master to accompany him, and secondly, after he is gone, Hwadrid also needs the ugly master to sit down.

After hanging up the phone, Wayne Lin passed directly.

After arriving at the destination, I soon saw Tao Sanniang, standing there, being surrounded by several men, with an impatient look on her face.

Seeing Wayne Lin’s appearance, she immediately showed a pleasant smile on her face, immediately hid it, and greeted Wayne Lin.

The men around her frowned slightly when she saw that she was so enthusiastic towards a plain-looking man.

There was also hostility and discomfort in his eyes looking at Wayne Lin.

“Oh, Wayne, you are finally here. People have been waiting for you for a long time.” Tao Sanniang walked over in graceful steps. Today she is still wearing a modern cheongsam, which outlines her graceful figure vividly.

None of the men who saw her were not attracted.

Even if it was Wayne Lin, he was a little attracted at first glance, and his heartbeat accelerated a little. Fortunately, his concentration was very good and he immediately returned to normal.

Wayne Lin came here lightly this time, without any luggage.

Instead, Tao Sanniang brought a huge luggage.

“Are you going on vacation?” Wayne Lin asked weirdly looking at her large luggage.

“It’s not just my stuff, they also brought a lot of your stuff.”

“What are you doing with my things?” Wayne Lin asked weirdly.

Tao Sanniang also said in surprise: “Don’t you know? This time we walked through the northern border, and we lived in the same room.”

Chapter 340

Wayne Lin was taken aback at the moment and wanted to live in a room with Tao Sanniang? How does this work!

“What are you kidding? When did I say that I want to live in the same room with you.” Wayne Lin opened his eyes wide, and quickly distanced himself from Tao Sanniang, but his heartbeat accelerated uncomfortably.

What an international joke, if he lives in the same room with a fairy like Tao Sanniang, once it spreads out, he will definitely jump into the Yellow River and it will be unclear. Anyway, he is also married, how can he do this kind of thing.

Besides, with Tao Sanniang’s character, something will happen every minute.

Tao Sanniang widened her eyes and said in surprise: “Don’t you know that there are a lot of people participating in the hunting contest this time. There are not enough rooms on the northern border. Do you need two people to squeeze a room?”

“Then I can’t live in the same room with you. What kind of style is this.” Wayne Lin frowned and said, “Don’t lie to me. In today’s society, there are hotels and hostels everywhere, and people who go there are rich. People, how could you not find a hotel.”

Wayne Lin quickly reacted, what kind of society it is now, how could there be not enough rooms to live in? The organizers can’t even greet this point.

However, Tao Sanniang looked at him like a fool and said, “I said Wayne Lin, do you really understand it or not? The place where this hunting contest is held is in the old forest deep in the northern border. Here, there is no one inhabited, so the organizer built a simple hotel three months in advance. The rooms are pitiful, and some of them are not enough. There are four people in one room. We can squeeze in two. A room is already very preferential treatment!”

Wayne Lin frowned deeper now? Is there such a thing? He was told rationally that it was possible, but intuitively, he felt that Tao Sanniang deliberately used him.

He was about to talk, when the men came over and heard Tao Sanniang’s words, they all expressed their anger and jealousy, and the hostility in Wayne Lin’s eyes became stronger.

“Sanniang, who is he?” A man with a national character face asked Tao Sanniang, looking at Wayne Lin with a bad look.

His body is not particularly tall, with a height of 1.75 meters, but his arm span is very long, close to 1.19 meters. In his body, he is considered very advantageous, and he can catch up with Wayne Lin. If in modern mixed martial arts, it is considered a figure born for combat.

In other words, if people like him go to fighting games, they have a natural advantage in his weight class.

Of course, it is impossible for him to go to a fighting game, because this is tantamount to surrendering his status. He himself is the boss of a company, and his realm is at the peak of the day after tomorrow.

The blind man could also see that he liked Tao Sanniang, and Wayne Lin and Tao Sanniang were so close, they were his rivals in love!

Tao Sanniang smiled and said, “He, it’s my boyfriend. When I get to the hotel, I want to live in the same room with my boyfriend.”

As she said that, she took Wayne Lin’s arm and leaned her head on Wayne Lin’s shoulder, with the attitude of the little bird.

