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Chapter 668

Cao Jun was about to take action against Wayne Lin, but when he heard the violent shout, he was shocked and his whole body shook. When he looked up and saw the person coming, he was even more surprised and blurted out: “Lieutenant! You! Why is it here?!”

At this time, Cao Jun was extremely surprised. This is his immediate boss, who is far above him. How can he appear in such a civilian place?

And most importantly, those who were with the school lieutenant were also big men of not low level, and every level was higher than him.

Cao Jun immediately realized that something major had happened?

Do these superiors think he is here? Was it the dirty things he did that were discovered? However, it is also very unlikely. Even if he was indeed discovered, it wouldn’t be enough for so many superiors to show up to grab him.

Besides, those dirty things about him are not particularly serious. At most, they are punished. How can they not send out so many big people all at once.

The other people in the banquet hall became even more anxious when they saw this group of big people coming. Don’t look at them being so arrogant in front of Deng Kai and Wayne Lin, but in fact, they are just ordinary people, big people at this level. Before it’s full, it’s not enough to see, just like ants!

And Han Ruxin is also nervous now, although she is not as panicked as Dai Xinghuai and theirs, but now her heartbeat is beating very fast.

Because she knew how high Cao Jun’s status was, and now these big figures are obviously still Cao Jun’s superiors, what level must they be? She couldn’t believe it.

At the same time, she was also excited. Maybe, she could meet these big people, as long as they could get a relationship, then she would just take off.

The group of people walked over quickly and gave Cao Jun a fierce look. Cao Jun saw this battle, his mood became even more nervous, and his heartbeat was almost too fast.

However, just when he thought the lieutenant would greet him, a scene he never expected appeared. He saw the lieutenant walk up to Wayne Lin and said respectfully: “Instructor Lin, the military god wants to see you.”

Hearing the word “Military God”, Cao Jun’s brain exploded immediately, and his whole person was stupid!

As a member of the army, he knows very well what the word military god means, that is the supreme existence of the three armies, and is also one of the souls of China! He has been in the military for so long, and he has only heard of the military god’s name, and has never seen the military god, but now, a dozen or so senior captains are coming to invite the man in front of him?

So what is the identity of this man?

Cao Jun didn’t dare to think anymore.

Thinking that he even scolded others for being a little vulgar, and dared to be rude to them, he was now too frightened, cold sweat was streaming down.

As for Han Ruxin, she is dumbfounded now, and she can’t recover for a long time. With her brain circuit, she can’t figure out why this happened.

This is Cao Jun’s superior, it means he is a super big man, and now he invites Wayne Lin in such a low profile? Who is Wayne Lin? This is not scientific!

Not only her, but so many classmates in the banquet hall are also dumbfounded and completely confused, which can be said to have completely subverted their cognition. At their level,

I can’t even imagine why this happened.

Wayne Lin had already sensed the appearance of these dozens of people, so he was not surprised at all. What he was surprised was that the person who wanted to see him was actually a soldier.

He had already heard of the military god. He was the head of the three armies and the patron saint of China. His identity could be said to be extremely detached. Wayne Lin guessed that the military god’s cultivation level must have broken through to the point that King Kong is not broken. .

However, in any case, the military god will send someone to invite him instead of arresting him, which is already showing his attitude.

He is not the kind of person who doesn’t know what is good or bad. Legends like the military god have given him face, naturally he will not hold it, and immediately smiled and said: “Since it is the invitation of the military god, then Lin will definitely not refuse. However, this Mr. Cao, ordered me not to leave, and grabbed me personally…”

When he stopped here, his expression was already obvious.

At the moment, Cao Jun’s face paled after hearing this, and his feet were trembling in fright. This is a great power that allows the military god to send someone to invite him. How can a small person like him be offended.

The captain didn’t know what Wayne Lin meant. He also saw Cao Jun’s actions just now. He kicked Cao Jun and cursed, “Cao Jun! You are so brave, even Instructor Lin dare to offend him. I think you are living impatiently! Instructor Lin is a strong man of Dzogchen in the innate realm. If he blows his breath, you will be wiped out! I dare not confess to Instructor Lin quickly!”

“What? Congenital Realm Great Perfection…” Cao Jun was really scared when he heard this. He was rude to such a pinnacle power just now. Isn’t this looking for death!

Where is his dignity now, he ran over quickly, bowed his head and apologized to Wayne Lin, begging Wayne Lin for forgiveness.

