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Chapter 362

The audience was quiet for five seconds, and then a huge heated discussion broke out, which caused a heat wave!

Brian Gu died and was beaten to death by Wayne Lin. This news was explosive news for anyone.

But for Wayne Lin himself, he didn’t take it too seriously, because it was within his expectation, and Brian Gu was just a small stepping stone on his way forward.

On the contrary, he is more concerned about the impact of Brian Gu’s death.

What was before him was the reward for being the leader.

Old Fan came over and said, “According to the rules of the hunting competition, Wayne Lin has obtained the most nameplates. He is the leader of this hunting competition, and you can give out rewards.”

Several organizers’ staff looked at each other and said: “Wait a minute, we are going to ask the leader for instructions.”

After a while, the staff member just came over and said to Wayne Lin, “Our leader wants to see you.”

After finishing speaking, he didn’t wait for Wayne Lin to agree, he turned around and left, his attitude was very cold and arrogant.

Tao Sanniang was upset right now and frowned, “What does the organizer want to do this time, Ming Wayne is the leader of this hunting contest, and they have this attitude?”

Old Fan also frowned and said, “It is indeed a bit weird. According to the organizer’s past attitude towards the leader, they are very enthusiastic. Why this time…”

Suddenly, he thought of some bad feelings, and a worried look appeared on his face.

“Randal, something is not quite right, you have to be mentally prepared, maybe the leader of the organizer this time is Brian Gu’s friend.” Fan Lao approached Wayne Lin’s ear and said softly.

In fact, Wayne Lin also thought about it. He also frowned slightly, thought about it, and said: “The purpose of my participation in the hunting contest this time is just to kill Brian Gu. The chief is not the chief, I didn’t take it too seriously. .”

Tao Sanniang said, “That’s not the case. You are obviously the leader this time, so you deserve the reward.”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “It’s hard to say now, maybe their leader just wants to see me purely.”

Tao Sanniang held Wayne Lin’s hand and said worriedly, “Wayne, then you have to be careful.”

Wayne Lin was holding her hand, still in front of so many people, always feeling embarrassed, so he laughed twice and said, “Don’t worry, it’s okay.”

Now Tao Sanniang completely considers himself as his woman, which makes him a headache. The key is that the relationship between herself and her is very innocent, and she has never acted beyond friendship.

If this spreads out, the scumbag’s reputation will be solidified.

Wayne Lin shook his head and threw this distracting thought out of his mind. He wanted to see if the organizer would give him a reward for the leader this time.

The staff walked in the other direction of the forest and followed six men with guns to the left and right, sandwiching Wayne Lin, as if they were a prisoner.

I walked for about 20 minutes. It was open and cheerful. When I arrived, it was a place with a large area, surrounded by iron bars, and it was still electrified. It looked very strict.

This place, once entered, it is not so easy to come out.

Wayne Lin stopped suddenly and said meaningfully: “Your leader and Brian Gu are good friends, right?”


p; When these people around me heard what Wayne Lin said, their eyes changed, and they said: “Our leader is waiting for you inside, please come with us.”

“I can’t better ask you to lead it out. Anyway, I am also the leader. Being treated like a mortal by you makes me very dissatisfied.” Wayne Lin said displeased.

The staff member in front squinted his eyes and said, “Wayne Lin, I advise you to go in and meet our leader at the end, otherwise we can’t give you a reward for the leader.”

Wayne Lin shrugged and said, “It doesn’t matter, I didn’t want to be the leader, I just wanted to kill Brian Gu.”

With that, he was about to turn around and leave.

But as soon as he turned around, the six guards with guns were unwilling to let him go, blocking his way, staring at him with bad intentions!

Wayne Lin squinted his eyes and said, “As the organizer, do you actually have to act for the sake of a Brian Gu and act on a leader?”

The staff member had a cold expression and did not answer. Instead, he said coldly: “Wayne Lin, don’t talk nonsense. Our sponsoring direction is fair. What you said just now has caused us a loss of reputation. Please now You immediately follow us to see the leader, otherwise don’t blame us for taking tough measures!”

