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Chapter 617

Hearing this, the middle-aged woman’s body shook fiercely. Looking at Tao Sanniang’s pale and sad look, it seemed that her soul had been lost, and what remained in her body now was only her instinct.

The middle-aged woman has known Tao Sanniang for a long time, but for the first time she saw Tao Sanniang so desperate!

As a past person, she has experienced broken love, also experienced divorce, and has seen countless people who have lost love and divorce, but she has never seen such a performance like Tao Sanniang, it seems that life has lost its meaning and is alive. It’s all kind of torture.

She could completely tell that Tao Sanniang didn’t pretend to be, and she could also feel that Tao Sanniang’s pain and sorrow had deeply infected her.

“Sanniang…” She started, yelling softly, trying to say something to comfort Tao Sanniang, but she couldn’t say anything. Finally, she sighed and said: “Fate, all It’s fate!”

She no longer discouraged Tao Sanniang, but dumped the Yangchun noodles and began to concentrate on putting makeup on Tao Sanniang…

After a while, someone came in and shouted that Tao Sanniang should be there, because the wedding banquet had already begun and all the guests had already expired.

“Sanniang, the time is up, let’s go out.” The middle-aged woman lifted Tao Sanniang up and said softly.

Tao Sanniang stood up dumbly and walked out with the middle-aged woman.

Immediately after she walked out, the huge villa quieted down instantly, and everyone’s eyes gathered all of a sudden!

At this moment, Tao Sanniang is the most beautiful woman in the world, even if the garden is full of spring, she will look eclipsed in front of her.

In the audience, there were hundreds of women, many of whom were stunning, but in front of Tao San Niang, they were also compared, and the harem was truly colorless.

It took a few seconds before someone exclaimed: “Wow, is this the bride tonight? It’s so pretty!”

“My God, this beautiful face, this perfect figure, this noble and dignified, this weak, my heart will stop!”

“Is this Tao Sanniang? It’s too beautiful, absolutely stunning!”

“In ancient times, Daji’s disaster to the country and the people was nothing but that?”

Tao Sanniang is really so beautiful, especially the sadness between her eyebrows, walking lightly, arousing the desire for protection of everyone present, and she can’t wait to put her in her arms and take a good pity!

Originally, Tao Sanniang was the kind of seductive look. Her facial features were exquisite. Now she is wearing a wedding dress and she is so weak, because she has been hungry for two days, and her cheeks have become thinner and more breathtakingly beautiful.

Being praised by so many people, Tao Sanniang didn’t have any happiness, and she didn’t even show the slightest smile on her face. On the contrary, she was even more sad.

Soon, Fan Lao wearing a Tang suit, surrounded by a group of people, walked towards Tao Sanniang, with an extremely bright smile on his face, his whole face became radiant and he was more than ten years younger. general.

Fan Lao, formerly known as Fan Zhenbang, is the founder and soul of Yuntian Pavilion. Under his leadership, Yuntian Pavilion also grows up step by step to glory. Not only is the power growing, but it also continues to make money.

This time, he was determined to marry the Xuandan faction, believing in and

After the marriage of the Xuan Dan faction, the Yuntian Pavilion will surely get even greater development!

As for Tao Sanniang, it was just a chess piece he sacrificed.

He used to value Tao Sanniang very much and trained Tao Sanniang to become a talent, just to one day use Tao Sanniang as a tool for marriage.

Before, when Wayne Lin was strong, he didn’t hesitate to let Tao Sanniang seduce Wayne Lin, but now that Wayne Lin is dead, then Tao Sanniang can only vote for others.

For Wayne Lin, Fan Zhenbang used to be very optimistic, and he was determined to win Wayne Lin, but at that time, Wu Meizi’s appearance forced them to stand in line. They did not stand on Wayne Lin’s side, which led to offending Wayne Lin. Although later, because of Tao Sanniang’s relationship, this period of grievance was resolved. However, Fan Zhenbang knew that it was no longer possible for them to become allies between Yuntian Pavilion and Wayne Lin, and it was their best way to get along without breaking the river.

This also troubled Fan Zhenbang.

Fortunately, Wayne Lin died unexpectedly. By more than forty masters of the Innate Realm, he finally died in the hands of the masters of the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm!

This death was really too timely, when Fan Zhenbang heard the news, he laughed directly. With Wayne Lin’s death, they can move Tao Sanniang…

Soon, after he walked over, he saw Tao Sanniang’s expressionless face, he frowned, snorted, and said: “Happy day, what are you doing with a straight face, give me a smile!”