Wayne Lin originally didn’t want to be familiar with such a small person. With Cao Jun’s superior, he didn’t look at the monk’s face but also at the Buddha’s face, so he just waved his hand.

Then he looked at Han Ruxin one last time, and followed them directly.

After they were gone, the whole audience was silent, and no one could speak…

After a long time, Cao Jun determined that Wayne Lin and the others had left, then turned around and yelled at Han Ruxin furiously, “The surname Han, you are so courageous, how dare you be rude to instructor Lin, I almost got you Tired!”

Han Ruxin trembled all over, Cao Jun’s majesty was like a mountain, which made her pale and trembling, “I, I don’t know him…”

Cao Jun interrupted him and said threateningly: “I warn you, instructor Lin is a big man among the big men. Even the Lord Military God has sent a school lieutenant to invite him. You can weigh it yourself! I advise you to find a chance and ask Lin obediently. The instructor admits his mistake and apologizes, otherwise, instructor Lin just breathe out and you will be wiped out!”

After saying this, Cao Jun also left in strides.

Han Ruxin was left there, her face pale and panicked. But more, she is full of doubts and incomprehension, Wayne Lin, isn’t she down? Why can you change yourself and become a super man!

Not only him, but Dai Xinghuai and the others were also in all kinds of panic. Just now they did not shame Wayne Lin. If Wayne Lin really wanted to teach them, then they would be finished.

Some cowardly people even cried out of fright.

Chapter 669

“Why, don’t you recognize me?”

After coming out, Wayne Lin saw that Deng Kai was still out of mind and doubting his life, he smiled and said.

Deng Kai slowly recovered his senses, swallowed heavily, and looked at Wayne Lin. The expression in his eyes seemed to have met Wayne Lin for the first time, “You, who are you?”

He asked this sentence, he really felt that Wayne Lin was too strange now, not the Wayne Lin he knew.

Wayne Lin laughed haha ​​and said, “I am naturally your junior high school classmate, Wayne Lin.”

“But you…” Deng Kai’s mind was still messed up, and from his cognition, it was hard to digest.

Wayne Lin said: “Okay, let’s do this tonight. You go home now and have a good sleep. I will find you tomorrow. Then you will know who I am.”

Deng Kai’s mouth moved. He originally had a lot of things to ask Wayne Lin, but he saw more than a dozen big people next to him. Everyone exuded a frightening atmosphere, which was especially scary. He stayed in the middle. , I feel pressured.

He nodded heavily and said, “Okay, then I’ll go back first.”

“Well, go ahead.”

Deng Kai looked back at Wayne Lin in three steps, and his mood was indeed very uneasy now.

After he left, the captain said: “Instructor Lin, before I have time to introduce you, my name is Xie Boming. I am a captain under the seat of military god.”

Wayne Lin clasped his fist and said, “It turned out to be Xie Xiaowei.

Then a dozen other people also greeted Wayne Lin separately and reported their names. Wayne Lin was also surprised when he heard that, all of them were not low in the army.

And now more than a dozen people came to invite him together, it can be said to give him enough face!

Originally, Wayne Lin was very calm, thinking that he has now reached the innate realm of Dzogchen. As long as there is no treason, then he is a rare genius for China and will not punish him too much.

But now, the Army God has sent so many high-profile big men to receive him, which makes him a little suspicious. Is the Army God disarming him?

But anyway, I have reached this point and can only continue to go down.

He believed that the military god would not embarrass him.

This time, more is to see if his heart is in the country!

The military god is not in Hwadrid, but in Yandu, and he will be there in a few hours by helicopter.

This is Wayne Lin’s first time in the capital, and he is still quite looking forward to it.

As soon as he arrived in Yandu, Wayne Lin felt a majestic dragon veins, and the entire Yandu pattern was like a creeping oriental dragon, gradually waking up, and it would soon take off. Disregard the world.

This is not metaphysics, but national destiny, ordinary people can’t see it, but when you reach Wayne Lin’s realm, you can clearly feel it.

Moreover, Wayne Lin also felt that in Yandu, there was a strong aura, which was tightly integrated with the entire Yan, like the eyes of a giant dragon.

Wayne Lin knew that this breath must come from the army god.

After flying for a while, I arrived in front of a huge courtyard and landed.

“Instructor Lin, here, the old man of the military god is inside.” said the school lieutenant Xie Boming.

Wayne Lin nodded, smiled and said: “More

Thank you brothers. “

“Instructor Lin is polite. This is our duty.” Xie Boming said. Along the way, they chatted with Wayne Lin and became more and more fond of Wayne Lin. They found that Wayne Lin was a very calm young man and could not see a trace at all. Impetuous and swelling.