Wayne Lin laughed directly, “Haha, isn’t it? Then you should try it.”

Following Wayne Lin’s words, the atmosphere suddenly became tense.

Their eyes became even colder, and they were about to tear their faces when they saw Wayne Lin.

At this moment, a voice came from the staff’s earphones. He listened for a while, and then said coldly to Wayne Lin: “We have a lot of leaders, and don’t care about your arrogance, but your qualifications as the leader are also cancelled. Now you go.”

The qualification for the leader was thus cancelled!

Even if Wayne Lin was so generous and treated like this, he couldn’t help his anger.

His eyes were also cold, but he did not choose to act rashly. Instead, he looked deeply at a certain building inside the iron fence, then turned and left.

After he left, the staff and the six guards relaxed. For a moment, they felt tremendous pressure. As a super master who can kill Brian Gu intact, it is definitely not something ordinary people like them can fight against, even if they have a gun in their hands, it is useless.

Not long after, a person walked out of that building, looking at the direction Wayne Lin had left, with a gloomy expression on his face, he snorted heavily, and murmured, “You want to be the leader too? Overwhelming!”

As of today, the hunting contest is over, and everyone who comes to participate can choose to leave tonight.

But more people will stay for one more night, first to enjoy the prey they have hunted, and second, to ask what the leader’s reward is.

When they learned that Wayne Lin was directly disqualified from being the leader this time, and there was no reward, it caused another uproar.

They are not stupid, and naturally they smelled something wrong in it all at once, Wayne Lin was targeted!

Therefore, those who originally wanted to come over to cheat Wayne Lin all hesitated.

Tao Sanniang felt very angry, but also helpless.

Wayne Lin chose to leave that night and flew back to Hwadrid.

When Wayne Lin arrived at the Huarvell Airport, the news that he had defeated Brian Gu also came back. The first thing he knew was the Ouyang family.

Chapter 363

“Father, father! Have you heard the news? Wayne Lin won, he won!!”

At the family banquet of the Ouyang family, hundreds of people from the Ouyang family gathered and were eating. Suddenly Ouyang Xuehai pushed the door open and rushed in strode, still shouting loudly, his face full of excitement and excitement.

This appearance of him shocked everyone in the Ouyang family. In their impression, Ouyang Xuehai has always been very stable and introverted, and he is very calm when encountering big things, how is it like now? That’s a gaffe.

However, when Ouyang Feng, who was eating, heard it, his reaction was very big, and he stood up, “What?! Wayne Lin actually won? This is true! Tell me what is going on. !”

Ouyang Xuehai had already walked in, and his face flushed with excitement, “Of course it is true, I have seen from many people, Wayne Lin has really defeated Brian Gu, and he is unscathed! The leader of this hunting contest has a limitless future! Dad, we did not invest in the wrong person this time!”

“Hahaha…” Ouyang Feng laughed after listening, his face flushed, and he was extremely excited, “I really didn’t read the wrong person, I didn’t see the wrong person! This Wayne Lin is incredible, incredible!!!”

Many people in Ouyang’s family sounded dumbfounded, and even many people had never heard the name Wayne Lin. They couldn’t understand why Ouyang Feng would admire a person so much.

At another table, Ouyang Yanran was also eating there. She was stunned when she heard the conversation. Then, Wayne Lin appeared in her mind. Combining Ouyang Feng and Ouyang Xuehai’s words, her mood happened. A subtle change.

At the same time, many people have also heard about the news one after another. Among them are Damon Wang and Jeff Han. They had planned to run away, but now they are so excited. For the rest of their lives, their future is infinitely bright.


Wayne Lin came out from the airport at this time, all alone, carrying a schoolbag, looking very ordinary, just a working class, no one would have thought that he would be a master of the innate realm at the pinnacle of mankind, and a new human in the future. Pioneers in China.

When he returned to Hwadrid City, his mood also relaxed a lot. He was about to see Alma Chu, and he was very happy to think about it.

When he came out of the airport, he was just about to call Alma Chu and tell Alma Chu that he was back.

