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Chapter 458

Ten minutes ago, Wayne was sitting in Tan Qiuya’s car and arrived at the base of Xuanyuan No.3. Seeing the high-standard facilities and the atmosphere of Xiaosha, Wayne was still very moved.

From a distance, this base revealed a sense of slaughter. In Wayne’s spiritual world, the base that I saw was not a rigid dead object, but a rigid spear with a sharp tip. A stern and fierce spirit.

This is a national gun, supporting the world of China and protecting it from the erosion of foreign races.

It’s just that this national gun is a bit old, even the tip of the gun is a bit rusty, and there are scattered gaps on the barrel, showing his extraordinaryness and weakness.

This kind of feeling is mysterious and mysterious. If it weren’t for the third stage of the innate realm, the spiritual realm was so powerful that ordinary people would not feel it.

Wayne sighed slightly in his heart. He knew that he had joined such a Xuanyuan Three, so he would have a lot of difficulties next.

Tan Qiuya approached the base, her face showing pride and enthusiasm. This is her home, and she feels very strong.

“Instructor Lin, the base is here. From now on, we are colleagues.” Tan Qiuya took the initiative to shake hands with Wayne and said with a smile.

Wayne shook hands with her, “Take care.”

Tan Qiuya blinked and said, “It should be you who take care of me. From now on, you are also my instructor.”

“Really?” Wayne was a little surprised.

After a while, Wayne saw Sun Liang after entering the three bases of Xuanyuan.

Sun Liang, wearing a uniform, was full of iron and blood, standing straight, like a long spear, which was awesome.

“Instructor Lin, you are here, welcome.” Chu Sun took the initiative to greet him and shook hands with Wayne, very excited.

Wayne also smiled and said, “Chu Sun, when Lin came here for the first time and did not do well, please forgive him.”

Just as Sun Liang was about to speak, at this moment, a black-faced middle-aged man next to him snorted heavily, and said dissatisfiedly: “It hasn’t started yet, so let’s shirk responsibility first. His mouth is slick. No soldier should have it. The quality! Sun Liang, where did you find the little yellow-haired boy and let him be my fighting instructor at the third place of Xuanyuan. Is your mind flooded?”

This black-faced middle-aged man has a hot personality, and catching Wayne is just a scolding. In his opinion, Wayne is thin and tender, and so young, he is still a businessman, and has the ability to be Xuanyuansan. The instructor of the office, if this is passed to the competition agency, it will be laughed to death.

He now has a lot of talents in the three places of Xuanyuan, but he is not at the level of a businessman to coach! This is a joke!

Wayne raised his brows. He was not angry, but a little dissatisfied. What happened? Did Sun Liang not ventilate with the other people in Xuanyuan 3rd place in advance? He has already come to report, and he has made such an oolong.

Now Wayne is no ordinary person. He is the top powerhouse in the third stage of the Innate Realm, a super human. It was only because of Sun Liang’s face that he agreed to join the three places of Xuanyuan, otherwise, he would not be rare to come over. Now that he is so mocked by someone, where is his face turned?

Sun Liang saw Wayne’s gaze, and he also had a headache. He was too busy these two days and forgot to say hello to another deputy office, Chang Hongshen. He now quickly said: “Old Chang, this is Wayne, you Don’t look at him as young and powerful. He is already a master of the innate realm. He is the instructor of our Xuanyuan three places. I believe that the overall strength of our three places will be strengthened soon.”

Chang Hong didn’t believe it at all, “Master of Innate Realm? So young? Ha ha, Sun Liang, are you treating me as a fool?

Sun Liang frowned. Because he and Chang Hongshen are both assistants, they have competed with each other over the years, and their relationship has not been very good. In particular, Chang Hongshen’s personality is extremely aloof and stubborn, and often friction.

“Chang Hongshen, if you don’t believe me, you can investigate yourself to see if I abused my power or you are a fool!” Sun Liang said in a deep voice.

Chang Hong snorted deeply, “I’m too lazy to investigate, if I have the skills, I’ll see you later!”

Then, he squinted his eyes and said gloomily: “Sun Liang, don’t blame me for not reminding you. The fighting instructors at the three Xuanyuan locations are not so good. There are so many thorns in the team, and all of them have high hearts. Arrogant, not everyone is qualified to be their coach. Don’t wait, the businessman you found was abused by that gang of stingers, shame, that’s funny!”