He spoke harshly, but there was still a smile on his face, a full-faced smiling tiger.

Tao Sanniang looked at him indifferently, without turning her eyes, and then squeezed out a little smile stiffly. It’s okay for her not to smile. This smile is more ugly than crying.

Fan Zhenbang immediately became even more angry. He stared at Tao Sanniang coldly and said: “Sanniang, you know my character, don’t make me angry, otherwise your family…”

When Tao Sanniang heard this, her body trembled fiercely. She lowered her head, her eyes flashed with strong anger and sorrow, took a deep breath, and then tried her best to adjust her mentality. Finally, after a while , She raised her face again and smiled, “Old Fan, I have done so many things for Yuntian Pavilion, please, don’t embarrass my family.”

Fan Zhenbang smiled brilliantly on his face, but said coldly in his mouth: “As long as you do not bad my good things and serve Lan Feng obediently, I will not embarrass your family. On the contrary, I will take good care of them. .”

Tao Sanniang clenched her fists. She couldn’t hear what Fan Zhenbang said. Fan Zhenbang was planning to cheat. Even if she married Lan Feng tonight, Fan Zhenbang would not let her family go, and would continue to take her. The family came to threaten her!

“Old Fan, you promised me to let them go tonight!” Tao Sanniang gritted her teeth.

Fan Zhenbang glanced at her faintly, “You have been on a hunger strike for the past two days. You clearly didn’t put my words in your eyes. When you understand, I will let your family go.”

Tao Sanniang was crazy. She didn’t expect Fan Zhenbang to be so despicable. Anyway, she has been with Fan Zhenbang for a long time. There is hard work without credit!

“Squeeze a smile, your future husband Lan Feng is here.”

When the voice fell, a tall figure walked in, wearing a black tuxedo, which set off his figure very well, and he was handsome, with a smile on his face, and his eyes were fixed on Tao Sanniang, unable to move away. Eyes out.

Chapter 618

This person is Lan Feng, the bridegroom officer tonight, and the younger brother of the Xuandan sect at the helm of Lan Xing. Don’t look at him so young, in fact, he is almost forty years old, and he is also innate. The master of the second stage has a high position.

This is not the first time he got married tonight. He had been married twice before, but within a few years, he had adopted his two wives to death.

Although the two wives are also very beautiful, they are still far behind the Tao Sanniang in front of him. They are not of the same level. So when he saw Tao Sanniang, he immediately became enthusiastic. I even can’t wait to get married with Tao Sanniang!

“Sanniang, you are so beautiful.” Lan Feng walked to Tao Sanniang and took a strong breath of the fragrance from Tao Sanniang, which made him salivate even more.

Faced with Lan Feng’s affection, Tao Sanniang did not respond, she was indifferent, as if she could not hear Lan Feng’s words.

This caused Lan Feng to frown slightly, a little displeased. He looked at Fan Zhenbang with questioning eyes. Fan Zhenbang immediately coughed twice and gave Tao Sanniang a bad look, threatening Tao Sanniang.

“My patience is limited. This is the last chance I give you.” Fan Zhenbang’s voice sounded in Tao Sanniang’s ears, causing her body to tremble, and her heart tormented extremely!

After a few seconds, she still had to adjust her mentality, because she saw the audience, her family was waving at her, she couldn’t be so selfish.

“Thank you, you are also very handsome.” Tao Sanniang finally smiled, took Lan Feng’s hand, and expressed her obedience with actions.

Lan Feng’s face was filled with a smile again, and Tao Sanniang stepped onto the stage together.

Today’s scene is indeed very big. In Tingyu Villa, although it is already night, the ubiquitous lights still illuminate the place like daylight.

“Dear guests, gentlemen and ladies, good evening, I am very happy to receive the commission of two couples to hold this sacred and romantic wedding on this happy day.”

The host started the wedding ceremony.

“I remember there is a saying, in this world, there is always someone waiting for you, no matter when or where, there is always someone waiting for you silently. The birth of a boy thought the happiness of this girl, and one The birth of a girl thought this boy’s waiting. Today, the boy finally ended his long wait, and the girl also found his own happiness. Next, let us invite two happy newcomers with warm applause. Into the wedding hall of love together!”

This host has a very high level, and the opening remarks are very beautiful. The audience suddenly remembered the thunderous applause, which was endless.