Suddenly, a tentative voice sounded from behind him, “Chairman, is that you?”

It’s a woman’s voice, and it sounds familiar…

Wayne Lin looked back and saw a woman who was wearing sunglasses and a mask and wrapped herself tightly. She greeted him, and when she saw him, she walked towards him quickly.

“Chairman, it’s really you!”

The woman walked up to Wayne Lin and said in surprise.

Beside her, a few people followed and supported her.

Wayne Lin was even more confused. After searching in his head, he didn’t figure out who the other party was, “You are?”

Seeing that Wayne Lin didn’t recognize her, the woman couldn’t help but feel lost, “Chairman, you honourable people have forgotten things and forgot me…”

Wayne Lin said with a wry smile: “I’m sorry, you are wearing sunglasses and a mask, I really can’t see what you look like.”

The woman was taken aback, and then she came back to her senses, yes, she covered her entire face, how could Wayne Lin recognize her.

So she thought for a while and decided to take off her mask and sunglasses to reveal her true appearance.

But this movement of her shocked several other people, and said quickly: “Yuning, you can’t pick it…”

Her words took a step slower. The woman had already taken off her sunglasses and mask, revealing a delicate and beautiful face, which immediately amazed the people passing by.

Wayne Lin remembered seeing this face, isn’t this the big star who has met twice before? What’s his name? Forgot for a while.

“Chairman, do you remember me?” Ning Yuning asked with some expectation and anxiety.

Some embarrassment flashed across Wayne Lin’s face, he did remember, but his name was forgotten, “Ha

Ha, remember, the big star, I didn’t expect to see you here, so lucky to meet. “

Ning Yuning was not stupid either. Seeing Wayne Lin’s reaction, she clearly didn’t remember her name. This made her feel very disappointed. At any rate, she is also a well-known big star, with more than tens of millions of fans across the country. She has been recognized in less than ten seconds after she showed her face, and pointed at her, very excited.

But Wayne Lin forgot her name.

But turning around and thinking about it, this is not too surprising. She is the chairman of Michelle Media, who is aloft and has a lot of hot stars. It is normal not to remember her.

She put on the mask and sunglasses again, covering her beautiful face, and said: “Chairman, my name is Ning Yuning. We have seen it before.”

Wayne Lin nodded and said, “I know, I ate together last time.”

The few people next to Ning Yuning saw that Ning Yuning would take the initiative to greet a man, and their attitude was so low, they all found it incredible. You know, Ning Yuning is a popular star, who can sing and act, has a good variety show talent, and a perfect existence, so many people are too late to flatter her.

And the man in front of him looked so ordinary and ordinary, he was just an ordinary person.

Wait a minute, what Ning Yuning calls this man, chairman?

As Ning Yuning’s new agent, Yu Qing asked, “Yuning, who is this?”

Ning Yuning said: “Sister Qing, let me introduce to you, this is Wayne Lin, the chairman of Ziqiong Media.”

In an instant, Yu Qing’s eyes widened, and the look in Wayne Lin’s eyes changed.

The same is true for the remaining few people, their postures all lowered, becoming flattering and flattering, very real.

“Ah, it turns out that you are the chairman of Ziqiong Media. Fortunately, my name is Yu Qing, and I am Yu Ning’s new agent. Hello, chairman!” Yu Qing bent over, flattering incomparably.

Wayne Lin nodded lightly, saying hello, and then said to Ning Yuning, “Miss Ning, I still have something to do, so I won’t bother you, and talk to you when I have time.”

Ning Yuning’s eyes showed disappointment again, and he squeezed out a smile and said, “Is the chairman alone? Do you want us to give it to you?”

Wayne Lin thought for a while. He is indeed alone. Whether they are calling Alma Chu or Damon Wang now, it will take a while for them to come here. They also have to line up to get a taxi. If Ning Yuning can take him out of the airport, then It couldn’t be better.

“Okay, then trouble Miss Ning.” Wayne Lin said with a smile.

Ning Yuning was pleasantly surprised. At this time, Yu Qing whispered in her ear: “Yuning, you forgot that we came to the airport this time to meet Smith. They have landed and will be out soon.”