Sun Liang laughed loudly, “Then wait and see, Chang Hongshen, if you don’t worry, you can also challenge Instructor Lin.”

Chang Hong snorted in disdain, then walked away.

After Chang Hongshen left, Sun Liang looked a little embarrassed. He said to Wayne: “Instructor Lin, it was my mistake just now. I didn’t greet Chang Hongshen in advance.”

Wayne was a little dissatisfied, but he didn’t express it. He waved his hand and said faintly that it was okay, and then said directly: “The leader just said right, whether he is qualified to be the instructor of Xuanyuan III depends on his ability. Chief Sun, if there is nothing to do, take me to see those students directly.”

Sun Liang nodded. Before that, he had to put Wayne in the Xuanyuan three uniforms, and Tan Qiuya led Wayne to the dressing room.

When Wayne changed into Xuanyuan’s three uniforms, when he came out, Tan Qiuya’s eyes suddenly lit up, and his eyes were full of splendor.

Wayne’s figure is very good, tall and straight, especially calm and thin. With this uniform, he adds a bit of hardcore and perseverance. This kind of image has never appeared in Wayne.

In an instant, Tan Qiuya’s heartbeat speeded up a lot.

Seeing her like this, Wayne thought that he was wearing a dragon robe that was not like a prince, so he touched his nose in embarrassment and said, “Why, is it ugly for me to wear this suit?”

Tan Qiuya returned to her senses and shook her head quickly and said, “No no, instructor Lin, you put on our Xuanyuan three uniforms, you are even more attractive!”

To be sure that Tan Qiuya was not lying to him, Wayne breathed a sigh of relief. To be honest, he was wearing a uniform for the first time. There was an indescribable solemnity and sacredness, and his mood was still different.

Looking in the mirror, he found that he was indeed okay, but he was relieved.

Not long after, when Wayne followed Sun Liang and Tan Qiuya to arrive, the hundreds of people on the square calmed down and quickly formed a line, waiting for their superiors to come over, demonstrating their high discipline.

At the same time, these hundreds of people suddenly saw Wayne next to Sun Liang with their eyes, and they were all obviously disappointed.

Sure enough, this new instructor was a young man with a delicate skin and tender flesh. He looked very weak. Any one of them could easily knock down this young man.

Wayne’s hearing is so keen. On the way here, Wayne heard these students’ disdain for him, but he didn’t take it seriously, because he glanced at it casually and he could see that there was a natural state in it. There are no strong people, ten or so of the most powerful, but the peak of the day after tomorrow, or the kind that has not swallowed the Xisui Pill, the strength is very average.


When Wayne and the others arrived in front of them, the strong man in the line shouted loudly, and then everyone saluted neatly.

Sun Liang was very satisfied, pressed his hands, let them put them down, and then said with a smile: “I believe you have heard that, I have found a new instructor for you, this is the instructor Lin next to me, he is a super master. The cultivation base is unfathomable. From now on, they will be responsible for your fighting courses. You must listen to Instructor Lin, you know?”

“Yes, Chief Sun!!!”

They answered in unison, their voices loud and loud, spreading across half of the base, with great momentum.

Then Sun Liang said to Wayne: “Instructor Lin, then this group of soldiers will be handed over to you. You don’t have to feel bad about them. You can do it hard, the harder the better, and train them into a personal shape as soon as possible!”

This is really rude.

Wayne nodded, saluted Sun Liang, answered affirmatively, and then looked at the group of soldiers in front of him.

“Hello everyone, I’m Lin…”

He greeted him, but before he finished his words, someone interrupted him, “Instructor Lin, right? We have a rule here. If you want to be our instructor, you can, but we have to inspect the goods first. “

Chapter 459

The speaker was in the second row. A burly man with a stature of over 1.85 meters. He tilted his face with some ridicule on his expression. He stared directly at Wayne Lin and made no secret of his contempt for Wayne Lin. .

When other people heard him talking, they also showed a joking expression. They looked at Wayne Lin wantonly, and did not respect Wayne Lin because Wayne Lin was their new instructor.

For them, respect depends on their ability, and the instructors who arrive by air will not be respected by them, no matter how big they are.

Wayne Lin knew about this, so he smiled and looked at the brawny man and said, “Okay, how do you want to inspect the goods?”