Soon, Lan Feng and Tao Sanniang walked up slowly together. The appearance of a talented girl looked really good.

However, Lan Feng’s face was full of spring breeze, and his happy smile couldn’t hide it.

And Tao Sanniang is also smiling, but smiles reluctantly.

“Next, let’s welcome the bridegroom…” Before the wedding host had finished speaking, Lan Feng snatched the microphone over. He was very rude and gave the host a dissatisfaction. He suspected the host was long-winded. His limelight.

“Tonight is my Lan Feng’s happy day. Thank you all for showing your face and witnessing my wedding.” Lan Feng said loudly, his expressions full of confidence and arrogance, even in the presence of so many people, he is superior. , And his performance is obvious, which makes people feel uncomfortable to watch.

But there is no way, because Lan Feng does have this arrogant capital. As a master of the second stage of the innate realm, his brother is still the helm of the Profound Pill Sect. Looking at the source city, who can compare with him ?

The marriage of Yuntian Pavilion and Xuandan Sect is a high climb.

He continued to speak: “From today, Tao Sanniang is my Lan Feng’s woman, and Yuntian Pavilion is my natal family. Who dares to be disrespectful to Yuntian Pavilion is just not

Give me Lanfeng face! “

What he said was extremely arrogant and extremely inappropriate. In any case, today is his happy day. It is really inappropriate to say these words. But Lan Fengsi didn’t care, because he had the qualifications, as the second in command of the Profound Pill Sect, he was strong and didn’t put anyone in his eyes.

And it is in this way to show his strength!

Moreover, he has now reached the bottleneck of the second stage of the innate realm, and he will soon be able to break through to the third stage of the innate realm. At that time, he must not be the sky and the sea, let him swim?

After he finished speaking, no one at the scene dared to say a word, even if someone was upset, they had to endure it. Who said Lan Feng did have arrogant capital?

After a while, someone took the lead in applauding, and there was thunderous applause immediately.

Lan Feng enjoys this awe-inspiring look very much, and his vanity is greatly satisfied!

Then, he looked at Tao Sanniang again and said affectionately: “Sanniang, starting from today, we will get married. I promise you will be the happiest woman in the world in the future! As long as there is my Lan Feng in the future One day, you must be a master, infinitely noble.”

This remark was so vulgar that many people laughed secretly and secretly despised Lan Feng.

Tao Sanniang’s expression was dumb. When she faced Lan Feng’s so-called affection, she was not touched at all, and even disgusted. What she saw in Lan Feng’s eyes was only eroticism, where was half affection?

This was their first meeting. No matter how they fell in love at first sight, they couldn’t go where they were affectionate. Lan Feng was just looking at her beauty.

There have been countless times, Tao Sanniang dreamed of how romantic and sacred her wedding was. Now her wedding is very grand and solemn, not far from what she imagined, but the biggest difference is that the groom is not the one she wants…

Lan Feng was very proud of what she said, waiting for Tao Sanniang to cooperate, but Tao Sanniang stood there blankly, indifferent, making him a fool.

So he coughed displeasedly and warned Tao Sanniang with his eyes.

Tao Sanniang recovered, she said softly: “Thank you.”

Thank you? What is this nonsense?

There were some snickering sounds from the audience, which made Lan Feng’s face even darker.

“Kiss, kiss!”

At this time, someone in the audience began to roar, and the voice became louder and louder.

Lan Feng smiled again. He looked at Tao Sanniang’s beautiful face and sexy little cherry mouth. If he could kiss him, it would taste very good.

So he got close to Tao Sanniang, prepared to hug Tao Sanniang, and then kissed Tao Sanniang fiercely.

Tao Sanniang panicked all of a sudden, looking at Lan Feng’s face, she only felt extremely sick, even nauseous! In her heart, she was Wayne Lin’s person, and could no longer accept other people. It was even more uncomfortable than killing her to be kissed by another man!

In a rush, she completely reflexively took two steps back, avoiding Lan Feng.

“Huh?!” Lan Feng is a bit going crazy now. He stared at Tao Sanniang, threatening and intimidating, said: “Sanniang, today is our big day, if you are so naughty, I will be angry Oh!”

Tao Sanniang clenched her teeth. In this situation, she was really tormented. How much she thought, at this moment, Wayne Lin could make a gorgeous appearance like before, and then save her!