Although they spoke very quietly, Wayne Lin heard what kind of hearing he heard immediately. He didn’t let Ning Yuning make it difficult, and said, “I suddenly remembered that I have called a friend to pick me up, so I don’t have to Please trouble Miss Ning.”

Ning Yuning bit her lip. Although she was quite disappointed, she nodded and said, “Okay, then, Chairman, you can go slowly and talk again when you have time.”

Wayne Lin nodded and was about to leave. At this moment, five tall foreigners came from the opposite side. The one looking at the age of about 30, looked very handsome. Wayne Lin had some impression of him. He was a movie star from abroad, and he was quite famous.

It seems that Ning Yuning’s team is the group of foreigners.

They swaggered over, especially domineering, and everyone who stood in front of them was pushed away by two bodyguards.

Now they saw Wayne Lin walking in the middle, and two white bodyguards pushed him away directly and violently.

Wayne Lin frowned immediately, this group of foreigners dared to be so domineering on the territory of China.

Facing the push and pushing of two white bodyguards, he stood still, as if he was frightened.

Many people passing by saw this scene, and they all raised their hearts, thinking that Wayne Lin would definitely suffer. With such a thin body, he must be pushed by two white men and severely injured!

However, what happened next made them dumbfounded.

Chapter 364

I saw one of the white bodyguards pushing Wayne Lin, but he couldn’t push at all, as if the pillars were set there.

“Huh?” The white bodyguard frowned, his face gloomy, the yellow-skinned monkey dared to block their way.

So he increased his strength and pushed Wayne Lin’s chest vigorously, and there was a smirk at the corner of his mouth. With his 1.9 meter figure and a weight of more than 100 kilograms, pushing such a thin yellow person is not easy?

But the result was completely opposite to what he had imagined. He used his full force to push and shoved, but Wayne Lin still didn’t move, it was really like a wall blocking there, which made him really stunned! What’s happening here? Could it be that he had hallucinations and hit the wall?

He hurriedly rubbed his eyes, then stared, and found that he was not mistaken. The yellow man in front of him was looking at him with a smile.

Another white bodyguard next to him saw this situation, he said mockingly: “Tom, were you drained by that Chinese woman last night? You can’t even push a thin yellow monkey away, haha .”

He spoke in English. Wayne Lin heard it clearly, and his face became even more gloomy. As a Chinese, he most hates foreigners calling himself a yellow monkey. This is not just an insult to him, but An insult to the entire China!

He sneered inwardly. Don’t look at the big white bodyguard named Tom, but in front of him, he was just a foreign ant. Just kidding, he is a master of the innate realm, and his true cultivation has reached the upper stage in the innate realm. Even a big murderer like Brian Gu is not his opponent. A small foreigner is even more like an ant.

He shook his shoulders very easily, and suddenly, Tom seemed to have suffered a huge counterattack. His huge body actually flew upside down and fell heavily to the ground with a plop, making it quite heavy.

Everyone was shocked when they saw this scene. There are at least a thousand people coming and going in the airport. They are all dumbfounded. They have never thought that looking at such a thin and thin Wayne Lin, they can easily make such a tall and strong man. The huge white man fell out.

You know, in the concept of the world, the physique of the yellow race is far less strong than that of the white people, not to mention the difference in physique between them by several orders of magnitude.

Including Ning Yuning and several others, their eyes widened and they were extremely shocked.

They were worried that Wayne Lin would be pushed down and injured by the white bodyguard, but the result was completely beyond their expectation.

Only Ning Yuning’s surprise was the smallest, because she had seen Wayne Lin’s skill and knew that Wayne Lin was particularly good at fighting, and now she looked at Wayne Lin’s eyes more brightly.

Those foreigners became angry at once, especially the white man named Smith, who was furious. He pointed at Wayne Lin and cursed: “Damn Chinese, you are so courageous, you dare to attack my people, George , Jordan, you give me up and give this damn Chinese man a bitter lesson!”