The yard in front of me was huge, with a total area of ​​tens of thousands of square meters. It was very old. Wayne Lin probably took a look at it. This yard is at least 50 years old.

On the plane, Wayne Lin could still feel the strong breath of Yan Yan, but he couldn’t feel it when he got here. In his perception, this courtyard didn’t have the breath of a strong person who didn’t harm King Kong, but the breath of more than 30 masters of the innate realm.

But Wayne Lin knew that the army god was definitely inside.

This shows that the realm of the military god exceeds him too much, so he can’t perceive it.

The legendary King Kong is not bad, Wayne Lin’s mood can’t stop getting excited!

Don’t look at this yard for a long time, but both the layout and feng shui are very good. At first glance, it was designed by an expert. If ordinary people live in it for a long time, the fortune will gradually improve.

Wayne Lin walked in all the way, feeling more and more that the aura inside.

He was even a little nervous at the beginning, he knew that this was the pressure brought by the military god.

However, he quickly adjusted his mentality, recovered his calm, and strode inside.

Xie Boming walked in first and respectfully said to the inside: “Military God, instructor Lin has already arrived.”

Soon, a calm voice came from inside, “Come in.”

“Instructor Lin, the god of war will let you in.”

Wayne Lin nodded, then strode in.

As soon as he entered, the first thing that caught his eye was more than 30 masters of the Innate Realm, and several of them were still in the fourth stage. Wayne Lin felt a huge pressure as soon as he came in, like a mountain pressing on him.

Even if he is the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm, he will still feel tremendous pressure when facing more than 30 masters of the Inborn Realm.

If these thirty-odd Innate Realm opponents attacked him, then he was definitely not low, even if he could kill more than half, he would have to drink hate.

Not to mention, there is the invincible existence of the military god.

The second thing I saw was that there were two men playing Go in the yard. One of them looked older and more than sixty years old, and the other looked much younger, only forty years old.

Wayne Lin knew that this middle-aged man was a military god, and the age of the military god was definitely not as young as he looked, at least sixty or seventy!

At the moment of seeing the military god, as if seeing a black hole, Wayne Lin’s eyes were all sucked in!

In an instant, even the light was lost, and everything in the world disappeared, leaving only the gentle-looking man in front of him.

In Wayne Lin’s perception, the army god is like a black hole, able to absorb everything around him, even Wayne Lin can’t see through him at all.

The old man opposite the military god is not angry and prestigious. He looks very energetic. Although he is over sixty years old, he is in a particularly good state of mind. He has a lot of extravagance and he knows that he is of high authority. Big shot.

Wayne Lin is a wise man. He quickly guessed that the scene in front of him was 80 to 90%. This old man should be on the top.

“Subordinate Wayne Lin, see Army God, see Shangfeng.” Wayne Lin clasped his fist.

Chapter 670

What he said was neither humble nor overbearing, and he didn’t panic because the man in front of him was a military god and Shangfeng. If nothing else, his calmness had already gained the appreciation of Cary Road and Shangguan’s stalwart.

Cary looked up at him, showing a faint smile, and said: “Can you play chess?”

Wayne Lin said, “I know a little bit.”

Cary said: “What about a round?”

To be honest, when Wayne Lin came, he thought about many possibilities, including the army god would directly attack him, even his aggressiveness to kill him, but he did not expect that the army god would be so polite to him. Like a spring breeze. Even Shangfeng was very polite to him, as if he had met an old friend as kind.

Wayne Lin didn’t hesitate any more. He had already achieved the same level of form and appearance when he reached his level. He also smiled and said, “Since the military god has invited him, it is better to respect his fate.”

Shangguan Wei’an took the initiative to give up his seat and sat down for Wayne Lin, and said with a smile: “Instructor Lin, it’s up to you to win the battle. This old bone of mine was killed by him.”

After finishing speaking, Shangguan Wei’an also patted Wayne Lin on the shoulder, seeming to have high hopes for Wayne Lin.

Although Wayne Lin had never seen the old man in front of him, Wayne Lin had guessed from the nun temperament of the other party that this must be a very distinguished person. Think about it, too, what’s the difference between those who can play chess with the military god?

Now Wayne Lin sat down, facing the military god, he immediately felt a wave of slaughter and iron blood, and even from Wayne Lin’s ear, he suddenly heard the sound of ten thousand horses galloping and thousands of army fighting!