But she knows that this opportunity is no longer there, never forever…

“I, I’m not ready yet, you give me a little more time, anyway, I will be yours sooner or later…” Tao Sanniang said in a low voice, every word she said was like a needle , Struck her heart fiercely.

Chapter 619

When Lan Feng saw Tao Sanniang’s soft look, he was already a lamb to be slaughtered, and his heart became even hotter. He stared at Tao Sanniang completely undisguised, trying to swallow Tao Sanniang in his stomach!

Originally, this marriage with Yuntian Pavilion, he did not hold much hope, it was purely an act of profit. However, when he saw Tao Sanniang, the appearance of Chen Yuluoyan, he looked forward to it all of a sudden, especially now, at close range, he discovered that Tao Sanniang is still the kind of natural and charming physique, which is the best among women. , Is the best material he has collected.

“Good, good!” Lan Feng laughed heartily, especially happy, and did not force Tao Sanniang, anyway, it is a long time to come, and there is time to enjoy the bridal chamber tonight.

Fan Zhenbang and the people at Yuntian Pavilion saw that Lan Feng was so happy, they also smiled.

As for the many guests present, witnessing this scene, they all envied Lan Feng. It is a man’s dream to marry such a beautiful stunner Tao Sanniang.

But gradually, in the audience, some people began to discuss in a low voice.

“I have to say that the Tao Sanniang of Yuntian Pavilion is indeed stunning and can be called the best. Lan Feng can marry Tao Sanniang, it is really a role model for our man.”

“Of course, Tao Sanniang is a well-known beauty in Yuntian Pavilion, the first beauty in Yuancheng, and the key person is still the type of natural charm. This kind of top quality, if you change ordinary people, you will be drained in less than half a year. .”

“Hahaha, Lan Feng is an innate realm master, so it shouldn’t be drained.”

“That’s hard to say.”

They all expressed their admiration for Lan Feng, but at this moment, a discordant voice appeared.

“Sanniang Tao, isn’t Wayne Lin’s woman? Why did Yuntian Pavilion marry Sanniang Tao to Lan Feng…”

This voice is not loud, but anyone who hears it can’t help quieting down, and their expressions become subtle.

Wayne Lin is an absolute legend for the people in their circle. No one dares to offend Wayne Lin, even if they are usually criticized behind their backs, because they know that once it gets to Wayne Lin, then Ruined.

Speaking of it, Wayne Lin’s rise has not been long, but Wayne Lin completely stepped on the heads of all parties. No one who knew him would dare to disrespect.

The occasion like this tonight was originally very lively, so the sudden appearance of silence immediately seemed very violent.

It was quite quiet for several seconds before someone spoke, “Sanniang Tao, isn’t she from Yuntian Pavilion, when did she become Wayne Lin’s woman?”

“You don’t know. Tao Sanniang has always been Wayne Lin’s woman. At the beginning, when Wayne Lin had not fully grown up in Huarvell, Wu Meizi relied on her energy to force all forces to stand in line. Yuntian Pavilion betrayed Wayne Lin. Later, Wayne Lin used an absolute advantage to kill Wu Meizi. He was trying to find Yuntian Pavilion to settle the account. If Tao Sanniang hadn’t stood up and spoke for Yuntian Pavilion, now Yuntian Pavilion was afraid it was already. …”

“What? There is such a thing? Then the Yuntian Pavilion is crazy. If you dare to marry Tao Sanniang to Lan Feng, you are not afraid that Wayne Lin will be angry?”

When this sentence fell, it caused another silence. After a while, someone said, “Wayne Lin, he is dead.”

“What?! Wayne Lin is dead? Really! Isn’t he the number one expert in G province?”

At the scene, obviously many people still didn’t know the news that Wayne Lin was dead, and they were all shocked.

“Originally, I was a little doubtful about the authenticity of this matter, but now it seems that it is already a certainty. Otherwise, I would give Yuntian Pavilion ten courage and would not dare to marry Tao Sanniang to Lan Feng.” Someone sighed with emotion. Said.

Others were also quite emotional, and most of them thought that Yuntian Pavilion was too unnatural in doing so. Wayne Lin couldn’t wait to attack Tao Sanniang not long after he died.

But they didn’t dare to say anything about it. After all, Yuntian Pavilion was also a giant, and after marrying with Xuandan Sect, it became even more massive.