When the man with the Chinese character face saw this scene, his face instantly became gloomy, and the corners of his mouth were twitching vigorously!

He has been pursuing Tao Sanniang for a while, but Tao Sanniang has always been cold to him. He originally planned to take advantage of this hunting contest to show his man’s masculinity and charm, and do everything in one fell swoop. Take down.

This hunting contest was held in the deep mountains and old forests. Hundreds of people participated. There was only one hotel and the room was in short supply. He used his relationship to think about sharing a room with Tao Sanniang. Then he would definitely be able to take Tao Sanniang. conquer. But now suddenly a Cheng Yaojin came out, grabbing love with a sword? How can he agree!

“Boyfriend? Sanniang, you

Why never told me before! “The national character face is difficult, the man said in a bad tone.

Tao Sanniang smiled, but there was no smile in her eyes. She was commonly known as “smiling but not smiling” and said, “Du Xinli, do I have a boyfriend that seems unnecessary to report to you, right?”

Du Xinli’s face was even more ugly, Tao Sanniang didn’t give him such a face. But the person he was really angry was not Tao Sanniang, but transferred all the hatred to Wayne Lin.

“Okay, do you even dare to snatch the woman whom Du Xinli is fond of? Which way are you powerful? Let me tell you.” Du Xinli stared at Wayne Lin coldly, full of threats and hostility.

Wayne Lin is very annoying about this. He has been misunderstood in this way more than once. If he changes to Hwadrid, he will be polite, but now he is going to a hunting contest. Killing there is an act of tacit consent. His patience also plummeted, and he was too lazy to ink with such a person, and cursed directly: “It’s your shit, get out.”

After listening to Tao Sanniang’s eyes widened, she looked at Wayne Lin in astonishment, as if she had met Wayne Lin for the first time. This is too handsome.

As for Du Xinli, he was even more annoyed, the anger rushed to his chest, and the whole person was about to explode!

The remaining men with him yelled one by one, surrounded Wayne Lin and Tao Sanniang, and cursed: “Damn, where’s the little brat, dare to yell with Brother Li, I am looking at you. Impatient to live!”

“What are you doing so much nonsense with him? Go straight and hit him on the ground!”

“This kind of little white face, I punch and cry!”

They said that they would all attack Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin’s expression was cold and motionless. He wanted to see who would move him first. He didn’t mind giving him a fracture service.

Tao Sanniang stood up at this moment and yelled loudly: “Hey! What are you doing, dare to beat people in front of me, are you going to fight against my Yuntian Pavilion!”

They were still very jealous of Tao Sanniang, and when they heard these words, they immediately did not dare to act rashly.

Du Xinli stared at Tao Sanniang closely, and said unwillingly and angrily: “Sanniang, I have been pursuing for so many years, you have never been tempted by me, but now you are in the arms of other men. Are you sorry for me!!!”

Tao Sanniang frowned and said, “Du Xinli, I’ve told you many times before. I don’t call you, and it is impossible to like you. You have to pester me. Now I want to beat me. Boyfriend, have you respected me?”

Du Xinli’s mouth twitched again. He was a man of extreme masculinity. In his opinion, the woman he liked should obey him. Except for Tao Sanniang, as long as he wanted a woman, there was no one. Less than.

Now Tao Sanniang’s practice has exceeded the bottom line he can tolerate.

“Okay! Then you just wait and see!” Du Xinli’s expression was cold, staring at Wayne Lin with threats and murderousness, and said: “Boy, no one has ever dared to steal my Du Xinli woman, you are the number one. A! I advise you to retire now, otherwise, tomorrow is the hunting contest, I won’t let you off easily!”

Now Du Xinli exudes a great threat and oppression. If ordinary people have been scared long ago, but for Wayne Lin, it is useless at all. He thinks Du Xinli is a clown, and he directly disdains. Scolded: “Sabi.”

“You!!!” Du Xinli was even more annoyed. He clenched his fists, and the blue veins on his face burst out one by one, as if an earthworm was crawling, especially scary.

“Good, good! You have a kind, give me a wait and see!!”

After speaking, Du Xinli walked away.

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