The brawny man showed a playful smile and said, “Aren’t you going to be our fighting coach, then play with us and see if you have this ability. After all, not all cats and dogs can be our Xuanyuansan. Fight the instructor everywhere.”

What he said was a bit presumptuous, and many people were watching Wayne Lin’s jokes.

In a building not far away, a black-faced middle-aged man stood in one of the windows of a building not far away. Looking at this side, he showed a sneer. It was no one, it was Chang Hongshen who had just left, “Huh, Sun Liang, I don’t believe that the idiot you found has the ability to be a fighting instructor at Xuanyuan Three.”

Sun Liang didn’t scold the brawny man, a faint smile appeared on his face. Obviously, this was something he had tacitly approved.

Before Wayne Lin came, he expected this scene to happen, so he did not feel surprised, but directly nodded and said: “No problem, since you want to inspect the goods, then come on. I just want to try you too. , I have some skill, is it worth my coaching.”

What he said had nothing to pretend, but when it fell in the ears of this group of soldiers, it became arrogant, making this group of soldiers even more hostile to him.

Chang Hongshen laughed when he heard it, “This mother-in-law is so arrogant, I’m looking forward to how he will be abused by these stingers in a moment.”

“Crazy enough!”

The burly man’s expression immediately darkened, he gave Wayne Lin a cold look, then walked out of the team and walked in front of Wayne Lin.

His figure is extremely strong, and his strength has reached the limit state in the realm of masters. Among ordinary people, he is considered good, and he can even participate in some non-regular fighting competitions in China.

However, for Wayne Lin, the gap was too big, it was not of the same level at all.

With a smirk at the corner of his mouth, he stared at Wayne Lin, his eyes were full of coldness and contempt, he twisted his neck and made a crackling sound, which looked quite scary.

But when Wayne Lin saw that he was the only one who came out, he frowned slightly and said in surprise, “Are you trying to challenge me yourself?”

The brawny man grinned, “Yes, why, instructor Lin, are you scared?”

In his opinion, Wayne Lin’s performance is a bit scared. After all, Wayne Lin is really too far behind him in terms of physique, and his muscles are not strong. He looks like an ordinary person with respect. He can knock down a piece of goods at will.

Wayne Lin said: “You are too weak. I was beaten by you while standing. You can’t beat me. You should pick some powerful ones and go together.”

There is no arrogant or provocative element in his words. As a master of the third stage of the Innate Realm, he is completely overkill for coaching these hundreds of ordinary people.

However, he thought so, and fell into the ears of others, but he didn’t think so. In an instant, the faces of these soldiers changed.

“What a big tone!”


“Just because of his weak physique, do you want us to besiege him? He has a problem with his brain.”

“Daniu, since this new instructor despises you so much, you can use your skills and let him see how good you are!”

“Daniu, give some color

Take a look and let him know what humility is! “

A bunch of soldiers began to clamor, they are all sturdy people, they can die for the country without hesitation, but they also have a strong ambition to win, and they especially look down on the kind of people who are not strong and like to pretend. In their eyes, Wayne Lin is such a person.

Daniel clenched his fists, he was a little angry, Wayne Lin was too arrogant, he was obviously only a weak chicken, and he dared not to put him in his eyes, it was crazy!

“Since instructor Lin is so confident, then I’m not polite! Look good, but don’t be defeated by my punch!!” Daniel roared, and then began to attack Wayne Lin, very mighty. Just like a tiger descending a mountain and swallowing a mountain and river with anger, ordinary people face such an offensive, they have to be scared and pale on the spot.

But it was too slow for Wayne Lin, and his strength was also very weak. He had no fewer than a hundred ways to bring the opponent down in one second.

But Wayne Lin didn’t do this, and he dodged it easily.

Daniel saw that Wayne Lin could dodge such a quick punch, but he was a little surprised. Soon he launched a fierce attack again. A combination of punches came out and closed step by step. He was confident that he could do so in a short time. Defeated Wayne Lin!

“Slow, slow, still too slow.”

However, no matter how fast he punches, he still can’t hit Wayne Lin, and Wayne Lin is constantly mocking him, making his lungs explode with anger.

He attacked for a minute without touching Wayne Lin. In his eyes, Wayne Lin was like a loach, slippery, always able to dodge his fists at critical moments, and was furious.