However, because of the appearance of the name Wayne Lin, the atmosphere on the scene became a little weird. Many people in the Yuntian Pavilion noticed that their faces were hard to look. Fan Zhenbang walked over and coughed twice, not laughing. He said with a smile: “Everyone, listening to your conversation just now seems to be a bit misunderstanding of Sanniang. It seems that I have to come out and explain. The relationship between Sanniang and Wayne Lin has always been just an ordinary friendship. Fan hopes that you can Respect me

Yuntian Pavilion, okay? “

He spoke very politely, but his eyes flashed coldly, warning them not to chew their ears behind their backs, otherwise Yuntian Pavilion would turn their faces!

“No, no, Fan misunderstood, we are all blessing Miss Sanniang.”

“Yes, yes, we are all blessing the bride and groom, Mr. Fan, you heard me wrong, haha.”

They all waved their hands to deny it and did not dare to offend Fan Zhenbang.

Fan Zhenbang’s face looked better now, and he said, “Is it like this? It seems that Fan heard it wrong.”

However, just as Fan Zhenbang was about to turn around and leave, another voice rang from the crowd, “Hahaha, misunderstanding? I don’t think so! Looking at the entire circle, how many people don’t know the relationship between Tao Sanniang and Randal Lin? When Randal Lin killed Wu Meizi that day, your Yuntian Pavilion was as scared as a mouse. If it weren’t for Tao Sanniang’s plea, would your Yuntian Pavilion survive to this day? Now that you hear that Randal Lin is dead, you will take revenge and avenge Tao. Sanniang, as a victim of your Yuntian Pavilion’s infatuation with the Profound Pill Sect? Fan Zhenbang, you really are not a thing.”

This voice was so loud that it spread all over the audience at once, attracting everyone’s attention.

After Fan Zhenbang heard it, his face was ugly to the extreme, his lungs exploded with anger, he immediately turned around and looked at him, but no one was seen. He gritted his teeth and cursed: “Who is pouring dirty water behind his back and giving me water? get out!!”

Indeed, the lethality of this sentence is too great, it can be called a nuclear bomb, and it hit Yuntiange in the face severely.

The whole audience fell silent as if they were tapped, and the music of the wedding was still playing, and it seemed extremely harsh.

Lan Feng, who was on the stage, also had a gloomy expression. Today is his happy day. Someone makes trouble like this, so he really doesn’t take him seriously!

As for Tao Sanniang, she clenched her teeth, and her mind was completely uncontrollable. The scenes that happened between her and Wayne Lin, the kind of yearning for Wayne Lin, and the sadness of Wayne Lin’s death, all of a sudden The tide rushed into her heart and encroached on her whole body, making her cry.

“Wayne, I really miss you so much…” She whispered.

When Lan Feng saw her reaction, he became even more annoyed. Isn’t this slapping him in the face?

b*tch, wait until tonight to go back to the bridal chamber, and see how I concoct you!

Lan Feng glared at Tao Sanniang.

Everyone is looking for who is so courageous to say such a thing.

However, they searched everywhere and could not find it.

Fan Zhenbang’s gaze shot through the crowd. He is really angry now. Someone dares to provoke him like this. If he doesn’t pick this person out, where will he put Fan Zhenbang’s face in the future? !

“Dare to be or not? I think you are just a rat, pour the dirty water of my Yuntian Pavilion! It is best that you continue to be a tortoise with a shrunken head and pray not to be found by me, otherwise, I will skin you!” Fan Zhenbang murderously Teng Teng said, now he must show an absolutely strong posture in order to control the place.

After his voice fell, no one came out to admit it.

In desperation, Fan Zhenbang had to continue to ignore and let the wedding go on normally.

Lan Feng was very annoyed, but she could only endure it first and let the wedding host begin to make a marriage declaration.

“Lan Feng, would you like this woman to become your wife and enter into a marriage contract with her? Love her, take care of her, respect her, accept her, and treat her regardless of illness or health, poverty or wealth, or any other reason. Be loyal to the end of life?”

Lan Feng: “I am willing.”

“Tao Sanniang, do you want this man to become your husband and enter into a marriage contract with him? No matter whether he is sick or healthy, whether poor or rich, or for any other reason, love him, take care of him, respect him, accept him, and treat him forever Be loyal to the end of life?”

Everyone’s eyes were on Tao Sanniang, but Tao Sanniang was silent. In her heart, she set off an endless struggle!

Lan Feng frowned, he was very dissatisfied with Tao Sanniang’s performance tonight, and now his patience with Tao Sanniang is dying!

However, right here, the voice just appeared again, “I oppose this marriage!”

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