George is also a white man, and Jordan is a black man. He has a particularly strong body and full of muscles. At first glance, he knows that it is not easy to provoke. Ordinary people who see their physique, let alone fight, just fight them. There is no courage to watch.

Now that the two of them got the order from Smith, they both showed hideous expressions, and then they began to walk over in strides, trying to give Wayne Lin a severe lesson.

Many people around him raised their hearts, thinking that Wayne Lin was definitely not an opponent, and he would be taught a miserable lesson. Now these foreigners are particularly arrogant in the country, and many Chinese dare not easily offend them when they encounter them. They are in a state of holding back their breath.

Wayne Lin squinted his eyes, he sneered, ready, only

If these two foreigners meet him, he will not show mercy.

Don’t look at the way he usually looks good at talking and harmless to humans and animals. In fact, he has a lot of national sentiments, and he especially can’t understand these foreigners’ dominance on Chinese territory!

It’s fine if he hasn’t met before. Now that he has met, he naturally won’t give these foreigners a good look, otherwise the Chinese are really sick!

However, just when George and Jordan were about to meet Wayne Lin, Ning Yuning’s team recovered and hurriedly walked up, stood in front of Wayne Lin, and explained loudly: “Mr. Smith! Please let your bodyguards. Stop it, this is a misunderstanding!”

Yu Qing said in English, and the two bodyguards who followed him also stopped George and Jordan. However, George and Jordan didn’t give them face at all, and directly pushed the bodyguards of the two entourages back. If it weren’t for Wayne Lin to support them in time, they would have fallen down!

In addition, George and Jordan were particularly arrogant, pointing to Wayne Lin’s nose and constantly swearing swear words.

What kind of character is Wayne Lin? How could he bear this kind of anger? His eyes were cold, and he was already angry, ready to take action, and severely teach these arrogant foreigners!

At this moment, Ning Yuning quickly grabbed her arm, “Chairman, calm down your anger. These two are the bodyguards of the international movie star Smith. They are famous for being arrogant in the circle. You’d better not be like them. It won’t be good when it gets on the news.”

Wayne Lin heard Ning Yuning’s, he thought about it, and decided to give Ning Yuning a face.

It’s not that he is afraid of this Smith, but that in the airport, there are people everywhere and cameras everywhere. When he teaches these foreigners, it is cool, but the impact cannot be ignored. .

Moreover, this will not be very good for the image of China at that time, and it will also be a loss of reputation for Ning Yuning. He simply weighed it and decided to bear it, and wait for the next time when there are few people, and then teach it well. It’s not too late for a few defiant foreigners.

So he nodded and said, “Well, for your face, I won’t be familiar with them.”

His words fell in the ears of several people in Yu Qing, and it also became an expression of overconfidence. You Wayne Lin is very rich, but your physique is there, can you be the opponent of two strong foreigners? ?

Even if Wayne Lin shook out the bodyguard named Tom just now, in their opinion, the main reason was that Tom underestimated the enemy and his center of gravity was unstable, and Wayne Lin found the opportunity.

After all, Wayne Lin’s physique is here, so he can’t go against science, right?

Smith was very angry. His current posture was particularly arrogant. He pointed to Yu Qing’s nose and pointed out, “Ms. Yu Qing, I came to China to film this time because of the friendship between your chairman, if not your chairman’s request After taking me so long, I don’t even bother to come to your land!”

Yu Qing looked ugly when she heard this, but she didn’t dare to refute it, after all, Smith’s coffee position was there.

She had no choice but to put down her posture and explain, “Dear Mr. Smith, he is the chairman of Ziqiong Media and he is worth over 10 billion yuan. I suggest you shake hands with him and make peace.”

“Chairman of Ziqiong Media?” After Smith heard this, his expression changed a little, but when he looked at Wayne Lin carefully, he saw that Wayne Lin was dressed plainly, with a very ordinary temperament, and the big people he had met. Not on the same level at all, he immediately regained his contempt and arrogance again, “Ms. Yu Qing, are you Chinese who can lie like this? If he is the chairman of billions of dollars, then I am the president!”

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