Finally he became impatient and cursed loudly: “What do you keep hiding? If you have a kind, just punch me in the front!!”

Wayne Lin’s eyes flashed and said meaningfully: “As you wish.”

He stopped abruptly, facing the punch from Daniel, he didn’t dodge, so he took the punch from Daniel firmly.

The soldiers on the scene saw that Wayne Lin didn’t dodge, and wanted to use his body to harden the bull’s punch. They all felt that Wayne Lin was too arrogant. They were all looking for death. In their minds, they had expected Wayne Lin to be the bull. The scene of one punch flying.

But the scene that happened next made them all opened their eyes wide and showed an incredible expression!

With a bang, it hits.

Then there was a muffled hum, but it was from Daniel.

Daniel’s punch hit Wayne Lin’s chest, but Wayne Lin did not move at all. Instead, Daniel took a few steps backwards with a painful expression on his face. He held his right hand and raised his head, his face full of horror. Looking at Wayne Lin, he said sharply: “You actually wore steel plates! It’s so mean!”


When the others heard this, they all showed angry expressions, and they accused Wayne Lin, thinking that Wayne Lin was too mean, and came to be their instructor, and even came over with a steel plate. This was too shameless.

Wayne Lin frowned. He said, “I didn’t wear a steel plate. My muscles instantly solidified and became as hard as iron.”

However, what he said immediately caught the contempt of these people, and they scolded one after another.

“Who are you lying to!”

“Take off your clothes if you have a seed!”

“That is, I actually wear steel plates, my character is too bad!!”

“Why, don’t you dare to take off your clothes!!”

At this moment, Wayne Lin actually aroused public outrage, thinking that he was wearing a steel plate, otherwise how could Daniel hit his chest with a punch, but his hands were shaking.

Wayne Lin shook his head, his eyes became colder, and there was no unnecessary nonsense, he directly began to take off his shirt…

After a while, when all his clothes were taken off, revealing his strong upper body, the audience suddenly became quiet.

Chapter 460

Wayne Lin took off his clothes and was naked. Everyone saw his strong upper body but not bloated muscles. Although they were white, they were full of explosive power.

The most important thing is that he is not wearing steel plates, his clothes tremble deliberately, and there is no foreign body.

At this moment, everyone was stunned.

They stared at Wayne Lin, like ducks caught in their necks, they looked funny.

“This is impossible!!”

After a few seconds, it was Daniel who broke the silence first. He screamed out, his eyes staring as big as a copper bell. With a punch just now, he really felt like he had hit a steel plate! As a result, Wayne Lin took off his clothes now, but there was no steel plate? How could this be? How could a human body be so hard? This is totally beyond common sense!

Tan Qiuya also opened her eyes wide now, looking straight at Wayne Lin’s naked upper body. She was not shocked that Wayne Lin did not have a steel plate, but that Wayne Lin’s figure is really good, better than any model. It must be beautiful, especially the lines, just like those carefully carved by God, full of masculinity, and not bloated and unsightly.

She knew Wayne Lin’s abilities, such a body contains such a powerful energy, for a woman like her, it is full of extreme temptation!

Even, she couldn’t help but swallowed her saliva, her eyes a little could not move away.

Wayne Lin noticed her such fiery eyes. Looking over, she blushed immediately and quickly moved her eyes away.

But Yu Guang couldn’t help but peek.

Wayne Lin didn’t think much about it. He said to the group of soldiers faintly, “Well, can you be sure I haven’t worn steel plates now?”

The audience was silent and didn’t know how to answer.

Sun Liang coughed, and yelled at the group of soldiers: “Naughty! Instructor Lin is a master of the innate realm. People can defeat your group of rubbish with just one finger, and you still question the strength of Instructor Lin!”

Then, Sun Liang said to Wayne Lin, “Instructor Lin, this group of soldiers has such a personality. They always feel that they are number one in the world. They only want to be taught by talented people. They have a bad temper. Don’t be familiar with them. “

Sun Liang’s words at first sounded like scolding these soldiers, but in fact they were still talking to them, explaining their strong character, and only looking at their strength.

Wayne Lin was not angry about this, he also understood this kind of thing very well, after all, when he founded Aegis Security, he did not rarely encounter this situation.

Now at the third place of Xuanyuan, this group of soldiers reacted even more strongly.