Wayne Lin was awe-inspiring. He knew very well that this was the god of war. His aura was too strong and directly affected his spirit. This is a terrifying thing. You know, he is a master of Innate Realm Great Perfection!

They are the few people standing on the entire pyramid of human civilization, and they still appear so immature in front of the military god.

It seems that the gap between the innate realm and the undamaged King Kong is even greater than he imagined!

Fortunately, Wayne Lin was not affected too much. He was almost back to normal in just one breath, with a calm smile on his face, and said, “Military god, please.”

When the military god saw that he could return to normal so quickly, some appreciation flashed in his eyes, and he secretly nodded, admiring Wayne Lin more and more.

He saw too many young men with extraordinary talents, but he saw him for the first time since he was so calm and calm beyond his age like Wayne Lin. After all, most geniuses are arrogant and arrogant. After achieving results, their mentality is often easy to expand, but Wayne Lin does not have this characteristic, which is a rare thing.

“Instructor Lin, please.” The military god also smiled, and then signaled that Wayne Lin was the guest and settled first.

Wayne Lin was not polite either, because he knew that Junshen’s chess skills must be very high, even better than professional players! Because the higher the cultivation level, the higher the degree of brain development. In theory, the diamond body is not bad, and the degree of brain development is at least 50%.

And he only reached 30%.

Wayne Lin took Bai Zi and fell quickly, his mentality quickly calmed down, and he focused on playing chess with the military god.

The army god can concentrate on seeing him at this level, and some appreciation flashes invisibly in his eyes. He has no ink marks either.

The upper also pinched the sunspot and started to fall.

Go is not unfamiliar to Wayne Lin. When he was young, he played almost every day. His chess skills were quite high and he had reached a professional level.

But after he joined the Chu family, he almost never played. At most, he played a few games online in the office of Ziqiong Media in his leisure time. He found that the so-called masters on the Internet were of average level, not at all. His opponent, he just lost interest and didn’t play anymore.

So he hasn’t played for a long time. Logically speaking, his chess skills will definitely be unfamiliar, but for him, there is almost no such problem, because he is a master of Dzogchen in the congenital realm. People are not a concept.

At the beginning, their moves were very quick, and in only two minutes, half of the pieces had been dropped on the chessboard.

Because their speed was too fast, the people next to him were overwhelmed and called out to be abnormal. Especially for Shangguan Wei An, it was beyond his reaction. I had to sigh with emotion that both Wayne Lin and the military god are abnormal.

However, no matter how fast their brains are running, there is always a limit. From now on, their speeds have slowly slowed down, especially Wayne Lin, his brows frowned unconsciously.

In fact, Wayne Lin’s brain is already calculating since the first white child dropped. It takes dozens of steps to take one step. He said without exaggeration that even the most advanced artificial intelligence at the moment may not necessarily The next one wins him.

However, as he walked, he still found that he had not been a military god, and unknowingly, he had fallen into a disadvantage.

Moreover, the military god’s style is particularly fierce, like a long sword, straight into his city!

Every step the Army God takes is full of slaughter air, and it also carries the national fortune of the entire country, especially terrifying. Wayne Lin only feels that every move he takes is against a country!

He asked himself since he was young, he had played no more than a thousand rounds of chess, and even played against the world’s No. 1 Go champion at that time. His Go level is at least world-class, especially with his current innate realm of Dzogchen, it is even more exquisite. But he still didn’t look enough in front of the military god.

However, he did not admit defeat. Under tremendous pressure, he continued to concentrate on playing chess with the army god. There was a tenacity in his body that refused to admit defeat, even if the sky fell, he would hold on!

This is also an important factor that prompted him to grow up to this day.

Twenty minutes later, Wayne Lin’s forehead actually began to sweat, and the temperature of his skin surface was extremely high. The sweat, coming out of his forehead, was quickly affected by the high temperature on his skin surface. It evaporated.

At this time, his state was a high-speed computer, radiating heat wildly.

He has now concentrated on entering, and he hasn’t noticed the stalwart Shangguan on the side, looking at him, and not just appreciating the simplicity, but with surprise and admiration.

Because the military god opposite him is now frowning deeply. Although he is not sweating all over his body, it can also be seen that the military god has also met his opponent. Every step he takes now, he must Thinking for a long time.

Shangguan Wei’an has known the God of War for at least 30 years, and has never seen anyone who can push the God of War to this extent on Go.

It can be seen that this Wayne Lin is not only as simple as the cultivation base, but also very good in his brain!

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