In the building not far away, Chang Hongshen saw the scene just now. He frowned and was a little puzzled. He muttered to himself: “The strength of the big cow is not small, and a punch can produce a thousand pounds of power. , Hit this Wayne Lin, but Wayne Lin’s bottom plate didn’t break up?”

He had some recognition of Wayne Lin’s strength.

However, if he had only this ability, he had to be the fighting instructor of Xuanyuan three places, it was still far from enough.

After all, Daniel is only a middle-to-low level among those soldiers, and those really powerful soldiers haven’t made any moves yet.

Wayne Lin nodded, put on his clothes, and said, “Who else wants to inspect the goods?”

After what happened just now, the gang of soldiers looked at Wayne Lin’s eyes, and there was no initial contempt. At least they knew that Wayne Lin was a little capable, not the weak chicken he imagined.

At this moment, another person came out. His body was not as tall and burly as a big cow. He was only 1.8 meters tall, but his body

The momentum exuded from the above is much stronger than Daniel.

Wayne Lin could tell at a glance that this was a master at the pinnacle of the acquired day, and he was also proficient in more than ten types of boxing, and his fighting ability was very good.

Of course, this is in the category of ordinary people, in front of the masters of the innate realm, it is too far.

He walked up to Wayne Lin and said, “Instructor Lin, Chu Sun said you are a master of the innate realm. I don’t believe it very much. I have never heard of a young master of the innate realm like you. But since Sun Chu I will find you to be our fighting instructor. I believe you are capable. If you can beat me in one minute, I will recognize you as the instructor.”

His words sounded very polite, but the expression in his eyes revealed strong self-confidence and contempt for Wayne Lin, betraying his ideas.

He still didn’t believe Wayne Lin could defeat him.

Because he is a master in Xuanyuan’s three places, he has completed many difficult tasks in the past few years. There are no fewer than ten foreign masters who have died in his hands!

And Wayne Lin in front of him looked too young, and his skin was still white, and he didn’t have any calluses on his body. He looked like a pampered and wealthy boy. He didn’t believe that such a person could go anywhere.

As for the hard punch just now? He can do it too.

Wayne Lin saw through his thoughts at a glance. In fact, he was quite helpless in his heart. He didn’t expect that the masters of the third stage of his dignified Innate Realm would come to coach a group of ordinary masters, and they would be “inspected”. If this spreads out , I’m afraid I will be laughed at.

So he decided, since it has been’inspected’, then he will use the corresponding strength to let this group of soldiers open their eyes well, and when the province is saved, this group of soldiers will not be convinced by him, and they will act against him.

“Okay.” Wayne Lin nodded, he didn’t have extra nonsense, and directly let the opponent attack first.

The soldier at the acquired peak did not ridicule, set his fist frame, and outrageously shot Wayne Lin with a punch. With a slight sonic boom, it seemed that in an instant, his fist had reached Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin nodded secretly. As far as the level of the acquired pinnacle was concerned, the strength of this soldier was pretty good.

He didn’t use his physical body as hard as he did just now, it’s not that he couldn’t hold it, but he wanted to briefly understand the martial arts quality of this group of soldiers.

He also put his cultivation base on the pinnacle of the day after tomorrow, and fought with this soldier, fighting back and forth.

Sun Liang frowned. According to Wayne Lin’s strength, he shouldn’t fight hard against the soldiers of the acquired peak.

However, just when he was puzzled, Wayne Lin had already understood. He suddenly accelerated and punched the soldier’s face at a very fast speed. Accompanied by the sound of the sonic boom, he arrived in front of the soldier in an instant. Stop.

“Acceptance.” Wayne Lin said lightly.

In an instant, the soldier felt Wayne Lin’s strength burst out in an instant, he felt lingering fears, and at the same time realized that he had lost.

The other soldiers saw that even the master of the acquired pinnacle had lost, and instantly, the look in Wayne Lin’s eyes became even more different.

However, to be their coach, it is not enough to just defeat the pinnacle of the acquired soldiers.

Wayne Lin stood with his hands, and he naturally saw the thoughts of these people. He simply drew a circle with a diameter of one meter on the ground and said to all the soldiers: “Well, I will not bully you. You can go together. To force me out of this circle, if you win, I will kowtow to you on the spot and apologize. If you can’t do it, then obediently recognize me as the instructor. From now on, my words will be the imperial edict. West to West.”

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